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The Cutting Edge Part 31: Rated R Supremacy
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"What a crazy few weeks..." The Rated R Superstar laughs as he walks through
the halls in the backstage area where the RAW and SmackDown brands are doing
a joint Supershow taping. In the past few weeks, the perverted RAW Superstar
got the revenge he was seeking over the Psychotic Devil known as Victoria.
Edge licks his teeth as he thinks about how he broke Victoria and made her
his newest victim of his Spear. "Heh... that bitch... finally got what was
coming to her.... And now I can finally get back to doing what I do best..."
Edge says with a perverted smirk on his face as he walks towards the
interviewing set that's set up for the SmackDown interviews.

Dressed in black pants and a black Rated-R Superstar T-shirt, Edge passes by
a reflective wall, and when he looks at his own reflection, then he scowls
when he sees something missing. "Fuck... shit I'm not going to get down over
this shit... I'll get the WWE Championship back..." Edge laughs as he moves
his hands over his waist, "But first... I'm going to spear some fucking
sluts... take out DX and get the belt back... cause now I'm back in the
game!" Edge says to himself as he resumes walking through the backstage
area, where he then spots SmackDown's newest Diva Maryse coming out of the
Women's Locker Room. Edge smirks and licks his teeth, "Mmm... new meat..."
Edge says as he starts to approach the unsuspecting French-Canadian. "Hey!"
Edge yells to get her attention.

Maryse slowly turns in Edge's directions and raises her eyebrow after exiting
the Women's Locker Room, while dressed in a pair of golden colored short
bottoms, a golden colored bikini top and a black top over the bikini top. The
stunning French-Canadian SmackDown Hostess, Maryse, places her hands on her
slender hips as looks at the perverted Rated R Superstar "Bonjour..." Maryse
says with a polite, cute smile "May you?" Maryse asks in her
French-Canadian accent.

Edge licks his teeth as he completes approaching Maryse and he stands in
front of the French-Canadian beauty with a smirk on his face, "Yeah... you
can tell me who you fucking blew to get to become a diva..." Edge says as he
laughs and checks Maryse out at the same time.

Maryse says her eyebrow as she shakes her head, slightly confused by the
insult from the perverted, twisted sick Rated R Superstar "I...beg your
pardon?" Maryse asks as she takes a step back from Edge while presses her
lips together slightly "What do you blow?" Maryse asks as she
shakes her head once again.

Edge licks his teeth, "Oh you know what I mean... who's cock did you suck to
get to become a diva? Weren't you kicked out of the WWE Slut Search in the
first few weeks?" Edge says with a grin as he steps towards her once again,
to keep her within arm's length.

Maryse shakes her head "I didn't do any of that..." The stunning
French-Canadian native replies as she folds her arms over her large, rounded
chest slightly.

Edge grins, "Yeah sure.... you had to suck someone's dick..." Edge says, "So
why don't you show me how you did it?" Edge says as he gets a perverted look
on his face as he thrusts his pelvis forward in the direction of Maryse.

The new WWE Diva and SmackDown Hottest, has a look of disgust on her face as
she turns her head away " are so disgusting!" Maryse says in
her French-Canadian accent as she slightly turns her body away from Edge
"Please...go bother someone else..."

Edge sneers slightly as Maryse turns away from him, "Bitch, don't you
fucking now who I am?!" Edge yells as he grabs Maryse's left arm and jerks
her towards him, "You don't speak to me like that!" Edge yells at her as he
shakes her violently.

Maryse's soft, gentle eyes widen at the sudden aggressiveness that the
perverted, twisted Rated R Superstar has shown towards Maryse. "Get your
hands off of me!" Maryse yells as she slaps her right hand against Edge to
try and break the grip he has on her left arm.

Edge licks his teeth, "Mmm... you're pretty feisty..." Edge says as he
reaches for Maryse's black top with his right hand and then he tears it down
the middle so that her golden-colored bikini top covered tits are exposed.

Maryse glances down at her now exposed golden-colored bikini top and her
mouth hangs up as she sees her ripped black cover-top "That was new!" Maryse
yells as the perverted Edge quickly slams Maryse up against the wall in the
hallway as he begins to quickly lowers her golden-colored short bottoms.

Edge licks his teeth as he gets her golden-colored short bottoms down to her
ankles. He then sees her hot shaved French-Canadian pussy. "Yeah sure it
was..." Edge says as he grabs the middle of Maryse's golden-colored bikini
top and he jerks it from her body, exposing her large, round, firm
French-Canadian tits. "Shit, you're a hot fucking little whore..." Edge says
as he unzips his unbuttons and unzips his jeans in order to pull out his
large, fat twelve-inch Rated R cock.

Maryse presses her lips together with disgusted as she closes her eyes and
turns her head away "Oh please stop...I beg of you..." Maryse replies in her
French-Canadian accent as she can feel the pervert, sick Rated R Superstar
force her down to her knees on the floor.

"Stop?!" Edge laughs, "Bitch I haven't even started yet!" Edge says as he
reaches down and grabs Maryse's face with his left hand and forces her to
open her mouth, "Open your fucking mouth I'll bust your fucking head against
the wall!" Edge shouts as he starts to force his large, hard cock right
against her lips.

Maryse swallows as her eyes widen, before she obediently leans her head
forward and opens her warm, wet French-Canadian mouth, allowing Edge to push
his hard, thick cock into her soothing warm. Maryse closes her mouth and
presses her lips against his shaft, before the Rated R Superstar begins to
thrust his cock in and out her warm mouth as she places his hands on the back
of her blonde-haired head forcing her keep his cock in her mouth.

Edge grabs two handfuls of Maryse's blond hair as he moves his cock in and
out between Maryse's soft lips. "Mmmm fuck yeah... come on bitch... I know
you can suck a cock! So start sucking!" Edge yells as he forces Maryse to go
down all the way on his cock so that the head of his dick hits the back of
her mouth.

Maryse moans against Edge's cock that's thrusting roughly into her warm, wet
mouth "Mmmm...mmmm..." Maryse's moans vibrate against his shaft as she soft,
pouty lips rub and grind against the skin of his shaft, taking him deeper
into her soothing French- Canadian mouth.

"Awww yeah... you like that fucking big cock in your slutty mouth bitch?!"
Edge laughs and groans as he starts to roughly fucking Maryse's mouth,
driving his cock in and out so fast and hard that she gags when his cock
goes forward while Edge's balls smack against her chin. Edge looks down at
her and licks his teeth, "Look up at me bitch!" Edge yells as he holds
Maryse's head so far down on his cock that her face is pressing almost right
against his crotch. Maryse slowly lifts her watering eyes and looks up at
Edge as her warm saliva drips against his perverted, thrusting cock while
she gags and coughs against his cock, only to have him thrust his cock deeper
into her warm mouth. The large head of Edge's hard cock hits the back of her
throat and Maryse quickly picks her head up from Edge's saliva-dripping cock
as she chokes for air.

Edge laughs as he grabs his saliva covered cock with his right hand and
strokes it a bit, "Mmmm fuck yeah... you loved that didn't you?" Edge says as
he grabs a handful of Maryse's blond hair and jerks her head so that her head
is tilted backward. "Answer me!"

Maryse's body trembles a bit as she shakes her head "Please...just let me
go..." Maryse replies in her soft French-Canadian accent as she happens to
glances at Edge's hard, thick saliva covered cock as her points directly into
her gorgeous face.

"Oh I'll let you go when I'm fucking through with you..." Edge snaps back
with a twisted smirk on his face, "Now spread those fucking legs!"

Maryse bites down her bottom lip as she scoots back on her knees until she's
forcefully up against the wall, looking up at the sick and twisted Rated R
Superstar "I...beg your want me to what?"

"I said... spread your fucking legs!" Edge yells as he gets down on the floor
in front of Maryse. He grabs her legs and pulls them from underneath Maryse
and forces the hot French-Canadian SmackDown hostess to spread them apart.
"That hot slutty looking twat you got..." Edge laughs as he looks at Maryse's
smoothly shaved pussy.

Maryse's soft, gentle eyes widen as the SmackDown Hottest lays on the cold
floor of the hallway as Edge begins to lay himself on top of her. Maryse
closes her eyes and shakes her head "" Maryse moans as
the perverted Rated R Superstar pins her shoulders down to the floor as he
places his powerful hands on top of her slender shoulders.

Edge laughs, "Please? You want it don't you!" Edge laughs as he lines up his
cock with the Maryse's soft pussy lips, and then he drives his spear-like
cock deep into her hot, tight pussy. As Maryse's gasps from the sudden
invasion of Edge's Rated R cock entering her cunt. Edge starts to pump his
cock in and out of her pussy at a fast, hard rate.

Maryse closes her eyes as she grits her teeth tightly as she feels Edge's
hard, thick cock thrusting and slamming quickly in and out of her warm,
tight pussy "" Maryse's moans as her stunning
French-Canadian body begins to rock against the cold floor.

Edge licks his teeth, "Ohhh yeah... mmm fuck... nothing like new SmackDown
pussy!" Edge laughs pervertedly as fucks Maryse's tight pussy with sharp,
quick thrusts. Edge's large ballsack smacks against Maryse's skin as his
fat, hard twelve-inch cock thrusts into her pussy.

Maryse's arches her back slightly as Edge powerfully drills her tight, warm
pussy with his hard, thick cock "Ohhhh...ohhhh...mmmm..." Maryse moans as
Edge impales her French-Canadian cunt. The perverted, twisted Rated R
Superstar smirks as he begins to feel Maryse's pussy grind against his cock
as she begins to push her body back against his cock as she's underneath him.

Edge's smirk gets wider when Maryse tries to wrap her legs around his waist,
and he shocks her by suddenly pulling out of her hot French-Canadian pussy.
"Mmmm... you're such a hot fucking slut..." Edge laughs as he pulls off his
black t-shirt to reveal his hot, smooth muscular upper body. "Turn over!"
Edge yells as he moves off of Maryse and starts to turn her over onto her
hands and knees. Maryse presses her lips together as she glances over her
left shoulder to look back at Edge as she's on her hands and knees in front
of the perverted Rated R Superstar. Maryse closes her eyes and slightly licks
her lips as she feels his left hand on her hot, rounded French-Canadian ass.

Edge licks his teeth, "Mmmm I know a Canadian ass when I see one..." Edge
says as he grips his cock with his right hand and guides it to Maryse's tight
asshole. The hot, former two time WWE Champion plunges his entire cock into
Maryse's tight asshole. He puts his hands on her waist and pulls Maryse back
towards him as he starts fucking her hot French-Canadian diva's tight hot

Maryse tilts her head back and closes her eyes as Edge thrusts his hard cock
into her tight asshole "Ohhhhhh...mmmm..." Maryse releases a pleasurable moan
as she easily guides herself back against his hard cock.

Edge laughs a bit, "Ohhh you like getting fucked in the ass... why am I not
surprised!" Edge says as he moves his pelvis in order to pump his cock in
and out of Maryse's French-Canadian asshole. The Rated R Superstar licks his
teeth and groans when Maryse's asscheeks smack against his waist, and in
increases the speed and force of his thrusts so that Maryse is rocking back
and forth on her knees.

"Ohhhh...mmm...bonjour..." Maryse moans in her French-Canadian accent as she
pushes herself back against Edge's hard, thick cock as her rounded, hot ass
slams back against Edge's muscular waist "Ohhhhh...mmmm...ohhh yesss..."
Maryse begins to moans as Edge reaches underneath Maryse and begins to rub
her hot, warm pussy with the fingers of his right hand.

Edge laughs as he drives his cock in and out of Maryse's hot tight asshole,
"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm.... you like that bitch?!" Edge says as he stuffs two
fingers into Maryse's warm pussy. He pumps his fingers in and out of her wet,
French-Canadian pussy. The Rated R Superstar licks his teeth as he feels
Maryse try to squeeze her asscheeks together, making it a bit harder for him
to fuck her ass, but Edge adjusts by driving his cock even harder into her

Maryse bites down on her bottom lip as she groans and pushes herself back
against Edge's hard, thick cock as she forces his cock deeper into her tight
asshole. "Ohhhh...ohhhh...yessss..." Maryse moans as the perverted Rated R
Superstar slams his two fingers deeper into her tight, warm pussy as the
French-Canadian SmackDown Hostess begins to somewhat enjoyed the feeling of

Edge licks his teeth as he pumps his cock harder into her tight asshole, as
his balls crash over and over again her ass. Edge's face is dripping with
sweat as he continues slamming his cock into her hot French-Canadian ass.
"Ohhhh yea... ahhh you're a hot fucking slut...." Edge groans as he can feel
Maryse's hot pussy get wetter around his fingers. Edge pulls his fingers out
of her pussy and he licks them clean, savoring the taste of Maryse's cunt.
"Ahhh fuck yea...." Edge smirks as he pulls his cock out Maryse's asshole,
"Turn the fuck around!" Edge says as he grabs a handful of Maryse's
sweat-soaked hair while he stands up.

Maryse raises her eyebrow as she presses her lips together as she turns
around to face the sex-crazed, perverted Edge "I beg your pardon?" Maryse
asks in a slightly confused tone.

Edge holds onto her head with his left hand, "Don't fucking move!" Edge says
as he grabs his throbbing Rated R Cock. He strokes it fiercely as he holds it
right against Maryse's sweat covered face, and within moments, he starts to
spray a large amount of his warm, sticky cum on her beautiful French-Canadian
face. "Ahhhh ohhh fuck yeah..." Edge laughs as he makes sure all of his cum
lands somewhere on Maryse's face.

Maryse closes her eyes as she starts to jerk her head back and away from
Edge's cum-shooting cock "Oh no!" Maryse moans as his warm cum sprays against
her face.

Edge laughs sickly as he holds Maryse's head still until every drop of his
cum oozes from his dick, "Ohhh yeah... that's a good look for you... you
fucking slut..." Edge laughs as he lets go of Maryse's hair and pushes her
away from him.

Maryse looks up at Edge as she slowly scoots back on her knees as she has her
eyebrow raised with confusion "I beg...your pardon?" Maryse asks as she has a
slight frown on her face.

"You're a fucking slut!" Edge smirks as he gets his clothing and gets
dressed. Edge licks his teeth as he looks down at Maryse "You're just another
cheap whore... welcome to the WWE... where things... are Rated R!"


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