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The Cutting Edge Part 32: Revisiting A Sensational Encounter
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside a hotel room in Los Angelus, California, The Rated R Superstar, Edge
is fucking his sinful fiery-redheaded girlfriend Lita on the large bed in the
middle of the room. Edge has Lita on all fours on the bed, and his cock is
pumping in and out of her slutty, wet pussy. Edge has his left hand on her
waist and he's pulling on the back of Lita's red hair with his right hand.
"Ahhhh ohhh fuck yeah Lita... I love that wet hot pussy of yours!" Edge
groans as he fucks Lita with hard, fast thrusts.

"Mmmm...ohhh...oh yeah!" Lita moans as the fiery, sinful sexpot girlfriend of
Edge slams herself back against Edge's hard, thick cock as he slams his cock
deeper into her warm, slutty and wet pussy. Lita flicks her tongue against
her teeth as sweat drips off of her hot, sinful seductress body "Mmmm...ohhh
give me that cock that only a REAL man has!" Lita moans loudly as she's full
of lust and fiery passion.

Edge groans as he drives slams his cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy.
"Mmmm ohhh yeah baby... you love having a REAL mans' cock in that cunt of
yours...." Edge licks his teeth as he yanks back on Lita's fiery red head
before shoving her forward while continuing to slam her cunt with some of
the hardest thrusts Lita has ever received from him.

Lita tosses her fiery red, sweat dampened hair back as she glances over her
shoulder at back her perverted, sex-crazed boyfriend, with sweat dripping
down her face "Ohhhh...mmmm...yeah baby..." Lita moans as she breaths heavily
as she bucks her hips, slamming her sweat covered, hot body back against
Edge's thick, hard Rated R Cock " are a REAL Man!" Lita groans with
lust as Edge's cock slams deeper and rougher into her slutty pussy.

Edge continues his relentless assault on Lita's cunt before he pulls out.
He wipes sweat from his face and licks his lips as he slightly catches his
breath. Edge pulls Lita up and turn her around, "Ohh baby you're so fucking
hot..." Edge says as he kisses his redheaded lustful slutty girlfriend. He
puts his hands on Lita's waist and the Rated R superstar lays down on the
bed and pulls Lita on top of him.

Lita presses her lips together and licks her lips as she mounts herself on
top of Edge, lowering herself down on his hard Rated R Cock. Lita tosses her
fiery, sweat damp red hair back as she clenches slutty, wet pussy around
Edge's cock before she starts to rock quickly back and forth on his cock
"Mmmm...ohhhh...ohhhh yeah're so hot!" Lita moans loudly as sweat
drips down her body. The sinful sexpot places her soft hands on Edge's
smooth, muscular and sweaty chest as she rides his cock and slides her hands
against his chest.

"Ohhhh yeah. baby... fuck..." Edge moans as he puts his hands on Lita's
sweat dripping thighs as he watches Lita bounce up and down on his pole. The
bed underneath Edge squeaks violently as Lita uses it to boost her bounces so
that she rises all the way up to the tip of Edge's cock before slamming her
pussy back down on his cock. "Ohhh fuck... baby... I love watching your
body... and those fucking tits... uhhh yeah... ride my cock!" Edge groans as
he sharply thrusts his cock up into Lita's slutty, pussy.

Lita licks her lips before leaning her hot, sweaty body down and kisses her
perverted boyfriend on the lips, sliding her sinful tongue into his mouth as
she smoothly, but quickly rocks and bounces on his hard, thick, throbbing
cock "" Lita moans into Edge's mouth as they kiss.

Edge slides his tongue up into Lita's warm, moist mouth and he slaps his
tongue against Lita's. Edge moves his hands up from Lita's thighs and he
grabs Lita's large tits, as he again thrusts his cock up into his hot
girlfriend's pussy, "Ahhhh... mmmm!" Edge moans into Lita's mouth as he
starts to shoot his cum up into her cunt. Edge groans as Lita breaks the
kiss and rotates her hips in order to squeeze his cock to get every drop
of Edge's cum to shoot into her pussy.

Lita lifts her head up, breaking the hot, lustful kiss with her perverted
boyfriend Edge as feels Edge's warm cum flood into her wet, warm pussy
"Ohhhhh...mmmm...yesss!" Lita groans as she slams down on Edge's Rated R
Cock once again and her pussy erupts with her own cum "Ohhhhh Edge baby..."
Lita the sinful sexpot moans as sweat drips down her hot body, while she
breaths heavily. Lita lays down on top of Edge's sweat covered chest and
kisses his lips as she remains on top of him, with his cock buried deep
inside of her pussy "Mmm...mmmm baby..." Lita moans as she kisses Edge,
slapping her tongue against his tongue as well.

Edge licks Lita's tongue with his own as he squeezes Lita's big tits
together. When Lita lifts her head up, Edge smirks at her, "Ohhh fuck Lita...
you're such a hot fucking slut..." Edge says as his cock remains fairly hard
within Lita's pussy.

Lita licks her lips as she sits up on his cock and begins to gently rock
against his cum released cock as she keeps her hands firmly on his sweat
covered chest "Mmmm...'re such a REAL man...unlike..." Lita
pauses and rolls her eyes "That pathetic loser...I was with..." Lita says
with a sly smirk as she looks down at her perverted, sex-craved boyfriend
as sweat drips down his face "Mmmm babe you're so hot..."

"Yeah..." Edge lifts his hands and puts them on Lita's big tits once again,
and he lightly squeezes them, "So babe... how much do you love getting fucked
by a REAL man.... Is it a lot... or a whole FUCKING lot?" Edge laughs as he
sits up slightly on the bed so that his sweaty chest is pressing against
Lita's tits.

Lita presses her lips together " know I love it a whole
fucking lot..." Lita licks her lips as she wraps her arms around Edge's neck
" are so're a REAL sensation!"

Edge smirks a bit, "I'm a sensation?" Edge laughs slightly as he puts his
hands on Lita's hips, "You know... that reminds me of something..." Edge says
as he licks his teeth.

Lita raises her eyebrow with a slight smirk "It does?" Lita asks as the
sinful sexpot places her smooth hands on Edge's strong shoulders and begins
to massage his shoulders as she remains sitting on his lap with his cock
still in her wet, warm pussy.

Edge nods his head, "Yeah... it reminds me... of something that happened back
around WrestleMania..." Edge laughs a bit as his cock starts to get fully
hard again within Lita's pussy. "When I got to fuck Sensational Sherri..."
Edge says, licking his lips a bit.

Lita shakes her head "Whoa...whoa wait!" Lita says as she locks her
lust-filled eyes with her perverted boyfriend Edge "You...fucked that old...
washed talented...wrinkly...disgusting..." Lita presses her lips
together and pauses for a moment as she tosses her fiery red hair back and
clears her throat "You fucked Sherri?!?"

Edge laughs, "Oh yeah I did babe... and for being a washed up has-been... she
wasn't that bad a fuck..." Edge smirks as he slides his hands to Lita's ass
and gives her ass cheeks a squeeze. "What's a matter babe? You jealous?"

Lita slowly looks away and folds her arms slightly as she remains sitting in
Edge's lap, on top of his cock. "No..." Lita says as she rolls her eyes "I'm
just...curious...when did it happen?" Lita asks as she looks back at her
perverted, sex-crazed boyfriend as she begins to feel his Rated R Cock begins
to expanded and harden fully inside of her warm, wet and slutty pussy.

Edge smirks, "Well.... it happened like after the Hall of Fame ceremony...
you went off with those six guys from SmackDown and I ran into her..." Edge
says as he teases the start of what happened to his sinful, fiery red-headed

Lita raises her eyebrow as she looks a bit confused "You said after the Hall
of Fame ceremony, right?" Lita asks before she nods her head "Because I was
this six guys before...and then six after..." Lita asks with a slight smirk
as she licks her lips "Boy...wasn't that a wild night..." Lita says with a
laugh before tosses her fiery red hair back and looks at her perverted
boyfriend "So...if you really fucked Sherri...then...what happened?"

Edge licks his lips and smirks, "Well... it happened like this... babe..."
Edge says as Lita bounces slightly on his cock again, making him moan it,
"Right after the ceremony I went backstage..."

* * *

On April 1, 2006, the Rated R Superstar Edge is walking around backstage in
the building where the 2006 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held.
Dressed in custom made black suit, Edge pulls off the tie he had to wear and
stuffs it into his pocket, "Fucking dress code... I swear I want to stuff
this suit up Lauraintis's tight asshole that fucking prick..." Edge grumbles
as he unbuttons the black button shirt he's wearing open. He goes around a
corner to head where the current WWE Superstars are meeting with the Legends
of Wrestling's past, and he sees the new Hall of Famer, Sensational Sherri
Martel coming out from the room. Edge smirks a bit and walks up to Sherri as
she turns to walk in his direction, "Hey Hall of Famer..." Edge says,
sounding a bit sarcastic as he calls Sherri a member of the Hall of Fame

The Legendary Manager and Women's wrestler, former WWE Women's Champion and
now one of the newest members in the WWE Hall of Fame, Sensational Sherri,
pauses and smiles politely at Edge "Why thank you..." Sherri replies as she
nods her head, while dressed in a very appealing smooth black evening gown,
as she brushes off Edge's sarcasm.

Edge smirks, "I can't believe they let you into the Hall of Fame..." Edge
says as he puts his hands on his waist, "On the eve of WrestleMania...
someone who's never managed a main eventer gets into the Hall of Fame..."
Edge says, blatantly disrespecting the Sensational pioneer.

Sherri looks at the perverted Rated R Superstar with a raised eyebrow as
places her hands on her hips "Excuse me!? What did you just say!?" The
sensational legend slightly snaps.

"You heard me..." Edge smirks as he licks his teeth, "You're a joke.
Sensational Sherri... please... you managed guys after they got their asses
kicked in the main event..." Edge says with a smirk, "So I gotta ask... how
come you never managed a REAL man?"

The stunning Sensational Sherri narrows her eyes as she looks at the
perverted Rated R Superstar. Sherri grits her teeth as she takes a step
towards Edge and points at him with her left index finger "Listen you
little bastard!" Sherri suddenly snaps "If it was for people like me and
all the other Hall of and your slutty, yes I said slutty,
girlfriend wouldn't have jobs in this business" Sherri says as its very
obvious she's irritated with Edge.

Edge smirks a bit, "Oh yeah sure... you were a real big part of the WWE...
and you can call my hot, wild girlfriend a slut all you want cause that's
what she is..." Edge laughs as he licks his teeth a bit, "My point is that
you didn't do shit... you're a drunk bitch who just dealt with guys when
they were going down... not one of them could do what I can do, both in
the ring and OUT of the ring" Edge says, even though Sherri such stars as
Booker T and Shawn Michaels at points in her legendary career.

Sherri's eyes narrow more as she hardens a glare at Edge "You listen here you
little puke! I'm a legend and deserve your respect!" Sherri yells slightly as
she begins to approach the perverted, sex-crazed Rated R Superstar.

Edge licks his teeth, "You want respect? How about you earn it..." Edge says
with a smirk.

Sherri folds her arms over her chest and shakes her head "Don't you play any
fucking games with me you no-talented hack!"

Edge laughs a bit, "What's a matter Sherri? Afraid of a little challenge?
Afraid to go one on one with the Rated R Superstar...." Edge says, taunting
the Sensational Hall of Famer.

Sherri tilts her head back and laughs "Afraid of a challenge? Afraid of you!?
Hah! Don't make me laugh..." Sensational Sherri responds with a smirk as she
slightly turns away "'re not in my league."

"Oh really?" Edge smirks a bit as he steps towards Sherri and he grabs her
right arm to pull her towards him, shocking the new Hall of Fame member, "How
about we find out!" Edge laughs as he tightens his grip on Sherri's right

Sherri tries to pull her right arm back, but is unable to "Get the fuck off
me!" Sherri yells before she places her left hand against Edge's chest and
shoves him a bit.

Edge laughs, "Oh what's a matter? I thought you weren't afraid of a
challenge..." Edge says as he starts to drag Sherri down the hallway.

Sherri grits her teeth as she balls her left hand into a fist and begins to
slam her closed fist against his chest "Don't touch me!" Sherri yells as the
perverted Rated R Superstar begins to forcefully drag the Sensational Sherri
down the hallway as she resists and fights Edge's roughness.

Edge laughs, "Damn... you're all talk aren't you..." Edge says as he
continues to get under the skin of Sherri as he wraps his left arm around
Sherri's body and he hoists her up in order to carry her over his shoulder.
The Rated R Superstar smirks as he starts checking out various doors to see
which one is unlocked and soon he finds one that leads into a dressing room.
Edge carries Sherri inside and he drops her down on the floor. Edge then
closes and locks the door as he licks his teeth, "This is going to be fun..."
Edge says as he takes off his tuxedo jacket while looking down at Sensational

Sherri grits her teeth as she sits on her knees on the floor of the dressing
room. She narrows her eyes as she looks up at the perverted Edge as he
removes his tuxedo jacket "You're a little bitch!" Sherri says as she spits
up at Edge, while he approaches her.

Edge smirks and laughs a bit as he throws the tuxedo jacket down and starts
unbuttoning his black buttoned shirt. "Oh Sherri, there ain't nothing little
about me..." Edge says as he finishes unbuttoning his shirt and removes it
reveal his muscular smooth chest. Edge pauses and smirks, "Bet none of the
guys you managed looked like this..." Edge laughs as he starts to unbuckle
his belt in order to pull it through the loops of his black tuxedo pants.

Sherri shakes her head as she begins to slowly stands up as she glares at
Edge "You're a frickin' sicko!" Sherri yells as she catches her breath from
the struggle she had with Edge.

"Frickin'?" Edge laughs at Sherri as he undoes his black tuxedo pants and
lowers them quickly, as well as the black boxer shorts he's wearing
underneath them to free his Rated R cock. "Sherri... I'm not a sicko... I'm
Rated R... and you're going to find out why..." Edge says as he grabs Sherri
once again and starts to rip down the black evening gown that the Sensational
one is wearing.

"Get your hands off me! Damn it!" Sherri yells as the perverted former WWE
Champion quickly rips down Sherri's elegant black evening gown exposing her
black bra and panties. Sherri grits her teeth tightly together as continues
to glare at Edge "I'm not going to play your sick games!" Sherri yells back
as she begins to back up slightly as Edge begins to approach her with a sick,
twisted, sex-crazed look on his face.

Edge smirks as he licks this teeth repeatedly, "Oh you're going to play..."
Edge says as he back Sherri up against a wall. He positions himself where he
can block Sherri if she tried to run around him, and then he grabs Sherrie's
black bra and yanks it from her body, exposing her nice, firm, rounded tits.
"Damn... no surgery for you..." Edge laughs as he reaches down to roughly
pull down Sherri's panties.

Sherri raises her hands up and places them against Edge's smooth muscular
chest "Get the hell away from me!" The WWE Hall of Famer yells before she
attempts to push Edge away from her only to have the perverted Rated R
Superstar roughly shove hard against the wall. "Ohhhh shit..." Sherri
groans as she smooth back slams against the wall, weakening the feisty
Hall of Famer.

Edge licks his teeth, "Mmm... I love it when bitches fight back... it makes
it more fun..." Edge says as he grabs both of Sherri's arms and he moves her
from the wall and over to a table. He bends her over it and stands behind
her. "Mmmm... whatcha say Sherri? Wanna play my games now?" Edge says as he
holds Sherri down over the table with his left arm while stroking his
twelve-inch cock a bit with his right hand.

Sherri slowly lifts her head up from the table and glances over her shoulder
at Edge "Fuck you!" Sherri spits out as she glares at Edge.

Edge smirks, "I'll take that as a yes..." Edge laughs as he bends his knees
slightly in order to slam his cock into Sherri's sensational pussy. Before
the Hall of Famer can even have a just to react to Edge's cock being in her
pussy, The Rated R Superstar starts pumping his cock in and out of her pussy.

Sherri grits her teeth as she begins to feel Edge's Rated R cock slam in and
out of her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh you fucker!" Sherri groans as her body
begins to rock against the table.

Sherri closes her eyes and bites down on her bottom lip "You're a sick
bastard!" Sherri yells as her body jerks back against Edge's hard, thick

Edge laughs some more as Sherri's ass cheeks smack against his waist as he
pumps his cock in and out of her pussy, "Ahhh ohhh fuck... I bet your sexy
boy didn't do you like this!" Edge says as he slides his hands from Sherri's
waist and puts them on her lower back. The Rated R Superstar puts pressure
on Sherri's back as he slams his cock sharply into her pussy.

Sherri closes her eyes and tilts her head back, releasing a groan as Edge's
cock slams deeper into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh you fucker!" Sherri moans
loudly as he pulls her back against his cock.

Edge laughs as he pulls his cock out of Sherri's warm, tight pussy, "You
love that cock Sherri? It's simply sensational isn't it?" Edge asks, taunting
Sherri as he turns her around and lifts her onto the table. He makes her lay
back on the smooth table, and then he spreads her legs and plunges his thick
Rated R cock into Sherri's hot pussy.

Sherri's back arches as Edge drives his cock deeply into her tight, warm
pussy "Ohhh you asshole!" Sherri moans as the sensational Hall of Famer
begins to have her pussy roughly fucked by Edge's Rated R Cock.

Edge licks his teeth as he puts his hands back on Sherri's waist, "Ohhh yeah
Sherri... keep up with the dirty talk..." Edge laughs as he ravages Sherri's
sensational cunt with his cock. Each of Edge's thrusts are so sharp, that
Sherri arches her back and grinds her pussy against his shaft. Sherri narrows
her eyes and glares at Edge as she wraps her smooth legs tightly around his
waist as she starts to roughly grind her pussy against Edge's cock as she
tries give the Rated R Superstar a taste of his own medicine.

Edge licks his lips and moans as he realizes what Sherri is up too, "Ohh yeah
Sherri, come on... show me what you got you old bitch..." Edge says as he
wraps his arms underneath Sherri's body and lifts her from the table. The
strong, hot, Rated R Superstar starts to sweat slightly as he bounces Sherri
up and down on his cock while continuing to pounds his cock sharply into
Sherri's warm, tight pussy. Sherri closes her eyes as she tilts her head back
and begins to viciously slam her hot, sweating body against the muscular body
of the Rated R Superstar, forcing herself to slam harder against his
thrusting, throbbing cock.

Edge moves his hips as he continues to pump his cock into Sherri's pussy as
she presses her hot sweaty body against his. "Having fun yet bitch?" Edge
asks with a grunt as he makes Sherri feel every inch of his Rated R Cock
before he slams the Sensational Hall of Famer up and down on his cock.
"Ahhh... ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck!" Edge groans as he starts to cum inside of
Sherri's hot, wet, sensational pussy.

Sherri grits her teeth and narrows her eyes as she feels Edge's warm cum
flood into her tight pussy " bastard!" Sherri groans.

* * *

Edge is sitting on the edge of the bed, getting a hot blowjob from his sinful
sexpot Lita. He leans his head back and lets out a moan, "Ohhh fuck... and
then baby... I set that washed-up bitch down... and speared her ass..." Edge
says as he finishes telling Lita about his sensational encounter.

Lita gently taps her tongue against her perverted, sex-crazed boyfriend's
cock as she twists her head on his cock. "Mmmmm baby..." Lita moans against
Edge's cock as she bobs her head smoothly at a quick rate, lapping her saliva
against his cock as she sucks.

"Mmmm... baby... she wasn't that bad... but she wasn't fucking
sensational..." Edge laughs as he puts his left hand on Lita's head and flips
her fiery red hair back. Edge closes his eyes and groans loudly as he starts
to cum inside of Lita's warm, wet slutty mouth, giving her a mouthful of his
warm, tasty cum.

Lita laps her tongue around his cock as she bobs her head slowly, collecting
all of Edge's warm cum as she begins to swallow it. Lita slowly lifts her
head up and licks her lips "She probably...couldn't even handle a REAL
man..." The fiery sinful sexpot replies with a smirk as she looks up at Edge.

Edge smirks, "Baby... one you can handle a REAL man like me... and that bitch
was old... I'm still surprised she managed to survive how I was fucking
her..." Edge laughs.

Lita presses her lips together and licks her lips " are so
perfect for each other..." Lita says as she lifts herself off of the floor
and flicks her tongue against Edge's lips "I'd say...we're the Golden

Edge smirks, "Yeah we are the Golden Couple... cause no one is hotter... or
better than us..."

Lita folds her arms against her smooth, toned stomach and nods her head "And
no one is more of a REAL man...then you babe..."

Edge licks his teeth, "Damn straight... but now... how about you tell me...
about those two gang bangs you were in?"

Lita licks her lips and laughs "'d love too!"


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