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The Cutting Edge Part 35: The Pleasure Of Being Rated R...KO
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage after the November 13, 2006 edition of Monday Night RAW, the WWE's
brand new World Tag Team Champions, Edge and Randy Orton, collectively known
as Rated RKO, are heading back to their locker room after successfully
winning the World Tag Team Titles from legends 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper and
'Nature Boy' Ric Flair. Edge wearing black wrestling tights smirks as he
holds his eleventh tag team title over his shoulder, "Haha… we're on top of
the world… we're the tag champs..." Edge says as he looks at his partner in
crime Randy Orton.

"Yeah... and killed not one... but two legends in the process..." Randy Orton
replies. Randy, dressed in black wrestling shorts licks his lips, "I knew us
teaming up would bring us big results... And to make it better...DX couldn't
do anything to stop us this week..."

Edge licks his teeth, "They did fuck with my sinful sexpot... but we'll deal
with them later... Now's time for celebration..." Edge says as he and Orton
arrive at their locker room and Edge pushes the locker room door open. After
they both have entered, Edge closes the door and he hears the water running
from the shower area, "Hey babe! Come on out... worry about your face
later..." Edge laughs as he drops his tag team title belt down onto a table.

Randy smirks, "She did have mustard squirted on her face..." Randy says as he
puts his tag title belt down on the table next to Edge's.

Edge laughs, "She's use to having warm stuff on her face... it's time to
fucking celebrate!" Edge says as he licks his teeth and rubs his hands

The sinfully Rated R sexpot and newly named WWE Women's Champion, fiery
redheaded Lita walks out from the showering unit inside of the locker room
as she dries her face off with a towel "Baby! Could you believe what those
two...IDIOTS did to me!?" Lita slightly yells as she dressed in a pair of
tight fitting black pants and a black Rated R Superstar t-shirt.

Edge nods his head, "Yeah I believe it babe... but you know what happened
next... Coach actually did his job and tossed those two middle-aged idiots
out from ring side..." Edge says as he puts his hands on his waist.

"And it left it wide open for us to take the tag team titles..." Randy Orton
adds with a big smirk on his face as he motions towards the table to show
Lita it wasn't all bad.

Lita raises her eyebrow and smirks slyly as she licks her lips " you
two did win..." Lita pauses and tosses her fiery red hair back as she places
her left hand against her perverted boyfriend's slightly sweaty chest
" know babe I just love a REAL man with gold...or should I say two
REAL men." Lita says with a smirk as she glances over her shoulder and winks
at Randy Orton.

Edge licks his teeth, "Well ain't it a good thing there just happen to be two
REAL men here with gold... who just love a hot, rated R babe who also has
gold..." Edge says with a big smirk on his face.

"Ain't that the fucking truth..." Randy replies as he wipes some sweat from
his forehead and folds his arms over his chest.

Lita licks her lips as she gently moves her left hand against Edge's slightly
sweaty chest as Randy Orton takes a step towards the Rated R Couple known as
Edge and Lita. Lita smirks "Mmm...babe you know...the three of us are really
the golden couple..." Lita pauses and laughs "Or...should I say the golden

"Yeah... we are a golden trio... a Rated R... KO... Golden Trio..." Edge
laughs a bit as he tosses his blond hair back.

"We should celebrate that fact..." Randy says with as smirk as he stands
right behind Lita and smacks her ass through the material of her tight
fitting black pants.

Edge smirks and licks his teeth, "That sounds like a Rated RKO idea..."

Lita nods her head as she smiles " sounds like a great
idea." Lita seductively bites down on her bottom lip as she turns a bit and
places her right hand against the smooth muscular stomach of Randy Orton
" two are REAL men...unlike those pathetic idiots...DX..." Lita
says as she rolls her eyes before she slides her left hand down Edge's body
and her right hand down Randy's body to brush both of her sinfully sweet
hands against the crotches of the Rated R Superstar and the Legend Killer.

"Of course we're REAL men... we are the present and future of this
company..." Randy says with a cocky tone as he puts his hands on his face.

"Yeah... and we're going to go down in history... by destroying DX... and
sending those two wannabe degenerates straight to the retirement home..."
Edge licks his teeth as Lita brushes her hand against his crotch again.

Randy smirks slightly, "You know... I bet Lita is thinking we're all talk
right about now... let's show her we're REAL men..." Randy says with a
slight laugh.

Lita licks her lips before she presses her soft, pouty lips together "Mmm...
Ohhh...I know you two are REAL men..." Lita says with a sly smirk before the
sinful sexpot lowers herself down onto her knees in between Randy and Edge
as she moves her hands up and begins to pull down the materials of Edge and
Randy's wrestling tights.

Edge slides a hand through his blond hair as Lita pulls down his black
wrestling tights, freeing his twelve-inch long Rated R cock. "Mmmmm babe...
time to get Rated R..." Edge licks his teeth.

"You mean Rated RKO..." Randy laughs slightly as Lita pulls down his own
wrestling tights, freeing his thick foot long Legend Killer dick. Both studs
step out of their tights when Lita gets their tights down to their feet.

Lita licks her lips as she glances up at Edge as she wraps her left hand
around the Rated R cock of her perverted, sex-crazed boyfriend Edge and
begins to stroke his cock. "Mmmm...babe its time to get Rated R..." Lita
pauses and glances over at Randy as she wraps the cock of the arrogant,
Legend-killing Randy Orton with her right hand and begins to stroke his
cock as well "...KO..." Lita adds before she licks her lips as she starts
to smoothly stroke Edge and Randy's hardening cocks with her soft, sinfully
sweet hands.

"Mmmmm mmm ain't that right..." Randy Orton moans as Lita strokes his thick
hard cock with her right hand.

"Oh yeah babe... stroke that dick... get it nice and hard... get it how you
love it..." Edge says as he watches his feisty red-headed girlfriend.

"Mmmm...ohhh babe you know I love your dick..." Lita says with a smirk as
she pumps Edge's cock at a quicker pace, while she moves her right hand up
and down the entire length of Randy Orton's hard shaft. Lita licks her lips
before she leans her head over towards Randy Orton's cock and places her
sinfully wet tongue on the head of his cock and gently circles her tongue
as she continues to jerk Edge's Rated R cock with her left hand.

"Mmmmm... ohhh yeah... c'mon Lita... you ain't the type to just lick a
dick..." Randy says as he puts a hand on top of Lita's head and pulls her
towards him, which causes her to take his stiff rod into her warm, wet

Edge licks his teeth as he watches Randy Orton make Lita take his cock into
her mouth, "Damn... you fit in with us perfectly Randy..." Edge groans as
Lita jerks on his meaty cock.

Lita nods her head in agreement with her perverted Rated R boyfriend as she
begins to bob her head on the cock of the arrogant and cocky Randy Orton as
she moves her head smoothly, up and down, on Randy's cock. As the sinful,
sultry sexpot sucks on Randy's cock, she slides her left hand down Edge's
hard and long shaft before she cups his ballsack and begins to massage his
balls as she passionately sucks on the cock of Randy Orton.

"Ahhh... mmmm yeah... suck it..." Randy Orton moans as he closes his eyes
and holds onto Lita's head by grabbing hold of her fiery red hair. The
youngest World Champion in WWE history licks his lips and starts thrusting
his pelvis forward in order to move his long, stiff shaft in and out between
Lita's full pouty lips.

"Mmmm that's it babe... you know what REAL men like..." Edge moans as Lita
plays with his big balls. The Rated R Superstar bends down and grabs hold of
Lita's black Rated R Superstar T-shirt and he begins to start pulling on it
in order to rip it from her hot, slutty body.

Lita closes her eyes as she slaps her wet tongue against Randy's hard cock as
she begins to bob her head quicker against his cock, showering her warm, wet
saliva down on his cock as she rapidly bobs her head. Lita slowly slides her
tongue against the under belly of Randy's shaft before she lifts her head up
and licks her lips " definitely have a Rated R dick..."
Lita says as she watches the hard cock of Randy Orton drip of her warm saliva
before she turns her head to face her pervert boyfriend Edge "Mmmm babe..."
Lita moans as she lowers her head and opens her mouth as she takes Edge's
Rated R cock into her sinful, warm mouth.

"Awww... yeah baby... take it all down..." Edge groans as he stands up
straight after ripping open Lita's Rated R Superstar t-shirt to expose her
large, firm and round tits. Edge grits his teeth a bit as Lita deep throats
his entire cock before she begins to suck on it.

Randy Orton smirks, "Whew... damn... you're a slut... and there's nothing
wrong with that..." Randy says as he steps around behind Lita and he pulls
the raunchy red head up so that he can jerk down her tight fitting black
pants. Lita lifts her eyes up and locks them with her pervert, sex-crazed
boyfriend as she bobs her head smoothly on his cock, sliding her sinfully
sweet tongue against his Rated R cock as she slurps and slaps her saliva
against his cock as she takes him deeper into her sinful sexpot mouth.

Edge puts his hands on his waist as he looks down into the eyes of his sinful
Rated R girlfriend. "Mmmm... oh yea babe... work that tongue like a good hot
little slut..." Edge moans as he flips Lita's red hair back.

Randy stands behind Lita after ripping down her pants and he licks his lips,
"Time to put the KO... in Rated RKO..." Randy says with a smirk as he bends
his knees slightly and forces his cock into Lita's pussy while she is bent
over in front of him. Randy puts his hands on Lita's waist and begins to pump
his cock in and out of Lita's slutty pussy.

"Mmmm fuck..." Lita moans around Edge's cock as she continues to bob her
head on Edge's Rated R cock as she sucks off her perverted boyfriend. As
Lita begins to bob her head quicker on Edge's cock, taking him deeper into
her sinful mouth, she firmly pushes her hot Rated R slutty body back against
Randy's hard, thrusting cock.

"Ohh yea... mmmm... that's it babe..." Edge moans as he starts moving his
hips in order to move his cock in and out of Lita's warm moist mouth. Edge
pulls on Lita's red hair as he can feel his balls hitting against Lita's
chin as she takes his cock deep into her sinful mouth.

Randy grits his teeth as he slams his cock in and out of Lita's warm pussy,
and he moves his hands from Lita's waist and puts them on her lower back.
"Ohhh fuck... I love fucking her pussy Edge..." Randy grunts as he quickens
the pace of his thrusts.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah...fuck that pussy like a REAL man..." Lita moans after
she slowly lifts her head up from Edge's cock and his cock drips of her warm
saliva as the sinful sexpot thrusts her hot, slutty body back against Randy's
cock roughly as he slams his cock deeply into Lita's slutty pussy.

Edge smirks as he watches Randy Orton bang the raunchy red head from behind.
"Mmmm... babe... you ain't gonna forget about me are ya?" Edge asks as he
steps back away from Lita and he moves to sit down on the large leather couch
that is behind him.

"Mmmmm oh fuck no baby..." Lita moans as she glances over her shoulder and
smirks at Randy as he drives his cock quickly in and out of Lita's slutty,
warm pussy "Mmmm...ohhhh fuck...I hate to say it...but pull out."

Randy Orton frowns a bit, but he smirks, "Fuck... shit... well I get to fuck
that hot ass of yours..." Randy says as he slows down his thrusts and then
pulls his thick shaft out of Lita's slutty, warm pussy and he smacks his dick
against her ass cheeks.

Lita licks her lips "Mmmm...I love being Rated R...KO..." Lita says with a
smirk as she joins her perverted Rated R boyfriend on the leather couch as
she mounts herself on top of his cock, placing her hands on his smooth,
muscular and sweaty chest before the sweaty sinful sexpot begins to rock
her hot, slutty body on his cock.

Edge puts his hands on Lita's sexy waist as he thrusts his cock up into
Lita's pussy as she rocks on his Rated R cock. "Awww... yea babe... you're
a real Rated RKO slut..." Edge groans as he licks his teeth.

Randy Orton smirks as he watches Lita bounce up and down on Edge's stiff
dick. "Mmm... I ain't gonna stay on the sidelines..." Randy says as he moves
closer to Lita and kneels down a bit so that he can force his Legend Killer
dick into Lita's hot, slutty asshole.

Lita grits her teeth as she tilts her head back slightly while she grinds her
slutty body against Edge's cock, while pushing herself back against Randy's
hard cock "Ohhhh yeah...I'm a Rated RKO slut! I'm the biggest slut..." Lita
moans as sweat drips off of her sinful sexpot body.

"Damn... fucking straight you are!" Edge says with a smirk as he slides his
hands back and forth over Lita's waist as he thrusts his cock up into her

Randy Orton wraps his arms around Lita's body and puts his strong hands on
Lita's hot firm round tits. As he squeezes Lita's tits, Randy rapidly bangs
her ass with his cock. "Ahhh... ohhh yea... mmmm shit yea... you're a damn
fucking slut..." Randy grunts as he pumps his cock hard and fast in and out
of her asshole.

Lita grits her teeth as her slutty, hot body slams down hard on Edge's cock
as she roughly slams her rounded, hot ass back against Randy's cock "Ohhhh
yea fuck me...Rated RKO style..." Lita groans as she sweat drips down her
body as she rocked back and forth between Edge and Randy's muscular bodies.

Randy smirks, "There ain't any other way to fuck ya..." Randy replies as
drives his entire cock deep into Lita's hot, slutty ass.

Edge smirks and he licks his teeth, "Oh I bet there is... Randy lift Lita off
of me and lay down with her on ya face up..." Edge says as he starts to push
Lita off of his cock.

Randy raises an eyebrow but shrugs, "All right..." Randy replies and he wraps
his arms around Lita's waist, then he lifts her easily off of Edge's rock
hard cock. Randy Orton then lays down on the floor, with Lita on top of him
with his cock in her ass. Lita grits her teeth as she works her slutty body
down on Randy's cock, so that he's deep inside of her tight asshole. Lita
leans back and places her hands on his chest and begins to gently grind her
body against his cock.

Edge licks his teeth as he slides from the couch and kneels in front of
Lita. He spreads her legs apart and he then slams his 'spear' into Lita's hot
slutty pussy, "Ahhh yea..." Edge grunts as he begins ramming his cock in and
out Lita's cunt as Randy pups his dick up into ass.

Lita grits her teeth tightly as she leans back further on Randy as her fiery
red hair slaps against his face "Ohhhhh fuck baby!" Lita moans.

Randy puts his hands on Lita's hips as he drives his cock hard and swift
upward into Lita's tight asshole, "Ahhh... ohhh yea... fuck yea Lita...."
The Legend Killer grits his teeth as he helps Lita rock back and forth on
his cock which is in her ass.

Edge licks his teeth and smirks as he keeps his hands on Lita's sexy legs as
he fucks Lita's hot, wet pussy. "Mmmm baby... you're so hot..." Edge grunts
as sweat drips from his body.

Lita licks her lips as her slutty, sweaty body rocks against Edge's spearing
cock as she grinds her hot ass against Randy's cock "Mmmm you're so
hot..." Lita groans as she starts to grind her pussy sharply against Edge's

"Mmmm... got that fucking right babe..." Edge grunts as he pumps cock swift
and hard into Lita's hot, slutty pussy. Edge then leans his head down and
flicks his tongue against Lita's lips as she pushes herself against him while
bouncing on Randy Orton's cock.

"Ahh... shit... this... is the pleasure... of being... Rated... R...K...O...
right here..." Randy grunts as he starts to cum inside of Lita's tight

Lita leans up slightly and flicks her tongue back against Edge's lips "Oh...
yeah cum in my ass..." Lita groans as she grinds her ass down against Randy's

"Ahhh yea... mmmm fuck... you're such a Rated RKO slut..." Randy moans as he
floods Lita's a hot asshole with his warm cum. Edge licks his teeth and he
pulls his cock out of Lita's slutty pussy and stands up in front of her, with
his throbbing cock hanging near her face.

Lita licks her lips "Mmmm babe is that for me?"

Edge nods his head and licks his teeth, "You bet babe..." Edge says as he
wraps his hand around his throbbing cock and begins to pump it. He watches
Lita move up and down on the cum-spent cock of Randy Orton and he grins,
"Where do you want it babe..."

"Mmmm..." Lita licks her lips as she slowly rocks back and forth against
Randy's cock "Mmmm...babe let Randy pick..."

Edge smirks, "All right... whatcha say Randy?" Edge says as he pumps his own
cock faster.

Randy licks his teeth, "Spray her face man..." Randy says as he keeps his
hands on Lita's waist.

"Good choice..." Edge laughs as he gets closer to Lita. He continues to pump
his cock until he starts to cum, and he sprays his warm, sticky load right
onto Lita's slutty, sweaty face.

Lita closes her eyes and licks her lips "Mmmm...yeah baby...come on my
face..." Lita groans

Edge licks his lips as he shoots several more streams of cum onto Lita's
face, "Ohhh yeah... I know that's better than mustard..." Edge laughs as the
last bit of cum falls from his cock onto Lita's face.

Lita presses her lips together as she slowly opens her eyes "Mmmm...I
fucking love being Rated R...KO...the only true REAL men in the WWE!" Lita
says proudly.

"Oh yea... that's right... there are no other REAL men in the WWE..." Randy
Orton laughs as he rests underneath Lita. Edge smirks, "Yeah... there are no
REAL men in the WWE besides us... and if there were... we'd beat the crap out
of them..." Just as Edge finishes his remark, the door to Rated RKO's locker
room is opened. "What the hell..." Edge turns around and then his eyes go
wide as he sees Ron Simmons standing in the doorway with his arms folded.
Edge, Lita and Randy's eyes all go wide as the man formerly known as Faarooq
has them speechless.

Ron just stands there, and then eventually he unfolds his arms and saying in
his booming voice, "DAMN!"


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