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The Cutting Edge Part 36: A Rated R...KO Branding
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a joint RAW/SmackDown Supershow taping, the duo that makes up
the World Tag Team Champions known as Rated RKO, Edge and Randy Orton are
roaming the backstage area with smirks on their faces. Both men are dressed
in jeans and black t-shirts, and Edge looks at his partner and grins, "Damn
Randy... we are perfectly making a name for ourselves..." Edge laughs.

"Yeah I know... nothing is better than what we're doing to DX... those 1998
rejects are going to wish they never made that group..." Randy laughs as both
men go around a corner.

Edge then raises his arm up and stops suddenly, "Well look what I see..."
Edge says with gritted teeth.

Randy looks directly ahead of them and sees SmackDown's cute blond-haired
redneck diva, Amy Zidian, coming out of a locker room. "Damn... I would love
to brand her..." Randy laughs.

"Yeah... let's do it..." Edge says and without giving Randy a chance to
reply, the Rated R Superstar starts to approach Amy, "Hey baby..." Edge says
with a smirk.

The adorable, cute girlfriend of SmackDown's citizen redneck Jimmy Wang Yang,
Amy Zidian, slowly turns around to face the Rated R Superstar Edge as she
blushes "'re not my boy..." Amy says cutely as she dressed in a pair
of short 'Daisy Duke' style jean shorts and a light blue tied top. Amy places
hands on her curvy, attractively rounded hips as she cutely bites down on her
bottom lip.

Edge licks his teeth "Boy? I ain't a boy... I'm a REAL man... but you
wouldn't know anything about that would you?" Edge says with a smirk on his

Randy Orton comes walking up behind Edge and grins, "Damn... cute even up
close... that's a plus..." Randy says as he undresses Amy with his eyes as
he and Edge stand in a way that'll prevent Amy from getting past them.

Amy scrunches her nose up cutely as she raises an eyebrow before she shakes
her head with confusion "I don't know what you're talking boy all man to me..." Amy replies with a cute, proud smile as at the
same time she cautiously looks at the dangerous Legend Killer Randy Orton.

Randy Orton smirks, "Oh yeah... the Japanese Jobber who thinks he's a
redneck... he's a real man ain't he..." Randy laughs.

Edge licks his teeth, "How about we show you what REAL men are like babe..."
Edge says as he grabs Amy's right wrist suddenly.

Amy's soft, adorable eyes quickly widen as the perverted, sex-crazed Rated R
Superstar takes hold of Amy's slender right wrist "Hey! Now...cut that out!"
Amy cutely protests as she tries to pull herself away from Edge.

Edge laughs, "Cut what out? We haven't even started yet..." Edge replies as
he jerks Amy towards him so that her body hits against his. Edge puts his
arms around Amy to keep her close. "Randy check in that locker room."

"Right..." Randy nods his head and he looks inside of the locker room Amy
came out of a short time ago, "It's empty..." Randy says as he holds the door

Edge licks his teeth, "Perfect... now get back in there..." Edge says before
he pushes the sweet blond-haired diva inside of the empty locker room.

Amy bites down in her bottom lip as she lowers her head "What...what are you
going to do?" Amy cutely asks after being shoved into the empty locker room
by the perverted Rated R Superstar.

Edge steps into the empty locker room with a perverted look on his face,
"Oh we're gonna have ourselves... a good old fashion diva branding..." Edge

Randy Orton follows Edge into the locker room as well and closes the door
behind him, "You mean an RKO branding right?" Randy laughs as he licks his
lips while looking at Amy.

Amy looks up as she locks her soft, adorable and frightened eyes on Randy
Orton and Edge while she takes a step back from the two perverted, sex-crazed
teammates. The adorable redneck girlfriend of Jimmy Wang Yang shakes her head
" leave me alone..." Amy cutely begs as she continues
to back away from Randy Orton and Edge inside of the empty locker room.

Edge licks his teeth as he pulls off his black t-shirt, "Oh you want to be
left alone? Then you better play along..." Edge says as he unbuttons and
unzips his jeans.

"Oh where's the fun in that... this bitch probably doesn't know what to do
with REAL men..." Randy says as he removes his t-shirt to reveal his muscular
upper body.

"True... but the slut is going to get branded... one way or another..." Edge
laughs as he locks eyes with Amy.

Amy innocently folds her arms against her stomach as she bites down on her
bottom lip "But...but...but..." Amy Zidian begins to respond as Edge and
Randy Orton continue their movements towards the defenseless and petite Amy
Zidian as they stalk and prey on the adorable redneck cutie.

"But what babe? You a virgin?" Edge laughs as he finishes undoing his jeans
and he shoves them down his legs to free his twelve-inch Rated R cock.

Randy smirks, "Nah I bet this slut is acting innocent..." Randy says as he
undoes his jeans and removes them to free his own foot long 'legend killer'

Amy slowly raises her hands up as she backs up against the far wall in the
locker room, trapping herself with no means of escape as Edge and Randy Orton
closes in on their innocent, adorable prey "Please...just...just...leave
please..." Amy innocently begs.

"Oh we'll leave... when we brand you..." Edge says as he and Randy Orton
now stand right in front of the sweet innocent diva. "Now get down on your
fucking knees... or Randy here will RKO your face into the ground..." Edge

"And I'll do it too..." Randy smirks as he licks his lips, "Just ask any
bitch around here..." Randy laughs.

Amy bites down on her bottom lip as she lowers her head "But...But...But..."
Amy tries to innocently beg.

"DO IT!" Edge and Randy both yell at Amy as they grab her arms and force the
adorable redneck SmackDown diva down to her knees front of them, and both men
force Amy to wrap her hands on their dicks, with Edge's cock in her left hand
and Randy's dick in her right. Amy takes a deep breath as she lowers her head
and she begins to slowly stroke her soft, innocent hands against the shafts
of Randy Orton and Edge. Amy can feels the perverted, thick cocks of Randy
Orton and Edge become hard in her hands as she smoothly moves her hands
against their shafts in an up and down motion.

"That's a good little cow-bitch..." Randy laughs and moans as Amy moves her
right hand up and down his now fully stiff cock.

"Yeah... you know what you gotta do you little slut..." Edge licks his teeth
as he looks down at Amy as he thrusts his hips forward to push his dick
against Amy's left hand. The soft blond-haired head of Amy Zidian remains
down as she guides her soft, gentle and innocent hands against Randy and
Edge's hard shaft as he soft hands casually brush against the large ballsacks
of Randy Orton and Edge.

Randy Orton grits his teeth, "Ok bitch... now suck my fucking cock... now!"
Randy yells as he places his left hand on Amy's head to grab a handful of her
soft blond hair in order to force Amy to raise her head up.

Amy bites down on her bottom lip as the cute, adorable redneck innocently
looks up at Randy Orton as she slowly nods her head reluctantly "Ok...ok..."
Amy Zidian softly replies before she lowers her head towards Randy's cock and
opens her small mouth as she lowers her head on Randy's cock as she takes
Randy Orton's hard, thick cock into her mouth. The adorable Amy Zidian begins
to slowly bob her head on Randy's cock as she gently strokes her hand against
Edge's shaft.

"Mmmmm... yeah... that's good you little hick..." Randy Orton moans as he
holds on tightly to Amy's soft blond hair as he starts pumping his hips,
thrusting his meaty cock in and out between Amy's soft lips.

Edge licks his teeth, "Don't forget about the Rated R Superstar's cock..."
Edge says with a laugh as he puts his hands on his hips as Amy continues to
stroke his shaft.

Amy closes her eyes as she smoothly bobs her head along Randy's hard, long
shaft as she gently taps her tongue against the underbelly of his shaft as
she bobs her head against his cock as the redneck sweetheart gradually takes
Randy Orton's cock deeper into her warm, gentle mouth. Amy gently twists her
head on Randy's cock before she lowers lifts her head up from Randy's cock.
Amy glances up at Randy Orton and bites down on her bottom lip "Am...I done?"
Amy innocently asks.

Randy Orton licks his lips, "Yeah you're done for now... and now take off
your fucking clothes you little bitch... and start sucking Edge's cock like
the slut you are!" Randy orders in a threatening voice as he balls his left
hand into a fist.

Edge laughs, "Fuck Randy... you're really getting into this... awesome..."
Edge says with a smirk.

Amy Zidian cutely lowers her head as she removes her hands from around Edge
and Randy's cock "But...but...but...I..." Amy begins to reply to Randy Orton.

"But nothing! You either do it or I'll fucking bust your ass up so bad that
fucking idiot Jimmy Wang Yang won't even touch ya!" Randy shouts at her as
motions with his left hand as if he's going to hit her.

Edge laughs, "You better do what he says babe... Randy's in a fowl mood..."
Edge licks his teeth as he glares pervertedly down at Amy Zidian.

Amy swallows and slowly nods her head "Ok...ok..." Amy says reluctantly as
she bites down on her bottom lip before she places her hands against her
light blue top and begins to untie the top before she removes the top from
her body to reveal her firmly rounded, perfectly cute tits.

"Hmmmm those are some nice fucking tits..." Edge says with a smirk as he
bends down slightly and smacks both of Amy's tits with his right hand.

Randy Orton grins as he cracks his knuckles, "Now lose the fucking
'Daisy Dukes'... and hurry up!" Randy snaps at Amy as his eyes wander her
All-American body.

Amy slowly and intimidatedly nods her adorable "Ok...ok..." Amy cutely and
softly replies as she stands up from the floor and unbuttons her short 'Daisy
Duke' style jean shorts before she pushes them off of her hot, curvy waist
and guides her short jean shorts down her smooth, tanned legs until they
reach her feet and she steps out of the jean shorts as she stands in a small,
hot black pair of panties.

"Nice fucking panties..." Randy says as he licks his lips, "Let's see what
they are hiding..." Randy says as he steps close to her and yanks down her
black panties revealing her smooth, warm, All-American pussy.

Edge licks his lips and laughs, "Whew weeee... that pussy looks like it can
take a lot of cock..."

Amy scrunches her nose up cutely and lowers her head as she takes a step away
from Randy Orton and Edge "My boy, Jimmy, isn't going to like this..." Amy
says as she shakes her head.

Randy grits his teeth, "Would you like the crapped kicked out of both him and
you instead?!" Randy yells at her as he and Edge step closer to Amy, "Now do
what you're fucking told... face Edge... bend over... and suck his cock!"
Randy orders.

Amy swallows as she bites down on her bottom lip as she slowly nods her head
"Yes...ok...ok...sure..." Amy innocently and adorably replies as she turns
to face as she presses her soft lips together while she bends over while
standing to lower her head to his cock. Amy opens her warm, innocent and wet
mouth as she takes Edge's cock into her soothing, adorable mouth. The redneck
cutie begins to slowly bob her head on Edge's cock as her soft lips rubs up
and down against the skin of his shaft as she bobs her head.

Edge puts both of his hands on top of Amy's head as the cute redneck
SmackDown diva bobs her head up and down on his thick Canadian cock, "Mmmm
yeah... work that dick over..." Edge groans and licks his lips.

Randy Orton walks around behind Amy and smirks, "Good thing you're
behaving.... otherwise I'd be busting your ass..." Randy laughs as he bends
his knees so that he can shove his entire foot long prick into Amy's warm,
tight All-American pussy.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh boy..." Amy softly moans against Edge's cock as Randy Orton
enters her tight, warm All-American pussy from behind as she smoothly bobs
her head on Edge's shaft as she laps her warm saliva around his cock with
her soft tongue. Amy slowly lifts her eyes up and gently looks up at Edge
as she begins to gradually bob her head at a quicker pace on Edge's hard
Rated R cock.

Randy Orton holds onto Amy Zidian's curvy waist as he starts pumping his
large cock in and out of her pussy at a firm, quick rate as he pulls her back
against him, "Mmmmm yeah... like that big 'legend killer' dick in your cunt,
don't ya you blond hick?!" Randy groans as he smacks her right leg with his
right hand.

Edge looks down into Amy's eyes and licks his teeth, "Mmmm... that's good...
keep sucking that dick...." Edge moans as Amy bobs her head swiftly on his
shaft. Amy gently slaps her soft, wet tongue against Edge's hard, thick Rated
R cock as she starts to bob her head quicker on Edge's cock as she takes him
deeper into her warm, wet mouth. As the adorable redneck cutie sucks on
Edge's cock at a gradually quicker pace she begins to push herself back
against Randy's cock as he thrusts into her tight, warm All-American pussy
while her cute, rounded ass gently slams against Randy's waist. "Oooo fuck...
she's All-American all right... an All-American redneck slut!" Edge groans as
Amy almost deep throats his large cock with her innocent mouth.

Randy Orton licks his lips and smirks as he keeps pumping his cock into Amy's
warm, tight pussy, "Shit... I bet she'd love to ride that Rated R dick..."
Randy says with a smirk.

"Yeah..." Edge nods his head and grins just as he steps back away from Amy,
gradually pulling his saliva-covered cock out of her mouth. The Rated R
Superstar then lays down on the floor of the locker room and puts his hands
behind his head as Randy Orton pulls his cock out of Amy's All-American

"Get down there and ride him like a good little cowgirl!" Randy shouts as he
suddenly shoves Amy down onto her knees.

Amy bites down on her bottom lip as she glances up at Randy Orton,
innocently, while on her knees in front of him. Amy glances over at Edge's
hard, saliva-dripping Rated R cock as she lowers her head "Do...I have to?"
Amy innocently asks with a soft, adorable smile.

"Yes you fucking have too!" Randy shouts at her as he puts his foot on Amy's
ass and pushes her towards his World Tag Team Championship partner.

Edge laughs and licks his teeth, "You know you want too... just do it
baby..." Edge says with a smirk.

Amy takes a deep breath before she slowly nods her head "Ok...ok...I'll do
it.." Amy softly remains as she lifts herself on top of Edge's muscular Rated
R body as she lowers herself gently down on his cock as she places her soft,
gentle hands on top of his muscular chest. Amy swallows as she starts to
bounce on Edge's cock, when he places his hands on Amy's hot, curvy waist as
he begins to thrust his cock up into Amy's tight, warm All-American pussy.

Edge starts to assist the cute redneck SmackDown diva bounce up and down on
his cock as he pumps his hips to drive his shaft upward with sharp movements.
"Ahhhh... mmmmm yeah... you fucking like that... don't ya... like riding that
big dick?" Edge groans as he locks his perverted sex-crazed eyes with the
soft gentle eyes of Amy.

Amy bites down on her bottom lip as she gently slides her soft, smooth and
innocent hands against Edge's smooth, muscular chest as her hot, petite body
slams down harder on Edge's Rated R cock "Ohhh...ohhhh boy!" Amy moans as
Edge's cock deeply impales her cute, tight All-American pussy. Edge's hard,
powerful thrusts cause Amy to gently rock against his cock as the adorable
redneck cutie begins to lightly sweat.

"I'll take that as a yes..." The Rated R Superstar laughs as he slides his
hands back and forth across Amy's curvy hips.

Randy Orton licks his lips as he looks at Amy's cute round ass move up and
down as she rides Edge, "Let's kick this up... to where it's Rated R...K...
O..." Randy says as he gets down behind Amy and he places his right hand on
her shoulder to have Amy lean forward so that her ass it raised up slightly.
The cocky young RAW Superstar then uses his left hand to spread Amy's ass
cheeks apart and he forces his 'legend killer' prick into her tight,
unprepared asshole with one hard thrust.

Amy gently grits her teeth together as her hot, adorable, petite body
slightly jerks back against Randy as he enters herself asshole "Ohhhhh
nooooo!" Amy moans as Randy begins to slam his hard cock in and out of
her extremely tight, hot asshole. Amy closes her eyes as Randy's stiff,
quick thrusts cause her to bounce quicker and harder on Edge's Rated R
cock as the redneck cutie is defenseless in between to the two perverted,
sex-crazed individuals known as Rated RKO

"Ohhhhh yeah!" Randy Orton grunts as he slams his cock in and out of Amy's
tight all American asshole. He wraps his arms around Amy's hot curvy body
and grabs hold of her round tits as he pumps her ass with his dick.

Edge licks his lips as he continues thrusting his Rated R dick up into Amy's
warm, tight pussy, "Mmmmmm fuck yeah... you're a Rated RKO slut now baby..."
Edge laughs as Amy is forced to slam down onto his dick thanks to Randy
Orton's hard thrusts.

The adorable redneck cutie Amy Zidian rocks back and forth forcefully between
Edge and Randy Orton as the perverted duo roughly slam their cocks deeply
into her tight asshole and warm, wet pussy ""
Amy moans as her body slams down extremely hard on Edge's Rated R cock before
she roughly forced back against the cock of the arrogant Randy Orton.

Randy Orton licks his lips as sweat rolls down his body, "Ahhhh yea...
Edge... remember... we're gonna fucking... brand this bitch..." Randy grunts
as he deeply fucks Amy's tight asshole.

"I know... get... the slut off of me..." Edge grunts as he starts to push Amy
off of his throbbing Rated R Cock.

Randy pulls his dick out of her asshole, and jerks the adorable redneck diva
off of his tag team partner's cock. "Get on your fucking knees!" Randy yells
as he almost throws Amy towards the wall, giving Edge time to get up to his
feet. Amy swallows as her soft, innocent eyes widen as she bites down on her
bottom lip as she slowly sits up on her knees. The adorable, cute Amy Zidian
lowers her head as Randy Orton and Edge approach their defenseless prey.
Randy Orton and Edge both grip their cocks and begin to stroke them as they
stand extremely close to the helpless SmackDown cutie. "Look up at us you
little bitch... and fucking smile!" Randy yells at her as he along with Edge
rapidly pump their dicks.

Amy slowly looks up at Randy Orton and Edge as the perverted duo stroke their
hard, throbbing Rated RKO cocks. Amy shakes her head " leave me
alone...I already did what you said..." Amy innocently replies.

"I said... look up and smile... or else... your boy... is going to get the
hell kicked out of him... and you'll get to watch!" Randy shouts down at her
as he grabs Amy's blond hair and forces her to look up at them, "Now fucking
smile!" Randy shouts. Amy bites down on her bottom lip as the adorable, cute
redneck girlfriend of Jimmy Wang Yang parts her soft, innocent lips as she
gives a fake, weak smile to Randy Orton. "Uhhh yeah... now that's what we
want..." Randy groans as he starts to cum, and he laughs as he sprays his
warm sticky load all over Amy's cute face.

Edge licks his teeth, "Mmmm nothing like an RKO branding..." Edge moans as
he starts to cum as well, and like Randy, he dumps his cum right onto Amy's
face as well.

Amy closes her eyes as the adorable, cute SmackDown Diva slowly turns her
head away as the warm cum of Edge and Rand Orton drips down her innocent,
cute face. "Ohhhh nooo..." Amy groans as she slowly looks down.

Randy Orton and Edge both laugh at Amy as she appears to start to cry, "Now
you're an official Rated RKO Slut..." Edge laughs.

Randy Orton smirks as he bends down a bit, "That's right you little hick...
and if you tell anyone what happened... we'll come back... and do much...
worst to you? GOT IT!?"

Amy slowly looks up and nods her head "I...I...yes...I understand..." Amy
softly replies as she bites down on her bottom lip shyly.

"Good!" Randy laughs as he stands up and looks at Edge, "So... what's next?"

Edge smirks as he and Randy start to gather their clothes in order to get
dressed, "Mmm Lita's been pondering something... let's go help her make up
her mind..."


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