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The Cutting Edge Part 37: Deal Or No Deal?
Written By Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

Inside the locker room of Team Rated RKO, 'The Rated R' Superstar Edge, wearing
black jeans, a black 'Sex & Violence' t-shirt and a black denim jacket is talking with his
World Tag Team Championship partner Randy Orton. "Fuck… I still can't believe Lita
called it quits…. She had the Women's title… everything was getting fucking hotter…"
Edge says as he shakes his head.

"Yeah I know man…." Randy says, "But we all knew it was coming…. The fans kept
disrespecting her… and it just made her want to quit…. Hell those fucking idiots ruin a
lot of shit for guys like us"

Edge grits his teeth, "You know… I'm really starting to hate those idiots… what right do
they have to fucking judge her… or me… or any of us! We fucking bust our asses out
there… and they think they can tell us what to do and how to be?! Those assholes are as
dumb as shit and twice as ugly…" Edge snaps.

Randy Orton laughs, "Amen Edge… Amen….but you know, Lita can always come
back…. But times are changing… gotta go with the flow… kill off those legends of the
past to make room for something that's Rated R…K…O…." Randy says with a smirk.

Edge licks his teeth and laughs, "Yeah… you're right about that…. I just need a little bit
to think… but you know…. This does mean… I get to scout out all the new divas to be
my new Rated R Superslut… could you imagine the audition for that?"

Randy laughs, "Yeah….I can… Candice would be fucking great…. Oh and Jillian…. I'd
like to fix her problems…."

Edge licks his teeth, "Don't forget that hot as fuck Ashley… she could use a REAL man
instead of those two little boys…."

Randy smirks, "Oh what about that Kelly Kelly… could train her to be a good little

Edge grins, "There are lot of possibilities… "

Randy laughs and licks his lips, "Oh yea… I'd love to test some of them out to see if they
are Rated R… KO… material…"

"Yeah…. Makes ya think if we should start looking into that first chance we get…."
Edge grins as he licks his teeth.

"Of course…. I hear they are hiring like 10 new chicks…. Lot of fresh pussy to spear…"
Randy says with a grin.

Edge laughs, "Yeah… yeah… the future is gonna be bright and Rated RKO…" Edge
says as there a knock on the locker room door. Edge glances at it and yells, "It's open…
come on in if it's worth our time!"

The locker room door slowly pushes open into the private locker room of Team Rated
RKO, and in walks the manipulative widow and business manager of Chavo Guerrero,
Vickie Guerrero, who has her right hand on her right hip, while dressed in a pair of black
business-casual pants and a light purple sleeveless top. Vickie presses her lips together as
she locks her manipulative eyes on Randy Orton and Edge. Vickie narrows her eyes
slightly as she looks directly at Randy "If you would excuse me...I have a business matter
to discuss..." The feisty Latina says as she slightly snaps at the Legend Killer.

Randy Orton raises an eyebrow, "Hey no one excuses me lady...." Randy snaps a bit,
showing his usual disrespect.

Edge laughs, "Chill Randy... look how about you go scout up some Rated R prospects...
and we'll... give them a try out later...." Edge says to his partner.

Randy licks his lips, "Sounds good man... see ya later..." Randy says as he walks to the
locker room door and leaves, closing the door behind him so that Edge and Vickie
Guerrero have privacy to talk business.

"Ok... what's this business discussion...." Edge says with a cocky smirk.

Vickie removes her right hand from her right hip as she keeps her manipulative eyes
locked on the perverted Rated R Superstar. Vickie smirks slightly as she folds her arms
over her chest "I have a little problem that needs to be taken care of...and I was hoping
you'd be of assistant.." Vickie Guerrero replies as she slightly tosses her light brown hair

Edge folds his arms and sighs, "Okay.... and I'm waiting to hear what you need...." Edge
says with his usual attitude, "And it better be good... cause I got a lot of... things to do...."
Edge licks his teeth a bit.

Vickie nods her head "'s good! It's good alright!" Vickie says as she slightly grits
her teeth together as the widowed wife starts to get a bit fired up with anger "It's that
damn...Chris Benoit!" Vickie slightly yells "Him...sticking his nose in my business! In
my business! I'm the executor of the estate! It's none of his business!" Vickie yells again
as she shakes her head with irritation "He used to be a friend...but Chris, just like
an insignificant chapter of my life..." Vickie says with a rude sigh.

Edge laughs slightly, "Oh I know that feeling... I carried those two jerk-wads to tag team
championships.... they love riding the coat tails of somebody great.... like myself for
example...." Edge smirks, "So what do you want... me to do you a favor and give Benoit a

Vickie shakes her head "" Vickie narrows her eyes slightly into a feisty glare "I to take Benoit out! You know...soften him up for my business client Chavo!"
Vickie replies before as she proudly raises her head "Just like Rey...Chris is just making a
living off of the Guerrero name..." Vickie slightly snaps.

Edge smirks, "You know... I could say something about the pot and kettle... but I rather
say that to soften Benoit up to where Chavo can do something... is gonna be a lot of
work...." Edge smirks, "What is in it for me? I'm the Rated R superstar... and I don't do
shit for free..."

Vickie raises her eyebrow "What's in it for you?" Vickie presses her lips together into a
sly smirk "Well...maybe I'll make sure Chavo repays the favor..." Vickie says
confidentially as she folds her arms over her chest and smirks at Edge "So...what do you
say, do we have a deal?"

Edge smirks, "I don't think so.... the deal seems very, very unfair for me... Chavo
repaying the favor isn't exactly worth it...." Edge says, "After all... I got a Legend Killer
on my side... and I am the Rated R Superstar...."

Vickie raises an eyebrow as she locks her sly, manipulative eyes on the Rated R
Superstar "Then what would be fair?" The feisty business manager of Chavo Guerrero
slightly snaps a reply back to the perverted Rated R Superstar Edge.

Edge licks his teeth and he cocks his head slightly as he starts to walk around the feisty,
manipulative, back stabbing woman known as Vickie Guerrero, "Oh... I'm sure... a
woman such as yourself... has other needs.... that would be... more than fair compensation
for me to waste my time dealing with Benoit...." Edge says.

Vickie glances over her shoulder with a suspicious raised eyebrow as she keeps her arms
folded against her chest "Just what exactly are you getting at!?" Vickie snaps.

Edge completes walking around Vickie Guerrero and stands in front of her. "Oh you can
take a guess.... I'm sure Chavo is a great business client...." Edge pauses and rolls his eyes
a bit as he laughs, 'But I know he ain't able getting every job you need done...." Edge
licks his teeth, "And I'm sure you don't need me to spell it out for you.... " Edge smirks.

Vickie Guerrero grits her teeth together as she unfolds her arms and points at Edge with
her right index finger "You listen here! Do you know who you're talking to!? Huh!? I'm
Vickie Guerrero!" Vickie yells as the feisty, manipulative woman takes a step towards
the Rated R Superstar.

Edge laughs slightly, "Lady... I don't care if your name is Stephanie McMahon.... you
need me for something... and I got a price... so it's in your court... deal... or no deal.... and
if it's deal... I guarantee... it'll be more than just Rated R...." Edge smirks, as he doesn't let
Vickie fiery Latin temper faze him.

Vickie raises an eyebrow as she places her hands on her rounded, smooth hips "You'll
take Benoit out? Soften him up real good for my business client, Chavo?" Vickie asks
with a slight smirk.

Edge smirks, "Sure.... I'll take Benoit out.... but you gotta meet my price first...."

Vickie slowly nods her head "'ve got yourself a deal" Vickie says with a sly
smirk before she extends her right hand towards the Rated R Superstar in the business
professional gesture of a handshake.

Edge licks his lips and he extends his left hand to take hold of Vickie's hand and he
shakes her hand, "Nice doing business with you..." Edge says as he then pulls Vickie
towards him easily and she hits against his firm body.

Vickie lifts her head up and glances up at Edge before she takes a deep breath as her body
is pressed up against the sex-crazed body of the Rated R Superstar. Vickie smirks slightly
as she places her manipulative, sly hands against Edge's shirt covered chest "
have a deal, right?" Vickie asks with a raised eyebrow as she slightly glares at him.

Edge nods his head and licks his teeth, "Oh yea Vickie... we got a deal all right..." Edge
replies as he puts his right hand on Vickie's stomach and starts to lift up her light purple
sleeveless top, "In fact... we might even have more than a deal...." Edge adds.

Vickie keeps her manipulative eyes locked with Edge's sex-crazed, perverted eyes as she
slowly raises her arms up as Edge's lifts her light purple sleeveless top off of her
attractive, Latina body revealing her smoothly, curvy body and her decent sized, firmly
rounded tits covered by black bra "I see we do have a deal..." Vickie says with a smirk as
she takes a step back from Edge as she begins to lift Edge's black t-shirt off of his body to
reveal his smooth, muscular stomach and chest.

Edge raises his arms up so that Vickie can pull off his black t-shirt. Edge then flips his
blond hair back and licks his teeth as he starts to unbutton and unzip his jeans, "Take that
bra off Vickie... I want to see all of what I'm getting as part of our deal...." Edge says with
a sex-crazed gleam in his eyes.

Vickie smirks and nods her head "Deal..." Vickie says with a slightly enjoyable laugh as
she reaches over her shoulder with her left hand and unclips her black bra before she
slides the straddles off of her shoulders and she then guides the bra down her smooth
arms as she exposes her decent sized, firmly rounded bare tits to the Rated R Superstar.

Edge licks his teeth as he looks at Vickie Guerrero's tits, "Mmmm those are a couple of
big deals right there...." Edge says as he finishes undoing his jeans and he lowers them
down from his waist, freeing his large, thick twelve-inch cock. Edge lowers his jeans
completely and steps out of them, then he puts his hands on his waist, "So Vickie... care
to.... add to the deal..." Edge says as he points down at his thick hardening shaft.

Vickie raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks "I think...we can negotiate that deal out..."
Vickie says jokingly as she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of the Rated R
Superstar and wraps her smooth, feisty Latina hands around Edge's thick, semi-hard cock
and begins to manipulate Edge's shaft with both of her hands as she guides her hands up
and down his shaft as she strokes his hardening cock.

"Mmmmm.... mmmm...." Edge licks his lips and moans slightly as Vickie Guerrero
moves her hands up and down his large, thick cock as it becomes completely hard in her
hands. "I love it when someone is... hands on... with negotiations...." Edge says. Vickie
lifts her head up and smirks at Edge as she smoothly and swiftly guides her hands along
the length of Edge's hardened, thick Rated R cock. Vickie slightly licks her lips before
she leans her head down and places her wet, feisty Latina tongue on the head of Edge's
cock and begins to gently trace her tongue around the surface of Edge's Rated R

"Mmmm.... ahhh yea...." Edge moans as he keeps his hands on his waist as the feisty,
manipulative Vickie Guerrero holds his stiff cock at the base as she moves her Latin
tongue around the head of his cock and against the sides of this dick, coating the surface
of his cock with her warm, wet saliva. Vickie closes her eyes as she gently taps her
tongue against the underbelly of Edge's shaft before she slowly lifts her tongue up his
shaft, guiding her tongue up against every inch of Edge's cock as she coats his Rated R
cock with her warm, wet saliva. Vickie reaches the head of Edge's cock and opens her
warm, manipulative mouth and lowers her head on Edge's cock before she presses her
lips around his shaft and begins to slowly bob her head on Edge's cock as she begins to
gently and slowly suck on the Rated R cock of Edge.

Edge takes his left hand off his waist and places it on Vickie's head as she bobs her head
back and forth, sucking on the top half of his large, Rated R dick while keeping her hands
around the base of his cock. "Mmmm.... yeah... suck that dick Vickie... a deal is a deal...."
Edge groans. Vickie gently moans against Edge's cock as she begins to gradually bobs
her head feisty Latina head at a quick rate on Edge's cock as she slaps her tongue and
saliva gently against his shaft. The manipulative, sly business professional removes her
smooth hands from around the base of Edge's Rate R cock as she lowers her head further
down on his shaft, taking the sex-crazed, perverted Rated R Superstar's cock deeper into
her soothing, but manipulative mouth.

"Awww.... ohhh fuck...." Edge moans and laughs slightly in surprise as Vickie Guerrero
deep throat's the majority of his large, thick Rated R cock. "Mmm... damn.... you're full
of a quick... business decisions...." Edge licks his teeth, "Mmmm... so... Vickie.... let's
move this... deal along shall we?" Edge says as he starts to pull his saliva dripping cock
out of the sly business professional's mouth.

Vickie lifts her head up and tosses her light brown hair back slightly as she smirks up at
the perverted Rated R Superstar. The widowed, manipulative Vickie Guerrero raises an
eyebrow as she slowly stands up and places her hands against her black business-casual
pants before she starts to unbuttoned them. "You're still living up to your end of the
deal?" Vickie asks with a smirk as she finished unbuttoning her business-casual pants
before she starts to push them off of her rounded waist and down her smoothly shaven
legs, until they reach her feet as she steps out of them after kicking of her black high-
heels. The manipulative business woman, Vickie Guerrero, stands in front of the Rated R
Superstar practically naked with the exception of her black pair of panties.

Edge licks his teeth and nods his head, "Oh yea... I'm going to more than live up to my
end of the deal...." Edge says as he presses his right hand against Vickie Guerrero's black
panties, "In fact... I'm getting... a lot of... Rated R ideas...." Edge says as he starts to pull
down her panties. Vickie raises an eyebrow and smirk slyly as the Rated R Superstar,
Edge, begins to pull down Vickie Guerrero's black panties to reveal her smoothly shaven,
manipulatively attractive Latina pussy. Vickie smirks confidentially as Edge lowers her
black panties down her smoothly shaven legs and has the manipulative business woman
step out of her own black panties.

Edge licks his teeth as he glances down at the lovely Vickie's smooth pussy, "Mmmm....
looks like a good source for Latina heat..." Edge says, "So how about you get on down....
and I bang ya Rated R style...."

Edge smirks as Vickie spreads her smooth Hispanic legs apart, and the Rated R Superstar
gets on the couch and positions between himself between her legs. "This is a great....
deal...." Edge laughs as he slides his stiff Rated R cock into Vickie Guerrero's hot pussy.
The hot, studdly World Tag Team Champion begins to fuck Vickie's tight pussy with
long, slow, deep and firm thrusts so that she can feel his entire cock moving in and out of
her pussy.

Vickie grits her teeth as she lays her head down against the leather couch cushions as she
gently wraps her smoothly shaven Hispanic legs around Edge's waist and places her
smooth, manipulative hands against Edge's strong arms as he smoothly thrusts his Rated
R cock in and out of Vickie's tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh...mmm...ohhhh..." Vickie softly
moans as she gently pushes herself against The Rated R Superstar's sex-crazed cock.

Edge places his hands on Vickie's nicely sized, round firm tits and he squeezes them
slightly as he begins to increase the pace of his thrusts. "Ahhhh... ohhh yea... you like that
Rated R deal?" Edge grunts as he pumps his cock quicker into Vickie's pussy as he feels
her pulling him with her legs to get him to drive his shaft forward a bit sharper.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yess...this is a great deal..." Vickie Guerrero softly groans as she begins
to gently grind her pussy against Edge's Rated R cock as he firmly slams his cock in and
out of Vickie's tight, manipulative Latina pussy "Mmm...ohhhh...ohhhh damn..." Vickie
moans as she removes her hands from Edge's strong arms and places them against his
smooth, muscular chest as she begins to rock back and forth on top of the smooth black
leather couch as she thrusts back against Edge's cock.

Edge grits his teeth as he leans his upper body back as he slides his hands from Vickie's
tits and places them Vickie's waist in order to hold her still as he pounds her pussy with
stiff hard thrusts. "Ahhhh yeah..... yeah.... come on Vickie.... let's see how bad... you want
me to... deal with Benoit...." Edge says in a taunting tone as he fucks the sly business
manager of Chavo Guerrero without slowing down.

Vickie grits her teeth together tightly as she begins to suddenly grind her tight, warm
pussy against Edge's thrusting Rated R cock at a rough, sharp rate as she firmly thrusts
her attractive Latina body against Edge's cock while he spears her manipulative pussy
"Ohhh're going to take out that no good Chris Benoit..." Vickie moans as she
tilts her head back and closes her eyes.

"Ahhh.... ohhh yea.... a deal is a deal...." Edge licks his teeth as he gives Vickie
Guerrero's pussy a sharp, hard thrust moments before he starts to cum inside of her warm,
tight and wet Latina pussy. "Ahhhh.... ohhhh damn.... yea...." Edge groans as he fills
Vickie's pussy with his warm Rated R cum as he keeps pumping his cock in and out of
her pussy.

Vickie bites down on her bottom lips as she arches her back slightly while she feels
Edge's warm cum flood into her tight, warm and manipulative pussy "Ohhhhhh...mmmm
Edge..." Vickie Guerrero softly moans as she lowers her hands from his smooth,
muscular chest and places them against his smooth, toned stomach "Mmm..." Vickie then
smirks as she unwraps her legs from around Edge's waist and scoots away from Edge on
the couch as Edge with drawls his Rated R cock. Vickie smirks slyly as she sits up on the
leather couch and turns to look at Edge "So...we have a deal?"

"Yeah... we got a deal..." Edge replies with a smirk as he flips his blond hair back.

Vickie raises an eyebrow "We do...don't we?" Vickie replies with a sly smirk as she
stands up from the couch and begins to gather up her clothing.

"Yeah we do.... Benoit gets taken out... and then... things will get even more..." Edge
pauses and licks his teeth, "Rated R...."


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