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The Cutting Edge Part 39: A Yard That's Rated RKO
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a RAW Live Event taking place in the Houston, Texas, the World Tag Team
Champions, Team Rated RKO consisting of Randy Orton and Edge are leaving the
arena after a successful night. Edge is dressed in black jeans, a gray shirt
and a gray colored denim jacket and Randy Orton is dressed in black slacks,
a collared black shirt and a black suit jacket, making the two of them look
like a mismatched pair, but both men carry their travel bags to their rental
car. "Fucking hell... we fucking beat the asses off of the Highlanders... and
the Has Been Kid runs down and gets in our business..." Edge snaps as he
shakes his head.

"Yeah... we got to deal with him... and put an end to D-Generation X once and
for all..." Randy replies as they reach their rental car and Edge opens the
trunk so that they can toss their bags into the back of it. "You know what
would be awesome... if we can fucking send a message to everyone that no is
safe from us..."

Edge pauses and he licks his teeth, "You know... that's not a bad idea..."

"It's not?" Randy raises an eyebrow.

"No.... cause you know who lives near here... but it's a bit of a drive?"
Edge asks.

Randy thinks for a long moment before he nods his head, "Ah.... Yeah I do..."

Edge licks his teeth, "I think we should go... play in the yard..."

* * *

The next day in Bastrop, Texas, Team Rated RKO's rental car drives down the
street of the suburban community as Randy and Edge look out of the windows
for a particular house. Randy smacks Edge's arm as he spots their
destination, "I found it! Right over there!" Randy says as he points down
the road at a house that sits a long distance away from the rest of the

Edge licks his teeth as he drives the car to the house that Randy has pointed
out, "Yeah that's it... oh this is going to great... that bitch is going to
get a double does of RKO..." Edge says as he parks the car in the driveway
and both men get out of the vehicle. Edge is wearing gray colored jeans and
a Rated R Superstar shirt and Randy is dressed in black jeans with a Sex &
Violence t-shirt. They both head up to the front door and Edge smirks at
Randy, "Wanna ring the bell?"

"Sure... why the hell not..." Randy laughs as his rings the doorbell of the
house a few times in a row.

From inside the home, beautiful and stunning blond-haired Sara Callaway, who
is the wife of the long-time WWE Superstar the Undertaker, is approaching the
front door after hearing the door bell ring a few times "Hold on...Jesus
Christ...I'm on my way..." Sara says with a soft laugh as she walks towards
the door, while dressed in a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a white tank
top. Sara places her left hand on the doorknob and slowly turns the doorknob
before she opens the door. Sara raises an eyebrow and she sees two of her
husband's co-workers from World Wrestling Entertainment, Edge and Randy Orton
"What the hell are you two doing here?" Sara defensively snaps as she folds
her arms against her large, nicely rounded chest as she cautious looks at the
sex-craving duo of Team Rated RKO.

Randy Orton licks his lips, "Oh we were just in the neighborhood... and
thought we'd... drop in and play in the big dog's yard..." Randy laughs.

"Yeah... actually... playing in the yard... is like on the low end of our
agenda..." Edge says as he licks his teeth and he steps forward as if to
enter the Callaway Home.

Sara raises an eyebrow as she firmly looks at Edge and Randy Orton as she
stands in the doorway blocking entrance to her home "I suggest you two
live...I don't recall Mark inviting either of you here!" Sara defensively
replies as she impressively stands her ground to the tag team that is all
about violence and sex.

Randy laughs, "Bitch... that broken down has been didn't invite us... we
invited ourselves!" Randy says just as Edge raises his hands and shoves
Sara, causing the hot, blond-haired wife of the Undertaker to stumble

Edge and Randy Orton both step into the house, and Randy closes the door as
Edge looks at Sara, "Mmmm... looks like the yard is going to get Rated...
RKO..." Edge laughs.

Sara grits her teeth a bit as she narrows her eyes, looking directly at the
perverted, sex crazed Rated R Superstar known as Edge "I suggest you better
fucking leave!" Sara shouts as she balls both of her hands into fists and
raises her hands up into a fighting stance.

Randy laughs, "Or what? You're gonna hit us?" Randy says as he mocks Sara.

Edge smirks as he leans forward as if making his face an open target, "Come
on Sara... I bet you won't even do it..." Edge says as he then goes he grabs
Sara's left wrist in order to pull her towards him.

"Oh you're pushing it!" Sara shouts as she raises her right hand, balled into
a fist and firmly swings her right hand into the side of Edge's face, giving
Edge an impressive, hard hit to his jaw. Edge stumbles back a bit and Sara
smirks "Didn't think I'd do it, huh!?" Sara says as she keeps her fighting
stance "I gotta protect my 'yard'" Sara says as she slightly takes her
focuses off of the cocky, sex-driven and violent Randy Orton as she focuses
mainly on the Rated R Superstar, Edge.

"Bitch!" Edge yells as he holds his jaw with both of his hands as he opens
and closes his mouth to judge exactly how hard Sara hit him.

Randy Orton grits his teeth, "Bitch... you just crossed a big fucking
line..." Randy says as he rushes forward and he knocks Sara down with a
tackle, causing Sara to fall back down onto her back. Randy gets on top of
her in order to pin her to the ground.

Edge meanwhile is rubbing his jaw as he glares down at the pinned Sara, "You
fucking whore..." Edge snaps as he grits his teeth angrily.

Sara grits her teeth as she tries to struggle free while Randy Orton is on
top of her, keeping her pinned down to the floor "Get the fuck off me!" Sara
shouts as she tries to use all the strength that she has in her to try and
pushes Randy off of her, however she is unable to.

Randy looks up at Edge and grins, "Hey Edge... why don't you get ready...
I'll prepare Taker's bitch..." Randy laughs as he grabs hold of Sara's white
tank top in order to start ripping it off of her hot, toned body.

Edge licks his teeth, "Oh she's going to get speared relentlessly!" Edge
snaps as he pulls off his t-shirt quickly and then starts undoing his jeans.
The Rated R Superstar then drops his jeans, which instantly frees his long
over foot long cock, "Take a good look at your future bitch!" Edge yells down
at Sara as Randy completely exposes Sara's firmly rounded hot tits.

Sara shakes her head as she narrows her eyes as she looks up at Randy, and
then at Edge "Oh...Mark's gonna get you good for this!" Sara snaps as she
continues to try and push Randy Orton off of her, after Randy has exposed
her large and firmly rounded hot tits. " fuckers!" Sara shouts as
glances over at Edge's thick, hard Rated R cock.

Edge laughs, "Oh we're a couple of Rated RKO fuckers..." Edge says as Randy
gets off of Sara and forces her to sit up on her knees in front of Edge.

"Play nice bitch and you may have fun... but we don't give a flying shit if
you do or not!" Randy laughs as he holds Sara down in front of Edge as the
Rated R Superstar grabs a handful of Sara's blond hair and pulls on it hard.

"Open your fucking mouth!" Edge yells as he grips his cock with his right
hand and holds it near Sara's mouth.

"Ohhhh you asshole!" Sara shouts as Edge roughly jerks on her blond hair and
her mouth opens, allowing Edge to force his hard, thick Rated R cock into the
warm, wet mouth of Sara Callaway "Uhhhh jerk..." Sara coughs around Edge's
cock as she feels his thick cock inside of the warmth of her mouth. Sara
closes her eyes as she feels the hands of Randy Orton placed on top of her
blond-haired head.

"Start sucking his cock you slut!" Randy Says as he starts pushing and
pulling on Sara's head, forcing her to bob her head up and down on Edge's
stiff Rated R cock.

Edge grits his teeth as grabs Sara's head and jerks it away from Randy,
"Fucking sucking... deep throat my meat!" Edge yells as he thrusts his cock
painfully deep into Sara's unprepared mouth.

Randy laughs, "She's a real slut..." Randy says as he starts to strip out of
his clothes as he watches Edge fuck Sara's mouth.

" fucker..." Sara moans around Edge's Rated R cock as her warm,
wet saliva drips against Edge's cock while Edge forcefully bobs Sara's blond
haired head on his cock. Sara opens her eyes and lifts her eyes up as she
glares at Edge while her head quickly bobs at a rough rate thanks to the
Rated R Superstar jerking her head on his cock.

"Ohh yeah bitch... you fucking like that?" Edge laughs as he thrusts his
cock in and out of Sara's mouth while he also makes her bob her head faster
on his cock as he makes her constantly deep throat his shaft.

Randy lowers his jeans and frees his own twelve inch long cock, "Fuck Edge...
I can hear her moaning... she must love a dick in her mouth..." Randy laughs.
Sara closes her eyes once again as she tries to lift her blond-haired head
off of Edge's Rated R cock, however Edge firmly keeps his hands placed on top
of her hair and he forces her head down entirely on his cock forcing the
fearless Sara Callaway to deep throat Edge's Rated R cock. The head of Edge's
cock constantly smacks against the back of Sara's throat as Edge thrusts his
cock deeper and rougher into her mouth.

Edge licks his teeth as he feels Sara's saliva dripping down his cock, "Ahhh
yeah... you gotta get your dick her mouth... no wonder Taker has her as his
bitch!" Edge laughs as he jerks Sara's blond-haired head off of his cock.

"Really? Then I want to see that for myself..." Randy laughs as he turns Sara
around to face his cock as she gasps for air after getting her mouth removed
from Edge's meaty cock.

Sara coughs as she lifts her head up and grits her teeth slightly as she
glares up at Randy Orton "You fucking asshole..." Sara says as she lifts her
head up further to bravely spit up into the face of Randy Orton.

Randy's head flinches back a bit as Sara's saliva hits him right in the face,
"Oh you stupid... fucking cunt..." Randy says as he doesn't even wipe his
face. He slaps the right side of Sara's face with his right hand, but before
she can lower her head down, Randy grabs Sara's blond hair to hold her steady
so that he shoves his Legend Killing cock into her mouth.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Sara shouts as Randy's thick and hard Legend Killing cock
enters her warm, wet mouth. Sara's soft lips presses around Randy's shaft
before the cocky, sexually violent Randy Orton grabs hold of Sara's blond
hair and he starts to thrust his cock into Sara's mouth as he roughly and
forcefully bobs Sara's head against his Rated RKO cock.

"Ahhh fuck yeah you dirty fucking whore! You love sucking dick don't ya!"
Randy laughs and moans as he pumps his cock in and out of Sara's mouth as he
quickly moves her head along the length of his cock.

Edge kneels behind Sara and he rips down Sara's tight fitting jeans to reveal
her red panties, which he tears off of her body to reveal her firm ass.
"Fuck! You got a flat ass!" Edge laughs, as he jerks Sara's jeans and panties
off of her legs. Edge then gets close behind her in order to roughly slam his
entire cock into Sara's hot pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck ass..." Sara manages to moan around Randy's hard, thick cock as
Edge invades her warm, tight pussy from behind. Sara opens her eyes for a
moment to glance up at Randy before the cocky Legend Killer shoves Sara's
blond haired head further down on his cock, causing her to deep throat his
Rated RKO cock while Edge begins to roughly ram his Rated R cock in and out
of her tight pussy.

Edge firmly holds onto Sara's hot slender waist as he thrusts all of his
Rated R cock in and out of her tight pussy, "Ahhhh ohhh shit... what fuck...
this pussy is fucking tight! Can't Taker bang his own slut wife!" Edge laughs
as he sharply slams his cock deep into Sara's pussy.

"She probably... sucks his balls dry before he can!" Randy replies with a
laugh as he holds Sara's head down completely on his cock so that the head of
his dick is hitting right against the back of her mouth. Sara slightly shakes
her head against Randy's cock, trying to lift her head off of his thick, hard
cock as his large ballsack slaps against Sara's chin as the hot wife of the
Undertaker's body rocks back and forth at an extremely quick rate as the
Rated R Superstar Edge spears his cock into Sara's pussy.

"Fuck... the bitch is pushing back!" Edge laughs as he bangs Sara's hot tight
pussy with quick, hard thrusts as Sara's ass hits against his smooth toned

Randy licks his lips as he pulls his saliva-covered dick out of Sara's mouth,
"I bet she wants another dick to fuck her..." Randy says as he grips his cock
and slaps the saliva soaked tip against both of Sara's cheeks, "You want that

Sara grits her teeth together as she opens her eyes and glares up at Randy
Orton "Fuck you!" Sara spits out as her hot, toned body slams back against
Edge's hard Rated R cock and his smooth, toned waist as he violently slams
his dick into her tight, wet pussy.

"Don't worry... you will!" Randy laughs as he lays down on the floor as Edge
pulls his cock out of Sara's hot, tight wet pussy. The Rated R Superstar then
gets up and pulls Sara with him so that he can control her body.

"We know you're a hot fucking slut... you have to be for the Deadman to be
married to you..." Edge laughs as he forces Sara to mount Randy's large,
thick cock as Sara struggles to free herself. Edge responds by shoving Sara
all the way down on Randy's Legend Killer cock when Randy sharply thrusts it
up into Sara's cunt. Sara grits her teeth and closes her eyes as she is
sharply driven down on the hard cock of Randy Orton, who immediately starts
to thrust his hard, thick cock deeply into Sara's warm, tight pussy. Sara
shakes her head in protest as her hot, well-toned body rocks back and forth
at a quick, rough rate on Randy's cock all thanks to his rough, perverted

Randy laughs as he grabs hold of Sara's waist, "Fuck... the bitch says no...
but her body says hell yes!" Randy moans as he pumps his cock upward into
Sara's hot tight pussy.

Edge licks his teeth as his sex-crazed eyes looks at Sara's ass, "I bet this
slut loves two at once..." Edge says as he kneels back down behind so that he
can forcefully invade Sara's tight asshole with his Rated R cock.

Sara arches back and groans as she feels Edge's hard, thick Rated R cock
deeply into her tight asshole "Awwww fuck bastard!" Sara shouts as
she violently slams back against Edge's cock inside of her tight asshole
before she roughly jerked forward against Randy Orton's cock as he slams his
cock deeper up into her tight, wet pussy.

Edge laughs as he wraps his arms around Sara's hot body so that he can grope
Sara's hot firm round tits with his hands while he begins slamming his thick
hard cock in and out of her tight asshole, "Ahhhh shit... shut up! You know
you love it, cause you're rocking like some cheap whore!" Edge yells as he
deeply thrusts his cock into Sara's ass.

Sara grits her teeth tightly together as she sharply drives down on Randy's
hard Rated RKO cock as he forcefully drives his cock deeper into her warm,
tight and wet pussy as Edge pounds Sara's hot, rounded ass with firm, rough
thrusts as the stunning and fearless Sara Callaway begins to sweat.

Randy licks his lips as he pounds Sara's hot pussy with his stiff fat cock,
"Ohh yeah... she's a hot fucking slut..." Randy says with a smirk as Sara
slams down on his cock, "She looks like some cheap slut... bouncing on my
dick..." Randy groans.

Edge licks his teeth as sweat rolls down the sides of his face, "This cunt is
a fucking pro at taking dick...." Edge says as he bangs Sara's hot ass from
behind as he squeezes her firm tits with his hands.

Sara narrows her eyes into a fearless glare as she glances over her shoulder
and looks back at Edge as sweat drips down her beautiful face " ain't
got nothing!" Sara shouts back at Edge as she slams back against his cock as
the wife of the Undertaker taunts the Rated R Superstar while her hot, tight
pussy grinds against Randy's cock.

Edge smirks, "Oh we ain't got nothing?" Edge laughs as he rips his cock out
of Sara's asshole. He puts his hands onto Sara's hips and lifts her up and
off of Randy's Legend Killer cock and then rams his shaft back into Sara's
cunt. "Ahhh..." Edge moans and licks his teeth as he then gets onto his back
with Sara on top of him with her back towards him.

Randy sits up with a raised eyebrow, "Hey... how about some warning next
time!" Randy laughs as Edge starts to bounce Sara on his Rated R cock. Sara
presses her lips together as she casually places her soft hands against
Edge's smooth, muscular sweat-dripping chest as she firmly bounces up and
down on Edge's thick Rated R cock as the perverted, sex-crazed member of Team
Rated RKO slams his cock deeply into her pussy causing the sweat-dripping,
hot wife of the Undertaker to bounce wildly on his cock.

Edge grins as Sara almost willing moves up and down on his cock, so Edge
pumps his cock upward into her pussy with more force. "Shit I'm not going to
be left out...." Randy laughs perversely as he moves to get in front of Sara.
When Sara realizes the young Legend Killer is in front of her, she has no
time to react when Randy starts to cram his thick large cock into her already
dick filled pussy.

Sara grits her teeth as Randy sharply rams his cock into her now completely
Rated RKO cock filled pussy with the cocks of Randy and Edge impaled deeply
into her tight pussy "Ohhhh you fucking bastard!" Sara shouts as she tilts
her head back as Randy starts to drill her pussy with his cock, as he grinds
his dick against Edge's dick as well.

Randy grits his teeth as his dick grinds right against Edge's as Team Rated
RKO relentlessly fucks Sara's hot tight wet pussy at the same time.

Edge licks his teeth as he holds onto Sara's sexy waist as he moves his hips
upward as drives his cock into Sara's pussy, "Mmmm ohhh yeah, you love that
double RKO action slut!" Edge grunts.

"Ohhhh fuck you two bastards!" Sara moans as she closes her eyes as the
fearless Superstar wife roughly rocks back and forth in between the sweaty,
muscular bodies of Team Rated RKO.

Randy licks his lips as he stiffly thrusts his cock in and out of Sara's
pussy at the same hard pace that Edge is using, "Mmm.... you love both these
big dicks you whore!" Randy grunts as he then pulls his cock out of Sara's
pussy and stands up. He aims his shaft down ward and starts to shoot his cum
right onto Sara's hot sweat covered body. Sara narrows her eyes and glares
up at Randy as his warm cum sprays onto her sweat-dripping body while she
quickly rocks back and forth against Edge's Rated R cock, however due to
the quickness that Edge is rocking Sara on his cock, Randy's spraying cum
occasionally misses Sara's well-toned, hot and sweating body and lands on
Edge's muscular chest.

"Hey... hey!" Edge shouts as he feels Randy's cum landing on his body as he
continues to jerk Sara's body back and forth on his stiff, large Rated R

"Sorry man..." Randy laughs as he shrugs his shoulders as he moves to get his

Edge grits his teeth and stiffly rams his cock harder upward into Sara's
pussy as he starts to cum inside of her hot tight pussy. "Ahhhh.... ohhh
yeah!" Edge moans as he fills up Sara's hot pussy with his hot, sticky cum.

Sara bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhh fuck..." Sara groans as she feels
Edge's warm, Rated R cum flood into her warm, wet and tight pussy as she
gradually slows down rocking on Edge's stiff, thick cock before the perverted
Rated R Superstar shoves Sara off of his cock.

Edge gets up to his feet and looks at Randy Orton who hasn't gotten dressed
yet, "Pick her up.... we ain't done with this bitch yet..." Edge says as he
licks his teeth. Randy nods his head and grins as he bends down to pull
Sara up to her feet and he has her face Edge. Edge licks his teeth, "Bitch...
we're not done playing in the yard just yet..." Edge says as Sara glares at

Sara grits her teeth "Fuck you!" Sara as she before she bravely spits
into Edge's face, just like the fearless wife of the Undertaker had done
previously to the cocky Randy Orton.

Edge wipes his face clean from Sara's spit, "Randy... let's drop this bitch!"
Edge says angrily. "Sounds killer to me..." Randy says as both men stand to
the sides of Sara. They both grab her head and neck and drop sharply, driving
Sara's face down into the floor as they nail the fearless wife of the
legendary Undertaker with a Double-RKO.

With Sara now laid out unconscious on the floor, Edge and Randy both stand up
and smirk down at Sara. "What a slut..." Randy laughs as he then goes to get
his clothes to get dressed.

"Yeah... who knew playing in the big dog's yard would've been so much fun..."
Edge laughs as he licks his teeth before he goes to get dressed.

Randy smirks, "Oh hey... I forgot to tell ya... I heard SmackDown is getting
a new Diva..." Randy starts to say, but he stops when he sees the look on
Edge's face.

Edge licks his teeth, "Well... if that's true... then let's get ready... to
pop her... Rated RKO style..."


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