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The Cutting Edge Part 40: Popping The Cherry
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Within the arena where the SmackDown Brand is holding a live event, RAW's
World Tag Team Champions, Team Rated RKO consisting of Randy Orton, dressed
in black slacks and a collar long sleeved shirt, and Edge, wearing black
jeans and a 'Sex & Violence' t-shirt are entering the arena through one of
the service entrances. "I'm telling you Edge... we should take out those two
1950 rejects and pop Cherry's ass right then and there..."

Edge rolls his eyes, "Please Randy... If we took out Deuce and Domino we'd
be getting the attention of the WWE's B-Team... AKA the SmackDown roster..."
Edge replies as he and Randy have a complete difference in opinion on how to
go about achieving their goal.

"Whatever..." Randy replies, "We took out Triple H... and with WrestleMania
coming up I've got my eyes set on bigger things..." Randy smirks.

Edge stops walking and steps in front of Randy, "Hey! Focus on the job at
hand... besides of all people, you shouldn't be thinking about WrestleMania
considering who pinned you last year..."

Randy glares at Edge, "Let's go pop that Cherry bitch... all right?" Randy
says as he pushes past Edge and resumes walking. Edge looks at Randy shakes
his head and soon follows him down the corridor which leads them both to
catering area where SmackDown's cute adorable and newest Diva Cherry is
skating around and putting together a snack tray for her boyfriend Deuce
and her brother Domino. Randy and Edge both approach her and Randy smirks,
"Whatcha got there?" Randy says as he surprises Cherry, which makes her drop
the tray she was holding.

"Oh! Hello!" Cherry says as her sweet, adorable eyes are widened at the sight
of Randy Orton and Edge standing intimidatingly in the catering room right in
front of the retro-styled Diva, Cherry. Cherry glances down at the fallen
tray and scattered snacks on the floor that she had dropped "Oh geeze..."
Cherry says as she shakes her head before bends over slight and starts to
pick up the tray and the assorted snacks, as she's dressed in a short light
pink skirt and a tight-fitting light pink top as well as her light pink
roller skates. Cherry presses her soft lips together as she blows a bubble
with her chewing gum before placing the snack items on the tray and standing
back up straight.

"Damn... now there's an interesting look..." Edge says as he licks his teeth
as he checks out the 50s-retro-style outfit that Cherry is wearing.

Randy Orton smirks, "Someone must've told you some big stars were coming...
so you got us a snack.. right?" Randy says to Cherry with a cocky tone as he
grabs one of the apples that's on the tray Cherry is holding and takes a bite
out of it before she can protest.

Cherry scrunches her nose up cutely before she slowly snacks her head "No...
actually they were for my brother Domino...and my boyfriend Deuce..." Cherry
says before she gives the Rated R Superstar Edge and the Legend Killer Randy
Orton a soft, adorable smile as she cutely nods her head.

Edge laughs, "You mean the guys who sound like some bad 1980s comic..."

"Or like a cheap clone of the guy... what's his name... oh yea... Fonzie..."
Randy Orton adds as he chews on the piece of apple that's in his mouth as he
and Edge make fun of Cherry's boyfriend and brother.

Cherry raises an eyebrow before she shakes her head again, while looking at
Randy Orton and Edge as the perverted, violent-sex crazed duo poke fun at
Cherry as well as her brother and her boyfriend. "Now...that isn't like
nice..." Cherry says as she cutely smacks the chewing gum around in her

"Aw chill out... that's what you say right... chill out?" Edge says with a
smirk, "We're just having some fun with you..."

"Or we will be..." Randy says under his breath.

Edge shoots him a glance before looking back at Cherry, "Seriously... we
kinda noticed you have a thing for bad boys from the other side of the
tracks..." Edge says as he licks his teeth as he takes the tray away from
Cherry and tossing it onto the catering table.

Cherry presses her lips together as she shyly lowers her head while she takes
a small scout back on her light pink roller skates away from Edge and Randy
Orton "Yeah...I like the bad boys..." Cherry says with a soft, shy smile.

Randy Orton smirks, "Well we're a couple of bad boys... in fact... we're the
only Rated R-K-O bad boys around here... and we're from the other brand...
RAW..." Randy says as he takes a step towards Cherry.

"Make that the other side of the WWE tracks..." Edge laughs as he looks at
Cherry with a perverted look in his eyes.

Cherry bites down on her bottom lip as she gently cups her soft hands
together below her smooth, tanned waist as she lowers her shyly and blushes
a bit " brother Domino...and my boyfriend Deuce, wouldn't be like...
too happy...if they caught me..." Cherry says as she shakes her head while
she lightly smacks her chewing gum around in her mouth.

Randy smirks, "Oh what are they going to do, comb their hair and yell "OH!"
at us?" Randy asks.

Edge laughs, "And don't give us that sweet innocent act either... we've seen
it all... we know a girl who wants to get some Rated RKO action..." Edge says
with a grin.

Cherry raises an eyebrow in a slightly confused manner as she glances at
Edge, before looking over at the violent, sex-crazed Randy Orton "Umm...I
don't think this a good idea..." Cherry says as she shakes her
head and takes another scout back away from Team Rated RKO while remaining
on her light pink roller skates.

Randy Orton reaches out and grabs Cherry's right wrist and pulls her towards
him and she gently collides with his built clothed body, "Oh it's a good
idea..." Randy says as he licks lips.

Edge smirks, "Yeah Cherry... you hang with guys from the other side of the
tracks... so this ain't anything new for you I bet..." Edge says as he takes
off his 'Sex & Violence' t- shirt to reveal his smooth, toned and muscular
upper body.

Cherry's soft, innocent eyes slowly widen as she looks at the smooth, toned
and muscular upper body of the Rated R Superstar, Edge, while Randy Orton
firmly holds onto her right wrist. Cherry swallows a bit as she keeps her
soft, innocent eyes locked with the Rated R Superstar. "Oh...gee...whiz..."
Cherry says as she gazes at Edge's well-built upper body.

Edge smirks and flips his blond hair back, "I see you like what you see...
Randy let her go... I bet she won't give us any trouble..." Edge says and
Randy slowly lets go of Cherry's right wrist. "Here Cherry... check this
out..." Edge says as he grabs Cherry's left wrist and makes her press her
left hand up against the large bulging crotch of his jeans.

Randy smirks, "Shit..." Randy says as he then takes off his collared shirt
to reveal his own smooth, toned muscular body which catches Cherry's eye as
she's somewhat forced to rub Edge's bulging crotch.

Cherry cutely lowers her head and blushes a bit "Oh wow..." Cherry says with
a soft laugh as Edge forcefully presses her left hand against his Rated R
growing crotch, while she glances over at Randy Orton's hot, muscular chest
before she slowly licks her lips "Well...I will guys have some
groovy bods..." Cherry says she cutely nods her head.

"Groovy?" Randy raises an eyebrow, "Hey I ain't hip with all that jive... but
ain't that from the 70s?" Randy asks with a laugh.

"Who gives a shit..." Edge replies to Randy's comment as he lets go of
Cherry's wrist, "Anyway Cherry... me and Randy got it made in the shade..."
Edge says to her as he unbuttons and unzips his jeans as Cherry keeps her
left hand against his crotch.

Cherry raises an eyebrow and scrunches her nose up "Made in the shade?"
Cherry cutely asks as she removes her left hand from Edge's crotch, before
taking a small scout back on her roller skates "Guys...if Domino or Deuce
find out...they'll be really mad at me for going over to the other side of
the tracks..."

"Look Cherry... those two grease-balls can get mad all they want... they
can't do shit to us..." Edge says as he lowers his jeans down to let out his
long thick Rated R thirteen inch cock which instantly grabs Cherry's full

"Yeah Cherry... you know you want to... what's the word that you would
use... get with it..." Randy says with a laugh as he unbuckles his belt and
starts to undo the buttons of his slacks in front of the sweet innocent
sister of Domino.

Cherry takes a deep breath before releasing a soft sigh "Ok...but you can't
tell either of them...they'd be really mad.." Cherry says as she cutely nods
her head with a slightly unsure look on her adorable face before the sweet
sister of Domino and girlfriend of Deuce slowly lowers herself down onto her
knees, keeping her light pink roller skates on. The adorable roller-skating
Diva kneels down in front the Edge and Randy Orton before she reaches forward
with her left hand and wraps her hand around Edge's Rated R cock and begins
to gently stroke her hand against his shaft while Randy starts to lower his

Randy smirks, "Right on... or whatever..." Randy says as he shrugs his
shoulders as he lowers his slacks to let out his foot long twelve inch long
Legend Killer cock.

Edge licks his teeth and moans as Cherry slides her left hand up and down his
stiff Rated R cock, "Mmmm yeah... we won't tell them..." Edge says with a
smirk as if he has something in mind.

Randy steps out of his slacks and gets closer to Cherry, "Hey... you got two
hands doll-face..." Randy says as he puts his hands on his waist.

Cherry bites down on her bottom lip and shyly glances up at Randy Orton
"Oh...yeah...I do..." Cherry cutely laughs before she reaches forward and
places her right hand around Randy's cock and begins to stroke his cock
close to the same pace that he's stroking the Rated R cock of Edge. Cherry
presses her lips together and casually blows a bubble with her chewing gum
as she smoothly strokes the shafts of Team Rated RKO.

Edge smirks as he flips his blond hair back, "So... since you hang on the
other side of the tracks... why don't you show us what you can do..." Edge
says with a moan as he thrusts his cock against Cherry's left hand.

"Yeah... suck us both or one at a time or something..." Randy says as he
licks his lips as he watches Cherry pop her bubble gum as she jerks off both
members of Team Rated RKO.

"Ok..." Cherry says with a soft smile as she cutely smacks the chewing gum
around in her mouth " like want to me to spit the gum?" Cherry asks
cutely wide-eyed as she looks up at Randy Orton and Edge while she smoothly
strokes both of her soft, gentle hands against the hard, thick Rated RKO
cocks of Edge and Randy.

"I don't give a shit..." Randy says with a slightly annoyed look on his face
and his remark draws a glance from Edge.

Edge shakes his head and he looks down at Cherry, "Yeah spit it here..." Edge
says as he holds his hand out for Cherry to spit her gum out into the palm of
his hand. When she does, Edge tosses the wad off chewed up bubble gum onto
the table and it lands with a soft wet splat.

Cherry slowly licks her lips before she leans her head into Edge's Rated R
cock first as she gently places her soft, wet tongue against the large, thick
head of his cock. The retro-styled Diva begins to gently skate her wet tongue
around the head of his cock before lifting her head away and turning her
attention over the violent, sex-crazed Legend Killer Randy Orton. Cherry
presses her soft lips together and gently kisses the head of Randy's cock
before she gently slaps her wet tongue against the tip of his cock and begins
to slowly skate her tongue around his cock.

"Mmmm ohhh yeah... don't care what a hot slut looks like... they all know how
to lick a dick..." Randy moans as Cherry slowly traces her soft tongue around
the head Randy's large hard cock.

Edge licks his teeth, "Come on Cherry... there's two hot rods here..." Edge
says as he steps a bit towards Randy and pushes his cock against Cherry's
mouth which causes her to lick the head of his cock as well as Randy's.

Cherry closes her eyes as she slowly skates her soft, wet tongue back and
forth from the head of Edge's cock to the head of Randy's cock as she gently
works her soft, wet tongue against the Rated RKO cocks of Edge and Randy
"Ohhh...mmm...this is like so rad..." Cherry softly moans against the swirls
her tongue around the head of Randy's cock, before doing the same to Edge's
cock. With both Rated RKO cocks pressed against one another, Cherry is easily
able to open her mouth and lowers her head on both of Randy and Edge's cocks.
Cherry gently presses her soft lips around their shafts and the adorable
retro-styled Diva begins to slowly bob her head as she starts to suck the two
Rated RKO cocks at once.

"Mmmm yeah... ohhh yeah... suck them dicks..." Edge laughs as he and Randy
each place a hand on Cherry's head and start to push her head down further on
their big meaty cocks which has her stretch her mouth open a bit wider to

"Mmmm fuck... she's doing a lot on the other side of the tracks..." Randy
laughs as he feels saliva dripping along his cock as Cherry blows both men at

"Mmmm...mmmm...ohhhh..." Cherry softly moans against both of the Rated RKO
cocks inside of her warm, saliva-dripping mouth as she starts to bob her head
at a smooth, gentle rate on both of Randy and Edge's cocks while she gently
swirls her tongue against the underbelly of both Rated RKO shafts. Cherry
slowly opens her eyes and glances up at Edge and Randy as she starts to bob
her head at a slightly quicker rate, causing both of their shafts to grind
against each other.

"Oh fuck... she's a nasty little girl ain't she..." Randy laughs as he feels
his cock grind against Edge's as both men start to thrust their cocks in and
out of Cherry's sweet innocent mouth.

"Mmmm fuck... every Diva is really Rated R to begin with... just waiting for
us to fuck them that's all..." Edge laughs as he pulls a bit on Cherry's
blond hair as she presses her lips tightly against both of their dicks.

"Speaking of fucking... that's what I want to do..." Randy says as he pulls
his Legend Killer dick out of Cherry's mouth suddenly, "Come on let her get
that dated stuff off..." Randy says.

Edge raises an eyebrow, "Always rushing..." Edge says with a slight roll of
the eyes as he pulls his saliva-covered dick out of Cherry's mouth.

Cherry presses her soft lips together as she cutely raises an eyebrow and
shyly glances up at Edge as Randy Orton suddenly forces the sweet, innocent
retro-styled Diva up onto her feet before Randy roughly grabs at her short
light pink shirt and yanks it down from her smoothly rounded hips and waist,
exposing her white panties " careful with that..." Cherry nervous
laughs as the perverted, sex-crazed Rated R Superstar grabs onto both of
Cherry's wrists to hold her still.

"Whatever..." Randy smirks and laughs as he completely lowers Cherry's short
light pink skirt to her roller skate wearing feet. The Legend Killer than
grabs Cherry's white panties and pulls them down quickly as well, exposing
her cute round ass and her hot, smoothly shaved pussy. "Mmmm...
interesting..." Randy says with a smirk as he lays on his back. "I feel like
taking it easy today..." Randy smirks.

"Jerk..." Edge laughs and he licks his teeth, "Looks like he wants you to
ride his hot rod girl..." Edge smirks at Cherry as he lets go of her wrists
and begins to roughly and quickly lift up her tight-fitting light pink top
to reveal her round, firm hot tits.

Cherry bites down on her bottom lip and shyly lowers her head as her largely
rounded, hot tits become exposed to the sex-crazed Rated R Superstar, before
Edge roughly pushes the roller-skating Diva back towards Randy Orton as she
stumbles and falls down on top of Randy "Hey...umm...guys I don't know about
this any more..." Cherry says as she slightly protests as Randy places his
hands onto Cherry's smooth, tanned waist as he guides her gorgeous body
towards his Legend Killing cock before the retro-styled Diva is sitting on
top of Randy's cock with her smooth, tanned back facing him "Ohhh gee..."
Cherry cutely moans.

"Mmmmm yeah... oh I know about this..." Randy laughs as he holds onto
Cherry's sexy round waist as he begins thrusting his cock up into her tight
hot pussy.

Edge licks his teeth as he stands in front of Cherry, "Welcome... to the
Rated... R side of the tracks..." Edge says as he grabs Cherry by her hair
and he thrusts his cock back into Cherry's warm wet mouth as he starts moving
his cock in between Cherry's ruby-red lips.

"Oh my...mmmmm!" Cherry loudly moans around Edge's cock as the perverted,
sex-crazed Rated R Superstar places his hands on top of Cherry's soft
brownish-blond hair and begins to thrust his cock in and out of her warm,
wet mouth as her soft tongue slaps against his cock while Randy Orton begins
to slam his cock deeply up into Cherry's tight, wet pussy as she starts to
bounce against Randy's thrusts.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm yeah... suck that Rated R dick..." Edge moans as he
thrusts his meaty hard cock in and out of Cherry's mouth. Edge slides his
hands to the back of Cherry's head and jerks her head back and forth, and
having the hot young SmackDown Diva deep throating his entire cock at once.

Randy licks his lips as he pops his hips and drives it sharply up into
Cherry's tight wet pussy, "Oh yea... someone likes it rough..." Randy laughs
as Cherry bounces cutely up and down on his pistoning cock.

"Mmmm...ohhhh...mmmmm" Cherry groans against Edge's Rated R cock as her warm,
wet saliva drips against Edge's shaft as her head forcefully bobs back and
forth against Edge's cock as a quick, rough rate while the head of Edge's
cock constantly slams the back of Cherry's throat causing her to slightly gag
on his Rated R cock. Cherry closes her eyes as she slams down harder on Randy
Orton's cock as her body is roughly jerked against the violent, sex-crazed
Randy Orton's cock as he pumps his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmmm yeah... fuck yea... oh I bet this bitch needs more..." Edge moans as
he feels the head of his large cock slam against the back of Cherry's mouth
repeatedly. He suddenly jerks his cock out of her mouth, causing saliva to
drip out of her innocent mouth and down her chin. Edge then kneels down and
he proceeds to spin Cherry around like a top on Randy Orton's thrusting cock,
which makes Cherry throw her head back in response to Edge changing her
position so that now she's facing the Legend Killer.

Cherry gently grits her teeth together and closes her eyes as Randy keeps
his hands firmly on the SmackDown Diva's smooth, toned waist as he starts to
roughly rock her back and forth on his cock "Ohhh...ohhhh...geee!" Cherry
moans cutely as she rocks back and forth at a quicker pace while she slams
down harder on Randy's cock just as she begins to sweat a bit.

"Ohhh yea... there's some good... rocking tonight..." Randy laughs as he
grabs hold of both of Cherry's round firm hot tits with his hands as he slams
his cock repeatedly up into Cherry's tight, wet pussy. Edge licks his teeth
as he pushes Cherry forward so that she's bent over slightly and then he
drives his entire Rated R cock deep into Cherry's tight asshole.

Cherry bites down on her bottom lip before she opens her eyes slowly and
glances over her shoulder back at Edge and cutely smiles "Ohhh yeah..."
Cherry softly moans as she smoothly pushes herself back against Edge's Rated
R cock that is inside of her tight, soothing asshole while she quickly rocks
back and forth on top of Randy Orton's hard, thrusting cock as the adorable
retro-styled Diva is in a Rated RKO style sandwich with both hard Rated RKO
cocks inside of her pussy and ass.

Edge holds onto Cherry's sexy waist as he slams his entire Rated R cock in
and out of Cherry's cute round ass. "Mmmm ohhh fuck yeah... you like that
babe? They didn't have anything Rated R in the 50s you know..." Edge grunts
as he bangs Cherry's ass with fast hard thrusts as sweat drips down his
smooth toned and muscular body.

"Mmmmm... mmm fuck yeah... ohh yea..." Randy Orton moans as he roughly slams
his cock into Cherry's hot pussy as Cherry rocks back and forth between the
two studdly RAW Superstars as they double team her hot body.

"Ohhh...ohhhh...ohhhh geeze!" Cherry moans as sweat drips off of her hot,
adorable body as the roller-skating Diva, with her light pink roller skates
still on, quickly rocks back and forth in between the sweaty violent,
sex-crazed individuals of Team Rated RKO. Cherry rocks on Randy's cock with
a rough, quick pace as he slams his cock deeper and rougher into her tight,
wet pussy as Edge spears his Rated R cock deeper into her tight, cute ass.

"Mmmm fuck... yeah... whew... damn... let's make her officially Rated R..."
Edge grunts as he pulls his cock out of Cherry's tight cute ass and he stands
up. Edge then pulls the cute, sweating retro-Diva off of Randy Orton's stiff
Legend Killer cock and he puts her down on her knees in front of him.

Randy quickly gets up to his feet, "Yeah... maybe make her RKO as well..."
Randy says with a smirk as he and Edge grab their own cocks and begin to
stroke them as Cherry cutely looks up at them both.

Cherry cutely bites down on her bottom lip as she shyly smiles and glances
up at the Rated RKO cocks of Randy Orton and Edge as the two perverted,
sex-crazed and violent Superstars firmly stroke theirs hands against their
hard, throbbing cocks "Mmmm...I just love the bad boys..." Cherry cutely
smiles as she holds her head up and slightly sticks her tongue out of her

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm yeah... here comes a killer legendary load for ya..."
Randy grunts as he starts to shoot his cum out of his cock and into Cherry's
mouth, but the majority of his warm load lands on Cherry's sweat covered

Edge licks teeth as he gets closer to Cherry once Randy is finish cumming,
and Edge sticks his cock right into Cherry's cum filled mouth, "Ahhhhh fuck
yeah..." Edge groans as he starts to shoot his load directly down Cherry's
throat and then he pulls out quickly in order to spray the rest onto Cherry's
cute face as well. Cherry's face is now covered in a mix of sweat and cum
thanks to the Rated RKO shower she received from both studdly sex crazed
violent men who are the World Tag Team Champions.

Cherry slowly licks her lips as she swallows the warm, sticky Rated RKO
load of cum belonging to Randy Orton and Edge "Mmmm...ohhhh...I love you bad
boys..." Cherry says with a sweet smile as she slowly stands up onto her feet
that are inside of her light pink roller skates. Cherry bites down on her
bottom lip as she starts to cutely wipe the cum and sweat off of her adorable

Edge smirks a bit, " aren't so..." Before Edge can finish he
comment, Randy Orton grabs Cherry by her head and neck, jumps up and then
drops down to the floor driving the hot SmackDown 1950s-Retro-Diva down
into the cold floor as he delivers a vicious RKO to her. Randy then pops
up to his feet and looks down at Cherry to admire his work as Edge looks
at him, "Why the hell did you just do that? She was a fun one..."

Randy shrugs his shoulders and smirks, "Ehhh... just felt like it... plus
she was a bitch for awhile there..." Randy replies.

Edge raises an eyebrow, "Right..." Edge says as he steps away from Randy in
order to get dressed.

"What? I just did what we always do... finished her of... RKO style..."
Randy says as he goes to get his clothes.

"We never take out the fun ones!" Edge says before adding, "They do come in
handy later on you know..."

Randy laughs and ignores Edge's logical response and replies "Oh whatever...
there's plenty of other sluts to make Rated R... K... O..."


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