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The Cutting Edge Part 42: Not So Lucky
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at the NBC studios after the taping of the hit TV game show Deal
or No Deal, The Legend Killer Randy Orton, and the Rated R Superstar Edge are
checking out all of the gorgeous "Case Girls" that hold all the possibly big
money prizes for the popular game show. Randy is dressed in a black t-shirt
and jeans while Edge is dressed in a gray t-shirt, an olive green jacket and
black jeans. Edge licks his teeth as he looks at all the incredibly beautiful
girls, "Fuck... look at all these sluts..." Edge says.

"Yeah... if this was a buffet... it would be all I could eat..." Randy
laughs as both of them head towards the sound stage where Deal or No Deal is

Edge laughs, "Fuck yeah... I'd love to show them why I'm the Rated R
Superstar... but they are below my standards...No brains at all..."

Randy smirks, "Yeah... a bunch of bimbos with suitcases... What the fuck is
with that? Who did they blow to get their jobs..." Randy laughs.

Edge laughs as the two of them walk onto the empty sound stage, and Edge
looks around. "Look at this shit... this is worse than the Price is Right..."
Edge says as he looks at the set for Dead or No Deal.

Randy nods his head, "Yeah... fuck talk about cheesy..." Randy says as both
men look around as one of Deal or No Deal's "Lucky 13" Case Girl and the 2005
WWE Diva Search Winner runner-up "Lucky" Leyla Milani comes onto the set to
prepare for a photo shoot. She pauses as she looks at the two WWE Superstars
and she goes unnoticed until Edge turns around and notices her.

Edge licks his teeth, "Hello... hello..." Edge says as Randy turns around to
see what has gotten Edge's attention and Edge smirks at Leyla. "So this is
what happened to you..." Edge says as he speaks to Leyla while Randy looks
at him with a raised eyebrow.

The stunning, gorgeous "Lucky 13" Deal Or No Deal Case Girl and runner-up
from the 2005 WWE Diva Search, Leyla Milani, pauses and raises an eyebrow
slightly as she glances over at Edge "Ummm what?" Leyla asks as she presses
her soft, luscious lips together and places her hands on her smoothly rounded
hips as the Deal or No Deal Case Girl is dressed in a bright emerald green,
short one-piece skirt and top combination, that shows of her smoothly rounded
hips, her hot and tight ass as well as her nice, largely rounded chest.

Randy Orton looks at Edge and folds his arms, "You know this bimbo?" Randy

Edge laughs and nods his head, "Yeah I do... she was one of the Diva Search
sluts a couple of years back..."

Randy Orton looks at Edge and then at Leyla and then at Edge again, "She was?
She doesn't look like she could be in any type of Slut Search..."

Leyla Milani slightly narrows her eyes as she looks at Randy Orton and Edge,
Team Rated RKO, as she shakes her head at the insults being delivered by both
Edge and Orton "Excuse me!?" Leyla says as she removes her hands from her
smoothly rounded hips "You better not have just called me a slut..." Leyla
says as she looks at Edge and Randy with total disgust.

Edge ignores Leyla and he looks at Randy, "Yeah she was in the one that slut
Ashley won..." Edge replies as he licks his teeth.

Randy makes a face, "She was?"

Edge nods his head, "Yeah she was the runner-up... she was the slut that let
her top fall off on camera..."

Randy looks at Leyla and pauses for a few moments, "Ohhhh... yeah..." Randy
snaps his fingers and points at Leyla, "I remember you... you're one hot
fucking slut..." Randy says with a smirk.

Leyla rolls her eyes as she shakes her head "You two are so pathetic!" Leyla
Milani says as she folds her arms and glances away from the sex-craving,
violent tag team of Rated RKO "Now...if you excuse me...I have a photo shoot
do for" Leyla says as she takes a step forward to push herself
through Edge and Randy Orton.

"Hey slut... you don't have to go anywhere..." Edge says as he grabs Layla
by her arms and he pulls the hot 2005 WWE Diva Search runner-up towards him.
"You aren't just going to push past us are ya?" Edge laughs.

Randy smirks as he sees what Edge has in mind, "I bet she doesn't know how to
respect Superstars... no wonder she lost to that slut Ashley..."

Leyla sighs and shakes her head as she manages to push herself away from the
perverted, sex-craving Rated R Superstar "Don't you touch me...ever!" Leyla
slightly shouts before she raises her right hand up and firmly slaps Edge
across the face "And I'm glad I lost now...cause if I did, I'd have to work
with two pathetic assholes!" Leyla snaps back as she starts to turn away from
Edge and Randy Orton.

Edge grits his teeth as he pauses after Leyla slapped him across his face
with her right hand, "You fucking cunt..." Edge says as his mood changes

Randy laughs a bit, "Oh boy bitch... you've done it now..." Randy Orton
laughs as Edge grabs Leyla, makes her face him, and Edge then smacks her
hard across the face with his left hand, which knocks the Deal or No Deal
Case Girl down to the floor.

"Ohhh..." Leyla startled says as she falls to the floor set of Deal or No
Deal. Leyla squints her eyes together as she lifts her head up and timidly
glances up at Edge and Randy Orton as the violent, sex-craving partners
stand above Leyla Milani as she holds the left side of her face, feeling
the sting of Edge's slap.

Edge pulls off his olive green jacket and tosses it down on the ground before
he unbuttons and unzips his jeans, "You fucking slut... you don't disrespect
me!" Edge yells as he pulls his large thirteen inch cock out as he jeans fall
a bit from his waist. The Rated R Superstar grabs Leyla by her hair and
forces her to sit on her knees. "Open your fucking mouth!" Edge yells as he
starts to force his cock against her mouth.

Randy laughs, "Damn... that lit a fire under your ass..." Randy says as he
takes off his shirt to reveal his smooth, hot upper body. Leyla keeps her
soft, luscious lips presses tightly together as she shakes her head with
refusal while the head of Edge's Rated R cock presses against her soft lips.
Leyla closes her eyes as she feels Edge roughly pulling on her hair.

"Open your fucking mouth you fucking cunt!" Edge yells as he jerks on her
hair, "Do it or I'll fucking break you in half!" Edge adds as he roughly
forces his cock against Leyla's soft pouty lips.

Randy grins, "Don't worry Edge... I'll get her to open up..." Randy laughs
as he undoes his jeans and takes them off, along with his white boxer briefs
to free his over twelve inch long Legend Killer cock. The Legend Killer gets
behind Leyla and kneels down before he begins to rip and tear Leyla's bright
emerald green one-piece skirt and top combination outfit from her stunning,
hot, body.

Leyla slightly turns her head back and glances at Randy Orton as he rips of
her bright emerald green one-piece skirt and top exposing her gorgeous,
tanned and smoking hot body. The violent Legend Killer Randy Orton pushes
Leyla forward a bit causing Leyla's soothing warm and wet mouth to open as
Edge forcefully rams his cock into her hot mouth "Ohhh no..." Leyla manages
to groans around Edge's cock as her lips softly presses around his thick
Rated R shaft before he starts to thrust his cock in and out of Leyla
Milani's hot, wet mouth.

"Ahhh yeah... fucking cunt..." Edge moans and laughs as he grabs two large
handfuls of Leyla's hair as he roughly thrusts his cock in and out of Leyla's
hot, wet mouth. The Rated R Superstar also forces Leyla to bob her head on
his cock yanking on her hair.

Randy Orton licks his lips, "Fuck this slut doesn't even wear panties..."
Randy laughs as he smacks Leyla's hot, round ass, Randy firmly holds onto
Leyla's hips with his right hand and then he slams his entire Legend Killer
cock into Leyla's hot, smoothly shaved pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh!" Leyla groans around Edge's cock as her hot, gorgeous body
quickly jolts forward as Randy Orton slams his thick, hard Legend Killer cock
deep into her tight, warm pussy. When "Lucky" Leyla roughly jolts forward,
her head lowers further down Edge's Rated R shaft, taking him deeper into her
hot saliva dripping mouth. Leyla shakes her head on Edge's cock, trying to
lift her head up, however in the process she also causing her wet, soft
tongue to slap against Edge's cock as he thrusts his perverted, sex-craving
cock deeply into her wet mouth.

"Mmmm yeah... you like that fucking Rated R cock you lucky slut!" Edge yells
Leyla as he continues to pull on her hair as he fucks her mouth. Edge drives
his entire Rated R dick deep into Leyla's mouth, and the tip slams against
the back of her throat every time.

Randy Orton smirks as he pumps his thick shaft in and out of Leyla's warm,
tight pussy, and he pulls her back against him so that her perfectly shaped
ass hits back against his toned waist. "Ahhh yea... mmmm yea..." Randy
groans as his balls smack off of Leyla's skin.

"Mmmmm...mmm..." Leyla moans as she smoothly rocks back and forth in between
Edge and Randy Orton as she gets a full dose of the violent, sex-craving team
known as Rated RKO. Leyla slowly lifts her head up and glances up at Edge as
he thrusts his cock in between her soft, wet lips "Mmmm...ohhh...mmm..."
Leyla moans as her saliva drips against Edge's thick Rated R shaft before she
roughly slams back against Randy Orton's hard, thick Legend Killer cock.

"Ohhh fuck... this slutty bitch fucking loves it! She's moaning like a
whore!" Edge laughs as he pulls his saliva covered cock out of Leyla's mouth
and slaps both of her cheeks with his Rated R Cock.

Randy Orton laughs as he slams his cock deeply in and out of Leyla's hot
pussy, "Looks like she'll go down for any deal..." Randy grunts as he drives
his cock repeatedly into her while pulling 'Lucky' Leyla back against him.

Leyla grits her teeth and tilts her head "Ohhhh shit..." Leyla groans as
she closes her eyes while her hot, perfectly shaped ass slams back against
Randy's smooth, toned and muscular waist as he thrusts his cock deeply into
"Lucky" Leyla's tight, warm pussy. Leyla slowly licks her lips as she rocks
back and forth on her knees as Randy roughly fucks the Deal or No Deal Case
Girl on all fours as he relentlessly pounds her pussy. ""
Leyla loudly moans as Randy's ball sack crashing against her soft, tanned

"Ahhhh hey Edge... how about you spear this bitch..." Randy grunts as he
shoves Leyla forward and she ends up laying flat on the stage of Dead or No
Deal as she falls from Randy's thick Legend Killer cock.

"Good fucking thinking'..." Edge laughs as he bends down to pull Layla up to
her feet. He turns Leyla around and bends her forward before spearing her hot
sexy ass with his saliva covered Rated R dick.

Leyla closes her eyes instantly as she bends over while standing and feels
Edge's hard, thick Rated R cock rammed into her tight asshole "Ohhhh fuck..."
Leyla groans as she hangs her head down as she's roughly pulled back against
Edge's cock as he tightly grips her smooth, toned waist and jerks her hot
body back against his cock "Ohhhh shit..." Leyla moans as his entire Rated R
cock slams deep inside of her tight asshole.

Edge licks his teeth as he pumps his cock in and out of Leyla's hot lucky
ass, "Mmmmm yeah... fucking hot ass slut... you fucking love that don't
you!" Edge yells as he pounds her ass with his cock.

Randy Orton moves to stand in front of Leyla and he stuffs his thick Legend
Killer dick into Leyla's open mouth. "Suck it whore!" Randy laughs as he
places his hands on top of Leyla's head and pushes her head down on his cock.

"Mmmm...ohhh no..." Leyla gently moans around Randy Orton's cock as she
starts to slowly bob her head on Randy's Legend Killer cock on her own will.
Leyla closes her eyes as she gently laps her soft, wet tongue around Randy's
shaft as she roughly slams back against Edge's thick, hard Rated R cock
"Mmmm...ohhh..." Leyla moans while Edge deeply impales Leyla's tight asshole
as she rocks forward against Randy Orton's cock, taking him deeper into her
soothing, hot mouth.

"Yeah... suck it... it's a good deal ain't it you fucking slut..." Randy
Orton moans as he thrusts his cock back and forth between Leyla's lips as
Leyla bobs her head on it. The studdly Legend Killer tilts his head back and
pulls on Leyla's hair as she lowers her head completely on his cock to deep
throat it.

Edge reaches underneath Leyla with his left hand and roughly rubs her pussy
as he pumps her ass with his huge Rated R dick, "Ahhhh yeah... mmmmm fucking
slut... you're real lucky now aren't ya bitch?!" Edge yells as he sharply
and deeply fucks her ass.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Leyla moans as she lifts her soft eyes up and looks up at
Randy Orton as she smoothly bobs her head along his hard, thick shaft as she
slaps her tongue against his shaft, splashing her hot saliva against his
Legend Killer shaft. Leyla presses her lips tighter around his shaft as she
rocks back harder against Edge's hard, thick sex-craving Rated R cock as his
balls slam against her smooth, tanned skin.

Randy Orton licks his lips as he looks down at the hot, sexy Deal or No Deal
Case Girl as she sucks on his cock, "Yeah fucking slut... you're gonna
fucking swallow..." Randy groans as he firmly holds onto Leyla's head to
keep her mouth on his cock as he begins to cum inside of her mouth.

"Mmmm..." Leyla moans as she presses her lips tightly around Randy Orton's
cock as she feels his warm cum spray into her hot, mouth. "Lucky" Leyla
slowly slides her wet tongue up against the underbelly of his shaft as she
lightly twists her head around his cock as his warm Rated RKO cum fills her
wet, warm mouth. Leyla swallows a good amount of Randy's cum, while some
drips out of her mouth before she slowly lifts her head off his cock.

Randy Orton licks his lips, "Yeah... that was lucky for you ain't it..."
Randy smirks as he steps back to get his clothes in order to get dressed.

Edge keeps slamming his hard, thick cock in and out of Leyla's hot ass,
"Fucking slut... what would the jackasses that run NBC think if they saw you
like this..." Edge laughs as he drives his cock sharply into her ass before
pulling his throbbing cock out of her ass. "Turn the fuck around slut!" Edge
yells as he spins Leyla around to face him. Leyla slowly lowers her head as
she swallows timidly while she looks up at Edge as the sex-craving, violent
Rated R Superstar stares down the hot, innocent "Lucky 13" Case Girl.

Edge licks his teeth as he grips his cock with his left hand and strokes it,
"Get down on your fucking knees!" Edge yells as he grabs the hot runner-up to
the 2005 Diva Search with his right hand and forces her to kneel before him.

Randy smirks, "Yeah Edge... make her really lucky..." Randy laughs as he
finishes getting dressed.

Leyla slightly narrows her eyes as she glares up at the Rated R Superstar
Edge while he starts to stroke his hard, throbbing Rated R cock. Leyla
presses her lips together as she shakes her head with disgust. Edge once
again grabs Leyla's hair with his right hand and forces her to look straight
up at him and hold her head still, "Yeah... this is what we do to
disrespectful whores who aren't good enough to be sluts in the WWE..." Edge
groans as he begins to spray his hot Rated R cum onto Leyla's face.

Leyla closes her eyes as she turns her head away, however it's too late as
Edge's warm, thick Rated R cum sprays onto Leyla Milani's hot, gorgeous
slightly sweaty face "Ohhh you're sick..."

Edge smirks as he completely covers Leyla's face with his thick, warm load,
"Bitch... you haven't seen sick yet..." Edge says as he lets go of her head
and shoves her to her back. Edge then moves back a few feet and crouches down
and licks his teeth as he waits for Leyla to get up.

Leyla shakes her head as she starts to slowly stand up as she wipes the
warm, thick cum of the Rated R Superstar Edge off of her beautiful face.
Leyla makes a disgusted face "Boy I'm glad I never two are fucking
sick...' Leyla says with disgust as she continues to wipe Edge's Rated R cum
off of her face unaware of her surroundings in the Deal or No Deal television

"Cheap whore..." Edge says with a smirk, and when Leyla turns around to where
she's facing Edge, The Rated R Superstar bolts from his crouching position
and rushes forward to spear Leyla, and he drives the 'Lucky 13' Dieal or No
Deal Case Girl down to the floor of the Deal or No Deal television set,
knocking her out cleanly.

Randy Orton laughs as Edge gets to his feet, and both of the perverted,
sex-crazed WWE Superstars look down at the unconscious Leyla Milani. Randy
smirks, "Guess she's not so lucky after all..."


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