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The Cutting Edge Part 43: Breaking RKO Is Hard To Do
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage after the 2007 edition of WWE Backlash goes off the air, the Rated
R Superstar Edge is rotating his left arm after coming up short in the epic
four-way match for the WWE Title. "Fucking hell... this was supposed to be MY
Night..." Edge says. He is wearing his purple Camo-styled wrestling pants as
the 'Legend Killer' Randy Orton comes up from behind and shoves him.

"What the fuck! You couldn't break up a simple pin-cover?!" Randy yells, and
he's wearing black wrestling trunks.

Edge spins around to glare at his partner in 'Rated RKO', "I was knocked
out... and Cena wasn't even covering you like I would have...."

Randy sneers, "You fucking nailed me with a spear! I couldn't fuckin' kick

Edge smirks, "So my spear is better than your little RKO...."

Randy steps forward and gets into Edge's face, "Any time any place... I'll
drop you easily..." Randy says as the reigning WWE Women's Champion Melina
comes out of the area where press conferences for are done, and she
sees the arguments between the two men who are not WWE Champion.

The bitchy, glamorous A-List RAW Diva and current WWE Women's Champion,
Melina, narrows her eyes and arrogantly sighs before she approaches the
violent, sex craving team of Rated RKO. "Hey...hey...quit ruining my
spotlight!" Melina arrogantly states before she slyly smirks "I, Melina,
once again have proven to the entire world that I am the most dominant
Diva ever!" Melina says as she arrogantly tosses her dark brown, red
highlighted A-List styled hair back as she rests the Women's Championship
belt on her left shoulder, while dressed in a pair of tight black leather
wrestling pants and a yellow tight fitting top.

The Rated R Superstar Edge glares at Randy for another moment before he
turns and looks at Melina, "Hey.... why don't you stick a sock in it...
you're lucky my raunchy red-headed babe decided to retire in her prime...."
Edge says with a smug tone of voice.

Melina arrogantly sighs and rolls her eyes "Oh please..." Melina presses her
lips together "I have dominated every Diva to come through here...Maria...
Mickie James...Candice Michelle..." Melina pauses and makes a disgusted face
"So....wanna-be A-Lister Ashley...even Trish Stratus and even some D-List
has-been, red headed slut!" Melina says with an arrogant attitude as she
narrows her eyes, glaring at The Rated R Superstar. Melina glances down at
her manicured fingers of her right and sighs "Now...if either of you two
aren't here to congratulate me on my victory tonight...then I have to get
going...Johnny and I have many...MANY parties to go to tonight!" Melina says
before she rudely steps past Randy Orton and Edge.

Randy Orton smirks as he steps right in front of Melina, "Whoa... whoa...."
Randy says as he keeps Melina from passing him and Edge, "You say you
dominated every Diva that came through RAW... you think that makes you a
legend?" Randy asks.

Melina raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks "Of course....I am legendary!"
Melina says slightly gritting teeth together "I have a more legendary
career...than those old has-beens Mae and Moolah!" Melina arrogantly states.

Edge licks his teeth, "Ok... you make some good points Melina... but I bet
you can't hold your own against Rated RKO..." Edge says as he glances at
Randy to see if they are on the same page.

Randy nods his head and grins, "Yeah Melina... we're the most dominant
Superstars in the entire WWE..."

Melina arrogantly laughs "Please..." Melina says as she removes the WWE
Women's Championship off of her left shoulder and slyly smirks "I am an
A-List Diva! I can dominate anyone...ANYTIME!" Melina says seductively
gritting her teeth, with her irresistible, crazed glaring eyes on Randy
Orton and Edge.

Edge licks his teeth again as he tosses his long blond hair back before he
pushes down his wrestling pants to pull our his semi-hard thirteen inch cock,
"Ok then... dominant this..." Edge says with a cocky tone.

Randy Orton grins, "Yeah... and also this..." Randy adds as he lowers his
trunks to bring out his twelve inch shaft.

Melina slyly smirks and raises an eyebrow "Oh...I can dominate both of
those!" Melina says with a sly laugh before the A-List RAW Diva licks her
soft, arrogant lips and takes a moment to compose herself before she lowers
herself down in front of Edge and Randy Orton. Melina smirks up at Edge and
Randy as she wraps her left hand around Edge's Rated R cock and her right
hand around Randy Orton's killer hard cock as she begins to smoothly stroke
their shafts with her skilled hands.

Edge and Randy step out of their tights and trunks respectively as the
self-proclaimed most Dominant Diva in the WWE strokes their large, hard
cocks. "Mmmm yea..." Edge licks his teeth as he puts his hands on his hips
as he and Randy look down at Melina as she strokes their impressive dicks.

Melina grits her teeth and narrows her eyes as she easily moves her skilled
hands against the rock hard shafts of the Rated R Superstar and the Legend
Killer. Melina licks her lips before the bitchy A-List Diva lowers her head
and slaps her soft, wet tongue against the head of Edge's cock before moves
her head towards Randy's cock and slaps her wet tongue against the head of
his cock as well, while locks her arrogantly glaring eyes with the sex
craving team of Rated RKO.

"Mmmmm..." Randy licks his lips as he folds his arms over his muscular chest,
"I don't know... I'm not impressed..." Randy says with an cocky smirk as
Melina slaps her wet tongue against back and forth against his and Edge's
huge cocks.

"Yeah.... so much for being dominant...." Edge adds with a smirk as he keeps
looking down at Melina. Melina raises an eyebrow and locks her deadly glaring
eyes with Edge and Randy Orton before she roughly jerks on both of their rock
hard, thick shafts and pulls them close together. Melina arrogantly smirks
before the hot, bitchy A-List Diva lowers her head and opens her mouth taking
both of the rock hard Rated RKO cocks into her warm, wet and bitchy mouth.
The RAW bitchy Diva presses her lips around Randy and Edge's shafts and she
begins to smoothly, skillfully bob her head on both cocks.

Edge feels his thirteen inch cock grinding against Randy's dick as Melina
sucks on both. "Ahhhh... mmm fuck... move over..." Edge moans and laughs as
Melina bobs her head on both his and Randy's large cocks at the same time.

Randy looks at Edge, "You move over!" Randy snaps back as the hot, bitchy
Women's Champion works over both of Rated RKO's large dicks with ease.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh AHHH!" Melina screams and moans around Randy Orton and Edge's
Rated RKO cocks as she slaps her bitchy, wet tongue against both of their
shafts while eagerly bobs her head. Melina lips grind against their shafts
while lifting and lowering her head without missing a beat.

"Mmmm yea... fuck..." Randy says as he ignores Edge's cock banging against
his own as Melina takes both dicks further in her large, hot and wet mouth.

"Ohhh fuck... mmm.... Melina might join a list later...." Edge licks his
teeth as he slides a hand through his blond hair.

Melina wickedly slaps her tongue against the underside of Edge's shaft before
sliding her tongue over to Randy's shaft, while easily and smoothly bob her
head on both of their rock hard cocks. "Mmmm...AHHHH!" Melina screams around
both cocks as saliva showers down on their Rated RKO cocks.

Edge pulls his thirteen inch cock out of Melina's saliva dripping mouth and
licks his teeth, "Let's see if you really dominant on a main event level..."
Edge says as he pulls Melina's head off of Randy's hard shaft.

Randy looks at Edge, "Hey what the fuck..." Randy says as he gets in Edge's

Melina turns her head and narrows her eyes into a deadly glare as she looks
at the Rated R Superstar "Yeah! What was that about!?" Melina rudely shouts
to Edge.

Edge smirks at Randy Orton before he looks at Melina, "I was getting
bored..." Edge laughs as lays down on the cold floor of the hallway right
in front of the reigning Women's Champion.

Randy looks at Edge and then at Melina, "That's no surprise... he loves being
on his back.... it's how he ends up in almost every match..."

Edge looks at Randy, "Hey.. you're the one who got pinned tonight... not
me..." Edge replies with a smirk of his own.

Melina grits her teeth as she glances at the Rated R Superstar "What!? I
have to remove my own clothes!?" Melina rolls her eyes "An A-List star has
everything done for them!" Melina shouts to Edge before arrogantly tossing
her hair back.

Edge smirks, "Hey I'm the Rated R Superstar.... I don't do shit for
anyone...." Edge says.

Randy smirks, "I don't give a fuck..." Randy says as he bends down to grab
Melina's tight fitting yellow top to jerk it up and off of Melina's body,
revealing her large, firm tits.

Melina slyly smirks and raises an eyebrow "I see you know how to treat a true
A-Lister!" Melina arrogantly states as she raises her manipulative hands and
rubs them against her large, perfectly shaped A-List tits.

Randy pulls Melina up to her feet and smirks, "I'm a Legend Killer..." Randy
says as he starts to pull down Melina's tight fitting black leather pants
from her waist.

"And he's a main event loser..." Edge says as he relaxes on the floor with
his hands behind his head, "And right now I'm personally not to impress with
a so-called A-List Star...." Edge says with a cocky tone.

Melina steps out of her tight fitting black leather pants and her smoothly
shaven, hot A- List pussy becomes exposed. Melina grits her teeth "NOT
IMPRESSED!" Melina shouts before she moves over towards Edge and gets down
on the floor with the Rated R Superstar "Everything I do is impressive!"
Melina says before the bitchy RAW Diva lifts herself onto the rock hard,
thirteen inch cock of the Rated R Superstar "Ahhhh fuck!" Melina shouts and
grits her teeth as she places her hands on his muscular, toned chest and
begins to smoothly rock back and forth on his shaft.

Edge licks his teeth as he puts his hands on Melina's tanned, smooth legs as
she rocks back and forth on his large cock, "Mmmmm.... fuck.... not bad....
not great... but not bad..." Edge says with a laugh as Melina grinds her hot
pussy on his cock.

Randy Orton licks his lips as he stands near Melina, "Hey... I'm easily
impressed..." Randy says with a smirk as Melina turns to look at him,
allowing Randy to push his cock against her lips. Melina locks her
manipulative, deadly glaring eyes with Randy Orton, as she slyly smirks
and presses her soft lips against the head of his cock. Melina opens her
bitchy, hot mouth and eagerly takes Randy's cock into her wet mouth.
Melina presses her lips tightly around his shaft and starts to bobs her
head at a decent pace, lapping her tongue around his shaft while sucking.
The Dominant Diva grinds her pussy sharply against Edge's Rated R cock as
she bounces up and down on his shaft, while rocking back and forth at an
increasing pace.

"Ahhhh yea.... mmm fuck..." Randy Orton moans as Melina bobs her head on his
twelve inch Legend Killer cock. Randy puts his hands on Melina's head as she
takes more of his shaft into her dominant mouth.

Edge takes his hands off of Melina's thighs and puts them back behind his
head as Melina bounces up and down on his cock while continuing to rock
sharply on his cock. "Yawn- ahhhh...." Edge fakes a yawn as he moans, which
pisses Melina off even more as she blows Randy.

Melina presses her lips tighter around Randy Orton's shaft, causing pressure
to his cock due to her growing anger with Edge's act of boredom. The bitchy
RAW Diva roughly bobs her head on Randy's cock, her saliva splashing against
his rock hard shaft while viciously slamming down on Edge's Rated R cock
"MMMM...AHHHHH!" Melina screams around Randy's cock as she roughly jerks back
on Edge's cock.

Edge licks his teeth, "Mmmmm... fuck... is that all you got..." Edge
laughs and fakes a yawn again as he doesn't even thrust his cock upward
into Melina's pussy.

Randy licks his teeth as he pulls his cock out of Melina's mouth, "Fuck
Edge... a hot A-List Diva like this should be treated like a legend...."
Randy says as he lifts Melina off of Edge's cock and puts her down on the
floor on her hands and knees. The Legend Killer kneels behind Melina and
pushes his large, cock into Melina's hot, tight A-List pussy.

"Mmmmm...FUCK!" Melina screams and grits her teeth as she rocks forward on
her hands and knees when Randy thrusts his RKOing cock into her warm, tight
pussy. Melina narrows her eyes into a glare as she starts to smoothly rock
back against his twelve inch cock.

"Ahhh yea.... mmmm fuck..." Randy Orton licks his lips as he puts his hands
on Melina's sexy hips to pull her back towards him as he thrusts his cock in
and out of her hot dominant pussy.

Edge sits up on the floor and moves turns a bit so that his cock is almost
underneath Melina's head as she gets fucked from behind. "Put a sock... fuck
it... put a cock in it will ya?" Edge says as he puts his right hand on
Melina's head and pushes her head down towards his hard, thick thirteen inch
Rated R cock.

"MMMMMMMM!" Melina roughly moans around Edge's cock as he rams himself deeply
into her hot, bitchy mouth "AHHHHH!" Melina violent moans vibrate against
Edge's shaft as she quickly and eagerly bobs her head on his thirteen inch
cock, slobbering her saliva all over his shaft. Melina closes her eyes as her
hot, rounded A-List ass slams back against Randy's muscular waist as she
pushes back against his cock.

Edge licks his teeth as Melina bobs her head quickly up and down on his
large, hard cock, "Mmmm fuck yea.... suck that dick bitch..." Edge moans as
he keeps his right hand on Melina's head to push her down whenever she lifts
her head upward on his cock.

Randy Orton grits his teeth as he rams thrusts his cock in and out of
Melina's pussy as a quick and firm pace. "Awww uhhhh yea.... fuck yea..."
Randy moans as Melina's hot, round A-List ass hits against his toned,
muscular waist. Melina presses her lips tightly around Edge's shaft and
her lips grind against his rock hard shaft while taking him deeper into
her hot, wet mouth. While Melina rocks back and forth in between Randy
Orton and Edge, she begins to sweat. Melina presses her lips tightly
around Edge's shaft and her lips grind against his rock hard shaft while
taking him deeper into her hot, wet mouth. While Melina rocks back and
forth in between Randy Orton and Edge, she begins to sweat.

"Mmmmm yea.... fuck yea..." Edge licks his teeth as Melina completely deep
throats his cock with ease while Randy Orton fucks her with sharp thrusts
from behind.

"Mmmmm fuck... she's pretty good...." Randy says with a moan and smirk as
his balls bang against Melina's skin.

"I've had better..." Edge replies as he lifts Melina's head off of his saliva
covered cock.

Melina grits her teeth and narrows her eyes into a deadly glare as she looks
up at the Rated R Superstar "Shut up...and fuck me!" Melina shouts as she
roughly slams back against Randy's cock.

Edge licks his teeth as he stands up, "You heard her... she wants ME to fuck
her..." Edge says with a laugh.

Randy smirks as he pulls his shaft out of Melina's pussy, "You really fucking
suck..." Randy says to Edge as the Rated R Superstar pulls the reigning
Women's Champion up from the floor. Edge ignores Randy's comments as he
lifts Melina up and lowers her hot pussy onto his cock so that he can begin
to bounce her up and down on his dick.

Melina grits her teeth as she starts to wildly bounce up and down on his
shaft at a quick, rough pace. Melina narrows her eyes as she glares over her
shoulder at Randy Orton "You get over here too!" Melina yells as she sweats
and roughly jerks back and forth on Edge's shaft, while he thrusts up deeply
into her pussy.

Randy smirks, "Don't worry... I'm coming..." Randy says with a grin as he
steps closer to Melina, The hot, muscular Legend Killer waits for Edge to
lower Melina on his thirteen inch cock, and then Randy rams his own twelve
inch shaft into the A-List Diva's tight asshole. "Uhhh fuck..." Randy groans.

Edge licks his teeth as Melina's large tits press against his chest as he
bounces her on his cock while Randy begins to pump his own cock in and out
of Melina's ass. "Mmmm fuck.... you're not over rated Melina... but you're
close..." Edge says as he insult the reigning Women's Champion as she gets
fucked by both him and Randy Orton.

Melina grits her teeth and narrows her eyes as she glares down at Edge while
quickly and roughly riding his Rated R cock, grinding her pussy sharply down
against his shaft "AHHHHHH! AHHHH FUCK!" Melina moans and screams as she
roughly rocks back against Randy's cock as the bitchy A-List Diva is tag
teamed by Rated RKO.

"Mmmmm fuck yea.... mmmm..." Randy moans as sweat drips down his body as he
repeatedly drives his cock sharply into Melina's ass. Randy's balls smack
right against Melina's skin with each of his thrusts.

Edge licks his teeth and smirks as Melina grinds her hot, wet dominant pussy
on his thirteen inch shaft as he continues to bounce her on his cock, "Mmmm
yea... you like getting fucked by a REAL Superstar bitch?" Edge says as he
ignores the fact Randy is fucking Melina as well, and Randy glares right at
Edge, which goes unnoticed.

Melina gently rakes her finger nails against Edge's muscular, tanned and
slightly sweaty chest "Ohhhh fuck yeah! AHHHH! Treat the A-Lister
am I!" Melina moans as she roughly slams down, slamming her entire body onto
Edge's Rated R cock before she's roughly jerked back by Randy while he firmly
thrusts his cock into her ass.

"Uhh mmmm fuck.... ahhh..." Randy Orton moans as he drives his cock deeply
into Melina's ass as he begins to cum inside of Melina's asshole.

"Ohhh yea.... treat ya like an A-Lister? No... uhhh fucking problem..."
Edge groans as he starts to spray his thick warm cum deep inside of Melina's

Melina licks her lips and slyly smirks "Ohhh fuck...AHHHH!" Melina moans as
Edge thrusts his throbbing Rated R cock one final time, firmly into Melina's
pussy as his cum floods her A-List pussy.

Edge licks his teeth and he quickly pulls his cum spent cock out of Melina's
cum filled A-List pussy. "So you want to be treated like an A-Lister right?"
Edge says as he crouches down slightly as Randy pulls out of Melina's ass and
stands Melina on her feet.

Melina rolls her eyes as she arrogantly sighs "Of course I do! I'm the most
Dominant Diva...EVER!" Melina shouts and tosses her sweat dampened A-List
styled hair back "I'm better looking...more talented...."

Edge doesn't let Melina finish as he rushes forward and spears the
self-proclaimed Most Dominant Diva in the WWE down to the floor, knocking
her out. Randy casually steps around behind Edge as the Rated R Superstar
looks at the knocked out Diva, "You're also a wanna-be bitch..." Edge laughs
as he gets up to his feet and turns around to get his tights but he walks
right into a vicious RKO from Randy Orton.

Randy pops up to his feet after dropping Edge with a smirk on his sweat
dripping face, "Edge... I hope you can hear me.... the legend... of Rated
RKO... is dead... I killed it.... with what matters..." Randy says, "And
that's... R... K...O..."


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