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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Cutting Edge Part 44: Reporting The Rated R Return
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at the Survivor Series pay-per-view on November 18, 2007, the Rated
R Superstar Edge is licking his teeth as he watches a replay of himself
screwing The Undertaker in the Hell in a Cell match with Batista. Edge is
dressed in a black Survivor Series t-shirt and black jeans and he laughs as
he sees himself dragging Batista onto The Undertaker, "Part one of my plan is
complete..." Edge laughs as steps away from the monitor and begins to walk
towards the arena's exit.

"Excuse me....Excuse me! Edge! Edge..." The sexy Hispanic SmackDown Diva and
eager SmackDown Interviewer, Anastacia Rose, calls out as she tries to catch
up with the Rated R Superstar, Edge. Anastacia, dressed in a short black
skirt and a blue top, presses her sensational lips together as she locks her
steamy, seductive eyes " you have a moment..." Anastacia asks as she
holds a microphone with her left hand.

Edge stops walking as Anastacia blocks his path, "What the fuck do you want?"
The returning Rated R Superstar asks as he looks at Anastacia Rose.

Anastacia bites down on her bottom lip as she innocently lowers her head.
"Edge...I'm just wondering why did you attack the Undertaker like that? He
had the match won..." Anastacia begins to state as she starts to raise the
microphone up towards Edge.

"Why?" Edge licks his teeth and smirks, "Because everyone gets screwed at
Survivor Series... Hulk Hogan in 1991... Bret Hart in 1997.... Mick Foley in
1998... fuck... even that pea-brain Batista won last year by someone getting
fucked over...." Edge says with a bitter tone in his voice.

"But why the Undertaker? What was your motive?" Anastacia professionally asks
with a slight hint of a Spanish accent in her voice.

Edge licks his teeth, "My motive? I don't need a motive... I'm just... a
little... bitter..." Edge says as he smacks the microphone out of Anastacia's
hand. "And you're new around here aren't you..." Edge says as he locks his
sex-crazed eyes with Anastacia.

Anastacia's soft, sexy eyes widen as she swallows and takes a step back
before raises her hands up in front of herself "Umm...uhh...I think this
interview is over..."

"Nope... it's just getting started... I'm back... and you're going to find
out that what I said is true..." Edge says as he grabs Anastacia's wrist and
jerks her towards him. The Rated R Superstar forcefully pulls Anastacia
around a corner that leads to the dressing room area and forces her down to
the ground. Edge then unbuttons his jeans and pushes them down to bring out
his hardening thirteen inch cock. "Get up on your fucking knees..." Edge says
as he bends down to force Anastacia to get how he wants her.

Anastacia timidly lowers her head as she sits up on her knees. Anastacia
slowly lifts her eyes and looks up at Edge, frightened, while his hardening
Rated R cock is just inches from her face.

Edge licks his teeth, "About fucking time they added a Spanish slut to the
roster..." Edge says as he grabs a handful of Anastacia's hair and forces her
to tilt her head back. The Rated R Superstar then starts to roughly push his
cock against Anastacia's lips, "Open your fucking mouth!" Edge says as she
roughly pulls on Anastacia's hair.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Anastacia helplessly moans as her mouth opens and Edge firmly
thrusts his cock into her wet, warm mouth. "Mmmmmm!" Anastacia moans as Edge
starts to roughly thrust his cock in between Anastacia's soft, sensational

Edge licks his teeth as he grabs a second handful of Anastacia hair as he
roughly pumps his cock in and out of the Hispanic Diva's warm, wet mouth,
"Yeah... you fucking love sucking dick don't you..." Edge says as he pushes
his cock deeper into Anastacia's mouth with every thrust.

Anastacia Rose's wet saliva drips against Edge's Rated R cock as the
perverted and sex-crazed Rated R Superstar deeply slams his cock into her
mouth "MMMMM! OHHHHH!" Anastacia moans loudly around Edge's cock as she is
forced to open her mouth wider, while Edge pushes deeper into her mouth.

"Deep throat that fucking cock... yeah that's it..." Edge moans as he lets go
of Anastacia's hair so that he can grab her head with both hands. The Rated R
Superstar then starts to force the new backstage correspondent of the WWE to
bob her head on his cock as he keeps thrusting his dick in and out of her

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm..." Anastacia helplessly moans as her head bobs quickly and a
forced rate as Edge lifts and lowers the Hispanic Diva's head, forcing her to
quickly and deeply suck his cock.

Edge then pushes Anastacia's head off of his saliva dripping cock, but grabs
her hair to keep her from moving to far. "Take off your fucking skirt..."
Edge says as he slaps his fat thirteen-inch dick against Anastacia's face to
humiliate her. Anastacia lowers her head, while innocently glancing up at the
perverted, sex crazed Rated R Superstar. Anastacia takes a deep breath as she
pushes down her short black skirt to gradually expose her smoothly shaven,
hot Hispanic pussy.

Edge licks his lips, "Yeah... that's a spicy looking twat you got down
there... "Edge says, "Now take off your fucking top... I want to see those
tits..." Edge says, "And if you try to run... I'll make sure that Umaga has
you for a snack!" Anastacia bites down on her bottom lip as she looks up at
Edge as moves back a bit on her knees before she slowly lifts her blue top
up to reveal her firm, smoothly rounded tits.

Edge smirks, "Mmmm... I see how you got across the border...." Edge laughs
as he insults the beautiful Hispanic Diva. Edge takes off his black Survivor
Series t-shirt and tosses it down on the floor. The Rated R Superstar then
bends down to jerk Anastacia up to her feet before he hoists her up and
lowers her hot, shaved Hispanic pussy on his rock hard thirteen inch cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Shit! Senor! What is your problem!?" Anastacia moans as Edge
roughly jerks her hot Hispanic body down onto his thick, rock hard Rated R

Edge laughs, "Me? Ahhh I'm just a bit bitter..." Edge says as he bounces
Anastacia up and down on thick, stiff cock. The Rated R Superstar starts to
rock his hips back and forth, deeply thrusting his cock into Anastacia's

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh si....ohhhh fuck!" Anastacia moans and grits her teeth
together as she presses her smooth, sexy legs around Edge's muscular waist
while he roughly rocks her on his cock "Ohhhhh!"

Edge smacks Anastacia's ass as he forces her to bounce up and down on his
pistoning cock, "Yeah... you little Spanish Slut... you like that don't ya!"
Edge says as he turns to face a table and lays Anastacia on it. With her
legs wrapped around his waist, Edge just grabs her waist to jerk her towards
him as he keeps pounding her Hispanic pussy.

Anastacia tilts her head back against the table as her body moves quickly
against the smooth surface of the table "Ohhhh...ohhhhh shit!" Anastacia
moans as her wet, warm pussy is deeply speared by Edge's thirteen inch Rated
R cock. "Mmmmm! Ohhhh Si!" Anastacia moans as she roughly slams forward
against his cock.

Edge smirks as he increases the pace of his thrusts, roughly slamming his
cock into Anastacia's tight, wet pussy as his balls smack loudly against her
skin, "Ahhhh yeah... mmmm yeah... fucking take that cock deep in that twat...
yeah..." Edge grunts as he watches Anastacia move on the table as he fucks
her raw.

Anastacia looks up at Edge as she roughly moves back and forth against the
table as Edge slams his Rated R cock deeply into her warm, tight pussy
"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Si! Si!" Anastacia moans as sweat drips off of her body as
her hot Hispanic body moves against his cock.

The Rated R Superstar forcefully removes Anastacia's gorgeous legs from his
muscular waist to allow himself to pull out of her tight wet pussy, "Turn the
fuck around and bend over!" Edge says as he smacks the head of his cock right
against Anastacia's pussy lips. Anastacia timidly bites down on her bottom
lip as she slowly turns over on the table, and scoots herself down so that
the beautiful, sultry Hispanic Diva is bent over the table in front of the
perverted Rated R Superstar.

Edge puts a hand on Anastacia's hips and then smacks her ass with his right
hand, "I want you to fucking beg for my cock to go into your ass!" Edge says
as he firmly smacks Anastacia's ass again.

Anastacia glances over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow and slowly shakes
her head "I don't think so..." Anastacia says with a slight laugh.

Edge smirks, "Oh yeah?" Edge says as he grabs a handful of Anastacia's hair
and jerks her head back roughly. Edge then smacks Anastacia's ass again as
hard as he can.

"Go to hell!" Anastacia spits back at the Rated R Superstar as she glares at

Edge smirks, "A spicy little slut.... I like that..." Edge laughs before he
spreads Anastacia's ass cheeks with his hands so that he's able to impale her
asshole with his thick, rock hard thirteen-inch cock.

"Ohhhhhh shit!" Anastacia moans loudly and closes her eyes tight as Edge
thrusts his thick cock into her tight asshole. "Mmmmmm fuck!" Anastacia moans
as sweat drips off of her body as Edge starts spearing her ass with his Rated
R cock.

Edge once again grabs a handful of Anastacia's hair to jerk her head back,
"Yeah bitch... you like getting screwed don't you! Good thing for you it's
Survivor Series..." Edge says bitterly as he rams his cock deeply, quickly
and roughly in and out of Anastacia's asshole.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh fuck!" Anastacia Rose moans her rounded, hot Hispanic ass
roughly smacks back against Edge's toned waist as he forcefully slams his
cock deep into her sultry ass.

Edge smacks Anastacia's ass with his right hand as he keeps pumping his cock
in and out of her tight asshole with quick hard thrusts. "Ahhhh yeah.... mmmm
yeah fucking take that cock deep in your ass!" Edge moans as his balls slap
loudly against Anastacia's round ass cheeks.

Anastacia glances back over her shoulder and presses her lips together as she
roughly moves back against his cock, as Edge roughly jerks her hot, sweat
covered body back "Ohhhhhh senior!"

Edge licks his teeth as he continues to fuck Anastacia Rose's asshole as his
cock begins to throb within her ass. "Turn the fuck around... and get back
on your knees!" Edge orders as he pulls his Rated R cock out of Anastacia's
asshole and pulls her away from the table she's bent over. Anastacia slowly
turns around to face the perverted, sex crazed Rated R Superstar as she bites
down on her bottom lip and slowly moves back down onto her knees in front of

Edge wraps a hand around his throbbing cock and begins to stroke it as he
holds it near Anastacia's sweat covered face, "Mmmm yeah... you wanted an
interview... here you're fucking interview..." Edge moans as he begins to
spray his warm, thick cum all over Anastacia's face.

Anastacia closes her eyes as Edge's warm, thick cum sprays against her
beautiful face. "Mmmm..." Anastacia slightly moans as she presses her soft
lips together.

Edge licks his lips as he finishes covering Anastacia's face with his cum.
"Hmmm... not bad for a new slut..." Edge says as he steps away to get his
clothes to get dressed. Once he's dressed, Edge starts to walk away.
Anastacia bites down on her bottom lip as she stands up and begins to gather
up her clothing. When Anastacia turns around to pick up her skirt, she's
places herself perfectly for Edge who's rushing forward to viciously nail
her with a spear. Edge sits up on his knees as he looks at the knocked out
Hispanic Diva and smirks, "I'm back... and I'm just a little bit bitter..."


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