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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Cutting Edge Part 49: Enforcing The Spear
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside of SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero's office, Vickie is
meeting with SmackDown's newest Diva Natayla Neidhart while Assistant General
Manager Theodore Long stands behind her. "Natayla, I can not express how
wonderful it is to have you here on my brand." Vickie says as she sits in her

Natalya Neidhart, dressed in a pair of tight fitting black pants and a black
zipped up jacket, smiles and nods her head "Ms. Guerrero I can not express
how grateful I am to be part of SmackDown, if you need can
count of me..." The hot, dominate third-generation Diva says.

"I have no doubt about that..." Vickie says as she folds her hands in her
lap, "But for now, you just assist your friend Victoria in her little war
with Michelle McCool...:" Vickie Guerrero says as the door to her office
opens so that Edge, dressed in black jeans and a gray t-shirt, Chavo
Guerrero, dressed in his black wrestling tights, Zack Ryder and Curt
Hawkins, both dressed in red wrestling tights enter.

"Hey baby..." Edge says as he walks over to Vickie Guerrero. Natalya Neidhart
glances over her shoulder and presses her firm lips together. Natalya slyly
smirks as she glances over at the Rated R Superstar's lackeys Curt Hawkins
and Zack Ryder. Natalya places her hands on her juicy hips and licks her lips
as she looks the studdly Hawkins and Ryder.

Vickie Guerrero smiles as she reaches up and takes hold of Edge's hand "Hey
baby...." Vickie says as she nods her head at Hawkins and Ryder "Hello
boys...I want to thank you for stepping forward to face Undertaker and Kane,
very noble of you two!" Vickie says as Chavo Guerrero steps to the other side
of Vickie as she sits down on the wheelchair "And Chavito...don't worry I
spoke with ECW General Manager Estrada and at Backlash you will face Kane,
and of course since you're a Guerrero you will win!" Vickie says as
she proudly looks at her nephew.

"Of course I will.... Kane cheated at WrestleMania but he's not going to do
that again..." Chavo Guerrero says.

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins are both a bit distracted by Natalya Neidhart and
don't reply to Vickie as Edge bends down a bit. "Baby I just had a great idea
for next week's..." Edge then trails off as he notices Natalya and his Rated
R mind instantly switches gears, "Who's this baby?" Edge asks as Vickie holds
his hand.

Vickie Guerrero smiles and glances around her Rated R boyfriend Edge and
looks over at Natalya Neidhart "Oh rude of me to not introduce
you..." Vickie Guerrero says as she motions her hands over towards Natalya
"Baby...this is the daughter of Jim Neidhart, you remind him don't you?"
Vickie says before she shakes her head a bit "Anyway...Natalya here is the
newest Diva here on SmackDown!" Vickie Guerrero says as Natalya smirks and
nods her head.

"That's right...but let's get one thing clear here, I might be from a
legendary family...but this is all about me, Natalya..." Natalya says with a
smirk before she glances back over to Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, before she
suggestively glances down at the crotches of their red wrestling tights.

Hawkins and Ryder both lick their lips at they notice Natalya checking out
their crotches. Edge licks his teeth, "Hmmm.... know... I'm an
expert on Divas... and... I don't think she has passed my test yet..." Edge
says as Chavo looks at Natalya as if trying to see the family resemblance
between herself and her famous father.

Vickie Guerrero smiles and nods her head "Oh of course baby...besides I have
some work do anyway..." Vickie lightly squeezes Edge's hand "Are we still on
for dinner tonight?" Vickie Guerrero asks as Natalya Neidhart locks her
mischievous eyes with both Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder as she seductively
licks her lips and slightly nods her head down towards the crotches of their
red wrestling tights.

Ryder and Hawkins press the material of their red wrestling tights against
their crotches so that Natalya can get a good idea of how big their covered
dicks are. "Yeah baby of course..." Edge says as he licks his teeth.

Vickie Guerrero glances over her shoulder to look back at Theodore Long
"Teddy! Let's move!" Vickie commands as she snaps her fingers

Theodore Long rolls his eyes as he starts to push Vickie Guerrero towards the
open door on her wheel chair. Once they are gone, Edge closes the door as
Hawkins and Ryder both step towards Natalya, "Damn she is hot..." Hawkins
says. "Yeah.... real fucking hot..." Ryder says.

Chavo is about to head to the door but Edge stops him, "Hey Chavito stick
around...." Edge says. Chavo raises an eyebrow but smirks a bit,

"All right..." Chavo says as Edge turns to look at Natalya as Hawkins and
Ryder are about to push down their tights. Natalya Neidhart licks her lips
and nods her head as she steps over towards Hawkins and Ryder as they lower
their red wrestling tights. Natalya smirks as she places her left hand on
Ryder's toned, tanned stomach and slyly strokes her hand against his stomach
while she leans against Curt Hawkins and firmly kisses his lips, sliding her
dominating tongue into his mouth.

"Mmmmm..." Hawkins moans as he slides his tongue against Natalya's as they
kiss and as his exposed twelve inch cock starts to harden. Ryder licks his
lips as he starts to unzip Natalya's black jacket to expose her firm tits as
his own foot long cock brushes against her pants covered thigh.

Edge laughs slightly, "Fuck... looks like I taught those two well..." Edge

"Yeah looks like it...." Chavo says as he pushes down his black wrestling
tights to free his eleven inch cock, knowing full well that he's going to be
involved as he starts to move to the couch of Vickie's office. Natalya breaks
the kiss with Curt Hawkins and slyly smirks before she slides down onto her
knees in front of Edge's two Rated R Associates. Natalya tosses her long
blond hair back as she wraps her left hand around Ryder cock and takes
Hawkins's cock into her right hand as she starts to dominate their shafts
with her powerful, but smooth hands.

"Ahhhh shit.... I knew this was gonna be a good day..." Ryder says as Natalya
strokes his cock with her left hand.

"Yeah you told me that like ten times today...' Hawkins replies. Meanwhile
Chavo sits on the couch while Edge is casually taking off his shirt to reveal
his gorgeous upper body. Natalya slyly smirks up at Curt Hawkins and Zack
Ryder as she smoothly guides her powerful, smooth hands up and down the
shafts of Ryder and Hawkins. Natalya grits her teeth and seductively narrows
her eyes at Ryder before she leans her head down and slaps her tongue firmly
against the head of his shaft. Natalya closes her eyes as she starts to
smoothly guide her wet tongue around the head of Ryder's shaft before during
down and guiding her tongue down his twelve inch shaft.

"Awww.... yeah... mmmm..." Zack Ryder moans as Natalya drags her tongue down
the length of his cock before bringing it back up to the top. Curt Hawkins
licks his teeth as the third-generation Diva twists her hands slightly on his
cock. Edge unbuckles his belt and begins to undo his jeans while Chavo is
watching Natalya intently.

"Mmmm...ohhh..." Natalya moans before she opens her mouth and lowers her head
on Ryder's cock. Natalya leans forward on her knees and wraps her powerful,
soft lips around his twelve inch cock and starts to smoothly lift and lowers
her head as she begins to suck the cock of Zack Ryder. Natalya opens her
intense eyes and locks them with Curt Hawkins as she quickly jerks her right
hand against his hard shaft.

"Ohhhh yeah.... jerk that dick..." Hawkins moans as Natalya strokes his cock
with her right hand. Ryder closes his eyes and puts his hands on his waist as
Natalya bobs her head on his foot long cock.

"Don't get too tied up... I got some Latino Heat over here..." Chavo says to
Natalya as he starts to lightly stroke his dick.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Natalya Neidhart moans as her powerful, soft lips brush
against Ryder's shaft as she bobs her head at a quicker pace as her wet
saliva drips down his twelve inch shaft. Natalya's bobs her head deeper on
Ryder's cock while lightly twisting her head from side to side on his cock.
Natalya lowers her right hand down to Hawkins's ball sack and firmly
squeezing them before she guides her powerful hand back up his smooth shaft.

"Mmmmmm.... ohhh yeah... ahhh..." Zack Ryder moans as Natalya eagerly sucks
his cock while she jerks off his tag team partner.

Edge smirks as he lowers his jeans to bring out his massive thirteen inch
Rated R cock. "Let her work at her own pace Chavo... she must like my
Edgeheads..." Edge laughs as he steps over to Vickie's desk and leans against

Natalya firmly smacks her powerful tongue against the bottom side of Ryder's
cock before she slowly lifts her head from his twelve inch shaft. Natalya
smirks up at Curt Hawkins as she scoots on her knees towards his twelve inch
cock. Natalya lowers her head of Curt's cock and takes him into her wet, warm
mouth. Natalya wraps her lips around his shaft and starts to quickly bob her
head on his shaft, taking inch by inch into her mouth. Natalya places her
left hand back on Ryder's cock and starts to spread and massage her wet
saliva all over his shaft, while sucking Curt Hawkins.

"Awww.... fuck yeah... mmmm!" Curt Hawkins moans as he puts his hands on
Natalya's blond haired head as she bobs her head up and down along the length
of his twelve inch cock.

"I'm a Guerrero... I don't like to wait..." Chavo says as he gets off the
couch and kneels behind Natalya so he can start pulling down her tight
fitting black pants.

"Mmmm...mmmm! Mmmmm!" Natalya moans around Curt's cock as she perfectly works
over his twelve inch cock with her skilled, dominating mouth. Natalya slaps
her tongue against Curt's shaft as she forces her head further down his
shaft. Natalya tightens the grip of her left hand around Ryder's cock as she
lowers her head down his shaft and lightly brushes her fingernails against
his ball sack.

"Ahhhh... ohhh shit..." Ryder grits his teeth as he feels Natalya's finger
nails against his balls. Hawkins starts to move his hips back and forth to
thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. Meanwhile, Chavo has pulled of
Natalya's pants, revealing her round juicy ass and powerful legs. Chavo
smirks as he puts his hands on Natalya's hips before he firmly thrusts his
cock into her warm, tight pussy.

"Mmmmmmm!" Natalya moans loudly around Curt Hawkins's cock as she feels Chavo
Guerrero slamming his cock into her warm, tight pussy. The sudden thrust of
Chavo's cock, causing Natalya to deep throat Curt's cock as her blond haired
head quickly move back and forth along his shaft. Natalya removes her left
hand from Ryder's cock and places both of her hands on the floor of Vickie
Guerrero's office as she rocks back and forth on her knees against Chavo's

"Chavo you got to have patience..." Edge laughs a bit as he watches the
former ECW Champion thrust his cock in and out of Natalya's pussy as she
handles the Edgeheads.

"Ahhh mmmm...." Chavo moans as he doesn't reply to Edge as he focuses on
pumping his cock firmly into Natalya's tight pussy.

Hawkins licks his lips as he pumps his cock in and out of her hot wet mouth,
"Ohhh yeah suck that dick..." Hawkins moans.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Natalya moans as her blond haired head bobs wildly on Curt
Hawkins' twelve inch cock while her lips brush roughly against his shaft as
her saliva drips down his shaft. Natalya closes her eyes and twists her head
from side to side as her powerful, nicely toned body rocks back, by the use
of her knees, to thrust back against Chavo's cock.

"Ohhh mmmm... awww..." Chavo grunts as he increases the pace of his thrusts
as he drives his Hispanic cock deep into Natalya's tight wet pussy. Hawkins
licks his teeth as he starts to move back away from Natalya so that his
saliva covered cock falls from her mouth.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh fuck yeah! Ohhhh!" Natalya Neidhart moans as Curt's cock falls
from her mouth and her head instantly drops while her toned body is roughly
jerked back against Chavo Guerrero's deeply thrusting Hispanic cock.

"Ahhhh... uhhh shit... mmmm fuck..." Chavo moans as he pound Natalya's pussy
with hard thrusts.

Zack Ryder sits down on the leather couch, "Hey Chavo... ease up man..."
Ryder smirks. Chavo grits his teeth as he slams his cock one last time into
Natalya's pussy before he pulls out.

Edge smirks, "Damn I got to be the odd man out here..." Edge laughs.

Natalya raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks back at Chavo Guerrero after he
pulls his rock hard cock out of her pussy. Natalya then glances over at the
Rated R Superstar and licks her lips "Maybe I just want the best for last?"

"If you can make it past those three... you'll deserve it..." Edge says with
a smirk.

"Yeah... you got to get passed us first..." Ryder says with a laugh.

Natalya slyly smirks at Edge as she crawls forward on her knees to the
sexually crazed Rated R Superstar. As Edge leans against the desk of Vickie
Guerrero, the third-generation Diva Natalya sits up on her knees in front of
him and places her powerful, smooth hands around his thirteen inch cock and
guides him into her impressive mouth.

"Mmmmmm...." Edge licks his teeth as Natayla begins to bob her head on the
top half of his cock while stroking the bottom half with both of her hands.

"Shit... I didn't want to move..." Zack Ryder laughs as he slides off the
couch and heads towards Natayla. He bends down and pulls her up slightly so
that he can force his twelve inch cock into her tight wet pussy.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhhh..." Natalya moans around Edge's Rated R cock and lightly
presses her teeth against his shaft, feeling Zack Ryder's cock entering her
wet pussy. Natalya lightly grinds her teeth against Edge's shaft as she
smoothly bobs her head along his shaft, easily taking another inch into her
mouth as Zack Ryder starts to pump his shaft into her wet cunt.

"Uhhhh ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Ryder moans as he places his hands on
Natalya's ass cheeks as he pumps his cock in and out of her tight pussy. Edge
licks his teeth and leans further against Vickie's desk as Natalya takes ten
inches of his shaft into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Natalya moans as she hungrily devours Edge's thirteen inch
cock with her mouth as her saliva splashes down on his cock. Natalya's toned,
juicy ass firmly smacks back against Ryder's tanned waist as she feels his
cock spearing deeper into her pussy.

"Uhhhh fuck... mmmm shit yeah..." Ryder moans as he drives his cock deeply
into Natalya's pussy.

Edge licks his teeth, "Ahhh damn...." Edge moans as Natayla easily deep
throats his thirteen inch cock.

Curt Hawkins sits down on the couch, "Shit... I wonder if she can handle
being double teamed..." Hawkins says.

"Doesn't look like it..." Chavo says.

Natalya slowly lifts her head off of Edge's cock and grits her teeth as Zack
Ryder sharply slams his cock into her wet, warm and tight pussy "Ohhhh!
Ohhhh! Mmmmm yeah!" Natalya moans as her juicy, toned ass firmly smacks
against Ryder's toned waist.

"Uhhh shit... mmm fuck..." Zack Ryder grits his teeth before he pulls his
cock out of Natalya's tight pussy just as he starts to cum. Ryder's warm cum
sprays right onto Natalya's ass cheeks and the hunky Edgehead is a bit
surprised he came so soon.

Natalya presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow "You're done

"Um... I was banging a hot chick earlier today..." Ryder says with a grin.
Edge laughs.

"Good excuse... hopefully she was a blond..." Edge says, "Anyway... Chavo and
Curt looks like they'll accommodate you Natalya...' Edge adds as he nods his
head towards the couch.

Natalya smirks and rubs her hands together as she starts to approach the
couch where Curt Hawkins and Chavo Guerrero are "Perfect.."

"Yeah.... I know I am perfect..." Hawkins says as he reaches forward to grab
Natalya's hips to pull her onto his lap when she gets close enough. Hawkins
then adjust how he's sitting so that he can push his cock upward into her
tight wet pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Natalya grits her teeth and places her hands onto
Hawkins's muscular chest as she lowers herself down on his cock before she
begins to smoothly bounce on his shaft.

Chavo smirks as he once again gets behind Natalya and he places his hands on
her ass cheeks to spread them apart so that he can push his Hispanic cock
into her tight asshole, "Ahhh shit..." Chavo moans as he feels the tightness
of Natalya's asshole on his cock. Hawkins puts his hands on Natalya's juicy
thighs and starts to push his hips upward to drill her tight wet pussy.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh fuck yeah!" Natalya moans as she grits her teeth and moves back
and forth between Chavo and Hawkins. Natalya glances over her shoulder to
smirk at Chavo Guerrero as she lightly pushes back against his cock in her
asshole, while Curt Hawkins thrusts up into her pussy.

"Mmmmm shit....ohhh yeah!" Hawkins moans as he moves his hands against
Natalya's thighs while he sharply pistons his cock up into her pussy. Chavo
grits his teeth as he rams his cock into the tight ass of the third
generation Diva.

Natalya closes her eyes as her wet pussy grinds against Curt's rock hard cock
that deeply thrusts up into her pussy. "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh fuck!" Natalya moans as
she quickly rocks between Chavo and Curt.

"Ahhh... uhh yeah.. mmmm fuck..." Chavo Guerrero moans as he quickly moves
his cock in and out of Natalya's ass as she rocks back on Hawkins to push her
ass against his waist. Hawkins grits his teeth as he moves his hands up to
Natalya's firm tits as she bounces on his twelve inch cock.

Natalya licks her lips as she roughly slams down on Curt Hawkins's cock as
she feels Chavo Guerrero firmly and deeply slamming his cock into her tight
ass, forcing her to quickly move on Curt's cock. "Ohhhh! Ohhh yeah!" Natalya
Neidhart moans as she begins to sweat.

"Mmmmm fuck... ohhh shit yeah.... ahhhhh!" Curt Hawkins moans as he starts to
cum inside of Natalya Neidhart's tight wet pussy as she bounces roughly on
his cock.

Chavo grits his teeth as he keeps fucking Natalya's ass from behind, "Ohhh...
mmm damn.. ahhh..." Chavo grunts as he also starts to cum.

Natalya glances over shoulder and smirks slyly at Chavo Guerrero as her juicy
ass smacks against his waist, forcing his throbbing, cum exploding cock deep
into her ass. "Ohhh...awwww...yeah"

"Mmmm shit.... fuck..." Chavo moans as he keeps his cock inside of Natalya's
ass until he's done cumming and then he pulls out. Hawkins licks his teeth as
Natalya rocks on his cum spraying cock until he's also spent.

Natalya tosses her lightly sweat dampened blond hair back before she lifts
herself off of Curt Hawkins's softening, cum spent cock. "Mmmm...I just
fucked with the best..." Natalya says with a sly laugh.

Edge smirks, "Not quite... you just got through the rest... now you get to
the best..." Edge says as he smacks the top of Vickie's desk.

Natalya raises an eyebrow and licks her lips "Oh really?" Natalya asks as she
steps away from the leather couch and starts to approach the desk of Vickie

"Yeah... really..." Edge smirks as he grabs Natalya and lifts her up onto
Vickie Guerrero's desk. Edge spreads her legs, steps between them and then
sharply spears her tight cum filled pussy with his thirteen inch cock.

"Ohhhhh! Yeah fuck!" Natalya Neidhart moans as she places her hands behind
her on the smooth surface of the desk as Edge begins to pump his thirteen
inch cock into her wet pussy to intense and firm thrusts.

"Ahhhh.... uhhh yeah... mmmm fuck!" Edge moans as he grabs Natalya's legs to
hold them apart as he thrusts his cock deeply and quickly in and out of her
wet cunt. Natalya locks her beautiful, intense eyes with the Rated R
Superstar as she wraps her tanned and toned, powerful legs around Edge's
waist as she starts to rock forward on the desk, against Edge's thrusting
cock. Edge licks his teeth as he wraps his arms around Natalya's waist and
lifts her up off of the desk when she rocks forward toward him. Edge keeps
pumping his cock into Natalya's cunt while also starting to bounce her up and
down on his shaft.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah! Ohhhh!" Natalya moans as she roughly slams down on
Edge's Rated R cock as her toned body is jerked down on his cock. "Ohhhhh

"Mmmm yeah... fucking like that?" Edge grunts as he asks his question while
continuing to spear Natalya's pussy while bouncing her up and down on his
massive thirteen inch dick.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh yes...I love it!" Natalya moans as her pussy tightens painfully
around Edge's shaft as she begins to cum.

"Good... ahhh fuck..." Edge moans as he feels Natalya's pussy squeezing his
cock as she cums on his thirteen inch shaft. The Rated R Superstar waits for
Natalya to relax before he lifts her off of his cock and drops her on the
floor, "Now... wrap those lips on my dick... I'm sure you'd want a taste of
the best..." Edge smirks.

Natalya raises an eyebrow and smirks as she sits up on her knees on the floor
in front of Edge "You have no idea..." Natalya says before she leans forward
and opens her incredibly hot, dominating mouth and wraps her lips around
Edge's Rated R cock. Natalya starts to bob her head smoothly on Edge's shaft,
sucking his cock with ease.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Edge moans as he grabs Natalya's head as she bobs
her head along the length of his massive thirteen inch Rated R cock.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm..." Natalya moans as she smoothly twists her head on Edge's
cock while bobbing her head at a quicker pace, gently slapping her tongue
against his cock.

"Ahhh yeah... ohhh yeah... fucking suck that dick..." Edge moans as he pushes
on Natalya's head she bobs her head downward on his dick as it starts to
throb. Natalya holds Edge's throbbing Rated R cock deep inside of her mouth
as she slides her wet tongue back and forth against the underside of his

"Ahhh ohhh yeah.... fuck!" Edge moans as he starts to cum inside of Natalya's
warm wet mouth as she slides her tongue against the bottom side of his dick.

Mmmmm...ohhhh yeah!" Natalya Neidhart moans as she holds his cock into her
mouth while cum fills it. Natalya slyly looks up at Edge before she slowly
lifts her head off of his cock.

"Better not spit it out..." Edge says with a smirk.

Natalya presses her lips firmly together and narrows her eyes seductively
before she tilts her head back and swallows Edge's warm cum. Natalya licks
her lips and looks up at Edge "And if I did spit it out?"

"You'd have to get speared all over again..." Edge answers.

Natalya slyly smirks and laughs " that cause, maybe I should have
spit it all out..."

Edge licks his teeth, "Don't worry... you'll be getting speared again
sometime soon..."


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