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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Cutting Edge Part 53: Burning Trouble
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At his home in Temple Terrance, Florida, the Rated R Superstar Edge is laying
on the king size bed in his bedroom as he recovers from the numerous
injuries, bumps and bruises he suffered in his wars with the Undertaker. Edge
has the television on, but he's just flipping channels as he looks for
something to catch his interest. Edge is wearing just a pair of black boxer
shorts and just when he finds something to watch, Alicia Fox knocks on the
open door of his bedroom... Edge looks at Alicia and smirks, "Hey babe. you
don't need to knock..." Edge says as he licks his teeth.

The sultry former wedding planner of Edge and Vickie Guerrero and the woman
who is having an affair with the man married to SmackDown's General Manager,
Alicia Fox, smiles as she adjusts her black framed glasses " are
you feeling?" Alicia says as she leans against the doorway of Edge's master
bedroom, dressed in a short black skirt and a white buttoned blouse.

"I feel like one giant bruise...." Edge says as he sits up on the bed, "But
you know that doesn't stop me from doing what I want... or who I want."

Alicia Fox seductively laughs "'re so bad..." Alicia says as she
presses her lips together and lustfully looks at the Rated R Superstar. "Oh
before I wife..." Alicia pauses and rolls her eyes "Called and
left a message on the answering machine..."

"What did that stuck up bitch have to say? Called to apologize I bet..." Edge

Alicia shrugs her shoulders "I don't know...something about...cause you're
not man enough she recruiting...The Big Show or take out
Undertaker..." Alicia says.

Edge smirks and laughs, "Oooo the Big Show? Yeah... like he'll dominate the
Undertaker like I've done..." Edge says.

Alicia bites down on her bottom lip as she looks at the boxers wearing Rated
R Superstar "Baby...You know, I just want you to feel better, right?"

"Of course..." Edge says with a grin as he notices Alicia looking at his
boxers as his crotch starts to bulge slightly.

Alicia slyly blushes and laughs "Well baby...I happened to get you a little's nothing much..." Alicia Fox says as she places her hands on her
nicely curved waist and glances out of Edge's bedroom with a sly smirk.

"Oh really?" Edge grins, "What did you get me?"

Alicia turns back to look after the adulteress husband "Well...remember when
you were watching SmackDown a couple weeks ago, while I was giving you a
blowjob?" Alicia asks with a smirk.

Edge tilts his head, "You mean when you sucked all the spunk out of my balls?
How could I forget that, you almost choked..." Edge licks his teeth.

Alicia laughs and licks her lips " was good, anything...remember
that cute little, umm was her name, Brie?" Alicia says as she lightly her
hair back.

"Oh yeah... the hottie that debuted.... what about her?" Edge asks

"Well..." Alicia slyly smirks "I pulled a few strings and invited her down
here to help you, my Rated R lover, feel better..." Alicia Fox explains
before she glances over her shoulder to look out of the bedroom once again.
"Brie...come in..." Alicia says before the adorable SmackDown Rookie Diva,
Brie Bella, walks into the master bedroom of the Rated R Superstar with an
awe-struck look on her face.

"Wow! This is like the coolest house ever!" Brie says with a laugh before she
looks over at the Rated R Superstar "And the hottest Superstar ever!" Brie
says with a cute laugh, while dressed in a pair of nicely fitting, hip hugger
jeans and a white tank top.

Edge licks his teeth, "Alicia... if this what I think it is...." Edge says as
he checks out the adorable Brie Bella. Edge grins, "Glad you like my home
Brie...." Edge says. Brie Bella bites down on her bottom lip and glances over
Alicia Fox, who encouragingly nods her head and motions with her left hand
towards the Rated R Superstar. Brie cutely smiles as she shyly lowers her
head and starts to approach the bed of the Rated R Superstar as his eyes lock
on her and follow her every movement towards the bed.

"Now what could you have in mind...." Edge licks his teeth as he watches Brie
Bella as she reaches his bed and begins to slowly lift her white tank top.
Brie smiles as she smoothly lifts her white tank top off of her petite,
nicely curved body to expose her large and firm, perky tits. Brie licks her
lips as she tosses her tank top down onto the floor before she seductively
crawls onto the bed and positions herself near the sex crazed Rated R
Superstar as she places her hands onto his muscular waist and starts to lower
his black boxers. Alicia Fox slyly smirks as she removes her black framed
glances from her face while she watches Brie removing Edge's boxers.

Edge smirks as Brie Bella slides down his black boxers from his waist,
freeing his hardening cock which is already near being a full thirteen inches
in length. Edge lifts his legs slightly so that Brie can easily slide his
boxers off of his legs. Brie cutely laughs and licks her perky, soft lips as
she places her soft hands around Edge's thick, rock hard cock and she starts
to gently move her hands against his Rated R cock, with the palms of her
hands brushing against his shaft. Alicia presses her lips together before she
starts to walk over towards the bed and sits down next to her Rated R lover
as Brie strokes his cock.

"Mmmmmm ohhh yeah... " Edge moans as Brie moves her hands up and down on his
large rock hard cock. Edge glances at Alicia, "Mmmm babe... this is really
going to make me feel better..." Edge says.

Brie smiles at Edge before she lowers her head to Edge's cock and teasingly
slides her wet tongue against the head of his rock hard cock, before circling
her wet tongue on his shaft. "Mmmm..." Brie happily moans as she lightly
moves her hands against his shaft. Alicia Fox smoothly slides her hands
against Edge's tanned and muscular chest before she leans closer and lightly
nibbles on his earlobe.

"Ahhhh shit...." Edge moans as he watches Brie bob her head up and down on
his cock while Alicia nibbles on his earlobe. Edge brings his left hand
towards Alicia and he starts to unbutton her white blouse while he keeps his
eyes on Brie. Brie Bella pats her soft, wet tongue against the head of Edge's
cock before she opens her wet, sweet and warm mouth, taking his cock eagerly
into her mouth. Brie wraps her soft lips around his shaft and starts to
easily bob her head to suck on the Rated R Superstar's cock. Alicia moves her
hands down Edge's tanned chest towards his muscular, tanned stomach as she
slyly slides her wet tongue against the left side of his neck.

"Mmmmm fuck... now this is how to get 100% again..." Edge moans as Brie bobs
her head at a nice easy pace on his cock while Alicia teases the side of his
neck with her soft tongue.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Brie moans as she smoothly moves her head on Edge's cock,
with her soft, wet lips brushing against his solid shaft. Brie nicely turns
her head his cock, grinding her lips on his shaft.

"Ohhh baby..." Alicia moans as she feels Edge's hands roaming against her
bare, firm tits after her slides off her white blouse.

"Mmmmm..." Edge moans as he lifts his hips to push his cock p into Brie's
mouth. Edge leans over towards Alicia as he gropes her firm, dark skinned
tits and he begins to flick his tongue against her nipples.

"Mmmm...ohhh baby..." Alicia moans as she feels her left nipple between
Edge's teeth as he lightly pulls on her tit. Brie's wet saliva drips down
Edge's Rated R cock as she eagerly and energetically bobs her head at a
smooth, rapid pace while she takes him deeper into her mouth. Edge releases
Alicia's left nipple and tilts his head towards her right tit so he can trap
it gently between his teeth. As Brie turns her head on his cock, Edge tugs on
Alicia's right tit while tapping his tongue against her nipple. Brie slowly
lifts her head from Edge's cock and cutely laughs before she flicks her
tongue against his piss-slit, while stroking her left hand smoothly against
his shaft. Alicia grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she feels Edge
teases her tits with his tongue. Alicia places her hands onto her curved
waist and starts to lower her short black skirt.

Edge slowly lifts his head up from Alicia's tits and glances at Brie, "Get
your pants off...." Edge says as Alicia kicks off her black skirt as soon as
it reaches her ankles.

Brie cutely blushes and laughs "Sure..." Brie says as she starts to lower her
jeans from her toned waist.

Alicia smirks at Edge "So you like my gift for you?"

"Yeah I do..." Edge smirks, "But now I want your foxy cunt... on my big hard
dick..." Edge says before glancing at Brie, "Cause I want to see if she
tastes as good as she looks..."

Alicia laughs as she moves over on the bed and mounts herself onto the cock
of the Rated R Superstar, taking him deep inside of her wet, warm pussy.
"Ohhh Edge, babe..." Alicia moans as she starts to smoothly rock back and
forth on his cock.

"Mmmmm ahhhh yeah... "Edge moans as he places his right hand on Alicia's
waist as she rocks backward and then forward on his cock. Edge looks at Brie
who is scooting towards his head after getting her jeans off.

Brie smiles and licks her lips "Mmmm Edge you're really hot..." Brie says as
she gently sits on his face, lightly brushing her pussy against the bridge of
his nose while she settles onto his face.

Alicia grits her teeth as she rakes her fingernails against his muscular
chest as she starts to lustfully and aggressively rock and grind on his
shaft. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Alicia Fox moans.

"Mmmmmm! Ahhh!" Edge moans as Alicia Fox rides his cock lustfully while he
thrusts his dick upward into her. Edge lifts his head slightly and begins to
lap his tongue up and down against Brie's pussy while she moves slightly to
move the way his tongue does.

Brie Bella rolls her eyes and tilts her head back as she feels Edge's tongue
rapidly spearing against her wet pussy. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Brie moans as
she lightly rocks on his face.

Alicia leans back slightly and places her hands onto his strong, muscular
legs as she starts to rapidly bounce on his Rated R cock. "Ohhhh Ahhhh!
Ohhhhh!" Alicia moans.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Edge moans as he brings his hands to Brie Bella's thighs as
he darts his tongue in and out of her pussy. The Rated R Superstar lifts his
hips and sharply rams his cock up into Alicia's pussy while she bounces
wildly on him.

"Ohhhhhh! Mmmmm! Ohhhhh yeah! Ohhhh!" Alicia moans as she swiftly lowers on
Edge's Rated R cock as she grinds her sultry ass on his cock, before rocking
forward on his cock. Brie licks her lips as she places her hands against the
head board of the large bed while she grinds her wet pussy against his tongue
and lips while he continues to munch of her sweet pussy.

"Mmmmm! AHHHH!" Edge moans as laps his tongue all over Brie delicious pussy
as she grinds herself on his face. Edge stops thrusting his cock upward into
Alicia's cunt before she suddenly lifts herself off of him. Alicia licks her
lips as she sits on her knees on the bed after riding the rock hard, thick
cock of the Rated R Superstar before she lowers her head and flicks her
tongue against his ballsack.

Edge uses his strength to lift Brie up from his face, "Get on all fours... "
Edge say to Brie as Alicia drags her tongue up and down against his large

Brie Bella smiles and laughs "Oh absolutely!" Brie says before she tosses her
smooth, silky black hair back and cutely smiles as she positions herself onto
her hand and knees, sticking her gorgeous, juicy ass into the air, while
Alicia Fox lifts her head from flicking her tongue against his ballsack.

Edge sits up before he gets on his knees and moves behind Brie Bella Edge
grabs her by her hips and then firmly slams his thirteen inch cock into
Brie's wet pussy. "Mmmmmm fuck you're tight... " Edge smirks as he begins to
fuck Brie with firm thrusts.

Brie Bella grits her teeth and closes her eyes as she smoothly rocks back and
forth on her hands and knees as the Rated R Superstar spears her tight pussy.
"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh yeah!" Brie moans as he swiftly jerks her back against his
thirteen inch Rated R cock. "Ohhhh..." Brie groans.

"Uhhhh yeah... mmmm fuck...." Edge moans as he spears Brie's cunt from behind
with quick firm thrusts while he pulls her back towards him. Edge glances at
Alicia who is feeling up her own pussy as she watches him fuck Brie Bella,
"Babe... you're a genius..."

"Of course babe..." Alicia replies as she sits up on her knees and scoots
behind Edge as he rapidly thrusts his cock into Brie's pussy. "Edge're so hot..." Alicia says as she slides her hands down his tanned
back, slightly pushing him towards Brie Bella as he drills her pussy.

"Ahhhh ohhh I know babe..." Edge grins as he rams his cock deeply into Brie's
pussy while she pushes her ass back against his toned waist.

Alicia lowers her head and flicks her tongue against the starting point of
Edge's smooth, tanned ass crack as she slyly slides her left hand between his
ass cheeks while he deeply spears his cunt into Brie's tight pussy. "Ohhhhh!
Ohhhhh yeah!" Brie moans.

"Awww shit... mmmm fuck yeah... ahhh!" Edge moans as he slams his cock
roughly into Brie's pussy as he feels Alicia's fingers approaching his

Alicia gently inserts her index finger of her left hand into Edge's tight
asshole and begins to lightly pump her finger into his ass, while Brie's
pussy tightens around Edge's cock and the energetic rookie begins to cum

"Mmmm fuck!" Edge moans as he feels Brie's pussy juices flowing over his
pistoning cock while Alicia lightly finger fucks his ass. Edge pulls his cock
out of Brie's pussy and smirks at Alicia, "You want it babe?"

Alicia slowly removes her finger from Edge's asshole and smirks "
bet I do..."

Edge turns on his knees to face Alicia so that she can lean down towards his
cock, "You'll love how Brie tastes..." Edge grins as Brie's pussy juices are
dripping from his cock.

Alicia Fox smirks and slyly narrows her eyes at Edge "I bet she's just
delicious..." Alicia says as she wraps her soft, sultry lips around Edge's
cock, coated with Brie's wet juices from her pussy. Alicia closes her eyes as
she starts to bob her head along his shaft.

"Ohhh shit she does..." Edge moans as Alicia Fox bobs her head on his cock as
it begins to throb slightly. Edge glances at Brie who is just now sitting up
on the bed. Alicia slaps her wet tongue against the bottom side of Edge's
throbbing shaft as she quickly moves her head at a smooth, deepening pace.

"Ahhhh... awww fuck baby!" Edge moans as he begins to cum inside of Alicia's
warm wet mouth.

"MMMMMM!" Alicia groans as she presses her lips tightly around Edge's cock as
he unloads his cum, causing the sultry former wedding planner to swallow his
Rated R spunk.

"Mmmmm..." Edge moans as Alicia lifts her head off of his cock, "Alicia...
thanks for bringing Brie over..." Edge says as he looks at Brie, "I think I
might rebuild my Rated R Entourage when I get back on SmackDown... but who
knows..." Edge says as he looks at Alicia.

Alicia licks her lips and smirks "I think it's perfect idea...but for now,
Brie and I going to go have lunch, ok babe? But we'll be back later for

Edge smirks, "Sounds good.... but I wonder what you two are gonna be eating?"
Edge says suggestively as he glances at Alicia and Brie.

* * *

15 minutes later, after Brie and Alicia have left, Edge is coming out of his
bedroom, wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts "Fuck... Brie is one hot
dish.... a nice and eager cock pleaser...." Edge laughs as he starts to head
to the stairs before he stops in his tracks as he sees someone coming up the

"Hey..." The gorgeous and adorable woman, similar appearing to Brie Bella
says as she approaches the Rated R Superstar from stepping off the stop step
and onto the upper floor of his home.

Edge gets a confused look on his face, "Hey.... didn't you leave with Alicia
a short while ago?" Edge says as he looks at the woman who looks very similar
to Brie Bella.

The woman shakes her head and laughs "No...I just got here..." The woman says
as she licks her lips and seductively looks at the Rated R Superstar.
"'re hot..."

Edge rubs the back of his neck, "Ok... I'm either dreaming.... or Hell in the
Cell really fucked me up...."

To Be Continued...?

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