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The Dating Game
by Tammylover

Scene opens to Vince McMahon's office. Trish Stratus was scared, she had
been called in by Vince, and she didn't know what reason he had wanted her.
She paced side to side as she heading into the large Victorian style office.
At the head of the room was Vince, he sat there with a big shit eating grin
on his face, and waited until the door shut to speak to Trish.

"Trish honey, come on in, sit down, sit down" Vince said to her.

Scared as she was Trish put on the big smile, and crossed her legs. She
knew it, she was fired. For all the times Trish just couldn't seem to click
in the ring, she knew Vince must be upset.

"Well....well why am I here Mr. McMahon?" Trish slowly put out.

"I don't know how to say his Trish. I mean you've been a great
employee..." Before Vince could even finish, Trish butted in. She was
prepared to save her job at all costs.

"Vince...I'll do anything, just don't fire me, I mean anything!" Trish
said, as she slowly rubbed her nipples to a erection.

Trish was wearing only her tight leather pants, and a small red top. It
wasn't normally what she'd wear to see the boss, but this wasn't any visit
to the boss. She was fully prepared to give him anything and everything he
wanted to keep her very good contract.

"Whoa Ms. Stratus I'm not here to fire you. I'm here to talk about your...
well this is very new to me... but your butt." Vince said slyly as Trish's
eyes went wide.

"MY BUTT?!?!"

"Yes, well Pat Patterson just had noticed, your buns have seem to grown
over the past few weeks. While alot of the boys in the back had liked the
extra bounce, if you will, well I just thought I'd call you in here to
discuss it. I didn't want you to not know it was a topic of interest." Vince

" tht a problem Vince? I can lose weight!" Trish pushed out in a

Vince stared at Trish, then looked at her pants.

"Do you want me to take them off?" Trish said.

"No, no. Trish your fine, I just wanted to tell you that we had noticed.
So far everyone likes it, so good job hun. Thats all, you may go." Vince
said, trying to hold the tent in his trosers down.

Trish got up in a flash, walked to the exit and left. As she did, she was
caught by the arm by her boyfriend Test.

"Baby did he have any idea what was up?"

"No he didn't, and its a good thing too. Ya know Vince wouldn't like it
if he knew that I had only shaped my ass for you because you miss Stephanie's

"Baby you got the better curves, your just not what she is in anal. But
you know, I think your great... in fact lets find some private time."

As Test grabbed Trish's breasts and walked toward the locker rooms, Triple
H smiled. He and Test had worked out the perfect plan, get the girls to play
a sexual game of can you top this. Hunter headed back to his room, and upon
entering he say Steph laying in cotton panties and a T-shirt. HHH walked over
to her and layed beside her on the bed. HHH kissed her as she begin to tug at
his tights.

Stephanie pulled his tights below his knees and stared at his cock. The
sweet feeling of the smooth round globes of his ass in her hands was nothing
compared to sensation of this gorgeous man's rock hard cock in her tight
fist. As Stephanie's fingers wrapped around it, he sucked in a huge breath
and broke off his kiss to let out an amazing moaning yell.

"I swear, nothing turns me on more than the sounds a man makes when he
feels that good." Steph said slyly.

Since Triple H had ended their kiss and seemed on the brink of delirium,
Steph made her way back down his upper body until her face was buried in his
crotch. As her hands worked at rubbing his balls and chest, her mouth nuzzled
his cock through his thong tights. He proclaimed his approval by running his
fingers through her hair and gently guiding her head, along with his sweet
ever-present moans. Stephanie finally let out his beautiful cock. It was hard
as a rock, and was the most delicious looking thing in the world. In one
swift motion, she lifted her head and placed her lips around the head of his
cock, her long hair spilling down and resting on his stomach and legs.
Stephanie McMahon sucked very softly on the tip of his cock, then slowly took
it inch by inch into her mouth and throat. She loved the way he seemed to
fill her, and this was only her mouth! From the sounds of things, he was
loving it too.

"Ohhh...Oh.....much better then Trish could ever do I bet" Hunter moaned.

As she lovingly went down on him, licking his shaft and deepthroating
his whole cock, he absolutely cooed. When she had sucked him nearly to the
breaking point, Steph slowly stopped and let him catch his breath. She got
off of him and made her way down to his feet, where McMahon removed his large
black boots and thick socks, and then slid his tights the rest of the way off
his body. Finally, he was naked, and he was the most gorgeous thing in
creation to Stephanie. He seemed barely able to move, but he managed to sit
up and race his lips to mine to kiss her hard. The little bit of liquid that
had flowed from his cock while she sucked him off only served to make their
kiss that much more juicy and sweet. As their kiss became more aggressive, he
traced his hands down her body to my feet, where he deftly removed the slinky
black pumps she had been wearing. He threw them to the floor the same
careless way he had tossed her t-shirt aside earlier, making her smile
despite their deep kiss. He made clothing seem pointless.

"Now, you gonna finish that BJ, or am I gonna find someone like Stratus to
do it for me?" Hunter said smugly.

As Steph got back to work on HHH's dick, Test was having some fun of his

"Thats it bitch, you think your ass is as good as Stephs?" Test said in
dominate manner.

"YES...YES" Trish whined, as she backed her ass up onto Test's hard cock
over and over.

Test just slammed into her for all he was worth and blew a fat load of
spunk in her tight buns. He held it there for a minute while she quivered.
Finally he pulled out and slapped her face with it a bit, then let her suck
the tip.

"God your ass is horrible, you give better head, but you can't fuck in
the ass for nothing. Stephanie was sooo much better. Just ask Helmsley he's
always bragging about her plump juicy ass!"

Trish sucked harder and harder as Test went limp in her mouth. He pulled
away and headed for the showers leaving the Canadian bombshell with a ass
full of sperm and a tear on her cheek. She raised up, pushed her thong back
into her dripping wet ass and headed for The Game's locker room. As she did,
Steph finished up her Blowjob on HHH. He busted a nut right into her jaw...
then looked down at his horny wife.

"Steph, your just not Trish when it comes to head. I'm sorry. Why don't
you go talk to Test. See what he thinks of her."

"Do I have to?" Steph said whiping the cum from her crusted lips.

"If you want a good fuck tonight you will." With that Steph grabbed some
leather pants and put her t-shirt back on. She ran for the door, and totally
missed Trish sneaking in the back entrance.

Triple H turned, and found himself looking into the most beautiful eyes
he'd ever seen. Blond hair framed a pretty face, with a cute nose, and
inviting lips. His mind registered the rest of her slim, tan body, dressed
in denim shorts and a T-shirt, noting her nice chest, and long legs, while
his mouth was already responding.

"Here to serve up that ass?" Hunter said with authority.

"Yes, just tell me its better then Steph's!" Trish said.

With that Triple H bends Trish over the bed he just fucked Steph's mouth
on. He slams her pants to the floor and shoves his hard dick inbetween her
tight anal passageway.

"OOHHHHHH GOD, HUNTER OHHHHH GOD!" She was out of control. Her legs spread
wide open, and pushed themselves up at the knees, as she began to really work
that clit, pushing herself up against HHH. Hunter grabbed her hips, smacking
that ass, and began to fuck her with long, slow strokes. She cried out with
each one, and her body began to thrash around his cock like a fish on land.
HHH began to pull out, so that just the head was in, and then let his weight
push it all the way back in.

That hot little slut impaled on his dick came with every thrust. Now,
Hunter wasn't half as hard as he could be, but it was tearing her up, because
she was babbling and moaning like it was going out of style.

Then all of a sudden she clamped her ass down, and I mean TIGHT! That
was all it took to push his already churning balls over the edge. Triple H
unloaded up her ass like a damn machine gun, spurt after spurt splashing
against her insides, as he pumped what seemed like a damn gallon of cum into
her ass. She moaned with each burst, and came again, and again, and again.
Triple H loved it. Finally they collapsed onto of each other. She just laid
still, her eyes shut, moaning from time to time. HHH managed to work his cock
out of her ass, and wrapped her up in his arms. The sheets where a mess, with
her cum everywhere, and HHH's running out of her ass. Her head came to his
chest, and she began to sob. Triple H just held her, not knowing what to say,
but figuring he knew why she was crying. "I'm sorry Hunter. I shouldn't have
let you do that."

"Its ok, your ass was better then Steph's ever has been." Triple H patted
her head, as Trish drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile Test was in the shower, he hadn't fucked Stephanie in weeks, and
while him and Hunter played a deadly game of sexual can you top this with the
ladies, he knew Steph was on her way. He practically raped her last time, and
now he'd have to be gentle or blow his whole plan.

"Andrew? OH my.....I didn't know...I'll leave" Steph said barging in on
the naked Test as he stepped out of the tub.

"NO, Stephy, don't go. I'm not asking you to leave. You did not take
advantage of me here. If anybody took advantage of anybody it was me of you
being lonely." A wicked grin spread on his face. "And besides, you can't
leave." Test walked towards her, his refreshed cock swinging in the wind.
"Your clothes are dirty, and the southern gentleman in me can't allow the
lady to go home in cum stained clothes, or to go wondering around the locker
rooms at hours like these."

She turned, and giggled as she placed her head on his chest.

"Now let's get you cleaned up." Test picked her up, and carried her back
into the bathroom, where he turned on the shower, and placed her under the
hot water. Their bodies clashed again, as they washed each other. She had
more places Test could rub and wash and get a visible reaction out of then he
did, so the deck was stacked against her. They ended up with him behind her,
one arm wrapped around her waist and holding her, with both her hands on the
wall, her hips pressing back against him, and his free hand soaping her tits.

Test's hand dipped between her legs, and began to rub her, adding to her
moans, as she rubbed her ass up and down his cock. Steph had a shaved pussy
and few things feel better then fingering a shaved little cunt. He began to
nibble her ear, and could hear her say his name, and a really long fusillade
of nos. "Do you want me to stop?" His hand withdrew from her pussy, and he
let the warm water raining down on us rinse her golden breasts.

"NO, of course not!" She stepped on Test's foot as punishment. "Then why
are you saying no," he asked, as he continued his ministrations. "Because it
feels so good, never felt anything like it," she moaned, grinding her ass
into Test's cock. He had given up on trying to understand women years ago, so
he let it be. Her left hand came down of the wall, reached back, and grabbed
a hold of his dick. "Want it," she said in her most pouty voice.

"You shall have it," Test answered in his most fatherly one. Bending at
the knees, he pushed up, letting her guide it up into him. Test was taller
then her by at least 6 inches, so he almost picked her clean up of the ground
when he thrust up into her. She cried out, as Test wrapped his arms around
her, and began to fuck her in earnest from behind. Her arms pushed up against
the wall, as she tried to match his rhythm.

Test's hand was still between her legs, pressing her clit against his
cock. Each thrust was harder now, filling her further, and hitting her cervix
from behind. She cried and moaned, but fucked herself against him with all
her might. When she came, he thought she would collapse on the floor. Test
grabbed her, and pushed her up against the wall, the cold tiles bringing her
nipples to a level of hardness he had not seen before. Test's hands caressed
her entire body, as she caught her breath, trying to stand on her own power,
but failing. In the locker room Bathroom, the shower sits in the corner, so
that two sides are covered by tiles, and the other two by tempered glass
walls, with one having the sliding door recessed in it. Test held her in his
arms, kissing her softly and turning her to face him. Finally he picked her
up, and pressed her back up against the cold glass. Her legs wrapped around
his waist, and he pushed up into her again. She slid down on it, until she
was almost sitting on his hips. Her arms came around Test's neck, and their
lips locked, as he began to bounce her up and down on his stiff prick.
Finally Test came hard, rocking her insides.

"Damn girl.....your still so good." Test said, as Triple H bust into his
locker room.

"Hey done did it get both these cocks right now,
or none ever again!" Triple H said, so sound that he even scared Test.

Test felt trapped, unwilling to participate, until Trish walked into the
room with a big smile and nothing else on her gorgeous body. Hands on her
hips she looked at him laughingly, asking if he liked what he saw or was he
afraid he couldn't handle her. He looked at Triple H and he looked back at
Test, smiling, and Triple H stood up, his dick hard in his pants, and went
over to Steph and gave her a big wet kiss, their tongues meeting and her
belly rubbing against his hard cock. Test joined them, standing behind Triple
H's wife, rubbing his belly against her butt and making a sandwich of Stephy.

She shook herself free and got down on her knees in front of Test. She
started to swallow his entire cock, rocking her head back and forth as she
sucked away at it. HHH stood behind her, laughing, encouraging her to bring
him off. She stopped and told her husband to also undress so she could taste
both of us, going back and forth from one cock to the other. They both sat
down on the sofa with my Stephanie McMahon-Helmsly sucking one cock and then
the other. She was giving a hand job to the cock she didn't have in her
mouth, then quickly sucking it to keep it moist.

"Test," she said, "I've been waiting for this for a long time. Your cock
is bigger than the Games' and I think this will be a night to remember."

Steph then looked at her husband, told him to make some drinks for us and
to set up the video camera in the bedroom. When HHH left the room Steph got
on the couch with her legs straight up in the air and invited Test to get
inside her. In no time he was pumping away at her pussy, her legs resting on
his shoulders and her hips moving up and down. Her moans excited him as she
told Test to go deeper and harder. He couldn't hold myself in and knew he was
going to come quickly.

Then Steph seemed to scream in his ear, "I coming, Oh God. It's

They both climaxed together and laughing, he fell on her chest and started
to kiss her on the lips. They both jumped when they heard a clapping of hands
and looked to find Triple H standing near them, applauding. He stopped
clapping and said, "I never thought it would excite me this much to see
someone fuck my wife. I'm glad that it's you, Andrew. The bedroom's all set,
with camera and drinks, so lets get that pretty ass of Stephanie upstairs

The three of them went upstairs to the bonus locker room, with Test
holding Steph's butt while she diddled with his soft cock.

"I'll have to make this harder," she laughingly said, "'cause I sure want
to get it in me again."

Poor Trish wasn't allowed any cock that night, as Test and HHH fucked
Stephanie another 3 times a piece. They even double sandwiched her with a
cock in her ass and a cock in her pussy. Finally when the boys were out,
Trish sucked the juices from Steph and McMahon repayed the favor by getting
Stratus off with several minutes of hard coochie eating. In the end, Test
and HHH's plan went off without a hitch, it went so good, they even sent the
video to Vince McMahon in hopes for a raise.

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