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The Day I Made You Mine
by Mick-A-Rana

Velvet Sky was in the middle of the ring, the crowd cheering for her. She had
just won her knockouts match. She had just won - no, stolen - her win. She
didn't deserve to be the one whose arm was held up by the referee in victory.
And yet, she was the crowd favorite.

"What's the matter, ODB?" Velvet turned to face her, an evident smirk on her
face. "How does it feel to be second best?" Velvet blew a kiss her way,
laughing. She was laughing... "You'll always be second best, ODB!"

Second best...ODB tossed and turned in her sleep. Second best...

She woke up from her nightmare with a gasp. "Second best...", she panted,
while trying to catch her breath. But, as the words started to really sink
in... "Second best... ... ... SECOND BEST? THAT AIN'T HAPPENING, SKY!"

Tossing the covers aside, she jumped up and began dressing herself.

"That's it! This is the last time I'm having this nightmare. I'm One Dirty
... Bitch, I won't be humiliated by that WORM!"

ODB decided it was time to take matters into her own hands.

`I'm going to finish that whore off once and for all!' ODB thought as she
walked purposefully to where Tara kept her motorcycle. If I can't be her...If
I can't beat her in the ring and if I can't publicly destroy her...then I
might as well do it in private! An evil plan had begun forming itself in her
mind. She would run her over. Yes, that's what she was going to do. A quick
hit-and-run, no harm done. Velvet wouldn't even know what hit her. Hah, nice
pun there, ODB. Even if she came to suspect her, there's no way she could
prove anything without eyewitnesses around. And ODB would make sure that
there would be no one to interfere with her business.

ODB had finally reached her destination. She'd been bunking with Tara in the
same hotel room, so stealing her keys had not been a problem in the least.
She mounted the massive motorcycle, pushed the key into the ignition, and
took off.


Velvet Sky was already up and fully awake, as she walked to the gym. She was
always the first to get there. She liked the peace and quiet, the solitude
the early hours of the morning offered. She was around people all day, every
day; something she had always found to be extremely exhausting. She needed a
little time for herself, and working out alone was the best option yet. The
dawn wouldn't come for at least another hour - plenty of time before the
other wrestlers began to flock. She was alone, as she made her way to the
gym. Quiet...At last...Some peace and quiet...

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a loud engine. Distant at
first, then coming closer and closer. The loud noise urged Velvet to turn
around, curious to see what was causing it and why, considering it was so
ridiculously early. She turned, but before she had the time to realize what's
going on and move out of the way, she was knocked down by a large motorcycle.

Velvet was in terrible pain. She couldn't believe somebody had just run her
over. And it hadn't been an accident either, she could tell that much. The
mystery person had aimed specifically for her. They had not even tried to
stop. And now, there she was, lying with her face glued to the hard cement
that surrounded the gym.

After her effort to try and stand up had gloriously failed, Velvet broke into
a whimper. The pain, worry and frustration were overwhelming. She couldn't
move a muscle. The pain...It was excruciating. Every part of her body ached
so terribly, that Velvet was seriously afraid she might have suffered
multiple bone fractures. Velvet attempted to reposition her upper body, but,
once again the sharp pain shot through her. An almost puppy-like cry escaped
her lips. She felt so very helpless and...alone. The solitude she had gone
out of her way to find had turned against her and proven to be her worst
enemy. She had virtually no choice but to lie there and wait, until the first
wrestlers began to arrive. It wouldn't be that long. An hour, just an hour...
She had done it. She had run over Velvet Sky! That should put her wrestling
career on hold for a good while, ODB hoped. Come to think of it... She
doesn't even know it was me. She should! That information will torture her
all the more. With that thought in mind, ODB turned around and rode back to
her crime scene.

Velvet heard the roaring engine once more. It was nearing, she could hear it.
She almost panicked at the thought of being run over a second time. Once
again she tried to move, but to no avail. Her assailant had stopped behind
her now, turned the engine off and dismounted. A denim-clad figure came to
block her view. Velvet could only see the tall boots and jeans. She was too
hurt to move her head in the slightest. The booted figure began circling
Velvet slowly, like a shark closing in on its prey.

`What shall I do with her now? Think, ODB, think!'

There was a sudden stop in front of her face; the powerful kick to the head
that followed, was enough to bid Velvet goodnight.

* * *


"It's me."

"Back in town, I see. How have you been?"

"OK, I suppose. And yourself?"

"Not too bad, either. What can I do for you, O?"

"I'm going to need your cabin in the woods for the weekend, no questions

"...Alright. When do you need it?"

"Right now."

"...That's fine. I'll go drop the keys off. You'll find them in the doghouse,
the usual spot."

"Thank you."

"You got it."

"Oh you still have that wrestling ring in your basement?"



* * *

The blindfold that had literally been keeping Velvet Sky in the dark had
finally been lifted. Slowly and hesitantly, she opened her eyes, to see that
she was sitting in the middle of a large ring, in what looked like someone's
home basement. Her arms were tied firmly to the back of a steel chair.
Perfect. Just perfect.

And then, she saw her. Staring at her from across the ring, the one person
she hoped she'd never get to see outside of work, yet somehow knew would be
involved in this charade.

"ODB! Are you out of your fucking mind? Untie me right this instant, you

"Nice to see you too, Velvet. And by the way, you're one to talk, following
Angelina Love like a lost little puppy."

"We were best friends, you idiot!"

"In that case, don't you think you were a tad overzealous?"

"Oh, I love how you're making this about me and Angelina. Genius, ODB. You've
reached a whole new level of low, even for you."

"Why all this hostility? Ts ts ts... I'm saying you're jealous."

"And I'm saying you're pathetic!"

And then there was silence...

"ODB...Do you honestly think this is the way to resolve our differences?"

"Oh, I don't think...I know!"

"But...running me over? Really? Hitting me when I'm down? Have you no shame
at all?" Velvet asked in utter amazement.

ODB pretended to think for a while, then retorted. "Mmm nope...I guess I
don't!" With an evil grin, she approached the seated Velvet and stood in
front of the chair, towering over the other woman.

"Fight me!"

Does she mean what I think she does? Velvet grew anxious.

With that, ODB untied the ropes around Velvet's wrists, setting them loose.
Then, in a "come and get me" gesture, she stepped back, waiting for her
opponent to rise. Perhaps for the first time in her life, Velvet was afraid.
Normally she would have taken ODB in a wrestling match any day, but she knew
she didn't stand a chance in her injured state. Her aching body was just the
tip of the iceberg. She was pretty sure she had a separated shoulder from
when ODB had run her over. Nevertheless, she had to try her best to win, no
matter what. No, it wasn't fair. But then again...when had ODB ever played

"Come on, Velvet! Fight me! I want you to show me exactly how "hardcore" you
can be! If you win the match, I will let you go. - But! Make no mistake...if
you lose...and you will lose... I will beat you within an inch of your life,
humiliate you, make you scream in agony, take away your dignity, tear you
limb from limb...and when I'm done, I will bind and rape you just for good
measure, and you can trust that I won't be gentle. I will violate you in
every possible way, and I will make sure you remain fully aware of what's
happening. And if you try to pull any of your little stunts on me...know that
there is always worse I can do to you. But, one thing is certain. You will
never be the same again after I'm done with you."

Oh, boy...By the looks of her and by the sound of that monologue that was
dripping with disdain, I can tell she means business. Let's hope I get
lucky...Somehow...Oh, where's Kurt Angle when you need him? Velvet could feel
the panic attack just begging to take over.

ODB was the one to initiate the match. She started going at Velvet with a
series of tight Clotheslines, followed by a powerful Dropkick that made
Velvet's brain shake in her skull. Grabbing her opponent by the hair, ODB
lifted her up and began twisting her arm, but Velvet countered that arm-twist
with her signature single-hand Cartwheel into a Monkey Flip. Rolling over to
her feet, ODB pushed herself back on the ropes to build momentum and attacked
Velvet with a Lou Thesz Press, however the latter successfully dodged it with
a Baseball Slide. ODB smiled, as she saw Velvet favor her shoulder. Glad to
see my little motorcycle adventure wasn't for nothing... An offensive Arm
Drag Takedown on the part of ODB landed Velvet on her back, rendering her
unable to make any more use of her injured arm. The sight caused ODB to smile
inwardly in satisfaction. A few cheap shots later, Velvet was lying helpless
on one side of the ring, ODB basking in her victory. If one could call it

ODB pulled a small pair of scissors from her boot, leaned over Velvet and
grabbed a handful of hair. Vevet somehow managed to roll over at the last
second, and ODB's scissors only cut a tiny lock.

"Huh...I guess I will have to finish that task later. Kindly remind me, WILL
YA?" ODB put the sample of Velvet's hair in the pocket of her pants, and
walked over to Velvet, who in the meantime had rolled out of the ring and
landed hard onto the unpadded concrete floor.

Before Velvet had time to recover from the shock, ODB punched her with a
brass-knuckled fist. "It's lights out, Velvet!" That final blow to her head
delivered with cruelty left Velvet completely useless.

"Do you submit now, Sky?"

Velvet's body was in so much pain, that eventually it caved in.

When she saw that Velvet had stopped struggling, ODB knelt over her and began
ripping her clothes apart. From her shirt and jeans, right down to her
underwear, all the while Velvet was fighting to suppress her tears.

Forcing Velvet's legs apart with one hand, ODB traced the other down Velvet's
body, leaving vicious scratch marks behind. Lowering herself on top of her,
she ran her tongue over Velvet's chest, all the way up to her collarbone,
neck and cheeks. Her tongue repeated that same route, this time in the
opposite direction. ODB went lower and lower, until she stopped to hover
right above Velvet's entrance.

"Who knew The Big Apple could look so good? I always knew I'd like it up

Without warning, ODB's fingers found their way between Velvet's legs and
inside her, resulting in screams of pain and disbelief.

"Are you aware, Sky? Huh, Velvet? This is my tongue licking your face, these
are my nails scraping your flesh...those are my fingers you feel inside you!

Velvet hoped ODB wouldn't notice the tiny trickle that had escaped and was
running down her cheek, threatening to turn into a waterfall. If only she
could fight back... ODB's fingers continued to go in and out of her,
gradually widening her opening.

"Not so "Beautiful" now, huh Cinderella?"

Velvet gasped as ODB curled her fingers, then scraped the inner walls of her
vagina with her nails, removing her digits from inside of her in an almost
savage fashion. ODB held up her hand in front of Velvet's face. Velvet
noticed her juices all over ODB's hand were now a crimson shade.

"What's the matter, Vel?" ODB smiled smugly, adding in a tone of mockery,
"Like what you see?"

"Enough with the double-entendres, ODB...Haven't you tortured me enough

"Oh, and Velvet...this is your blood and fluids I'll be tasting..."

And with that, ODB brought her hand up to her mouth and ran her tongue slowly
all over her bloodied fingers, clearly enjoying herself. The sight was so
painful for Velvet to watch, she just closed her eyes, hoping the unbearable
image would disappear. But it didn't.

ODB had tasted her very essence. That was not supposed to happen. She had
stolen something from her. Something precious, meant for the one Velvet would
choose to give her heart to one day.

Velvet Sky felt completely disgusting. The skin on her entire body smelled
like ODB's perfume. She reeked of ODB, which was more than she could handle.
It felt as if she'd been robbed of her own identity, and was now property of

"How does it feel to have my scent all over you, Velvet?" ODB's torture
seemed to progress to no end.

The light in Velvet's eyes had gone out; the fire that once burned had given
way to the void. She gave ODB a look so totally soulless, even ODB was taken
aback momentarily. But then she resumed her wicked game on Velvet's mind and

"And don't think you'll be taking a shower. You won't wash me off so easily,
oh no. I will make sure you get all...cleaned up."

ODB pushed Velvet's legs further apart, and lowered herself between her
thighs, which were stained with fluids and blood. Swiping her tongue over the
red stains, she began working it in an almost circular motion. She had to
admit, adding her enemy's blood to her list of recognizable tastes was more
empowering than she could ever have imagined.

When ODB was satisfied with cleaning Velvet, her tongue strayed from Velvet's
inner thighs to her opening. Not bothering with teasing of any kind, ODB
penetrated her with lust. She began thrusting in and out, slowly at first,
but picking up speed. She tastes sweet...That can't be! She's supposed to be
revolting...I'm supposed to find her revolting...

Velvet was overcome by shock and fear, finding that she liked what ODB was
doing to her. Sure, it stung, but it felt warm, sending a strangely soothing
sensation to her violated core. No...please, don't... I hate you, ODB! ...
Why am I enjoying this? Why do I not find this revolting, WHY? How could
ODB's evil feel so good and nightmarish at the same time? Her body did not
seem to understand how wrong it all was. Velvet tried to stifle her now
uncontrollable sobs, which only seemed to heighten the sensation.

ODB felt Velvet's shaking body suddenly go into spasms under her. Without
wasting time, she slipped a finger in Velvet, feeling Velvet's muscles
convulse around it, as she stimulated her entrance once again with her
thrust. The slightest moan escaped Velvet's lips, but ODB heard it. She had
reached her peak, it was unmistakable. ODB's lips morphed into a twisted

"Was that an orgasm, Velvet Sky? Well...a most interesting turn of events, I
should say."

But ODB wasn't done yet. There was one more thing she had to have.

"And...the best for last, Velvet! I promised I would have all of you, didn't

Straddling Velvet and tugging at a handful of her hair, ODB attacked Velvet's
lips with a kiss so raw and intense, that Velvet bled into ODB's lip-lock.
ODB pulled back for a split second, after which she resumed with frenzied
lust, lapping up every drop she could get out of Velvet.

Velvet felt so weak that her initial resistance to the kiss faded, just as
her body's resistance had faded earlier. Besides, what Velvet needed more
than anything after what she'd endured was a little tenderness, and at that
point it didn't matter where it came from, or in what form. Nothing mattered.
She felt like a wild horse that had fallen into human hands, a wild horse
that had been bound and broken. All she wanted was to fall asleep, wake up
and realize it had all been a horrible dream. For, how could something so
diabolical be true?

ODB noticed that Velvet had stopped struggling and softened the kiss,
savoring the way she tasted. The feeling was almost electric. It sent shivers
down her entire body. Her grasp on Velvet's hair loosened as well, and she
found herself caressing Velvet's soft, auburn locks. She loved the feeling.
She loved Velvet's taste. She wanted to have her again, and again. And again.
Along with the kiss, however, a sudden realization dropped on ODB like a
bombshell. She hated Velvet for invading TNA and stealing her thunder. She
hated her for her popularity, her success, her happy face, for the fact that
she was adored by everyone, while they despised her. She hated her for being
the brightest star on the roster. Yes, she hated Velvet Sky with passion. She
hated her so much that, in fact...

I'm in love with her...

Her obsession went beyond rivalry, beyond spite. And still, something else
dawned on ODB: the things she had done to Velvet. None of which someone would
inflict on the person they loved. She wished she'd connected lips with Velvet
right from the start. All it had taken was that one kiss for her to know. If
only she could take her abhorrent actions back; she knew she'd do it in a

My god, what have I done? Leaving a passed-out Velvet behind, she stormed to
the bathroom and locked herself in.

I hate everything about you

Why do I love you?

I hate everything about you

Why do I love you...

As she sat on the edge of the bathtub, ODB pulled Velvet's lock of hair out
of her pocket. She looked at the shiny strand, then brought it to her nose.
It smelled of her. It smelled of Velvet. A heavenly mixture of strawberry,
mountain breeze, horse and baby powder. ODB chuckled at the thought and
pushed the tiny lock back into its special place, as tears started trickling
down her face, ruining her make-up. She had wanted that hair, yes. She had
even challenged Velvet to a hair match for it. What she hadn't realized, was
that she wanted the hair with Velvet attached to it. She wanted all of
Velvet. It had taken her long enough to figure this out, and now she feared
she might have destroyed a wonderful person for good.

She turned to the mirror, but couldn't bear to look at herself. She let out a
loud scream that came from the depths of her very soul, and trashed the
mirror into a million pieces with her bare knuckles. Not even her injured
hands, however, were enough to divert her thoughts from Velvet. Velvet,
Velvet, always Velvet...

Only when I stop to think about it

If only she had been born a man, then things would have been simple from the
beginning. The story between Velvet and her would have turned out
differently. She would have known her feelings were love. She would have
recognized them. She wouldn't have been blinded by her own ego. The thought
that she could fall for another woman had never occurred to her, and when
love and lust struck her hard and fast, she mistook them for envy and hate.
After all, the line between love and hate isn't always all that visible.
Only when I stop to think about you, I know

I hate everything about you

Why do I love you

I hate everything about you

Why do I love you...

ODB glanced out the bathroom window. It was raining heavily. You couldn't
even tell it was early afternoon. Ideal weather for so morbid a day... She
sighed deeply, took a moment to pull herself together and exited the
bathroom. She walked over to Velvet with resolve, picked her up in her arms
and took her to the bedroom upstairs, positioning her on the soft and
comfortable bed.

She was going to nurse Velvet's ravaged body; she was going to bring the once
cheerful and bouncy blonde back to life. Whatever it took. She had done the
damage, now she was going to fix it. She could only hope it wasn't too late
to make amends.

As ODB gently arranged Velvet's limbs under the covers, she felt her body was
unusually hot. Despite her high temperature, however, her entire body was
shivering as if from the cold, and her lips had turned a scary violet. The
exhaustion from her multiple injuries and the cold surroundings had resulted
in a fever.

ODB cringed. On top of everything, she had gotten Velvet sick. She shouldn't
have stripped Velvet of her clothes. She shouldn't have let her lie nude on
the hard, cold concrete floor, while she had her way with her. She shouldn't
have brutally raped her... She wondered if Velvet would ever be a "rockin'
beautiful girl running wild and free" again... Would her spirit ever be free?

"Oh god, no...!" ODB cried out as she stripped down to her underwear and got
under the covers with Velvet. She lowered herself against Velvet's lying form
until their bodies touched, and wrapped herself around her. "Come on, Velvet,
fight this, don't let me down now..."

Hours later, ODB lay asleep on top of Velvet, who was still quite out of it,
though desperately fighting to regain control of her consciousness. She
finally slowly came to, only to discover in horror that ODB was all over her
again. She started squealing and writhing beneath her with what little force
she could muster, pulling ODB right out of her dreamless sleep.

"Hey, stop it. Shshsh..." ODB tried to calm her down.

"Calm down, I tell you..." Velvet kept trying to push ODB off her.

"Would you relax, I'm not doing anything! Shh, it's alright. I'm only trying
to get you warm."

"Don't hurt me..." Velvet's plea was heartbreaking.

"I won't...It's not going to happen." She wanted to tell Velvet she'd never
hurt her. But she already had, in so many unspeakable ways.

"What more do you want from me?" Velvet tried to speak in between sobs. "I
don't understand. I've already shed tears and bled for you, ODB. More than
once. There is nothing else I can give you. My defenses are gone, you see.
You've spent every ounce of me. I've no more walls for you to bring down.
I've no more life left in me; I am dead inside, and that is all because of

ODB's eyes watered up, as images of everything that had transpired earlier
flashed before her.

I've already shed tears and bled for you, ODB...

She couldn't bear to see Velvet this way, so beaten down and miserable.
I've no more life left in me...

I am dead inside...

...all because of you...

Burying her face in Velvet's hair, she broke down like she never had before.
Velvet could feel hot tears wet her bare shoulder, and ODB's body shake
violently on top of hers. Not entirely certain whether the tears were ODB's
or her very own, or both, she remained paralyzed.

"I love you..." The words escaped ODB's lips before she could stop herself.
"I've loved you all along. I know that now..."

The heartfelt confession moved Velvet to more tears, which flowed freely on
her face, her hair, her neck, the pillow underneath. She wanted to hate ODB,
but somehow she found herself unable to. She hated ODB's actions, but not
her. So, she did the only thing she could do. She wrapped her arms around
ODB's waist and held her.

ODB was startled by the unexpected contact and pulled back to face Velvet.
And then she saw it. All the pain, all the hurt, all the despair, reflected
in Velvet's beautiful brown eyes.

How could I? She's could I?

But, there was something else. Something that hadn't been there before. ODB
saw her need to be taken care of. Her need to be cradled tenderly, her need
to be comforted and whispered gently to. The need to be taken into loving
arms and held, while she poured her heart out in bitter tears. ODB knew she
needed that comfort just as much as Velvet did.

And, not knowing what else to do, she leaned in for the kiss. That
unfortunate kiss that should have been their first and only contact of flesh
against flesh. Alas, it was too late for that now.

ODB hoped beyond hope that that kiss would let Velvet know just how much she
meant to her. How she loved her, with all her being. She had to show
her...while it was still dark, before the first rays of sunlight began to
creep in and kill the shadows that kept ODB's courage alive.

ODB got so consumed by the intensity of it all, it took her a while to
realize that Velvet was kissing her back. That only prompted ODB to hold onto
Velvet even tighter, as if she were but a figment of her imagination,
threatening to dissolve into oblivion.

Velvet caught ODB's still bleeding hands and placed them at each side of her
ribcage. Taking a moment to feel the warmth of Velvet's skin against her
palms, ODB slowly slid her right hand up Velvet's chest, until she found her
heart. It beat fast, not unlike her own. Neither of them was sure of what
they were doing and if they even should, their minds clouded by hurt and the
need for affection and comfort. The need to feel something. Anything. The
need to forget. Terrible as it was, they both knew that from that moment on,
they belonged to each other. For, nothing, good or bad, could ever come close
to what they'd shared.

"Can you ever forgive me, Velvet?" ODB found the strength to look Velvet in
the eyes, but just barely. Those big, brown orbs staring back at her weighed
heavily on her conscience.

"I already have, ODB." Velvet leaned in and placed a soft kiss on ODB's lips.
ODB's heart sank. She wanted to throw herself at Velvet, hug her for all she
was worth, and never let her go. But deep down, she knew none of it was
possible anymore.

Only when I stop to think about you, I know
Only when you stop to think about me, do you know
I hate everything about you
Why do I love you
You hate everything about me
Why do you love me
I hate
You hate
I hate
You love me
I hate everything about you
Why do I love you.

"Velvet...Will I ever see you again?" It was as if the words had spoken

"I have no doubt about that... Perhaps one day we can start over. With a
clean slate."

A clean slate...

"But for now, I'm going back home to New York. I need a break from
everything. From wrestling...From reality." Velvet met ODB's eyes. Mixed
emotions took hold of her, suddenly making her question her decision to
leave. But no, they needed to part ways for a while. They needed that time
apart if they hoped to even stand a chance. "So long, ODB."

They both knew this was goodbye. At least for now.

As Velvet turned to leave, ODB caught her arm to stop her. Velvet glanced up
at her, giving her a questioning look. She could see the tears that ODB was
trying so hard to hold back glisten against the morning sun.

"It's Jessica."

"Jessica..." Velvet repeated the name of the woman who had put her through
hell and heaven all in twenty-four hours. The woman who had sent her to
Helicon and brought her back single-handedly.

"So long...Jessica."

And with that, Velvet left a fraction of the past behind. Her wounds would
take time to heal, but she could see the rainbow up ahead. As far as she was
concerned...the beginning of the end had just begun.

The End

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