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The Deal With Stephanie McMahon
by The Flying Anvil

Hulk Hogan always wanted to end his career where he first became famous
in the WWF. After WCW was bought he though that dream would finally come
true but after half a year and no phone call from the WWF he decided to take
matters into his own hands. When he was in the WWF he knew that Stephanie
McMahon had a crush on him and cried for days when he was fired by her dad
(well she was only about 10 at the time.) He still got Christmas and birthday
cards from her, so he felt she was the person to go to about getting his job
back. He booked a meeting with her, to be held the very next day. He was
strangely nevus, as he knew this was the only chance he had to get his foot
in the door.

He did not get much sleep that night but still managed to wake up late.
This was not a good start. He arrived at Titan Towers sweating as he ran all
the way. He was half an hour late and Steph had brought all her meetings
forward and he was told by the receptionist that he would have to wait for
about 2 hours before he could be fitted in again. He did not argue at least
he was given another chance.

He sat down in the hallway in front of a big poster containing all of the
WWF Divas. He thought to himself that the T and A had defiantly improved
since the late 80’s when Miss Elizabeth was considered sexy. He also noticed
how well formed Steph had become. He began to daydream about Steph being
still interested in him. His daydreaming was cut short when out of Steph’s
offices came a pissed off Trish Stratus. She was wearing a tight black top
in which her nipples stuck out a mile and a tight leather mini skirt. There
was also a strong smell of fish in the air.

Being the nice kind of guy he was he asked what was up. Trish looked up
and saw who it was she grabbed his hand and dragged him off to the toilets
she explained that Steph had made her lick her out and did not give me
anything back. She then told him that she always thought he was sexy and she
thought he could help her out. Hulk always-helped damsels in distress said
he would help in any way he could.

With that he pulled up he top to reveal the most perfect pair of tits he
had seen in his life. They were huge and they had the cutest pink noses. He
sucked on them like a baby to its mother. Trish began to pull down the
Hulkster's trousers to reveal his 24-inch python. She was shocked by the size
of it. She was use to Vince’s 5 inched. She wrapped her succulent lips round
it but could only get 8 inches in her mouth but this was not giving either
of them pleasure.

Hulk had had this problem before with Sensational Queen Sherri back in the
golden days. He forced Trish to the floor and pushed his python between her
tits and Trish continued to suck on his first 8 inches while she tit winked
the rest. This continued for 5 minutes until Hulk exploded in to her mouth.
It was so much that Trish started to choke when she tried to swallow. Hulk
quickly got behind her in the Heimlich Manuver. It would not look good to
kill the WWF top diva.

With the thrusts his python got caught up Trish's tight behind. She
started screaming for him to get out of there (well at least she's
breathing.) Hulk tried to get himself out but 15 inches was still caught in
her arse. She continued to scream and the screams brought another diva
through the door it was Torrie Wilson. When she saw what was happening she
was not that surprised. She had been in WCW with Hulk and Hulk had often
been caught up her tight butt. She grabbed the soap off the sink and rubbed
it on the Hulkster’s python. He slowly slipped himself out of her it took a
whole hour to get it all the way out.

By now Torrie was so desperate to get a bit of the Hulk she slipped out
of her clothing to reveal Hogan's favourite piece of arse in WCW. Her body
was used to the 24 inch Python and was eager to have him in her again as no
other man could satisfy but him. Trish was pissed at Hogan he had cum 5 times
as he was getting out of her arse. She busily cleaned her self off and she
was planning her revenge she saw Torrie on top of Hogan. She had a plan she
still had not had any pleasure yet so she devised a way to get pleasure and
revenge. She went over and sat on Hulk's face.

Hulk was on top of the world he was fucking WCW’s best Torrie and eating
out WWF finest Trish. Trish was enjoying he self and had cum 6 times as much
as Hogan did. She decided it was time for revenge. She stood up over Hogan's
face. Torrie was in ecstasy and Hogan was nowhere near finished. Trish was
squatting over Hogan's face and began to piss on his head to her dismay Hogan
appeared to be enjoying his self and he drunk every last drop.

Hogan came in Torrie but she wanted more Trish told her to wait for a
moments and she would join he after she had finished with Hogan. She squatted
over Hulk's head again. Hulk opened his mouth and closed his eyes thinking he
would get another taste of Trish's sweet piss. But instead she began to shit
on his head. Hogan began to eat the shit but began to through up he realised
he was not only eating her shit but his own cum that was still logged up her
arse. Trish got up and went over to the laughing Torrie and began to lick out
her slack pussy.

After Hulk had finished being sick he looked at his watch to realise that
he was late for his meeting. He got up from the floor and began to try to
tidy himself up but his mouth still had a brown tint from the shit and
smelled of a mixture of cum piss and shit. He did not have time to worry. He
left the bathroom calling Trish a whore. But she did not care she was too
busy fingering Torrie.

He rushed off to his meeting and went straight in to Steph's offices.
Steph was certainly a lot bigger than he remember even since the picture he
saw of her earlier. Hogan was transfixed on her huge globes. Hogan apologised
for being late, Steph told him not to worry but she did not have long to see
him. Steph started by saying how good it was to see him again. She came over
to him and gave him a hug (they were close friends). Her huge jugs pressed
into Hogan muscular body. Hogan was getting hard again and he knew she could
feel it against her.

She backed away from him and said god dame it you truly smell like an
old man but I can feel you have lost any of your functions. She was still
attracted to him. She saw him still looking at her knockers. She asks him
if he like her new look. She then asked if he wanted a closer look. She
unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a lacy black bra, which barely held back
her mammoth jugs. Hogan began to walk over to come get himself some. But
Steph screamed stop and told him the only way he was going to get some of
her was to get a picture of his cum in at least 3 other women in the WWF in
just an hour as this will prove you still have sex appeal she thought he
did. Hogan felt up to the challenge but was still conceded with his contract
Steph said she would consider it if he could please her divas and later

Hulk wondered the hall looking for his first victim. He saw Lita crying
when Hulk asked what was up Lita said she had had an argument with her
boyfriend Matt Hardy. Hogan said for her to follow him to one of the side
offices so they could talk about it. Hogan had a plan.

When in the room Lita said Matt was angry because of what she had said in
an sex survey on the internet. Lita then said that she told him that she had
only had one other sexual partner but she has had a lot more than that.

Hogan was sympathetic and said that everyone needed some love when they
are on the road. Hogan then told her that he felt she was the most attractive
and if he was a younger man he would have made a move himself. Lita felt
sorry for Hulk and was feeling a little horny she told him that he should not
be so down on his self. She said she still found him sexy and would never say
no to such a big sexy man.

Hogan then ripped off her top to reveal that she was wearing no bra. Her
breast were not the biggest he had ever seen but they may have been the
firmest he had ever felt. He had read she enjoyed to take it up the arse so
he quickly got her trousers down and move her thong to the side and began to
chocolate starfish Lita. She really began to enjoy herself. But Hogan with a
sense of emergency got his trousers down to reveal his hard 24 inch python.
He spread some of Lita’s cum from her cunt to lube up her arse. He plunged
it right in with relative ease. She really had a lot of dick up her arse.
But Lita was screaming as Hogan was going in and out of her butt. It did not
take him long before he came deep inside her. He quickly took a picture of
his cum covered dick coming out of her arse. Hogan told her he had to go
though he was not shore she cared as she continued to finger her cum filled

He continued to search the hallways looking for his next victim and after
10 minutes. He began to hear somebody moaning as he was passing the bathroom
he had both Trish and Torrie earlier. He though he would kill two birds with
one stone if he could get a picture of the two cum covered victims. He
creeped into the bathroom and stuck his camera around the corner but then
realised it was not the two he had expected but it was Jackie fingering her
self on the floor. He took a picture.

Jackie was shocked by the flash. Hogan went round the corner and told her
if she did not let him wank with her Jackie readily agreed as she felt so
lonely wanking alone. Hogan told her that her needed to see some more than
just her pink slit to get hard on. Jackie did not mind taking off her top as
she had done it on two of the WWF PPV’s. She showed Hogan her big brown
breast with her large puffy nipples.

He was in heaven this was certainly better than when he saw Sweet
Sapphire's tits in the early 90’s. He began to rub his nob as Jackie rubbed
her slit. It seemed to take him some time. It may have been the pressure of
the situation but he just could not cum. Jackie could see the problem he was
having an it started to put him off. She asked if he wanted to some help.
She wrapped he lush lips around his dick and to Hogan’s amazement began to
deep throat him. Nobody had ever done that to him before it did not take him
to realised his load in the back of her throat.

Hogan quickly took a picture of Jackie and ran out before she could stop
him. He was running through Titan Tower not realising his pants were still
round his ankles. He realised and quickly ran into the next office he saw. He
started to pull up his trousers but stopped when he heard a familiar voice it
was his old lover Linda McMahon. She said, "Your still as big as you used to
be I still have a hole for you to fill."

Though she was the reason she he was forced to leave the WWF in the first
place. It seemed to still had a thing for him and with 10 minutes to go
before the deadline he had no other choose. He turned around to see a naked
Linda. It was disgusting she certainly did not age well. He tried not to let
that put him off. He had his mind set on all the Divas he had had today and
what he was going to do to her daughter later.

His python began to grow again with his eyes closed he walked closer to
the desk where Linda was lying. he slipped his hot rod into this slack old
lady. In his mind he was running through all of the great women he had
shagged and he felt depressed that he had gone back to the crappest bird he
had ever dipped his rod in. He concentrated himself with business. As he only
had 5 minutes before his meeting he slapped in and out of her sloppy cunt
while concentrating on a picture of her daughter which was on her desk.

Linda was getting so hot and excited she suddenly collapsed. Hogan was
worried but kept going for the sake of a job. He eventually came and made
took a picture in the best position he could put her in. He cleaned her up
and put her on a chair and got a porn site up on the internet so it looks
like she got so excited by the porn she collapsed.

He quickly left and hurried to Steph’s office and put the pictures on her
desk. As she flicked through them her hand went under her skirt she was
masturbating her wet cunt. When she got to the picture of her mother’s dead
body she became more vigorous. She was getting turned on by the thought of
her own mother dead.

Hogan asked about his job. But Steph was to engrossed giving herself
pleasure. Hulk took that as a yes and took down his trousers getting ready
to Hulk up again. His python got Steph’s attention she got down on her knees
and took it all in her mouth. She had had a wide variety of knobs in her
mouth in the past but his was certainly the biggest. Even compared to her
soon to be ex-husband Triple H and her current main squeeze Chris Jericho.

Hogan was enjoying himself she had taken even more than Jackie had. He
was close to cumming again Stephanie could sense this and took it out saying
that he was not to cum yet as she had no pleasure from him yet. Hulk knew
exactly what to do and he ripped of her skirt and stuck his long thick tongue
into her tight lips.

It was not long before she was cumming over and over again and she had
not even felt the power of his python yet. hulk felt it was time he put her
spread eagle on the desk and began to pound his huge dick in her wet cunt.
She began to scream with a mixture of pleasure and pain. She did not want him
to stop and Hogan had no intention to.

But suddenly Chris Jericho burst through the door to see what was up with
his current love interst when he saw what was happening he shove Hogan off of
her and began screaming at him about Jericho always spoiling her fun and how
he was going to pay for this. Chris eventually stopped and lefted telling
Steph to go with him she refused and he stormed out.

She was so pissed off but Hogan was in no fit stat to help. She went in
her draw and signed a 10 year contracted for Hulk as long as he kept giving
her that sort of loving everyday Hulk agreed and signed the contracked. Hogan
had the time of his life for the next 4 years fucking Steph and holding the
WWF title even longer than he did in the eighties. But died an untimely death
when the pleasure given by Steph was too much and he had a heart attack. As
for Chris Jericho he soon was demoted to working the under card of Metal for
the rest of his of his long life.

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