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Disclaimer: The following is a violent rape story featuring a female celebrity and a fictional male. If you do not enjoy violent stories, then you should not read this.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at - or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me and I like the celeb (no Miley, no Ariana, no Scarlett and absolutely no Kardashian/Jenner).

Celebs: Renee Young

Summary: Renee Young trains with an outside trainer

Codes: MF, celeb, rape, anal, tort, viol, bond, toys

The Demon Trainer Part 1: Renee Young
by TheBigLove126

Renee Young arrived at the old, beaten down gym just south of Orlando, Florida. She was about to take a private training course so she could experience what it takes to become a professional wrestler. In her short time as an employee of World Wrestling Entertainment, working as a backstage reporter and colour commentator, she had always wondered if her body could take the pounding of a training session. After a brief meeting with NXT trainer Bill DeMott, she was referred to this outside training facility to test herself out.

The blonde Canadian hopped out of her car, dressed in her normal workout gear that consisted of a red sports bra, a matching pair of tight shorts, a black NXT hoodie and a brand new pair of white sneakers. Her long locks were tied in a ponytail and a workout bag of fresh clothes hung over her shoulder.

Just as the twenty-nine year old was about to open the door to enter the gym, another woman was leaving. She had a look of disgust on her face as she bumped into Renee.

"Hey, how's it going?" Renee asked the clearly exhausted woman, noticing that she was indy wrestler KC Cassidy.

"You next?" KC asked, receiving a nod. "Good luck, you won't ever forget what that guy does to you...ever."

"I'm tough enough to handle anything," Renee responded as she walked by her and entered the gym.

"Yeah right," KC whispered as she grabbed her crotch, hissing in pain.

Renee went into the main room of the gym and saw a muscular man in the wrestling ring, running the ropes.

"Hello?" Renee shouted out.

The man looked over at her and ducked out of the ring. He walked over to the blonde and extended a hand.

"Damon," he said.

"Renee," she responded as she shook his hand.

"The Performance Center called and said I would be getting a WWE chick, can't say I was expecting an announcer," he said as he looked down at the five foot, five inch tall woman, whom he towered over more than a foot.

"I wanted to give it a go and see if I can wrestle," she said as she dropped her bag on the floor and took her hoodie off.

Renee was a bit uncomfortable as he stared at her body with very focused eyes. She shuffled off into the ring while he followed her. He stood outside the ring and instructed her to run the ropes and do forward rolls. She did as she was told and was perfect with her rolls despite struggling with the ropes. Damon slid in the ring and showed her how to properly run them.

"Attack them," he yelled as he ran past her. "Let them launch you forward."

Damon got out of the ring and made her try again. She was better but still not perfect. He continued to yell out instructions, allowing her to slowly improve until she had it down.

"Keep going, don't stop until I tell you," he shouted, getting a nod from her.

Renee continued to run the ropes, back and forth, for several minutes. Despite being in fantastic shape, she was starting to feel discomfort as time went by. She occasionally looked down at Damon, who was still glaring up and down her body.

"When can I stop?" she asked. "My feet are starting to hurt."

"Stop when I tell you to," he stated as he backed away from the ring. "Keep going."

For an hour, Renee ran back and forth across the ring, sweat pouring down her face and covering all the exposed skin on her body. Her legs and back were tightening up on her while her shoulder blades and butt were sore from the constant bouncing off of the tightly bound ropes. She fought hard to keep her speed up but was wearing down too much and was barely over a jog.

"I need a break," she groaned as she softly bounced against the ropes.

"Fine," Damon grunted before walking away.

Renee sat in the corner, resting her back against the turnbuckle, and took deep breaths. She kicked off her sneakers and began to rub her feet, sliding up to her calves. The tired woman continued to tend to herself for a few minutes before Damon returned and slid into the ring.

"Get up," he said with some anger in his voice.

Renee sighed and slowly pulled herself to her feet. She kept a tight grip on the top rope to keep her standing, since her feet were still pulsating in discomfort.

"Do a springboard attack," he commanded.

Renee tried to jump up to the middle rope but slipped and fell down.

"Again!" he yelled.

The blonde failed again and fell to the mat.

"AGAIN!" he yelled louder.

Once again, Renee tried and could not complete the instruction. She pulled herself to her feet again and looked over her shoulder at the very angry trainer.

"If you are not going to try, why are you here?" he asked as he walked towards her.

"I am trying!" she yelled back.

"Bullshit," he responded. "If you are here to waste my time, then you're gonna fucking pay."

Before Renee could react, Damon grasped her right wrist and wrapped a zip-tie around it, bounding her to the top rope. He lightly kicked her in the ankle to take her attention away and to give him the opportunity to tie her other wrist tightly to the rope. The confused blonde tried to move but she was locked in place.

"What the hell?" she asked before feeling a hard slap on her ass.

"They don't call me 'Damon the Demon' for nothing," he whispered in her ear before pulling her shorts down, exposing the black thong she was wearing.

Damon hook a finger into the underwear and yanked it as hard as possible, giving her a major wedgie before the fabric tore off of her sweaty lower body.

"HELP!" she screamed. "RAPE!"

"No one can hear you, ya cunt," he said before wrapping the torn thong around her neck and choking her for a few seconds.

Renee coughed and grunted as she felt the fabric cut off her air supply. Just as she thought she would pass out, Damon let go and threw the underwear aside. The tall man finished pulling her shorts down until she was left only in her bra and socks.

Damon pulled his sweatpants down, freeing his rock-hard, eight inch cock which stood tall in front of him. Renee was still catching her breath and did not notice his erect member slowly walking towards her. She peeked over her shoulder in time to see it disappear behind her and out of sight.

"Please...don't," she begged through heavy breath. "You can have anything...I have money."

"I can't fuck money," Damon snarled as he pressed the head of his cock against her pussy. "I can fuck some grade-A Canadian cunt and THAT is a much better option."

Damon thrusted forward with no restraint and wedged his cock into her tight, sweaty cunt. He laughed as she heard her deep groan of disgust at having her private area violated by a man she barely knew and did not like. She tried to fight free from her restraint but realized very quickly that she was nowhere near strong enough to break free.

"Please stop!" she begged over the sound of skin slapping loudly together.

Damon ignored her and slapped her ass hard. He leaned forward and bit down on the last piece of real clothing she wore her sports bra. He locked onto the fabric and tried to tear her breasts free. The man had a big mouth and very healthy teeth so, with some work, he was able to bite the bra off of her. She started to cry as she watched her bra fall to the ground beneath her and felt a warm hand grope her perky, hanging breasts.

Damon continued to grunt and groan as he held full control over the weak and worn down Renee Young. The frightened woman still fought hard to break away from him, despite knowing that it was useless. The rape continued for a few minutes, embarrassing the interviewer as her pussy became wetter by the second. She knew that she had no control over her sexual response but was still disgusted at herself.

Just as Renee was about to reach the ultimate humiliation, an orgasm, Damon pulled his wet, throbbing cock from her swampy cunt and pressed it against her puckered ass hole.

"No!" she screamed. "Not there! Keep raping my pussy, just please don't put it there!"

Damon grabbed her ponytail and pulled it as hard as he could, causing her scream.

"I'll do WHAT I want..." he said before sliding the head of his cock past her sphincter. "...WHEN I want!"

Renee let out a blood-curdling scream as, for the first time in her life, she had her anus invaded. She could not believe the amount of pain and discomfort she felt. Even though this was a rape and all other sexual adventures have been consensual, anal sex was just something that scared her. She knew that it would hurt and she had a lower tolerance for pain, hence the reason she said she would never do it. Unfortunately for the blonde Canadian, she had no choice. Damon was here with only one goal in mind, to hurt and humiliate his victim.

Tears fell from Renee's check, down onto her shredded bra below as he violently thrusted back and forth into her virgin hole. She silently begged that he would finish quickly and get out of her. Unfortunately, she was forced to experience the pain for almost three minutes before he pulled away from her.

Damon walked over to the corner and sat on the top rope while furiously jerking his cock. He screamed at Renee to look at him. Just as she turned her head, she caught a thick shot of semen directly in her eye. She groaned and turned away, allowing him to shoot the rest of his cum into her hair and onto her back. She loudly sobbed as she felt the warm, sticky spunk slide down her sweaty back. The cum in her eye dripped down to her upper lip, giving her both a strong taste and a strong smell of her rapist's seed.

"Damn that was good," Damon pridefully exclaimed as he climbed off of the top rope and slid out of the ring.

The man looked under the ring and threw a kendo stick into the ring. He got back inside the squared circle and picked up the weapon.

"I know you know what this is," he said as he poked her in the ass cheek with the flexible wooden stick.

Renee looked over shoulder and her one open eye opened wider.

"Please...not that...please," she begged, still panting.

Damon held the stick up high and swung down, intentionally missing Renee's back. She squealed and tensed up before hearing him laugh.

"Did you just piss yourself?" he asked, seeing a yellow stream rushing down her inner thigh.

"Ye-yes," she answered, humiliated.

"You fucking whore, now I have to replace the canvas!" he yelled before swinging the kendo stick like a baseball bat, hitting her horizontally across her already-reddened ass cheeks.

Strike after strike across her ass for nearly five minutes left her in extreme pain. Somehow, there was very little blood despite her ass being whipped hard. By the time he was done whipping her, it looked like she was wearing a sheer, red bikini bottom. He smirked at his success of inflicting pain on his rape victim.

After tossing the kendo stick aside, Damon began to masturbate once again, this time keeping his cock pointed at the damaged skin on Renee's ass. She knew what he was doing and was just preparing for the stinging pain she would soon endure.

Without her knowing, Damon picked the kendo stick back up and pressed the end of it against her abused asshole.

"It ain't over yet," he quickly said before sliding the weapon inside her.

Renee's jaw dropped and she took sharp breaths while the damaged stick slid inside of her with little difficulty. Her own cunt juices, still slick from the earlier ass rape, assisted the stick in sliding almost a foot inside her. Damon began to twist the toy around, causing severe pain to the interviewer. The sounds she made were so appealing to him that he quickly achieved orgasm and spread his salty seed all over her damaged ass.

Renee's back arched and every muscle tensed up from the extreme stinging pain she felt on her once perfect ass. Damon violently ripped the kendo stick out of her ass and threw it out of the ring. He grabbed a razor knife and cut the zip-ties off of her wrists. She collapsed to the ground and curled into the fetal position, crying like a baby. Her rape was over but the memories would be fresh forever.

Damon pulled one of Renee's grey socks off of her and tucked it away to keep as a trophy. He knelt down by sobbing victim to make sure she kept everything to herself.

"There are cameras rolling all around this room," he whispered into her ear, lying. "You tell anyone about this or try to stop anymore girls from coming here, each of those videos will be released for the world to see. Got it."

"Ye-yes," she said through tears. "C-can I g-go?"

"If you were smart, you'd leave before my dick gets hard again."

Renee rolled out of the ring and grabbed her bag from the ground. She quickly pulled her fresh clothes out and dressed herself, leaving in a knee-length purple skirt and tight black tank top. She retrieved her sneakers and hoodie before dashing out of the gym. The tormented girl ran inside her car, planted her head against the steering wheel and cried for nearly an hour before heading home.

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