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The Destruction Of AJ
by JGarces

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a person who claims to be "straight-edge", and then tries to shove it down your throat that that makes them better than you.

So as long as I can remember, I've always had it out for people like that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of these people who has a drug problem, but I also don't see what the big deal is about having a beer or three at the bar, or dabbling in marijuana every now and then, whereas the "straight-edge" crowd seems to take a "holier-than-Thou" attitude about being drug and alcohol free.

I also happen to have a huge crush on the WWE Diva AJ Lee, who, by all accounts, is supposedly also "straight-edge", but I wasn't going to let that, or the fact that she had recently gotten married to the biggest "straight-edge" fraud in the country, fellow wrestler CM Punk, stop me from offering some drugs to AJ, so when I saw her leaving the arena after a show one night, I followed her back to her hotel.

It was no big secret, of course, that her husband had recently taken his ball and went home, which meant that she was probably traveling from hotel room to hotel room all alone.

Only on this night, she would have a surprise waiting on her when she got there, because I was going to break in to her hotel and rape her.

I happened to have connections with the people that ran the hotel that all the wrestlers were staying in that night, and a few of them happened to be major junkies that could get their hands on any kind of drug known to man, so not only was I waiting for AJ in the closet of her room when she arrived back in it, unbeknownst to her, but there was also a "care" package, so to speak, of marijuana cigarettes, crack pipes full of the finest crack cocaine, a mountain of cocaine, and the coup de grace of the whole thing, a few heroin needles.

And needless to say, AJ freaked out about that, calling hotel security to tell them about how some "weirdo fan" had broken into her hotel room and left drugs in it, and generally going overboard to protect her image, which pissed me off so much that now I wasn't just going to offer her the drugs as an excuse to rape her when she refused them, now I had decided to do whatever I could to completely ruin this high-and-mighty slut.

And since I paid off everyone involved to give me some alone time with her, security would never show up.

Instead, I jumped out at her and threw her on the bed, a marijuana cigarette in my hand.

"Have some pot AJ," I told her as I held her down on the bed, easily overpowering her tiny frame as she tried to get away from me.

"Who the hell do you think you are, you weirdo? Are you the one that left these drugs in my room?" she asked me as she tried in vain to push me away, the cigarette getting closer and closer to her mouth.

"As a matter of fact, I am AJ," I told her as I started to pull her cut-off shorts off of her, scaring her to death, "because I was hoping we could get high as a kite and have some fun together in here tonight. But I guess straight-edge cunts like you aren't interested in anything like that, are you?'

"Please...don't hurt me...I won't say anything about this..." she whispered when she felt me yanking away her panties and pulling my own clothes off as I pinned her to the bed, grabbing the marijuana cigarette and forcing it up to her mouth.

"Smoke it bitch! Smoke the joint, because you're about to get raped and there's nothing you can do about it but relax and enjoy it!" I hissed in her ear as I ripped away the little green shirt she was wearing, and the bra that was underneath of it, keeping her pinned to the bed as I slid my dick into her tight little pussy and forced her to take another long drag from the joint.

"" she moaned, the pot already starting to have an adverse effect on her pristine lungs as I drilled her cunt, her walls starting to wrap tightly around it as I thrust in and out of her.

"SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE WEED SLUT!" I hissed in her ear as I drove my dick in and out of her, her walls starting to slicken up for me as I forced her to take more long puffs of the joint.

"FUCK...cough...cough..." she moaned, laying almost perfectly still as I slid in and out of her pussy, her body giving out on her as she started to cum all over my dick.

"Is the stuck-up little straight-edge slut gonna cum for me?" I taunted her as I force-fed her another joint, jamming it into her mouth so that she have no choice but to puff on it as she arched her back, lifted her hips and came for me, her cum pouring out all over my dick as I took a couple of drags myself, thrust into her one last time and came deep in her tight cunt.

"" she softly moaned as I filled her womb with my cum, the effects of the marijuana making her too passive to fight me as I filled her a few more times and pulled out of her.

"" she softly cried out when she felt me running my dick along her pussy lips again, trying to fight me off, but unable to as the large amounts of weed coursing through her system.

"You know...I think it's time you graduated to the hard stuff AJ..." I taunted her as I grabbed a crack pipe and shoved it up into her mouth as I began thrusting into her pussy again.

"OHGOD...what...the...fuck...was...that??" she cried out in a panic as the rush of crack into her system instantly raised her heart rate to sky high levels as my dick rammed it's way in and out of her pussy.

"Just a little crack cocaine to destroy the career of the straight-edge bitch," I sneered in her ear, forcing her head down onto the pipe again as I felt her cunt walls clinging to my dick.

"" she cried out, clutching her chest as I kept pumping in and out of her pussy, her eyes rolling back into her head as she arched her back and came for me again, the drugs making her physically unable to control her bodily functions.

"YEAH...cum for me AJ...I just might be able to turn you into the kind of girl that I would want," I taunted her as I grabbed her head and forced her to smoke some more of the crack, right as I thrust as deep inside of her cunt as I could go and shot my wad into her, filling her drug-addled cunt with thick, sticky strands of my baby-makers, dumping my whole load into her before pulling out of her.

"Congratulations bitch, looks like we just made a "crack baby" together," I sneered as I pulled away from her, hearing her gasping for breath as her eyes glazed over.

" I dying??" she asked herself as I climbed on top of her again, took a puff on the crack pipe myself and then force-fed her the rest of it.

"Snap out it AJ...we still have plenty more fun to have together tonight," I hissed as I threw her on the floor and brought her to her knees and placed my hands on the back of her head.

"If you can suck down on a crack pipe like that bitch, you ought to be a pro at sucking cock," I hissed as I forced her drooling mouth onto my dick and directed her to start sucking on it, punching her a few times to bring her back around a little.

"You see these heroin needles bitch?" I hissed in her ear as I slapped her around, "there's enough heroin in these to down a horse within five seconds, so unless you want to die of a drug overdose tonight, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER AND SUCK MY DICK BITCH!"

"OHGODOHGOD...okay...don'" she whispered, her eyes still glassy and her heart beat still racing as she started to clumsily suck my dick, her coordination well impaired by that point.

"YEAH...suck it good AJ...and I might just spare your slutty pussy for the rest of the night..." I told her as she worked her lips around my dick, grabbing it with both of her hands more so to keep herself balanced than anything else as I began to fuck her face.

"MMM....MMMMPPPPPHHH..." she moaned as she sucked away on my dick, her eyes closing when she felt me sliding my dick to the back of her throat and holding it there.

"Swallow it bitch...or I'll stick these needles in your arm and you'll be dead before you hit the floor..." I cautioned her as she started to weakly pull off of it, forcing her head back onto it as I thrust into her face one last time and came down her throat, slapping her around so that she would actually swallow it.

"MMMMPPPPPHHHH..." she moaned as she swallowed it, some of it bubbling out of her mouth because of her inability to handle the drugs ripping through her bloodstream, as I led her to the bathroom and bent her over the sink.

"No...more...drugs...please..." she cried out softly when she saw the mountain of cocaine on the bathroom sink, trying to fight me off again.

"Snort it bitch," I whispered in her ear as I cut some of it up for her and forced her to snort it up into her nose, her whole body shutting down the second she inhaled it.

"UUUUUUHHHHHHHH..." she moaned, barely conscious, as I slid my dick back into her tight pussy and raped her again, every now and then stopping to force more coke up her nose.

"You'" she softly moaned, drool and foam running down her chin as her heart threatened to explode at any minute.

"LOOK AT YOURSELF SLUT!"" I hissed, forcing her to look at herself getting raped in the bathroom mirror as I grabbed her by the hips and started hammering into her pussy again, harder than I ever had before, lifting her off the ground with every thrust I made into her.

"Look at the dumb straight-edge cunt now..." I hissed as I drove my dick in and out of her, "all hopped up on drugs and getting fucked like a common street whore."

"FUCK...keep fighting can survive this..." she softly told herself as I pounded away inside of her, cunt walls wrapping tightly around my dick as she threw her head back and shot a little bit of her cunt juice out onto it as I gave her a couple of more thrusts and blew another load of cum deep into her pussy.

"I wonder who's going to survive longer slut? You or our baby?" I cackled in her ear as I finished unloading into her pussy and pulled out of her, only to grab her by the hips again and slide into her ass as I forced some more cocaine up her nose.

"I can feel your heartbeat speeding up again slut, I wonder if you'll be dead by the time I get done with you?" I taunted her as I began to rip her ass apart, AJ able to do nothing but moan softly as I started to tear apart her backdoor just as I had been doing to her pussy all night.

"MMM...MMM..." she moaned, her eyes rolling back into her head as the life started to drain out of her face, her head hanging down as I battered her ass with my dick.

"Stay with me least until I'm through with you..." I hissed as I drove my dick in and out of her ass, her anal walls starting to wrap tightly around it as I grabbed her hips and forced her to look at herself in the mirror now.

"Are you better than me now AJ?? ARE YOU???" I shouted as I pounded away on her ass, her whole body slumping over the sink as I finished having my way with her.

"Didn't think so...bitch..." I hissed as I drove my dick up into her ass one last time and came deep in her bowels, her face starting to turn ashen as I delivered another full load of my cum into her, filling her ass with it before I pulled out of her.

"You and your husband, and anyone like you, are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I've ever seen," I taunted her as I carried her lifeless form to the bed and laid her on it, sticking a heroin needle into one of her arms, "so I think it's time to say goodbye to the lie of a life you've been living, AJ."

Within seconds of shooting her up with the heroin, I saw her lips turn blue as I got dressed and snuck out the back door of the hotel, quite sure that her life was minutes away from ending right there in that shitty hotel room.

But as it turns out, she was quite the fighter, and, despite being found motionless and right on death's door by the overnight crew at the hotel, and going into cardiac arrest three separate times on the way to the nearest hospital, she survived, although it will be a long time before anyone sees her in a wrestling ring again, if ever, since she is now addicted to all the drugs I force-fed her and spends her time in and out of rehab these days.

Which also caused her to miscarry the baby I had put into her that night, which in turn, led to CM Punk divorcing his now-druggie of an ex-wife.

And I had to lay low for a bit, what with Vince McMahon throwing his money around to bring me to justice, but after a while, when the world saw what AJ had become, a lot of the heat got taken off of me, so I was able to get away with it and resume a normal life eventually.

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