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The Diary of Trish Stratus Part 1: A Date for Two
by R-V-D

Dear Diary,

What a day I had, it was full of excitement and fun. Edge asked me to go on
a date with him tonight. I can't believe it's been the first time we've done
something, even talking to him, since our break-up four months ago. And I'll
give all the details to exactly what happened. The day all started, a sunny
beautiful morning as I was heading to the arena, since I had nothing better
to do...

Trish was walking down the halls, not many of the stars had arrived yet.
She turned the corner to find her ex-boyfriend, Edge. The two had an ugly
break-up. Trish passed Edge trying not to make eye contact with him.

"Uhh hey Trish," Edge said as she passed by him.

"Shit," said Trish in her head, knowing she would have to talk to her ex.
Trish turned around facing Edge and gave a smile, "Yes Edge?"

"Look I know things haven't been the best between us, after the break-up and
all. But I was wondering if after Raw, you wanted to have dinner?" Edge said

"With a group of people?" Trish asked.

" I was thinking more of just me and you," replied Edge.

Trish thought about it for a minute, "Well, I guess that could work."

Edge smiled, "Great then I'll see you around 10:30?"

"Sure, see ya later," Trish smiled as Edge walked off.

10:30 quickly came around as Edge was anxious for the dinner, hoping to talk
things out with his former girlfriend. Edge pick Trish up right on time not
a minute late for her hotel room. The two Canadian Superstars had a wonderful
evening at a high class local restaurant, Edge of course paid when the bill
came. Right after the dinner, which Trish and Edge talked things out, Edge
drove Trish back to the hotel she was staying at. Edge walked with Trish
until they came to her hotel room door.

"You know I had a good time tonight," said Trish with a smile.

"I did too," replied Edge.

"Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow, bye," Trish said.

As Trish turned to the door to open it, Edge grabbed her arm. Trish quickly
turned around looking at Edge.

"Trish wait....." said Edge as he slowly kissed her on the lips gently.
Trish slid her tongue in his mouth as they continued to kiss. Stilling
kissing, Edge moved his hands to Trish's waist as she opened the door to
her room leading Edge in as they kissed. Once Trish closed the door, Edge
began to take his shirt off. Trish walked over to Edge, who had his shirt
fully off, and kissed him beginning from his neck all the way down to his
stomach. Trish told Edge to sit down on the bed, he did so. Trish quickly
got down on her knees in front of Edge. Trish then unbuckled his jeans
and pulled them down. Edge smiled as Trish pulled his boxers down. Trish
took his fully erected 9 inch cock that she was fond of from the days when
they had been a couple. She inserted his cock into her mouth as she began
to suck on huge rod.

"Ohh baby," moaned Edge as he moved Trish's hair out of her face.

Trish began to move his cock around in her mouth sucking a bit faster than
she was before. Edge was enjoying every moment of this as was Trish. As Trish
continued to suck on his cock, Edge knew he wanted a piece of Trish's wet,
shaved, smooth pussy.

"Baby stop." said Edge

Trish gave his cock on last big long lick, which made Edge moan. Edge helped
Trish onto the bed as he took off her shirt. Trish undid her bra, as Edge's
eyes widened. Trish pushed Edge back onto the bed laying him down. Trish
quickly slide her pants and thong down as she mounted Edge. Edge slowly
insert his cock into her pussy, while Trish was ontop of him. Trish started
off slowly riding Edge, but soon rode him faster and faster.

"Oh god damn Trish," moaned Edge.

Trish let out a loud moan when Edge thrusted his cock deeper inside of Trish.
Trish got off of Edge and laid down letting Edge get ontop. Edge picked up
right where they left off by thrusting his cock deep inside of Trish's pussy.
Trish held onto Edge's strong arms as he rammed his cock hardly in Trish.

"Ohhhhh," moaned Trish as she came.

However Edge wasn't done just yet as he continued to fuck Trish harder and
harder. Trish moaned as her enjoyment grew more and more. Edge pulled her
cock out of Trish as he put Trish in a hands and knees position. Edge slowly
slide his cock into Trish's ass as she left out a moan. Edge began to fuck
Trish's ass fast, at the same time he was smacking her ass. Edge rammed his
cock hard into his ass as he felt he was about to come. With that he picked
up the speed fucking her even faster. He shortly after cummed nice and hard
into Trish's ass as both of them let out a moan. Edge and Trish both laid
down next to each in the bed.

"Damn, why did I ever break-up with you" said Edge out of breath. Trish
smiled as they began to kiss.

To Be Continued...

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