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The Diary Of Trish Stratus Part 2: North Carolina's Finest
by R-V-D

Dear Diary,
Today was another day full of excitement and fun. Torrie Wilson and I went to
lunch at a nice little place in North Carolina. Torrie is becoming a close
friend of mine. Well seeing that we were close to Cameron, North Carolina, we
decide to stop by and give four little hotties what they deserve. This is the
whole story on what happened...

"Well thank you for paying for my meal," said Torrie.

"Oh no problem, thanks for coming with," said Trish with a smile.

"Trish, what if we stopped by and gave Matt a little visit? We are only about
10 minutes from Cameron," asked Torrie

"Sure lets go," said Trish.

Trish and Torrie left the restuarant and got into Trish's car. The two Divas
drove about 10 minutes until they reached the home of North Carolina's own,
Matt Hardy. Torrie and Trish both got out of the car and walked up to Matt's
front door, Trish gently knocked on the door. It took a few minutes, but
someone finally came to the door, however, it wasn't Matt. It was Matt's
brother, Jeff.

"Oh hey Jeff," said both Torrie and Trish.

"Hey girls, what's up?" asked Jeff.

"Oh nothing, we were in the area, so we decided to stop by," replied Torrie.

"Well come on in," said Jeff.

Jeff led Torrie and Trish into Matt's house. When they got in both Divas saw
Shannon Moore sitting on the couch watching TV.

"Hey Shannon" said Torrie and Trish at the same time.

"Hey Torrie, hi Trish," said Shannon.

"So are you two in hear all alone?" asked Trish with an idea.

"Uhhh yeah why?" replied Shannon.

"Good," said Trish.

Jeff and Shannon both looked at each other with a confused look. Trish and
walks over to Jeff, she then ran her hands down Jeff's chest. When Trish
looked over at Shannon she was surprised to see Shannon with his shirt off
kissing Torrie. Trish turned back to Jeff and took his shirt off. Trish
began to kiss down Jeff's chest to his stomach, until reaching his pant,
she then got down on her knees and pulled down Jeff's pants. She smiled up
at Jeff as she pulled down his boxers. Jeff smiled back as Trish wraped
her wet lips around Jeff's fully erected 8 inch cock and began to suck.

"Oh god Trish," moand Jeff. Trish continued to suck on Jeff's cock sucking
faster and faster.

Meanwhile Torrie had already removed her clothes and was already to work
sucking on Shannon's 9 inch cock. Torrie began sucking faster to Shannon's
pleasure. Torrie enjoyed every moment as Shannon was. Trish and Torrie both
stoped at the same time and switched. Trish now fully naked was with Shannon
and Torrie was with Jeff. Trish pushed Shannon back on the couch as she
mounted him, Trish slowly insert his cock into her pussy as she began to ride
Shannon's cock.

"Ohhhhh Trish," moaned Shannon.

At the same time, Jeff slowly slid his cock into Torrie's ass. Jeff started
out fucking her ass slowly but then picked up in speed as he thrusted deeply
into her ass. Meanwhile Trish could tell Shannon was about to cum so she
picked up in speed riding him fastly. Until she felt Shannon's cum inside of

"Ohhhhhhhh damn," said Shannon.

"Ohh Shannon," moaned Trish.

Not much from Shannon cuming in Trish, Jeff cummed in Torrie's ass after
pounding her ass a few good times. Once the four were done Torrie and Trish
got the clothes on as they head out the door, before Trish got out the door,
she stop.

"Oh Jeff is Matt anywhere around?" asked Trish.

"Yeah he's in the garage," said Jeff out of breath.

Trish smiled as she walked out the door, she saw Torrie waiting for Trish to
open her door on the car. Trish walked over to Torrie.

"We're not done yet," said Trish.

Trish and Torrie walked to the back where the garage was. When they walked in
the garage the two Divas saw Matt and The Hurricane working on a car.

"Hey boys," said Trish. Matt and Hurricane both lookd over to see two of the
sexiest Divas, Trish and Torrie, standing right in front of them.

"Uhhh hi ladies," said Matt.

Trish walked over to Matt and Torrie walked over to Hurricane. Both Divas
wasted no time. Trish began to kiss Matt as she took off her shirt. Matt
took off his shirt as he kissed her neck. Before long Matt and Trish were
completely naked. Matt cleared off the work table and laid Trish down as
he slowly inserted his cock into her pussy. Matt began to pick up speed
and fucked Trish faster and faster by each thrust. Trish and Matt soon
became sweaty. Meanwhile Torrie was sitting on the top of the car hood as
Hurricane slid his cock in and out of Torrie's pussy. Hurricane continued
to fuck Torrie as he felt his cock was about to cum. This didn't stop
Hurricane ,however, this just made Hurricane fuck Torrie evenf faster.
Torrie and Hurricane cummed about at the same time.

"Ohhhh god Torrie," moaned Hurricane.

"Damn that was good," moaned Torrie as well.

Matt continued to fuck Trish as hard and as faster as he could. Trish began
to enjoy Matt fucking her more and more afer each thrust. Matt soon got off
of Trish and let her get down on her knees, and Trish did so. Trish quickly
put her lips around Matt's cock as she began to suck on his 9 inch cock.

"Ohhh god baby," moaned Matt as she continued to suck faster and faster until
Matt cummed in her mouth. Trish swallowed all of Matt's cum. Trish got up and
gave Matt a kiss on the cheek.

"See ya around Matt" said Trish as she smiled.

To Be Continued...

The Diary of Trish Stratus Part 3: Hello La...Chief Morley

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