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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Dirt Sheet On Melina
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"Hello... I'm John Morrison... the Shaman of Sexy... and I once spent a
weekend on a houseboat with Joan Rivers..." John Morrison says as he's
dressed in a red silk shirt and black tight fitting pants. The Miz, dressed
in a black shirt, brown pants and a gray hat raises an eyebrow as he looks
at his WWE Tag Team Championship partner and co-host. Morrison then looks
at Miz, "You ever been on a houseboat Miz?"

"No...." Miz says with a slightly disgusted and confused look on his face.

"Well you should try it... she knew a lot of stuff..." Morrison says as he
looks back at the camera in front of them.

The Miz shakes his head and looks at the camera, "And I'm your chick magnet
The Miz... and we have a lot of juicy dirt on quite a few people this week
on the Dirt Sheet."

Morrison nods his head as he presses his hands together, "First... we must
talk about Colin Delaney... the pale loser who tried to mess up mine...
our... gorgeous faces with a steel chair... Colin... you want to get
extreme... you do know what extreme is..."

"That's right Colin and we know that you are getting really extreme in the
locker room... and instead of playing with Balls..." Miz says as a fake photo
of Colin Delaney and Balls Mahoney appears on a screen behind the WWE Tag
Team Champion, "You should grow some before we beat the snot out of you."

Morrison smirks, "Now onto business... this week the latest issue of Playboy
featuring WWE Diva Maria hit newsstands.... and I must say I'm impressed that
Playboy doesn't discriminate against those socially challenged...."

Miz chuckles, "Yeah... if we ran Playboy we wouldn't let anyone with a chubby
Italian boyfriend pose..."

Morrison leans forward in his chair, "Maria... call me...and get a real man
who loves a girl who wants to exploit herself..."

Miz smirks, "Yeah.... John totally loves those types... but that's for later,
for now... someone's a daddy... and it's Finlay!" Miz says as a gimmicked
photo of Finlay holding a baby with Hornswoggle's face appears on the screen
behind him and Morrison.

Morrison turns in his seat and shakes his head, "No amount of plastic surgery
is going to help that little bastard...." Morrison says.

"I'm just impressed some slut fucked Finlay...." Miz says as he holds up
his right hand and places a little green derby on it before speaking in an
exaggerated Irish accent, "My name is Finlay and I love to fuck..."

Morrison shakes his head, "Not your best work Miz..." Morrison says before he
looks into the camera again, "The next volume of WWE: The Music is coming out
in stores soon... how about we take a listen...."


Miz and Morrison both smirk as a collection of animals noises begins to play,
"Jillian is sounding better and better every week..." Miz says with a laugh.

"Yes... the WWE's pop princess is truly as talented as Britney Spears....
Without the shaved head of course..." John Morrison says. "But enough with
the preliminary crap... it is timed for some real dirt... for months there
has been a rumor going around of who's fucking who in the locker room..."

Miz nods his head, "Yeah... and boy... John here has been boiling for weeks
in bringing the dirt on a certain relationship to the light."

Morrison narrows his eyes, "That's right... and the dirt involves a former
Women's Champion... and a former World Heavyweight Champion.... And their
steamy affair that has spread over both brands...."

"And once involved her getting it on with a midget look-a-like!" The Miz
laughs as he interrupts Morrison just before the doors leading to the set of
the Dirt Sheet are shoved open, making both of the hosts look to the left.

"Look what the proverbial cat dragged in..." John Morrison smirks.

The bitchy and arrogant A-List Diva, Melina, steps onto the set of the Dirt
Sheet, interrupting The Miz and John Morrison. "Just what the hell is going
on here!?" Melina yells "I heard you guys were going to talk about me...and
for the's all untrue!" Melina says as she grits her teeth and
places her hands on her hips, while dressed in a black skirt and a red top.

The Miz smirks, "Oh really? Cause that's not what WE heard..." Miz laughs as
he and Morrison look at Melina.

Melina presses her lips firmly together "Well both of you are wrong!" Melina
replies as she glances over at the camera and wickedly glares into the lens
of the camera that is filming The Dirt Sheet.

"We are never wrong... all of our facts has been properly researched...."
John Morrison says, "But since you are here... why don't you tell our viewers
what you think we're talking about?"

Melina narrows her eyes at Morrison as she then looks at The Miz with a
wicked glare "I don't have to say a damn thing!" Melina says as she
arrogantly tosses her perfectly styled hair back "Beside...Dave and I are
just friends...that's all! Just friends!" Melina says as she turns with her
back facing The Miz and John Morrison "Why don't you two find better things
to do than talk about rumors that are completely untrue about the most
dominant Diva to ever step inside a WWE ring, I...Melina!"

Miz looks at the camera and smirks, "So Melina is saying that her and Dave
are just friends.... that sounds like total BS to me..."

John Morrison smirks, "You're right Miz... that does sound like total BS...
but I know first hand that Melina likes two guys at once... and will do
anything for the camera."

Melina slowly glances over her shoulder at John Morrison and narrows her eyes
"Shut up John! We...US! You and Me! That's the past...I've moved onto BIGGER
AND BETTER men!" Melina says with an arrogant proud smirk as she turns back
to face The Miz and John Morrison.

"Bigger only in physical size... but not bigger and better in terms of what
really counts..." Morrison says as he leans back on his seat so that his very
noticeable crotch is caught on camera.

"Ooooo I love getting dirt up close..." Miz laughs as he sits in a similar
style like Morrison so that his pants covered crotch is show on camera.

" two are not my type..." Melina grits her teeth and pause a
moment before she looks at John Morrison "...At least not anymore..." Melina
says as she presses her bitchy lips together.

Morrison smirks, "Please... do not lie to the Shaman of Sexy.... I know what
exactly is your type..." Morrison says as he casually unbutton his pants and
inches them down, "You like big dicks.... which Dave is as we all know.."
Morrison says as he brings out his fourteen inch cock, "While I truly have a
BIG dick..."

Melina slyly smirks and licks her lips as she glances over at John Morrison's
cock. "If I fuck you two....then you'll drop these horrible, untrue rumors
about Dave and I, right?" Melina asks as she turns and locks her dominating
eyes with The Miz and John Morrison as she plays with her red top, teasing
them as if she's going to remove the top.

"You'd really have to do a good job to keep us quiet... remember Melina I
have fucked you before... and I don't want to usual disappointments."

"BURN!" Miz laughs as he flips off his hat before he undoes his jeans to
bring out his own twelve inch cock.

Melina points at John Morrison and glares at the Shaman of Sexy "For that
comment...I'm going to suck Miz first! ASSHOLE!" Melina says as she tosses
her styled hair back and steps over to the chair that The Miz is sitting in
and kneels down in front of the Chick Magnet. Melina grits her teeth as she
looks up at The Miz, while wrapping her skilled hands around his shaft and
begins to expertly stroke his cock. Melina lowers her head and viciously
slaps her wet tongue against the head of The Miz's cock.

"And here I thought Gina Russo was the biggest bitch on television..."
Morrison smirks as he proceeds to take off his shirt.

"Ohhhh damn... what?" Miz laughs as he looks at Morrison with a confused
look as Melina makes sure his twelve inches of MizMeat are at full attention
before she takes it into her A-Lister mouth.

"Mmmm..." Melina moans around The Miz's cock as she presses her bitchy A-List
lips around his twelve inch shaft and she begins to wickedly bob her head on
his cock. Melina shifts her eyes over to Morrison and glares at her former
boyfriend known as Johnny Nitro. Melina skillfully and impressively bobs her
head on The Miz's cock expertly taking more of his cock into her mouth, while
she glares at Morrison.

Morrison simply smirks at Melina as she bobs her head on Miz's cock, "See....
the Dirt Sheet is where it all comes out..." Morrison says to those watching
as he turns in his seat to get a better look of the action.

"Ohhhh god yeah... ohhh fuck..." Miz moans as he takes off his shirt to
revealing his toned and tanned upper body.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm!" Melina moans as she moves her head smoothly on The Miz's
cock at a quickening pace while she rocks her head back and forth on his
shaft as she grinds her A-List lips against The Miz's cock. Melina raises
her left hand and cups The Miz's ball sack as she begins to massage his
balls as well.

"Ohhhh shit.... fuck she really wants the rumors to die down..." Miz moans
as Melina rubs his balls with her left hand while quickly bobbing her head up
and down on his foot long cock. Melina lifts her head from The Miz's cock and
slyly smirks up at the Chick Magnet before she slides her tongue in a
circulation motion on the head of his cock. As Melina dominates The Miz's
cock with her hot oral skills, she begins to push her short black skirt down
from her waist to expose her perfectly shaped, juicy A-List ass.

"Ahhhh fuck... ohhhh damn if I was Dave... I'd probably pop by now..." The
Miz moans and laughs as Melina covers every inches of his cock with her warm
wet saliva. John Morrison smirks as he leans forward in his seat and smacks
Melina's juicy A-Lister ass with the palm of his right hand.

Melina slowly glances over from The Miz's cock and smirks at John Morrison
"Jealous yet?" Melina asks as she manipulative The Miz's cock with her hands,
moving them quickly against his saliva covered shaft, before she turns her
head back to The Miz's cock and takes him back into her bitchy, hot mouth.

"I'm the Shaman of Sexy... I do not get jealous..." Morrison says as he
slides his right hand between Melina's legs and begins to rub Melina's smooth
hot A-List pussy with the palm of his hand.

"Ahhhhh fuck.... ohhh shit..." Miz moans as he leans back in his seat as
Melina continues to eagerly suck his twelve inch cock. Melina lifts her head
up from The Miz's cock with a seductive pop of her lips. Melina narrows her
eyes and glares at John Morrison as she moves over on her knees to the Shaman
of Sexy. Melina places her hands onto his strong, muscular legs and lowers
her head to take Morrison's fourteen inch cock into her bitchy, incredible

"That didn't take long..." Morrison moans and chuckles as Melina starts to
slowly bob her head on his very long and fat cock.

"And it was disappointing..." Miz laughs as he licks his lips. Miz gets off
his seat and kneels behind Melina so that he can slide his saliva dripping
cock into Melina's tight wet A-List cunt.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhhh fuck!" Melina moans as she presses her lips tightly around
Morrison's cock as she starts to instantly rock back on her knees to push
back against The Miz's thrusting cock. Melina expertly moves her head on
Morrison's cock, brushing her bitchy lips against his shaft as her juicy
ass smacks against Miz's toned waist.

"Ahhh.... mmmm Dave must really have a midget dick... you're not as good as
you were before..." Morrison smirks as sits comfortably in his seat as Melina
sucks his cock.

"Ahhh... fuck..." Miz moans as he holds onto Melina's hips as he thrusts his
cock in and out of Melina's pussy.

Melina lifts her eyes and glares up at Morrison as she wickedly moves her
head at a quick pace while she takes twelve inches of Morrison's cock into
her mouth. "Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Melina moans as she rocks forward against
Morrison's cock, deep throating him while The Miz slams his cock into her
pussy from behind.

"Awwww.... fuck she is pretty loose...." Miz moans even though Melina's
pussy is squeezing his cock and making it hard for him to keep a steady pace.
Morrison doesn't say anything as he looks down into his ex-girlfriend's eyes
as she deep throats his entire fourteen inch cock with her bitchy, dominant

Melina lifts her head quickly off of John Morrison's cock as her saliva drips
down his long shaft. Melina grits her teeth as she roughly rocks back on her
knees to aggressively slam her juicy ass back against Miz's waist to force
his cock deeper into her pussy "Ohhhhhh! AHHHHHH! FUCK!" Melina screams.

"Take it easy Miz... she's been busy with small dicks lately...." Morrison
smirks as The Miz continues to ram his cock balls deep into Melina's dominant
cunt. Miz starts to sweat as he pulls Melina back against him so that her ass
smacks harder against his waist.

Melina glances over her shoulder and smirks back at The Miz "I want you
both in my pussy....remember much I loved that with you...and..."
Melina pauses and rolls her eyes "Whatever his name was..."

"Hmmm Mickie James must've kicked you harder than we all thought..."
Morrison laughs as he eases himself off of his seat while The Miz pulls out
of Melina's pussy.

"Damn... ain't she a slut..." Miz chuckles as he lays down on the floor of
the Dirt Sheet set. Melina tosses her hair back as she turns to face The Miz
before the bitchy A-List Diva lifts herself and perfectly mounts her body
onto his shaft, taking him back into her pussy.

"Ahhhhh fuck...." The Miz moans as Melina grinds her pussy on his twelve inch
cock. Morrison smirks as he bends down to lift up Melina's red top to expose
her large hot juicy tits to the camera filming the Dirt Sheet.

Melina grits her teeth as she glares into the lens of the camera, filming The
Dirt Sheet, while she places her hands onto The Miz's toned, tanned chest as
she expertly rocks back and forth on his twelve inch cock "Ohhhh...ohhhh

"Ohhh shit... hurry up John..." Miz moans as he thrusts his cock upward into
Melina's tight pussy. John Morrison smirks as he slowly kneels in front of
Melina and presses the head of his cock against Melina's stuffed pussy. He
locks eyes with her and grabs hold of her tits before he roughly slams his
huge cock into Melina's cunt.

"Ohhhhhh you fucking jerk!" Melina grits her teeth as she rests her smooth
legs against the muscular waist of John Morrison while she rocks quickly
between John Morrison and The Miz as they sharply thrust their cocks into
her stuffed, wet pussy.

"Mmmmm... can't take the heat... stay off the Dirt Sheet..." Morrison grunts
as he sharply moves his cock in and out of Melina's tight double stuffed
cunt. Miz licks his teeth as he puts his hands on Melina's lower back as he
lifts his lower body up to piston his cock up into Melina's pussy.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh AHHHHHH! FUCK!" Melina screams as she quickly and wildly
bounces on The Miz's cock, while Morrison slams his cock into her hot, wet
pussy. Melina tilts her head back as she digs her fingernails into Miz's
chest while she grinds her hot body between the two Dirt Sheet hosts.

"Ohhh shit... ohhhh fuck yeah..." The Miz grunts as he and Morrison trade
thrusts as the double fuck the pussy of the WWE's resident A-List Diva.
Morrison licks his lips as he leans his head down and flicks his tongue
against both of Melina's tits while roughly pumping his cock in and out of
Melina's pussy while his dick grinds against Miz's.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck! I'm the best fucking Diva!" Melina moans as she sharply
slams down on The Miz's cock as John Morrison jerks her against his thrusting
shaft. "Ohhhhh ahhhh!" Melina screams as sweat drips off of her A-List body.

"Ahhhh... ohhh damn... fuck!" The Miz moans as he starts to cum inside of
Melina's pussy as he and Morrison increase the pace of their thrusts as they
fuck her on the set on the Dirt Sheet.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh AHHHHH!" Melina moans as she rakes her fingernails against
The Miz's chest as she slams forward against Morrison's shaft, while The Miz
cums in her pussy.

"Mmmmm..." John Morrison pulls his huge cock out of Melina's pussy and some
of Miz's cum is dripping off it. "Melina... if you want those rumors to
stop.... finish me off while telling the whole world the truth...." Morrison

Melina grits her teeth as she lifts herself off of The Miz's softening cock
and sits on her knees in front of the Shaman of Sexy "Screw you!" Melina
snaps as she wraps her hands around his shaft and begins to wickedly stroke
her hands against Morrison's shaft that is lightly coated with Miz's cum.

"Mmmmmm.... Melina.... your boyfriend isn't exactly headlining anything
lately.... just tell us what's really going on... so the Dirt Sheet will
leave you alone..." Morrison moans as he moves his hips in order to thrust
his cock against Melina's hand. "It's good publicity...."

Melina narrows her eyes as she glares up at John Morrison, while she
perfectly strokes his fourteen inch cock with her devious hands "I fuck
him...I fuck Dave so what? It's a free country!"

"Mmmmmm.... it means your fucking someone on the D-List...." Morrison moans
just as he starts to spray his thick cum right onto Melina's large juicy tits
as she jerks him off. "And now the whole world knows it."

"He is not D-List!" Melina snaps as Morrison's cum sprays onto her large

"You're right... he's not on any list cause he sucks!" Miz laughs as he gets
up from the floor after catching his breath.

Melina grits her teeth "You know what!? You two are so pathetic!" Melina
shouts as she stands up and begins to quickly gather her clothing.

Morrison shrugs his shoulders before he looks into the camera, "And that is
all for this week on the Dirt Sheet... I'm John Morrison...."

The Miz looks into the camera, "And I'm The Miz... and if you ain't on the
Dirt Sheet...."

Morrison smirks, "You just don't matter..."


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