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WARNING: This story contains full-on male-on-male sex as well as male-female
sex. This includes bisexual sex and threesomes. Seriously, I'm talking about
male-on-male cock sucking and anal sex. So if you don't like that kind of
stuff, get hitting that back button right now.

Based on an idea suggested by Kristi of Dice & Kristi.

The Dirtiest Sheet - A WWE erotic fan-fiction/lemon.
by DaxG 2001 (

In the luxury, lavish locker room of the reigning World Tag Team Champions,
John Morrison and The Miz are sitting on a long leather couch, and between
them is the Bella twin who decided to side with them, the gorgeous Nikki. The
lovely Diva is clad in a nicely fitting pink bra-like top that covers her
perky chest, and pink pants that are a perfect to her long legs and her pert
ass. Nikki bites her bottom lip slightly as the two hunky champions move up
close to her, resting a hand on her legs to rub them up and down. They are
both clad in just their tight, stylish ring pants which allows her to get a
good look at their packages and their well developed and smooth chests.

"John, Miz..." Nikki says, glancing between them as they stroke the tops of
her legs. "I don't know what Brie sees in those stupid Colons... They just
don't measure up to you at all."

"It's clear that she is far too ignorant to appreciate the Shaman of Sexy."
Morrison states in typical, arrogant fashion as he moves his hand upward to
run over her sexily toned and tanned stomach.

"Or she just prefers guys with tiny, pencil dicks." Miz says with a grin,
moving his hand up to her shoulder, moving the strap of her top along and
down her shoulder. Nikki lets out a little moan from their touch, moving her
hands over to slightly rub their chests in a playful manner. "It's her
loss... I don't plan on letting you two studs go anywhere... You two are so
naughty and dirty... You really turn me on..."

Proving her word to be true, Nikki turns her head over to The Miz to lean
towards him, and he does the same to meet his lips with hers. With a moan she
opens her lips wide, deepening the kiss and welcoming his tongue with hers to
dance around in her mouth. As they lock lips, Morrison moves a hand up to
squeeze her breast through her top, the thin material allowing him to play
with her tit as he pleases, rolling it around and making her moan into Miz's
mouth. She keeps a hand on Miz's chest as they make out, but her other hand
if blindly reaching back, eventually finding his groping arm and settling for
stroking it up and down to encourage him to feel her up.

Pulling her head away from Miz, she gives him a seductive smile before she
turns to look at Morrison who needs no encouragement to take his turn.
Leaning forward he engages with her in a passionate French kiss, tongues
lashing out and around each other as they exchange moans and saliva, all the
while John carries on groping her perky breast. The Miz moves his hand over
her exposed stomach, eventually going upward to brush it over her other tit
but going back down to her abs again. Nikki groans into John's mouth,
enjoying the teasing her favourite tag team is giving her.

She pulls away, biting her lip and closing her eyes as she lets double-Slammy
award winning team have their way with her. It doesn't last for long as the
Guru of Greatness leans towards her, flicking her tongue out against her
cheek and making her turn slightly to him, sticking her soft, wet tongue out
to pat against his with a sensual moan. She arches her body up slightly,
responding to their touch as Miz and Morrison run their hands across her
tanned stomach and her natural, firm breasts, accidentally brushing their
fingers against each other's as they try to reach the area they want first.
The Miz now puts his head forward, using his tongue to give the attractive
twin sister of Brie a slow, long lick upward that makes her groan. She now
turns towards him, meeting his tongue with hers so they can wrestle
lustfully. Nikki feels like she's in heaven, being groped all over her and
being kissed and licked all over her pretty face is as close to perfect as
she can get. At least with her clothes still on.

As John and Miz flick their tongues against her cheeks like they're licking
an ice cream cone, Nikki leans back against the sofa without warning them. As
both ECW Superstars seemed to be looking to kiss her again, what happens is
that Morrison and The Miz's tongues connect with each other, licking against
one another's for a moment which makes them moan. But they open their eyes
and are extremely shocked to find that the Smackdown Diva is not who they're
making out with, so they pull back quickly. But Nikki herself lets out a
surprised gasp with a big smile, running her hands over their well defined

"I knew you boys liked to get freaky!" She says with a lick of her pink
lipgloss coated lips. "This is why I picked you over those boring Colons."

"That wasn't freaky, that was an accident!" Miz protests, a glare directed at
his partner and Dirt Sheet co-host.

"There are no accidents in the Palace of Wisdom..." Morrison gives the glare
back. "It doesn't surprise me you would try and sneak a move on me."
"Oh bullshit man!" Miz fires back. "I heard you moan like it was a wet dream
to make out with me!"

Nikki lets out a little laugh that grabs their attention. "John... Miz...
Don't you think that maybe my tongue, and maybe a little more, can make you
forget that little kiss of yours?"

Standing up from the couch, Nikki steps away for the moment, allowing both
men a quick glimpse at her shapely behind before she turns around, slowly
sinking to her knees on the floor with an eyebrow seductively raised in their
direction. Smiling, they both start to undo the belts on their pants as they
stand up, letting their ring pants drop to the floor and revealing both of
their thick, foot long cocks which spring free in complete hardness. Just the
sight of them makes the sexy Bella twin's mouth water, and while they kick
their pants off their feet she's already got her hands raised, taking a hold
of both of them once they get close enough.

Showing eagerness she starts to jerk them off, her hands moving back and
forth over their whole hard lengths to make them moan slightly. Leaning her
head forward Miz, she flicks her tongue out to lightly pat the tip of his
dick, following up by swirling around the whole head slowly a couple of times
to get him warmed up. She finishes with him for the moment with a nice long
lick down the side of his shaft, letting her hand rub in the little amount of
her saliva she dabbed onto him. Moving her head across to John, she looks up
and gives him a smile before lashing her tongue against his cock, batting the
head soothingly as she strokes him. Morrison moans, watching as she holds his
cock to lightly smack it against her tongue before she lifts her head away
and goes back to stroking him off.

She lets out an excited moan, jerking them both off for a moment as they take
a little step closer towards them, getting their impressively sized tools
closer to her gorgeous face. Taking in a deep breath she opens her mouth,
taking The Miz's shaft inside her mouth and starting to bob her head smoothly
along it, making him moan as she starts to give him a hot blowjob. With ease
she easily handles over half of his thick cock inside her wet and welcoming
mouth, no hesitation as she moves back and forth along it, her long,
perfectly set brunette hair swaying slightly as she sucks him. Not wanting to
settle with just as handjob, as good as her soft, lovely palms are working
him and giving him pleasure, John moves just a little bit closer to Nikki.
This allows him to brush the head of his huge manhood against the side of her
face as she sucks off his tag team partner. He moans as he feels her cheek
bulge when he sucks The Miz, the extra touch of her smooth skin adding a tiny
bit more pleasure while she jerks him off at the same time.

Lifting her head up she moans, moving her head slightly so she can stick her
tongue out, brushing it across the tops of both of their dicks as she holds
them close together. As she equally wraps her well experienced tongue around
their cockheads, she actually holds them so close together they press
together at the sides of the crowns, and it doesn't get unnoticed by Nikki
Bella that this makes them both moan a little louder than just jerking them
off did. The thought of this and it's potential makes her moan as well and
she decides to try and see where it might lead. But for now, she moves The
Miz's tool away from her mouth so she can capture Morrison's cock into her
mouth as she begins to steadly move back and forth along it. John moans,
putting his hand on the top her head as she suck him somewhat deeply, over
half of his big dick expertly handled in her damp, oral hole, her perky,
lipglossed lips firmly pressed down around it to give him even more
enjoyment. Miz is brushing his dick against her face in a similar fashion to
what Morrison was doing earlier, the bulbous head moving lightly over her
bulging cheek to lightly dab her own saliva onto her face. She's moved her
hand down onto her ballsack, lightly cupping them and rolling them around in
her soft palm before giving them a slight squeeze, making him groan in
pleasure and in turn making her grin around John's thick dick as she smoothly
blows him with only the tiniest tap of her tongue against the bottom of his

Pulling her head off the Shaman of Sexy's dick with a sexy `Pop' sound, she
smiles up as she sees both hot, handsome Superstars have their eyes closed as
they enjoy her handjobs that works her saliva into their shafts. Seeing a
chance to do something naughty but hot, she brings both of their huge
manhoods close to each other, pressing the heads of them against each other
so The Miz's is on top of Morrison's. Nikki then rubs their cock heads
against each other, and this makes the Tag Team Champions moan quite loudly
which in turn makes her moan as her eyes widen, turned on immensely by this
sight. She leans her head forward, licking up both tips of their dicks as she
rubs them against one another, before starting to plant soft kisses on both,
encouraged by their moans as both men assume that it's her tongue working
extra well on their cocks.

But The Miz opens his eyes first, looking down and transfixed by the sight of
their favourite Bella sister rubbing his cock against John's and he actually
moans louder as he watches this happen. At the same time, the former ECW
Champion John Morrison opens his eyes and he can't help but take a longer
look than he probably should at Nikki moving his dick against his friend's.
But they both snap out of the trance, literally jumping back and away from
her as they look confused at each other.

"What the hell man?" Miz protests, eyeing up John suspiciously, but to Nikki
it looks like he`s checking him out. "That's not cool man, not cool!"

"Who are you trying to be? That mop headed loser Carlito?" Morrison answers
back, giving Miz the same look. "Keep your own package away from mine. The
Palace of Wisdom only has room for one high priest of pleasure!"

Nikki raises an eyebrow with a sexy smirk. "Well I thought it was very dirty,
and very hot..." She says as she starts to stand up.

John smirks, taking her by the hand. "Allow the Guru of Greatness to
introduce you to a level of true hotness..."

Morrison leads her back over to the coach, and he leans completely down onto
the long leather, his cock proudly standing upright. Nikki licks her lips,
moving around to the side and bending forward over the arm rest, opening her
mouth and taking his cock back inside to resume blowing him. She lets out a
little moan around his dick as she expertly bobs her head up and down at a
steady pace, using a hand to brush some loose hair back to allow John to
watch him go to work on his thick cock. The Miz smirks, moving around the
tanned and toned Diva and placing her hands on the waistband on her pants,
slowly slipping them down her smooth legs to her feet. He stands up, running
a hand over her rounded, firm ass as he checks out her perfectly shaved
pussy, slightly stroking his cock as he lines himself up.

Nikki groans loudly around John's cock as she feels The Miz push himself
inside her tight, wet snatch, loving the huge shaft forcing her inner walls
apart to accommodate it. The former Real World star places his hands on her
nicely rounded hips as he begins to pump himself in and out of her in a
standing doggy style position. The sensation of Miz fucking her pussy makes
her suck Morrison deeper into her mouth, her lovely lips wrapping tighter
around him as her head travels upward and back down at a quicker pace. John
licks his lips, sitting up slightly to move a hand through her long, brunette
hair to offer encouragement for her oral work. Slightly squeezing her ass
cheeks, Miz holds his cock deep inside her for a moment, smirking and moaning
as he feels her rubbing her butt back into him to grind her pussy slightly
against his crotch before he pulls out completely, stroking his tool for a
moment and collecting some of her pussy juices into his hand. The beautiful
sister to Brie lets out a soft groan as she feels Miz tapping the head of his
shaft against the lips of her needy, wet snatch for a few moments, and she
moans once more when he pushes himself right in and goes right back to the
task of pumping her with pornstar-like ease.

The Miz moans, easily working all of his cock deep into her wet pussy, his
balls smacking against her skin as he rubs his hands all across her
attractive butt cheeks which slightly jiggle each time he pushes forward into
her. He looks across, smiling at her bobbing head as she blows his tag
partner and fellow Slammy winner, but he somehow finds it hard to keep his
gaze on her athletic, sexily tanned body as for some reason he can't
help but glance at Morrison's magnificently defined upper body. John is
enjoying the feeling of Nikki's warn saliva dripping down his shaft and
slightly splashing onto his balls as she blows him like she was born to do
so. The sensation of her tongue wrapping around the head and any other area
she can touch making it all the more better, and he lets this known by
allowing moans to escape from his quite arrogant mouth. But he too is finding
it hard to keep his attention all on the attractive Smackdown Diva he and his
Dirt Sheet co-host are fucking, as for reasons he can't quite place he's
looking over at him pumping his hips back and forth into Nikki Bella.

Miz grunts, a look on confusion coming over his face as he slightly slows
down his thrusts into the Diva's nicely tight pussy. "Dude, quit it!" He
tells his friend. "You're totally putting me off my rhythm here!"

"You are the one who started it." Morrison replies, his hand running through
her hair while she almost deepthroats him, his cock now dripping in her
saliva. "The Shaman of Sexy cannot perform at his finest with your
distracting him with your wondering eyes."

"Wondering?" Mix pulls out of Nikki, making her groan in disappointment as
she opens her eyes to look back at him while John's cock is still deep in her
mouth. "Dude, I'm The Miz. The Chick Magnet, not the Dude Magnet!" He says,
while oddly giving his cock a stroke as he looks directly at Morrison.

"Keep it that way Miz, we host the Dirt Sheet, not the Dude Sheet". John
coolly replies with a flex of his upper muscles, and somewhat contrasting to
what he says, he seems to be glancing at Miz as he jerks off a little.

Nikki Bella giggles as she lifts her head off John's massive manhood with a
last little lick around the head. "Brie has no idea the fun she's missing..."
She says, glancing between both of the World Tag Team Champions as she lifts
herself up the arm rest and starts to move around it to climb onto it.

Morrison looks up and smiles as Nikki turns around, starting to squat down
and lower her perfectly shaven and smooth pussy towards his cock. Using his
hand to line it up, both he and her moan loudly as inch by inch slides
perfectly inside her wetness. She licks her lips, closing her eyes and
resting her hands on her knees as she takes all of his thick, foot long dick
inside her, grinding her pussy down into his crotch and against his nutsack.
With a pleasurable sigh she starts to move herself up his cock, beginning to
bounce up and down on his tool as smoothly as an elevator so that when she
goes to the highest point upward half of his cock is still inside her, and
she drops right down to smack her snatch down into him making a sexy slapping
sound echo throughout the locker room. Moving his hands up, John places them
on her ass cheeks, using the chance to both grope and squeeze her perfectly
formed behind and also to help her ride his dick even more easily and quicker
than she already is.

Climbing up onto the couch, The Miz strokes his cock a little before he holds
it and points it downward towards one of the sexiest women on TV, brushing
the head over her lipglossed lips. Opening her eyes, she smirks up at him,
taking the hint by opening her mouth wide and tilting her head upward to him,
sucking him softly with her well trained lips to blow him once more. He
moans, pushing his hips forward to make more of his tool travel in and out of
her lovely mouth which she easily handles with no hint of gagging at all. She
moans around his dick, her tongue working feverishly inside her mouth to wrap
around any and every part of his cock she can to give him that added extra
pleasure that he clearly appreciates. Putting both hands on her head he keeps
her bobbing skull steady, not an easy task as she swiftly bounces on the cock
inside her but like a pro she manages this sexual multitasking.

Nikki groans, coming to a stop for a moment on Morrison's shaft so she can
grind on it with her soaking wet snatch, and at the same time she twists her
head around on The Miz's tool, all of his twelve inches deep inside her oral
hole and his balls pleasantly resting on her cute chin. But as she starts to
ride John's dick firmly again and resume giving Miz a perfect blowjob, it
seems that once again not all of the guy's attention is firmly focused on the
beautiful Bella twin who's sided with them. John is leaning his head to the
side to look up at his tag team partner, glancing both at Nikki's head as she
bobs along his cock, and his chest which is slightly covered in sweat from
the sexual session. The Miz is arching his upper body back slightly with his
head also a little to the side, looking down below to the crotch of his
fellow Tag Team Champion as his dick slides in and out of the Diva's damp

Once more Miz and Morrison's eyes meet and confusion is shared for a moment,
and it looks like Miz has had enough as he forcefully pulls his shaft free
from Nikki's mouth which allows her to moan loudly and ungagged as she rides
the huge cock of John's. But this only goes on for a moment as he pushes her
off as well, making her groan is disappointment as it seems she was very
close to cumming on his dick.

"This is too damn weird!" Miz argues, walking into the middle of the room
before turning to point at John who's also standing up.

"Then keep your eyes off of my weapon of mass seduction and concentrate on
your own." Morrison answers as he too walks to the middle of the room to face
off with him.

"How can I when you're glaring at my damn cock as well!" Miz says, holding
his arms to the side in a similar fashion to how he taunts opponents in the

"Well if you are so interested in my supreme manhood, why don't you try your
best Melina impression and suck my dick then if you want it so much?"
Morrison challenges his tag team partner and long time friend.

There's an awkward silence, only filled with the heavy breathing from all
three caused by the intensity of their fucking so far. But the next sound is
a shocked gasp from Nikki as she watches The Miz actually get down to his
knees in front of John Morrison, putting his hands onto John's hips as she
opens his mouth and move his head forward. Morrison moans loudly, wide eyed
and shocked as he watches Miz take inch after inch inside his mouth before he
begins to suck him off, bobbing his head along the thick cock. Miz moans
around him, surprisingly moving his mouth quite smoothly along the huge, hung
cock of his fellow male wrestler, his lips slightly pressing down onto it as
he does so and not even thinking about how he`s tasting the juices of Nikki
that are coating the cock he`s blowing. Unashamedly groaning and completely
not caring anymore, Morrison puts a hand onto the back of his best friend's
head, pumping his hips forward to make even more of this manhood enter the
former reality star's pleasantly wet mouth which actually makes them both
moan quite loudly.

Over on the couch, Nikki is moaning as well, watching as the men who
previously where fucking her brains out are now engaged in a homosexual
blowjob act which is one of the hottest things she's ever witnessed. She
can't help but insert two fingers deep into her already soaking wet pussy,
her long luscious legs spread wide as she leans back on the couch, her other
hand running through her slightly sweat soaked hair as she masturbates to the
sight of The Miz sucking off John Morrison. She licks her lips, slightly
jealous that she doesn't have her lips around Morrison's big cock, but more
than happy to sit back and watch them go to work on each other.

With his hands firmly gripping John's sides and slightly moving over his ass,
The Miz is rapidly bobbing his head onto his fellow Tag Team Champion's
shaft, the sounds of slight gagging being heard as he's clearly not used to
sucking dick but is giving this one hell of a lust filled go. Morrison groans
loudly, his hips pushing forward to give him friend even more of his powerful
manhood, shocking himself as she feels his dick begin to twitch slightly
inside his friend's mouth. With a deep, low moan, John pushes Miz off and
grips his own cock, beginning to quickly jerk it off while his other hand
holds Miz's head in place. The other half of the Slammy winning tag team
moans, closing his eyes and going on a strange, primal instinct as he opens
his mouth wide. A few moments later John Morrison begins to shoot his load,
unleashing warm streams of thick cum out across the handsome, sweat covered
face of The Miz with some drops falling right into his open mouth and
collecting on his tongue. They both groan as John strokes out the last drops
into Miz's ready and waiting mouth before he finishes with a deep, relived
sigh, letting go of his now slightly limp cock. Closing his mouth and with a
deep gulp, Miz actually swallows down Morrison's cum down his throat, letting
out a pleasurable sigh and he opens his eyes with cum covering his face.

Before either can ever contemplate what they just did, their attention goes
over to a scream on the sofa. Nikki Bella is making herself cum on her own
fingers, three of her finely manicured digits deep in her soaking wet snatch
and pumping her like her life depended on it, while her other hand gropes her
own breast as she brings herself to a hard orgasm. Her juices pour out of her
pussy, coating her fingers and making a puddle of liquid collect on the couch
as her eyes are clamped shut and loud, lusty moans escape from her mouth. As
she comes down from it, her eyes open and she stares right across at Miz and
Morrison who seems to be stuck in a strange trance, not quite sure what's
going on right now.

"That was..." Nikki gasps for breath. "The most dirtiest... Hottest...
Fucking thing I have ever seen in my whole fucking life!" She grits her
teeth, lustfully glaring at the two men who just engaged in a steamy
homosexual act for the first time. "Get the fuck over here and return the
favour to him John!"

Knowing that it was more of an order than a request, they both snap out of it
and throw any reservations right out the window as they rush back over to the
couch. The Miz, with John's spunk still covering his attractive facial
features, takes a seat right down next to the sweating Diva, spreading his
legs wide as John Morrison lowers himself down between them to his knees.
Nikki gasps again with a smile, watching as the Shaman of Sexy lowers his
head, opening his mouth and tightly pressing his very kissable lips around
his friend's shaft. Miz moans as he watches John lower his head further and
further down, inch by thick inch passing into him as he now gets to taste the
juices of the Bella twin that coats it but that right now is just a little
bonus to the task at hand. Satisfied with well over half of the other man's
dick deep inside his mouth, John now starts to bob his head up and down,
again showing surprising smoothness and technique for someone performing this
sexual act for the very first time.

The Miz moans, putting a hand onto the top of John's incredibly still
perfectly set hair as he enjoys being sucked off deeply by a fellow male,
finding it hard to tell if this is just as good or even better than the oral
work Nikki gave him earlier. Speaking of the hot twin, she has gotten enough
breath back to slide up closely to him, moving her hands over his sweat
covered chest to grab his attention. With a moan she moves her head up, lips
parting and her tongue slowly sliding across his cheek to collect up John'
cum that rests on his face. Miz closes his eyes, lost in pleasure at both
ends of his body from Morrison giving him a rather damn good blowjob and the
Diva licking off and swallowing down the jizz that was plastered onto his
face just moments ago. With a seductive giggle, Nikki sits slightly up,
pleased with having cleaned up his face and gotten a tasty creamy treat as a
bonus, giving him a kiss on the cheek before she starts to slide down the

Morrison moans around Miz's thick, impressive cock as he feels a pair of
hands start to rub over his arm and shoulder. Looking to the side he moans
again at the smiling form of the hot sister who he'd been sharing to fuck
just minutes ago. She's intently watching him suck of his best friend,
licking her lips at the sight of one of the hottest superstars ever with
perhaps the greatest set of abs on his knees, sucking the cock of his fellow
tag team championship partner. This only makes him move his mouth faster over
the dick inside it, and his lips press around tighter to give Miz all that
more pressure that clearly shows from the louder moans he's making.

Feeling the cock starts to twitch, Morrison knows that Miz is about to cum
just like he did moments ago, so he lifts his head off of his shaft, tilting
his head back and opening his mouth as he uses his hand to jerk him off hard
and fast. Miz groans low, eyes closed shut as he cock fires off its load,
thick streams of white cum landing right into the open mouth of John Morrison
who like a professional porn starlet catches every drop.

Stroking the very last drops out of his shaft, John lets Miz's limp cock go
as he relaxes into the coach, chest heaving to get his breath back. Morrison
closes his mouth, but seeing the seductive Nikki Belle sitting by him, he
shifts over to come closer to her. She moans, mouth opening to embrace his
lips with hers and when she opens her mouth, she moans louder when he pushes
some of Miz's cum into hers to share the load between them. Smiling Nikki
closes her mouth, greedily gulping down the thick spunk she was given, while
Morrison takes his time, perhaps even savouring the taste as he swallows down
the cum of another man.

There is another pause, heavy breathing shared between all three as they come
to terms with everything that just happened. But soon enough, big, almost
perverted grins creep over all of their faces.

"Ready for another round boys?" Nikki almost challenges, and the next sound
she makes is a yelp as Morrison picks her up by the waist, standing up to
almost throw her back onto the couch, just missing the recovering Miz.

Nikki licks her lips, looking between Morrison's legs and seeing that
impressively he is already rock hard again as he moves towards her. Needing
no orders she spreads her legs apart, using her hands to hold them in place
by her thighs to allow unrestricted to her soaking wet cunt. Using his hand
to line his shaft up with her entrance he pushes forward, ploughing into her
love hole and making her moan loudly. He starts to smirk, pumping his cock
completely into her tightness so that his balls lightly slap into her
butt cheeks, his hands moving up and down her smooth legs to stroke them
sensually. They both moan, the attractive Smackdown Diva rocking her hips
upward to meet his thrusts but his pumps are so powerful her body rocks
backward, causing her perky, round breasts to bounce in time with his

Licking his lips, The Miz stands up from the couch and moves around the
sweating, fucking pair, giving his cock a quick stroke as he's now completely
hard as well. He stands behind John, running a hand over his well defined and
worked out back which makes him moan slightly, slowing his thrusts as he
wonders what his fellow champion and Slammy winner is up to. Morrison gasps
when he feels Miz spread his toned and firm ass cheeks apart, and then start
to work his huge, thick dick into his asshole. Both hot, handsome Superstars
moan loudly as Miz works his shaft into this super tight passage of his best
friend while John himself has his own cock buried deep inside the tight pussy
of Nikki Bella who's mouth is watering again at the sight of the male-on-male
action inches away from her.

With his hands resting on the other man's butt cheeks, Miz starts to thrust
into Morrison's tight ass, both men moaning shamelessly as they engage in
anal sex with each other for the first time. Gasping as his back passage
surprising accepts the other Superstar's shaft, John leans back slightly,
turning his head to look at his friend who's fucking his previously virgin
asshole. The Miz licks his lips and can't resist, leaning his head forward
and meeting his lips with his for a steamy kiss, their tongues dancing
with each other's inside both of their mouth. They exchange moans as well as
saliva as Miz continues to pump his big dick into the extremely tight asshole
of Morrison, his hands slightly squeezing the toned and tanned butt cheeks of
his tag team partner.

Nikki isn't left out, as every time Miz pumps into John, Morrison's body in
turn jolts forward, causing his cock to pump into the wonderfully tight and
damp snatch of the naughty but beautiful Diva. She moans, her hands groping
and playing with her own tits as she watches her preferred tag team fuck each
other as John slams into her pussy to make it even better. Leaning up from
the couch, Nikki catches the guys attention from each other when she wraps
her legs around them, the bottom of her heels just able to touch the sides of
Miz's body, creating a sexual sandwich with Miz and Nikki as the bread, and
Morrison as the filling. John moans, breaking the kiss from his friend and
turning to her, flicking his tongue against hers with both moaning lowly.
With surprising fluid motions for such an impromptu turn of events, John is
able to carry on slamming his full, twelve inches of meat into the soaking
wet and tightness of the sexy Bella twin while behind him The Miz pumps all
of his cock deep into John's very tight asshole so his nuts can smack into
the cheeks of the other man.

With a groaning sight, The Miz starts to ease out his cock from Morrison's
asshole, giving his friend's butt a slap on the cheek as he steps back. John
moans into Nikki's mouth, slowly breaking off the kiss as he lets her grind
her hot pussy into his crotch for a moment, before he too slides his tool of
the tightness he was enjoying. With a lick of her seductive lips, Nikki
quickly moves off the couch and over to Miz, slipping down to her knees in
front of him and taking his tool right into her mouth. Miz moans as she
quickly bobs her head along his thick cock, her tongue lashing around it to
taste Morrison's ass off of it and to keep his tool nice and wet for what she
wants next. John comes close to the pair, jerking off for a moment before
with almost a sixth sense the gorgeous, tanned Diva reaches over to stroke
him off with her soft, soothing palm, rubbing her pussy juices all over his
cock. She switches over, jerking Miz off with quick, deep movements up and
down his entire dick while blowing John with her sensual lips and tasting
herself and her juices with her expert tongue lashing all over the huge

With a moan Nikki lifts her head up, letting go of them as she positions
herself on her hands and knees on the locker room floor, flipping her hair
back erotically as she looks back at both me with a sexy smile on her
beautiful face. Miz takes advantage first, moving down behind her and
spreading her ass cheeks wide apart to allow him easy access into her back
passage, easily slipping his cock into her. She groans, already starting
to rock back against him as he starts to pound into her tight asshole with
firm, steady thrusts that make them both moan loudly. She keeps herself in
position with one arm, but slides the other down between her legs so she can
rub her hot, soaking pussy to give her even more pleasure from the ass
fucking she's getting from the studly Miz.

John Morrison smirks, moving behind The Miz and using a hand to make him lean
forward so that his body is slightly pressing against the Diva who's ass he's
pumping hard and fast into. Miz knows what's going to happen, so he slightly
spreads his legs a little, moving his hands forward to hold Nikki by the
waist to continue pounding her. John spreads the other man's firm ass cheeks
apart, and using one hand he forces his tool into his asshole which is
similarly like his was earlier is being ventured into for the very first
time. Both men groan lustfully as John starts to fuck his friend and tag team
partner up the ass in a modified doggy style position while at the same time
Miz fucks Nikki Bella doggy style in her tight, shapely behind. All three
moan loudly, Nikki rocking back against Miz's thrusts who are even harder now
because when John pumps into his super tight butt, it makes him smack forward
into her so essentially she's getting fucked with the force of two men. She
drives two fingers deep into her wet pussy, fingering herself for extra
pleasure as she's shagged in the ass by a man who's getting fucked in his ass
as well by another man.

Morrison moans, his whole body covered in sweat as he continues to pump his
cock swiftly into the asshole of not only a fellow male, but his best friend
and his co-Tag Team Champion of the World. John runs his hands over the back
of The Miz, eventually placing them on his shoulders to rub them slightly as
he fucks him. Miz groans, his well defined body also coated in a glistening
layer of sweat as he shows the effects from the passionate fuck session he's
in. Impressively he's able to keep a perfect rhythm between the two as he
carries on pounding his cock into the nicely rounded, sexy ass of one of
the Bella twins while pushing his ass back to meet the thrusting cock pumping
in and out of his formally virgin asshole. Nikki is in pure, dirty heaven as
she looks back to watch Miz and Morrison engaged in hot, homosexual sex while
Miz is slamming into her behind at the same time. She groans loudly, a third
finger pumping deep into her soaking wet pussy to get herself off as her ass
is behind taken care of perfectly.

All three are moaning loudly, sweat pouring off their bodies and other each
other, the sounds of skin slapping against skin echoing around the lavish
room as Miz's hips and ballsack bounce into Nikki's ass, and Morrison's smack
into the behind of The Miz. But the intensity they are all going at is taking
it's toll, driving them all over the edge and to a sexual high unlike
anything they've ever been a part of.

Nikki Bella is the first to explode, the double team action of fingering
herself and getting ass fucked by The Miz's thick foot lock shaft too much
for her now. Her fingers get coated in her cum, more juices flowing out of
her cunt and down her thighs and legs as she groans and moans, rocking back
against Miz as much as she possibly can, eyes closed as gives in to let
pleasure flow all over her. The Miz is next to go, as when Nikki cums her
asshole clamps around his shaft, this added tightness far too good to resist
in addition to getting his butt pumped into by his friend John Morrison. He
starts to release his load, flowing straight into the back passage of the
beautiful Diva who groans as she feels his cum shoot deep into her. And like
a domino effect, Morrison follows suit and cums as Miz's ass clamps around
his pumping cock like a vice, and he can't hold back and starts to fire off
into his fellow Superstar's ass, causing him to gasp and groan as his asshole
is filled up with another man's spunk.

With lusty, relieved groans Miz and Morrison slowly pull their cocks free
from the asshole they were fucking, John sitting on the floor and looking
down at his cock that his cum over it, and then to Miz's ass which has his
cum slightly leaking out of it. The Miz breathes heavily as she looks at
Nikki who is reaching back behind her, pushing a finger into her ass to scoop
up some of his cum before turning over and licking it clean, swallowing it
down with a moan.

Rolling over to her front and sexily crawling over to him, Nikki takes Miz's
softening cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and making him
groan as she cleans his cock completely, gulping down the jizz that was still
on it. With a little moan she lifts her head up, playfully smiling at him as
she turns him over, leaning her head down to his butt and spreading his
cheeks apart, allowing her to teasingly flick her tongue along his crack,
lapping up Morrison's spunk that's seeping out of Miz's asshole.

Morrison smirks, sliding behind Nikki's who's on her hands and knees, and he
puts his hands on her butt cheeks, spreading them so he can dive it, driving
his tongue into her ass and collecting up all the creamy cum Miz has fired
into her back passage. This makes her moan into Miz's ass as she licks up all
of John's thick jizz that he blew into him, and all three are softly groaning
as this clean-up ensues.

Satisfied that more than enough tongue work has been used, the three finally
end their erotic fun, lying down on the floor next to each other, their sweat
covered, attractive bodies heaving up and down to take in air. But the big
smiles on all of their faces show that despite the unexpected turn of this
fucking they loved every minute of it.

"Brie... Such an idiot..." Nikki is able to gasp out. "Best... Fuck... I've
ever had..."

"Naturally... The Shaman of Sexy always delivers sexual perfection..." John
is still able to arrogantly state.

"Dude, shut the hell up..." Miz says with a laugh. "Nikki... You bring out
the best of us..."

She giggles. "I think I just made you guys host The Dirtiest Sheet
_ _ _

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