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The Diva Competition
by Tweedy61

It was the biggest night of the year as the WWE Divas Lita, Nidia, Stacy
Keibler, Victoria, Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Sable,
and Miss Jackie headed towards the ring. There was going to be a match, but
not any type of match. This was going to be a Diva Competition. None of the
Divas knew what the objective was, but there were going to be shocked when
they found out. As Raw and Smackdown Divas made their way to the ring, they
saw the announcer Lilian Garcia, and referee Earl Hebner.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Diva Competition!" Lilian
yelled, as she smiled at the Diva's approaching the ring. The referee
motioned for the Divas to step inside the ring, so they could receive the
rules for the competition. As soon as the Divas got into the ring, Lilian

"The rules of the competition are simple: You must make your fellow Divas
orgasm before you do. If you are to orgasm before any other Divas do, you
are out of the competition. This is for the Women's Championship, so good
luck!" Lilian yelled, before the WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus' music
started playing. Trish made her way down to the ring, clad only in her bra
and panties. So were the other Divas. Trish smiled, as she approached the
Divas in the ring. She gave her championship to Earl Hebner, who held it
up so everybody in the crowd could see. Lilian stepped out of the ring, as
the 11 waiting Divas in the ring waited for their next order. Earl explained
some more rules, before telling the girls to go. As soon as he brought his
hands down, all hell broke loose. Victoria and Trish were talking trash,
Lita and Stacy were already going at it, Nidia had already had Torrie Wilson
on the ground sucking the shit out of her pussy, Gail Kim and Molly Holly
were fingering each other, Sable and Dawn Marie were rolling in the ring
pulling out each other's hair, and Miss Jackie joined in on helping Lita
fuck Stacy with her tongue. Trish slapped Victoria, when Victoria suddenly
came back with a mindblowing spear to Trish. She took Trish to the ground
and started knocking the sexy blonde Diva senseless. Her hands traveled to
Trish's bra, where from there she lifted up and began to play with Trish's
hardening nipples. Trish tried fighting by thrashing her arms, but she
suddenly felt a pair of hands on her arms holding them down. She looked up
to see Miss Jackie holding her arms down, while Victoria was already between
her legs fingering her wet clit. Trish tried to last, but she couldn't,
until she finally thought of an idea.

"Stupid bitch!" Trish yelled, as she thrust her hips up forward, knocking
Victoria in her face by her pussy. Victoria went backwards, while Trish
pulled up her panties and attacked Miss Jackie. Meanwhile, Lita was almost
close to getting Stacy out by sucking on her clit.

"Oh oh oh Lita please suck my pussy," Stacy begged, not knowing that if Lita
made her cum, she would be out of the competition. Lita smiled evily, as she
knew that Stacy wanted her to fuck her pussy and get her out. Lita suddenly
added her fingers to Stacy's dripping wet cunt, and started to finger her

"OOOOOOOH YEAHHH! IíM GONNA CUM! OH NO!" Stacy yelled, finally realizing that
she couldn't cum. Before she could even do anything, it was too late. Lita
had already made her cum.

"Stacy Keibler had been eliminated!"

Stacy stood up, and exited the ring. Lita smiled, and stood up, just as she
was knocked right back down by Miss Jackie, who had been attacked earlier by
Trish. Jackie had started to strip Lita's panties, and get between her legs.
All she wanted to do was lick Lita's pussy, and get her eliminated. Lita,
who couldn't move, had a sensation rush through her as she finally got the
strength, to look down and see that Jackie's long hot tongue was fucking her
cunt hard and fast.

"Oh god no, mmm yeah, oh ooh ooooh!" Lita yelled, as she finally came. Jackie
smiled, as Lita got up.

"Lita has been eliminated!"

Lita left the ring to go back to the locker room, as the competition stayed
on. Meanwhile, Dawn Marie and Sable were in the 69 eating the hell out of
each other's pussies. Dawn Marie stabbed her tongue deep into Sable's pussy,
as Sable did the same to Dawn Marie. Both moaned in ecstasy, as both were
about to have their orgasm.

"Oh God yes! Fuck my pussy Sable!" Dawn Marie yelled, into Sable's pussy, as
she burst out in orgasm. So did Sable.

"Oh NOOOOOOO!" Sable yelled, as she flowed into Dawn Marie's mouth.

"Dawn Marie has been eliminated!"

"Sable has been eliminated!"

As the two women exited the ring to continue what they were doing in the
locker room, the competition still went on. Meanwhile, Torrie had taken over
in the situation between her and Nidia. Torrie was now licking out Nidia's
pussy with all her might, and she was almost making Nidia cum. Torrie had
her tongue buried in Nidia's cunt, taking deep, long licks to make Nidia get
off. Nidia moaned loudly, as she finally gave Torrie what she wanted: A
mindblowing orgasm.

"Nidia has been eliminated!"

Torrie squealed in joy as she was attacked by Miss Jackie. Miss Jackie
suddenly stuck her finger into Torrie's pussy, not caring weither Torrie
liked it or not. Miss Jackie added another finger, then her tongue to the
mix. This made Torrie cum fast.

"Torrie Wilson has been eliminated!"

Torrie walked out of the ring dissapointed, as she walked backstage. It
was now up to either Miss Jackie, Trish Stratus, and Victoria to win the
competition. The three women circled for a minute, then suddenly Trish
and Miss Jackie charged at Victoria. Miss Jackie took Victoria down, while
Trish stripped her panties and licked her pussy.

"Oh Trish, no oh god," Victoria said, as Trish added her fingers to the mix.
Suddenly, Victoria screamed as she found herself cumming right in Trish's

"Victoria has been eliminated!"

Victoria walked out of the ring, cursing up a storm. She, just like the
others, have just lost her chance to become to Women's Champion. It was now
up to either Trish or Miss Jackie to win the championship. The two women
stared furiously into each other's eyes, finally Miss Jackie attacking. She
speared Trish down, and began banging her head on the mat. Trish layed
knocked out for a few minutes as Miss Jackie went to town on her. She started
licking Trish's bald cunt, sucking on her clit and also fingering it. She
turned Trish over, and slid her tongue suddenly in Trish's nicely shaped ass.
She began tonguing as hard as she could, while she reached her fingers under
Trish and fingered her wet clit. The harder Jackie tongued Trish's ass, and
fingered her pussy, the more Trish felt as if she was going to cum. Jackie
thrust her fingers in and out of Trish's cunt, feeling Trish's juices
dripping on her hand. She knew Trish was going to cum, but she didn't want
to tell anybody just yet. The crowd was screaming, as they saw the action
going on in the ring. Jackie also thrust her tongue in and out of Trish's
tight ass, as Trish finally moaned. And she came.

"Trish Stratus has been eliminated!"

"Here's your winner of the Divas Competition, Miss Jackie!"

The End

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