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Hey everyone, this is my first story writing and I know it won't be that
great. I was going to be writing a story with another person but I haven't
spoken to them in a long time so I decided to try my hand at this alone.
I've read many stories so if anything I have in here reminds you of another
story, I probably subconsciously did it. Also, I know the Serial Thrillaz
were an Indy tag team featuring "The Show" Shane Helms and "Big Daddy" Mike
Maverick but I decided to borrow the name for this series (for the double
meaning mostly).

The Diva Serial Thrilla Part 1: Going Down on So Cal Val
by GoldNova52 (

Conner Reynolds walked around backstage, exhausted from his debut match he
had just had in TNA. Conner had been a big hit on the Indy scene and it was
only a matter of time before TNA noticed and asked him to come and wrestle
for them, although he had yet to sign an official contract. Conner was 6'2"
and weighed 245 lbs, so although he wasn't the biggest superstar, he wasn't
exactly the smallest either. His wrestling attire consisted of a pair of
black cargo pants, he used to wear tights but eventually stopped wearing
them. Conner had earned the nickname the Serial Thrilla from his Indy
matches and his way to constantly thrill the crowd. Conner had just defeated
David Young in his debut match and he was walking around backstage, very
excited. He walked past a few of the TNA superstars who congradulated him
on his victory, such as The James Gang, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, and Sonjay
Dutt. Just then Conner was approached by AJ Styles.

"Nice win out there kid..." AJ said before patting Conner on the back and
walking away. Conner smiled slightly, glad to know that someone like The
Phenomenal One thought he was impressive. Conner walked to his locker room
and sat down on the couch that was in there. He slowly removed his elbow
pads and unlaced his boots when he heard a knock at the door.

"Come in..." Conner said as he tossed his elbow pads into his bag and whipped
his face with a towel. Just then Conner looked up to see TNA Knockout So Cal
Val standing there in a tight pair of jeans and a black TNA tank top that
showed off her midriff. Conner's eyes widened a bit. "Hey, your So Cal Val
right?" He asked as he smiled at her.

She smirked slightly and stood with her hands on her hips. "Yes I am, I just
watched your match...pretty good. Just thought I'd come and congratulate the
Serial Thrilla." She said with a giggle. "How'd you get that name anyways?"
She asked and licked her lips.

Conner kicked his boots off and placed them in his bag. He tossed the towel
aside. "Well, this Indy promoter always told me I needed a nickname. That
night I went out there and had a TLC Match where he said I thrilled the
crowd. Apparently he decided to give me that name and I got saddled with it
for life. I kind of like it now." Conner said as he smiled at her.

"Oh, I thought maybe you got it from one of those Indy ladies." Val said with
a slight smirk. "But I see that it goes for the ring, you showed David Young
that you aren't messing around. I'm sure you'll get signed to a long term TNA
Contract in no time."

Conner smiled widely. "I hope, this current thing they have me on isn't a
contract at all. Just a verbal agreement to work matches whenever they need
me. Beating David Young isn't that tough. Remember when he had that losing
streak? Sure now that he's one of the Diamonds in the Rough he is more
impressive, but he wasn't that tough to beat." He said with a laugh. "Only
thing he has on me is a contract with a big company."

"Don't worry, TNA obviously has interest in you. Why else would they have you
wrestle? And I saw all of those guys congratulating you earlier. Styles even
said you did good." Val said as she sat down next to him. "I see you going
far in this business."

Conner smiled. "Thanks Val, that means a lot. I really just wish I'd get a
chance to face someone a bit more established. You know, to show everyone
what the Serial Thrilla has to offer." He said as he ran a hand through his

Val laughed again and sighed. "I just can't get over that I thought you got
that name from anything besides your in ring skill." She said as she leaned

Conner grinned. "I didn't say it only classified for the ring. I can back it
up in other areas." He said with a bit of a cocky tone.

"Oh, would that be true?" Val asked as she stood up and placed her hands on
her hips. She licked her lips and then bit he bottom lip before speaking.
"Prove it then..."

Conner stood up with a smirk on his face. He reached and moved hair out of
the way. He gently kissed her lips and then moved to kissing her neck. As he
kissed her he slowly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down. Conner pushed
her thong over and gently rubbed her shaved cunt. Conner drops to her knees
and gently flicks her pussy with his tounge. He slowly but steadily begins to
lick the inside of her pussy rubbing her ass as he did. Whenever Val moans,
that just encourages him to go faster which only makes her moan more, which
in process makes him go faster, and it keeps going on. Val eventually
reluctantly pushes him away. "Let's see what you got." She says as she has
him stand up and sit onto the couch. Val unzips his pants and pulls them down
to his ankles. Conner steps out of them and lowers his boxers and steps out
of them aswell, revealing his cock. Val gently grips his cock at the base and
slowly strokes it. As Val is stroking his penis she licks the underside and
then the head. Val then takes his entire length into her mouth, and as Conner
felt the pleasure he smiled.

"Oh yeah Val, that feels so great..." He said as he ran a hand through her
hair. Val began to bob her head faster and rub his balls.He pushes her head
further down onto his length until eventually she pulled back and took off
her top, to reveal her braless chest.

"I need your dick in me..." She said as she stood up and took off her thong.
She laid down on the couch and gently rubbed her own breasts as she waited.
Conner stood up and turned over so he'd be in the right positition. Conner
gently shoved his cock into her cunt and pushed it all the way in. Val begins
to grind against him and moan in pleasure. "OH FUCK ME!" She moans as he
begins to slam into her hard.

"Damn Val, you got a nice tight pussy..." He said as he thrusted faster
and licked her tits. So Cal Val as the Serial Thrilla fucked her pussy even
harder and faster than before. Val bit her lip and moaned louder.

"You gotta fuck my ass. I need it!" She moaned.

"Sure thing..." He said as he pulled out and rolled her over. Conner slapped
her ass and then shoved his cock into her asshole.

"OH FUCK YES!" Val moaned as she began to finger herself.

"Damn Val, your ass was made for fucking!" He yelled as he thrusted into her
booty harder.

Val kept fingering herself and soon screamed "I AM ABOUT TO CUM!" She yelled
as she then arched into an orgasm, as she came on her own fingers.

"SHIT VAL, ME TOO!" He yelled as he shot his warm load into her beautfifull
backside. Conner pulled out and collapsed onto the couch as Val laid down
ontop of him, kissing his chest.

"Wait till I tell all of the other Knockouts about what a thrill you were..."
Val said as she hugged him slightly.
_ _ _

Well that's my first story. I'd appreciate some feedback.

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