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The Diva Serial Thrilla Part 2: A Hemme Powered Encounter
by GoldenNova52 (

Conner Reynolds walked out of his locker room. He had already changed
into his clothes: a pair of baggy jeans, a light blue t-shirt with a faded
Superman symbol on it, and a black stocking cap on his head. The Serial
Thrilla was all smiles after his match earlier that night on Impact. He had
just teamed up with Jay Lethal and defeated "Wildcat" Chris Harris and "The
Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm, the highly successful tag team in TNA:
America's Most Wanted. It was perhaps one of his top ten victories in his
career so far, defeating a major tag team with a partner he had just met.
If TNA management hadn't noticed him yet, they sure as hell had after that
match. Not to mention AMW were part of Jeff Jarrett's Army, a top faction
in TNA. Just then Conner rounded the corner and saw Gail Kim standing there,
a pissed off look on her face.

"You got lucky you son of a bitch..." The beauty who managed AMW and pretty
much all of Jarrett's Army said. She stood with her hands on her hips and
AMW standing behind her.

Conner just sighed and looked at her dead in the eyes. "Lucky huh? All I
remember having my hand raised at the end, and both your boys laying down,
in pain." He said as he repositioned his bag that is hanging from his
shoulder. "You want to settle this? I'll see you guys in that 6-Sided Ring
anytime, doesn't even have to be that ring. We can settle it right here,
right now..."

Harris and Storm begin to walk towards Conner but Gail stops them. "No boys,
we only have to worry about who Jeff wants us to. The Serial Thrilla..." Gail
laughs "yeah, right." She finishes as she walks off. AMW glared at Reynolds
and then followed Gail to their locker room.

Conner just laughed as he turned and saw Jay Lethal and Chris Sabin chatting.
He walked over to them. "Hey guys..." He turned to Jay. "We kicked ass out
there tonight..." Conner then turned back to Sabin. "Maybe next time we can
get a 6-Man Tag going..."

"Yeah man, that would be cool..." Sabin said as he ran a hand through his
hair. "By the way man, if Jarrett's Army tries to start shit with you, you
can count on us to back you up..."

Lethal nodded. "Yeah, anytime to fight them is a chance we jump at." He said.

"Thanks guys. Well, I'm going to head to my hotel, talk to you guys later..."
Conner said as he walked off to the parking lot.

* * *

About 15 minutes later Conner pulled up to his hotel. He stepped out of his
car, carrying his bag. He walked inside and up to the main desk.

"Hello, I have a room registered. My name is Conner Reynolds..." Conner says
as he waits for his card key to his room.

The clerk began typing on her computer looking the screen over. She scratched
her head and looked up. "It says right here that you called 5 minutes ago and
cancelled your reservation. We already booked it, we have no more vacancies."
She informed him. "I'm sorry..." She then hears the phone ring. She answers
it. "Hello, this is the-"She stops and listens to the phone. She hangs up.
"Oddly enough, I have a message for you..." She said a bit confused.

Conner's eyebrow rose. "A message for me? What is it?" He asked wondering who
would call asking for him.

"They said they heard about your reservation being cancelled, then they told
me to tell you: Sorry...about your damn luck..." She said even more confused
and Conner's fist balled.

Conner shook his head and then began to grow angry. "God damn AMW..." He said
as he dropped his bag to the floor and then kicked it across the lobby.

"Sir, you're going to have to leave..." The clerk calmly tried to say.

"Don't you see? AMW were the ones who cancelled my reservation! It wasn't
me at all!" Jimmy said, pissed obviously that America's Most Wanted had out
smarted him. Conner turns and begins to look outside when he noticed Chris
Harris and James Storm in a car outside. They close the cell phone and begin
laughing and drive off as Conner chases after them. They are down the road.

"Mother fuckers!" Conner yells loud at them as he turns and kicks a bench on
the sidewalk. Conner kicked his bag then buried his hands in his face.

He probably was sitting there for 10 minutes when a gentle hand was placed
on his shoulder. "What's wrong?" The person asked and Conner sighed still not

"Fucking AMW can't beat me in a match so they fuck me over and now I don't
have a room." He said looking up and seeing TNA Knockout Christy Hemme
standing next to him.

"Don't worry about those dicks; they didn't beat you in the ring so they
cancelled your reservation. Big whoop, I'll let you crash on the couch in
my room." She said with a sweet smile. Christy was wearing a red dress the
showed off her cleavage. "Come on big guy..." She said as he stood up
grabbed his bags and followed the red headed 2004 RAW Diva Search Winner
to her hotel room.

"So, how you liking TNA so far Conner?" Christy asked as she opened the door
and they went inside. Christy sat on a chair, crossing her legs and smiling.

Conner dropped his bags next to the couch and ran a hand through his hair.
"I'm undefeated..." He shrugs and then smiles. "I like it; I've seen a lot
of great talent tell me I did a good job like Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, and
even AJ Styles." Conner said sitting on the couch.

Christy smiled. "Oh, you forgot So Cal Val..." Christy said with a cute

"Oh yeah, Val congratulated me on my win too..." He said thinking of their
sex encounter after his debut.

Christy giggled. "Oh I heard Val did more than just congratulate you on a
victory..." Christy said winking at The Serial Thrilla.

"How'd you find out?" Conner asked wondering if the whole locker room knew,
not that he really cared. He wasn't ashamed of having sex with So Cal Val,
just wanted to know if people were listening or something.

Christy smirked and chuckled. "You think Val didn't tell me? That's all I
heard on the car ride back to the hotel was about how you guys did it. Kind
of turned me on a bit..." She winks at him and then laughs.

"Yeah, she seemed like she liked it." He laughed and rubbed his face.

Christy smirked. "I wonder..." She said standing up.

"What?" He asked looking at the cute Knockout stand up.

"Show me just how good you are..." Christy smirked walking over to the bed,
sitting on it; she took off her dress to reveal a matching pair of black bra
and panties. Conner walked over, stripping down to his boxers.

"Let's see what your packing Serial Thrilla..." Christy grinned pointed to
his crotch as he sat down on the bed and Christy slid off his boxers and he
stepped out of them. Christy licked her lips as she saw his cock. Christy
reached forward and began jacking him off. Christy worked his shaft and
smiled as he moaned, licking the head.

Christy fondles his balls with her other hand as she strokes his long dick
and licks the head. "Mmm yeah that's nice Christy..." He moaned as Christy
began to take his whole length into her mouth. Christy keeps her eyes closed
as she bobs her head on the cock of Conner. As Christy is blowing him, Conner
reached back and unsnaps her bra, sliding it off to fondle her tits. Christy
moans around his shaft and keeps going, covering his whole cock with her warm
saliva. As she is blowing him, Christy rubs her cunt through her panties and
keeps moaning around his cock.

"Whoa Christy...why don't we take care of that pussy of yours?" He asks with
a smile. Christy lets the cock come out of her mouth and lowers her panties
then stepping out of them. Christy lies onto the bed and spread her legs with
a grin.

"Thrill me Conner..." She moaned out waiting for it. Conner eased his cock
into her tight warm pussy. Conner kept thrusting into her cunt. Christy is
gripping the sheets as he is fucking her hard.

"Oh damn Christy; you really wore me out with that blow job..." He moaned as
he began to sweat.

"Just last longer than me..." Christy smiled knowing she would cum soon.
Christy began grinding against his cock as she soon came. "OH SHIT!" She
moaned as Conner slammed into her harder. "OH FUCK I WANNA TASTE YOU CUM..."
She moans.

Conner grins and pulls out as Christy opens her mouth. He bites his lips as
he jerks off aiming it at her mouth. "MMM FUCK" He moaned as he shot his hot
load into her open mouth.

Christy caught most of the warm sticky streams but some landed on her lips
and she playfully licked it off. "Mmm Val was right, you are wonderful..."
Christy moaned as she slowly lay down. "I'm so tired..." She said as she
slowly closed her eyes.

"Oh me too..." Conner said as he lay down and slowly fell asleep.

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