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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Divas Club Part 1
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At WWE Headquarters in Stanford, Connecticut, inside of the conference room
that is adjoining to the office of Stephanie McMahon, the highly secretive
Divas Club is holding their weekly meeting. The leader of the Divas Club
Stephanie McMahon is sitting at the head of the table, with Senior Member
Victoria along with Candice Michelle sitting on the left side, while Maria
and Michelle McCool sit on the right side. Stephanie McMahon presses her lips
together as she sits proudly at the head of the conference table ranked by
the four Divas that her specially selected to be part of her elite, secretive
club known as The Divas Club. Stephanie, dressed in a dark, royal blue
business suit, slides her pair of silver frames glasses onto her head as she
glances over at the assigned secretary of The Divas Club, Maria. Maria...lets
begin tonight's meeting." Stephanie pauses for a moment "Thank you ladies for
coming here tonight..." Stephanie says as she adjusts her silver-framed
glasses "Maria... please review the major details of our last meeting..."

Maria nods her head as she opens a folder and takes out a sheet of paper,
"Um... Michelle was assigned to keep an eye on the main eventers of SmackDown
after some rumors of Edge's return to the active roster surfaced... and
Candice has managed to keep Randy Orton and Batista from killing each other
before Survivor Series..." Maria says with a smile.

Stephanie McMahon presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow at Michelle
McCool. "Michelle, do you care to further discuss your assignment involving
Edge? Did you encounter any problems?" Stephanie asks as she firmly looks at
the reigning Divas Champion.

"Well..." Michelle sits up in her chair, "A lot of Superstars are really
upset... actually pissed off that the rumors are coming out of Vickie
Guerrero's office... so a lot of people are thinking they are back together
and a lot of guys have been needing some extra comfort to keep from starting
major problems."

Stephanie nods her head and adjusts her silver-framed glasses "Who were these
Superstars having frustrations, Michelle?"

"Triple H.... Vladimir Koslov.... Jeff Hardy..." Michelle says as she folds
her hands on the table.

Victoria smirks, "You had to comfort Koslov? How was it" Victoria laughs.

"He's very... mechanical..." Michelle says as she grits her teeth and glares
at Victoria.

Stephanie smirks a bit "Thank you Michelle..." Stephanie glances back at
Maria " mention Candice had an assignment with Batista and Randy
Orton?" Stephanie McMahon asks as she folds her hands together and leans
forward against the conference table to smirk at Candice Michelle "Candice,
how did you task on go for you?"

"Not good..." Candice frowns, "Keeping those two apart is a real pain in the
ass, and I mean that every way possible..." Candice says shaking her head.
"Plus the atmosphere those two are creating is causing major moral problems
all over the place."

Stephanie laughs a bit and laughs "I'm glad your ass was made of use
Candice..." Stephanie pauses and narrows her eyes as she thinks for a moment
before nodding her head "Candice I want you to continue your work with the
RAW roster, making sure the moral problems improve.

"Ok... but I'm gonna need a little extra help, RAW's a lot tougher than
SmackDown..." Candice says.

Victoria smirks, "I handled it for years.... but Candice is right, RAW is a
lot tougher than SmackDown when it comes to major problems."

"Hey SmackDown is tough too!" Michelle says, sounding defensive of the brand
she's been on since her d‚but in the WWE.

"Not like RAW..." Maria chimes in before Michelle slightly glares at her.

"Enough!" Stephanie McMahon snaps at the rising tension between the four
beautiful Divas. Stephanie turns her attention to Victoria "'re
familiar with RAW, you were part of that brand for years, I want you to
assist Candice with the moral issue...." Stephanie pauses before she stands
up from her seat at the conference table "As for Michelle and Maria...I want
the both of you to keep your eyes and ears open for any problems you see with
SmackDown..." Stephanie folds her arms against her waist "Have a good evening
ladies, meeting is adjured..." Stephanie says before she turns to step away
from the conference table.

"Um Stephanie... we forgot about my suggestion from last month about picking
Kelly Kelly as a new member..." Maria says as she keeps her notes folder

Stephanie McMahon slowly turns back and raises an eyebrow "Oh yes...I believe
we ran out of time then..." Stephanie begins to say before Michelle McCool
shakes her head .

"Stephanie, I'm sorry but I'm absolutely against bringing Kelly on as
member!" Michelle says "I'm sorry, you know...Kelly's a great girl and all,
but she doesn't have it up here..." Michelle says as she points her own
blonde haired head.

Victoria grits her teeth and rolls her eyes "Yeah...and I hate to agree with
Michelle McDrool, but Kelly is a prissy girl...she's too weak for this!"
Victoria snaps as she gives Michelle a deadly glare.

"You say that about everyone..." Candice says as she puts her hands on the
conference table. "Kelly is a lot tougher than she looks. Let's not forget
she's gotten hit by kendo sticks, been through series of matches with Beth
Phoenix, plus she's been manhandled by some of the biggest and toughest
Superstars in the WWE," Candice says.

"And she's on RAW too... and she could easily help Candice out since they are
on the same brand," Maria adds as she quickly writes down what everyone is

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and nods her head "Ladies...have you forgotten
how The Divas Club works?" Stephanie asks with a sly smirk. "Kelly has to
prove herself, just like each of you did..."

"I'm sure Kelly can do anything she's assigned to do to prove herself,"
Candice says confidently.

Stephanie folds her hands together against her waist "I will be in contact
with Kelly and she will prove herself to be worthy of being part of such an
elite club..." Stephanie pauses "I will contact each of you when our next
meeting will be where we decide if Kelly joins The Divas Club..." Stephanie
says before she turns to walk towards the adjoining door of the conference
room that leads to her office. Stephanie pauses and glances over her shoulder
with a sly smirk "Oh and ladies..."

"Yes Stephanie?" Victoria, Candice, Maria and Michelle say at the same time
as they all look at Stephanie.

" do not speak of this club to anyone..."

* * *

A few days later at a gym in Jackson, Tennessee where the WWE is holding a
live event later in the night, Kelly Kelly is using a workout machine that
helps strengthen her calves when the ringtone that signals an inbound text
message on her cell phone begins to go off. Kelly stops her workout and
reaches down to the floor to pick up towel and cell phone to see an instant
message waiting from Stephanie McMahon waiting for her. Kelly bites her
bottom lip, "Hope I'm not in trouble." Kelly says to herself as she starts to
type an instant message.

KK: Hi Stephanie!

SM: Hello Kelly - hope I'm not interrupting you

KK: Oh no I was just working out

SM: Training for that Women's Title, right?

KK: Yeah, I got to be ready for when I get my big chance

SM: You know Kelly, I've been watching you for a while now and you have great
potential that could be of great use to me.

KK: Really?

SM: Of course Kelly you have a bright future, especially if you play your
cards right.

KK: Oh that's awesome! Is there anything I can do to improve my career?

SM: Actually, there'd you like to be part of a club?

KK: I love being in clubs! What type of club is it?

SM: Kelly this isn't some pathetic school girl club, it's a very special club
and not everyone is invited. You're're invited to join and be
among the Divas that have served for years in The Divas Trish
Stratus, Lita, Torrie Wilson.

KK: Wow... if they were apart of it, I would love to be apart of it too! What
do I have to do?

SM: have to prove yourself

KK: Ok

SM: If you want it Kelly you need to fuck a Superstar

KK: Really?! Wow!

SM: But it can't be just anyone. You have to fuck CM Punk.

KK: Oh well that will be easy. Punk and me have a little history together.

SM: Oh but Kelly there's more, not just CM Punk...but Randy Orton too. In
fact you need to fuck both of them together.

KK: Together? But they really hate each other...

SM: Well if you don't want to be in, I guess I could find someone else who
would be able to achieve that.

KK: I'll do it... I just... you know, need to figure out how to do them

SM: I'm sure you'll be able to think of some way. Oh and Kelly, I might have
forgot to will need proof.

KK: Proof? Like what? Their trunks?

SM: No, no, no...Kelly you solid proof - pictures, video. you understand

KK: Yeah I understand, I think I can do it

SM: Good. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kelly bites her bottom lip when Stephanie signs off, "Wow... oh boy... this
is going to be really tough..." Kelly says as she starts to think of how she
can do the task Stephanie gave her.

* * *

Later in the day at a WWE Live Event, Kelly Kelly is approaching the men's
locker room. She quietly opens the locker room door and peeks in to see that
Randy Orton and CM Punk are there, but on opposite ends of the room. Punk is
already wearing his wrestling trunks and is getting his kneepads out of his
travel back. Randy Orton is dressed in his own wrestling trunks and is
wrapping athletic tape around his left wrist. Both Superstars occasionally
glare at each other whenever they think the other isn't looking at him.

Kelly Kelly presses her soft lips together as she quietly slides into the
men's locker room, softly closing the door behind her. The adorable RAW Diva
lowers her blonde haired head shyly as she debates on how to approach both
Randy Orton and CM Punk. Kelly is dressed in perfectly fitting, adorable jean
skirt and a light pink top.

Punk grits his teeth as he sees Randy looking at him, "Just what the hell are
you looking at?" Punk snaps.

"Nothing... which is what you are..." Randy says with a slight smirk before
he turns his head to pick up a small pair of scissors to cut the athletic
tape. Randy is about to start wrapping the tape around his right wrist when
he just now notices Kelly, "Hey... you lost?"

Kelly slowly lifts her head up and instantly bits down on her bottom lip as
Randy Orton catches her off guard as she wasn't completely prepared yet.
"Ummm...uhhh..." Kelly cutely presses her slender shoulders "Ummm no...not
really..." Kelly scrunches her nose.

"What's up Kelly? You need some help with something?" Punk asks as he slides
one knee pad onto his left leg.

"Oh aren't you helpful..." Randy says sarcastically before Punk glares at

Kelly Kelly takes a nervous deep breath as she takes a step closer into the
men's locker room and happens to approach Randy Orton, who is the closer of
the two Superstars. "Well... I do kind of need help with something..." Kelly
says with a cute laugh.

Randy smirks as Kelly walks towards him, "Now what kind of help could that
be?" Randy asks, "Since you did just come into the men's locker room..."
Randy adds as he checks Kelly out.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and blushes "Well..." Kelly pauses and
shyly lowers her blonde haired head once again "Some of the girls backstage
were talking...and some think that you are the hottest RAW Superstar..."
Kelly pauses and cutely looks at CM Punk "And others think that Punk is...and
well, I want to really find out who is."

Randy smirks, "Ain't it obvious... I'm the hotter Superstar, just look at
this body, hell, you can go onto any website and see how hot people think I

"Namely the gay guys who found your photos..." CM Punk says with a laugh.

"Shut up Punk!" Randy snaps.

Punk puts on his other kneepad before he walks over to Kelly, "Hey Kelly, you
can't seriously think Randy is possibly hotter than me right?" Punk asks.

"Oh... someone isn't confident..." Randy smirks.

Kelly innocently smiles "Well...Randy does have a nice body..." Kelly says as
she cutely looks at CM Punk, before she glances over at Randy Orton "But...I
do love Punk's really cool hair..."

"So what? My body is all that's needed to prove I'm hotter than Punk... and
that rat's nest on his head is really tacky..." Randy says as he tries to put
himself over while insulting Punk.

"Don't get mad because you look like a total tool with that close hair
cut..." Punk laughs. Kelly nervously looks at CM Punk and then at an
extremely furious Randy Orton who stands up from his chair to get into CM
Punk's face, while Kelly Kelly stands between the two Superstars.

Randy glares at Punk, "All right Punk... you think you're better than me?
Right here right now... let's see who Kelly think is hotter... hell we both
know I'm BIGGER than you."

CM Punk smirks, "Randy... you ain't bigger than me unless you're talking
about your height and ego..."

"I am talking about how big I am compared to you!" Randy snaps.

Kelly raises both of her hands up to lightly push CM Punk and Randy Orton
away from her in case the heat between the two Superstars would escalate
further. "Well...why don't you two show me..." Kelly asks with a seductive,
cute smile on her gorgeous face.

Randy nods his head, "Yeah that's a good idea... put your money where your
mouth is Punk!" Randy yells.

Punk raises an eyebrow, "All right, but I find it funny you're so eager to
see my dick..." Punk laughs before he and Randy start to lower their
wrestling trunks to reveal their dicks to each other and to Kelly. Randy's
cock is fairly long and thick even when it's soft, however Punk's cock is
easily a few inches longer and noticeably thicker.

Kelly rubs her soft lips together and lightly licks her lips as she takes a
moment to glance at the fairly large and thick cocks of Randy Orton and CM
Punk. "Gee..." Kelly cutely laughs "I wonder what I could do with two dicks
in front of me..."

Kelly's comment instantly gets both of Randy and Punk's attention as they
look at her. Randy smirks slyly, "I don't give a fuck if Punk is the other
guy... I love tag teaming a hot slut..." Randy says as he pounces on Kelly's
seemingly innocent comment. Kelly presses her soft lips together as she turns
her attention to Randy Orton who appears to be the more eager of the two.
Kelly tosses her gorgeous, soft blonde hair back before she turns to
completely face Randy Orton and gently slides down to her knees in front of
the cocky Legend Killer.

"Oh geeze Kelly..." Punk starts to say, not believing that Kelly is starting
on Randy first as she places her hands on his cock.

"Watch and learn Punk... sluts, particularly blond ones, know to start with
the main even first before going to the lower guy..." Randy smirks as Kelly
starts to stroke his cock. Kelly lifts her adorable, seductive eyes and
sweetly smiles up at Randy Orton as she gently strokes her soft hands around
Randy's hardening cock. Kelly lowers her head as she feels Randy's right hand
brushing against her blonde haired head. Kelly opens her adorable mouth and
takes Randy's cock into her nicely warm and wet mouth. Kelly wraps her pouty
lips around his cock and starts to smoothly bob her head.

"Mmmmmm shit.... yeah..." Randy moans as he slides his hands through Kelly's
blond hair as she bobs her head up and down on his now rock hard cock. Punk
wraps a hand around his own cock and starts to lightly stroke his shaft a

Kelly presses her soft lips tenderly around Randy Orton's rock hard cock as
she smoothly rocks her head back and forth along his shaft. "Mmmmm...
mmmmm..." Kelly cutely moans as she gently and swiftly moves her head along
Randy's cock to suck him.

"Mmmmm fuck yeah... suck that cock..." Randy moans as he tilts his head back
as Kelly bobs her head quicker on his stiff cock.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Kelly moans as she easily takes Randy Orton's cock deeper
into her wet mouth as her soft lips grind against his shaft. Kelly cutely
rocks forward on her knees as she takes his cock deeper into her mouth.

"Ahhhh fuck.... mmmm yeah... ohhh yeah..." Randy licks his lips as Kelly
nearly deep throats his whole cock.

"Hey Kelly... how about getting something bigger..." Punk smirks.

Kelly Kelly slowly lifts her head from Randy Orton's cock as her wet saliva
drips from her shaft. Kelly glances over her shoulder with a cute smile as
she looks up at CM Punk. "Mmm...sure!" Kelly says with a moan as she turns on
her knees to face CM Punk's cock and instantly opens her adorable mouth,
taking Punk's cock into her mouth.

"Ahhhh fuck..." CM Punk smirks as Kelly lowers her head further down on his
cock as she takes it inch by inch past her lips.

"Mmmmmm..." Kelly cutely moans as she presses her lips down against his cock
as she starts to smoothly and steadily bob her head on his long, thick cock
as she sweetly sucks on his cock. Randy smirks slightly as he watches Kelly
bob her head on Punk's impressively large cock. The Legend Killer kneels on
the floor and starts to tug on her jean skirt in order to pull it down from
her waist. Kelly closes her eyes as she gently turns her head on CM Punk's
cock while she smoothly laps her tongue back and forth against the bottom
side of his shaft. Kelly leans forward and gently places her hands onto his
tattoo covered and toned waist while Randy lowers her jean skirt.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmmm!" Punk groans as Kelly bobs her head at a smooth pace on
his cock while she slides her tongue all over his dick.

Randy licks his lips as he sees Kelly's hot round bare ass as he pulls her
jean skirt off of her legs, "What a hot looking ass..." Randy says with a
smirk before he guides his cock into Kelly's smoothly shaved pussy.

"Mmmmmm!" Kelly lustfully moans around CM Punk's cock as she feels Randy
Orton's cock entering her tight, warm pussy from behind. Kelly wraps her lips
tighter around CM Punk's cock and starts to deeply bob her head on his cock
when Randy starts to thrust into her pussy from behind.

"Mmmmmm... ahhh..." Randy grabs Kelly's waist as he pulls her back towards
him while he thrusts his cock firmly into her pussy. Punk puts his hands on
Kelly's head as she twists her head from side to side as she deeply sucks on
his large shaft.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Ohhhhh!" Kelly sweetly moans around CM Punk's cock as she
rapidly bobs her head on his cock, causing her blonde hair to bounce and sway
as she feels Randy's strength pulling her back against his waist and cock.

"Ahhhh shit.... ohhh fuck..." CM Punk licks his lips as Kelly swallows every
inch of his cock to the point where her nose is pressing against his smoothly
shaved crotch. Randy firmly pumps his cock into Kelly's pussy as he pulls her
back towards him.

"Ohhhh...mmmmm..." Kelly Kelly moans and slightly lifts her head from CM
Punk's cock as she rocks on her knees to gently push back against Randy
Orton's cock. "Ohhhh...ohhhh yeah!" Kelly moans.

"Ohhhh yeah.... mmmm shit... love a hot tight twat..." Randy grits his teeth
as he drives his cock sharply into Kelly's pussy. CM Punk moves to sit on one
of the locker room benches as he watches Randy fuck Kelly from behind. Kelly
bites down on her bottom lip cutely and slowly opens her eyes as her
gorgeous, perfectly curved, tanned body moves back and forth while positioned
on her knees allowing Randy to deeply fuck her tight, warm pussy.

"Mmmmm... awww... get on Punk's dick..." Randy grunts as he pulls his big
hard dick out of Kelly's pussy.

Kelly innocently glances over her shoulder and cutely smiles " that
what you want?" Kelly asks with a sweet laugh.

Randy smirks, "Yeah cause my dick is going up your ass shortly after you do
it..." Randy says.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhh...sounds naughty..." Kelly says with
a smile before she adorably crawls onto her hands and knees over to CM Punk
before she smoothly lifts herself onto his lap and gently lowers herself onto
his cock.

"Ahhhh shit..." Punk groans as Kelly grinds her pussy on his cock after she
lowers herself completely on it. Punk lifts up Kelly's light pink top to
reveal her firm, juicy round tits so that he can feel them with his hands.

Kelly smiles "Hey Punk..." Kelly says with a cute laugh as she places her
hands onto his toned and tattoo covered chest while she smoothly rocks back
and forth on his cock.

"Hey..." Punk smirks as he thrusts his cock up into Kelly's pussy as she
rides his dick. Randy gets up from the floor and walks up behind Kelly so
that he can shove his cock into her tight asshole when she's least expecting

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh my god!" Kelly moans loudly and tilts her head back as she
feels Randy's cock suddenly entering her tight asshole, causing her to
lightly rake her fingernails against CM Punk's chest.

"Ahhhh... shit they all say the same thing..." Randy smirks as he pumps his
cock firmly in and out of Kelly's tight asshole. Punk leans his head forward
and wraps his lips around her right nipple as she bounces a bit on his cock.
Kelly grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she rocks back and forth on
CM Punk's cock while steadily bouncing while at the same time rocking back
against Randy's cock into her ass.

"Mmmm! Mmmm!" Punk moans against Kelly's right tit as he sucks on it while
Kelly bounce on his cock so that she can push back against Randy's thrusting
cock. Randy grits his teeth as he pumps his cock harder into Kelly's asshole.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh yeah...mmmm" Kelly Kelly sweetly moans as she rocks back and
forth between Randy Orton and CM Punk as her gorgeous, tanned body grinds
between the two Superstars.

"Ohhh shit... mmmm fuck!" Randy grunts as he starts to cum inside of Kelly
Kelly's asshole as he continues to fuck her ass with his throbbing cock.
Kelly licks her soft, moist lips as sweat lightly trickles down her forehead
as she continues rock back and forth on CM Punk's cock as she feels Randy's
warm cum dripping from her ass.

CM Punk lifts his head away from Kelly's tits as she continues to ride his
cock, "Ahhhh... ohhhh shit... awwww..." Punk moans as he starts to cum inside
of Kelly's pussy just as Randy removes his dick from Kelly's cum filled

Kelly smiles as she slides her hands against Punk's toned chest as she gently
moves forward on his cock while she feels his cum filling her pussy. "Mmm
ohhh yeah..."

"All right Kelly... who's hotter?" Randy asks as he folds his arms.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she remains on CM Punk's lap. Kelly
innocently looks over her shoulder "Well...Punk and I do have a history

"Looks like the answer's me..." Punk says with a grin as he looks at Randy.

"That's some bullshit!" Randy snaps as he glares at both Punk and Kelly.

Kelly weakly smiles and presses her shoulders up "But you're really hot too

"Two words Kelly.. Fuck you..." Randy snaps before he walks towards the
shower area of the locker room.

"Man is he a punk..." CM Punk laughs a little.

Kelly innocently looks at CM Punk "What's his problem?"

Punk shrugs, "I think he has PMS or something..."

* * *

Later that night inside of the private hotel suite of WWE Executive Vice
President and leader of The Divas Club, Stephanie McMahon, dressed in a black
skirt and a nicely fitted red blouse, sits on the edge of the king size bed
as she types away at her laptop. As Stephanie saves the document she's
typing, there's a knock on the hotel suite's door. After a few moments,
there's a second knock. Stephanie sighs as she stands up from the hotel room
bed and carries her laptop computer over to the night stand near the bed,
placing it on the night stand's surface. Stephanie presses her lips firmly
together and tosses her brown hair back as she confidentially strides over
to the hotel of her private suite. Stephanie turns the door knob and opens
the door.

Out in the hallway, Chris Jericho wearing black suit pants and a button
shirt, looks at Stephanie, "I'm here..." Jericho says with a bit of a smirk.

Stephanie McMahon narrows her eyes and folds her arms in front of her chest
"You're late!" Stephanie snaps with her teeth gritted seductively together.
Stephanie takes a step away from the door allowing Chris Jericho to enter.

Jericho smirks, "I am not late... you took forever to answer the door..."
Jericho says as Stephanie closes the door after he enters.

Stephanie turns around to face Jericho as he walks further into her private
suite. Stephanie grits her teeth and frustratedly shakes her head "I said be
here at's 11:30!" Stephanie yells at Jericho before she places her
hands on her hips "I want an answer why you're late!"

"You want just an answer?" Jericho asks with a smirk as he folds his arms.

Stephanie narrows her eyes further at Jericho "Yes! Now tell me what caused
you to be late?!" Stephanie says as she firmly presses her lips together.

"Well my answer is that there was this hot little redhead I saw at the
arena... and I just had to know if the carpets matched the drapes if you
catch my drift," Chris Jericho says. When he sees the look on Stephanie's
face, Jericho smirks again "Hey you said you wanted an answer, I gave you

"Shut up!" Stephanie snaps as her nose scrunches with anger "Shut up and get
your pants off!" Stephanie demands as she glares at Chris Jericho.

"My... aren't we pushy..." Jericho smirks as he starts to unbuckle his belt
so that he can undo his pants. Within a few moments, Jericho lowers his pants
and the boxer briefs he's wearing to free his nicely thick cock.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks at Chris Jericho as she walks
over to him while he stands near the large bed. Stephanie locks her
manipulative eyes with Jericho and smirks "Lay down!" Stephanie snaps as she
proceeds to unbutton her red blouse.

"You know, you're lucky that you're hot..." Jericho smirks back at Stephanie
as he kicks off his shoes and steps out of his pants and boxer briefs.
Jericho unbuttons his shirt to reveal his smooth, toned upper body as he lays
on the bed.

"Yeah...well you're lucky I let you fuck me..." Stephanie says with her teeth
gritted as she slides her red blouse from her body to expose her juicy and
large, perfectly rounded tits.

"Yeah me and the other sixty guys on the roster..." Jericho says as he and
Stephanie taunt each other.

"Shut up asshole!" Stephanie says as she kneels onto the bed and wraps her
left hand around his cock and begins to smoothly, teasingly stroke her hand
against his hardening shaft.

"Mmmm... you started it..." Jericho says with a slight moan as Stephanie
moves her left hand slowly up and down on his hardening cock.

"You know you love the time we spend together Chris..." Stephanie says slyly
as she lowers her head and wickedly flicks her tongue against the head of his
cock while holding his cock steady with her left hand.

"Mmmm.... I have no complaints..." Jericho says with smirk as he puts his
hands underneath his head as he watches Stephanie flick her tongue against
the tip of his dick.

Stephanie seductively narrows her eyes as she teasingly slides her wet tongue
against the tender area of Jericho's piss-slit "You're such an asshole..."
Stephanie smirks a bit before she opens her incredibly hot and skilled mouth,
lowering her head to take his cock smoothly into her mouth.

"Mmmmm.... this coming from the dirtiest... sleaziest...." Jericho starts to
say as Stephanie begins to bob her head up and down on his cock to shut him

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Stephanie moans as she wraps her lips tightly around
Jericho's cock as she swiftly and steadily bobs her head on his shaft.
Stephanie occasionally slides her wet tongue against the bottom side of his
shaft while she constantly takes him deeper into her mouth.

"Ahhhh... mmmm yeah..." Jericho moans as he watches Stephanie turn her head
slightly so that Jericho can see her face from different angles as she sucks
his cock.

"Mmmmm....mmmmmm" Stephanie McMahon lustfully moans as she turns her head
from side to side as she skillfully moves her head to suck on his rock hard
cock. Stephanie places her hands onto her smoothly rounded hips and starts to
lower her skirt as she rapidly bobs her head, sucking, Jericho's cock.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm suck that cock..." Jericho moans as he tilts his head
back slightly as Stephanie takes his cock further into her mouth. Stephanie
slides her skirt over her juicy ass, while at the same time exposing her
incredibly hot and smoothly shaved Billion Dollar pussy, as she continues her
perfectly move her head on Jericho's cock, slurping and sucking his shaft.

"Ohhh shit yeah... mmmm fuck.... you were hungry for some cock weren't you
Steph..." Jericho moans loudly as Stephanie drools on his dick as she sucks

Stephanie slowly lifts her head and grits her teeth as she slyly looks at
Chris Jericho "Shut up Chris..." Stephanie seductively snaps as she sits on
her knees on the bed as Jericho remains laying.

"Why don't you get on...." Jericho smirks as Stephanie lifts her right leg so
that she can straddle his toned, tanned legs.

"Don't tell me what to do Chris..." Stephanie says with a narrowed, seductive
glare in her eyes as she straddles Jericho's waist as he lays on the bed and
firmly lowers herself onto his rock hard cock. "Ohhhh fuck..." Stephanie
groans as her tight pussy wraps around his cock.

"Ahhhh..." Jericho lets out a moan as Stephanie's tight pussy squeezes his
cock. Jericho places his hands on Stephanie's gorgeous thighs as she starts
to rock back and forth on his dick.

Stephanie grits her teeth and places her hands onto his gorgeous, tanned and
muscular chest as she rocks back and forth on his cock at a quickening,
smooth pace. "Ohhh yeah asshole! You love it!"

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm fuck ride that dick..." Jericho smirks as he rubs
Stephanie's thighs as she rocks back and forth sharply while at the same time
she grinds her cunt on his cock. Stephanie presses her lips together as she
sharply bounces and lowers her body onto his cock before she quickly jerks
her incredibly hot body back on his cock.

"Ohhh fuck... gotta love how your tits move..." Jericho grins and moans as he
watches Stephanie's large tits bouncing and swaying with each of her

"Ohhhh yeah fucking love it when I ride your dick!"
Stephanie moans as she grinds her pussy down on his cock while she quickly
rocks back and forth on his cock.

"Awww yeah..." Jericho groans as he thrusts his cock upward into Stephanie's
cunt when her cell phone's starts to ring as it sits on the night stand.
Jericho raises an eyebrow, "Forgot to turn off your phone?"

Stephanie narrows her eyes "It's not like your phone never went off before!"
Stephanie snaps before she suddenly lifts her body off of Chris Jericho's
cock and moves to sit on the edge of the large hotel room bed. Stephanie
reaches over to the night stand and picks up her cell phone.

"Last time my phone went off whenever we fuck was back in the fall of
2001..." Jericho says with a matter of fact tone as Stephanie see's that
Kelly Kelly has sent her an instant message.

KK: Hi Stephanie!

Stephanie glances over her shoulder and glares at Chris Jericho "You're such
an idiot..." Stephanie says before she turns her attention back to her cell
phone to reply to Kelly Kelly's text message.

SM: Yes Kelly?

"So? You still think I'm gorgeous..." Jericho smirks.

KK: I did it! I had a threesome with Punk and Randy!

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and smirks as she reads the text message from
Kelly Kelly. Stephanie sighs as she then glances over her shoulder and rolls
her eyes as she replies to Jericho "That's what you think..." Stephanie
rudely replies before she types a text message into her phone.

SM: Oh really?

"Of course I do... you demand my personal attention as often as possible..."
Jericho licks his lips.

KK: Yup! It was so hot!

Stephanie McMahon presses her lips together as she glances over her shoulder
once again to look back at Chris Jericho as he moves on the bed to sit up on
his knees "You aren't that're just a little toy to me...and when
I get bored, I want to play with that toy!" Stephanie snaps back as she types
other text message into her cell phone.

SM: I'm glad you enjoyed yourself then...

"Then drop the phone and get back to playing with me then..." Jericho laughs
as he sits up on the bed.

KK: I loved every moment of it!

"I have more important things to deal with right now Chris..." Stephanie says
with her teeth gritted.

Jericho smirks, "Like what?"

"None of your business!" Stephanie snaps back at Jericho.

"Hey I'm here, might as well use me and text your little friends later..."
Jericho says.

Stephanie rolls her eyes as she turns her head back away from Jericho "No can just wait..."

"I don't think so..." Jericho says as he grabs Stephanie and pulls her to the
center of the bed. Jericho turns Stephanie onto her stomach as she nearly
drops her cell phone before he pulls her up to her hands and knees. Stephanie
tightly grabs onto her cell phone and grits her teeth as she glances over her
shoulder as Jericho holds the Billion Dollar Princess steady in the
doggystyle position.

"Oh yeah baby..." Jericho smirks as he guides his cock towards Stephanie's
pussy. Jericho pushes his cock into Stephanie's pussy and begins to thrust it
in and out slowly.

KK: Stephanie? Are you there?


"Oh you asshole!" Stephanie groans and grits her teeth as her fingers press
against the keypads of her cell phone while Jericho starts to thrust his cock
slowly and deeply into her pussy, causing her to rock back and forth on her

"Shut up and take this cock!" Jericho grabs Stephanie's hips and pulls her
back towards him as he fucks her from behind.

KK: lol, are you ok?

Stephanie narrows her eyes as she rocks back and forth at a quicker pace
while Jericho's cock deeply drives into her tight, wet pussy. "Ohhh you
fucking jerk!" Stephanie moans as she glances back down at her cell phone and
starts to type another message while Jericho fucks her from behind.

SM: Sorry...dropped the you fucked Punk and Randy, tell me about

"Mmmmm fucking bitch, You love it don't you?!" Jericho grunts as he slams his
entire cock into Stephanie's pussy repeatedly.

KK: It was so hot! Randy has like a perfect dick... but Punk's is way bigger!

SM: Oh yeah? So what all happened?

Stephanie tosses her brown hair back and grits her teeth as she aggressively
slams back against Jericho's gorgeously tanned, muscular waist while his cock
deeply drives into her wet pussy.

"Ahhh yeah... mmm!" Jericho licks his lips as he rapidly drives his cock in
and out of Stephanie's wet, warm snatch.

KK: Well first I blew Randy cause he was really eager to fuck me lol. Then I
blew Punk as Randy fucked me doggy style.

SM: Sounds like you had a really good time

Stephanie presses her lips together and leans her head back as she closes her
eyes for a moment while she feels Jericho's cock roughly and deeply slamming
into her wet pussy. "Ohhhh you fucking jerk!"

"Shut up and take it!" Jericho snaps as he rams his entire cock into
Stephanie's pussy. Jericho wraps his arms around Stephanie's waist before he
turns himself and Stephanie to the right so that they are laying on their

KK: I had a great time! Punk and I even had a little extra fun Randy left.

SM: Well Kelly I do look forward to seeing your proof

Stephanie glances over her shoulder as she finishes typing her latest text
message to Kelly Kelly and sharply grinds her ass against Jericho's waist.
Stephanie wickedly turns her head back and bites down on his bottom lip,
roughly pulling her head back.

KK: Proof


"Ahhhh mmm!" Jericho groans as Stephanie bites down on his bottom lip as he
pumps his entire cock repeatedly into her pussy. Stephanie narrows her eyes
and glares at Jericho as she releases the grip of her teeth on his bottom lip
before she pushes herself firmly against his cock.

SM: You do have proof, correct?

KK: I forgot to get it.... guess I blew getting into the club.

Jericho reaches over Stephanie to grab her tits as he sharply thrusts his
cock all the way into her pussy. Jericho's balls smack against Stephanie's
skin while her ass hits his gorgeous waist.

Stephanie slyly smirks as her ass smacks against Jericho's waist as he
constantly slams his cock deeply into her pussy from behind while both lay on
their sides.

SM: Kelly...don't worry. You can make it up...if you're still interested.

KK: Really?! Oh I'm very interested!

"Fuck... ahh..." Jericho pulls his large hard cock out of Stephanie's pussy
and sits up on his knees. He turns Stephanie back onto her stomach and then
up into the doggystyle position so that he can impale her billion dollar ass
with his stiff cock.

" mother fucker..." Stephanie groans and grits her teeth as she
feels Jericho's cock sharply impaling her tight, juicy ass, causing her body
to suddenly jolt forward before he starts to rapidly slam his cock into her

SM: Good...and this time I'll have everything step up for you, to make sure
we get the proof we need. All you need to do is make sure you can lure him to
the hotel room I have arranged for you.

KK: Thank you Stephanie! I won't let you down!

"Ohhh yeah bitch! Bet you thought I wasn't gonna fuck that big... juicy...
fucking hot ass of yours!" Jericho smirks as he roughly pumps his entire cock
into Stephanie's asshole.

"Shut up Chris...." Stephanie groans as she pushes back against Jericho's
cock by rocking back and forth smoothly and quickly on her knees.

SM: I'm sure you won' Kelly this time I want you to seduce Shelton
Benjamin, see if he really is a Gold Standard.

KK: Ok! I've always wanted to see if he was a Gold Standard too lol.

Jericho sharply smacks Stephanie's ass with his right hand, making her drop
her cell phone while he continues to pound her ass with his big hard dick.
Stephanie narrows her eyes as she glances over her shoulder to glare at Chris
Jericho as she sharply rocks back on her knees to push her juicy ass roughly
against his gorgeous, tanned and muscular waist. "Yeah Stephanie... fucking
love your big juicy ass!" Chris Jericho moans as his increases the pace of
his thrusts while he relentlessly fucks her ass.

Stephanie slyly smirks as she suddenly tightens her asshole around Jericho's
cock as she makes it very difficult for him to thrust his cock in and out of
her ass.

"Aww shit... not this again..." Jericho grits his teeth as he has to slow his
thrusts down so that he can pull his cock part way out of Stephanie's ass
before he pushes it forward again.

Stephanie wickedly laughs and closes her eyes "Ohhh you fucking idiot..."
Stephanie groans as Jericho has a rough time forcing his cock back into her

"Ahhhh... mmmm!" Jericho grunts loudly as he uses slow, but very hard thrusts
to fuck Stephanie's asshole whenever he's able to get his cock out far enough
to push it back in. Jericho reaches underneath Stephanie and pushes two
fingers into her wet cunt.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh you....ohhhh fuck" Stephanie groans as she begins to cum on
Jericho's fingers. Jericho smirks as the instant Stephanie cums on his
fingers, her asshole becomes looser. Jericho resumes fucking Stephanie's ass
with quick hard thrusts as his cock starts to throb noticeably.

Stephanie hangs her head down and closes her eyes as she feels Jericho's cock
rapidly thrusting into her asshole as she rocks back and forth on her hands
and knees. "Ohhhhh shit..."

"Ahhhh... awww fuck... ahhhh!" Jericho groans loudly as he starts to cum
inside of Stephanie's asshole.

Stephanie slyly smirks and licks her lips as she feels his warm cum rushing
into her ass. "Ohhhh you jerk..."

Jericho smirks, "Mmmm... you love it...." Jericho says as he holds his cum
spraying cock inside of Stephanie's asshole.

Stephanie slyly glances over her shoulder and smirks "Oh Chris...."

"What?" Jericho asks as he pulls his cock out of Stephanie's cum filled

"Don't think you're going anywhere soon..." Stephanie smirks "You're staying
here all night."


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