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The Divas Club Part 6
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside of her private limo, Stephanie McMahon is on her way to the Nationwide
Arena in Columbus, Ohio where she is planning on meeting with the members of
The Divas Club. As she writes a few notes, she picks up her phone and dials
the number for Natalya Neidhart. After a few rings, Natalya answers, "Hello?"

Stephanie McMahon smirks as she leans back in the limo, crossing her right
arm across her chest and left arm slightly raised to her with the phone being
held. "Hello's Stephanie."

Natalya smirks on the other end, "Oh hello Stephanie... does Hunter need to
get his rocks off again?" Natalya asks with her familiar laugh.

"No Natalya...I can fully handle that myself now..." Stephanie replies with a
laugh "Although I must tell you, I was quite impressed with how you motivated

"What can I say... I know how to get guys going in the right direction...
yeah baby!" Natalya replies.

"I'm sure you'd make a great addition to The Divas Club, Natalya..."
Stephanie begins to say.

"Of course I will... when you have a club you want a good foundation... so
when do I get my little membership card or whatever?" Natalya asks.

"Oh...not yet Natalya, there is still one last task I would like to see you
complete before I make the decision..."

"Oh really?" Natalya asks as she sounds slightly frustration, "Who do I got
to do now?" Natalya asks.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and smirks as she holds the phone to her ear.
"Shawn Michaels..."

There is a long pause on the other end of the phone before Natalya replies,
"This is a joke isn't it?" Natalya asks.

"I don't joke around Natalya..." Stephanie replies in a firm voice.

Natalya pauses again before speaking, "Shawn Michaels? Really?" Natalya says
as she doesn't sound to thrilled.

"Is there a problem?" Stephanie asks.

"Well... yeah... you know what he did to my Uncle Bret..." Natalya answers.

"And...." Stephanie replies and then smirks "Your point?"

"You want me to screw him? After what he's done?!" Natalya replies.

"Natalya...listen to's the final test to see if you are truly worthy
of joining The Divas Club..." Stephanie pauses and releases a soft sigh.
"It's all about pushing grudges to the side and getting the job done..."
Stephanie pauses again and slyly laughs "Think of it like this...Shawn
screwed Uncle Bret and now you literally screw Shawn!"

After a long pause, Natalya sighs slightly, "All right I'll do it... I'll
screw the bastard... yeah baby..." Natalya says as she laughs a bit.

"I'm happy to hear that of luck!" Stephanie says before
snapping her cell phone closed.

* * *

At the Nationwide Arena, The Divas Club: Michelle McCool, Candice Michelle,
Maryse, Maria, Kelly Kelly and Mickie James have all gathered inside of one
of the offices and the meeting is in progress. Michelle stands at the head of
a conference table, "All right listen up... since Stephanie isn't going to be
here because of what Legacy has done to her and the rest of the McMahon
family so I'm running the show...." Michelle says with a smirk.

"Oh brother..." Mickie says as she rolls her eyes and Maryse chuckles

Candice Michelle presses her lips together and sighs "I didn't get a memo
about Stephanie not being here today..."

Michelle glares at Candice, "Well she ain't here... because this club has
been running better without her around. If she was going to be here, she
would've showed up on time..." Michelle says as Maria sees the office door
opening behind Michelle. "I mean seriously, if her last name wasn't McMahon
she wouldn't even been a Diva for some promotion in Mississippi!"

Maria bites down on her bottom lip and timidly raises her left hand

"Did I say you could speak Maria? No I didn't so shut up..." Michelle McCool
says, "I'm running the show and the first time I'm going to do is kick
Stephanie out of the...."

"Ahem..." The sound of a throat being cleared is heard by Michelle from
behind her.

Michelle tenses up and slowly turns around as Maryse says in French,
"Quelqu'un est en difficult‚..."

Kelly nods her head, "Yup..."

Michelle McCool finishes turning around and is face to face with Stephanie
McMahon, "What are..." Michelle starts to say.

Stephanie McMahon presses her lips firmly together as she narrows her eyes
into a deadly glare as she looks at Michelle McCool. Stephanie silently
places her hands onto her nicely curved hips "Michelle...I suggest you sit
down and shut up!" Stephanie snaps before she starts to approach the
conference table. Michelle narrows her eyes as she looks at Stephanie, but
she quietly steps back and walks around the table to sit on a chair that is
the furthest from the head of the table.

Stephanie steps up to her designated spot at the table and places her hands
down onto the smooth surface of the table. "Good morning ladies..." Stephanie
says with a slight smirk as she remains standing.

"Hi Stephanie... it's great to see you back..." Maria says with a smile.

"Yeah... now things can get back to normal..." Candice adds.

"Oui..." Maryse nods and smirks.

"What a bunch of suck ups..." Michelle says under her breath.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow in Michelle's direction and then slowly shakes
her head before she sits back down. "Maria...what's on the agenda for today's

Maria opens her folder and looks at the top sheet inside of it, "First... a
report from Maryse in regards to now former ECW Champion Jack Swagger..."

Stephanie nods her head and turns to look at Maryse "And what do you have to
report Maryse?"

Maryse smirks as she raises her hands and holds them about a foot apart, "He
is... as we say... bien accroch‚..." Maryse says.

"Oh so he's that big?" Candice asks as she licks her lips.

"Ummm..." Maryse looks at how far her hands are apart, "Not quite..." Maryse
smirks as she brings her hands slightly closer together.

Stephanie McMahon presses her lips together and softly laughs "That's...ummm
good to know..." Stephanie says before she smirks. " did the
assignment actually go?"

"Ehh..." Maryse flips her blond hair back, "He was mad about WrestleMania...
and since he lost the ECW Championship... mai il a besoin de moi …
nouveau..." Maryse says with a smirk before she licks her lips suggestively.

"Christ... speak English!" Michelle McCool snaps.

Mickie laughs, "I think everyone else understood what she meant..."

"Who asked you fat ass?" Michelle snaps at Mickie.

Stephanie closes her eyes in frustrated and grits her teeth "Maria...what's
next?" Stephanie asks, trying her best to ignore Michelle.

Maria looks down at the top sheet in her folder, "Next... ummm... the US
Champion MVP was just moved to RAW because of the 2009 Draft... and no one
has been assigned to make sure he gets comfortable really quick.." Maria

Stephanie nods her head and points in Mickie James's direction. "
think you can handle that?"

Mickie nods her head, "Sure, it won't be a problem... I've always wanted to
be..." Mickie raises her hands up and shoots an imaginary basketball,
"Ballin' with MVP..." Mickie smiles.

Stephanie nods her head and smirks "Good Mickie...I'm sure you'll make him
feel very welcomed on RAW...." Stephanie turns back to face Maria. "What's
next Maria?"

Maria looks at her folder, "Next... um....was to discuss Michelle's...
attitude toward other members of the club..."

Michelle McCool rolls her eyes, "Oh please... these other bitches are just

Kelly leans over to Maryse and whispers, "What a bitch..."

"Oui..." Maryse nods her head.

Stephanie sighs and slowly shakes her head "Oh...this is going to be a long

* * *

Meanwhile in the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, Shawn Michaels is
backstage at the joint ECW and SmackDown television tapings visiting those
Superstars and WWE personnel that he rarely gets a chance to see. Shawn is
dressed in jeans, cowboy boots, a faded gray ' Shawn Michaels Wrestling
Academy' t-shirt and a cowboy hat and at the moment he's standing near the
entrance to the loading dock as he dials a number on his new cell phone. "Why
do they make the buttons so damn small..." Shawn says as he dials the number
to his own home to talk to his wife Rebecca.. Just as he finishes dialing he
raises the phone to his ear as he hears the dial tone starting to ring. Shawn
Michaels suddenly feels the cell phone lifted out of his hands and hears the
sound of the cell phone being snapped closed. Shawn lifts his eyes and
suddenly sees the familiar colored attire of pink and black.

Shawn raises an eyebrow as he looks at Natalya Neidhart with an annoyed look,
"I see you got your dad's lack of manners...." Shawn says as he sees his
phone in Natalya's left hand. "Give me my phone kid..." Shawn says.

Natalya raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks as she tosses the cell phone up
into the air with left hand before carefully catching the phone. "
better not be dissing on my dad..." Natalya says with a deep, seductive laugh
as she stands dressed in a pair of hot pink, tight fitting pants and a short
black, jacket-like top.

"Trust me... I got enough stories on Jim to fill a book..." Shawn says, "Now
what do you want?" Shawn says as he reaches forward to grab his phone but
Natalya smoothly transfers it to her right hand.

Natalya slyly presses her lips together and twirls the cell phone with her
right hand while keeping it away from Shawn Michaels. "I want to talk old
man..." Natalya says with a seductive glare.

"About what?" Shawn replies as he glares at the third-generation Diva.

"Oh...a little...screw job..." Natalya says as she tosses the cell phone from
her right hand to her left hand. "So, why'd you do it old man? Did you know
my uncle Bret was better than you?"

Shawn rolls his eyes, "Hey I just did what I had to do... Bret was leaving...
Vince asked him to lose the belt to me... Bret refused to because he thinks
he's god in Canada.... which by the way is in Bret's book... and Vince made
the call to have the match end the way it did. Bret wasn't the first person
screwed, he's just the most famous."

Natalya rolls her eyes and smacks her lips together as she tosses the cell
phone again with her left hand and easily catches it "Figured you
were just jealous of my uncle were never as good as him...yeah
baby! Never!" Natalya wickedly and deeply laughs "Face it old were
washed up then and you're definitely washed up now!"

Shawn waits for Natalya to toss his phone up again, and he snatches it in mid
air before Natalya can catch it, "And you're just another brat who thinks
they know something..."

Natalya places her hands onto her juicy curved waist and presses her firm
lips together "I do know one thing..."

Shawn raises an eyebrow as he puts his cell phone in his pocket, "Let me
guess? How live off your uncle and daddy's names?"

Natalya raises an eyebrow and narrows her eyes into a hard glare "You screwed
Uncle Bret...and now I'm going to screw you!" Natalya Neidhart snaps before
she firmly places her hands onto his shirt covered chest and aggressively
pushes him against the wall.

Shawn raises an eyebrow and laughs a bit, "Excuse me?" Shawn asks as Natalya
aggressively begins to move her hands against his shirt covered chest.
Natalya grits her teeth together and rakes her fingernails against the
material of his shirt before dropping her hands to the waist of his jeans and
starts to furiously unbuckle his belt with her hands. Shawn has an amused
look on his face as Natalya jerks his belt through the loops of his jeans
before she quickly unbuttons his jeans. "I've always said you Harts were an
odd bunch..." Shawn says as Natalya jerks down his jeans and the boxers he's
wearing beneath them to reveal his hardening cock.

Natalya raises an eyebrow and deeply laughs "You have no idea baby! Hahaha!"
Natalya says before she drops down onto her knees in front of the arch rival
of her uncle Bret Hart and places her hands firmly around his hardening cock.

Shawn licks his lips a bit as Natalya begins to stroke his stiff cock with
both of her hands, "Now this takes me back.... when Diana wanted to feel the
music..." Shawn moans.

"You watch your mouth about my aunt!" Natalya snaps with a seductive and
nasty look on her face before she opens her mouth and slides Shawn's nicely
long and thick cock into her hot and sassy mouth. The "Anvilette" Natalya
wraps her firm, pouty lips tightly around his shaft and starts to bob her
head aggressively along his shaft.

"Mmmmmm.... watch my mouth? Look what you just put in yours!" Shawn moans and
laughs slightly as the niece of his archrival bobs her head back and forth
along the length of his stiff cock.

"Mmmmmm...mmmmm..." Natalya seductively groans as she narrows her eyes and
glares up at Shawn Michaels as she rocks her blond with pink highlights
haired head along his shaft as she works her firm lips against his hard cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmm now why do I think you've always wanted to do this..." Shawn
smirks down at Natalya as she twists her head slightly on his cock while she
sucks it. Natalya remains with her glared eyes locked with Shawn Michaels as
she perfectly works her head along his shaft, slapping her tongue firmly
against his cock while twisting her head sharply as well. Shawn keeps looking
down at Natalya as she twists her head repeatedly on his nicely long and
thick while she also beats it with her tongue. Shawn places his right hand on
Natalya's head and pushes her pink streaked blond hair back. Natalya closes
her eyes and clamps her firm lips tighter around his shaft and proceeds to
lower head further down on his shaft, sliding her wet tongue around his cock
and quickly moving her head.

"Mmmmm shit... I'll say this kid... you suck dick almost as good as your
aunt..." Shawn Michaels moans and smirks as Natalya takes his cock further
into her mouth. Natalya suddenly presses her teeth against Shawn's cock and
roughly rakes her teeth against the skin of his cock before impressively deep
throating his long cock with one smooth movement of her head.

"Ahhhhh shit.... fuck! Diana never did that!" Shawn moans loudly as Natalya
holds his cock deep inside of her hot mouth.

Natalya slowly lifts her head off of Shawn's cock and grits her teeth before
she stands up from the floor of the hallway. "Lay down!" Natalya commands as
she proceeds to inch her tight fitting pink pants down from her juicy, nicely
curved hips.

Shawn smirks, "You may not have heard... the Heart Break Kid lays down for
absolutely nobody..." Shawn says as he watches Natalya pushing down her tight
fitting pink pants.

Natalya raises an eyebrow and smirks slyly at Shawn Michaels as she steps out
of her pants to expose her nicely shaved, hot pussy. "We'll see about that
it!" Natalya snaps back as she unzips her black jacket-like top and rips it
from her upper body to releases her large and juicy, perfectly rounded tits.

Shawn licks his lips as he looks right at Natalya's large, juicy tits, "Well
I see at least you got bigger tits than your old... WHOA!" Shawn yells in
surprise as Natalya grabs both of his legs and jerks them forward causes
Shawn to fall down to the floor with him laying on his back.

Natalya glares down at Shawn Michaels as she stands over his body, laying on
the floor of the hallway. Natalya Neidhart slyly smirks and deeply laughs
"Everyone eventually lays down for the best!" Natalya says before she
suddenly drops down on top of Shawn, expertly aiming herself down for his
cock and taking his cock deep inside of her tight, wet pussy.

"Mmmmm fuck..." Shawn groans as Natalya begins rock back and forth on his
nicely large and thick cock that is now deep inside of her hot and wet pussy.

"Hahaha! Yeah baby!" Natalya grins and laughs as she places her hands onto
Shawn's tanned, toned and slightly hair covered chest as she begins to
aggressively rock back and forth on his cock. "Yeah! You like it baby!"

"Ahhhh... mmmmm... you're nothing special" Shawn smirks as he begins to
thrust his cock upward into Natalya's pussy as she rocks on his cock "Cause
I've screwed a lot of Harts..." Shawn adds. Natalya grits her teeth and digs
her fingernails slightly into his chest as she rocks back on his cock before
roughly rocking her body forward on his shaft. Shawn places his hands on
Natalya's waist as she begins to bounce up and down on his rock hard cock and
her ass cheeks smack down loudly against Shawn's toned legs.

"Ohhhhh...mmmm yeah baby! Oh yeah!" Natalya moans and laughs as she tilts her
head back and quickly grinds her pussy against his shaft while bouncing up
and down with roughness.

"Ahhhh... mmmm if I didn't know better.... I'd say you're loving this more
than me..." Shawn moans as he raises his hands to grope Natalya's bouncing

Natalya shakes her head and roughly rocks back and forth on Shawn's cock,
slamming her juicy and toned body down repeatedly on his cock. "Oh no baby!
You like it!"

"Mmmmm you think I'm not gonna... ahhh like... a bratty little hot bitch
riding my dick?" Shawn replies as he thrusts his cock up into Natalya's hot
cunt. Natalya narrows her eyes and glares down at Shawn Michaels as she leans
forward and pins his shoulders down to the floor with her hands as she
sharply rocks forward on his cock.

Shawn smirks up at Natalya as she grinds her hot pussy harder on his
pistoning cock, "Mmmmm you know... I bet you've always wanted to do this..."
Shawn says as he taunts the third-generation Diva.

"Shut up!" Natalya snaps, seductively pressing her lips together as she rocks
back Shawn's cock, smacking her juicy, nicely plump ass down on his thighs as
she crashes down on his cock.

"Ohhhh.... mmm did I hit a nerve... seems like... ahhh you wanted to be like
the rest of the Harts... cause I screwed your dad... I screwed your uncles...
I screwed your aunt...." Shawn groans and smirks confidently up at Natalya as
he slows down his thrusts so that Natalya is doing all of the work as she
fucks him.

"No! You're a pathetic, washed-up, old bastard!" Natalya Neidhart screams as
she aggressively forward on Shawn's cock, jerking his entire shaft with her
talented, wet pussy.

"Ooooooo good comeback..." Shawn says as he puts his hands onto Natalya
waist. Just as Natalya is going to rock backward on his cock, Shawn pushes
Natalya up and off of his cock. The Heart Break Kid then rolls to his right
and jumps up to his feet before Natalya can recover from being forced off of
him shaft.

Natalya, landing onto her hands and knees on the floor after being pushed off
of Shawn's rock hard cock, grits her teeth and glares back over her shoulder
at Shawn Michaels "What the hell baby!"

Shawn smirks down at Natalya before he bends down and pulls her up from the
floor while remaining behind her. "You really are enjoying this..." Shawn
says as he bends Natayla over a nearby equipment trunk and smacks her juicy

Natalya slowly shakes her hand and glares back at Shawn Michaels as he has
her bent over the equipment trunk. "You son of a bitch..." Natalya groans.
Shawn smirks at Natalya and smacks her ass again, but this time her smacks
her a bit harder. "Oh you fucker..." Natalya says with a shake of her head as
she happened to rock forward on her knees after the firm smack to her ass
courtesy of Shawn Michaels.

"You know... I don't really condone spanking anyone... but you really deserve
it cause you're a real brat..." Shawn says as he holds Natalya down as he
proceeds to repeatedly spank Natalya's ass with the palm of his right hand.

" fucker!" Natalya screams as she shakes her juicy, tanned ass
from side to side, trying to struggle against Shawn Michaels's strength,
being held down.

"I kinda wish I had a camera... bet Bret would love to see you getting
spanked!" Shawn laughs as he continues to spanks Natalya's juicy ass as it
begins to turn a light shade of red.

Natalya scrunches her nose up in anger and tries to push back on her feet,
causing her juicy ass to smack against his hardened cock and his toned waist.
"Ohhhh you fucker! You son of a bitch!"

Shawn Michaels smirks, "Hey brat, you brought this on yourself..." Shawn says
as he grinds his hard cock against Natalya's ass cheeks as he gives her a few
more firm smacks.

Natalya slyly smirks and raises an eyebrow before deeply laughing "What
happened to wanting to screw another Hart!?"

Shawn Michaels smirks, "Oh trust me brat.... you're going to get screwed..."
Shawn says as he firmly grabs hold of Natalya's ass cheeks and spreads them
apart. With a firm thrust, Shawn shoves his entire cock into Natalya's tight

"Ohhhhhh! MMMMMM!" Natalya moans as she roughly rocks forward against the
equipment trunk after Shawn Michaels deeply slams his cock into her tight
asshole from behind before he starts to pump his shaft in and out of her ass.

"Ahhhh... awww fuck.... mmm you like that brat?" Shawn asks with a grunt as
he pumps his cock firmly in and out of Natalya's asshole with firm, swift

"Hahaha...mmmm not even impressed!" Natalya moans and replies with a deep,
seductively laugh as Shawn keeps his hands onto her juicy, curved hips and
thrusts forward into his cock.

"Oh really?" Shawn smirks as he slows down his thrusts and focuses on just
repeatedly roughly ramming it deeply into Natalya's ass.

"Ohhhhh! Mmmmm...that's nothing!" Natalya somewhat lustfully screams as she
rocks forward against the equipment trunk as he deeply pounds his cock into
her. Shawn grits his teeth slightly as he continues to slowly but firmly fuck
Natalya's ass while he slips his hands around Natalya's body. Shawn moves his
right hand down to Natalya's pussy where he pushes two fingers into her hot
wet cunt.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmmm fuck" Natalya groans as she grinds her pussy against Shawn's
two fingers as she starts to rock back against his cock at her own momentum,
feeling his shaft deeply sliding into her ass.

"Yeah ahhhh fuck you're real wet down here brat..." Shawn groans as he pumps
his two fingers in and out of Natalya's wet snatch as he pounds her ass with
steady thrusts.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh...ohhhhh shit baby!" Natalya moans as she sharply rocks back
against his cock, feeling his two fingers thrusting into her pussy.

"Ahhhhh... aww mmmm..." Shawn smirks as he rapidly thrusts his fingers in and
out of Natalya's wet snatch as he increases the speed of how fast he's
fucking her ass.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhhhh" Natalya moans and tosses her head back as she starts to
cum on his fingers.

"Ahhhh yeah brat.... fucking cum..." Shawn smirks as he pulls his fingers out
of Natalya's dripping wet cunt. Shawn grabs Natalya's hips and roughly fucks
her ass with sharp thrusts as his cock begins to throb,

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh fuck!" Natalya screams and grits her teeth as Shawn
Michaels rapidly slams his cock into her tight asshole from behind. Shawn
smirks as Natalya screams even louder as he drills her juicy ass as his cock
throbs and pulsates more noticeably. Natalya closes her eyes and licks her
lips as she starts to aggressively push her juicy ass back against his cock.
"Ohhhh yeah baby! Ohhhhh yeah!" Natalya moans as sweat drips down her face.

"Awwww.... mmmmm fuck..." Shawn groans as his cock begins to erupt inside of
Natalya's asshole. After the first burst, Shawn jerks his cock out of
Natalya's ass and the second burst of cum splatters onto Natalya's ass

Natalya grits her teeth and deeply laughs as she feels Shawn's warm cum
splattering against her ass. Natalya slowly turns her head back to look at
Shawn Michaels and smirks " old man what do you think about screwing
a Hart once again...maybe later tonight?" Natalya asks with a sly smirk.

"Sure..." Shawn Michaels smirks before adding, "Bret must be so proud of

Natalya licks her teeth and smirks slyly "Of course...I'm his niece!" Natalya
then presses her pouty lips together as she seductively looks at Shawn
Michaels. "What time works good for you, old man?"

Shawn smirks, "How about an hour after the tapings end?"

* * *

Back in Columbus, Ohio in the Nationwide Arena's parking lot, Stephanie
McMahon is meeting with the Diva's Club secret weapon, Melina. Melina smirks
a bit, "This must be big if you're telling me my assignment out here..."
Melina says.

The Executive Vice President of WWE, Stephanie McMahon, nods her head as she
folds her arms against her chest "Oh...its big Melina..." Stephanie smirks
slightly. "You should know by now that I only come to your for the important

Melina raises an eyebrow, "There were a couple of not so big assignments that
you stuck me with..." Melina laughs slyly.

Stephanie shrugs her shoulders lightly "It was either you or give them to
Michelle..." Stephanie coldly replies and then lightly tosses her brown hair
back "Melina...I'm sure you're aware of what has happened to my family these
past few months..."

"No not really... I've been under a rock..." Melina says, "Of course I
know... the whole world knows..." Melina adds, "So you want me to take care
of those three?"

Stephanie slowly shakes her head "No...just the leader...the one who called
for these attacks on my family!" Stephanie says in a firm voice "I want Randy
Orton to be taught a lesson!"

"Oh is that all?" Melina asks with a smirk, "I thought you were going to give
me something hard to do."

"Now...I want you to take Randy Orton out for the night...but first you'll
need to stop by your hotel room. At your hotel room there will be something
waiting for'll know what to do with it..."

* * *

Later in the night at the stylish Renaissance hotel, Mickie James is hanging
inside of Montel Vontavious Porter's exclusive hotel room. MVP is wearing
black slacks and a gray button down shirt, "As you can see Mickie... my hotel
room is just like the VIP lounge... with big things poppin'... and little
things stoppin'..." MVP says as he shows off the hotel room's mini bar,
plasma TV and other high-cost special features.

Mickie James nods her head and glances around the impressive hotel room.
"It's like so amazing!" Mickie says as she places her hands onto her nicely
rounded, juicy hips, dressed in a short and sexy black skirt and a low cut
black top. "So...I bet you invite all the girls up here..."

MVP smirks, "Well actually... I only invite the ones that are just perfect in
all the right places, if you know what I'm saying..."

Mickie cutely blushes and lowers her head as she walks over towards the
luxury sized black leather couch and sweetly looks at MVP " really
think that about me?"

MVP holds his hands up, "Well as the Franchise Playa... who's half man and
half amazing... I have to always keep an eye out for hotties who got it
poppin'..." MVP says as he follows Mickie over towards the leather couch.

Mickie seductively licks her perky lips and looks at MVP as she cutely sways
her juicy hips back and forth as she teasingly stands in front of him
"So...what is it that I exactly, like, you know... have?"

"Well it's like... you got the look that makes you the Queen of Bada-
Bing..." MVP says as he raises his hands and moves them near Mickie's large,
round chest. "And baby... you without doubt got back..." MVP adds with a

Mickie James bites down on her bottom lip before she eagerly looks at MVP.
"Well...I know I would love to like...see what you know poppin'..."

"Well if you want to see why they call me Mr. Prime Time... you got to show
me that you want to be..." MVP raises his hands up and shoots an imaginary
basketball, "Ballin'!"

Mickie laughs and nods her head "Oh...I can definitely be ballin'!" Mickie
replies as she takes a step closer towards MVP and cutely leans in towards
him. "You wanna know why?"

"Yeah baby... tell me why..." MVP answers.

Mickie presses her perky lips together cutely and shrugs her shoulders
"Well...I'm like...not wearing any's that for ballin'?"

MVP smirks, "That's definitely ballin'..." MVP says as he licks his lips.

Mickie nods her head and laughs "I thought you'd think so..." Mickie says
before she nods her head at MVP. "So...are you ballin'?"

"Oh I'm really ballin'..." MVP says as begins to coolly unbutton his shirt.
Mickie licks her lips as she sits down on the leather couch and seductively
and sweetly looks up at MVP as he starts to unbutton his designer, one of a
kind gray shirt to expose his nicely toned upper body.

MVP smirks as Mickie as he takes his time undoing his shirt, "So baby... are
you going to show me what you got?" MVP says.

Mickie eagerly nods her head "Oh yeah! You bet!" Mickie replies excitedly
before she places her hands onto the bottom of her low cut black top and
proceeds to lift the top from her curvy, toned and tanned body to expose her
juicy tits.

MVP smirks, "I was right you really got it poppin'..." MVP says as he
smoothly takes his designer, one of a kind, shirt off and he neatly drapes it
on the back of a chair. MVP licks his lips as he unbuckles his very expensive

Mickie James laughs and licks her lips as she eagerly sits forward on the
couch, watching MVP unbuckle his belt "Oh boy! I can't wait to see what's
poppin' there!'

"Just wait a second..." MVP grins as he tugs his belt through the loops of
his pants and he lays it on top of his shirt. MVP lifts his legs one at a
time and takes off his black Italian shoes before he undoes his slacks to
lower them from his waist, freeing his large, thick black cock.

Mickie perky and excitable eyes widen at the sight of MVP's nicely thick,
hardening black cock. "Oh wow! That's like...OMG...huge!"

"See... that's why I'm half man and half amazing..." MVP says with a smirk.

"I'll say!" Mickie says with a laugh as she eagerly places her hands around
his shaft and begins to lightly stroke his meaty, hardening cock.

"Mmmmm..." MVP moans and licks his lips as Mickie uses both of her hands to
stroke his long, thick and rapidly hardening black cock. Mickie James cutely
looks up at MVP and smiles as she guides her energetic hands quickly against
his hardening shaft. Mickie presses her perky lips together and tosses her
wavy brown hair back as she leans down and flicks the head of his cock with
her tongue.

"Ohhh yeah...." MVP smirks as Mickie laps her tongue playfully against the
large head of his big black dick. Mickie cutely laughs as she slides her wet
tongue back and forth on the swelling head of MVP's cock as she slaps her
tongue back and forth, tenderly pressing against his piss-slit as well.

"Ahhhhh... mmm..." MVP moans as Mickie flicks her tongue against his piss
slit while she continues to stroke his cock with both of her hands. Mickie
opens her mouth, parting her perky and soft lips, before she swallows the top
of MVP's cock, taking him into her excitable mouth and begins to smoothly bob
her head up and down on his cock.

"Ohhh yeah girl... show me what's poppin'..." MVP moans as Mickie bobs her
head along the upper half of his stiff, black cock.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm..." Mickie James softly moans as she smoothly lifts her head
up and down on his meaty, long shaft. Mickie's perky lips brush back and
forth against his shaft as she steadily moves her head to incredibly suck on
his cock.

"Ahhhh... awww..." MVP groans as Mickie takes his cock further into her hot,
eager mouth as her saliva drips down the slides of his shaft. Mickie closes
her eyes and cutely turns her head from side to side as she impressively and
gently sucks on MVP's cock, coating his shaft with her wet saliva.

"Ahhh yeah that's right... mmmm.... damn..." MVP moans as Mickie tilts her
head from side to side as she steadily takes his cock deeper into her mouth
whenever she lowers her head on his shaft. Mickie starts to eagerly rock
forward as she sits on the luxury black leather couch and starts to rapidly
suck on MVP's cock at a quicker pace while swallowing his cock deeper with
her mouth.

"Ohhhh shit... mmm fuck...." MVP moans as Mickie leans forward so that she's
able to get the last few inches of his cock into her mouth.

"MMMMMMMM!" Mickie groans and lightly presses her teeth against his shaft and
gently shakes her head on his cock, sensually grinding both of her lips and
teeth on his shaft.

"Ohhhh fuck... mmmm yeah Mickie... you got it poppin'... mmm!" MVP moans
loudly as Mickie gently rakes her teeth on his cock while she continues to
blow him. Mickie gently drags her wet tongue against the bottom side of his
rock hard cock before she turns her head and lifts her head off of his cock.

"Damn Mickie... you got some big time playa skills doing that..." MVP says
with a smirk as he steps back and finishes lowering his pants so that he can
take them off and drape them on top of the chair where his shirt is laying.
Mickie licks her perky lips and sits back on the leather couch, spreading her
tanned and incredibly gorgeous legs apart, causing her black skirt to hike up
to reveal and prove to MVP that she wasn't lying by exposing her wet, shaved

"Damn.... that's real smooth..." MVP says write a grin as he steps between
Mickie's legs and bends down a bit so that he can easily push his saliva
coated cock into Mickie's hot, wet and perfectly shaved pussy.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh!" Mickie cutely moans as she feels his cock sliding easily
into her wet and tight pussy. Mickie grits her teeth and leans back further
on the couch as MVP starts to pump his cock into her.

"Mmmm yeah..." MVP groans as he smoothly thrusts his cock in and out of
Mickie's hot pussy as she wraps one of her legs around MVP's waist. Mickie
rubs her lips together as she hooks her left leg firmly around his toned
waist and starts to eagerly rock forward against his cock, moving smoothly
against the leather couch cushion while she grinds her pussy against his
thrusting cock. MVP licks his lips as he begins to increase the pace of
his trusts as he drives his cock deeper into Mickie's hot pussy as she pushes
herself against him.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhh yeah! Ohhhhh!" Mickie moans as she wraps her right leg
around his waist as well as she starts to eagerly push back against his cock.

"Ahhhh.... awww yeah... mmm fuck..." MVP moans as he pumps his cock deeply
and swiftly into Mickie's pussy as she uses her legs to pull him by his waist
towards herself. Mickie closes her eyes and places her hands onto MVP's
muscular, strong arms and starts to eagerly push her juicy, tanned and curved
body against his cock as she feels his whole shaft slamming into her.

"Awww.... mmmm ahhh!" MVP grunts as he rams his cock sharply into Mickie's
hot and wet snatch. Mickie lets her legs slip from around his waist the
hunky, black Superstar pulls his stiff cock out of Mickie's pussy.

Mickie slowly opens her eyes and cutely looks at MVP with a laugh "Hey! I was
enjoying that!"

MVP smirks, "So was I but you know as Mister Prime Time who was the highest
paid Superstar in SmackDown History... I'm use to some having some perks..."
MVP Says as he proceeds to turn Mickie so that she's laying on her stomach on
the leather couch. MVP kneels on the couch as Mickie gets up onto her hands
and knees and the WWE's resident King of Bling gives Mickie's juicy ass a
playful smack.

"Ohhhhh...mmmm...yeah you want that awesome ass of mine?!" Mickie asks as she
sways her juicy, nicely plump and tanned ass back and forth.

"Oh you bet your hot, sweet ass I do..." MVP smirks as he grabs Mickie's ass
cheeks with both of his hands and spreads them apart to expose Mickie's ass.
With a firm thrust, MVP pushes his big black cock into Mickie's asshole just
as she rocks back on her knees.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmm I love it in my ass! Yep! Yep!" Mickie moans and tilts her
head back slightly as she rocks back on her knees to lightly press her juicy,
tanned ass against his toned waist.

"Ahhhh ohh yeah... mmm!" MVP moans as he pumps his cock in and out of
Mickie's asshole with deep thrusts. With how Mickie is rocking, her ass
cheeks is steadily smacking against MVP's waist as he fucks her.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhhhh!" Mickie moans and licks her pouty, perky lips
as she rocks back and forth on her knees while MVP slams his cock deeply into
her tight asshole, causing his waist to smack against her juicy ass. MVP
licks his lips as he grabs hold on Mickie's waist as he slams his cock harder
and faster into her hot, juicy ass. Mickie glances over her shoulder and
smiles back at MVP as she starts to eagerly push back against his cock, her
juicy ass constantly smacking against his waist "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh yeah! Ohhhhh!"

"Mmm yeah... we're really ballin' now..." MVP grunts as he drills Mickie's
ass with quick, hard thrusts as matches his pace easily. MVP's balls smack
against Mickie's ass cheeks with each of his thrusts.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhhhh yeah!" Mickie moans and starts to smack her
juicy ass against his waist at a sharper pace, causing his cock to rapidly
slam into her ass.

"Ahhhh... mmm fuck... ahhh..." MVP moans as he slips his arms around Mickie
and he turns himself and Mickie onto their sides so that they are laying on
the leather couch. MVP pulls his cock out of Mickie's ass and as she lifts
her left leg up, MVP pushes his black dick back into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh...mmmm yeah!" Mickie James moans as she feels MVP's cock enter her
tight, wet pussy once again before she starts to grind her pussy against his
cock as he lays behind her and pumps his cock swiftly into her pussy.

"Awwww.... mmmmm fuck... ahhh..." MVP moans and licks his lips as he thrusts
his cock in and out of Mickie's wet pussy from behind.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhh!" Mickie moans as her large, juicy tits bounce
back and forth as she moves her body back against MVP while he drives his
shaft into her pussy.

"Ahhh awww damn... mmmm fuck!" MVP grunts as he speeds up his thrusts once
again as he fucks Mickie's hot cunt with his large black dick while sweat
drips on his body.

Mickie licks her lips as she smiles back over her shoulder and grinds her
juicy, tanned ass against his toned waist as she feels his shaft quickly
ramming into her pussy from behind. "Ohhhhh...mmmm yeah!"

"Mmmm ahhh! Ohhhh shit!" MVP smirks at Mickie as she looks back at him while
his cock starts to throb and pulsate inside of Mickie's wet pussy.

Mickie locks her beautiful and adorable eyes with MVP as she lightly grinds
back against his cock. "Ohhhh yeah...mmmm..."

"Ahhhh... awww fuck... awwww!" MVP groans loudly as he starts to cum inside
of Mickie's hot and wet pussy.

Mickie tilts her head back and takes a deep breath as she feels MVP's warm
cum gushing into her pussy. "Ohhhhh...mmmm..."

"Mmmm fuck.... ohh yeah... big things are really poppin'...." MVP moans as he
keeps his cock inside of Mickie's pussy as he fills her with cum.

Mickie nods her head and laughs "I'd say so!"

* * *

Meanwhile at a night club in Columbus, Ohio, Randy Orton, wearing black pants
and a black collared, short sleeved shirt, is talking with Melina by the bar.
"So Melina... I bet you're really enjoying being with a real star for
once..." Randy smirks.

Melina raises an eyebrow and slightly smirks as she looks at Randy Orton,
while taking a sip of her pricey mixed drink. "Oh Randy...I always hang out
with the stars..." Melina replies, dressed in a short length jean skirt and a
tight fitting red top.

"But none of them have my star power..." Randy replies, "I didn't even have
to pay to get in here..." Randy adds with a smirk.

Melina nods her head and seductively narrows her eyes at Randy Orton while
she takes a step closer towards him as they stand at the bar "That's pretty
impressive there..." Melina says before she slyly smirks "Are you sure I
can't buy you a drink?"

Randy smirks, "If you keep insisting... I just may let you buy me a drink."

Melina raises an eyebrow and nods her head at Randy Orton. "I think you
should..." Melina replies before she laughs flirtingly "Who knows...maybe I'm
just offering to buy you a drink so I can get in your pants..." Melina says
suggestively before she opens her compacted purse and reaches into to
withdraw some money from the purse. "Get whatever you want..."

"All right..." Randy smirks, "I'll have a straight up Strawberry Daiquiri..."
Randy says.

Melina shrugs her shoulders "Fair enough..." Melina replies before she gets
the attention of the bartender and slyly smirks at him "You heard the stud
here...get him what he wants..."

"Sure thing..." The bartender nods his head and turns around to make Randy's

Randy smirks at Melina, "So do you buy guys drinks often?"

Melina laughs slyly and then smirks "Only the ones I want to fuck..." Melina
replies with a wink as she takes another sip of her drink.

"Oh so you get guys drunk so they don't remember fucking you?" Randy laughs a
bit as a stunning blond haired woman walks by him and Melina. Randy turns his
head to check out the blond woman as the bartender brings over Randy's drink.

Melina turns her head to see Randy Orton's attention elsewhere and she
proceeds to reach into her compacted purse and removes a small white packet.
Melina leans over towards Randy's drink and smoothly spills the contents of
the packet into his drink. Melina quickly tosses the packet back into her
purse and turns to face Randy Orton. "Hey!'re with me!" Melina
snaps as she pushes the drink over to Randy. "Now drink up...."

Randy smirks, "Hey behave yourself... or else I won't let you suck my dick
later.." Randy says as he takes the drink and proceeds to drink it.

Melina narrows her eyes and a wicked smirk appears on her face as she watches
Randy drink the contents "Oh...I think we both know that will happen..."

Randy Orton smirks at Melina, "Don't be so sure of yourself..."

* * *

An hour later inside of Randy Orton's hotel room, an intoxicated Randy Orton
is laying on the hotel room bed holding his head, "Ohhhh fuck...." Randy
groans in pain, "Why's the world spinning...." Randy adds as he tries to sit
up but the slightest movement makes his head throb even more.

Melina slyly smirks as she steps towards the groaning Randy Orton laying out
on the bed with his head spinning in a daze. Melina unbuttons her jean skirt
and lowers it down from her curved, perfectly toned waist before the jean
skirt drops down her smooth, sexy legs to expose her shaved pussy. "Awww
what's wrong Randy?" Melina asks wickedly as she places her hands onto the
bed and leans over towards him.

"My head is fucking killing me..." Randy replies as he holds both sides of
his head with his hands. Randy closes his eyes for a long moment, but when he
opens them again he lets out another groan of pain.

"Awww...maybe you shouldn't have had that drink then..." Melina replies
licking her lips as she climbs onto the bed and starts to unbuckle the belt
from around his waist.

"What are..." Randy groans as Melina pulls his belt through the loops of his
pants. "You talking about..."

" know what happens when you have too much to drink Randy..." Melina
says as she slides her hands against the crotch of his pants after tossing
the belt off of the bed and onto the floor. Melina narrows her eyes and
proceeds to unbutton his pants before unzipping them and starting to tug them
down from his muscular, tanned waist.

"Ahhhh I didn't have too much.... to drink..." Randy replies as he seems
unaware that Melina is pulling down his pants from his waist. Randy's
decently sized but limp cock lays between his muscular legs.

"Oh...I think you did Randy..." Melina replies with a wicked, seductive laugh
before she moves to straddle his muscular, tanned legs, almost pinning him
down onto the bed before she wraps her hands around his limp cock and begins
to smoothly guide her hands on his soft shaft.

"Ahhhh hey... I'm not in the mood..." Randy groans as he feels Melina
starting to stroke his cock.

"But I am in the mood..." Melina replies as she lowers her head down and
flicks her tongue against the softened head of his cock, while stroking her
hands deviously against his shaft.

"Mmmmm fuck... quit it!" Randy shouts a bit and he grabs his head again as
the throbbing pain he's felling increases.

Melina raises an eyebrow slyly and laughs "Something wrong Randy?" Melina
asks as she slides her tongue around the head of his cock which begins to
slowly harden along with the shaft.

"My head is killing me... I'm not in the mood to fuck some cheap slut..."
Randy groans as Melina teasing slides her tongue against the head of his
hardening dick. Melina flicks the tip of her tongue against the piss-slit of
his cock before she opens her mouth and lowers to her head to wrap her sultry
and wickedly soft lips around his cock and starts to bob her head steadily on
his cock.

"Ohhhh shit.... ahhh..." Randy moans as he clutches his head while Melina
bobs her head up and down on his now fully hard cock.

"MMMMMMMM!" Melina wickedly groans around Randy Orton's fully hard, long and
thick cock as she moves her head up and down on his shaft, sucking him with
ease. Melina presses her lips tighter around his shaft as she starts to bob
her head at a quicker pace.

"Awww ohhhh shit stop it..." Randy moans as Melina lifts and lowers her head
quickly on his now rock hard cock. Randy's head is now throbbing even worse
than before even as Melina is sucking his dick.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmm..." Melina groans as she drags her tongue against the bottom
side of his cock as she turns and twists her head on his cock while she
steadily bobs her head up and down on his cock.

"Ohhhh... ahhh aww damn it..." Randy moans loudly with pain as Melina
tightens her lips on his stiff cock. Melina wickedly slaps her tongue against
Randy Orton's rock hard shaft as she holds him deeply inside of her sly and
seductive, wet mouth.

"Ohhhh shit stop it..." Randy groans loudly as his head is pounding his head
as Melina continues to blow him.

Melina lifts her head up from Randy Orton's cock as she narrows her eyes to
glare at him "You want me to stop that?' Melina asks with a sly smirk as her
wet saliva drips down his long shaft.

"YES!" Randy shouts as he continues to hold his head as he tries to sit up,
but the sudden movement causes his head to throb even more than when he's
just laying still.

"Ok...I'll stop that..." Melina replies with a smirk as she slides her hands
from Randy's crotch to his muscular, gorgeously tanned waist and then to his
gorgeous six-pack, chizz led abs and stomach. Melina easily climbs the short
distance up his body and mounts herself firmly onto his cock, facing him.
"Ohhhhhhh shit..." Melina groans as she feels his cock sliding up into her
wet and warm pussy.

"Ohhhhhh fuck get off!" Randy groans as Melina begins to rock slowly back and
forth on his rock hard cock.

Melina places her hands onto Randy's muscular, tanned chest as she starts to
rock forward on his shaft, grinding her wet pussy against his cock.
"Mmmm...but I like it Randy!" Melina replies with a laugh as she slides her
hands seductively against his chest.

"Ahhhh shit... get the fuck off you slut..." Randy groans as he Melina
suddenly and sharply rocks backward on his stiff cock that's deep in her

"Ohhhh...I can't Randy...I'm sorry babe! I'm loving this way too much!"
Melina wickedly laughs and moans as she rocks back and forth, sliding her
hands and fingernails against his muscular chest. Melina starts to sharply
bounce up and down on his cock as she easily dominates the now not so
dangerous Legend Killer.

"Ahhhh... awww fuck... awww..." Randy groans loudly as the bed squeaks
underneath him as Melina bounces on his cock. The squeaking sounds the bed to
Randy seems like ice picks tapping against his skull.

"Ohhhhh...mmmmm ahhhhhhh!" Melina loudly and lustfully screams as she grits
her teeth and sharply rocks back and forth on his cock as her juicy ass slams
down against his thighs.

"Ahhhh... awww stop it you fucking whore!" Randy shouts as Melina's screams
cause him to cover his ears as she bounces roughly on his stiff cock.

Melina tosses her hair back as she rocks forward on his cock at a quick pace
as she bounces roughly up and down on his cock, feeling his entire cock
inside of her pussy. "Ohhhhh! AHHHHHH! Yes!" Melina screams. Randy grits his
teeth as he tightly closes his eyes and presses his hands against his ears in
a poor attempt to block out the combined nose of Melina's lustful, primal
screams and the heavily squeaking hotel room bed. Melina slowly comes to a
stop on Randy's cock and leans down to sinisterly kiss him on the lips before
flicking her tongue against his lips as well.

"Mmmmm!" Randy moans as Melina kisses him against his will as she slides her
tongue briefly into his mouth.

Melina digs her fingernails sharply into the skin of his muscular chest
before lifts her head and breaks the kiss with Randy Orton. "Are you sorry
for what you've done Randy?" Melina asks as she comes to a stop rocking on
his cock and just gently grinds her pussy on his cock.

"Ahhh what the fuck are you talking about!" Randy shouts as a tear drips from
his right eye.

Melina grits her teeth and digs her fingernails sharply deeper into the skin
of his chest "The pain you caused the McMahon Family!" Melina shouts back as
she sharply rocks forward on his cock.

"Ahhhh shit.... mmm they deserved it!" Randy shouts as Melina tortures his
cock with her hot, tight cunt while his head is continuing to throb
painfully. Melina lifts herself off of Randy Orton's cock and moves down to
sit on his muscular, tanned legs once again before she roughly grips his
throbbing cock with her hands and takes him deep into her mouth instantly.

"Ahhhh you're a fucking psycho!" Randy groans as Melina rakes her teeth
against his cock as she starts to bob her head on his dick once again.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Melina moans as she painfully drags her teeth back and
forth against his shaft as she deeply and quickly bobs her head, taking his
long shaft deep into her mouth.

"Ahhhh... awww fuck... awww!" Randy grits his teeth as he tries to sit up
once again, but the pain in his head increases while his cock starts to throb
inside of Melina's mouth. Melina releases the grip of her teeth on Randy
Orton's cock and sharply turns her head on his cock as her wet lips grind on
his shaft.

"Ahhhh shit... awww... ohhh fuck! Stop!" Randy shouts as his cock pulsates
wildly inside of Melina's mouth as she twists her head on it. Melina lifts
her eyes and glares at Randy Orton as she turns her head sharply on his cock,
slapping her tongue against the bottom side of his throbbing and pulsating

"Ahhh shit.... awww!" Randy groans as he starts to cum inside of Melina's
mouth. Melina presses her lips tight around Randy's shaft as his warm cum
starts to spray out from his cock. Melina holds the cum in her mouth and
slowly lifts her head off of Randy's cock. Melina climbs up Randy's muscular
and gorgeously tanned body once again to now sit on his stomach.

"Get the fuck off of me...." Randy groans as Melina sits on top of his
stomach. Melina presses her lips together and wickedly glares down at Randy
Orton before she spits the cum out of her mouth and causes it to splatter
against his face.

"You sick bitch!" Randy shouts at Melina after she spat his own cum onto his

Melina licks her lips and slyly smirks as she slides over of Randy Orton and
sits on the bed next to him. "Don't worry...tomorrow morning you won't
remember a damn sure will be sick though..."

* * *

Meanwhile as she waits for her private jet to take off, Stephanie McMahon is
on her private jet talking with Natalya Neidhart who is giving her report
regarding her assignment involving Shawn Michaels. "Oh I screwed him ... yeah
baby.... that old man knows what it's like to be with the best!"

Stephanie McMahon smirks and nods her as she holds the cell phone to her ear
and speaks into the phone "So...everything went well then?"

"Oh yeah baby... everything went perfectly..." Natalya says, sounding as if
she's very pleased to have screwed Shawn Michaels.

"You sound like you enjoyed it..." Stephanie says with a laugh.

Natalya pauses for a long moment, "I liked it about as much as I liked going
to the dentist..." Natalya replies, "So am I in the club now?"

Stephanie presses her lips together and nods her head "Yes are
now part of The Divas Club. I'll be sending you all the information needed
for the next meeting..." Stephanie replies before pausing "So...Natalya did
you happen to fuck Shawn more than the one time require to complete the

"How did you..." Natalya starts to say in total shock just as Stephanie's
phone beeps to indicate she has another call coming in.

Stephanie laughs "Natalya...just speaking from experience...once you fuck
Shawn Michaels, you keep wanting more and more of him..." Stephanie says with
a lick of her lips. "I'm getting another call coming in, I need to take

"Alright... talk to you later..." Natalya says before Stephanie presses the
button to take the other call.

"Jesus is she ever going to pick up..." Melina says not knowing that
Stephanie has just answered her call.

Stephanie narrows her eyes slightly and slowly shakes her head "You know
Melina...if I didn't require you as an asset to me..."

Melina smirks, "Oh please... you should've been eagerly waiting for my
call...." Melina says as she pauses and then the next thing Stephanie hears
is the taped voice of Randy Orton.

"Get the fuck off of me!".

Moments later Melina comes back on the line, "Mission accomplished..."
Melina laughs.

"That's very good to hear Melina, how did everything go?"

Melina smirks, "Every thing went perfectly... Randy was completely

Stephanie smirks and laughs "I would've loved to see him like that..."

Melina smirks, "Oh you know you could if you really wanted too..."

"Well...I am very pleased with this Melina, however...your work is not done

"Really? So what's next?" Melina asks.


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