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The Dominant Diva
by Punisher924

Mickie and Natalya trained together, sometimes. They were both strong girls,
well built with powerful muscle hiding under their sleek curves, and with the
rigors of perfecting technique and execution in the ring it was easy,
especially for Natalya, to hurt smaller girls like Kelly with her vicious
strikes and bone rattling slams. She had normally worked out with Beth
Phoenix, enjoying camaraderie in the gym with someone who could throw the big
weights around like she could, but her friend was still injured and would be
out for many more months. She wondered if Mickie would enjoy some of the
other things she did with Beth, after long, hard training sessions...

The shots Nattie took became rougher, more aggressive. The punches connected
solidly, thudding against Mickie's soft flesh, and the open handed strikes
and chops stung, raising angry, pink blotches on Mickie's smooth, olive skin.
Nattie drew her close and kneed her soft, slightly round stomach, causing
Mickie to double over as the air "whoofed!" out of her lungs. She leaned on
her knees, gasping for air, flushed and frustrated. `What the hell, Nattie?
We were supposed to be going half speed, chick."

"Yeah, I know," Natalya said. `It's just that Beth and I, when we trained,
well, we used to like to surprise each other and go full speed, sometimes, at
the end of a workout." She smiled, impishly. `Beth was the first one to do
it, she showed me... and showed me how it could get me really, really turned
on, a lot of the time."

"Turned on, huh?" Mickie said. "So you liked to be Beth's little bitch?" She
laughed, softly. "Well, if anyone could overpower one of us like that it
would be Beth, wouldn't it?"

"I'm strong, too," Nattie said, "I could win against anyone but Beth. I could
sure take you down, Missy."

Mickie spread her arms and smirked, "Just go ahead and try, cotton candy.
I'll try not to knock the dye out of your hair."

Mickie had barely finished saying this when Natalya tackled her, striking
hard in her belly, and knocked her off her feet. She straddled Mickie's
chest, grinning, "You mean like this, Mick? Cause this looks like taking you
down. You're trapped under me, and I can do anything I damned well please
with you."

"C'mon, Nattie," Mickie said, "cut it out. This isn't funny." She squirmed
between Natalya's strong, thick thighs, slick with sweat under her workout

"Yeah, it really is," Nattie said, "and I'm gonna make it really funny in a
minute." She stripped off her sweat soaked shirt and sports bra, freeing her
huge, beautiful breasts. "You're going to show me how well you suck titties
or I'm going to tickle you until you can't breathe." She leaned over, her
large, ripe fruits hanging in her face.

Mickie struggled and tried to turn her head away, but Nattie just dug her
fingers into Mickie's sides, letting them drift up and down under her arms.
She squealed and giggled, fighting, but the strong woman held her down,
tickling her until she gasped and cried, begging, "NO more! No more!"

"Okay," Nattie said, giving her a rest, "are you going to take care of my
big, pretty titties, now?"

"Yeah, sure," Mickie said. Nattie leaned over Mickie and the smaller woman
took Nattie's soft, pink nipple in her mouth, sucking on it, rolling her
tongue around it, making it hard.

"Mm," Nattie said, "you've done this before. Trish?"

"Yeah," Mickie said around Natalya's nipple, "she had me do this for teaching
me how to wrestle. I've done it for Victoria, too." She moved between
Nattie's breasts, leaving little trails of spittle, making sure each one was
perfectly, painfully erect. When the moment was right, Mickie bared her teeth
and scraped them across Natalya's rock hard nipples and crushed them with her

Nattie moaned as the waves of pleasure tingled over her body. "Oh, oh you
sneaky little bitch, oh my God that felt good." Mickie sucked more of
Nattie's breast into her mouth, working it around, playing with it and then
letting it go.

She lay back, as Nattie slumped against her, and smiled. "So, how's this
little country girl at sucking titties, cotton candy?"

"You're good," Nattie murmured, "really good. Now we've got to see how you do
at eating pussy." She had already started wriggling out of her workout
shorts. A second later she had squirmed into a sitting position, pinning
Mickie's head between her thighs. The curvaceous Canadian woman's smooth,
shaven pussy was right in her face. Mickie raised her head and licked, gently
at first, swirling her tongue around Natalya's clit like a piece of exquisite
candy. Nattie moaned and sucked in a deep breath and said, "Oh God, yes,
that's it, do it just like that, baby."

Mickie smiled, even though Nattie couldn't see her, and let her tongue lap
out, massaging Nataly's clit and sliding up into her pussy, playing with and
sucking her inner and outer lips. She ground her soaking hole into Mickie's
face, moaning, riding her tongue and chin. Mickie dug in deeply, thinking for
some reason of that absurd Piggie James storyline that some ass backstage had
come up with. One thing was true, though; she was a total pig when it came to
eating a gorgeous woman's pussy. She rooted into Natalya, reaching up to hold
the larger woman's hips and pulling her into her face. The sounds coming from
her as she worked Natalya's pussy were satisfied, porcine snuffles and

"Oh, yes," Nattie moaned, sliding forward, "oh God, oh God, get your fingers
in my cunt and your tongue in my ass, yes, yes, yessss..." She positioned
herself with the firm, fat cheeks of her ass sliding down over the sides of
Mickie's face. Mickie stuck her tongue out further, working it into Natalya's
asshole, parting the tight, virgin ring of muscle and worming in wetly,
deeply, tasting her sweat and essence. At the same time, she slipped three
fingers into Nattie's already slick pussy, forging easily into the elastic
hole, spreading her fingers and thrusting in and out, happy to become like a
slave to Natalya's pleasure, just a machine serving her pussy and ass. Nattie
lay back, her long hair brushing against Mickie's lower belly, and rode her
face ruthlessly, grabbing her wrist and making sure Mickie's hand stayed
where she wanted it, fucking herself with Mickie's fingers like a human
dildo. She came, a moment later, crying out with a scream that was more of a
long, shuddering groan in her low, rich, husky voice. She didn't let up on
Mickie, though, and rode her and worked her hand-which was going numb, by
now, from the pressure of the blond woman's tight grip on her wrist-until she
had climaxed once more, twice more, three times. Finally, Natalya collapsed,
rolling off to the side, smiling like a large, sleek cat. `That was amazing,"
she said. "Now I've gotta give you something."

"No, don't worry about it," Mickie said, but Nattie was already fishing
around in her gym bag. She pulled out an intimidating looking, two headed
strap-on. Each of the two black, rubber pricks was a foot long and as thick
as a large smoked sausage.

Nattie hopped up on her knees, fastening the strap-on around her waist. She
smiled, though a cloud of shimmer, perspiration soaked hair, little droplets
of sweat dripping down her nose. "This is gonna be great," she purred.

"No, seriously, don't worry about it," Mickie said, trying to get up. Nattie
was too fast and too strong, though. She sprang on Mickie again, rolling her
over, pulling her hips up and sliding her gym shorts down over them,
revealing her large, curvy ass.

Natalya gave her a hard slap, making her cheeks jiggle. Mickie moaned. Nattie
giggled and said, "That is one gorgeous, fat ass. I can't believe I'm about
to fuck it."

"Wait, what," Micke said, wriggling, trying to get to her feet.

Nattie pressed into her, holding her tight by the wrists, folding them into a
hammerlock. She hooked her hips under Mickie's and thrust forward, working
one of the long, thick dildos into Mickie's fat, wet pussy. She gasped and

Natalya held onto Mickie's hips and pumped away, pounding the curvy
brunette's tight, wet hole. She gripped the other prong in her hand and
guided it into Mickie's ass, grinding against her, boring into the tight

Mickie yelped and bucked, unable to throw Natalya off of her, and then
sagged, head drooping, and let out a long, shuddering moan. Nattie gripped
Mickie's hair, close to the head, and pulled back like on it like she was
riding a pony, pulling on the reins. One of her long, thick dildos punished
Mickie's pussy, digging deep enough to bottom out and tap her cervix with
each thrust. The other plumbed deeply into her rectum, gaping her asshole out
wide. Mickie clawed at the floor, still fighting against Nattie for a moment,
and then just gave up, went limp and leaned back into her, letting the larger
woman ravage her pussy and asshole. After a few minutes of attention, Mickie
screamed as she felt an enormous orgasm rip through her body. Natalya kept up
the pressure, forcing Mickie to cum again and again, each one more intense
than the last. Finally, as Mickie knelt limp and quivering, unable to even
moan, just whimpering at the sweet torment her pussy endured, Natalya slid
out and laid by Mickie's side. Mickie oozed slowly to the floor, every muscle
in her body sore and exhausted, her pussy and ass in total deep, sweet agony.
"That was amazing," she croaked, " I can't believe what you just did to me,
what I just let you do to me."

Nattie laughed her low, husky laugh, "You couldn't have stopped me even if
you had really tried, baby."

"Maybe, maybe not," Mickie said, "but I'll never even think about stopping
you again. We have to train together again, some day. Soon."

"Yeah," Nattie said, "work hard in the gym and you might be on top of me,
next time."

"Sure," Micke said, "maybe. Or maybe I don't want to be on top..." Nattie
smiled and folded her into her strong arms. They lay together on the floor
for many long moments.

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