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The Domination Of Lita
by DawnRycherFan (

Lita walks into her locker room getting ready for Raw when there's a big box
in there with a red bow on it. She thinks to herself, what could Edge of
gotten me. She notice's a card. She is happy to see its not from Edge, its
from Matt...

Dear Amy,
I hope we can work things out, here is a gift for you, hope
we get a chance to talk after the show.

Love Matt

She smiles and opens the box. Inside is a whip, which she takes in hand.

"What's this? What's going on?" Lita asked.

"Did I say you could talk? You're nothing but a slut and I am gonna treat you
like one... my slut," Shaniqua replies taking the whip.

Lita makes a run for the door, but she's no match for the former basketball
player's speed. Shaniqua holds the door shut then locks it. Shaniqua is
wearing the one piece outfit, showing off alot of more cleavage than she
showed at No Mercy a couple years back. She swings the whip around smiling
at the frightened Lita.

"We can do this rough or we can do this really rough. It's up to you Lita,"
Shaniqua says with a grin.

"What do I have to do?" Lita says looking nervous.

"Strip to your bra and panties," Shaniqua commanded.

"I'm not wearing panties," she replied.

"Even better. Now strip!" she yelled.

Lita strips down to nothing, but her bra.

"On your knees, crawl over to me!" she yelled.

Lita gets down on her knees and crawls over to Shaniqua.

"Now kiss my feet!"

Lita kisses both her leather boots. Shaniqua raises her hand and spanks Lita
on her plump ass with the whip. Lita looks up mad, so Shaniqua bends down and
slaps her a crossed the face.

"Don't you ever look at me like that again!" Lita looked down in shame. "Get
up!" Shaniqua ordered.

Lita stands up and Shaniqua tears off Lita's bra. She stand naked and scared,
not knowing what was next.

"Lay down on the couch...NOW!" Shaniqua screamed.

Lita walked over and laid on the couch. Shaniqua gets on her knees and
spreads Lita's legs. She dives into her pussy. Licking first up and down,
then in a circular motion. Lita's legs shake a little, which seemed to
annoy Shaniqua. Shaniqua pushed her tongue inside Lita's pussy and licked
all around. Lita let out a moan. Shaniqua stopped in her tracks.

"Did I tell you that you could moan?!" she asked.

Before Lita could answer Shaniqua flipped her over on her belly and pulled
her ass up arching Lita's back. Shaniqua then spanked her ass with the whip
seven or eight times. Lita cringed. Shaniqua looked at the now beet red ass
of Lita.

"That's better," she said in a seductive voice.

Shaniqua then dove her tongue back into Lita's pussy from behind. Lita bit
her lip so no moan could come out. Shaniqua pulled away and had a evil grin,
she started licking Lita's asshole, something Lita welcomed with open cheeks.
Once her ass was good and wet, Shaniqua picked up the whip. Lita expected
another beating, but instead Shaniqua pushed the handle of the whip up into
Lita's tight ass. In and out slowly at first, but then she began forcing it
in hard. Every once and a while slapping Lita's ass with her hand.

"You like that slut? You like being my little slut?" she asked.

Scared for what she would do Lita said, "Yes, I love it!"

Shaniqua pulled the handle out and picked Lita up. Shaniqua then took her one
piece off, so she too was naked. She grabbed Lita by the hair and forced her
mouth onto her breasts. First Lita sucked on the left, then worked over the
right. Shaniqua laid on the couch.

"Crawl to me, crawl to my pussy like a dog and tell me how much you want it
while you do it," she enforced.

Lita dropped to her knees again.

"You like being your knees don't you?" Shaniqua said with a laugh.

Lita gets to her pussy, but hesitates to lick it. It doesn't last long,
Shaniqua grabs her by the hair and forces her into her sweet pie. Lita starts
licking all around, then push's her tongue in. Then Lita slides a finger in
while she licks.

"Mmmmm, you want me to cum all over you face right, Lita?" she asked, but
before Lita can answer. "It doesn't matter, you have no choice!"

Lita keeps on licking away and finally Shaniqua comes. Her juices cover all
of Lita's pretty face.

Lita looks up. "Are we done?"


Lita stands up as does Shaniqua. She leads Lita over to a locker. Shaniqua
opens it and proceeds to handcuff Lita to the bar in there for hanging
cloths. Lita has nowhere to run. Shaniqua then pulls out a gag ball and puts
it in Lita's mouth. She the takes out nipple clamps and puts them on her.
Lita looks terrified. Shaniqua pulls out a dildo and rams it up Lita's pussy
and leaves it there. Finally she pulls out a black paddle and spanks Lita
several times. A tear rolls down Lita's cheek. Shaniqua stops and leans up
agaisnt Lita and licks her cheek.

"You don't have to be scared to admit it. You know you love this," Shaniqua

Lita tries to break free but can't. Shaniqua reaches around and squeezes her
breasts. Shaniqua kisses the back of her neck. Then Shaniqua puts a blindfold
on lita. She waits a couple minutes and is completely still. Lita racked with
fear is frankly trying to break free and wonders where is she and what is she
doing. Then without warning she whacks her ass again with the paddle. Lita
again starts to cry. She takes the blindfold off lita. Removes the gag and
the clips, but doesn't uncuff her.

"Your doing real well, but there's just one more thing," Shaniqua tells her.

The bathroom door opens and out comes matt.

"Ohh thank God, Matt! Get me out of here!" Lita cries.

Matt just laughs as Shaniqua drops to her knees. "This is what you gave up
Amy, don't ever forget it," Matt tells her.

Shaniqua pulls out his cock and starts sucking it. Deep into her mouth.
Cupping his balls as she does it. Matt's hand on the back of her head. After
a few minutes he tells her to stop. He goes over my Lita and Shaniqua
follows. Shaniqua starts to stroke him off and soon after he cums all over
Lita's ass. Both Matt and Shaniqua laugh and leave the room. They flip the
light off leaving Lita naked, covered in cum and handcuffed in total

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