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*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains
detailed descriptions of Female Domination, Blackmail/Non-Consensual sex,
Humiliation, Watersports, and Bestiality. If you don't think you would
enjoy that, then don't read it. ***

*** This story features the Characters of Chyna, Linda McMahon, and Debra
McMichael, and takes place during the Spring of 2001. It is not intended to
portray the people that play those characters or their attitudes or sexual
habits. ***

The story thus far... It is 15 months after Chyna and her then lover Miss
Kitty were kidnapped by the four WCW girls. After Chyna's escape she exacted
her revenge on her captors, humiliating and violating all of them far beyond
what she had been forced to endure, before destroying all the photographic
evidence of her own ordeal. Or so she thought...

Chyna The Domyna Part 6:
The Domynation Of Chyna Part 2 - Enslaved
by High-Heeled Jill & Spring-Heeled Jack

Monday Night

Chyna walked backstage through the curtains beneath the Titantron with her
Women's title over her shoulder. As with all her matches against the other
Women in the WWF this one had been extremely short and one-sided. Even though
Chyna had been somewhat distracted by memories of the events that had taken
place in Linda's office just a few hours before, Molly simply hadn't stood a

From the moment she left the office she had been thinking about what had
happened, and more importantly the way that her body and mind had reacted.
WWF CEO Linda McMahon and Commissioner Debra had blackmailed her into
performing sexual favors for them and then forced her to fuck a dog while
they watched, and Chyna had enjoyed it! She hadn't simply done what she
was told because she'd had no choice but to do so or face public exposure
and the ruination of her career, she'd actually co-operated. She'd passively
licked their pussies and drank Debra's piss, enthusiastically sucked on the
big black hound's scarlet cock, eagerly thrust herself onto the massive
dog-dick, and she'd had some of the strongest orgasms in her life!

A strong streak of submissiveness that Chyna had never suspected existed had
been awakened inside her, and she'd been consumed with thoughts of being
humiliated. Throughout the match she had been reminded of her ordeal every
time she moved. Her aching pussy twinged even when she was just walking and
the action during the match would have had her spasming even without the
tenderness of her sex. She knew her dominant, almost sadistic desires were
still there; they'd been present all through the match. She'd thoroughly
enjoyed mauling Molly in the ring but the new thoughts had the power of
their novelty.

Chyna had always been sexually adventurous, always seeking to push at her
and other people's boundaries. Now that she'd discovered a new frontier of
pleasure her instinct was to explore it, and whether she liked it or not
her subconscious was doing just that. Halfway through she'd had a vision of
herself wrestling the match in the nude, in front of the thousands of fans
in the arena and the millions watching on live TV, and she had become
incredibly aroused. In response to that arousal she'd grabbed Molly's plump
pussy, right in the middle of the ring! The moment she realized what she'd
done Chyna managed to quickly turn it into a standing press-slam to cover
for her mistake.

But for the following few minutes she'd been assailed by more intrusive
fantasies. They had switched back and forth between visions of herself being
stripped and humiliated, and visions of her stripping and humiliating Molly.
She'd imagined what it would be like to be so totally exposed, to be raped
or to commit rape on live TV, visualizing the images that would have been
broadcast across the nation and fantasized about watching on the Titantron
while she fisted Molly, or while Molly fisted her with the crowd cheering in

When she finally pinned Molly she had straddled the smaller woman's chest and
been unable to resist the impulse to lean forward to bury Molly's blonde head
in her deep cleavage and rub her breasts against the Diva's pretty face.

Her mind whirled with sexual thoughts as her hands were raised in victory,
and she was intensely aware of the wetness between her thighs as she walked
back up the ramp with her Championship belt over her shoulder. She looked
over the fans on the other side of the barriers and saw the way the eyes of
both men and women alike always drifted to look over her perfect ass and
tits. She had bared all for Playboy magazine, but she wondered what it would
be like to be naked now, with all these people watching, so close that she
could reach out and touch them; or they her!

It always gave her a thrill to turn people on but this time she tried to
imagine what sort of things those people were imagining, what they fantasized
about doing to her.

* * *

In her private dressing room Chyna stepped into the shower. The hot water
sprayed all over her Amazonian body and her sensitive skin tingled in
response. Chyna sighed and stood motionless under the shower as she tried
to order her thoughts. In such a short space of time she had almost
completely lost the tight control she'd once possessed over her own
sexuality. For the first time in her life she had been blindsided by her
own desires. Chyna hated the idea that there could be some part of her
that was capable of being an obediently craven slut, but that potential,
the necessary submissiveness, was clearly there.

As The Ninth Wonder of the World dwelled on it she realized that it had
always been a part of her sexual pleasure. Even though she had been the
dominant figure in her sexual encounters she had always enjoyed pain. She
liked to feel the walls of her pussy being stretched to their limits, she
liked to have her nipples and clit bitten and chewed, she liked to be
fucked roughly as though it were a wrestling match, she even liked being
whipped or caned as part of her sex-games. But even if all of those things
had held an element of sexual submissiveness, of being dominated, ultimately
it had been Chyna in control, Chyna that had made the decisions on what
happened and how far things went: her submission had been role-play. But
not any longer. What she had hated was the idea of being in the power of
another. And she hated it still. Unfortunately she could not do anything
about her blackmailers at the moment, and even more unfortunately their
actions had unleashed a part of her sexuality that she had sublimated for
so long that its awakening was overwhelming.

These new pleasures could be seductive, as her wandering fantasies during her
match had demonstrated. The thrill of the new always had an advantage over
the old pleasures. In time Chyna was sure that she would be able to gain
control over it as she had all other facets of her sexuality, but that would
result in a new balance and she was not so certain of what the outcome would
be. Would she still be the Mistress of her own desires, or would she become
willing to surrender control for the pleasures of submission. Even the
thought of that possibility caused Chyna to lick her lips with anticipation,
followed by an icy chill gripping her heart.

She no longer knew her own mind, her own desires, and that made her weak.

She picked up the soap and began to lather her tits, running it slowly over
her swelling orbs. Her other hand joined the first in rubbing the soapy
bubbles into her breasts. She squeezed her massive globes, her fingers
digging in the firm flesh. The thick moisturizing soap lather also made her
chest slick and smooth as the Ninth Wonder pushed her tits together, mashing
and rubbing them into each other. Then pulled them apart, squeezing each with
one hand. The tit massage felt so good!

Her nipples were achingly erect with sensation so she let the water jets wash
the soap from them before pulling her breasts up to take them into her own
mouth. She sucked eagerly at each teat, nipping them with her teeth and
sucking hard enough to hurt! Chyna viciously dug her fingernails into her
huge globes and scratched the tender skin. She lashed her tongue over her big
tit and then bit down hard on her nipple, switching between them regularly.

Chyna's pussy began to tingle, growing wet with her juices and her clit
enlarging with desire. Grabbing the soap again she released her tits and
began running the soap up and down her legs. Trails of white lather dripped
down her firm thighs and calves. The soap made her smooth legs slippery and
silky to the touch and Chyna couldn't resist caressing them, stroking her
fingertips up the inside of her thighs, leaving a tingling trail over the
sensitive nerves until she almost reached her burning sex.

Sighing with her arousal, Chyna began working over her ass, rubbing the soap
slowly over one taut buttock and then the other. She pushed the soap into the
crevice between her sexy asscheeks and held it between tightly clenched
buttocks. She flexed her muscles and began squeezing the soap so strongly
that within moments she had crushed the bar into a soapy, slimy mush. She
continued to clench her ass until the soap was reduced to nothing but streaks
of suds down her thighs. With both hands she mauled her ass, rubbing her
fingers through the soapy bubbles and against her asshole.

With her heart pounding Chyna grabbed another bar of soap and brushed it
across the tattoo on her pussy mound. Slowly she lathered up her sex, gently
rubbing the bar over her folds until she eventually dropped the soap and
simply stroked her steaming pussy. She bent forward slightly and raised her
left hand to support herself against the cold ceramic tiles.

Her fingers delved deeper into her dripping cunt, the soapy suds stinging
slightly as she pushed them inside herself. Chyna pressed her thumb against
her swollen clit as she pumped two fingers into her wet cunt. She gasped and
her body slowly fell forward until her tits touched the tiled wall of the
shower. The Ninth Wonder pushed herself forward to press her awesome breasts
against the cold surface, squashing them hard until they were almost flat
and then rubbing them up and down the cold wet ceramic.

No longer supporting her weight, her left hand came down to finger her clit,
freeing her right thumb. Chyna tucked the digit into the palm of her hand and
started to thrust deeper into herself. After being fucked by Samson's massive
dog-cock the Ninth Wonder's pussy had no difficulty in opening up for her
hand. She gasped in pleasure as her knuckles forced her pussy wide and then
sighed as her entrance closed up around her wrist.

Chyna slowly spread her thighs further as she drove her hand deeper into her
pussy. Faster and faster she frigged her clit, as the waves of passion grew
steadily stronger. The shower enveloped her in a fine mist as the spray
struck her splayed body. Water streamed down her glistening, trembling

"Oh yes!" Chyna groaned as she pumped her hand in and out of her tightly
gripping cunt.

The tingling of her approaching orgasm made her muscles quiver and her hips
jerk, rhythmically thrusting onto her penetrating hand. She imagined herself
in the ring, tied to the ringpost naked but for her boots and the Women's
Championship Belt around her waist, with Molly behind her punching her little
fist in and out of Chyna's hot cunt live on RAW! Then her fantasy blurred so
that Molly was the one tied to the ringpost, her blonde pigtails whipping
wildly with her screams as Chyna punched her big fist in and out of the
country girl's tight cunt, spanking her big sexy buttocks while the world

Chyna knew she was past the point of return, her climax was like an
unstoppable tidal wave crashing towards her. Fucking faster and harder, she
pumped her hand deeper, curling her fingers to make a balled fist inside
herself, grinding her clitty between thumb and forefinger.


Those twin visions of public humiliation with herself as both victim and
perpetrator whirled in her mind as she cried out ecstatically. Her knees
buckled and her breasts squeaked against the tiles as she slid down the

She stayed there motionless for a minute, panting slightly, kneeling in the
shower, her breasts crushed between her chest and the wall, her right hand
still buried in her cunt, with the warm water cascading over her tingling

Slowly the Ninth Wonder unballed her fist and sighed at the sensation inside
her still twitching pussy. With care she pulled her hand back out of herself,
gasping as she felt the dammed up girl-cum pour out of her dilated sex,
mingled with the last remnants of dog-semen which had been washed free by her
climax. Her pussy juices blended with the water and the soap and swirled away
from Chyna to the drain.

* * *

Eventually the Ninth Wonder of the World finished her shower, managing to
resist the desire for another orgasm that grew stronger with every contact on
her skin, whether that contact was Chyna's hand, the soap, the spray of the
shower, or the towel with which she dried herself.

Still naked, Chyna stood before the full-length mirror and scrutinized
herself. There seemed no outward sign of the inner change she had undergone
in the last few hours. She was still the imposing six-foot, raven-haired,
muscular amazon she had been before. Her face and body were still that of
the ball-busting dominatrix that everyone expected her to be.

More importantly, she still had the desire to be that woman. She had been
aroused by thoughts of being humiliated, but it was the fantasy of publicly
raping Molly that had pushed her over the edge. It was just one part of her
complex sexuality, and one that she was sure she would come to control like
all the others. Eventually.

She looked across to the Women's Championship belt and remembered her
earlier fantasies. She picked it up and fastened it about her waist and
then returned to the mirror. The leather and gold belt was smaller than
the Intercontinental title that she'd held as champion on three occasions,
but that just meant that it wasn't large enough to cover her tattoo. With
only the belt on, it actually drew attention to the nakedness of her
spectacular breasts, her narrow waist, and her tattooed pussy.

The Ninth Wonder of the World imagined walking down the aisle like this,
with the live audience and the viewers at home watching. She imagined
wrestling her opponents while naked, maybe stripping them off as it went
on. She imagined an X-rated Women's division in which matches were won by
raping your opponent into submission. She would obviously win any singles
match, but maybe a few handicap matches, 2- or even 3-on-1 matches, those
she might lose. The other divas ganging up to rape her in front of millions
of people . . .

Chyna's pleasant fantasy was disturbed by the rattling of her locker room

"Who's there?"

"Open the door Chyna, it's me."

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley's distinctively shrill voice made Chyna sigh
irritably. Quickly she removed her Championship belt and donned a black silk
robe. When she opened the door Stephanie swept into Chyna's dressing room
with an arrogant stride and a smug sneer on her face.

"Well, Chyna." Stephanie said with a malicious twinkle in her eye that made
Chyna's heart sink. "'The Ninth Wonder of the World', the most successful and
popular woman in wrestling history, first woman to win a major men's title,
former 3-time Intercontinental Champion, former No.1 contender for the World
Title, current Women's Champion, first woman to enter the Royal Rumble,
covergirl of the best-selling Playboy of all time, idol of millions of young
girls who want to be just like their heroine, and let's not forget the most
important one of all, a dog-fucking slut!"

Stephanie grinned evilly at the Ninth Wonder's stony expression. She reached
forward and untied the belt to Chyna's robe so that it fell open, exposing
the amazon's perfect body. Stephanie cupped Chyna's huge breasts in both
hands, lifting them and feeling their impressive weight before slipping her
fingers down over rippling abs to stroke Chyna's smooth sex.

"If I didn't know better I would never believe that while the great and
powerful Chyna was whipping Molly's ass she actually had a pussy full of

The Ninth Wonder of the World glared at the smirking Billion Dollar Princess.
Steph's grin grew wider as Chyna stood passively while the rich bitch pushed
her finger into the amazon's tight cunt. Obviously Stephanie knew what had
happened earlier, and just as obviously she intended to ensure that Chyna's
humiliation continued.

"After everyone's gone home, I'll see you in my office." Steph pulled her
finger out of Chyna's pussy and licked it coquettishly. "Won't I?"

The bitch turned to walk back out of the changing room, but before she left
she looked back over her shoulder and added, "And bring your bag of toys."

* * *

"What do you think Chyna? Wouldn't it be a real coup for your career to go
from being the covergirl of 'Playboy' to the centerfold of 'Dog-Dykes
International'? Or 'Piss-Drinking Sluts' Or 'Bukkake-Bitches'? Or maybe
'Horse-Fucking Whores'?"

Chyna was barely able to control her temper. For the last ten minutes she had
been subjected to Stephanie's goads and insults. The rich bitch seemed to be
reveling in her power over Chyna. Unfortunately Chyna had to listen as Steph
went on and on.

Stephanie hated Chyna with an irrational passion. Strangely, the fact that
Chyna had raped Steph a little over a year previously wasn't particularly a
factor. It wasn't her success or popularity, although she did resent that
Chyna was more famous than she was. It wasn't her money, since no matter how
much Chyna made from the WWF, Playboy, TV appearances, and merchandise,
Stephanie would always have more. No, it was the Ninth Wonder of the World's
absolute self-assurance that was the primary reason for Steph's dislike. The
presence that Chyna possessed. The effortless ease with which she dominated
any situation. Even though Stephanie was a McMahon and therefore one of
Chyna's bosses, she'd never been able to overcome the raven-haired amazon's
innate superiority, but now due to a little judicious blackmail she would be
able to put Chyna in her place, and she wanted to drive home to Chyna just
how helpless she was.

Five minutes later and Stephanie was still talking.

". . . what would all your fans think if they saw these photos? Think of the
children! Imagine little Mikey, looking up the latest news on his hero Chyna
and seeing her getting fucked by an animal!" Damn, that thought made Chyna's
pussy twitch. "The shock for little Susie when she discovers that her
role-model . . ."

"Is there a point to all this or did you just bring me here to listen to you
running your mouth off?" Chyna interrupted.

Steph's face flashed with anger.

"Look, you're blackmailing me. I get that. I got that ten minutes ago. I got
that four hours ago. I'll still get that tomorrow. 'I'm in your power', 'I
must do what you say' and all that crap, you don't have to repeat it over and
over again. I get that. What I don't get is what you actually want?"

"Don't you take that tone with me!"

"Steph, you're wasting time. It'll be midnight soon. What do you want?"

"You'll speak to me with respect, or . . ."

"Or what? You'll publish the pictures of me getting screwed by an animal? I
don't think so. You want me. You want to indulge some sick sexual fantasy
with me because deep down you're just as much a pervert as I am and you know
I can't refuse your demands. You're not going to waste that opportunity just
because I interrupted you and cut through your bullshit."

Stephanie ground her teeth. This wasn't the way it was supposed to go.

"It's getting late Steph and it's been a long day, so just get to the point

"If that's the way you want to play it Chyna, that's the way we'll play it."
Stephanie leaned forward and growled. "Here's the short version: you're my
slave! My sex-slave! You will do what I tell you to do because, as you
rightly pointed out, you have no choice unless you want the world to see
these pictures. In fact you will not only be my sex-slave, you'll be the slut
for anyone I tell you to fuck. I'm going to rape and abuse you, I'm going to
whore you out like a common prostitute and you're going to do it all with a
smile on your face! Because if you don't you'll be ruined."

Stephanie sat back in her chair and smiled. "I own your ass, so strip!"

The order came as no surprise to Chyna. As she had done a few hours earlier
for Steph's mother, the raven-haired amazon stood up and removed her clothes
to reveal her spectacular body. Stephanie unconsciously licked her lips as
the Ninth Wonder removed her bra to expose her huge, perfect breasts, and the
rich bitch grinned from ear to ear as the amazon's g-string came off.

"You despise me, don't you Chyna. Right now there's nothing you'd rather do
than beat the hell out of me for what I'm doing to you, but you don't dare.
You want to backchat me, tell me you hate me, insult and glare at me, you
can. Just so long as you remember to do whatever I tell you to do, because
it turns me on to know how helpless you really are. Talk all you want, so
long as when I tell you to spread your legs you do it! You're mine Chyna!"

Inwardly Chyna was fuming, but she knew how to keep it from her expression.
Chyna's poker-face was nearly as famous as she was, and it was betraying
nothing of what she felt now. The Ninth Wonder of the World stood naked
before her blackmailer with a façade of serene calm that fanned the flames
of Stephanie's hatred further. Chyna knew that, but it was the only form of
control she had of her situation, and keeping Stephanie off-balance, pushing
her further, would ensure that Steph never gained the full psychological
control of a true dominatrix. Or so Chyna hoped.

Stephanie walked around her desk to perch on the edge with her feet planted
several feet apart.

"You're going to be my tame little lesbian slave from now on!"

Chyna pursed her lips slightly and then one corner turned upward in a
half-smile. She stepped forward and grabbed Stephanie McMahon's head in
both hands. Steph's eyes barely had time to open wide before Chyna's mouth
descended upon hers and the amazon kissed her passionately.


The Ninth Wonder's thick long tongue forced its way into Steph's open mouth
and probed deeply into the cavity. She ripped open Stephanie's blouse and
pulled down her bra to expose the Billion Dollar Princess's huge, sexy orbs.
Wrapping her powerful arms around Stephanie's waist and pulling her close,
she roughly rubbed her firm, massive breasts against Steph's almost equally
large but much softer tits. Both Chyna and Stephanie moaned into each other's
mouths with pleasure, twisting and grinding their huge breasts together.

Stephanie's tongue wrestled with Chyna's as they embraced. The Ninth Wonder's
hands slid down the busty brunette's back to grasp her plump buttocks.
Forcefully she pulled the bitch's ass off the desk until their hips collided.
Stephanie was bent halfway back over her desk, supported only by Chyna's
strong grip on her ass. The amazon pushed her knee between Steph's legs and
rammed her thigh up into the blackmailing bitch's crotch. Stephanie gasped
and began humping Chyna's leg like a bitch in heat. Not wearing any
underwear, Steph's wetness smeared across Chyna's powerful thigh.

Grinning to herself Chyna dragged her mouth across Steph's cheek and then
licked her face from jawbone to eyebrow before kissing Steph again even more
vigorously, her lips breaking contact and reconnecting with loud wet smacks.
To an onlooker it might seem that Chyna was trying eat Stephanie's face, but
in fact she was smearing their combined lipstick over the would-be domina's
famous face. Stephanie was unaware of this covert humiliation and just
sloppily returned Chyna's kiss, panting with rising pleasure.

Stephanie gyrated her pelvis vigorously, grinding her groin against the
amazon's firm, muscular thigh. She ran her hands over Chyna's powerful
shoulders as the embrace continued until Steph cried out as she humped
herself to orgasm on Chyna's leg.


The rich bitch's juices gushed freely, her girl-cum soaking her short skirt
and dribbling down the Ninth Wonder's thigh.

* * *

The Billion Dollar Princess lay across her desk gasping in the wake of
her climax for several minutes with Chyna standing over her. Steph pushed
herself back upright and looked up at the amazon. Chyna bore an expression
of complete indifference, with no hint of anger or humiliation or hatred or
any other emotion. She stood passively as though she did not care what was
happening. Stephanie found that infuriating. She wanted a reaction, she
wanted Chyna to rebel, to hate her, to show her how much she hated her
situation, and Chyna understood that which was why she was exerting so much
effort in maintaining her poker-face. Passivity was her rebellion.

"Not a bad start, but now it's time for you to get on your knees, Slave!" The
bitch sneered.

Chyna dropped down gracefully and placed her hands gently on Stephanie's
stocking-clad thighs as the rich-bitch pulled up her short skirt.

"I see you decided to keep your pussy smooth-shaven. Guess you liked your
last session with me, huh Steph?" Chyna said with a smile as she remembered
the thick bush of black hair Steph had possessed before Chyna denuded her

Stephanie blushed furiously and stuttered for a moment, dropping her skirt to
cover her exposed, hairless sex, before remembering that this time she was in
charge, and that Chyna was her slave.

"Don't push me Chyna! Just do what I tell you to do or those pictures get
published and everyone in the world will know what sort of a sick pervert you
really are!" Stephanie said with a sneer twisting her lips.

She resolutely pulled her skirt back up to her hips and spread her legs,
feeling a thrill of anticipation. "Lick my pussy like a good little

Obediently Chyna bowed her head, but as she got closer to Steph's pussy she
was surprised by what she saw. Steph's plump pussylips and swollen clitty
seemed to be bigger than they were before. The lips had clearly been
stretched greatly in the last year, so much so that Chyna could have believed
it was the pussy of a woman who had recently given birth, but she knew that
could not be possibly be the explanation.

Chyna smirked to herself as she considered the meaning of the change.
Obviously Stephanie had enjoyed more of their last encounter than her
smooth-shaven cunt. Chyna had given the rich bitch's pussy a serious
reaming, fucking her with an 18-inch dildo. It must have had an enduring
effect on Steph, as her sweet cunt had clearly been getting some seriously
large implements crammed inside it to be stretched out by so much in just
twelve months.

The amazon pushed the fat lips apart and slid her index finger into
Stephanie. There was no resistance whatsoever. Just a few hours earlier she
had been in the same position before Stephanie's mother, and it seemed
somehow wrong that Linda's pussy was so much tighter than her daughter's.
Chyna made a cone with all four fingers and twisted that into Steph's gaping
hole, and still there was no resistance. At the same time she lowered her
mouth onto her new mistress's large and erect clitoris.

"Oh!" Stephanie gasped, squirming downward with her hips.

Chyna held the clit gently between her lips. It was much, much bigger than
she remembered it, more than half an inch long and almost as thick. She had
no idea how it could have grown so much, but she could feel it throbbing like
a little cock. Using her lips and tongue, Chyna rolled back the clitoral hood
so the sensitive bud was completely exposed and vulnerable and then she
sucked on it rhythmically, the tip of her tongue flicking across it in time
with her sucking. Simultaneously the muscular amazon began pumping her hand
in and out of Steph's yawning cunt.

"Oh my God!" Stephanie exclaimed.

With each suck and each thrust, Chyna gradually increased the power. More and
more of her hand disappeared into Steph's hairless pussy, and the big clit
swelled larger as Chyna sucked harder and harder. Her fist traveled easily
inside the bitch's hot wet hole, the lubrication practically gushing from the
younger woman, running down Chyna's arm and dripping from her elbow. The
powerful muscle of the amazon's tongue was no longer licking Steph's clit but
striking it forcefully.

"Oh YES!" Stephanie exclaimed.

Inside her new mistress Chyna balled her hand into a large fist and began
punching deeper and deeper into Stephanie's big cunt. As she straightened her
arm inside Steph's hole she could no longer keep her tongue on her clitoris,
so she switched her mouths attention to one of Stephanie's heavy breasts
while using her free hand to squeeze viciously on the still swollen clit. At
ten inches in the amazon's fist struck Stephanie's cervix, eliciting a cry of
impassioned pain from the rich bitch. Chyna hooked her finger into the small
hole and then forced her way into the young woman's womb. The large, powerful
muscles of Chyna's forearm pushed Steph's shaven lips wide, but still they
stretched easily to accommodate the substantial penetration of the amazon's
thick arm. Stephanie began to slowly rotate her hips, bearing down on Chyna's
hand, clenching on it every few seconds, trying to draw it in even deeper.

The room filled with slurping noises once more as the muscular amazon
pushed her fist in and out of Steph's sopping wet hole. The bitch was really
enjoying it, her panting and moans coming faster and louder. Her pussy taking
Chyna's arm all the way to the elbow!

The Ninth Wonder of the World began fist-fucking the Billion Dollar Princess
in earnest, pulling her fist out of Steph's womb and then punching back in
through her cervix with an almost audible pop. Stephanie went berserk,
thrashing her arms and legs wildly as she climaxed, squirting her sweet
nectar onto Chyna's powerful arm and drenching her biceps.

Stephanie collapsed onto the desk in the wake of her orgasm, groaning as her
cunt continued to spasm on Chyna's impaling forearm.

The amazon withdrew her limb with a long and loud 'shlurp!' as the Princess
lay panting.

"Lick my pussy Slave," Stephanie's voice was a weak whisper "drink up my
love-juice and lick me clean."

Cleaning up all the girl-cum that had gushed from Stephanie's gaping cunt
required more than licking just her pussy. It had run down her thighs and
over her buttocks, so Chyna's obedient tongue started by licking up the
free-flowing rivulets down her legs, followed by licking over her ass-cheeks
and even into the crevice of her butt.

"Oh Yesss," Steph moaned quietly, "That's it. Lick my ass like a good little

When Chyna got to her mistress' pussy it was squirting even more juice for
the amazon to drink. She swallowed the sweet liquid with reluctance, not
because she didn't like it but because she did! Some part of her was reveling
in her humiliation, and every time Steph called her ‘Slave' her pussy spasmed
and she felt a thrill through her loins.

* * *

Chyna licked Stephanie to two more much gentler orgasms before the rich bitch
had recovered enough to climb off the table.

"Not too bad Bitch. Maybe you'll make a good little slave after all!"

There was nothing for Chyna to say, so she awaited her next order in silence.

"Get on the desk and spread your legs Slut!" ordered Stephanie, as she
stripped off her jacket and blouse, her large soft breasts restrained by an
expensive black brassiere.

Once the amazon was in position her young mistress stroked her smooth,
tattooed pussy, toying with her new plaything. The Billion Dollar Princess
inserted her index finger into the Ninth Wonder of the World's smooth shaven
sex. Steph's own pussy moistened at the feel of Chyna's wet heat engulfing
her digit. The amazon's insides were slippery with lubrication and stretched
easily when Stephanie added another finger. The rich bitch smiled crookedly
and added a third finger as she anticipated all the things she was going to
do to test Chyna's capabilities to the limits.

Hatred flared in Stephanie's soul as Chyna's vaginal muscles clamped down on
her penetrating fingers and crushed them painfully. Thanks to the stories
that Triple H had told Stephanie after Chyna had raped her she knew that
Chyna had been taking massive dildos inside her for years, even before she'd
joined the WWF. She knew that just a few hours before Chyna had been fucked
by a monstrously endowed dog, and yet she was incredibly tight!

Stephanie hated Chyna with every fiber of her being. She knew that it was
unfair for her to blame the Ninth Wonder of the World for the failure of her
marriage to Hunter; unfair to be jealous of Chyna's incredible physique and
her bestselling Playboy appearance; unfair to resent Chyna's successes inside
the ring and out; but she did feel all of those things. She still held a
grudge against Chyna for having raped her a little over a year ago, even
though in retrospect, Steph believed it had been one of the best things that
had ever happened to her; her true sexual awakening. But it had come at a
cost, and that was the real reason that she hated Chyna so much.

Ever since the Ninth Wonder of the World had raped her with an 18-inch dildo
Stephanie had become fixated on size. Her husband had possessed a cock that
was a foot long and as thick as her wrist, but that had no longer been big
enough for her. She'd purchased the biggest sex-toys she could find, and they
hadn't been enough either. She'd used them two and even three at a time until
she found a company that specialized in custom designed dildos long enough
and thick enough to give her the agonizingly rapturous orgasms that she
craved. She'd taken to walking around with a 20-inch double-dong dildo coiled
up in her vagina, twisting about inside her like a live animal as she went
about her daily business of work, travel, and meetings. She loved the feeling
of it pushing the walls of her vagina apart as its bent length tried to
straighten almost as much as she loved the fact of being in public with a
dildo stuffed in her cunt without anyone knowing.

And as Chyna had noted, after only one year of such treatment, as a result of
such massive and frequent stretching, Stephanie's pussy was a yawning chasm
that no normal man could ever hope to fill. And here was Chyna, a butch
bull-dyke with over ten years of fucking the biggest dildos, fists, and even
animal-cocks, who possessed a pussy as tight as any teenager!

Stephanie's jealousy and her hatred knew no bounds. She was going to make
Chyna suffer!

It suited Steph's sadistic temperament that Chyna had been the one who had
opened Steph's eyes to her own sexual depravity and the pleasures it could
bring, and now Chyna was going to be the focus and outlet for Stephanie's
evil perversions.

Stephanie pushed the three fingers easily in to the knuckles and swirled them

"From now on Chyna, you belong to me!"

With that Stephanie tucked in her little finger and thumb and shoved her
hand hard. In one push the bitch's hand slid in all the way to the wrist!
Stephanie's eyes widened with surprise at how easily Chyna took the width
of her knuckles, she'd expected more resistance from the tightly gripping
muscles, and she marveled at the sensation as Chyna's pussy swallowed her
hand whole.

The walls of the amazon's love canal clasped tightly around the invader,
spasming hard enough to make Steph wince as her hand was squeezed, but when
she pushed in further, Chyna's pussy stretched easily to accommodate her.

"You're going to be my slave!"

The Ninth Wonder of the World moaned and Stephanie could feel her thrusting
her hips forward slightly. The sick fuck was getting turned on!

Stephanie twisted and pushed for a few minutes, working her way even deeper
into Chyna's tightly gripping cunt. The amazon gasped as the rich bitch's
fingers finally touched her cervix. Stephanie pushed harder and her slave
moaned in response. Stephanie's arm was sunk 10-inches into Chyna, her smooth
shaven lips stretched wide around the muscles of Steph's forearm. But this
was only the start, and Stephanie began pumping her arm in and out of the hot
welcoming cavern, attempting to loosen her up for what Stephanie really
wanted to see.

The Billion Dollar Princess pulled her hand back to the wrist, her knuckles
tugging her pussy lips out as they hugged the near 3-inch diameter of her
bunched up knuckles. Her hand slipped free with a loud squelching and she
watched in surprise as Chyna's pussy closed immediately.

Stephanie pushed back in, more easily this time because of the lubrication of
Chyna's moistening vagina. The walls still hugged Steph's hand tightly, so
she continued thrusting and twisting for several minutes, each time pushing
her hand all the way to the cervix and then pulling back out, twisting her
hand around as she exited her cunt. Still Chyna's pussylips snapped back into
place as tightly as ever.

Chyna's smallest dildos were as thick than Steph's arm, so her pussy had no
difficulty swallowing the intruder. The physical stimulation was routine to
the amazon, who enjoyed being stretched as much as Stephanie did, and wasn't
the cause of the rapid flow of her juices. That was because of the pleasure
she was experiencing from being humiliated by a woman that hated her!

And that was much more difficult to deal with that merely being raped by a
woman's arm.

Stephanie's forearm pumped in and out of the big amazon's cunt, each
pistoning thrust accompanied by the distinctive squelches and slurps of wet

"You like that Bitch? You like being fisted by your Mistress don't you?"

Chyna moaned softly.

"Say it!" Stephanie ordered, "Say you love getting your cunt fisted by your

"I love it," Chyna snarled, "I love having your arm inside me! I love your
fist in my womb! I love it Mistress!"

The enslaved diva thrust her hips forward to take every inch of Stephanie's
arm that she could.


Stephanie pulled her hand out of the writhing Ninth Wonder and licked Chyna's
juices from her fingers.

"I think that's a bit too easy for a slut-slave like you. I think we'll try
something a little bit bigger!"

So saying the Billion Dollar Princess pressed both hands together as though
she was about to pray and grinned wickedly, then she wove her fingers
together to form a double-fist.

"I think this might be more your size!"

Chyna's eyes widened and Stephanie laughed as she pressed both hands to
Chyna's wet hole. The big-breasted brunette pushed hard, forcing the knuckles
between Chyna's slippery pussylips. Steph took a deep breath that made her
fat tits swell between her constraining arms and then gritted her teeth. With
a grunt she started pushing both hands into the amazon.

"Aaaaahhhhh!!!" Chyna moaned softly as her elastic pussy slowly parted to
allow entry to the double fist.

Steph's knuckles forced their way into the entrance of her slave, no more
than an inch of penetration but enough to remain in place as she paused for
breath. Stephanie's lace-clad breasts were squashed tightly together between
her biceps and sweat glistened as it trickled over them. She pushed forward
harder, forcing her thumbs into Chyna's straining cunt and causing the Ninth
Wonder to cry out as she was stretched wide.

"Uh! Ah! Ah!" Chyna panted, quick breaths as her excitement grew.

Just as it had before, Chyna's insatiable lust was taking over. Her legs
started shaking with anticipation. She didn't care about the humiliation of
submitting to Stephanie because, at that moment, all she cared about was
taking more of Steph's arms inside her. She cared about conquering this
latest challenge and proving that she could take it, although whether to
herself or to Steph she knew not. Groaning with effort she felt herself
spreading more, accepting the dull ache of penetration, thrilled by the
growing acceptance of her pussy to this massive invasion.

Ever so slowly the double-fist entered her. Her breathing was shallow,
sometimes not breathing at all, feeling the anticipation. Her moaning became
louder as Steph's double-fist suddenly seemed to be sucked in as the widest
part of her hands passed the muscles at her entrance. Both hands were now
inside her vagina right up to the wrist.

Stephanie pulled back out with a pop and then pushed her fists hard, before
Chyna's pussylips had the chance to close, and they gave way slowly before it
slipped in. Chyna screamed with pleasure and Stephanie pulled back out half
way, making sure the amazon's pussylips stretched wide at the thickest point
of her double-fist. Stephanie twisted it around, ensuring her slave would
loosen up to take her two fists again and again.

It didn't take long and she was soon loose enough to satisfy Steph's
objective. Stephanie pushed her double-fist into her and watched in amazement
each time as her pussylips hugged her fists on exit and snapped back into
place. Her pussy-slave taking both arms half way to the elbow.

The room filled with slurping noises once more as Stephanie pushed both arms
in and out of Chyna's sopping wet hole. Both women were really enjoying it,
Chyna's panting and moans like music to Stephanie's ears, who had forgotten
her hatred as she shared in the unbridled passion of the moment.

"Faster!" Chyna managed to spit out the words between pants.

Stephanie picked up the pace, completely withdrawing her fists with each
backstroke before punching back into Chyna steaming love canal. Her fists
smacking her pussy each time they entered, and pulling her pussy lips a
good 2 inches from her body with each exit. Chyna's breasts rubbed back
and forth across the wooden desktop as her body rocked with the rhythm of
he double-arm-fucking! The muscles of Stephanie's arms started to feel the
burn; this was the most vigorous exercise they'd had in years.

"Harder!" Chyna screamed, her knuckles white as the gripped the edge of the
desk, "Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!"

Stephanie pumped her aching arms as hard as she could, both envious and
marveling at Chyna's ability to take such a massive penetration.

"Oh GOD! AAaauuuuoooowwWWWW!!! I'm cumming! I'm CumminGGHHHAAAaaaaaAAHHHH!!!"

Chyna's climax came just as Steph was pulling out of her and her orgasmic
juices shot from her gaping pussy and sprayed straight over Stephanie's face
and chest. Chyna had never before been a big squirter when she climaxed, but
this time her girl-cum squirted out of her in half a dozen powerful spurts.

The Billion Dollar Princess recoiled in surprise, shocked by the sudden spray
and momentarily furious as she thought Chyna had pissed on her! But then she
registered the taste of the liquid that had landed in her open mouth and her
eyes widened with surprise and no small amount of pleasure. Stephanie had
never seen a girl's cum shoot so far, but she'd heard of such things, and it
pleased her that she had forced Chyna to cum so strongly. Stephanie began to
wipe up her juice with her fingers when Chyna rolled off the desk and began
kissing her, holding the bitch's head with arms still rubbery from orgasmic
tremors, licking her own cum from Steph's face and feeding it to her through
a deep kiss.

While they kissed passionately, Stephanie's hand reached down to pinch
Chyna's erect clitoris. The amazon moaned into her mistress's mouth as her
clit was pulled and pinched roughly. Steph's free had came up to grasp
Chyna's right breast, mauling the massive mammary before focusing on her
stiff nipple, tugging on it forcefully while further down her finger and
thumb started masturbating the amazon's big clit like a little cock.

"You're mine Bitch," Steph murmured into Chyna's mouth, "I'm going to make
you my slave-slut." Stephanie continued to mutter insults as they kissed, all
the while toying with Chyna's clitoris.

"The mighty Ninth Wonder of the World is going to be nothing more than a
whimpering slave to her new owner. I'm going to whore you out and you are
going to love it, because under all those muscles you're just another slut
of a Diva! The newest slut bimbo in the WWF. Would you like that Chyna,
huh? Would like to be my whore? Maybe I'll have you doing tricks on a
street corner for me, wouldn't that be hot?"


The words Stephanie spoke and the images they evoked in Chyna helped to drive
her over the edge for yet another orgasm, one that left her weak and dazed.

* * *

When the Ninth Wonder of the World came back to full awareness she saw that
Stephanie was investigating the contents of Chyna bag of toys. The amazon
simultaneously felt a sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach and a
rising twitch in her pussy. The bag contained only a few toys that Chyna
liked to keep near to hand in case she should have the need or the
opportunity to use them. A few items that fit the full range of Chyna's
possible requirements. As she watched Stephanie pull out all the dildos,
restraints, gags, whips, and other paraphernalia she knew that Stephanie
would opt for one of two possibilities. It would either be the custom-made
double-dildo that Chyna had used to rape Stephanie the year before, or the
punishment dildo.

An unholy glow suddenly seemed to alight in Stephanie's eyes and she grinned
broadly. She reached into the bag with both hands and lifted Chyna's heavy
punishment dildo. The phallus was made of shaped black leather and it was
covered with stiff, molded spikes. 16-inches long and with a shaft that was
3-inches thick, but its spherical, spiky head was over 4-inches across! Thick
straps with large silver buckles were attached to allow it to be worn as a

"I think this is just what a slave like you needs to understand her proper
place!" Stephanie crowed. "Come here!"

At Steph's command Chyna rose and walked over to the desk. The Billion Dollar
Princess pushed everything off the desk, office equipment and sex-toys alike,
onto the floor with a clatter. Then she raised her arms and spread her legs.

"Strap it on Slave," she ordered, "Dress me in the cock I'm going to rape you

Chyna lifted the heavy leather penis and felt another spasm in her aching
vagina. As she wrapped the straps around Steph's soft waist and as she
fastened the buckles she reflected that even after all the violations she
had suffered in the last few hours, all the orgasms she had endured, it
seemed her sex was still ready and willing and eager to suffer more abuse.

Once the strap-on was securely fastened Stephanie strode across the office
and back, her inhuman rubber cock bouncing up and down with each step. She
still wore her bra and short skirt, which fell back down to drape over the
big black phallus to hide the straps, and the sight was astonishingly erotic
to Chyna. Stephanie's lush, feminine body sprouting a monstrous black

"Well Chyna, do you like my new cock?" Stephanie asked mockingly.

"Yes, Mistress." responded Chyna.

"Do you want me to fuck you with my big spiky dick?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Beg for it Slave, beg me to fuck you!" Stephanie demanded.

"Please fuck me with your big spiky dick!" Chyna replied with a grimace.

"Bend over the desk for me." Stephanie ordered, "Squash those big titties of
yours onto my desk and spread your legs like the hot little whore you are!"

Chyna complied and Stephanie stepped up to nudge the giant studded head of
the cruel dildo against the amazon's hot and wet pussy-lips. She applied the
pressure slowly and Chyna hissed between her teeth as the huge studded
cockhead pressed into her sensitive flesh. The spikes tore into her as the
big ball stretched her pussy-lips apart. Her hands gripped the edge of the
desk so tightly that her knuckles whitened, and she gasped aloud as the
incredible and painful dilation of her vagina's entrance continued. Stephanie
was enjoying the moment, taking her time to savor the sight of the monstrous
black strap-on splitting Chyna's smooth pussy.

"AAhhhhh!" Chyna cried out as the spiky sphere of the 4-inch cockhead popped
passed her entrance to be enclosed fully within her.

The leather spikes were designed to be firm enough to cause intense pain,
but flexible enough that they would not cause any serious or lasting injury.
Chyna knew this, so unlike the many victims she had raped with this very
same dildo she was not afraid of any permanent damage from the assault. But
knowing this did nothing to lessen the pain, rather the lack of fear allowed
her to focus on the pleasure that came with that pain.

Steph pulled the monstrous strap-on out of her slave and for a moment Chyna's
pussy gaped obscenely. The sight prompted Stephanie's grin to widen. She
wanted to stretch that hole so badly that it would never recover, and Chyna
would forever have a pussy that gaped like a yawning chasm. That gaped like
Stephanie's own pussy. The bitch reached down under the dildo and rubbed the
leather strap into her clit at the thought as she thrust the tip of her huge
cock back inside the Ninth Wonder of the World.

Again Chyna cried out with the pain as the cruel dildo jabbed in and then
back out of her powerful body. Stephanie maintained the rhythm for several
minutes, only thrusting the spiky ball of the cockhead in and out and
watching with delight the way it distorted Chyna's full and fleshy cunt-lips
with every stroke. To Chyna it felt as though the entrance to her pussy was
on fire. The leather spikes scratched the sensitive membranes of her sex
relentlessly and every short stroke added more and more pain to the
experience. But worse was the way that the top of the evil dildo struck her
G-spot with every thrust sending a spasm of pleasure through her to accompany
the terrible pain.

Without warning, Stephanie lunged forward and savagely rammed over half of
the monstrous dildo up Chyna's love canal.


Chyna barely managed to stifle her scream through gritted teeth. It was
quieter than a shout, but Stephanie knew she'd hurt the amazonian bitch! Both
women's bodies shone with sweat, their skin glistening under the fluorescent
lights. Stephanie from exertion, Chyna from pain and pleasure. The rich bitch
reached up and grabbed her bra, pulling the black lace down to liberate her
heavy breasts from the bra's cups. She pinched her nipples hard and twisted
them for her own pleasure. As Steph looked down between the valley of her
pale breasts she felt a joyful satisfaction at the sight of Chyna's bald
pussy so widely and painfully stretched by one of her own evil sex-toys.

She withdrew swiftly and thrust again, hammering the strap-on all the way to
her hated foe's cervix.


Once more Chyna stifled a scream. Sweat dripped from her forehead and the
ends of her dampened hair.

The Ninth Wonder of the World ground her teeth. She could prevent the coming
violation if she chose to do so. She could clamp her vaginal muscles so
tightly that Stephanie's puny body would not have the strength to force it
any deeper. But if she did that she might as well beat the hell out of the
rich bitch and take the consequences of those damning photographs being
published. It was tempting though. She looked back over her shoulder and
into Stephanie's eyes, glittering with evil pleasure. The desire to grab
that grinning face and smash it into the desk, and then use the studded
dildo to rape the Billion Dollar Princess into a quivering mess was almost
overwhelming! But she had to control it, so with a supreme effort of will
she reigned in her violent fantasies and focused on controlling herself for
the agony that she knew was coming.

Stephanie threw all her weight behind the next thrust and punched the massive
spiked dildo through Chyna's cervix and right into the roof of her womb!

"NNNnnnnnnngggghhhhh!!!" Chyna's face flushed red and her magnificent body
shook with the effort of suppressing the scream that she desperately wanted
to release. Tears welled in her eyes as her lips pared back over her pearly
white and grimly gritted teeth.

There were still two inches of the studded dildo's shaft left to go, so
Stephanie slowly withdrew, making Chyna grunt with pain as the cockhead
popped back through her cervix. The rich bitch released her nipples and
reached forward to grab two handfuls of Chyna's black hair and twisted
her hands in deeper for a more secure grip. Then Steph widened her stance
slightly, pulled back on those makeshift reigns, and lunged!


Chyna could not suppress the scream of pain as Stephanie fully impaled her on
every inch of the massive inhuman cock! Her womb and vagina were tortuously
stretched and abused, and the pain from Stephanie pulling her hair was just
enough to break her concentration.

The Ninth Wonder's entire sweat-glistening body was convulsed with agony.
Tears streamed from her screwed-shut eyes and hoarse cries slipped past her
lips as Stephanie started fucking her brains out. Chyna had experienced the
mixed delights of this punishment dildo before, but never after her pussy
had suffered as much as it had already this day, fucked and stretched by a
giant hound, self-fisted and double-fisted. Her entire sex had been
thoroughly tenderized and sensitized, making her so much more aware of the
pain. The conflicting emotions that coursed through her were their own
exquisite torment. She was reeling in pain and pleasure, flooded with
feelings of loathing and lust, disgust and desire, satisfaction and shame.

"You love it don't you Slave! Beg for me to fuck you like the dirty slut you

"Fuck me! Aaahh!! Harder! Eeeaarrggh!! Deeper! UUuuaahh!! Fuck my womb!
UNnggh!!!!" Chyna cried out the words.

* * *

Just at that moment the door to Stephanie's office opened and a security
guard charged into the room, his sidearm drawn.

For that instant nobody moved. Stephanie in instinctive horror at being
caught naked by a stranger; Chyna at being caught with Steph fucking her like
she was a pony-ride; and the guard in sheer disbelief at the sight before his

He didn't know where to look, with so much sexy, sweaty, naked flesh, and he
was much too embarrassed to make eye-contact with either of the women, so he
cast his eyes down to the floor as he clumsily holstered his weapon.
Stephanie belatedly tried to untangle her hands from Chyna's hair and cover
her exposed breasts. Chyna just remained where she was. She couldn't really
move anyway, with the studded strap-on stuck up her cunt.

"S-sorry, I, uh, I though I heard a, ah, scream." He muttered as he slowly
started backing out of the room.

"Wait!" Stephanie commanded. "You heard her? From where?"

"Uh, yes. From, from a couple of corridors down."

"Damn!" Stephanie brow furrowed with thought.

"Sorry, s-sorry, I, I'll . . ." The guard stammered as he started to back out
once more. He was a young man, and as Steph looked at him she noted he was
quite good-looking, with an athlete's build and blond hair, even his blushing
served to make him look cute. Stephanie made a decision.

"Stay!" She ordered him as she would order a trained dog. "If she's going to
keep screaming then I need some way to shut her up. I don't want any more
interruptions. Maybe you can find something to keep her mouth occupied? Do
you have a nice big nightstick you could shove down her throat?"

"What?" the young guard asked, unable to believe what he thought he was

"You heard me, get over here and gag this bitch!"

The young man looked stunned. Nothing like this had ever happened to him
before. He hadn't believed that anything like this ever could really happen
outside of a porno-movie. He was trying to make a decision, his brain telling
him he should leave while his dick urgently argued that he needed to stay.
Stephanie grinned at him wickedly and slapped Chyna's firm ass.

"Don't tell me that you don't want a piece of this?" she taunted.

Hesitantly he unzipped his trousers. His rampant cock pushed the blue cotton
of his underpants through the gap. He stroked his bulging erection and
pinched himself to make sure this wasn't some bizarre sex-dream. The guard
glanced up at Stephanie's mocking grin with caution but when she beckoned and
slapped Chyna's ass again, he rushed across the room to join in.

His eyes went wide with surprise when he got a close up view of the dildo. No
wonder Chyna had screamed! He was amazed that she could take it at all. He
had never seen a pussy getting as stretched as Chyna's, and those spikes had
to hurt like hell!

"Don't just stand there, gag the bitch!"

The young man jerked down his underpants to free his sizeable penis. It was
thick and long by any normal standard, well over nine-inches in length and
almost two-inches across, but compared to the monstrous rubber cock that
Stephanie was wearing it looked less than adequate. After the stretching her
pussy must be taking, the guard thought, she'd never even notice me inside

He pressed the head of his dick against Chyna's lips and, after a momentary
pause, she opened her mouth to let it inside.

As soon as the guard's cock was in Chyna's mouth Stephanie resumed thrusting
her hips back and forth, fucking the Ninth Wonder of the World's wonderful
cunt. The amazon moaned around the man's cock as the agony and the ecstasy
return in full.

"Suck his cock Slave, I want him to cum all over your face!"

The guard could not believe what was happening, and the anticipation and
stimulation and the incredible sight of Chyna with Stephanie's gigantic
strap-on cock buried in her cunt caused his buttocks to flex spasmodically,
unconsciously synchronizing with Stephanie's thrusts.

The Ninth Wonder of the World worked her tongue around the young guard's
penis, basting its entire length with saliva while her cheeks grew hollowed
as she sucked. Her head bobbed up and down slowly as she swallowed his fat
prick right down to the root, stimulating every inch of it as it disappeared
down her gullet.

The guard was ecstatic. The older woman's hotly performing tongue swirling
around his aching cock was almost more than he could take. In all his
youthful experience, he had never been deep-throated the way this amazon was
giving it to him right now and he had to fight to hold back his rapidly
approaching orgasm. Chyna was much better than any of the girls who had been
willing to suck him in the past, and her grunts and groans seemed to make his
cock vibrate. The young man relished the sensation of her mouth working to
pleasure him.

Chyna was furious, with herself as much as Stephanie. She was almost 100%
lesbian, and only had sex with men when it suited her purposes to do so. She
hated sucking cock. She knew that with absolute certainty, but as much as she
wanted to bite down on the young guard's fat cock and make him suffer for
this indignity, she wanted to taste his sperm more! Once again her hitherto
unsuspected submissive side had risen to overwhelm her more dominant
instincts. She wanted to be humiliated; she enjoyed being humiliated; the
pain and degradation made her pleasure all the sweeter.

"Come on Chyna," Stephanie taunted, slapping her ass again, you'll have to
better than that if you're going to a good cock-sucking whore! Make him cum
all over you!"

The guard was already fighting to hold back his orgasm, but this whole scene
was just too much for him and he groaned as his climax surged through him.

"I'm cumming! Uuuuuhhhnn!! I'm cumming!!"

Stephanie cackled and, bending over, she reached forward to pull his cock out
of Chyna's mouth and aimed it so that the thick jets of his sperm splattered
over the Playboy-covergirl's face. Chyna's throat made a wet sucking sound as
the cock popped free, and the amazon gasped for breath. The Ninth Wonder of
the World flinched as the first jet of cum struck her cheek. The second
landed in her open mouth and she grimaced as she swallowed the salty goo.

More jets followed, and Chyna opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue
to catch as much of his cum as she could. She did it instinctively, without
even thinking about it, because it had just felt right, and as she swallowed
his creamy seed she was horrified at her reaction, and horrified that she
liked the flavor and wanted more.

"That's it Slut, drink it! Swallow his spunk!"

Her tormentor laughed again with delight, her fat tits pressing into Chyna's
back and her studded cock imbedded deep in her cunt, as Chyna lapped up the
young man's spunk like a common slut. The blond guard's balls shot a full
load, one that never seemed to end. Jet after pulsing jet pumped out to
strike the debased diva, but eventually they trailed off into a few dribbling
dregs. Only half the sperm had landed in Chyna's unwillingly eager mouth, the
rest was splattered across her face and hair.

"You're a cock-sucking whore!" Stephanie cried as she bucked her hips faster
and faster, "Say it! Say it Slut! Say you're a cock-sucking whore!"

"I'm a cock-sucking whore," Chyna groaned, her vagina twitching around the
cruel pistoning dildo.

"Louder! What are you?!"

"I'm a cock-sucking whore!"

Hearing Chyna's words drove Stephanie closer to the edge.

"I'm a cock-sucking WHORE!!"

Stephanie pumped her hips faster and harder, grinding her pussy against the
leather harness until her orgasm washed over her like a cleansing wave.

"OOOOHHhhhhhhhh yyyyeeEEESSSSSSSSSS!!"


Simultaneously, Chyna also climaxed, crying out in pain as her spasming cunt
squeezed the studded dildo, but that pain only made her orgasm stronger.

The guard could only watch in delighted disbelief, stroking his cock as it
stiffened once more at the incredible scene before him.

Stephanie McMahon collapsed down onto Chyna's back, the strap-on dildo still
embedded deep in the Ninth Wonder's womb, and both women lay panting for air.
Stephanie climbed off Chyna, her hands sliding on the amazon's sweat-slippery
skin and, slowly, she pulled the giant strap-on cock out of Chyna's aching

The Ninth Wonder of the World lay motionless on the desk. Her fuck-hole gaped
open, dripping girl-cum onto the carpet below, but gradually, very gradually
it began closing up. Chyna's body ached all over, but a part of her was still
ready for more. This submissive streak seemed to be without limit, but she
understood that she could not allow Stephanie to realize just how much
punishment her awesome body could take, and so she lay prostrate and feigned
complete exhaustion. She was certain that Stephanie would believe it. In just
a few hours Chyna had been dominated by Linda McMahon and Commissioner Debra,
forced to suck and fuck a dog, drink piss, been double-fisted, and now fucked
by what could only be called an implement of torture. And somewhere in the
midst of all the orgasms she'd also fought a wrestling match. Collapsed
exhaustion was very believable.

The Billion Dollar Princess circled the table to get a good look at her hated
enemy. The sight of Chyna's face sent a shiver through Stephanie's body. The
amazon looked completely dishonored, sweaty and panting, with her smeared
lipstick and her tear-streaked mascara all spattered with creamy white sperm.

Stephanie reveled in the appearance of complete and utter defeat. The Ninth
Wonder of the World didn't look so proud and superior any more!

"Okay boy," Steph turned to the young guard with a weary smirk. Fucking and
fisting Chyna was the most physical exercise she'd had in weeks, and she felt
almost as tired as Chyna looked. "You want to fuck this slut?"

"Uh," was the erudite reply. He was looking at the huge dildo strapped around
Steph's naked waist, its brutal black rubber studs glistening with Chyna's
pussy-juice. How had she ever managed to take it? It was even bigger than he
had thought.

"Now's your chance."

The guard looked at Steph and then at Chyna's prone body. She seemed to be
out cold and he didn't think he could take advantage of an unconscious woman.

"Look, you can fuck her or you can get lost, which is it going to be?"

Well, when she put it like that. He hurried round the table and gazed in
wonder at Chyna's pussy and ass. Her pussy-lips were swollen and red, but
they had closed up and pouted invitingly, while her buttcheeks were two
flawless round orbs that inspired his cock to new heights.

He massaged the head of his nine-and-a-half inch cock and then whipped it
against Chyna's perfect ass. He rubbed it up and down her crevice, from
tailbone to clitoris, and obtained a thick coating of lubrication. As he
did that Stephanie unbuckled the strap-on with some difficulty and then
disappeared into the corner behind the guard. She returned a moment later
with a huge 14-inch monster of a dildo and pulled up a chair just in front
of Chyna's head. Steph sat down and rammed the sex-toy into her smooth
pussy at the same moment that the guard shoved his fat cock into Chyna's

The amazon groaned softly at the penetration, but so soon after her recent
abuse she couldn't force her superbly trained vagina to bear down on his
cock and milk him quickly. The young man pumped away for a minute, but her
cunt was too loose for him. It was tighter than it had any right to be and
tighter than he ever could have believed it might be after the brutal dildo,
but still not tight enough, so he pulled out and eased his slimy penis
between Chyna's buttocks until the cockhead nudged her asshole.

The blond youth held his cock steady with one hand while the other reached
down to maul the slut's hard-muscled butt. The guard uttered a groan and
thrust his hips forward hard.

"UUUuuhhhnnn!" Chyna grunted as her tight sphincter was forced wide open by
a big cock.

Stephanie gurgled with delight as she realized what was happening, and
started fucking herself harder, but her eyes never left Chyna's cum-sticky
face. She wanted to absorb every moment of Chyna's humiliation. Chyna winced
as the meaty cock pumped deeper into her ass, lubricated only by her own

"Oh yeah! Fuck her butt! Fuck her hard!" Steph cried.

"AAAaaauuuwwwww! Her ass is so tight!" He gasped as Chyna's stretched ring
squeezed his pulsing tool.

It took all Chyna's self-control to maintain her pose of passivity. Very few
men had had the privilege of fucking Chyna's mouth, and even fewer had been
allowed in her ass, but now this complete stranger was butt-fucking her like
she was one of the Godfather's whores! She promptly chopped off that line of
thought. It was turning her on!

The guard rocked his hips, stuffing her bowels with his hard cock until his
heavy balls slapped up against her wet pussy. He churned his dick around
inside her, feeling the slick glove of her ass clutching at his rampant
manhood, as he watched Stephanie pushing her huge dildo deeper and deeper
into her big cunt. And then he started to really fuck Chyna.

His thick cock stroked energetically in and out of the defenseless amazon's
tightly gripping asshole, his balls slapping rhythmically against Chyna's
juicy pussy. He was pulling almost all the way out, until only the head was
enclosed in Chyna's steamy ass, and then ramming forward to punch his
erection deep into her guts. Each great thrust propelled the Ninth Wonder's
limp body forward before pulling her back as he withdrew, rolling her on her
big squashed breasts.

"That's it, ram it in! Fuck her HARD!" Stephanie crowed breathlessly.

The guard's cock was sliding back and forth like a well-oiled piston, and
Chyna's rectal muscles were squeezing it tightly. Even after having blown
one load in her mouth already he couldn't hold out for long, especially
with Stephanie encouraging him while dildo-fucking herself right in front
of him!

"Awww m-man! I'm cumming!" He moaned as he pounded into her faster and

He buried his prick to the root one last time and Chyna grimaced with
distaste as she felt the fat cock in her ass twitch. Moments later it erupted
inside her, big jets of sperm blasting out from the guards swollen balls to
spray the inside of Ninth Wonder of the World with the force of a fire hose.

"Yes! That's it! Cum in her ass! Shoot your fucking load right up her hot
ASS! Fill her bowels with your cum! Oh YeeeeaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Stephanie
cried out as she fucked herself to orgasm.

* * *

End of Chapter 2



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