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The Dream Cruise Part 1
by Josh (

A young photographer for Ironman Magazine, Rob, pitched an idea to his
bosses to do a photo spread and video featuring the ex-Women of Wrestling.
More specifically; Midajah O'Hearn, Tylene Buck (Major Gunns), and Kim
Kanner (Shakira), three women that had been featured in the magazine prior
to joining the defunct WCW. After months of pitching, Rob got the go-ahead
for the project. The magazine wasn't too eager to spend a lot of money so
they arranged for Rob to have use of a decent sized boat, cameras and a
handheld video camera.

Instead of being angered that Ironman didn't spring for a big budget on
the project, Rob was happy because he had an alterior motive. He just wanted
to oogle at Kim, Tylene and Midajah, take pictures, get some video of them
changing for the video and hopefully get some nude shots which he'd promise
to delete but save for his own 'personal' collection.

Rob got things set up on the boat and waited on the girls to arrive. Kim
Kanner, Midajah and Tylene arrived a little late but it was worth the wait
for Rob. These were three smokin' hot ladies. Rob showed them all to their
rooms and told them he'd come get them when he's ready for them.

"Hmmm ... Who to start with?" Rob thought to himself. Would it be the
short hardbody Kim Kanner? The massive breasted Midajah O'Hearn? Or the
blonde bombshell Tylene Buck? What a great decision to make. Rob decided
that he'd start with Kim Kanner, since she'd been on TV the least with WCW.

Knock ... Knock ... Rob knocked on Kim's door. "Who is it?" she called
out from inside.

"It's me, Rob, can I come in?" he said.

Kim opened the door, she was wearing a pair of light blue jeans and a
tight purple T-shirt. "Ready for me?" She asked.

"Yeah, I just wanted to get some video of you getting ready," Rob

"Oh ok ... like what?" Kim asked.

"Uhh like you changing into your bikini and just getting ready," Rob said.

"I don't want any nudity of me in the video," Kim said.

"Of course not, we edit that out, its in the contract," Rob said.

"Ok good," Kim replied.

"Well, lets get going," Rob said.

Kim seemed hesitant to take off her clothes in front of Rob.

"Come on, Kim, don't be self-conseus, you've got a great body. Its a work
of art, it shows of all your hard work, you shouldn't be afraid to show it,"
Rob prodded Kim.

"Thank you," Kim said blushing.

"Just act like the camera isn't even here. Pretend like I'm someone you're
attracted to and have no problem changing infront of," Rob kept it up.

"Oh that won't be a problem," Kim said with a coy grin.

Kim pulled off her tight purple T-shirt revealing a white lacy bra,
pushing up her incredible breasts. They weren't too small or too big, just
right for her frame.

"That's the way, Kim, just act natural. Look at that tight flat stomach,
those toned arms, those ..."

"Big breasts," Kim cut in.

"Well yeah, you're perfect..." Rob's compliments really loosened Kim up,
and made her more self-confident.

Kim undid her belt and took it off, tossing it across the room. She then
played to the camera, slowly unzipping her the fly on her jeans. Kim pulled
them down slightly then turned around and pulled down her tight jeans,
exposing her firm ass in some white lace panties. Kim took off her jeans,
then stood there in white bra and panties. She fixed her hair and blew a
kiss to the camera. Rob kept filming the vivacious Kim Kanner as he went
through he suitcase, picking out a bikini. She settled on a yellow one.

"That looks good, Kim, put that one on," Rob said.

"You're going to erase the nude stuff, right?" Kim asked.

"Of course, no one other then me will see it. I'm a professional," Rob
responded telling Kim what she wanted to hear.

Kim turned around and took off her bra then tied on her yellow bikini top.
Rob didn't really get a good look at Kim's breasts as she changed.

He then saw Kim pause for a moment, she was thinking of how to change into
the thong without showing Rob too much of her private area. She couldn't
think of a way so she just quickly pulled off her panties then pulled up her
yellow thong. Kim's body was tanned a golden color and had no tan lines at
all. Kim pulled up her thong, flossing it between her firm buns and snapping
it into place.

"Looking good, Kim, real good," Rob commented.

"Thank you, you're so sweet," Kim said. "So are we gonna go outside and
take some pictures now?" Kim asked.

"Uh, just a minute..." Rob responded, he just realized that he had a
raging hard-on which would be exposed if he stood up. It wouldn't go away
with Kim standing in there with his tiny bikini.

"Come on, let's go..." Kim said.

"Just give me a minute, I uh... gotta fix something with the camera,
yeah," Rob tried to buy some time.

Kim grabbed Rob by the hand and pulled him to his feet. Rob's erection
buldged in his pants. Kim looked down and saw it...

"Well it looks like you won't be able to concentrate on your work until
we get that taken care of," Kim said licking her lips.

"We?" Rob asked.

"Yes ... put that camera down because what we're about to do is worth more
then taking some silly photos. They say a picture is worth a thousand words,
well fucking must be worth ten million then," said Kim.

Kim smiled, lowering herself down to Rob's crotch. She pulled down his
pants and his cock hit her in the chin as it sprung out. Kim stroked it
softly, rubbing her hand all over the shaft. Rob let out a deep breath as
Kim took it into her mouth. She licked the head then took a little more into
her mouth. Kim pulled it out, spitting some saliva on it then kept working
down the shaft until she had all of it in her mouth. Kim licked up the
underside a bit then stroked it while she moved her mouth down to his nuts.
Kim took a nut into her mouth and sucked on it. She licked them then licked
back up his cock and went back to sucking him off.

"You wanna fuck me? You wanna fuck my pussy?" Kim asked looking up at Rob.

"Oh yeah, I'd love to stick my cock deep into that hot cunt of yours," Rob

Rob brought Kim up to her feet, ran his hands through her dirty blond hair
kissing her deep. He then moved his hands down her back and undid her yellow
bikini top, letting it fall to the floor. Rob put his hands around Kim's
midsection, picking her up and putting her down on the bed. Slowly he pulled
off her yellow thong, tossing it aside. He then gave her pussy a few licks,
savoring the taste. Kim spread her legs apart as Rob entered her from a
missionary position.

"Mmmmh Kim your pussy feels so nice," he moaned easing his cock in and

"Yeah, your cock feels good inside ... fuck my pussy, baby," Kim moaned.

Rob pumped in and out of Kim's wet pussy, looking down and watching her
tanned firm breasts jiggle. Kim reached down with her hand and began rubbing
her clit.

"Ohhhh fuuuck ... Unnnhhhh baby, pound my fucking pussy, pound it .. Ahhh
yeah!" Kim moaned.

Rob rolled Kim onto her side and laid on his side behind her. He began
pumping her pussy from the side. With one hand he massaged the side of her
ass and thigh and used the other to play with her breasts.

"Unnnhh huh ... Unnhh huh .. Ohhh yeeah I like that," Kim moaned.

"Ohh fuck Kim, you're so hot, yeah letting me fuck your pussy, ohhh fuck,"
Rob moaned.

Rob grabbed Kim and rolled over onto his back, still deep inside Kim. Kim
was now ontop of him. Rob thrusted up while Kim bounced her hips up and down
on his cock. Rob used both hands to grope Kim's luscious breasts. Kim soon
leaned forward a bit putting her hand down on the bed infront of her so she
could ride him better. Rob watched her tight tanned ass as she rode him.

"Hunnnhhh ... Ohhhh yeeaah .... AH! AH! Ohhh fuuuck!" Kim moaned. Kim
turned around, now facing Rob as she straddled him. Rob moved his hands
around and onto her firm ass. Kim leaned forward, kissing Rob between moans
as she grinded back and forth on his cock. "Ohhhh fuuuck! Unnnnhhhh!
UNNNNHHHH! Oooooohhhhhh fuuuck YESSS!" Kim moaned reaching an orgasm.

"Ahhhhh fuuuuuck! I'm gotta cum!" Rob let out.

"Cum on my tits, I don't want any in my hair," Kim said. Kim laid down on
her back while Rob knelt to her side and released his load all over Kim's
breasts. Kim's tits were covered in cum while Rob tried to catch his breath.
"Now can you get back to work?" Kim asked.

"Oh I think I can," Rob responded. "I'll come get you later and we'll take
the photos, I'm sure the other girls are wondering whats taking me so long,"
Rob explained.

"That's good, I need a smoke," Kim said. "You smoke?"

"Now I do..."

Rob grabbed his clothes, putting them back on then got his video camera
and left Kim laying naked on the bed, his cum all over her tits. Rob walked
down the wall to Tylene's dressing room. He went to knock on the door but it
was open. He pushed it open a bit and saw Tylene laying on the bed in just
her bra and panties. Midajah stood over her, also in bra and panties rubbing
Tylene's arms. Midajah looked up and saw Rob, "Don't be shy, we like being
watched," she said.

Rob walked in and took a seat. Midajah moved her hands around Tylene's big
breasts while looking at Rob. Tylene bent over as Midajah kept rubbing her.
Midajah moved her hands down down to Tylene's ass, rubbing it all over. She
then grabbed Tylene's thong and pulled it, wedging it hard against her pussy.
Midajah then got behind Tylene and licked her fingers. Midajah pulled
Tylene's thong to the side and being fingering her.

"Ooohhh Midajah, ooooh bang my pussy," Tylene moaned as Midajah used her
hand on her from behind.

Midajah gave Tylene's butt a couple light smacks making it jiggle. "Ahh
yeah am I turning you on?" Midajah moaned, continuing to stimulate Tylene.

Midajah then went into her bag and brought out a clear white dildo. She
looked over at Rob and smiled. Midajah and Tylene took turns doing oral on
the dildo while looking over at Rob. Rob slipped down his shorts as his pants
couldn't contain his hard-on any longer as he watched these two super hot
chicks get it on. Tylene took one end of the dildo in her mouth, Midajah took
the other and both moved together and kissed. Midajah laid Tylene down on the
bed and began working the dildo into her pussy.

"Oooohhhh ... ohhhhh yeeeah," Tylene moaned as Midajah slammed her pussy
with the dildo.

Rob watched Tylene's pussy get wet as she got more and more turned on by
having Midajah helping her.

"Mmmmhhh you want some Midajah?" Tylene asked.

"Yeah, fuck me with that dildo," Midajah said.

Tylene looked the dildo and began using it on Midajah. Midajah played with
her gigantic jugs as Tylene pounded her with the dildo. Midajah took control
of the dildo and kept using it on herself as Tylene moved up and began
sucking on Midajah's big dark nipples. Tylene rubbed her breasts against
Midajah's then moved down, licking Midajah's clit while using the dildo on

"Ohhhh Tylene ... Oooohhhh yess" Midajah moaned in orgasm.

Tylene and Midajah kissed and fondled each other's magnificant bodies for
a little bit.

Midajah got dressed and grabbed her bag, "I'll let you two get to work,"
she said leaving the room.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," Tylene said.

"Any time..." Rob responded. "Let me just get some video then we'll go
outside and take some pictures, have you picked out a bikini yet?" Rob asked.

"Well I've worn this one before but it seems to be a favorite," Tylene
said taking out the tinest string bikini out of her bag.

It was like dental floss it was so small with just little shiny blue
pieces of fabric to cover her pussy and nipples. Rob filmed as Tylene pulled
the tiny bottoms up then tied on little top. She was still practically naked.
Tylene brushed her hair then Rob filmed her round ass walking outside. Out in
the sun, Tylene got a bottle of oil and oiled up her delicious body as Rob
watched on. The sun glistened off her gorgeous well oiled body. Rob took some
shots of Tylene laying down then leaning against the side of the boat. Her
near naked oiled up body was driving him nuts. Tylene walked over to the back
of the boat and turned around sticking out her round ass flossed by that tiny
bikini. Rob couldn't take it any more, he put down his camera, slid down his
shorts, walked up behind Tylene and ripped off her bikini bottoms.

"What're you doing?" Tylene said.

Rob grabbed Tylene's midsection and jammed his cock deep into her pussy
and held it there, "Ohhhhh ... Ohhhhh fuuuck ... Ohhhhhh..." He moaned just
holding his cock inside of Tylene.

In one motion Rob pulled out and exploded with cum all over Tylene's ass.
This action of sticking his dick into her, holding it in there, pulling it
out and cumming took a matter of seconds.

"Fuck! You horny bastard!" Tylene said.

"Ahhh I'm sorry, I couldn't take it anymore," Rob said.

"All you had to do was ask ... That wasn't much fun," Tylene said.

"It felt good," Rob said.

"You take me back to my room right now and you fuck the shit out of me to
make up for what you just did," Tylene said.

"I can do that," Rob responded.

Tylene and Rob headed back to Tylene's room. Tylene took off her little
bikini top revealing her huge breasts, much bigger then Kim Kanner's. Tylene
kissed him and moved him down onto the bed. They laid together on the bed
kissing, rubbing together. Tylene's slick oiled up boobs rubbing against his
chest. Tylene got up onto her knees as Rob moved his attention to that great
sit of hooters. He licked each of the nipples getting them nice and hard.
While he sucked on her breasts, he used a hand rubbing her pussy.

Tylene moved up kissing Rob then laying him down on his back. She laid on
top of him in a sixty-nine position. Rob dug his hands into the soft flesh of
her butt while tickling her pussy with his tongue. Tylene took Rob's cock
deep into her throat, gagging on it. She pulled it out and it was soaked with
saliva. She worked herself down the shaft some more until she took it all in
deep. Rob moaned as he felt it touch the back of her throat.

"That's it Tylene fucking suck my cock, take it all in," Rob said.

Tylene lifted her head up, "I love taking it all in real deep," she said.
Tylene moved laying down on her back. "Stand over my face and fuck my mouth,
let me take that cock in deep," she said.

Tylene leaned her head over the edge of the bed. Rob stood over her head
and shoved his cock deep into her mouth and throat. He moved it in slowly
then took it out when he heard Tylene start to gag. He grabbed two handfuls
of her big tits as she deep throated his cock. His nuts pressed against her
nose each time he want all the way.

"I want back in that pussy," Rob said.

"Get on the bed and let me ride your fucking cock," Tylene demanded.

Rob laid down on his back while Tylene got on top, straddling him. She
began to bounce up and down, reaching back with her hands and digging into
the flesh of her butt. She put her hands back on his thighs as she really
began to bounce his cock. Tylene's huge tits bounced like crazy. Rob moved
his hands up to them, fondling them. Tylene leaned forward so her tits hung
near Rob's mouth. She picked up the tempo, riding his cock like crazy.

"Unnnhhhhh ooohhh fuuuuck yeeah! Ahh! AHHHHHH! Yessss! Sooo good .... ohhh
fuuck your cock is good ... UNNHHHHHH!" she moaned.

"Yeah, fucking go nuts on that cock, Tylene, ohhh you feel so good, you
look so good, fuuuuck yeeah!" Rob moaned.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Was heard each time Tylene's soft ass landed on
Rob's thighs. Rob got that horny uncontrolable urge again and grabbed Tylene
putting her down on her back. He lifted her legs in the air and entered her
missionary style. Rob began fucking her so hard, just bangin' the hell out of
Tylene. She loved it.

"OHHHH! FUUUUCKK ME HARD! Ohhh fuuckk yeeah! Unnnhhh fuuuck me so hard!
YEEESS!" Tylene moaned.

"TAKE unnhh IT ohhh YOU unnhhh FUCKING ahhh HHOT PIECE ohhh fuck OF ASS!"
Rob moaned as he kept pounding that pussy.

"Mmmmhhh ohhh yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Ohhhh fuuuck!" Tylene moaned taking
this hard fucking.

"AHHHH FUUUUCK!" Rob let out.

"Yeeahh cum on my big titties!" Tylene said.

Rob pulled out and stood over Tylene. Tylene held her huge tits together
as Rob covered them with his cum. Tylene began stroking it, getting all the
cum out onto her tits.

Tylene and and Rob laid on the bed for a bit and cuddled, catching their
breath after the amazing hard fuck. Tylene got up and walked over to her bag
and began looking through it.

"What're you looking for?" Rob asked.

"Well you went and ruined my bikini, I need to pick out another one," she

Tylene pulled out a little white string bikini. Rob got up and began
getting his clothes together. He looked over and saw that Tylene had put on
the bikini bottoms. They were just a tiny piece of white string that flossed
between her buns. Why'd she do this to him? He couldn't resist himself. Rob
walked over and knelt down pulling Tylene's ass into his face. He licked her
buns and kissed them.

"Oh you're so fucking horny!" Tylene said.

"Your ghetto booty drives me nuts!" Rob said. He jiggled the soft flesh of
her buns with his fingers. "Look at this, look at this ass," he said.

SMACK! He gave it a smack, grabbed a bunch her butt flesh in his hand and
kissed it. "Mmmhhh fuck baby got back!" he said. Tylene does have back, her
ass isn't firm or hard but there's not cellulite or anything. Just a lotta of

"Go ahead ... fuck my ass. Just fuck it you horny son of a bitch, get it
out of your system," Tylene said.

Rob got up and turned Tylene around kissing her, "You're the best Tylene,
you're the fucking best!" he said.

He grabbed two handfuls of her round ass while he kissed her some more. He
then turned Tylene around and bent her over the side of the bed. He buried
his face between her buns, getting her asshole nice and wet. He then eased
his cock deep into her asshole, "Ohhhhhh fuuuckk ohhhhh" he moaned.

"That's it, unhhhh yeeah," Tylene moaned. Rob began pumping that asshole a
little faster as it loosened up. "Unnnhhhh fuuck that's it, fuck my ass ...
fuck it ... Unnhhh yeeah!" she moaned.

"Ohh yeah you like that.." Rob said.

*SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* He gave each bun two hard smacks.

"Fucking take it up the ass, Tylene!"

*SMACK* *SMACK* Her butt jiggled each time her brought his hand down on

"UNNHHHH FUUUCK YEEAH! FUCK MY ASS HARD! Ohhhh .... Hunnhhh ohhh fuuck
that's the way! Fucking pound my ass!" Tylene moaned.

Rob grabbed her hips and pumped that asshole as hard as he could, the way
Tylene wanted it. That was until Rob pulled out.

"Stand up," he said.

Tylene stood up.

"Fix your g-string, now stand with your feet shoulder length apart, that's
it," he directed. "Put your hands up in the air, like you're posing for a
butt picture," he said.

Tylene lifted her hands over her head. Her buns just hung there perfectly,
the round flesh drooping down. This was like one of the pictures he'd seen of
Tylene in the magazine before and now he saw it in person.

"Just hold that pose," Rob said.

Rob stood about a foot behind her and just stared at that ass he loved so
much. He gave his cock a few strokes and unloaded with cum all over that
gorgeous ass. He ran the head of his cock between the buns up and down then
slapped it against her buns making them jiggle until he was all out of cum.

"Keep holding that pose," Rob said grabbing his camera. He took a shot of
Tylene's cum covered butt, "Now there's the money shot," he said.

Tylene reached down, rubbing the cum all over her ass and leaned back
looking at Rob, "Just keep that one for your personal collection, ok?"

"Most definatly..." Rob replied.

Rob was feeling really confident when he left Tylene's room. After all
in the space of a few hours he'd fucked Kim Kanner, watch Tylene Buck and
Midajah O'Hearn get it on then did it all with Tylene. Now he was going to
go fuck Midajah. He figured these girls had just come on the boat wanting
to fuck. Rob opened Midajah's door to see her half naked. Midajah quickly
tried to cover her gigantic breasts with her hands.

"Come on Midajah, let's fuck!" he said.

"Fuck? I'm not gonna fuck you," Midajah said.

"What? Why not?" Rob asked.

"Unlike Kim and Tylene, I'm married ... and I'm not cheating," she

"Damn," Rob said bummed out.

"But it wouldn't be cheating if you fucked my tits," Midajah said moving
her hands revealing those big inflated breasts.

"No, no it wouldn't," Rob said.

Midajah grabbed a bottle of oil and laid down on her back. She squirted
the oil all over her breasts, soaking them. "Come on, baby, bury that cock
between these big titties," Midajah said.

Rob straddled Midajah's chest and placed his cock between Midajah's tits.
Midajah pushed her huge tits together making his cock dissapear.

"That's it, slide it in and out, fuck these tits," Midajah moaned.

Midajah licked the head of Rob's cock, each time he thrusted. Rob could've
fucked those tits for hours but Midajah's licking really sped things up.

"That's it, keep fucking them, don't stop," Midajah moaned.

"Ohhh shiit..." Rob moaned as he squirted out cum onto Midajah's chest.
Some of it shot up and landed on her face.

"Yeeah, I like that..." Midajah said. She took his cock from between her
tits and rubbed the head against her nipples, sending sensations through
Rob's body. She licked it clean then rubbed the cum on her tits. "Let me wash
up and I'll be out in a bit..." Midajah said...

Rob didn't know if he had gotten good pictures or not, he didn't really
care because this hadn't just been a boat ride ... it had been a DREAM

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