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The Dream Cruise Part 2
by Josh (

The photo shoot with Tylene, Midajah and Kim Kanner was not only a success
for Rob on a personal level but also on a professional level. The editor
loved the pictures and suggested to Rob that they try and capitilize on the
WWF's popularity by getting their women to do a shoot. Rob got on the phone
with the WWF to try at get Trish, Torrie, Lita, any of the WWF divas but the
WWF wouldn't go for it. Rob suggested to the editor that they go for a woman
who were recently in the WWF and do an ex-WWF issue based around her. The
editor liked that and told Rob to go see who he can get. Rena Mero and Joanie
Laurer both declined. Stacy Carter and Tammy Lynn Sytch aren't right for the
magazine. Finally, Rob got a woman to agree. He gathered some pictures of
her and went back to his editor...

"Who do you got?" The editor asked.

"Tori, she's muscular but not too muscular. The WWF fans will buy to see
what happened to her, find out the story on why she's gone from the WWF and
the regular magazine buyers will like her look," Rob explained.

The editor thought Tori would be perfect for Ironman magazine and put Rob
in charge of the photo shoot. He even sprang for a bigger budget on this
project. He rented a private beachfront condo in Barbados for Rob and Tori
to use for a few days.

Rob and Tori got into Barbados late at night, after a long flight. They
were driven to the condo, picked out rooms and went to sleep. They didn't
talk a lot, just small talk about the shoot. Tori seemed nice enough was
really dressed down on the plane. Rob couldn't wait to see her in some
bikini's and see that hardbody in person. Rob would be woken up at about
5AM by some footsteps. Rob headed downstairs and saw Tori doing yoga on the
floor. "Shit, she's flexible," Rob thought to himself watching Tori do Yoga
in some stretch pants and a tank top. He also didn't know how Tori could be
up this early. He headed back upstairs and crawled back into bed to get a
few more hours of sleep.

A couple of hours later, Rob woke up for good. He had a shower then headed
downstairs. Tori was walking around in a little bright yellow and black
bikini. "Good morning," Tori said noticing Rob.

"So how do you like it here?" Rob asked.

"Its great, so peaceful and quiet. I figure that I should spend today
geting a really good tan then we can spend the rest of time shooting
pictures," Tori said.

"That sounds good to me. I'm gonna go change and join you outside," said
Rob. "See you out in the sun, then."

Rob went upstairs and changed into a bathing suit. Rob headed outside and
down onto the private strip of beach infront of the condo. Rob walked up to
where Tori was sitting and as he got closer he saw that she was topless,
rubbing tanning oil all over her body.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Tori," Rob said turning his head.

"Sorry about what?" Tori asked confused.

"You're ... topless," he responded.

"So? I'm comfortable enough with my body, I don't care if you see my
breasts," Tori explained.

"Ok, if you say so."

"I don't want any tan lines on them ... I just want tan lines where my
bikini bottom is, I think that's really sexy."

"Yeah, it is. Its sure nice out here, you're gonna get a great tan today."

"The sun feels so good against my body, I just love it out here."

Tori tanned for the rest of the day getting a nice dark golden brown tan.
Rob spent the whole day admiring Tori's hard body. There wasn't an ounce of
fat anywhere, it was so tight and firm. Aside from her big breasts, Rob was
most drawn to Tori's washboard abs. Her stomach was so well defined and sexy.
Tori was muscular but in a very feminine way. Tori was torturing him and she
didn't even know it...

The next day, Rob woke up, looked himself in the mirror and said that he
had to keep focused on business today. He couldn't be overcome by the lust
he was feeling for Tori. Tori was already waiting for Rob downstairs in a
leopard print bikini. She was right about the bikini bottom line being sexy.
It contrasted so well with Tori's golden brown tan and brought the eyes to
her most intimate of areas.

"Looks like you're ready, lets go down to the beach and start shooting,"
Rob said.

Rob followed Tori outside. His eyes were drawn to her hard ass but Rob
just closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on getting his job done. Rob
took some pictures of Tori in the sand then in the water. This was pure
torture for Rob and it took all his willpower and concentration not to get

"This roll's all done, how about you change into a different bikini while
I go get some more film," Rob said. They headed back up to the house. Tori
went to change while Rob went upstairs to reload the camera.

Rob walked back downstairs and as he headed towards the screen door,
he saw Tori on the deck leaning against the railing, looking out at the
ocean. She had changed into a skimpy red thong bikini. Ut oh. The same
uncontrollable feeling came over Rob, just like with Tylene, he put down
the camera, slipped down his shorts and walked up behind Tori. He pulled
the thong from between Tori's buns but Tori reached back and grabbed by
the cock. She squeezed down with her hand tightly, "What do you think
you're doing?" Tori asked.

"I ... I ... I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me," Rob responded.

"That was a stupid thing to do ... I've worked damn hard to perfect this
body and you just wanna quickly get off like that? Wouldn't you rather enjoy
all of me?"

"I dream about it..."

"Let me make your dreams come true."

Tori took Rob inside into the living room.

"Take your hands, start at my toes and feel every inch of my body," Tori

Rob started at her feet then moved up to her firm calves. He slowly ran
his hands around Tori's muscular thighs. Tori grabbed Rob's hands and moved
them around to her ass. Tori rubbed Rob's hands around her butt. She then
moved them onto her great well defined stomach. Her body was so hard and
felt so good. Tori left Rob's hands on her stomach as she reached around
and took off her bikini top. She took moved Rob's hands up and onto her
breasts. The one thing on Tori that was soft, her big luscious breasts. Tori
leaned forward, gently kissing Rob.

"How'd that feel?" she asked.

"Oh so perfect, you've worked so hard on your body, its magnificant," Rob

"My body's hard ... You're hard ... and I like it hard. I like it real
hard, real rough." Tori said.

"Really? You seem so gentle with the yoga, like you'd want it soft," Rob

"No, I just do that yoga to help calm my sexuality."

Tori lowered herself down, rubbing the head of Rob's dick against her abs
then her breasts before finally kneeling down and taking it into her mouth.
Tori took it in and bobbed her head up and down on his cock a few times.

"You like that?!" she said and started smacking his cock with her hand
back and forth. "I wanna feel you smack me around with that hard cock!" Tori

Rob obliged smacking his cock against Tori's face.

"Harder, I told you I like everything HARD!" Tori yelled and smacked Rob's

Rob began smacking his cock as hard as he could against her face.

"Now fuck my face!" Tori demanded.

Rob grabbed her hair and thrusted inside of her mouth. Tori dug her nails
into his ass as he pounded her throat. Tori gagged a bit then pulled it out
of her mouth.

"You like that feeling, don't you?" Tori asked.

She then went underneath and began sucking on his balls while stroking his
cock with her hand.

Soon Rob let out, "I'm gonna fucking cum, where do you want it?"

"In my mouth, cum in my mouth!" Tori moaned.

Rob shot his cum into Tori's waiting mouth. Some of it splattered on her
cheek but she licked it up.

Tori got up and said to Rob, "You've got to be forceful, I told you I like
it hard and rough!" Tori grabbed Rob by the hair and pulled his face into her
big breasts, rubbing his face against them. "You like those big tits?" Tori
pulled Rob's face out so he could answer, "Yeah, I like your huge titties."

"Suck on my titties!" Rob alternated, licking and sucking on Tori's great
breasts getting her nipples rock hard.

Tori then threw Rob down onto the couch then sat on top of his face,
smothering him with her pussy. "That's right! Eat my fucking pussy! Eat it!"
Tori yelled.

Rob licked away stimulating Tori's clit. Tori would move every once and
awhile to give Rob some air before smothering him with her pussy.

"Oh yeah! Use your tongue lick that! EAT MY PUSSY!" Tori moaned now
getting turned on.

Tori would get up off of Rob's face soon then pull him up and lay down on
the couch...

"Pound my fuckin' pussy! Pound it!" Tori demanded.

Rob eased his cock in, missionary style and began pumping Tori.

"Oooohhh yeeah, its so nice and big!" Tori moaned.

"Yeah, you like it.." Rob moaned.

Rob thrusted in and out of Tori while she fondled her tits. Rob soon
slowed down and bit and Tori looked up and smacked Rob in the face ...

"HARDER! Fuck me harder! HARDER!" Tori yelled and Rob sucked it up and
started pounding her harder. "Come on! You wanted to give it to me, give it
to me the way I like it." Tori had this big smile on her face, loving this
fucking. "Unnnnh yeah .. I want it HARDER! Pound my pussy with that cock!"
she yelled.

Rob fucked her has hard as he could, his balls almost hurting as they
smacked against her asshole.

"Unnnhh ... hunnhhh Yeeaah! That's it! That cock feels soooo good! AHHH
FUUCK YEAH!" Tori moaned.

Rob was sweating like crazy and breathing heavy.

"Take that cock out of me and lay down," Tori said. Tori got on top of
Rob, "Make me do all the fucking work..." she said. Tori then sat down, Rob's
cock piercing her wet hole. "OH FUCK YES!" Tori let out as she took it all

Tori began bouncing up and down as fast and hard as she could on Rob's
cock. Rob watched as her big breasts bounced up and down with her. Rob
reached up and rubbed Tori's hard abs then moved up to her big jugs.

"Oh your cock feels so fucking good! OHHHH! AHHHH! Oooooohhh fuck! Ooooh
yeah! OH! OH! OH! OHHHHH I'M CUUUUUUMMMINNG!" Tori yelled as she came while
she kept riding Rob's big cock. "Ohhh ... fuuuuck" Tori moaned as she slowed

Rob felt himself ready to release as she slid her wet pussy up and down.
"You're making me cum again!" he moaned.

"Cum inside me! Shoot your fucking cum deep inside me!" Tori moaned. Tori
held still about 3/4 the way up Rob's cock then stroked the rest of it with
her hand until he shot his load deep inside her.

"You made me cum ... I'm so impressed, I'm gonna let you fuck my ass!"
Tori said.

Tori then got up, "Let me go get some lube..."

Rob smacked her butt, "NO! You're taking it clean and rough!" Rob then
laid down on a coffee table so his crotch was at the end. "I wanna watch that
great ass," he said.

With her feet on the floor and her ass facing Rob, Tori slowly sat her
tight asshole down onto his cock. "Ohhh fuuuuck" she moaned as the his cock
ripped through her asshole.

This view gave Rob a perfect view of her round firm muscular ass as she
moved up and down on his cock. Rob reached forward and spanked Tori's butt.
"HARDER Tori! Fuck my cock harder!"

Tori began moving up and down a little faster ... "Ooohhh I can't, its my
asshole is so tight," Tori moaned.

"Get down on the floor and stick out your ass!" Rob demanded.

Tori would crawl onto the ground and stick out her muscular ass.

"I'm gonna take your fucking asshole hard!" Rob said.

Rob entered Tori from behind, grabbing her muscular thighs and began
pounding her tight asshole.

"OWWW!" Tori moaned in some pain. "Ohhh fuck that feels good .. ohh yeeah,
baby, pound that ass," Tori got into it.

Rob whipped her, "Take it, Tori, you know you like it!" Rob kept pounding
her asshole, and it began to loosen up as Tori started to enjoy it.

"Ohhh that's feels good..." she moaned.

Rob smacked her butt again, "Where's the I want it hard? I want it rough,
Tori? HUH?"

Tori moved forward and stood up. She grabbed his cock tight.

"You think I've never had a cock in my ass before? I was just acting like
it hurt. Now bend me over and fuck my ass HARD!" Tori got down on all fours
again. "Come on, pound my fucking asshole!" she demanded.

Rob got down and began pumping Tori's ass hard, his thighs smacking
against her's.

"That's right! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! HARDER! FUUUUCKK! Ohhh yeeah!"
Tori moaned.

Rob pumped as hard as he could then got up and straddled Tori from behind
and pumped his cock inside her ass hard while holding her shoulders. Tori
stood up with Rob's cock still buried deep in her asshole.

"Walk with me..." she said. Tori took Rob outside and leaned over the
railing on the deck. Her big tits hung down over the side. "I like how my
titties feel in the hot sun..." Tori said.

"You like how this feels?" *SPANK* Rob spanked Tori's ass hard while he
fucked her asshole.

"Ohhh yeeah! SPANK ME HARD! SPANK MY ASS!" Tori yelled.

Rob kept spanking her ass while he fucked that tight little asshole.

out in ecstasy. "Pull it out, let finish you off!" Tori said.

Tori turned around and sat Rob down on the edge of the hot tub. Tori put
his cock in between her two big breasts. Tori pushed her big tits together,
engulfing Rob's cock. She slid them up and down until he erupted with cum
onto her big tits. Tori then put her hand around Rob's cock and smacked it
against her tits.

Tori got up and headed down onto the beach still nude, "Where you going?"
Rob asked.

"Clean off," Tori responded.

Rob stood there admiring Tori's great body as she walked down to the water
and splashed around in it.

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