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The Dream Cruise Part 3
by Josh (

The Tori shoot had gone well ... REAL WELL for Rob. Apparently he had
left his camera on and caught some of those raunchy moments with Tori on
tape. A few weeks later as he sat, locked inside his office, watching that
video tape and reliving those glorious moments he spent with Tori, the phone
rang. Rob scrambled to get his composure together and answered the phone...

"Rob speaking ... How may I held you?"

"Hi, you're the guy who did the shoot with Tori?" A woman on the other end

"Yeah, that was me. Why? Who is this?"

"This is Joanie ... Joanie Laurer. I've reconsidered your offer and I
want to do a photo shoot,"

"Fantastic. What made you change your mind?"

"I was working out with Tori in the gym, the other day and well she told
me how great you were on the shoot,"

"That's nice to hear."

"I only want to do the shoot if its me and you, one on one, ok?"

"I'm sure that can be arranged no problem."

"Well then my agent will be in touch, I look forward to working with you."

"I look forward to working you over ... I mean, working with you too,

Rob heard Joanie laugh a bit as she hung up the phone. Rob thought to
himself that a few months ago there would be no way he could handle a woman
like Joanie Laurer but after the experience he had with Tori, he'd come to
appreciate a muscular woman. Joanie's bigger then Tori but he felt he was
ready for the challenge and even if he was getting the wrong signals from
Joanie, it'd be good enough to get to stare at Joanie's mammoth breasts in
person for a few days.

It would be several weeks until the shoot got fully organized and
everything as ready to go. This wasn't going to be a shoot at an exotic
location but at a gym. The company had rented out a whole Gold's Gym in
Southern California to do the shoot. As Joanie had requested, it was to
be just her and Rob in the gym, alone. Joanie arrived in some jeans and
a sweat shirt on. She had her hair died black again.

"Sorry I'm late, I just had to get my make-up finished," Joanie explained.

"That's ok, we've got this place all day."

"What'd you want to start with?"

"I was thinking of some shots of you working out then we'll go down by the
pool and get some swimsuit shots. Sound good?"

"Sounds great, let me go get changed and I'll be back in a few minutes."

A few minutes later, Joanie emerged wearing some little black spandex
shorts and a black spandex sports bra that was struggling to contain her
gigantic jugs.

"You just work out and pretend like I'm not even here," Rob said.

Joanie started doing some dumbell curls. The only muscles Rob was focused
on were her breasts. Each time Joanie curled, she tightened her chest
muscles making her jugs bounce a bit. All Rob could think about was how he'd
just love to slide himself in between those big mounds. Joanie did a few
more various lifts as Rob snapped away. When Joanie started doing squats,
the snapping of the camera stopped as Rob just stared mesmerized by Joanie's
butt. It was so round and muscular, he'd never seen anything like it before.
It looked like he could bounce a dime right off that ass. Joanie noticed the
camera noise stop and turned around to see Rob staring at her ass.

"Hello? Are you there?" she asked as Rob snapped to attention.

"Oh ... I'm sorry, I was just..."

"...staring at my ass!"

"Yeah, I guess I was. It's great ... really great. It looks so round and

"It is. Go ahead ... give it a feel."

"Are you sure?"

"Come on, touch it."

Rob gently placed his hand on Joanie's right bun.

"Oh don't be so shy, give it a squeeze. I don't mind."

Rob gave it a squeeze...

"Damn, that feels so good," Rob commented.

"I can see you like it," Joanie said with a giggle looking down towards
Rob's crotch. Rob looked down and saw that had a raging hard-on going and it
was bulging in his pants.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be, I take it as a compliment."

"Well ... That about wraps it up for these shots. I'll go down to the
pool and get setup, you come down whenever you're ready."

"Whatever you say."

Rob headed down to the pool, still feeling somewhat embarrassed about
pitching a tent infront of Joanie but then he remembered their original phone
call. As nice as that ass felt, maybe he had a chance of tappin' that ass.

Joanie walked out in a tiny red thong bikini. Rob turned his head to see
Joanie and let out, "HOLY SHIT!" without even thinking.

Joanie giggled. "You like?" Joanie asked.

Rob looked over her toned, tanned, muscular body barely covered by a red
bikini ... "Yes I do. It looks great," he said. Rob had Joanie do a few
poses near the pool. "Lookin' good, Joanie, fantastic. These are gonna
turn out great," he commented shooting away. "Here's a pose for you to
make a poster out of," Joanie said. She turned around, took her hair in
her hands, leaned her head over her shoulder and flexed her muscular ass.

"You're torturing me ... You know that, right?" Rob said. Joanie looked
down and saw that he was hard again.

"Yeah I am. We both know what we're doing here and it's more then a photo
shoot. They say you can bounce a dime off my ass, how about you bounce your
cock off it?" Joanie said.

She didn't have to ask Rob twice. He yanked it out and slapped his dick
against Joanie's hard ass. "Shiiiit," he commented. Joanie leaned Rob back
against the wall and began rubbing her butt against his cock. It was only a
matter of seconds before Rob began wildly shooting out cum all over Joanie's

"Come on, let it out..." she said, still grinding her butt against his

"Ohhh Joanie ... yeeah, your ass is so nice, oh shit yeah," Rob moaned.
With him drained of cum, Joanie walked over to the pool, got some water and
washed off her backside. She walked back over to Rob and leaned in real

"Now you're ready ... Tori and I have something else in common besides
lifting weights..." Joanie said.

"What's that?"

"Just like her ... I like it good and HARD,"

"Oh I wanna give it to you so hard, Joanie, just fuck you like you've
never been fucked before."

"Oh I want that, I want you to just pound the fucking hell out of me."

Joanie knelt down, running her hands down Rob's chest until she got to his
shorts. She pulled his shorts all the way down, letting him step out of
them. Rob also pulled off his shirt so he stood there naked at the disposal
of Joanie. Joanie wrapped her lips around his cock, taking it into her
mouth. She got it nice and wet with saliva then pulled it out. Joanie
licked the shaft a few times and rubbed it around with her hand. She tilted
her head lower and took both of his nuts into her mouth. With a mouthful of
balls, Joanie tickled them with her tongue and continued to stroke his rod.
Feeling that Rob was nice and hard, Joanie let go of his cock. "I want you
to fuck my face. Pound that cock deep into my throat ... Yeeah ... that's
how I want it," Joanie moaned.

Rob moved forward a bit and placed his hands on the back of Joanie's head.
He worked his cock into her mouth and began pumping it in and out. Joanie
wrapped her mouth tight around it. "Ohh Joanie ... ohh fuck, ohh yeah take
my cock deep, fuck baby," Rob moaned. Joanie gagged a bit so Rob pulled

"Don't stop ... Keep pounding my face hard, give it to me!" Joanie
demanded. Rob fucked Joanie's face hard for a few more moments until Joanie
was satisfied.

"Get down on your back, I wanna ride that cock," Joanie said. Rob laid
down on his back and Joanie straddled him, lowering herself down onto his
cock. She wiggled around a bit, getting it nice and deep inside of her.
Joanie began bouncing up and down a bit. Her jugs were still being held
inside her red bikini top.

"Let those titties free, Joanie!" Rob shouted and Joanie undid her top,
throwing it to the side. Rob moved his hands up, grabbing Joanie's massive
melons. He needed both hands just to grab onto one breast.

"Hold onto my big jugs cause this is gonna be one hard and bumpy ride,"
Joanie said.

Rob grabbed two handfulls of tits as Joanie began riding him faster and
harder. He tight ass smacking against his thighs. Rob could barely hold
onto those big jugs, they were bouncing around like crazy.

"Unnnhhh fuuuckk yeeah .. Ahhh! Ahh! Ohhhh fuck! YESS! YESS! Yeeeahh!
UNNNHHH GOD! UNNNNHHH FUCK!" Joanie moaned as she rode him hard.

"Fuck Joanie, ride that cock hard ... Ohhh fuuck, yeah, ride that fucking
cock! Ohhh yeeah!" Rob moaned.

Joanie stopped bouncing and began grinding really fast and hard. Rob
shifted his hands from her heaving breasts onto her muscular ass. He dug
into the firm flesh and began thrusting up into Joanie. "Ohhh yeeah that's
it, pound me with that fucking cock! Fuck my pussy! FUCK IT HARD!
Unnhhh ... yeeah ... HARDER! FUCK ME! HARD! Ohhh fuuuck yeeah!" Joanie

Rob pumped as hard as he could but couldn't hold out much longer at this
pace. "Ohh fuck Joanie, ohh shit, I'm gonna cum!" Rob moaned.

"Ohh yeeah baby let me taste that sweet cum!" Joanie said getting off Rob
and moving her head down to his dick. She stroked him off and he shot up
into her mouth, Joanie licked and sucked him dry. "Mmmmmhh that's the best
type of protein," Joanie licked her lips clean.

Joanie crawled onto her knees, sticking her ass out in the air. "Go
ahead, you can do more then just grab it now," she said.

Rob knelt down behind her, taking a moment to just take in that round
muscular butt. He grabbed two big handfulls of her buns and pulled them
apart. He ran his tongue around her asshole. Joanie began moaning softly,
"Oooooohh ... oooohhh ... ahhhhh..." Rob darted his tongue into her hole,
relaxing it. He pulled his face from between her butt, gave it a nice big
kiss and a SMACK.

"Yeah come on, give it to me hard, right in the ass," Joanie said.

Rob slowly penetrated deep into Joanie's asshole, plugging it with his
cock. "Mmmhhh ... mmmhhh.." Rob groaned as he worked himself deeper inside.

"Oooohhh work it in there ... yeeah, get it in there nice and deep .. ohhh
that's it, yeeah," Joanie moaned.

Rob pumped a bit but it her muscular butt just clenched down on him.
"Come here, let me get it wet," Joanie said.

Rob walked around to Joanie's face and she sucked on him, covering his
dick with saliva. Rob went back around and slid it deep into her asshole.
"Yeeah, here we go, that's better," Rob commented. He grabbed her hips and
began pumping a little faster.

"Unnhh fuck ... yeeah, come on ... fuck my ass ... yeeah that's it ...
Ohhh! Ohhh!" Joanie moaned.

Rob pumped a few more times then pulled out and went back around to
Joanie's face, "Get it real wet, Joanie," he said.

Joanie slobbered all over his cock, making it dripping wet with saliva.
Rob went back around and slid it back into her asshole.

"Come on now! POUND MY ASS! FUCK IT HARD! Fuck it real hard!" Joanie

"Yeeah, you want it HARD? Huh?" Rob asked.

"Yeah fucking give it to me hard!" Joanie responded.

Rob started pumping real hard into her ass, his balls smacking against her

"Unnnhhh! UNNHHH GOD! Ohhh fuuck yeeah! HARDER! Ohh fuck my ass! Come
on! HARDER! Ahhhh!" Joanie moaned.

Rob started smacking her butt, alternating between buns. *SMACK* *SMACK*
*SMACK* "Ohh fucking take it Joanie! Fucking take it hard! Yeeah, right
in your fucking ass! Come on! Take it! Ohh fuckk!" Rob moaned. *SMACK*
*SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* He kept samcking his hand off those bound buns.

"OHHH YEEAH HARD LIKE THAT! Smack my ass! Keep smackin' it hard! That's
it! Unnhhh! Unnhhh! Ohhhh yeeah!" Joanie moaned.

Rob was breathing really heavy, but he gritted his teeth and kept pounding
Joanie's asshole. "Unhhh shiit ... Ohh fuck I'm gonna fucking cum again!"
Rob let out.

"Shoot it all over my ass! Let me feel it!" Joanie said.

"Ohhh yeeeah!" Rob let out as he unloaded his cum all over Joanie's tanned
buns! He shook it all out and smacked it against her butt a few times,
making sure the last drop hit her cheeks.

Joanie reached back and rubbed the cum all over her butt. "All done?"
Joanie asked. Looking at Joanie's ass glistening with his cum made that
feeling return, that uncontrollable feeling of complete hornyness.

"Not even close..." he said. Rob got up and rushed over to Joanie's bag
with her clothes in it. He found a black thong bikini, "YES!" he let out.
He rushed back over to Joanie, "Put it on, quick put it on," he said giving
it to her.

"Ok, ok," Joanie said slipping on the thong bottoms and then putting on
the top.

Rob's craziness was turning her on as she had no idea what he was going
for. "Oh shit, look at you, look at you," Rob commented looking over Joanie
packed into the tiny black bikini. He took Joanie's arm and started licking
it all over. "Mmmhh, your arms are so toned.." he comented. He moved to her
jugs and licked the exposed parts, "Mmh your big fucking melons!" Rob moved
down to her stomach, licking it all over, "Ohhh your hard abs, mmhh yeah,"
From there he rubbed past her pussy, rubbing it gently through the thong.
He went down to her thighs and licked them all over, "Your strong, tasty
thighs." Rob turned Joanie around and she leaned forward against the walls.
"Yeeah, there's the money maker, the buns of steel, mmmmh," Rob said as he
grabbed her buns. He didn't want to lick them because he had just cum on
them. "Brace yourself," Rob said and he brought his hand hard across Joanie's


"Ooohhh you like spankin' that ass don't ya, big boy?" Joanie said.


"Yeah! Fucking take that!"


"Ahhh, is that all you got? Come on!"


"Yeah you like that you kinky bitch? Huh?"

"You ain't shit, I spank my own ass harder then that!"

*SPANK* Rob cracked his hand against her butt as hard as he could.

"Yeah! That's good!"

Joanie's ass was beet red by now. Rob just pressed up against Joanie from
behind and rubbed. "I just wanna feel this body forever," he said. He
slowly slipped his hand down and pulled Joanie's thong to the side and shoved
his cock deep up her asshole and held it there. He grabbed both her jugs and
held them. "Ahhhhh," he moaned, never wanting this experience to end.

"We don't have much time left and you haven't even fucked my big tits
yet!" Joanie said.

"You're right, I was just so taken by your butt. I've ignored those giant

Rob undid Joanie's bikini top, letting it fall to the floor. Joanie
leaned Rob back against the wall and knelt down. She squeezed her breasts
together, sandwiching Rob's dick in between. She sucked on the head, each
time she moved her tits down. "Ohh that's good, so good," Rob moaned.

"Yeeah you like the way your cock feels between these big breasts," Joanie

"But I thought you like it hard? This is so gentle," Rob said.

"Ohh I do like it hard."

Rob moved Joanie down onto her back and straddled her chest. Joanie kept
her jugs pressed together and Rob began fucking them fast and hard. "Ohhh
yeah, fuck my tits! Ahh yeeah!" Joanie moaned.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum again!" Rob let out. He pulled out from between her
tits and came all over them.

Joanie rubbed the cum all over her giant breasts. Rob just kinda
collapsedand laid down in complete exhaustion. Joanie just smiled at Rob
then jumped into the pool to clean herself off...

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