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by Wonder Mike (

It was a Monday Night Nitro live from Philadelphia, they were throwing a
Nitro Party at Temple university, hosted by Ricky Rackman.

Tony and Larry cut ti the first promo from Temple and who do they see, a
rotund little man standing in a locker room.

"Yes, it is I. Joel. Your girlfriend has me on her speed dial because
she likes the way I * 69 her Gertner."

He pulled Nitro girl Spice in front of the camera and told her "Remember
the name, you'll be screaming it later."

"Introducing to you at this time, my colleague, my cohort, and my co-
conspirator, the mute behind the mayhem, the quiet behind the riot, and all
the girls say he's pretty fly for a sign guy, this is Sign, guy Dudley."
And Lodi, you'll get yours later.

"We bring to you direct from Dudleyville, just outside of parts unknown
weighing in at a rough, ready and rambunctious 320 pounds, The Dudleyville
chest champion Bubba Ray Dudley.

"His partner, his brother from another mother weighing in at a slim,
trim, buff, cut, ripped, chiseled and JAAACCKKKED, two hundred and, I stand
corrected. One hundred and eighty-five pounds the Dudleyville super
lightweight cruiserweight champion, Devon Dudley."

"They are joined by the man from the twisted steel section of
Dudleyville, 19 and three quarters of the largest penis in the world,
attached to the man who last night took such liberties with Tony's mother
that he is now recognized in 17 states as his mother, Big Dick Dudley."

Tony screamed for the production crew to cut the feed, but in the truck
was Mr. Mustafa. He was now running Nitro.

Joel pulled out A C Jazz and stood her next to Spice. He told her you
two are in for the luckiest night of your life.

He grabbed A C by her long blonde hair and forced her to her knees,
Spice jumped up and tried to intervene, Bubba Ray picked her up with one
hand over his head. Joel told her be patient you'll get your turn.

Joel ripped the shorts off of A C he then slipped a finger inside of
her, he ordered her to spread her legs.

A C bowed her legs and Joel slipped another finger inside of her. He
then laid on his back and told her "While Mark McGuire wouldn't be happy
with anything less than 70, I am happy to be stuck at 69." He order A C to
sit on his face. He then pulled off her tank top.

Joel unzipped his pants and his 12 inch cock popped out he ordered her
to suck it, then he apologized to Tony and Larry, I forgot this isn't Raw.

A C put her lips around his cock, Joel grabbed her by her hair and
pulled her head down until she made his entire cock disappear. He then
started thrusting his hips, fucking her face.

Spice was in tears, Bubba Ray ripped of her shirt, she spit at him,
Devon pulled her shorts down and jammed three fingers into her tight cunt.
She fell to the ground.

Joel called Sign Guy over to join him. He held up a sign that said
"Thanks." He pulled out his cock and shoved it in A C's face. Joel let her
hair go so she could suck off Sign guy.

Sign Guy put his hand behind her head and shoved his cock down her
throat. He held her still while he fucked her face.

Bubba Ray joined Devon at Spice's cunt, he added three of his own
fingers to her pussy. Spice brought her knees up to her chest, so they
could get their six fingers even deeper. They knew she was having the time
of her life, so the each added another finger.

A C was cumming all over Joel's face, she was in his complete control,
he order her to sit on his cock.

It didn't take long for A C to comply she slid down his body and jumped
on his huge cock. She immediately started jumping up and down on it, She
was screaming "Yes Joel" just like he said she would.

Bubba Ray slid his thumb into Spice so he had his entire fist inside of
her. Spice grabbed his wrist and started pumping his arm into her cunt.
Devon then added his thumb to her pussy. Spice used her free hand to grab
his wrist, she was pumping her legs up trying to get the two fist in even

Joel told sign guy to join the party. He climbed on A C, s back and
shoved his cock into her ass. A C screamed as sign guy began pumping into
her harder and harder. Joel was pumping his fat ass up into her pussy.

Big Dick pulled out the monster in his pants, he stood over Spice and
shoved his cock into her screaming mouth, he pinched her cheeks until she
stopped screaming and sucked his giant member, she did so happily.

Joel and sign guy pumped into A C even harder, she had her arms wrapped
around Joel holding on for dear life, then Joel and sign guy rolled over so
A C was on top of sign guy, with his cock in her ass and Joel on top of her
pumping into her cunt.

Bubba Ray and Devon pulled their hands out of Spice's cunt, she screamed
"NO" they told her not to worry they weren't done with her yet. They each
pulled out their 10 inches and told her to suck them. Bubba shoved his cock
into her mouth, she sucked like a pro, Devon shoved her cock into her mouth
also, she easily took them both, she had a giant mouth.

Bubba Ray and Devon each had a handful of her short red hair, they both
began pumping their cocks down her throat.

A C Jazz was slamming her ass up and down on sign guy's cock, he grabbed
a sign begging for help. She grabbed a hold of Joel using him to pull
herself up and lower herself down.

Big Dick bent Spice over and rammed his 19 inches into her pussy, the
force of his member knocked her forward forcing her to deep throat both
Devon and Bubba Ray.

Spice started rocking back onto Big Dick until she took his entire
member, she wanted more. Big Dick picked her up and rocked back until he
was laying flat with her on top of him. Spice planted her feet and started
jumping up and down on his cock.

Devon pushed her down so she was laying flat, he laid sideways across
her face and shoved his cock down her willing mouth. He pumped his cock all
the way down her throat and pulled it all the way out.

Bubba Ray laid on top of her he pulled her knees up to her chest, and
then her shoved his cock into her cunt along side of Big Dick.

Mr. Mustafa turned on the announcer camera, it showed Whisper on her
knees in front of Tony and Larry, she was stroking off Tony and had Larry's
cock buried down her throat. He zoomed in on a close up as Larry shot his
load down her throat, Tony soon shot his load in her hair. He was sad
because he knew Nitro would finally beat out Raw in the ratings.

Joel "Sweet dreams are made of these Gertner" pulled out of A C Jazz, He
shoved his cock into her mouth and told her "It's hotter than tobasco sauce
but loads easier to swallow," and he shot his load down her throat.

Spice was laying limp, she was fighting to stay conscious as she had 12
inches of cock down her throat, and her cunt was stretched to the max by 31
inches of man meat. Devon shoved his cock all the way down her throat,
pulled her head up by the hair and shot his load down her throat, he held
her up until she swallowed it all.

A C jumped of off sign guy, she shoved his cock down her throat and
sucked until he held up a sign that said "I'm cumming" he then shot down
her throat.

Bubba Ray pulled out of Spice next, she held her mouth open, Bubba held
his cock 6 inches from her face and shot his load with perfect aim down her
throat, Spice stuck out her tongue and caught it all.

Big Dick Pulled his cock out of Spice and lifted her up in the air, he
then pointed his 19 inches at her ass and let her drop. His cock was
impaling her ass, Spice screamed at the top of her lungs.

Mustafa cut back to the Nitro set, Chae was on the desk in front of the
announcers, she had three fingers in her ass, and she was ramming a water
bottle into her pussy. She had her legs straight up in the air. Larry
reached over and shoved two fingers into her pussy while Chae worked the

Tony grabbed the bottle from Chae. He used both hands to shove the
bottle in and out of her as hard as he could, Chae had a screaming orgasm.

Spice was still screaming as Big Dick started thrusting up into her ass,
Bubba ray was holding her up in the air so Big Dick could thrust even

Her ass was so tight that Big Dick couldn't hold out long, he shot his
load into her ass hole, Tygress came bursting into the room and shoved her
tongue into Spice's ass, she sucked the cum out of it, she then ran over to
A C and shoved her tongue down her throat, she then licked her lips clean.

Tygress, looked at Joel and he started shaking like a girl, she grabbed
his cock and her ran screaming from the room, he was quickly followed by
the Dudley's. Mr. Mustafa said "We now return you to your regularly
scheduled programing."


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