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The Exclusive Elijah Experience
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a late February 2007 edition of ECW on Sci-Fi, the sultry
Extreme Correspondent Rebecca DiPietro, dressed in a short black skirt and
a slightly revealing tight-fitting black top, stands in front of the ECW
interview set with her guest the impressively athletic Extremist, Elijah
Burke of the New Breed. Rebecca presses her soft, pouty lips together as
she raises the microphone up to her mouth "I'd like to introduce my
guest at the is time...Elijah Burke..." Rebecca says in a soft, alluring
tone before she turns a bit to face Elijah Burke "Elijah...I'd like to
get thoughts of the intense, epic battle between the New Breed and ECW
Originals..." Rebecca says in a sultry, but professional tone as she locks
her alluring eyes with Elijah and turns the microphone towards Elijah Burke
for his response.

Elijah Burke gets a self-satisfied smirk on his face. Dressed in black
warm-up pants, a black warm-up jacket, and a red skull cap, Elijah first
looks into the camera and then at the sultry Extreme Correspondent,
"Thoughts? There is no thoughts... there are facts... this epic...
titanic struggle between the New Breed of ECW... featuring myself, the
future of ECW Elijah Burke... and those broken down, third-rate, never
has been ECW Originals... the fact of the matter is this...when it's
all said in down... the New Breed shall stand tall..." Elijah says with
a very cocky tone in his voice.

Rebecca raises an eyebrow and slightly smiles as she glances at Elijah Burke
"Do you believe that the New Breed will over come the odds and defeat the
Originals?" Rebecca asks as she casually lowers her eyes and glances at the
bulging crotch of Elijah's black warm-up pants.

Elijah Burke smirks, "Rebecca... If Elijah said it... then it shall be..."
Elijah answers as he appears overly confident in the out come of war between
the New Breed and the ECW Originals.

Rebecca presses her soft, sultry lips together " would be safe to
say, from your view point that the Originals will receive the full Elijah
Experience?" Rebecca asks with a soft, sly smirk.

Elijah smirks once again, "It's more than safe to say... it's a guarantee...
because the Elijah Experience... is an Experience like none other... and
each one of them from that drunk wannabe The Sandman to that guy with no
balls Mahoney... they'll either get knocked out or they'll tap out."

Rebecca slyly raises an eyebrow and glances into the camera seductively
"Joey, Tazz...back to you guys..." Rebecca says in a soft, seductive voice
before the camera turns off and the sultry Extreme Correspondent turns to
face Elijah Burke once again "So...the Elijah Experience...can anyone have
an Experience?" Rebecca asks as she seductively bites down on her bottom lip
as she glances down at the bulging crotch of Elijah's black warm-up pants
once again.

Elijah Burke puts his hands on his waist, "Anyone that truly wants to have
an Experience like no other... can get it... either in the ring... or in
someplace else..." Elijah says and then licks his lips a bit when he sees
Rebecca glancing down at his crotch, "All they got to do... is be ready to
receive the full Elijah Experience."

Rebecca raises an eyebrow and presses her lips together as she slowly nods
her head "Mmmm...I think I'm ready now..." Rebecca says in a soft, sultry
voice as she gently places her hands against the crotch of Elijah's black
warm-up pants.

Elijah licks his lips as he feels Rebecca hands gently massaging his crotch
through the material of his black warm-up pants. "We'll see about that..."
Elijah says as he unzips his black warm-up jacket to take it off to reveal
his black, muscular and smooth body to the Extreme Correspondent.

Rebecca gently grits her teeth together as she locks her sultry eyes on the
smooth, muscular black upper body of Elijah Burke "Mmm...very nice..."
Rebecca says softly before the sultry, alluring Extreme Correspondent sinks
down on her knees in front of Elijah Burke as he stands near the ECW
interviewing set. Rebecca continues to gently move her hands against the
crotch of Elijah's black warm-up pants before she reaches up to his waist
and begins to teasingly pull down his warm-up pants slowly.

Elijah Burke smirks down at Rebecca as she slowly lowers his black warm-up
pants, revealing his black wrestling shorts. Elijah starts to lower down his
wrestling shorts as Rebecca continues pull down his pants. "Get ready... the
Elijah Experience is about to be revealed..." Elijah says as his large, black
fourteen inch new breed cock becomes unleashed.

Rebecca slowly licks her eyes as she sultry eyes lighten up instantly at the
sight of Elijah's large black fourteen inch cock "Mmmm...very nice Elijah..."
Rebecca says slyly as she allows Elijah's black warm-up pants to drop to his
feet before she wraps her soft, sultry hands around Elijah's black cock and
she begins to gently stroke her hands against his meaty black shaft.

Elijah steps out of his warm-up pants and wrestling shorts so that his entire
hot black muscular body is exposed. "Mmmm... this is where the Experience
begins..." Elijah says as Rebecca moves her hands back and forth along the
length of his long, thick black fourteen inch cock that becomes harder with
every passing moment. Rebecca glances up and locks her sultry, alluring eyes
with Elijah Burke before she leans her head down to the head of his thick,
hard black cock and gently places her sultry tongue against the tip and
begins to slowly circle her tongue around the head of his black cock, coating
her saliva around the tip. Rebecca gently taps her tongue against the
piss-slit before she opens her hot, sultry mouth and lowers her head almost
instantly on Elijah's black cock and presses her soft lips around his shaft
as she starts to smoothly and eagerly bob her head.

"Mmmmmm yeah... that's it..." Elijah moans and licks his lips as Rebecca
bobs her head back and forth on his thick, hard black Extremist cock. Elijah
places a hand on Rebecca's head and pushes her brown hair back to that he can
watch Rebecca's sultry lips move against his cock as she sucks him off.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Rebecca moans gently against Elijah's black shaft as she
locks her sultry eyes with Elijah while she smoothly bobs her head along his
black shaft. Rebecca gently presses her lips tighter as her soft lips rub
back and forth against the skin of Elijah's black cock, while her hot and
sultry saliva drips against his shaft.

"Ahhhh ohhhh yea...suck that dick... mmmmm" Elijah moans as he grabs a
handful of Rebecca's brown hair as he begins thrusting his cock in and out of
her mouth. The talented wrestler who was declared to be the future of ECW
starts fucking Rebecca's mouth, pushing his cock deeper into her hot, wet

"Mmmm...mmm...ohhh..." Rebecca moans against Elijah's black, thrusting cock
as his cock thrusts deeper into her hot, wet mouth. Rebecca gently twirls her
tongue against Elijah's shaft as her saliva drips on his shaft, while she
quickly bobs her head along his black shaft.

Elijah Burke gets a smug look on his face as he moans, "Mmmmm ohhhh yea..."
Elijah moans as he feels the head of his cock smack against the back of
Rebecca's throat as Rebecca sucks on it as hard as she can. Elijah soon jerks
his meaty black fourteen inch cock out of her sultry mouth, "The Experience
has just begun..." Elijah says as he kneels down suddenly in front of
Rebecca and forces her to turn around. He then pushes her forward so that now
she's on all fours, which allows Elijah to pull down her short black skirt
from her sexy, slender hips.

Rebecca presses her lips together as she seductively glances over her
shoulder at Elijah Burke as he removes her black skirt from her hot, smoothly
rounded bare ass, exposing her hot pussy as well. Rebecca slyly smirks
"Mmm...I'm so ready for the full Elijah Experience..."

"You're going to get it..." Elijah smirks as he grips his rock hard cock with
his right hand and slams it deep into Rebecca's hot, extreme pussy which
causes her body to jolt forward. The hot black studdly New Breed member grabs
hold of Rebecca's hips with his left hand and begins thrusting his entire
fourteen inch cock in and out of her pussy with swift, sharp, movements.

Rebecca grits her teeth as she looks forward as her hot, sultry body rocks
back and forth with a smooth, quick momentum as Elijah Burke firmly slams his
black cock in and out of her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh...mmmm...ohhh fuck..."
Rebecca moans seductively as she easily guides her sultry body back against
Elijah's hard, thrusting black cock while hot, rounded ass slams back gently
against Elijah's smooth, muscular black waist.

Elijah Burke licks his lips as he rams his large, meaty black cock in and out
of Rebecca's tight, extreme pussy, "Take it... take the full experience!"
Elijah grunts as he reaches forward with his right hand to grab Rebecca by
her hair, and he jerks her head backward as he slams his cock harder and
faster into her tight pussy.

Rebecca closes her eyes as her head is jerked back by Elijah Burke as he
quickly slams his hard, thick black cock deeply into Rebecca's hot tight
pussy "Mmmm...ohhhh...ohhh yeah..." Rebecca moans before she presses her
lips together and closes her eyes as her hot, sultry body slams back against
Elijah's cock as the hot, sultry Extreme Correspondent begins to lightly

Elijah Burke grits his teeth as drops of sweat begin rolling down his smooth,
muscular black body, "Ahhhh... mmmmm yeah...told you... there's nothing
like the Elijah Experience..." Elijah grunts as he lets go of Rebecca's hair
as he continues to drive his cock in and out of the hot Vixen's cunt. Elijah
wraps his arms around Rebecca's body and stands up with his cock still in her
pussy, and then he pulls out of her pussy in order to extremely drive his
fourteen inch black cock into her tight asshole.

Rebecca grits her teeth as she tilts her head back and feels the thick, hard
black cock of Elijah Burke suddenly drive into her hot, tight asshole at an
extremely hard rate. "Mmmm...ohhh fuck yeah...fuck my ass..." The sultry
Extreme Correspondent moans as she remains standing but bent over as Elijah
fucks her hot ass.

Elijah keeps his right arm wrapped around Rebecca's sexy waist and he reaches
towards her pussy with his right hand, "Mmmmm yeah... fucking experience of
the new breed!" Elijah grunts as he fucks her ass with his large hard cock as
he then stuff three fingers into her hot tight pussy.

"Ohhhh...mmmm...ohhh fuck" Rebecca moans as sweat drips off of her hot,
sultry body as she grinds her hot, wet pussy against Elijah Burke's fingers.
Rebecca bites down on her bottom lip as she firmly slams her hot, rounded ass
back against Elijah's smooth, muscular black waist forcing his black cock
deeper into her tight asshole

The hot, studdly, black New Breed Extremist keeps slamming his entire black
cock in and out of Rebecca's tight asshole as she slams back against his
waist as he keeps pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy. "Mmmmmm ahhhh
yeah... As Elijah said it... shall it be true!" Elijah groans as begins to
cum deep inside of Rebecca's hot, sexy ass.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Rebecca shouts in a sultry groans as she feels Elijah's warm
cum spray deep into her hot ass as Elijah continues to thrusts his fingers
in and out of Rebecca's hot pussy "Mmm...ohhh yeah...that's it..." Rebecca
groans as she closes her eyes and begins to cum on Elijah's fingers.

"Ahhhhh yea..." Elijah Burke grunts as he removes his fingers from Rebecca's
hot wet pussy before he removes his cum-spent cock from her hot cum filled
ass. "Ahhh... like I told you... the Elijah Experience... is an experience
like none other..."

Rebecca presses her lips together and glances back at Elijah with a sly,
sultry smirk on her sweat-dripping, alluring face " were right...
the Elijah Experience is truly one Extreme Exclusive..."


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