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This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under
age or easily offended. Stop reading.

by Wonder Mike (

Justin Credible stormed into the CEO's office, he hadn't been paid in
three weeks. He was the extreme championship wrestling heavy weight champion,
he deserved better. He told Heyman there would be no more blow jobs until he
got paid, Heyman didn't care, there where plenty of other wrestlers to
service him, Rhino was especially good.

Paul Heyman had been promising to pay his wrestlers after the big pay per
view in Los Angeles, but thing went horribly wrong.

Pornographer Rob Black CEO of the rival XPW had crashed the event, Heyman
in a fit of rage sent his wrestlers to attack.

That was Black's plan from the beginning, he had his wrestlers lay down
as Heyman's group attacked. Heyman got the call from Black's lawyers the next

Black filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit against Heyman, Heyman was
already broke, he would have to file for bankruptcy, but his wrestling career
would be over, also no more sex. He could get himself thrown into jail, but
that would be a last resort.

Heyman threw himself at the feet of Black, he offered to blow him, Black
just laughed, he didn't need Heyman, but maybe later, Black had other ideas.

Black's movie career wasn't going that good, he made a big name for
himself a couple of years ago, but the censors cut up his movies in the US,
he put out tamer movies but they didn't sell, he brought legendary porn stars
out of retirement but that cost was killing him, the lawsuit against ECW
would finance his porn and wrestling forever.

Heyman told him he couldn't get blood out of a turnip, Black told him to
turn ECW over to him and he would drop the lawsuit. Heyman had no choice but
to comply.

Black looked over his new roster, it wasn't as impressive as it used to
be, ECW had lost it's network and a lot of it's base fans since they went
network. Black knew he couldn't make money with them.

Black still had his first career to fall back on, he called Dawn Marie
and Francine into his office. He told them they had a new career. They had
personal service contracts and they had to do whatever Black said.

He told them they where going to work in his movies, Dawn screamed "I'm
going to be a star." Francine told her to shut up, she had seen some of
Black's movies, she had gone to the set with Tommy Dreamer and the Dudley
Boys when they appeared with Black. Francine told him she wouldn't do it.

Black held up her contract and told her he would sue her for everything
she's worth and she would wind up making his movies for nothing if she caused
trouble, Dawn Marie was raring to go.

Francine told her what kind of movies Black made, Jasmine St. Claire was
summoned into the office, Black showed the girls "A day in the life of
Jasmine St Claire," he told them that was tame compared to what they where
going to do.

Black called in two camera men, he told the girls they where going to
start shooting right now, he ordered Fancine to bend over his desk, he hiked
up her short skirt.

Francine looked back over her shoulders, Black slapped her on her narrow
ass, her huge tits spilled out of her tank top.

Black stood behind her and stuck a finger up her ass, he wiggled it
around, he could tell she had been fucked up the ass on many occasions. He
worked his finger in and out.

Black ordered Dawn Marie next to her, Dawn took off her dress and leaned
over next to Francine, Black stuck two fingers into her ass.

Dawn squealed as he worked his fingers in and out, she started to shake
her ass from side to side, he stuffed three fingers into Francine's ass.

Francine grunted as Black spread his fingers apart inside her ass, there
was still plenty of room, one camera man zoomed in on her face, the other
one onto her ass. Francine began to involuntary shake her ass.

Black worked a third finger into Dawn Marie, she was tighter than Fancine,
but he worked it in. He shoved his fingers in all the way past the knuckle,
Dawn Marie was rocking back on his fingers, this was going to be a great

Black yanked his fingers out of the two valets, he was ready for the next
scene, he told Dawn to lay on the desk, he ordered Francine to make her cum
or she wouldn't get paid.

Dawn Marie spread her legs, Francine began to rub her face in Dawn's cunt,
the two girls really didn't like each other and Francine didn't want to eat
her out but she couldn't breach her contract.

Francine took a lick of Dawn's cunt, it didn't taste bad, she took another
lick, Dawn started to moan, Francine began to lick harder, she liked being
in control of that Dawn Marie bitch and that is B-I-T-C-H.

Dawn grabbed Francine by the hair, she began to grind her cunt into
Francine's face, she ordered the bitch to eat her, Francine stuffed her
tongue as far as she could into her.

Dawn Marie was biting her lips trying not to scream, Francine wanted to
hear it, she slid two fingers into her cunt, Dawn howled, Francine began to
work them slowly in and out.

Dawn Marie had lifted herself off the desk, she was humping Francine's
tongue and fingers, Francine rammed two more fingers into her cunt.

Dawn fell flat to the desk, Francine grabbed her by the ankles and threw
them over her head, she worked her thumb into Dawn's formally tight cunt.

Black thought to himself, I am going to have to edit this out in the US
version, those damn European's are so lucky, at least I can add this to my
private collection.

Francine's wrist was now buried into Dawn's cunt, she was twisting and
turning it, Dawn Marie reached between her legs and grabbed Francine by the
arm, she was fucking herself with Francine's arm.

Dawn was cumming all over Francine's arm and she couldn't stop, Francine
was lapping up the cum that was spilling out of her cunt, she then slid her
arm out of her and licked it clean. Francine looked into the camera and said
"Now that was Just incredible."

Rob Black was calling for the next scene, he called in Jimmy, the homeless
guy, the Messiah and Supreme. He thanked them for making this all possible,
he pointed to Francine and told them she was their reward.

Jimmy, Supreme, and The Messiah had taken a beating for XPW, and now
they where being paid, Jimmy laid on the desk and whipped out his eight inch
cock, he ordered Francine to ride him.

Francine climbed on top of Jimmy and lowered herself on his cock, she
went down slowly until it completely disappeared inside of her. Jimmy told
her this was his favorite position because he was too sore to do any work.

Francine wanted to get this over with quickly, she thought Jimmy was
hideous, and Supreme was a fat slob, she thought The Messiah was pretty cute
though, she didn't mind showing him why she was the "Queen of Extreme."

Francine began to slam her cunt up and down on Jimmy, he started to moan,
Francine was trying to drive him through the table, something Jimmy was very
familiar with.

Jimmy held on for dear life as Francine bounced wildly up and down, The
Messiah pulled out his ten inch cock and started to poke her in the face
until Francine opened her mouth.

The Messiah jammed the whole thing down her throat, Francine took it
easily, that's why she is the Queen. The Messiah grabbed her by the throat
and started to jerk her head up and down on his cock.

The Messiah forced her to deep throat him with every stroke, he held his
cock deep down her throat until she began to gag, then he pulled out.

Dawn Marie was screaming "Choke the bitch." The Messiah shoved his cock
deep down her throat again. Supreme grabbed Dawn Marie by the hair and forced
her to her knees, he took her hand and shoved it down his tights.

Dawn Marie couldn't believe what she was feeling she pulled out a fourteen
inch cock, it was thicker than her arm, she had to suck it.

Dawn Marie opened her mouth wide but she couldn't get her mouth around his
cock, she had to use both hands to jerk it as he licked it up and down.

The Messiah pulled his cock out of Francine's mouth, he climbed on top of
her from behind, he worked his cock into her cunt along with Jimmy.

Francine screamed as she was penetrated by the homeless one and the self
proclaimed Son of God. They began to thrust in unison into her cunt.

The two cocks slid easily in and out of Francine, she slowly began to
bounce up and down on the two of them, she wrapped her arms around Jimmy and
held on for dear life. They began to fuck her in earnest.

The three hundred pound King of the death match Supreme bent Dawn Marie
over, she grabbed her ankles Supreme rammed his 14 inches into her to the
hilt, the force of his thrust lifted her off the ground.

There was so much cum still in Dawn's cunt, Supreme's cock slid in easily,
he began to pump in and out, each thrust knocked her forward, Supreme had to
grab her by the hair and pull her back.

It didn't take long for Dawn to began rocking back on him. Supreme used
her hair as a reign to slam her back and forth on his cock.

The Messiah and Jimmy were going to fuck Francine into unconsciousness
they where ramming their cocks like pistons into her cunt, Francine had
already had four orgasms, and she was having more.

Francine was still riding the two cocks, she was not going to let them
defeat her, she started slamming her cunt up and down harder.

Jimmy and the Messiah where going to cum, they weren't porn stars and
didn't have the stamina, plus having two cocks inside of Francine made it a
little tight, but not much.

The two yanked their cock out of Francine, she rolled to the ground too
weak to stand, Jimmy laid his cock on her tongue and began to jerk it. He
deposited a load directly into her mouth, she gulped it down in one swallow,
she was a real pro.

The Messiah jammed his cock all the way down her throat, he began to
shoot his load directly into her mouth, Francine began to swallow, but he
kept cumming and cumming.

The cum started to pour out of her mouth, she tried to pull away but The
Messiah held her by the throat. He held her so she couldn't swallow, he
completely filled her mouth with his cum.

The Messiah pulled his cock out of her mouth while still holding her
throat. He held her until the camera man zoomed in for a close-up of the cum
spilling from her lips, then he let her swallow.

Supreme rammed his giant cock into Dawn Marie like a jack hammer, she
fell face first to the floor screaming. He told her she would become a huge
star, she couldn't reply.

Supreme lifted her into the air and began to walk around the room with
her, both camera men followed, he slammed her up and down on his cock. She
went completely limp.

Supreme dropped her to the floor, he ordered Francine to come over and
hold Dawn's mouth open. Supreme stood over the fallen Dawn Marie and jerked
his cock.

He had perfect aim and deposited his load directly into her mouth from
five feet away, he filled up her mouth completely with his seed.

Francine propped her head up so she wouldn't drown, she then stuck her
tongue into her mouth and sucked out the cum. Rob Black knew he had two new

The End

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