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The Farm Part 1: Beating Nidia
by DVDynamo (

"...I'm telling you, the guy has a magic cock in those slacks of his. I can't
BELIEVE you haven't screwed him yet. First night in he was in my dressing
room, practically choked me, he fucked my face so hard..."

Nidia shifted in her seat uncomfortably, trying in vain to alleviate the
spreading throbbing of her hungry pussy. The seatbelt kept slipping to and
fro across her massive breasts, tweaking her hardened nipples, causing
barely-repressible gasp at the slightest contact. She sorely regretted the
decisions of that day. She looked over at Lita, driving, oblivious, still
talking about riding Vince MacMahon's dick. Nidia had, in truth, sucked on
the owner's tackle more times than she could count, but had wrongly hoped
that keeping her mouth shut would end the dirty talk. She and her friend had
been on the road for four hours now, chasing their travelling company across
the Southern states after a flying visit to see the slowly-recuperating Matt
Hardy in North Carolina; Nidia had foolishly agreed to accompany his fiancee,
reasoning that, since the bookers had failed to place her on the house show
cards for the next three weeks, she may as well get some variety in the
landscape whizzing by. Of course, she forgot one thing: With no wrestlers
along for the ride, that meant no sex. No Christian, no Edge, no Batista, no
Orton, no Kane, no Snitsky, no Flair, no-one to make her scream like the slut
she was. She'd managed to blow Matt whilst Lita had showered at their pad,
but that wasn't enough to satisfy her.

God her pussy ached. She let her eyes wander over her pal next to her,
imagined forcing herself upon her, smothering her with her drooling cunt.
She'd slept with women before, mostly prostitutes, certainly no-one as hot
as Lita. She was pretty sure she could take her, gag her before she could
scream. She pictured the redhead's face as she was anally raped by a
clenched fist, felt her groin start to twitch....

God no. Had to put it out of her head. She HAD to stop this discussion,
but damn, Lita sure was easy. The girl had been talking for fifty minutes
straight on the topic of co-workers she'd pleasured, and her appetite
obviously knew no prejudice but one: In her time with the WWE, it seemed,
she had hoped from guy to guy, old, young, fat, thin, ugly, attractive, but
an innocent enquiry from Nidia about Trish's tits had brought a vitriolic
rant against "fucking dykes" and their lowly place in the world. Lita was
definitely NOT into the girl thing. What a damn shame.

"Lawler's the same. I once hid under the table for Raw and took turns sucking
he and Jim off and I think I passed out once. You ever pass out?" Lita turned
to her travel companion. Nidia jerked out of her idle fantasising, smiling
vacantly; she had her way of escape.

"Okay, new topic for ya honey: What's your weirdest fetish? What is really,
really gross and out there that get your motor running?" Nidia smiled
inwardly at her own deviousness; despite her horniness she was pretty much a
straightforward kinda gal, but she was to bet that Lit packed more unusual
tastes. She'd heard whispers of Jeff Hardy pissing in her mouth at a
nightclub a couple of years previously. Whatever it was, it was sure to put
a dampener on the tidal wave threatening to flood out of her box. "Well?
Don't hold back!"

Lita squirmed awkwardly in the driver's seat, checking herself in the mirror
before shooting Nidia a nervous glance. "Okay, here we go. You promise not
to tell anyone? This is like something I've only told to those closest to

Nidia rolled her eyes and grinned. "C'mon sweetie, you know my lips are
sealed. Spill it!"

Lita sighed. "Okay, two years ago, after a show in New York....I was
attacked. Raped, really. It was five or six guys from the company-don't,
before you ask, I'm not naming names here-and they beat me up pretty bad
and pretty much tortured me for a night. I'm talking real brutal here-I
couldn't walk for a few days, they fucked me that rough, and my voice
took even longer to come back.'s funny, I loved every

She paused, let the revelation hang in air. Nidia bit her lip, pushing back
an orgasm. The plan was failing spectacularly. Lita went on.

"I was screaming on the outside, ya know? Begging them to stop, and yet in my
head I was the happiest I'd ever been, I felt like what I am, like a dirty
little fuck object. So-and Lord, you must never repeat this-ever since then,
I can't cum without being beaten. I only ever orgasm with Matt, I don't feel
right telling the guys in the locker room. Matt's really good about it-he's
learnt over the years how to punch someone without leaving marks, and that
comes in handy."

Silence enveloped the car. Nidia was quivering, electric, charged with
energy. She glanced at the clock on the dash even as a sign caught her eye:
MOTEL, 1/2 MILE. It was 10pm. She affected a big, fake yawn, dispelled the
uneasiness with a wave of the hand.

"We should stop up here, get some sleep. We can catch up tomorrow, no

Lita smiled apologetically, tucking her hair behind her ears, suddenly so
cute in her insecurities. "You're not mad or freaked out, are you?"

"Whatever floats you boat, darlin'." Nidia returned the smile, extended a
reassuring pat on the arm. "I just GOTTA get some rest."

* * *

Half-past ten. Booking in to the dingy flea-pit of a motel took less than
five minutes; the overweight teenager behind the desk leered when he handed
them their keys, his gaze crawling over their tops. Nidia didn't mind; Hell,
if things didn't go to plan tonight she'd happily swallow his load for a

She cupped her ear to the pressboard wall, satisfying her worries by
confirming the soft sound of Lita snoring. Time to go to work. The
nasty-looking room was furnished with one small luxury: A full-length
mirror stood against the far wall, and Nidia admired herself in it now.
She's crammed herself into a dirty white, low-cut cotton top, braless
of course; it clung to her EE cups sweatily, her fat, swollen nips
evident through the fabric. For her snug little butt she'd opted for
a classic pair of her Daisy Duke cut-offs, shrunk to fit the pert,
firm globes of her Latino ass. Her legs were, by popular consensus,
not her best feature, but she'd spruced them up with a set of knee-high
suede boots. And her face...her task didn't require subtlety, or even
good looks, but even the gamest hooker would have to admit she'd gone
into overkill. Voracious blue eyeshade arced over her brow like a
butterfly, crowning brightly rouged cheeks and full, pouting ruby-red
lips. She'd frizzed-up her hair to its natural state' it framed her
whorish features like a golden mane. She looked every inch the
streetwalker, and when that came coupled with the attitude she had
ready....chances were she would get what she wanted. After a few
seconds to compose herself she slipped out, letting the door click
quietly shut. The motel forecourt was deserted, but not silent; that
was taken care of by an outside source. Nidia followed the noise with
her eyes, pulse quickening; across the road stood a bar, jukebox
blaring like a foghorn, its neon sign a beacon of violent, enticing

* * *

"Oh my God, this place is disgusting." She snapped her gum obnoxiously as
the bar door swung to behind her, tapping her nails on her folded arms and
surveying the room with a practiced look of disdain. Even as all heads
swivelled to face her she made mental notes of the clientele; there was
seven in total, not counting the chubby guy behind the bar. Two or three
were kinda cute-looking, young country bucks with thick blonde hair and
trimmed beards; the rest sported pot bellies, balding heads or worse, all
blackened teeth and whiskery cheeks. She wrinkled her nose a little, spoke
loudly again.

"Ugh, and I though this would be worth a visit." She crossed the bar, weaving
between tables and barstools, leaving two pool players open-mouthed at her
bulging chest. "Oh well...guess I might as well have one." She plunked
herself down at the bar, clicked her fingers impatiently at the middle-aged
bartender. "Bring me a vodka tonic."

Someone had appeared next to her, amazingly quiet in his approach. She shot
him a withering glance, taking in his tatty shirt and paunchy stomach. One
of the better-looking no-hopers, but still hovering around the ugly mark. He
grinned at her, showing yellow molars.

"Hi, name's Bo. Ted, I'll pay for this one."

"I don't need your charity, redneck. Trust me, it'd take more than drink to
get you in my panties." The vodka tonic skidded to a halt in front of her as
one of the pool-players guffawed at their slighted friend.

"Shut up, Frank." Bo intoned, his voice ominously low. Frank did not stop

Nidia took a timid sip of her mixer, fully aware that Bo was turning beet
red next to her. This was going better than she could've imagined. She sighed
heavily. "Are you going to stand there ogling me, or are you gonna piss off
and leave me to my drink?"

Silence. No movement next to her. The entire establishment had descended into
silence, the patrons watching this little saga unfold. Nidia huffed a little,
pouting like a petulant schoolgirl, not daring to look up. The figure to her
left stood, stock still.

"Fine. Fuck you hicks, I'm going." She moved deceptively quickly, sliding off
of her stool and darting towards the door. She had just pulled it open when a
heavy hand slammed it shut; a bear of a man stepped into her path, smirking,
his Mexican moustache drooping down either side of his mouth. "Just a minute
there, missy--"

"Fuck you, you inbred loser. Go screw your sister." She made to move around
the mountain of flesh before her, squeezing her diminutive frame around his
flabby gut.

She had barely taken two steps when she was roughly seized by the arm;
another vicious tongue-lashing leapt to her lips, but a full-force fist to
the face sent her sprawling to the floor. Stars danced in her vision, her
prominent nose filling with blood; her monstrously obese tormentor stood
over her, and she felt her groin begin to thrum incessantly. The night had

"Good shot, Jerry. Now bring that little bitch over here." Bo moved over to
the pool table; Nidia scurried backward as two of the better-looking drinkers
bolted for the door, eager to avoid whatever nastiness was about to take
place. She made it a few feet, but Jerry swung a steel-toed boot harshly
into her midsection; she squealed in agony as, she was certain, the sickening
sound of breaking ribs filled the air. Suddenly, things weren't so fun. She
felt herself sucking air, struggling to breathe; strong arms hoisted her
bodily from the floor, squeezing her sadistically, causing her to yelp with

"You shut up or we'll break that pretty little face of yours some more." That
was Bo, she thought; she watched the room bob crazily as she was carried to
the pool table. Jerry's sizeable hard-on was pressed into her thigh; she
squinted through her blurred vision, and saw that the four other men had
dropped their jeans, revealing a set of long, thick dicks.

Jerry slammed her down hard on the pool table, causing her to shriek with
pain. She could barely move; she was fairly sure her nose was shattered, as
blood was streaming down her face, and she sensed at least two snapped ribs.
She writhed helplessly, throwing herself into the poor victim role as the
gang crowded round her; a cry bubbled up in her throat as she prepared to
push things further.

"Please...I'm sorry, I only wanted to--" A second fist smashed into her
jaw, this one thrown by Frank the pool-player. She burst into tears, sobbing

"For the love of....will somebody gag this bitch? C'mon, let's get down to
business." Bo stepped forward as Jerry pinned Nidia down by the shoulders.
The others went to work stripping her of every inch of clothing on her body;
the shirt was torn from her torso, exposing her heaving, silicone-pumped
titties, their two-inch nipples standing proud. Bo yanked her cut-offs from
her waist roughly, chafing her legs; her pink cotton panties were likewise
ripped in two. Her hairy cunt glistened, moist and ready to be raped-she
pushed her groin up a little under the pretext of fighting back, making sure
everyone got a look.

"Fuck, the little slut's soakin'! She's fuckin' dying for it!" Bo smiled
wickedly. The others laughed in unison. Nidia stared wide-eyed, affecting
terror, her make-up ran into grotesque patterns by her tears. At least her
nose had stopped bleeding.

"No, please, God, I can't takemmmmPPHH--" The remainder of her underwear,
still damp with pussy juice, was crammed into craw by Bo; he slapped her hard
across the face to make sure that she kept it there.

"Bombs away, boys!" Bo grinned maniacally as he surged forward, drilling
his full nine inches deep into Nidia's waiting cooze. She screamed in abject
torture as he began pounding her, alternating each thrust with a slap to her
fat tits.

"Oh fuck, man, this ho is tight, guys, you gonna love this." Bo slid his
hands under her buttcheeks and lifted them slightly, pushing her hole up
onto his dick. She fought mightily, twisting and turning her body, but
each time she edged up the table a rough-skinned palm would slam her head
backward, cracking her skull off of the pool surface. Her vision was
getting even hazier; perhaps a concussion was on the way. Bo just kept on
slamming himself into her.

"Okay, I'm getting' in on this." Frank sidled up to the prone Diva, his
thick eight-inch prick oozing precum onto the green felt beneath her body.
He slapped his meat across her face, bringing it down on her broken nose,
causing fresh tears to flow; yanking her back by the hair, he pulled her
cotton gag free.

"Thannn youu..." Her speech had begun to slur from the abuse suffered.
"Please-ugggh-Let me-OOOOG" Frank cackled gleefully as he thrust his length
down her throat, his sweaty balls bouncing off of her bruised jaw. Bo was
getting more aggressive with his fucking, sending her entire body pushing up
onto her fleshy meal, choking her. She could barely breathe as it was, her
lungs straining against her injured ribs. Her puppies jiggled crazily, and
she realised that two more of her rapists had begun to jack off over them,
rubbing and spanking one each like their own personal stress pillow. She
felt like she'd lost the use of her arms; they hung limply at her sides. She
was truly a dirty little slut, being beaten and raped, bruised, bloody and
loving every second.

"Oh it comes, bitch, here it comes---" Bo arched his back and
grabbed her already-full throat, throttling her as he burst forth inside he
fucked-out cunt, filling her with warm spunk. She felt spurt after spurt
spray into her aching hole, then Bo pulled sending three streams of thick,
gooey cum splashing over her belly. He carried on jacking his slowly-wilting
dick with one hand, laying smack after smack onto her reddened cuntlips with
the other, mercilessly keeping up the punishment.

Jerry didn't bother to announce his impending ejaculation; Nidia felt his
nuts tighten against her lips as her throat and guts began filling up with
rancid-tasting semen. She coughed and gagged on the foul load, spitting it
out and dry-heaving, but Jerry was having no excuses, pinning her head down
and forcing his cockhead back between her smeared red lips. Her mouth was
quickly filled with even more man-juice; she had no choice but to gulp it
down, grimacing at its horrible flavour. Jerry just grinned stupidly, wiping
his cock with her hair and forehead.

She tried to sit up, failing miserably and provoking gales of laughter from
her torturers; the two remaining men arrived simultaneously, coating her
bronzed breasts with a thick layer of goo before directing their shots
straight into her battered face. Finally, mercifully, they were empty; the
group moved back from the table, out of her eyeshot. She stared up at the
ceiling, taking short, jagged breaths, air whistling through the caved-in
cavities of her nostrils. She coughed a little, rolling to the side and
puking up some of Jerry's fetid batch. The lights had dimmed.

Slowly, painfully, she dragged herself to the floor, unable to stand thanks
to the torrent of abuse she had suffered. She clawed her broken body toward
the door, but a leather boot came down on her outstretched hand, pinning
her. She collapsed again, weeping openly.

"One hole left." An unidentifiable voice boomed. She just lay, ready for
whichever cock was to be jammed into her asshole.

She screeched in utter, delirious agony as the thick metal end of a pool cue
was pushed carelessly between her cheeks, tearing open her anus, violating
her effortlessly. One inch, two inches three, four, ten, twelve.....her body
began to spasm, twitching unstoppably, spittle foaming at her mouth as she
lost all sense of self-control. The metal withdrew slowly, coming free with
an eerie sucking sound. There was no effort this time. She just lay there,
drifting into unconsciousness. Four sets of hands seized her limbs, sliding
her sweaty, cum-covered carcass across the cold floor; the door swung open,
and she felt her naked body flying through the air as she was thrown to the
curb. The door slammed shut behind her and, mustering her last ounce of
strength, she pulled herself into the long grass next to the road, out of
sight, free to relax. As the stars twinkled overhead, as her faculties
slowly returned to her, as her nose stopped aching and she realised that no,
her ribs weren't broken but maybe a little bruised, she ruminated on the
night she had experienced. A smile crept across her bloody lips as she
fondled her gaping pussy; tonight, the doors of perception had been thrown
wide open. She would never had normal sex again-there was a WORLD of
possibilities out there....

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