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(This story takes place sometime in early 1994, before Wrestlemania. The
primary female character is Alundra Blaze. For those too young to remember,
Alundra Blayze is the WWF name of Madusa, before she got the huge boobjob.
The codes are MF, cons, oral, anal.)

The Firey Adventures Of Alundra Blayze Part 1: Mutually Assured Satisfaction
by D.J. Salinger (

The behemouth known as Adam Bomb sat in his locker room, relaxing after a
quick match against a jobber on WWF Superstars. The match had been a breeze
for the talented Bomb and he hadn't even broken a sweat. He sat around and
watched soom television to kill some time until he decided to grab a shower,
get dressed, and go grab some food. Deliberately, he rose from his small
couch, shut off his TV, and walked over to the shower.

Meanwhile, the former women's champion, Alundra Blayze, walked unsteadily
down the hallway. Her face and body were glistening with sweat and her
long blonde hair was matted against her head. She was wearing a bright,
multi-colored, one-piece jumpsuit. Alundra was just returning from a hard
fought match against Luna Vachon which ended in a double countout. She was
tired and soon realized that she was a bit lost. She had never been to this
particular arena before and all of the doors to the locker rooms looked
exactly the same. Alundra walked down a corridor until she came to the last
door on the left.

"I think this is my room." the tired superstar muttured as she turned the
door knob. The door slid open and Alundra walked into the room, her head
still spinning from exhaustion. She flopped onto the mini-couch and slowly
began to regained her composure. As she replayed the match in her mind, she
suddenly became aware of the sound of water running in the bathroom.

"That's funny, I don't remember leaving the shower on," thought Blayze, as
she proped herself upright. Feeling much better, she walked over to the
bathroom to inspect the source of the noise. She opened the bathroom room
and was hit in the face by a light gust of steam. She felt the warmth of
the water pouring inside the shower. As she looked through the slightly
foggy glass of the shower door, she recognized a the foggy sillhouette of
a man. But that was hardly what shocked her the most.

Alundra peered through the mist at the large, long-haired individual inside
of the shower. As her gaze shifted downward, she was shocked. His flacid
manhood was huge, at least a foot in length. As she looked closer, she soon
realized that the gigantic man inside was none other than Adam Bomb, the
wrestler who had survived a nuclear explosion at Three Mile Island. The
radiation enhanced his stature and wrestling ability. Alundra conjectured
that it enhanced other areas as well.

Alundra's initial thought involved a quick exit. However, she had been on
the road for months on end. She was lonely and curious and Bomb's presence
provided ample enticement. Almost unconsciously, Blayze moved her right hand
down the front of her bright leotard. Finding her moistening womenhood,
Blayze caressed herself slowly, tickling her lips lightly with her fingers.
Losing herself in a world of fantasy, Alundra rolled her head back and let
out the smallest of moans. Becoming aware again, she looked down to see the
bright green eyes of Adam Bomb staring back at her from behind the glass.

Startled, Blayze began to backpeddle slowly. Adam Bomb opened the door to
the shower slowly and stepped out, moving deliberately closer and closer to
the female voyeur. Alundra backed away, but Bomb's long strides were too
quick and he caught her shoulder with his hand. Bringing her face close to
his, Bomb moved in, placing his mouth against her left ear.

"So," Bomb whispered, slowly, accentuating the words against her face, "you
like to watch, do you?" Bomb moved his long tounge down the rim of Blayze's
ear, flicking her ear lobe sensually. Alundra moaned softly in surprise. Bomb
moved his lips closer and engulfed her lobe. Moving downward, he buried his
head in the side of her neck, running his mouth along her cheeks and shouler
blade. Simultaneously, he ran his left hand down the length of her body,
outside of her bodysuit. He moved over the bumps of her small, b-cup breasts
and down across her delightfully tight stomache. At her hips he began a slow,
steady rubbing pattern against her body, caressing her soft pubic region to
her thighs.

"Holy shit," Blayze moaned quietly into the air. She felt the warm breath of
Adam Bomb against the sensitive nape of her neck. His hand moved close to
uncharted territory, remaining near her moistening vagina. Suddenly, the
large, naked man before her stopped and hooked his fingertips underneath the
fabric on her shoulder. Pulling downward, the leotard began to peel away from
Blayze's body revealing her tanned, young flesh.

As the outfit pulled away from her chest, it constrained her small breasts
creating the cutest valley of cleavage at the peak of the retreating unifrom.
As Bomb pulled further, the outfit fell farther reavealing the small pink
tips of Alundra's nipples. Now her glistening abs were displayed before Bomb.
Her belly was taut and firm and the falling clothing pushed past her widening
hips. Alundra's pubic hair was shaven into a small, light landing strip
leading to her smooth pubic lips. As Bomb continued to pull, he reached
around to guide the outfit past her tight, firm ass. He placed his hands
against her cheeks, giving them a playful squeeze as he traced the valley of
her buttocks downward with his right ring finger. Once past her delightful
ass, Bomb pulled the leotard the rest of the way off, past her long,
Amazonian legs and over her perfect feet. Alundra shakily stepped out of
clothing and stood naked before Adam Bomb.

Bomb casually tossed her outfit to the side as he stayed on his knees before
the tight female wrestler. Moving his face close to Alundra's honey pot, Adam
took a deep lick up and down her wet lips. With his hands, Bomb slowly worked
over Alundra's hard clit. Alundra was lost in pleasure, moaning and rolling
back her head in satisfaction.

At this point, Bomb stood up, towering before Blayze. He pushed the head of
the young lady downward until she was doubled over in front of him. Grasping
her aroung her attractive hips, Bomb slowly picked her up and turned her in
the air until her legs wrapped around his shoulders and her wet pussy was
aligned perfectly with his hungry mouth. He held her in this position as if
he were about to power bomb Blayze and began to fork his tounge inside of
her waiting valley. As he licked her helpless vagina, Bomb moved through the
room and positioned Alundra hovering above the couch. Moving her down slowly,
he continued his cunnilingus. Laying prone on the couch, Blayze gripping her
tiny nipples with her thumbs and forefingers and began to absentmindedly
pinch her sensitive errogenous zones. As Bomb continued his oral assualt, he
pushed slowly foreward with his large index finger, entering her pussy. The
sudden intrusion was enough to push Alundra over the edge and she squeeled
in delight, her womenhood leaking moisture onto Bomb's waiting face.

Caught up in her afterglow, Alundra barely notice Bomb moving from the foot
of the couch to the front. She did notice the large protrusion which suddenly
poked itself against her unprepared face. Bomb ran his massive member over
Blayze's features, leaking pre-cum over her cheeks and forehead. Alundra took
the hint and began to lick the mushroom tip of Bomb's warhead. Moistening the
engorged prick, she opened her cheeks and allowed more and more of the member
into her waiting mouth. Bomb's fully erect cock wasn't even halfway inside of
Alundra's warm mouth before his tip touched her throat. Relaxing her gag
reflex and working slowly, Blayze pulled more cock inside of her esophogus.
At the same time, she snaked her long fingers around Bomb's balls, her thumb
providing a steady, stroking motion against his heavy, cum-filled orbs. Bomb,
meanwhile, was actively attacking Blayze's throat, thrusting faster and
faster. At the same time, he reached down and stroked her petitie tits and
her rock-hard body.

After several minutes engaged in this vigorous activity, Bomb reluctantly
pulled himself out of Blayze's throat and moved back to the back end of the
couch. Once there, he grabbed one of Alundra's ankles in each hand and pushed
them slowly foreward and apart. He positioned his weapon of mass destruction
before her soaked lips. Pushing in, his tips broke through after a short
struggle. Blayze couldn't believe the weight of his cock head. It felt like
an apple had been pushed inside of her. But Bomb was far from done. Holding
his shaft with one hand, he rubbed her erect clit with his other thumb. Bomb
pushed in slowly and surely, moving at a medium pace. As he did this, he
moved his hand back up her silky thigh and to her ankle. He moved her foot
close to his face and brought her cute big toe to his mouth. He licked the
digit sensually before sucking it into his wet mouth. Blayze began to thrust
her hips back to meet Bomb's force. Her increasing arousal spead her onward
as she continued to leak pleasure juice onto the missle in her chute.

Now buried entirely inside of Blayze's tight hole, Bomb began to pull outside
of her warm vice. Once halfway out, he rammed back inside of her, touching
the deepest parts of her body. Bomb continued this motion with increasing
speed. The friction grew as his hard dick rushed past his lips time and
again. Alundra's pretty face was contorted with pleasure as she grimmaced
and moaned. She had never felt so full or so fulfilled in her life. Bomb,
meanwhile, positioned his hands underneath her armpits. Pushing himself fully
inside of her, he picked up the smaller women and moved her against his body
in mid air. Bomb stood as Blayze hovered, held up by his large arms and
impalled by his massive cock. Bomb moved his lover to the wall and pinned her
up against it. Held aloft in mid air, Blayze gasped as Bomb thrust his
gigantic cock in and out of her waiting sex. He moved at full speed now,
rubbing her clit with his member as he harpooned the lovely young lady.

"Oh my fucking God!" Blayze screamed at the top of her lungs. She was no
longer aware of place or time, she was lost in the sexual feeling and
enjoying every second of it. Bomb grasped the side of her nubile breasts
and Blayze came hard. Her vice-like entrapment clamped down upon Adam's
dick, squeezing it for all she was worth. It took every bit of restrain
Bomb had not to shoot his wad inside of her there, but he held off.

As Alundra's orgasm subsided, Bomb pulled back and out, leaving her with a
gaping emptiness. He brought her down to her feet. Energetically, he bent
her over the plush couch and approached from behind. Again squeezing her
firm ass, he raised it up and pulled apart her cheeks, exposing her wet
pussy. He against entered her, more easily and quickly this time. Pushing
her face foreward into the cushion of the arm of the couch, Bomb used his
height and leverage to force the tip of his dick deep inside of her body
like an explorer reaching to the inside of the earth. Blayze bit the
cushion with all of her might, restraining her groans of satisfaction. At
the same time, Bomb ran his hand over her pussy and his dick, getting his
hand slippery wet with Blayze's own juices. He took his wet fingers and ran
them over the crack of her sexy ass. Slowly, he pushed his index finger
pushed the puckered starfish of her virgin asshole. The slick wetness and
sudden intrusion surprised Alundra. She normally was not a fan of feeling
anything enter her backside, but she was so lost in pleasure that it felt
welcomed to her this time.

Alundra grooved on the meat inside of her tunnel of love and ran her hands
over her chest and stomache ecstatically and wildly. Meanwhile, Bomb added
his slick middle finger inside of her tight rectum. The fit was difficult,
but he eventually managed it. Feeling this new presence, Blayze instantly
orgasmed on Bomb's thrusting member. She arched her back against the large
wrestler and tilted her head skyward, screaming out in joy. Bomb began to
slow his thrusts. He withdrew his fingers from her butt and slowly pulled
his member out of her pussy. Too tired to say anything, Blayze lay doggy
style against the couch, exhausted. But Bomb was far from done and Alundra
soon felt a larger intrusion poke its way against her previously untouched

"Wha... no... it's too big," Alundra moaned quietly into the couch. Bomb
would not be disuaded, however, and he continued until his bulbous tip had
entered her holiest of holies. "Oh God!" Blayze said, more energetically
now, "I can't take it! Please! You're tearing me apaaaaaaa..." She trailed
off as Bomb continued to stretch her, moving his cock in and out, sawing
her at a faster pace. He positioned his hand at the small of her back and,
with his other hand, inserted three fingers easily into Blayze's wet pussy.
Fully inside of her ass now, Bomb added a forth finger to her hungry vagina,
pushing all but his thumb into her slit.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God... YES! YES!" Blayze cried out in unrestrained
ecstasy, now enjoying boy the digital pleasure on her crotch and the sausage
in her backside. "Oh YES! Cum for me Bomb! Explode! Fuck yes!" Blayze begged
the behemouth. Bomb groaned feeling the tension of her anal passage. Pulling
his hand and member out of the lovely woman before him, Bomb spun Blayze
around until she was on her knees facing his dick. Grabbing his cock and
giving it one quick pull, Bomb exploded all over Blayze's face, shooting a
ropy load of white semen all over the former champion. Bomb aimed his dick
down and continued to shoot onto her girl-like breasts and her taut stomache.
Adam then aimed back upward and dropped his cum onto her matted, golden hair.
He released more man-juice onto her perfect face and shot the last few spurts
against her ripped stomache. Alundra began to lick the male frosting off of
her face and gather it from her body. She fingered the jizz from her belly
button and licked her finger clean. After she had gotten as clean as
possible, both wrestlers lay together, spent. However, Alundra knew that
this could well be only the start of her adventures in the WWF.

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