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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The French Kiss Appointment Part 11: Natalya & Tyson
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In Des Moines, Iowa following the SmackDown May 31, 2011 television tapings,
Maryse is knocking on a hotel room. When the door opens, the French-Canadian
Diva bites her bottom lip slightly when she sees Natalya Neidhart with a
smirk on her face before she steps back to let the stunned Maryse in.
Natalya's boyfriend Tyson Kidd turns off the television when he notices
Maryse walk in as Natalya closes the door. "Great you're here..." Tyson

Maryse, dressed in a stunning short length black dress, raises an eyebrow and
smirks at Natalya. "Are you sure about this?" Maryse asks as she casually
steps into the hotel room.

Natalya nods her head as she closes the hotel room, "Yes I am... that's why
Tyson and I paid you at the arena instead of waiting for you to get here..."

"She looks nervous Nattie..." Tyson says with a smirk as he checks out

Maryse raises her hands up and laughs. "I'm not nervous...just don't want to
get attacked... quand vous me trouver bien plus sexy que votre petite amie
graisses..." Maryse says with a laugh and lick of her lips.

Natalya smirks and casually laughs, "Maryse, I do understand French... salope
maigre..." Natalya says, "And besides... if you're as nervous as Tyson thinks
you are... we do have a little incentive for you..."

Maryse raises an eyebrow and smirks slyly at Natalya. "Oui? I'm listening..."

"Tyson get the box..." Natalya says. Tyson nod his head and goes behind the
hotel room dresser to retrieve a decently sized box. Tyson brings it over and
opens it, revealing to Maryse a pair of Louis Vuitton Diva Ankle Boots that
are Leather and Mink. "Take a look Maryse..." Natalya says.

Maryse opens her mouth in shock as she looks down at the boots before looking
back up at Natalya and Tyson Kidd. " no joke, oui?"

"Nope..." Tyson nods his head, "This was Nattie's idea"

"Exactly right baby..." Natalya smirks, "Maryse, if you get really hot and
nasty with us... you get the boots to go along with the money you got

Maryse licks her lips and nods her head. "You have a deal...shall we get down
to business?"

"Yes we should... Tyson put the box on the dresser... and lose the shorts..."
Natalya says as she removes her top to reveal to Maryse her large juicy tits.
Tyson smirks as he sets the box down on the dresser and lowers his shorts,
freeing his large Canadian cock.

Maryse raises an eyebrow and smirks at Tyson Kidd, nodding her blond haired
head with approval. "Very nice...oui...indeed..." Maryse says as she starts
to walk closer to the Canadian born Superstar.

"Nice? Baby Tyson has the hardest cock in the entire locker room..." Natalya

"You might want to lose the dress..." Tyson says to Maryse as she approaches

Maryse turns her head and glances over her shoulder to smirk back at Natalya
"And you know that for a fact?" Maryse asks before she starts to slide the
straps of her dress off of her slender, smoothly tanned shoulders.

Natayla unbuttons her jeans and starts to slide them down from her hips,
"Indeed I do... don't think I haven't sampled the boys...." Natalya grins
mischievously as she steps out of her jeans, allowing Tyson and Maryse to get
a look of at her hot shaven pussy and thick juicy ass.

Maryse rolls her eyes and glances at Natalya before she turns her attention
back to Tyson Kidd. The self-proclaimed Sexiest of the Sexy lowers herself
down onto her knees in front of Tyson, placing her left hand around his

"Mmmmm..." Tyson smirks as he feels Maryse squeeze his cock as if to feel how
hard it is before she starts to stroke it.

Maryse raises an eyebrow and slyly looks up at Tyson, "Vous allez profiter de
ce lot une..." Maryse says before she lowers her head and parts her sultry
lips to take his cock into her stunning and talented mouth.

"Ahhhh yeah..." Tyson moans as Maryse begins to bob her head on his large,
stiff cock.

Natalya kneels behind Maryse, "Suck his dick good Maryse..." Natalya says as
she Maryse's dress down her body.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." Maryse slyly moans as she places her right hand down at the
base of Tyson's cock as she steadily and smoothly bobs her head, wetting his
cock perfectly with her saliva.

"Ahhhh awww..." Tyson moans as Maryse smoothly bobs her head on his rock hard
dick. After removing Maryse's dress, Natayla slides her hands over Maryse's
toned and tanned ass cheeks.

Maryse places her left hand onto his nicely tanned and toned waist as she
works her right hand against the base of his shaft, continuing to bob her
head up and down on his cock.

"Ohhhh fuck... mmmm..." Tyson moans as Maryse bobs her head along the length
of his cock.

"Mmmm like sucking Tyson's dick Maryse?" Natalya asks as she squeezes
Maryse's ass cheeks with both hands.

"Mmmmmmmm..." Maryse moans and lightly nods her head on Tyson Kidd's cock as
she continues to expertly move her head, taking his cock deeper into her

"Ahhhhh shit..." Tyson Kidd moans as Maryse swallows more of his cock.

"Mmmmm so fucking hot baby..." Natalya smirks as she slides one hand under
Maryse and begins to rub her wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Maryse lustfully groans around Tyson's cock as she presses her
lips tighter around his shaft, turning her blond haired head slightly, before
she rocks back on her knees to push against Natalya's hand.

"Oh yeah baby..." Natalya smirks as Maryse grinds herself on her hand as she
rubs her pussy. Tyson places a hand on Maryse's head as she sucks and slurps
on his stiff Canadian dick.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh..." Maryse moans as she bobs her head steadily on Tyson
Kidd's cock as she lifts her beautiful and seductive eyes to look up at him,
while she lowers her head further down on his cock.

"Mmmmm fuck Nattie... Maryse is such a hot cock sucker..." Tyson moans as
Maryse looks up at him as she sucks his dick.

"Of course she is baby, she's high class..." Natalya replies as she pushes
two fingers into Maryse's pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Maryse moans and she turns her head on Tyson's cock, grinding
her lips sharply on his shaft, as she feels Natalya's two fingers pumping
into her pussy from behind.

Natalya licks her lips as she works her two fingers in and out of Maryse's
snatch and leans forward to whisper into her ear, "Mmmm such a hot tight and
wet cunt... wonder how many big hard cocks have fucked it..." Natalya says
with a sly tone as she Maryse pushes herself down on her fingers while she is
sucking Tyson's dick.

Maryse lifts her head off of Tyson Kidd's cock and slyly looks up at him
before she lowers her blond haired head, sliding her wet tongue against the
bottom side of his shaft.

"Mmmmmm fuck..." Tyson moans as Maryse slides her tongue all the way down to
his large ballsack. Natalya flicks her tongue against Maryse's right ear as
she works a third finger into Maryse's twat.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm....ohhhhhhh..." Maryse moans as she slides her tongue against
Tyson's ballsack, teasingly flicking her tongue against his large, swollen
sack, while she rocks back on her knees to push against Natalya's three

"Mmmmm.... enjoying yourself Maryse?" Natalya laughs seductively as she works
her three fingers in and out of Maryse's snatch as she flicks her tongue
against Tyson's balls.

Maryse lifts her head away from Tyson's cock and turns her head to look back
at Natalya. "For those boots....oui...I am..."

"Good... now.... Tyson looks like he enjoyed your mouth... I think it's my
turn..." Natalya grins as she removes her fingers from Maryse's pussy and
moves to sit on the edge of the hotel room bed, "Come on Maryse... don't be
shy..." Natalya says as she spreads her legs before she glances at Tyson,
"And Tyson... I'm sure Maryse would love to feel that big fucking dick of
yours in her incredibly hot and wet snatch..."

Maryse looks at Natalya with a raised eyebrow and starts to laugh.
"Whoa...whoa...Maryse...she isn't into girls..."

Natalya smirks, "Don't forget about the little incentive... we can always
take those boots back to the store..."

Maryse narrows her eyes and glares up at Natalya "Chienne..." Maryse says
before she moves over toward Natalya, while on her knees and places her hands
onto Natalya's smooth, nicely toned and tanned legs. Maryse slides her hands
against Natalya's nicely athletic legs, reaching her thighs, before she leans
her head in and flicks her tongue against Natalya's snatch.

"Mmmmmm putain..." Natalya moans as she feels Maryse's tongue against her hot
wet and shaven pussy.

"Fuck yeah...." Tyson grins as he watches Maryse lap her tongue against
Natalya's pussy for a few moments before he kneels behind the French-Canadian
Diva. Tyson licks his lips and guides his rock hard cock into Maryse's twat,
causing her to rock forward on her knees.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." Maryse moans against Natalya's pussy as she feels Tyson's cock
sliding into her hot, wet pussy from behind. As Tyson starts to thrust into
her, Maryse rocks forward on her knees and starts to lap her tongue against
Natalya's pussy.

"Awwww mmmmm fuck..." Tyson groans as he drives his cock deeply into Maryse's

"Ohhhh yeah baby... mmmmm you had to be lying.... ohhh..." Natalya moans as
she feels Maryse's tongue against her cunt.

Maryse slides her wet tongue into Natalya's pussy as starts to thrust her
tongue, while Tyson firmly pumps his cock into her from behind.

"Ohhhh fuck.... Tyson... mmmm you need to learn from Maryse on how to...
ohhhhh... eat pussy..." Natalya moans as she slides her left hand through
Maryse's blond hair.

"Ahhhhh mmmm shit...." Tyson grits his teeth as he hammers Maryse's snatch
with stiff and deep thrusts.

Maryse sharply rocks forward on her knees with her tongue digging deeper into
Natalya's pussy, with Tyson firmly thrusting into the Sexiest of the Sexy.
Maryse's blond haired head bobs against Natalya's snatch as she smoothly
thrusting her tongue into her, teasing the Anvilette with her tongue.

"Ohhhhh shit... mmmm fuck..." Tyson Kidd places his hands on Maryse's hips
and pulls her back against him. Natalya rocks forward on the edge of the bed,
pushing her pussy against the Sexiest of the Sexy's gorgeous face.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Maryse lustfully moans as she laps and slaps her
tongue against Natalya's snatch as she increasingly rocks on her knees with
Tyson fucking her from behind.

"Ahhhh mmmm fuck..." Tyson groans as he plows his cock deeply into Maryse's
hot wet pussy.

“Mmmmm ohhh yeah Maryse... mmmmm tell me... when's the last time... you had a
rock hard Canadian dick in your ass?" Natalya moans her quest as Maryse
skillfully works her tongue against The Anvilette's twat.

Maryse lifts her head away from Natalya's snatch and smirks up at her.
"Mmmmm... vous cunt stupides... Maryse never kisses and tells..."

Natalya smirks, "Laissez-moi deviner cochonne... you don't tell secrets about
your customers..."

"Ahhhh wish you two stopped talking in French... ahhh Nattie you know I
failed French class..." Tyson groans as he keeps fucking Maryse's pussy.

"Not my fault... now take your dick out of her so that she can get up on the
bed..." Natalya snaps.

Maryse raises an eyebrow and smirks back slyly at Tyson. "I see who the boss
is, oui?"

"Nattie's not the boss..." Tyson says even as he pulls his cock out of
Maryse's snatch.

"Tyson... I'm going to stretch you later for that comment..." Natalya says as
she gives her boyfriend a look before she gives Maryse to get on the bed. "

Thought you said you left your toys at home..." Tyson says worriedly.

"I did... that's why I said later..." Natalya snaps slightly which causes
Maryse to laugh.

Maryse licks her teeth and moves to lay down seductively on the bed. "You
two...are so funny..."

Natalya smirks, "Oh yeah we're real funny baby..." Natalya says as she
proceeds to straddle Maryse's body with her back towards the Sexiest of the
Sexy. "Now... lift your legs..." Natalya says as she pulls Maryse's legs up
and spreads them apart, "Tyson... if I need to tell YOU what to do..."
Natalya starts to say.

"I got it babe..." Tyson kneels on the bed between Maryse's raised and spread
legs and guides his cock into Maryse's asshole as Natalya rests Maryse's legs
against Tyson's body.

"Mmmmmmmm....oui..." Maryse moans and grits her teeth as she feels Tyson's
cock entering her gorgeous asshole.

"Mmmmm fuck..." Tyson groans as he starts to pump his cock in and out of
Maryse's tight ass. Natalya licks her lips and scoots back slightly on top of
Maryse so that she can lean down to flick her tongue against Maryse's soaking
wet cunt.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhhhhhh..." Maryse moans and grits her teeth as she arches her
back pushing her pussy against Natalya's tongue before she lifts her blond
haired head from the bed and starts to work her tongue against Natalya's

"Mmmmmm..." Natalya moans as Maryse flicks her tongue against her pussy as
she munches on the French-Canadian Diva's twat.

"Ahhhh shit mmmmm..." Tyson groans as he fucks Maryse's tight ass as she and
Natalya are in a lustful sixty-nine.

Maryse raises her hands and places them onto Natalya's nicely juicy and
tanned ass, spreading her ass cheeks as she drags her wet tongue against
Natalya's smooth ass crack, while she grinds against Tyson's cock and
Natalya's tongue.

"MMMMMM! Ohhhh!" Natalya moans and rocks back on Maryse as she feels Maryse's
tongue against her ass crack. Natalya uses her fingers to spread Maryse's
pussy lips as she pushes her tongue into her cunt.

"Awwww ahhhh yeah..." Tyson Kidd licks his lips as he firmly fucks Maryse's

Maryse slyly smirks before she flicks the tip of her wet, sultry tongue
against the entrance of Natalya's asshole, while Tyson firmly pounds into her
sexy, tanned, sultry ass.

"Ohhhh mmmm!" Natalya moans as Maryse teases her asshole with her tongue
while she continues to work her own tongue into Maryse's pussy.

"Awww yeah ahhhh fuck..." Tyson groans as his cock begins to throb within
Maryse's gorgeous ass.

Maryse lifts her head away from Natalya's backside for a moment and spits
some saliva directly onto Natalya's pussy. Maryse leans her head back in and
slides her tongue against Natalya's snatch.

"Ahhhh ohhh fuck Maryse!" Natalya lifts her head up from Maryse's pussy as
Maryse tongue-fucks her wet Canadian twat.

"Awwww shit ahhh..." Tyson groans as he pulls out of Maryse's ass and strokes
his cock until he starts to cum, spraying his load onto Maryse's pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm..." Maryse moans and slyly laughs as she feels Tyson's warm cum
against her wet pussy, which begins to drip, while she works her tongue
against Natalya's wet snatch, lightly thrusting her tongue against her clit.

"Awww yeah baby!" Natalya moans as Maryse's tongue flicks against her clit.
The Anvilette lowers her head back to Maryse's cum covered pussy and begins
to lap up Tyson's spunk, causing Maryse to push her twat up towards her

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh..." Maryse moans as her gorgeous and sultry body tenses
as she feels Natalya's tongue working against her snatch, as she too works
her tongue against Natalya's pussy.

"Mmmmm... mmmmm ohhhh!" Natalya moans as she grinds her pussy on Maryse's
skilled tongue. Natalya places her hands back on Maryse's legs as she rapidly
darts her tongue against Maryse's snatch.

"Wow..." Tyson grins as he watches Natalya eagerly slurp up all of his spunk
from Maryse's pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Maryse moans and lifts her head from Natalya's pussy and grits
her teeth as she starts to cum.

Natalya hungrily laps up Maryse's pussy juices as the Sexiest of the Sexy
cums. "Ahhhhhh awwww!" Natalya moans as she starts to cum as Maryse's lips
brush slightly against her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm... un loser..." Maryse says as she laps her tongue against Natalya's

"Mmmmm..." Natalya moans as Maryse's tongue flicks against her pussy. Natalya
lifts her head from Maryse's snatch, "Maryse... you are a liar...vous êtes
dans les filles... and you've earned those boots..."

Maryse smirks and sits up on the bed after Natalya moves off of her. "Of
course I did...I am Maryse...the Sexiest of the Sexy..."

"Fuck that was hot..." Tyson Kidd grins.

Natalya glances at Tyson and then at Maryse, "If you want to shower before
you leave feel free... I got to 'stretch' Tyson..."

Maryse presses her sultry lips together and nods her head. "Do you have a
towel for me, oui?"

"There's three towels in there... use whatever one you want..." Natalya says
as she cracks her knuckles as she looks at Tyson.

* * *

Later in the evening, in her own luxurious hotel room, Maryse dressed in a
white silk bathrobe, is sitting on the bed and lightly painting her toenails
a nice shade of red when her cell phone starts to ring. "Uhhhh...Don't they
know I'm busy!?" Maryse says before she sets her toenail brush down and the
contain of toenail polish aside before she answers her cell phone.
"Bonjour...this is Maryse..."

"Hello Maryse... heard all about your business..." The voice of Maryse's
former boyfriend Ted DiBiase says from the other end of the line.

Maryse narrows her eyes and turns her head to look at the cell phone with
disgust to check over the number taking is calling her. "C'est quoi ce
bordel!? I told you never to call me again!"

"If I were you I wouldn't worry about that... I would worry about how much
money I could get..." Ted DiBiase says with a cocky tone.

Maryse tilts her head back and laughs. " couldn't afford me

"Oh I think I will... considering the major discount you'll give me to keep
from making your little escapades public knowledge... and we both know you'll
do anything to keep your precious reputation..." Ted says.

Maryse opens her mouth in shock " C'est quoi ce bordel? Vous ne bâtard bon!
Vous piquez putain! Are you black mailing me!?" Maryse yells.

"Black mail is such an ugly way to put it..." DiBiase chuckles, "I call it
making good use of what I know about you... but I tell you what Maryse, I'll
let you think about how much damage I could do to your reputation before we
make a business arrangement..."

"You wouldn't dare do it, Teddy..."

"Yes I would..." Ted laughs slyly before he hangs up on Maryse.


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