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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
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we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The French Kiss Appointment Part 14: Evan Bourne
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

During the Capitol Punishment pay-per-view on June 19, 2011, Evan Bourne is
returning to the backstage area of Washington, DC's Verizon Center following
his victory over Jack Swagger. "Wow... that was a great surprise..." Evan
says with a smile. Evan walks to the locker room area and sees Maryse as she
steps out of one of the producers offices, "Hi Maryse..." Evan says as he
approaches and then passes her.

The self-proclaimed Sexiest of the Sexy and former Divas Champion, Maryse,
dressed in a short length white dress and top, raises an eyebrow and looks at
Evan Bourne as he passes her. "Whoa...whoa...whoa... Êtes-vous sérieux?"

Evan gets a confused look on his face before slowly realizing what Maryse
asked, "Serious about what? I just said hi..." Evan says

"Oui...and you just totally started to walk away from me...nobody walks away
from Maryse, especially a little nerd like you..." Maryse snaps.

Evan smiles, "But you are very picky about who you are seen talking to..."

Maryse presses her lips together and slightly glares at Evan Bourne.
"And...what's with you all sweaty? Comment brute..."

Evan shrugs his shoulders, "Well I just had a match with Jack Swagger... and
I'm on my way to the locker room to shower..."

"Oui? A match?" Maryse pauses and laughs "I must have missed it...I was busy
with something important..."

"It was a bonus match... I think a lot of people missed it..." Evan says
jokingly, "But if me being all sweaty right now means we have to reschedule
hanging out, I understand..." Evan begins to say.

Maryse raises an eyebrow and looks at Evan Bourne. "Do you think Maryse has
the time to reschedule appointments?!" Maryse snaps. "Maryse is very busy!"

"Alright, I'm sorry for trying to considerate of your high standards..." Evan
says with a smile. "I'll just go shower and change..."

Maryse pauses for a moment and looks at Evan Bourne. "Quit being a nerd, you or anyone else cares about how I feel..."

Evan raises an eyebrow, "Is something bothering you?" Evan asks.

"No! Everything is fine!" Maryse snaps at Evan Bourne. "Just mind your own
business and get ready..."

Evan jumps slightly, "Alright..." Evan says and waits a moment to see if
Maryse is going to tell him what's on her mind before he slowly turns and
begins walking to the locker room area.

* * *

Later in the night at Evan's hotel room in Baltimore, Maryland, Evan and
Maryse are finishing their dinner they were able to get from a Wendy's.
"Sorry I couldn't find some place fancier..." Evan says as Maryse picks at
what's left of her salad. Evan is dressed in a button t-shirt and jeans.

Maryse looks down at her salad and then looks up at Evan Bourne. "I should
have just gotten that greasy cheeseburger...because this salad was

"Perhaps... but then you'd kill me if I saw you eating a cheeseburger..."
Evan says with a slight smile.

Maryse raises an eyebrow and smiles a bit at Evan Bourne, appearing to soften
slightly from her pissy and arrogant attitude. Maryse lightly pushes the
remains of her Wendy's salad away. "Alright, Evan...let's get down to
business, what do you want?" Maryse asks.

"I just wanted us to hang out remember..." Evan says before he feels Maryse's
foot nudging against his own.

Maryse smirks a bit. " adorable little nerd...when you pay Maryse,
there is a service, you know that..."

"Yeah... but still... would be nice to get to know each other... maybe do
something you want to do..." Evan says as he feels Maryse's foot sliding up
his leg.

Maryse presses her sultry lips together and looks at Evan Bourne as she moves
her foot against the side of his leg, moving further up. "I don't have any
hobbies, Evan...other than shopping and this..."

"Oh... and you combined your hobbies and... whoa..." Evan groans a bit as he
feels Maryse's foot move against his thigh and then against his bulging

Maryse slyly laughs "Is there are problem, Evan?" Maryse asks as she narrows
her eyes to seductively look at him.

"Hmmmm no..." Evan says with a slight moan as Maryse lightly presses her foot
against his crotch. Evan bites his tongue lightly, "Since... it's one of your
hobbies we can... ahhh..." Evan moans cuts himself off when Maryse nudges her
foot against his crotch again.

Maryse smirks "I never let a customer go unsatisfied...." Maryse replies as
she lightly pulls her foot back and moves to stand up. "Come on, you adorable

Evan nods his head and stands up and approaches Maryse who begins to unbutton
Evan's shirt at a surprisingly quick rate.

Maryse opens his shirt after finishing the last button and lightly pushes the
shirt off of his shoulders and guides the shirt down his arms. "So Evan...
tell Maryse what you want..."

Evan nods his head, "I want... you to enjoy yourself..." Evan says as Maryse
pushes his shirt off of his arms. Evan places his hands on Maryse's shoulders
and leans forward to softly kiss her lips before he moves his hands behind
Maryse to unzip the back of her white dress.

Maryse closes her eyes and places her hands onto Evan's nicely tanned and
muscular chest as she starts to softly kiss Evan back, softly moaning into
his mouth.

Evan parts his lips, letting Maryse ease her tongue into his mouth as he
finishes unzipping her dress. As he continues to kiss the French-Canadian
Diva, Evan slides her dress down her body towards her feet.

Maryse curiously raises an eyebrow and looks at Evan Bourne after she breaks
the kiss and he places her hands gently onto her shoulders to ease her to sit
down on the edge of the bed.

Evan smiles at Maryse as he kneels down in front of her and slides her white
laced panties down from her hips and off of her legs, revealing her perfectly
shaven pussy. Evan Bourne then lifts Maryse's right leg up onto his left
shoulder and plants a series of his kisses on the inside of her thigh,
leaning his head forward after each kiss until he reaches her pussy where he
then starts to flick his tongue against her wet, sweet snatch.

"Mmmmmmm.... fils de pute..." Maryse moans and her gorgeously body trembles
at the slightest touch of Evan's tongue against her sultry wet snatch.

"Vous mmmm.... aimez...mmmm... ça?" Evan asks as lightly works his tongue
against Maryse's pussy, and even though his pronunciation is a bit off,
Maryse can tell that he asked her if she enjoys it.

"Oui.....mmmmmm..." Maryse moans and lightly grits her teeth as she starts to
push against his tongue.

Evan brings his right hand to Maryse's pussy and uses his fingers to spread
her pussy lips apart so that he can work just the tip of his tongue into her

"Mmmmmmm....ohhhhh Evan..." Maryse moans lustfully as she grinds lightly
against his tongue, placing her hands behind her onto the bed, moaning with
pure pleasure.

With Maryse's left leg on his shoulder. Evan rubs the outside of her thigh
with his left hand as he darts his tongue expertly against Maryse's pussy.
Soon, the St. Louis born stud pushes two fingers into her cunt while he
begins to tap his tongue against her clit.

"Mmmmmmm....ohhhhhh qui se sent si bon.." Maryse moans and licks her lips as
she feels his tongue and fingers working against her stunningly moist pussy.

Evan raises his eyes and smiles as he flicks his tongue teasingly against
Maryse's clit while he works his fingers in and out of her pussy.

Maryse tilts her blond haired head back and deeply groans as she feels his
tongue expertly working against her snatch as he pumps two of his fingers in
and out of her pussy, with the sultry Sexiest of the Sexy finding herself to
actually enjoy this attention that is solely focused on her pleasure.

Evan wraps his lips around Maryse's clit and sucks on it while he continues
to finger-fuck her twat with his fingers.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm...ohhhhh god damn elle, Evan!" Maryse moans as she breaths
heavily as her sultry body squirms slightly as she sits on the bed with
Evan's tremendously smooth oral skills.

Evan lifts his head, "Too much?" Evan asks before Maryse brings her right
hand forward to push his head back down to her pussy and he resumes sucking
on her clit while pumping his fingers in and out of her twat.

"Mmmmmmmmm....." Maryse moans and lightly presses her legs against Evan's
neck, keeping his head between her gorgeously smooth, tanned legs as he
perfectly teases the French-Canadian Diva's pussy.

Evan Bourne removes his fingers from Maryse's pussy and places both of his
hands on her hips as he buries his tongue into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm.....ohhhhhhhhh!" Maryse moans and grits her teeth as her pussy
tenses slightly against Evan's talented tongue.

"Mmmmm... mmmm..." Evan moans as he bobs his head and thrusts his tongue in
and out of Maryse's twat. The high flying Superstar relentlessly tongue-fucks
Maryse's pussy as she grinds herself against his face.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhh merde...." Maryse moans and throws her blond haired
head ack as she starts to cum.

"Mmmmm... mmmmmm..." Evan Bourne moans as he slurps up Maryse's pussy juices
as they flow from her snatch.

Maryse opens her eyes and looks down at Evan Bourne, softly smiling down at
him. "For a're pretty good..." Maryse says as she breaths heavily.

As Maryse unwraps her legs from around his neck, Evan lifts his head,
"Thanks..." Evan smiles before he flicks his tongue again against Maryse's
sensitive clit.

"Mmmmmmm...well...maybe you're better than pretty good..." Maryse says with a

Evan nods his head, "Want me to continue?" Evan asks.

Maryse bites down on bottom lip and nods her head before she moves and lays
her seductively tanned, perfectly curved body back on the bed of the hotel

Evan Bourne stands up and unbuckles his belt followed by undoing his jeans.
Evan smiles as Maryse watches him lower his jeans, boxer shorts down from his
waist, freeing his rock hard, thick and meaty cock. After kicking off his
sneakers and stepping out of his jeans and boxer shorts, Evan climbs onto the
bed and kneels between Maryse's legs with the large head of his cock pressing
against her cunt. Leaning forward and placing his hands to the sides of
Maryse's head, Evan slowly and firmly pushes his shaft into Maryse's twat.

"Mmmmmmmmmm..." Maryse moans and her back arches slightly from the bed as she
feels his cock entering her pussy, as he starts to gradually build up a

"Ahhhh..." Evan groans as he smoothly pumps his thick large cock in and out
of Maryse's pussy. The St. Louis born Superstar soon settles on a steady
pace, thrusting his cock in a way to give Maryse the most pleasure.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmmm...ohhhhh Evan..." Maryse moans as she raises her legs and
wraps her smooth, stunning legs around his waist as she moves back on the bed
against his thrusts, while she keeps her sultry eyes locked with Evan.

Evan grins down at Maryse as he thrusts his cock deeply into her pussy while
he slides his fingers through her gorgeous blond hair.

"Mmmmmm...mmmmm...ohhhhhh..." Maryse moans as she bites down on her bottom,
slightly overwhelmed by the sensual feeling of Evan's smooth, but brisk

"Mmmmmm ohhhh..." Evan moans as he continues to thrust his cock in and out of
Maryse's twat, feeling her move with each deep thrust. Evan lowers his head
slightly and slides his tongue against Maryse's parted lips as she places her
hands on his shoulders.

"Mmmmmmmm...." Maryse moans as she smoothly slides her tongue against Evan's
tongue as she starts to kiss him back, while grinding her pussy lightly
against his cock.

"Mmmmm... mmmm..." Evan groans as he drives his cock a bit harder into
Maryse's snatch as their tongues slide against one another.

"Mmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Maryse moans as she her sultry lips press against Evan's
lips as her tongue enters his mouth. Maryse's sultry body moves back on the
bed as Evan smoothly pumps his cock into her.

Evan lets Maryse's tongue probe inside of his mouth as he drives his cock
balls deep into Maryse's cunt, causing her to grind against him lustfully.

"Mmmmmmmmm....mmmmmmm..." Maryse moans into Evan's mouth as her back arches
off of the bed, while his cock continues to ram into her. "Ohhhhhhh...
ohhhhhhhh!" Maryse moans as her tongue slaps against his tongue.

Evan slowly raises his head, letting his tongue linger against Maryse's
tongue for several moments before he grins, "Ahhhh good for... a nerd?" Evan
asks with a grunt as sees sweat dripping on Maryse's face as he expertly
hammers her pussy.

Maryse raises an eyebrow and smirks up at Evan Bourne. "Ne vous laissez pas
arrogant..." Maryse moans as she swiftly moves back on the bed with Evan's
thrusts becoming more rapid, but still extremely smooth.

"Désolé..." Evan grins as he apologizes to Maryse as thrusts his cock in and
out of her pussy with his ballsack repeatedly colliding against her. When he
feels Maryse's legs sliding from his waist, Evan pulls out and eases Maryse
onto her left side. As Evan is about to move to lay behind her, Maryse
surprises him by rolling onto her stomach and lifting herself up onto all

Maryse turns her head and glances over her shoulder as she sways her
gorgeously tanned, nicely shaped ass. "Qu'est-ce que vous attendez?" Maryse

Evan grins, "I was admiring perfection....How do you want it?" Evan asks as
he kneels directly behind Maryse and places his hands on her ass cheeks,
giving Maryse a chance to decide.

Maryse smirks "Surprise me, nerd..." Maryse says with a laugh.

"Alright..." Evan smirks as he proceeds to firmly impale Maryse's ass with
his large thick cock. The force of Evan's surprisingly firm invasion of her
ass clearly knocks all the wind out of Maryse and nearly sends her face first
onto the bed's pillows.

Maryse turns her head back looks back at Evan Bourne as she keeps her head on
the pillows. " you like it rough, nerd?"

"Mmmmm you said to surprise you..." Evan replies before he grabs Maryse's
hips and pulls her back against himself. "But I can get rough if you like
it..." Evan adds as he starts to firmly yet smoothly thrust his cock in and
out of Maryse's asshole.

Maryse lifts herself off of the bed and positions herself onto her hands as
she rocks back on her knees to smoothly meet his thrusts.

"Ahhhh awwww..." Evan groans as he drives his cock perfectly firm, smooth and
deep into Maryse's asshole, while her ass smacks against his waist when she
pushes back.

" like that, Evan?" Maryse asks as her gorgeous ass
smacks back against his waist.

"Ohhhh yeah... do you Maryse?" Evan asks as he rams his cock deeply into her
gorgeous ass with his ballsack loudly slapping against her ass cheeks.

"Mmmmm...of course..." Maryse replies a smile back at Evan as she grinds her
gorgeous body back against his cock.

"Ahhhh mmmmm...." Evan smiles at Maryse as he plows his cock deeply into her
ass. Reminding her that he is focused on her enjoyment, Evan slides one hand
underneath her and rubs her dripping wet pussy as he fucks her ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh!" Maryse moans and throws her head back as
he continues to pound her stunning ass.

Evan grits his teeth together as he increases the pace of his thrusts as he
repeatedly slams his cock into Maryse's asshole. Rubbing her snatch at the
same time as he fucks her ass, Evan gives Maryse's ass a playful smack with
his free hand.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh!" Maryse moans as she rocks back on her knees,
pushing against his rock hard cock.

"Ahhhh mmmm awww..." Evan groans as his large meaty cock begins to throb as
he hammers Maryse's asshole while he rubs her cunt.

Maryse licks her lips and turns her head to look back at Evan Bourne as she
feels his thrusts becoming more sporadic as his cock throbs inside of her
gorgeous ass.

"Mmmm ahhhhhh awww..." Evan Bourne moans as he pulls his pulsating dick out
of Maryse's asshole and begins to stroke it with his left hand.

Maryse presses her sultry lips together and leans forward, causing her
stunning ass to rise higher as Evan continues to stroke his cock.

"Ohhhhh awwww fuck..." Evan moans as he soon begins to cum, spraying his
warm, creamy spunk all over Maryse's beautiful sweat coated ass.

Maryse turns her head and smiles back at Evan Bourne. " better make
sure to clean that up..."

Evan smiles as he slides his spent shaft over Maryse's cum covered ass, "I
will... do you still like the shower...moderately warm?" Evan asks

Maryse nods her head and smirks. "Oui..."

"Give me a few moments... and I'll get the shower ready so I can clean that
mess..." Evan smiles. As Evan prepares to move off the bed, Maryse places her
left hand on his arm which stops him.

" know...I still think you're a nerd, but you were very,
very good..."


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