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The Game Returns Part 1: Honor To Be The First
(Why Terri's Nipples Were Hard In The Wet T-Shirt Match)
by Nami (

It was Jan. 7, 2002, the night of impact. Triple H returns to the WWF
after long 8 and a half months and everyone in the crowd and backstage was
tense. Noone knew which way he would go and everybody wanted to be the first
who meet him and get to talk with him.

Terri Runnels had a prerecorded clip from WWF New York which ended with a
wet t-shirt match with Trish Stratus. She was in her car and drove to MSG.
She was in the parking lot picking up her bags from backseat when she saw a
white huge stretch limo pull into the parking lot and parked next to her car.
Terri tried to sneak a peek inside the car but the door suddenly opened in
her face. She stepped back and out came Triple H...

"Ooops... Is that you Triple H?" Terri lost herself and tried to deny
looking in the car.

"Looking for hooking?" Triple H laughed.

Terri didn't want The Game realizing her action and tried to show her
sadness and anger with a look to him, but deep in her heart she had a
different feeling. She knew that his word effected on her. That's right she
liked him telling her she was "hooking."

"What did you called me?" Terri said. She wanted to hear it again.

"You liked it, didn't you?" Triple H asked.

"Me? No...No," Terri stunned that he read her mind.

"Well... That was a warm hi to girls like you." Triple H said and started
to walk.

As The Game wanted to pass her, her perfume got him at attention. He
stopped and looked at her face to face. She was smaller than him so he
glanced at her big breasts as well. Terri melted when she looked in his
eyes. Something wasn't right for her and she started to sweating in front
of the man.

Being Triple H and a ladies man and knowing every kind of women, Triple H
caught her nerve.

"I wanna thank you for being Stephanie's role model." Triple H said.

"Wh... What do you mean?" Terri answered.

"Well... About those breasts. I know Steph always admired them." Triple H
giving attention to her breasts. That made her nipples hard immediately.

"I... I .... Don't know what to say." Terri had lost herself. She couldn't
control herself one bit.

"Do they feel like Steph's?" Triple H smirked.

"I... I..." Terri was so horny that couldn't say anything. She wanted the
man to bang her.

"Don't know again?" Triple H interrupted her.

"No... I am so HORNY." Terri finally let out a deep breath.

"That's pretty good... Let me help you win tonight's match over Stratus."
The Game told the she-devil.

The Game then placed his hand on her huge soft firm round tit and softly
squeeze it. Terri closed her eyes and let the man to take care of business.
Triple H didn't release the ball and squeezed it again but this time harder.
Terri started to moan and wanted to get involvde with her hands but The Game
stopped and looked at his first victim. She wasn't the only one who he wanted
for fuck in past 8 months. Sure there were lots of babes from WCW that he
watched on TV.

Triple H grabbed her by her waists and picked her up and put her on her
car. She was looking at him with her horny eyes. The Game didn't resist and
placed his hand inside her tight black skirt all the way down to her panties.
It was so wet that it made him wild. He laid down on the car with one hand
still up in her skirt.

"Relax... I am going to rock your world." The Game said.

Terri gave her soul to Triple H and laid back to relax. Triple H's free
hand slipped inside her top and found her big breast. The Game's hands were
rubbing both of her private body parts. The Game took his left hand out of
her skirt and looked at his watch.

"I have 2 minutes time for oral." Triple H said.

While Terri was trying to taking off her shoes Triple H insert both his
hands inside her red tight top rubbing her nipples. He then stood directly
between her legs and took off her top revealing her melons. He was
unstoppable after months of fucking teen nurses he finally got what he
deserved. He sucked on her right nipple so hard that in 5 seconds it turned
red. Terri had gotten what she deserved too after months of marrying a thin
man. Triple H's intensity in sex drove Terri even wilder. She was crazy and
wrapped her legs around That Damn Good. Suddenly he stopped and stood tall.
Then he looked at his watch.

"Do you know what time is it?" Triple H smirked.

"Don't leave me horny like this." Terri said in a helpless voice.

"Its Fucking time." Triple H laughed.

With that the returning warrior stood back and took off Terri's tight
skirt then with with a weird look on his face slowly grabbed the sides of
her red panties and took them off. Terri let out a long gasp when cold wind
touched her wet pussy. The Game then looked straight into her eyes.

"What are you waiting for?" Terri moaned.

"Sluts like you don't understand men can't fuck with clothes on." He said.

Terri smiled and moved to sitting position in front of him and started
to take off his coat then his new t-shirt and jeans. Now both were naked
and each other's body heat effected real well on both sex players. The Game
grabbed the sides of her waist and pulled her right into his awesome physic.
TandT's great bodies were tight together, Triple H loved to feel the babe's
breasts on his chest. Her hard erect nipples were rubbing on his chest when
they started to kiss. The Game was for sure the master of kissing and
immediately got a way for entering his tongue in her mouth. She openly
welcomed his tongue and their lips locked onto each other. He placed his
hands on her thighs and pushed himself on top of her.

Terri could feel his semi-hard cock tickling her thigh. She finally could
pushed his lips back and got breath.

"OHHH... I wanna welcome your cock back to WWF." Terri moaned.

While Triple H was watching, the she-devil got on her knees in front of
him. The cold ground couldn't defeat the heat of her body. She was looking
right straight into The Man's tool.

"First I wanna tell you welcome back and it happens with my tongue." She

With that Terri opened her mouth and placed all of his cock in her mouth.
Terri's forehead was resting on his stomach and her chin was feeling his
ball's. Until that she tried just to place his member in her mouth. After she
confirmed her first task she looked up at Triple H. He was like a big and
long tree and he was looking at her too and was so excited.

"Damn you bitch! Hurry up." Triple H could hold his excitement anymore.

Terri was ready and with that she smiled and in one second her upper and
lower lips and her tongue captured his dick in jail and her saliva wet tongue
made his cock in full length. She slowly started to gag but didn't want to
loose a millimeter of his cock.

"Take it easy honey." Triple H smiled and moaned.

Terri let out inches of his tool from her mouth and got up and sat on the
car again. She smiled at him and spread her great legs apart. She moaned when
she felt the cold wind on her wet pussy.

"Warm me! Cause I wanna welcome you to WWF by action not words." Terri

Triple H's trademark smile filled his face and then he stepped forward.
Terri placed her hand on his devastating shoulder and pulled him forward.
Triple H blocked her action by placing his hand on her leg, then with his
other hand grabbed his cock. Terri quickly opened her pussy lips with her
free hand and waited until she felt his manhood at the entrance of her
pussy. She released her pussy and hugged him and locked her legs around his

After making sure that his cock-head is inside her cunt, he released his
cock and pushed it slowly inside her body. She gasped and pulled him deeper
inside her cunt. After 5 inches of his dick thrust inside her womanhood
slowly, he waited a little bit. Then pulled it back and shoved it inside her
but this time deeper than the first one. He repeat it few times until he felt
her cunt's inside was wet enough for a deep thrust. He grabbed her asscheeks
and pulled them to himself while he thrust his damn thick dick inside her
flower. She moaned loudly when all of his 8 inches cock went deep inside her
vagina. The Game didn't waste his time there. He had more plans for the night
so he started to give her light body a fast rhythm.

"Ohh....God....Hun....Hunt....Ohh" Terri moaned.

Triple H was banging the She-devil fast and furious for 5 minutes. Terri's
body was responding real well to his maneuvers. Terri was going crazy and
kept on moaning. Triple H's rhythm went slower... His back was sending
shivers of lust and joy to his balls and mind. He grabbed her asscheeks again
and squeezde them. He started to bang her hotbox harder that everybody in
parking could hear her moans.

"'s....Ohhh....Fantas...ohhh...tic.." Terri was

After a few back and fourths, Terri's eyes seemed to get wet. She was
crying in lust and pleasure. Triple H's massive cock with all thickness was
moving so easy in and out of her tight cunt. She could feel orgasm building
in the back of her pussy, her pussy got even tighter and surrounded his dick.
There was no way to stop Terri's moans, lusts, and orgasm. She felt her
body's heat go to the extreme. She hugged him even tighter and pressed her
big breasts to his body harder. The Game was fucking her like no tomorrow.
He was indeed 100% and his dick was 200%.

"OWWW..... Godddd.....OHHHhhh" Terri screamed.

After her mixed moans and screams, Terri's legs and entire body didn't
belong to her. She was sticked to him with her lags locked around him
hardly. She held her breath for a while and pushed her nails to his back
and climaxed. Terri fell free and released her submission on The Game.
Triple H pushed her down on the car and grabbed her thighs and banged her
hard and heavy and fast. He really didn't care about his condition. This
feeling is for everybody. For example for us; We would never ever able to
fuck a fantastic babe like her for free. And for Triple H; He hadn't fuck
such a babe in past few months.

Triple H's sweat was dripping on her sweaty body, Terri couldn't relax
after her best climax. The Game treated her pussy viciously. That turned
her on for another time. But this time it didn't take long, Triple H's wild
side forced her to tap out on his sexual submission. But it hurt him too
because after all.... He grunt and splashed on her amazing body. She hugged
him to show him that she is thankful and happy that he's coming inside her
cunt and filled it with his hot sperms.

"That was great...." Terri said.

Triple H didn't answer her. He just got up and looked at the mess he had
done. Then quickly wore his clothes and headed to locker rooms. But before
leaving the parking Terri called him, causing him to turn and look back at
the pussy he was fucking moments before.

"Welcome Back..." Terri smiled.

The Game smirked and headed to the arena which will making history for
him later that night.

To Be Continued...

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