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The Game Returns Part 2: Seeing Your Butt For The First Time Live!
(Why Stacy's Asscheeks Were A Little Red During The Tag Team Hardcore Match)
by Nami (

After his time wasting with Terri earlier in the parking lot, Triple H
headed into the arena. He was walking backstage slowl. It was great to be
around there for him after 8.5 months. Triple H was looking at everything...
He wanted to know how many things had changed in the past months of his

After passing a few corridors, The Game saw Sharmell Sullivan who was
waiting for an interview. She saw him and got excited. She wanted to come but
crew wanted her that seconds. Triple H was smiling and walking until his dick
pressed on something so soft. He put his hand on it for keeping his balance.
Then looked down and met the best pair of asscheeks in his life.

"Oww... You don't have eyes???" She screamed.

"Sorry... I was looking somewhere else." Triple H said.

"So let my butt go." She said still in bending style.

"Sorry..." Triple H said and stepped back.

She then stood, her back was in front of The Game. She fixed her hair and
then pulled her little shorts down to cover half of her buttcheeks. She then
turned around to see who crashed on her butt.

"We..." Stacy said but paused. Until now she didn't know it was Triple H,
Until now she thought it might be a crewperson. "...elll" Stacy finished her
word with a warm voice.

"Well... Hi! " Triple H said.

"Hi too... I am sorry.. I thought it was a backstage crew..." Stacy said.

"That was fine... I am sorry too. I have to look where I'm goning." he

"So... I am Stacy." She said and shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you. I saw you on TV in past months and I have to tell you
that you are doing great." Triple H said, still didn't want to release her

"Thank you... That was worthy. You are a specialist and I am happy to hear
that from you." Stacy said so excited.

"By the way! Nice back." Triple H joked.

"Ohh...Really?" Stacy turned red.

She then released his hand. Looking in his eyes she bent down in front
of his crotch. The Game had no idea what she want to do... He slowly got
hard-on, Stacy grabbed the sides of her short and pulled them back where The
Game first met. Then she stood.

"This is better, Ha?" Stacy said.

"I don't know...." Triple H answered.

"Sorry." Stacy smiled and turned back and showed her butt to him.

"Yeah... That is great." He answered.

"Am I the first person you saw tonight?" Stacy asked.

"No... Not really. But you are the cutest one." He said.

In The Game's mind, it wasn't anything about his return. It wasn't about
Terri or Stephanie or anything. He was just thinking about this babe in front
of him. Moments ago he thought about how good the busty Terri could be. But
now he was thinking how good this teeny babe is.

"Excuse me! What are you thinking about?" Stacy asked.

"I am thinking about how good you would be?" Triple H said evilly.

"I don't know!" Stacy said innocently.

"Wanna know?" Triple H asked while he stepped closer to her.

"I don't know!" Stacy asked while she met The Game another step closer to
herself. She stepped back a little but after realized how he wanted to know
her ability she returned to her old position.

"Well... I do wanna know." Stacy said while she could feel the warm chest
of That Damn Good, inches away from hers.

"I wasn't around here for long. You know this place better than me now."
Triple H said.

"I know what you wanna say. Follow me!" Stacy said proudly and guide him
to her lockeroom.

She opened her lockeroom door and welcomed him with smile. He smiled and
got in. He saw her hairdresser sitting and waiting for her. He looked at her
with smile too. She was a cute young girl. Stacy saw her and screamed at her
to leave the room. She left as soon as Stacy ordered her. Then locked the
door and returned to The Game who truly missed the lockerooms.

"Let me know my abilities." She whisped in his ear and slowly removed his

Triple H turned to her and grabbed the sides of her neck and kissed her so
passionly. However Stacy wasn't that soft-style he thought. She wrapped her
arms around his neck and kissed him so hard. Triple H was amazed by her act
and grabbed the sides of her blouse. She giggled at first causing their lips
to break off.

"I am bitch around here, but its what they told me to do! I am a lovely
and..." Stacy was truly bitching for him too.

"and what?" He smirked while they were still hugging.

"and you know..... Some kind of whatever you like." She laughed.

"Ohh Really? He said while giggled her a little.

"Yeahh..... (laughing much) I can be a slut, I can be a virgin, I can be
a cheerleader, I can be a 9 year old innocent babe, I can be a porn star, I
can be a ... what ever you like me to be." She laughed.

"You will be all of them tonight. Don't worry about that. You will be more
than that." Triple H said and pushed her away from himself.

Stacy didn't like that idea. She didn't know why he let go of her but
soon she realized it. Triple H got a serious look on his face and pulled her
blouse off.

"It took long time for Stephanie to know my style." He said.

The Game then turned her around and leaned her on the desk. She put her
hands on it and waited for him to do what he wanted. She knew he wasn't a
psycho. She heard that The Game was the best sex-player around and couldn't
wait for his return. Before she could focus on things she felt something
hard and painful smacked her on her ass.

"Owwch.." She yelped and looked back to see what he had done.

"What? You said you can be slut. Didn't you?" Triple H asked.

"I said but .." Stacy said.

"But What? You want me to stop? Ha?" He asked hungrily.

"No... I didn't say that. I want it slower." She asked.

Triple H wasn't the kind of man who let his bitch order him. He grabbed
the sides of her black shorts and pulled it down viscously. She nearly lost
her balance and felt down on table completely bent over.

"Good.... This is the same style you always enter the ring." He said.

"Yeah... I am ... Owwwww." She moaned so loud.

Triple H pinched her asscheek so hard then spanked it hard. Then he ripped
her panties and tore it apart. Stacy never thought about The Game being that
rough and Triple H never been that rough with asscheeks.

"When did you shave? Slut?" Triple H asked her.

"Just this morning." Stacy answered.

Triple H turned her around and grabbed her by her thighs and raised her in
the air and placed her on table. Before she would do anything he spread her
legs and shoved a finger in her cunt. That made her scream in wonder.

"You passed the slut test baby." He smiled.

"Thanks.." Stacy smiled.

"But now you are my cheerleader and cheerleaders must be fingered." Triple
H said and ground his finger in her pussy causing her to moan.

"Now... To pass this test, you must cheer for me real good." Triple H

Triple H placed his hand on her bra-covered tits and pushed her lying on
table. He then with one hand grabbed her ankle and raised it in the air and
with other hand fingered her real bad.

Triple H's entire hand was wet caused by her juices. She was moaning real
loud. She grabbed her legs and kept them in the air, Triple H got a hand free
so he opened her shaven pussy lips apart with a hand and with other inserted
2 fingers inside her wet channel.

"Owww My God.." Stacy moaned.

"You remind me to Jenna Jameson, Like it?" he asked.

"Ohh Yeah... it's wonderful." Stacy answered.

"Shut up whore! You supposed to cheer for me not moaning." he shouted.

"Ohh... The G..ame is...." Stacy said but cut by Triple H.

"Like a cheerleader! You don't want me to fail you." He said and kept
fingering her.

"No I don't... Ohhh.... Good.." Stacy moaned again.

Before The Game could get angrier, she let go of her soft legs causing one
of them to lay on the table's surface and the other on Triple H's shoulder.
Now that was the greatest entrance The Game could enter that night. But he
kept on fingering her with 2 big fingers. She started to clap with rhythm
just like cheerleaders.

"Not clapping only. Cheer!" Triple H smiled.

"Ohh My Go... This...This....This is the hardest exam I had ever done."
Stacy moaned like she was breathing her last breaths.

"You can pass it." Triple H took out one of his fingers.

"WoooWOoo... The Gam...ehhh is back... Oww God.... The Game Isss backh
hh.... Now We can Have... OHHHHH ... Now we can have a party.... We wanna
whoring.... We Wanna whoring.... We wanna whoring for him." She screamed
with clapping.

"Nice.... That was great.... You pass it." Triple H said and took out his

"Thanks." Stacy smiled and took a big breath.

"You know what Stacy? You came with vengeance." Triple H said.

Stacy looked at her pussy. It was wet and full of her juices. She even
didn't realized when she came and how she came. She looked at The Game and
smiled evilly.

"So what's next?" She asked.

"Now you have to be like a 9 years old babe." Triple H said.

Stacy didn't know how and what he wanted but she knew that her desire
wants her to pass all test he would put her through. Triple H looked at her.
He knew she didn't know what to do as a teenage babe. Then he undid his belt.
That gave all glimpse to Stacy's brain. She figured like a little girl.

"What's that daddy?" Stacy said with innocent voice.

"This? Its by belt." Triple H laughed.

"Not that. What is in your pants? Ha? BABA?" Stacy tried to hide her

"Ohh, Sweety. This is my cock." He pulled the semi-erect tool out.

"Come closer daddy!" Stacy said eagerly on the table.

Triple H took off his shirt for second time in the night. He smirked and
got in front of Stacy.

"Daddy! I wanna know more about it. Can I?" Stacy said while looking above
at That Damn Good.

"Why not Sweety." He smiled.

"How Daddy? I am just 9 and I don't know." She answered and laughed.

"Daddy will tell you. Just 2 words, Suck it." Triple H laughed too.

"But it don't fit to my mouth." Stacy said while grabbed his tool.

"Try!" He said pissed off about wasting time.

Stacy pulled herself closer and looked better to his now completely hard
member. She gasped. She knew if she even wouldn't play that role she can't
place all of it in her mouth. She opened her mouth and took out her tongue.
Stacy then pulled his cock closer and placed the head of it on her tongue.

"Good..." The Game said.

Stacy then tried to find a taste for it. That was her acting but deeply
she couldn't waste time anymore. The dick was so big that she always dreamed
about. Stacy couldn't control herself and wrapped her lips around it and
started to suck on it. She thrust it deep as much as she could and forwarded
until only his cock-head was in her round lips. She looked at the grunting
face above her. She knew that The Game was enjoying. She stroked his dick a
little and smiled at him.

"How was that?" she asked.

"You know? Terri is a better cock sucker than you." Triple H said.

That burned her in her guts. She placed his cock in her mouth and sucked
on it faster and harder. The Game started to smile but his smile quickly
turned to moan after she searched around his dick with her tongue. Stacy
grabbed his balls and massaged them hard that built new sensation in his
body. He grabbed her by hair and wanted to fuck her face that she pulled

"What was that for?" he said disappointed.

"I think I just passed your test?" Stacy smiled.

"Okay you did. But not all." Triple H said.

"I have only 2 left. Tell me the next one." Stacy said.

"To be a virgin...." Triple H said but cut by her.

"You have to lick me." Stacy laughed.

"But I already know that you can pass that." Triple H backfired her plan.

"So I should be a porn star then?" Stacy smiled with lust.

"Absolutely." Triple H said while got completely naked.

Stacy waited then choked him and pulled him lying on the table. She then
sat on his abdomin and tried to put his dick inside herself.

"Hey Stacy! Do you think this style could hurt you?" He asked.

"Nooooo..... I am in control now." Stacy said.

Like Triple H did it earlier to her, she opened her cunt lips with one
hand and with other one she grabbed his massive dick and guided herself to
sitting on it. Stacy gasped when the cock-head passed her lips and entered
her. She let go of his erection and with 2 hands fit her cunt on his dick.
After making sure about the job, she placed her hands on his chest and closed
her eyes. She slowly sat on his tool until her asscheeks touched his balls
and legs.

"Oww...My...Gosh... That is too deep." Stacy moaned.

Stacy slowly pulled herself up and down for a little bit. She knew if he
didn't finger her earlier, her screams would have filled MSG that night.
Stacy needed sometime to get comfortable with that monster up inside her
cunt. She undid her bra and laid on his chest. She slowly moved her body
causing his dick to slip inside her snatch.

"You know! Give me some romance." Stacy smiled.

The Game was all about romance. He kissed her passionly on lips and
inserted his tongue inside her mouth and searched there with it. Stacy
welcomed his tongue by sucking on it. She was still getting the fuck but now
she knew that it was only pleasure. Stacy backed and forthed harder until
The Game couldn't kiss her anymore. He let go of her mouth and she sat and
bounced up and down hard. All of his massive member was filling the magical
walls of the hot box. Stacy grabbed her breasts and rocked him harder and
faster. Triple H then grabbed her hot and wet thighs and through her up and
down of his cock. Here was Stacy, the cute babe on WWF TV who was teasing
all wrestlers and fans. She was getting the best ride of her life. She could
feel that when she was in the air, only half of his cock was inside her and
when she was on table, all inches of his member was inside her woman-hood.
Her body was responding furiously. After 5 minute of being in heaven she
couldn't held her balance. The Game was in control not her.

"OWW....OWWW....Ahhh.." Stacy moaned even louder.

That was the sign for orgasm, Triple H knew that Stacy could explode in
any second. So Since he was the Specialist in her view, he fucked her harder.
After making sure that he was in the same track that Stacy was, he gave her
a thrust and threw her in the air. When she landed on his erection he kept
her stable on his dick. That caused his dick to go deeper than ever inside
Stacy. Stacy who never experience a dick so deep inside her pussy came with
a long scream. She wanted to bounce but Triple H didn't like that idea and
still kept her thighs on his body. That gave him the sensation that he rarely
experienced. He splashed the huge load inside her pussy that even Stacy felt
the heat of it. Stacy opened her eyes and looked at him in his, She knew she
had done and now realized that he had done too. She splashed on his body and
laid on his chest.

"Ohh,, Man! That was fantastic!" Stacy gasped.

"Yeah.... You have great figure. You passed all tests." He smirked.

"There were mid-term exams weren't they?" Stacy smiled.

"Yeah..." Triple H laughed.

"I will get A plus on my final-term exams." Stacy laughed too.

After that Triple H thanked her and raised her and put her on table and
got up. He wore his clothes and looked at himself at the mirror. He was a
little red then. He went to door.

"By the way, I almost forgot to tell you 'Welcome Back.'" She smiled.

Triple H smiled back and left the room. He wanted to think about his
return but images of Stacy and Terri couldn't let him focus. He could feel
something powerful inside himself. That was the power of lust.


To Be Continued...

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