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The Game Returns Part 3: Can I Interview You First?
(Why Lilian Was So Excited On Monday Night)
by Nami (

After meeting Terri Runnels and Stacy Kiebler moments before, Triple H was
in a real good mood. He felt great about his return until he was blocked by
the third blonde in that night. It was none other than WWF announcer Lilian

"Hello... Triple H!" Lilian smiled.

"Hi Lilian. It's been quite a while that you didn't announce my name on
TV." he laughed.

"Yeah... You look better than ever." Lilian stared at his covered body.

In Triple H's mind every blonde girl looked like his bitch that night. He
took his hand out of his pocket and placed a finger on Lilian's chest just
between her breasts.

"Wh....What....Are you doin???" Lilian nodded in wonder.

"Ohh....Come On...Don't give me that shit." Triple H laughed.

Lilian was in shock. She really didn't play around backstage before. She
tried to be respectful and friendly with everybody. She had confessed in
church many times about how she felt about men's bodies and how she had crush
on people like Rock, Angle, Jericho, Hardyz ..... But never dared to think
about Triple H. Here was a kinda guy which was always mean, angry, serious,
and if he was happy it was when he was joking with his wife. And most
important than all was his wife was Stephanie and she could fire her ass out
of her good job.

"You act like you don't want it!" Triple H said.

"I really don't want it, Mr. Helmsly!" Lilian answered.

"So why the fuck you always stare at me in that ring?" Triple H shouted.

"I just ,,,,,, Ohh My god.... Forgive me! I just...." Lilian started to

"Just What?" Triple H shouted.

"I just liked your body." Lilian barely finished her words.

Triple H wasn't that angry but since Lilian was a chicken, he tried to
overpower her. He let go of her tight dress and grabbed her arm.

"Have you ever masturbate thinking about my body too?" he whispered.

"Ummm....Yeah..." Lilian nodded.

"I wanna see it how!" He smirked.

Lilian wanted him to stop but after seeing his mean face, she had no
choice. Lilian stepped back and leaned on the table. Triple H came closer and
grabbed her under her arms and raised her into the air and put her on table.

"Now!!! Let the show begin!" Triple H smirked.

Lilian slowly spread her legs. Her white silky panties staged for That
Damn Good. He leaned against the wall and watched the hottest act ever.
Garcia never done this before in front of a man. She was ashamed and sweating

"Relax! Things are all normal around." Triple H laughed.

"Its too hard." Lilian whispered.

"Spread those soft thighs a little more. Let me see what you hiding
there." He said.

Lilian's face turned red. She slowly spread her legs wider. Her silky
panties were wet. The Game knew how much she was excited.

"Now! You know what to do." Triple H said.

Lilian slowly placed her hand under her panties. It was a very hot place
that she could exactly feel the heat of it. She didn't need any guide, his
face and the budge in his jeans. Her wet cunt and sweaty body had turned her
on more than ever. She usually did this everyday, but she was always alone.
Always could moan and release herself but this time; there were 2 eyes
looking at her. She insert a finger into her hot pussy and gasped. Triple H
was thinking about how he can make a rememberable night with her too. She was
finger fucking herself slowly but with unbelievable energy. She closed her
eyes and couldn't hold her breath inside her throat. She gasped but instead
of catching her breath she welcomed his tongue inside her mouth. The Game had
dropped his coat and shirt. She hugged his naked body with one hand and with
passion. Triple H followed her hand in her panties. After his hand was on her
hand, her panties wanted to tear apart. She wanted to take out her finger but
his hand didn't let her. After a second, Lilian felt another finger inside
her pussy. It was The Game's. She moaned and insert her tongue in his mouth.
His free hand reached her buttcheek and squeezed the left one hard. Then he
tied his finger in her panties, where her asshole's heat could felt by his
finger. He then moved the panties away and with other finger touched her

"OHHH...." Lilian moaned loudly.

Triple H slowly inserted his finger where he wanted. It didn't go deep
enough. It wasn't his plan. After half of his finger disappeared, The Game
tried to pick her up with one hand in her front and one hand in her back.

"Don't do it... Ohhh....Please.." Lilian moaned.

"Don't worry! You will like it a lot." he whispered.

Triple H did his second try. She was in the air with 2 fingers deep
inside her cunt and one deep inside her anal channel. All she could do was
hang herself against him with one hand moaning. Triple H finally put her
back on the table. She felt so much better. His finger was no more in her
anus and his hand didn't force her to fingerfuck herself. She felt so much
cooler as The Game stepped back. She looked at his hand and realized why
she felt so much better. Her panties were gone and the air conditioning was
waving at her wet pussy causing pleasure inside her.

"Okay Lilian! Put these panties in different drawer. Just remember today."
Triple H laughed and through her panties to her.

Lilian badly wanted him to return to her, but he was gone. All she thought
about was another day and another time catching him alone. In her mind she
was thinking about doing a hand job to his microphone size dick and she
wished him good luck and welcomed him back.

To Be Continued...

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