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The Game Returns Part 4: The Need To Be Relaxed???
(Why Trish Was Barely Talking Monday Night)
by Nami (

Triple H was walking backstage, half of the show was over at that moment.
He could hear the fans calling his name in each break. He wanted to get in
that ring badly. He decided to get a closer look at the crowd from backstage.
So he headed to the ring. In the backstage of the entrance way he met many of
the crew, who welcomed him back. He looked at few monitors backstage to watch
the show. Many wrestlers would do what he wanted to do. He saw Albert and
then Kane and Hurricane there. Also he saw Sharmell again doing commentary
with The Rock. Monitors was showing awfully. Triple H checked at some of them
until he saw Trish Stratus. She had her trademark cowboy hat on and watching
WWF Live on TV.

"Hello Babe!" Triple H went to her.

"Ooops... Look who's here!" Trish smiled.

"How are you?" Triple H said and shook her hand.

Trish smiled at The Game. Deep inside she always loved him with a passion.
It wasn't about sex. She wanted him to hold her and be with her and marry
with her from the first time she knocked at his door and asked him to teach
him some wrestling lessons back in 2000. Triple H also had different feelings
about Trish all the times. He didn't know what but every time he thought
about her he wanted her to be around him. The two wheren't that close but
their talking was like old couples.

"I am ok? Don't you see?" Trish opened the bottom of her coat revealing
her WWF Women's Championship belt.

"Ohh... I see..." replied Triple H. Instead of looking at the belt was
looking at her big breasts covered by tight pink shirt.

"This is the result of hard work. Isn't it?" Trish smiled. Still thought
about showing her belt to That damn Good.

"Yeah... They are... I mean it is." Triple H nodded.

"So how things going on tonight?" Trish asked.

"Its fine! Everything is new around here. I am so happy cause my promo
will take place at the Main Event. How is yours?" Triple H said.

"Mine? Well... I have a match tonight, I have to defend my belt against
Terri Runnels." Trish said.

"Terri???..." He asked in wonder.

"Yeah... Why you getting excited? Why did you ask?" Trish said with her

"Ohh.. What I know?" Triple H asked as he tried to hide his relationship
with Terri an hour ago.

"That I have to defend my title against her in Wet T-shirt match." Trish

"Wet T-shirt? Wow that is so entertaining." Triple H said.

"Tell me that I will win." Trish said with smile.

"Umm..." Triple H nodded.

"Please Tell me..." Trish asked and grabbed a side of his jacket and
begged him with her charm like a baby.

"Okay... But I don't know how" Triple H smirked.

"How much what?" Trish got upset.

"How much big they are." He said so carefully.

Trish went deep in thought. If he wanna know who should win then she had
to show him what she really made of. Also if he wanna be the judge then he'd
have to see Terri's too and that would cause jealousy in her heart.

"I am sorry! I was joking." Triple H said.

"That OK. I am going to reveal them to ya..." Trish said seriously.

"But I can't judge this." Triple H still lied about Terri.

"I don't care." Trish said and again unbottomed her coat.

Trish slowly dropped her coat down. Her feeling was right about what she
was doing. Her breath was warm. Her looks were wicked. Her voice was erotic.
Her smell was fine and her body was wet. She couldn't act serious anymore
and started to smile. Triple H smiled back to her and waited for another
adventure. They both couldn't stop looking at each other. Trish slowly put
her Championship belt aside. She shoved her fore-fingers in her trouser
reaching the sides of her shirt.

"A...AA...." Triple H smiled.

"What?" Trish asked.

"I think Terri will win the match tonight." He smirked.

"Why?" Trish asked disappointed.

"Cause she will start more sexier than you." He answered.

"How?" Angry Trish asked.

"I don't know...I just know that you can start from another place." he

"Where?" Trish asked.

"Ok... Miss investigator! I will teach you the way men would like." Triple
H said.

With Trish still standing, Triple H stepped forward. He could feel the
heat of her body and couldn't control his cock anymore. Trish's breath was
heavy and she really didn't know how she controlled herself from jumping and
hugginh him. Triple H reached and opened her thin belt. Trish's hungry eyes
were eating his guts in those seconds. He found her zipper and slowly
unzipped it. Trish couldn't resist letting out a moan when the fresh air
waved at her now very wet panties.

"That's the way of beginning." Triple H whisped.

"Learn me more please....." She moaned.

Triple H slowly touched her panties. It was so soft. He then brought his
hands under her tight shirt. Trish couldn't resist and tried to have her
hands on his arms but that didn't help her. Triple H then touched her thighs.
...((WOW))... She felt amazing under his hands and moved his hands higher
until the whole shirt was up. The southern beam of her round breasts were
easily viewable. Triple H then put his hands on the sides of each breast. He
stared right into her eyes. She was looking at his hands and when he stopped
she looked at his eyes with amazing lust.

"I love you Hunter... Oh... I always did," Trish moaned.

"Me too... Lets defend your belt." Triple H smirked.

Triple H stopped breathing and in one second pressed her breasts causing
them to squeeze to each other. Trish moaned loudly and dropped his hands. She
was truly out of control. Triple H looked at her confused.

"Enough teasing." Trish gasped.

Trish Stratus' lust was out of hand. She took off his coat a out of
nowhere his shirt was gone. Trish pushed the big man to wall a touched his
chest. At that point Trish was stronger than The Game. That was something
The Game rarely experienced. Trish started to kiss and lick his chest with
much hunger. Triple H rarely was gentle with girls but Trish was different.
The Game placed his hand under her hair a rubbed her neck. She went crazy
and stopped licking his body and kissed him hard on the lips. She was a
little short for The Game so she jumped up a wrapped her legs around his
waist and hugged him tight. Triple H turned around and pushed her back to
wall and shoved his tongue in her mouth. His tongue had already raced in
damn great places. His hands were under her butt and kept her in his height.
Trish broke her most passionate kiss and caugh her breath. Meanwhile, Triple
H worked on her neck. He was softly bit her ear and licked her neck. Trish
was moaning so loud that the crew all realized what was going on, but none
of them dared to look at them. Triple H's hands were between her legs and at
the end of her asscrack. That Damn Good could feel the wetness of her pussy.
He released her, causing her to stand.

"Take me Hunter... I'm yours..." Trish gasped.

"You are hotter than hell....You may burn me..." HHH smiled.

"You've already burned me...." Trish smiled.

Trish didn't waste any time. She knew she had a match and she must hurry
if she wanted some of his That Damn Good. She undid his belt but got pushed
hard to wall by The Game. He then grabbed the sides of her pink shirt and
took it out, Trish's breasts bounced up and down in front of his eyes. For
him (and all of us). He grabbed them and squeezed them hardly until she
moaned again and them reached and put one of her nipples in his mouth. Trish
cried out immediately after the wetness of his saliva reached her nipple. The
Game sucked on his left nipple until it was sore and red. He then grabbed the
other breast and sucked on it too. Trish was about to cum real bad but Hunter
released her tits. He got on his knees and grabbed the sides of her trouser
and pulled it down revealing her great skinned legs. She helped him to throw
her boots and trouser away. Her juices was dripping slowly out of her panties
down her thighs. The Game licked them up to her panties. With his powerful
tongue he licked her pussy lips which had slipped out of her panties. Trish
bent down and took off her panties and spread her legs some more.

"Looks like you are in a hurry." Triple H said.

Trish didn't answer. She guided his head to her crotch and put one of her
legs on his shoulder. Triple H hadn't seen a wet cunt looking this inviting
in his life. He shoved his tongue inside her pussylips and searched for her
clit. Trish put a hand on his shoulder and with other one she messed her
hair. After a few seconds he found her clit, but didn't work on it. The Game
grabbed her other leg and put it on his shoulder too. Now Trish was sat on
his shoulder (If you know what I mean). The Game put his hands on her butt
and slowly stood. Trish was in the air only held her balance with leaning on
the wall and his shoulders. The Game then licked her clit hardly causing her
to moan in the air.

"Ohhh My.....I" Trish gasped.

Trish's body was in different condition. She liked it damn much until she
felt his thumb on the opening of her asshole. That was enough for WWF Women's
Champion to come on his face with a huge ovation from his tongue. She felt
cold and empty as the result of her orgasm. She shivered and almost lost her
balance but he held her in the air and put her down.

"Are you ok?" He smiled.

"Well done. Never been better." She smiled back.

"See you soon." He kissed her on chick and picked his shirt.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"I don't know... walking around." he answered while looking for his shirt.

"You will not be going anywhere." Trish said and took his shirt and throw
it away.

"But.. You're don...." He said but cut by her.

"No..I am not.. That was the beginning." Trish blushed.

"Ohhh really?" Triple H laughed.

"Lets play The Game." She smiled.

Trish undid his belt again and helped and pulled his Jean down to his
ankles. She pushed him down and took his balls in hand.

"Its time to returning the favor." She said.

Trish reached and grabbed his hard cock in hand. She barely wrapped her
fingers around it and moved her head forward and opened her mouth. Then she
placed his cock-head on her lips. At first she wanted to tease him but
couldn't resist and sucked the whole erection in her mouth. Triple H tried
not to show weakness at first but as soon as her saliva effected his dick
he grunted hardly. Trish sucked on it up and down while she was rubbing and
nailing his legs. She pressed her chin on his balls and caused his cock-head
to rub against the back of her throat. Triple H was hornier than ever that
night and fucked her face real hard. That brought him in new situation of
lust. He couldn't let himself finish without fucking Trish Stratus. Trish
felt his hands on her hair. He grabbed them and stopped her sucking.

"Trish! I need to fuck you." Triple H said with shivering voice. (who
blame him!)

Trish got up and got on fours next to him. He got up and stood behind her.
That was an amazing view and The Game couldn't resist. He grabbed her ass
cheeks and wanted to enter his god-damn dick in her god-damn pussy than
suddenly someone was there.

"What the fuck you want?" The Game shouted.

"Trish is up next." He said in fear.

"Fuck..." an angry HHH shouted.

"Don't worry.... I will catch you later. Here's this for now." Trish said.

Trish got on knees and placed his hot rod in her mouth again. He gasped
and melted by the heat of her mouth. She forgot the crew's presence back
there. She sucked so fast and kept her lips tight on his dick caused the
affection much more. She massaged his balls and did her best blow job. Trish
could hear fans cheering for her match. She made more saliva in her mouth
causing his dick floated in her mouth. Suddenly there was a force in her
mouth, Trish couldn't hold her mouth shut and after her lips lost to the
pressure saw his white creamy cum dripping from her mouth onto her knees.
She had done it and sucked his dick clean and stood.

"That wasn't what I expected." Triple H said still sad about loosing the
chance to fuck that beautiful butt.

"Me too... But I knew you would be tasty." Trish said and pinched him on
chick and picked her dress and left.

"See ya later, Trish!" Triple H shouted.

"Ohh... I almost forgot... Welcome Back." Trish bushed and left.

Triple H looked at his limp dick. He then remembered the crew and looked
at him. He almost pissed in himself.

"Do you think its funny." He asked about his dick.

"No... Its bigger than my hard on." He mummled.

"You see boy. This goddamn cock caused me many troubles tonight. My
problem is, After seeing those chicks and not banging them I think it will
raised again seconds later." He smirked and put on his clothes.

"Hey Hunter!" The crew guy said.

"What?" The Game answered.

"Its simple. Go Fuck someone else. There are many Divas around." he

"Like who? Terri? Stacy? Lillian? Not Sharmell." He answered quickly.

"I don't know... May be there's someone with the hair dresser." He

"What's your name?" Triple H asked.

"Peter... Why?" He asked in fear and wonder.

"Peter! You gave me good idea." The Game smiled and left.

Triple H wanted to find Stacy's hair dresser which he had met minutes
before fucking Duchess of Dudleywill. He looked at his watch and smiled.

"Man! I still have one fuck left to my promo." He said.

To Be Continued...

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