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The Game Returns Part 5: Better Than What I Expected (Another First Meeting)
by Nami (

Triple H, The Game, was havn't the best night in his 7 years carrier. Not
only returning to World Wrestling Federation after 8 months, but also had sex
with some of the hottest babes in the industry. But The Game was not done
yet. After missing the great fuck with Trish Stratus, The Game needed another
one to finish his task. After Paul, The backstage crew guy gave him an idea
of finishing the night with Stacy Kiebler's hair dresser, Hunter Hearst
Helmsley was searching in the arena for her.

The Game walked in the corridor until he saw Kane. He asked Kane where he
can find the make up area. Kane guided him to the end of the arena which was
the official make up room for everybody. He knocked at the door and stepped
inside. It was a large room full of mirrors and plastic models which he
couldn't recognize if they were real or not. He looked around for a while,
after hearing nothing from anything he wanted to leave but...

"Wanna make me up?" The female voice broked the silence.

"No..." Triple H looked around.

"So you wanna get make up?" The voice asked.

"No..." Triple H looked around better.

"So you are looking for someone?" She asked.

"Where the fuck you are hiding?" He got frustrated.

"Who the hell do you think you're talking to like this?" The voice was a
little closer and harsh.

Triple H was staring at the plastic models until he felt a hand pushed him
from behind. He quickly turned around but 2 hands grabbed his shirt hard.

"No one talk to me like that." She said.

Before The Game could recognize her she kicked him in groin and punched
him in the face. Although her punch wasn't too strong, the kick really
effected his horny balls. He only pushed her away and guard himself for next
defense. She smashed into the wall but grabbed a pipe and returned to him.

"You S.O.B... I am going to Kick your A..." She paused at the moment.

"Come on bitch!" Pissed off Game provoked her.

"You....You...You are....." She couldn't continue.

"Shut up bitch." Triple H shouted.

"Look! I am really sorry. I didnt't recognize you." she said in a helpless

Triple H looked at her better. She was familiar to him. He was angry as
hell and would cut her head off but she wasn't that type of woman. She
dropped the pipe down. She was red then. She was embarrassed and sad.

"Look Mr. Helmsley. I am dead sorry. I will do anything for you to forgive
me." She begged.

"Hold on bitch! Who the fuck you are?" He shouted.

"I'm Torrie, Torrie Wilson." She answered.

"Ohh Really? Yeah, you are." He answered in wonder.

"Look! I didnt't know it was you. I am dead...." Torrie begged.

"Why are you repeating your youself. That's fine." He cut her words.

"Thank you. Want something now? Let's have a seat." She asked happily.

Torrie pulled a chair and asked him to sit. He sat slowly, After receiving
the kick his erection was gone.

"If you would've hit me with the pipe, I would dragged you all over New
York." He said.

Triple H massaged his balls slowly to see if they were okay. He looked at
Torrie. She was smiling at him with eyes directed in his eyes.

"How you are that tough?" He asked.

Triple H fixed his coat and waited for her answer but she didnt't. He
looked up and saw her stilled, Staring at him with same smile.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing. This is my first meeting with you. I was totally happy and
excited to see you tonight." She answered and sat on floor in front of his

"What about now?" He blushed.

"I don't know. The way I met you a minute ago was embarrassing. I am
sorry for what happened. You know, I never thought I will meet you like
this." Torrie smiled.

"and How you thought you would see me?" Triple H asked.

"I can't tell you... But you are bigger than what I imagined." Torrie

"and you are stronger than what I saw on TV!" He laughed.

"Ohh... did I hurt you?" Torrie said sadly.

"Not really." He answered and wanted to get up but she pushed him back on

Torrie stood in front of him and checked his jaw. Normally that give any
man huge hard-on but that night Torrie didn have on one of her sexy dresses.
She had a black shirt and long black skirt.

"Thanks Torrie. I don't need my jaw massaged. Ok?" The Game got up.

"But I should help you anyway." Torrie answered.

"You wanna help me?" He asked.

"100%." Torrie smiled.

"Tell me where that teenage hairdresser is." He asked.

"That's all? Okay. Follow me." She smiled.

Torrie headed to door and Triple H followed her but suddenly she stopped.
Triple H's body pressed against her back caused her to gasp. She turned
around face to face with him.

"What's going on? Are you okay?" He asked.

"Ohh Not really." She gasped.

"Why are you red?" He asked a little worry.

"Nothing." Torrie moaned.

Triple H had no idea until he saw her losing her balance and fell into his
arms. Triple H quickly pulled her to couch and placed her on it.

"Torrie? Can you hear me? Wait! I will call EMTs." Triple H said.

"No...Just lock the door. I will get better soon. I don't want anyone
seeing me like this." Torrie said.

Triple H quickly locked the door and returned to her.

"Mr. Helmsley?" Torrie asked.

"Call me Hunter." He answered.

"Hunter? Can you do a favor for me? That's rude that I am asking for help
when I kicked you in balls, I know but I need your help." Torrie said.

"Tell me... anything." Triple H said.

"I feel a burning inside. Its a fever I think... I need to get cold." She

Triple H jumped over to a refrigerator and picked some cans of beer,
water, ice and some ice cream. He returned to her and handed her a glass of
cold water. Triple H had gotten good feeling about Torrie. He didnt't know
why but deep inside he started to like her. Her voice was so fine to his
ears and her eyes were so simple and kind unlike Steph's. Torrie drank the
whole glass and he poured another for her. Torrie spilt some on her neck and

"Feel better?" He asked.

"Yeah... Thanks..." She smiled but still gasping.

Triple H sat in front of her and spilt water on her left leg and then with
wet hand rubbed her ankle and leg.

"Drink a beer. It will cool you down." He asked her.

Torrie opened it and drank some. His hand on her leg drived her even
hotter. Shivers of heat was sending to her heart and snatch.

"Thanks Hunter. Can we be friends?" She asked.

"Sure Torrie. I think you will be a good one for me." He smiled.

"I feel good now, Tell me why you wanted a hair dresser?" She asked.

"Shit... I almost forgot. I have a little time. Are you good? I have to
go." He said with rush.

"Yeah.. But..." Torrie interrupted.

Triple H headed to door but in his heard something was stopping him. He
reached the latch and unlock the door and looked back at her to see if she
was all right. He saw a blonde babe with wet hair and a leg out of her skirt.

"Hunter!" She asked.

" Torrie?" He nodded.

"I think you don't need any hair dresser." Torrie said with a charm Triple
H never experienced in anyone's voice.

"No... I think I know what I really need." He answered. He could feel his
cock coming alive.

"I can help you. YOu don't need her. Just come back inside!" Torrie

What would a horny man do if if he heard a woman ask him to do that? Some
men can answer negative but not even they can answer negative to a girl like
Torrie Wilson. Triple H couldn't answer. He was just looking at her. Her
horny eyes were inviting and he couldn't reject when he was looking at her

"You said we can be friends. Didn't you? So stay with me please. I feel
hot inside and need your help." Torrie giggled.

Triple H slowly stepped back, Torrie picked up an ice cream and started to
lick at it. That view was so erotic that Triple H felt there was no room in
his pants for his cock.

"How can I help you?" Triple H nodded.

"I need you to reduce my temperature." She giggled and licked at the ice

Triple H came closer until he stood in front of her. Torrie didn't look
up and continued to lick her ice cream. She was the most attractive woman
Triple H had ever met in his life. Her style was so much different than the
others and that turned him on. Triple H just stood there until she laughed
and grabbed his hand.

"Want an ice cream?" Torrie asked with smile and pulled him on his knees
in front of her.

"I think what I want is hot cream not ice cream." He smirked.

Torrie's eyes were stabbing his back and sending pain of lust in his body.
She picked an ice cream and offered it to him. The Game reached but instead
of taking the ice cream he grabbed her hand. From the first moment they met,
Torrie was a happy girl with smile on her face but after what Triple H did
her eyes were smiling to him. He rubbed her hand softly up to her arm. Then
All of the sudden he reached closer and kissed her on lips. Torrie wrapped
her free hand around his neck but her ice cream messed with his hair.

Torrie wanted to say sorry but The Game shoved his tongue in her mouth and
probed it. Torrie gasped and from a escape way she ran her tongue in his
mouth. She dropped her ice cream and hugged him tighter. Triple H's free hand
wrapped around her back and pulled her to him. Torrie immediately spread her
legs and helped him to hug her tighter. Although Torrie had blouse he still
could feel the hardness of her nipples. Finally The Game let go of her arm.
That gave her a chance to hug him with 2 hands but caused his hand going on
her ass cheeks.

"Ahhh...." Torrie moaned and let go of her kiss.

"I think I made you hotter. Didn't I?" Triple H asked.

Torrie just nodded her head yes.

"Don't worry. I will make you feel so cool that you ask me to warm you."
se smirked.

While Torrie was just looking, Triple H grabbed her under her arms and
placed her on couch. For the first time in the night he saw her without smile
and disappointed. Triple H picked the water bottle and pour it on his hair
and cleaned it from the ice cream mess and then put it aside.

"Now what?" Torrie asked innocently.

Just like to others, The Game didnt't answer her. He picked the ice cream
that Torrie offered him seconds ago. He unwraped it and moved it directly to
her mouth and horney Torrie sucked on it happily. The Game pulled it away
making sure that is still in usual form. Then he licked at it softly and with
his other hand slowly pushed her left leg aside. Torrie happily spread both
legs apart and waited for further actions. The Game's hand crawled under her
long black skirt. His fingers softly touched her legs causing them to close
automatically. The Game looked up at her smiley face.

"You like it?" Triple H smirked.

In answer Torrie just bit her lower lip. Her charms really effected well
on The Game. He rubbed her leg up gently until his fingers touched the
softness of her panties. The Game laughed and placed the ice cream in her
mouth. Once again she started to suck on it.

"I know why you feel hot and I know how to solve it." Triple H smirked.

With Torrie sucking on the ice cream Triple H pulled up her skirt and
grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled it off in hurry. He then spread
her legs and moved forward and kissed her on lips and feed her some ice cream
with his tongue. Torrie's shaved pussy lips rubbed against his jeans and
drove her wild. She wanted to hug him for another passionate kiss but he
pushed her back in her place. The Game picked up another ice cream and
unwraped it. Torrie got a sad expression on her face. She had no idea what
The Game was up to do. Triple H didnt't put her in wondering position. He
reached forward and with one hot kiss distracted her. She was enjoying the
hotness of the kiss that all of the sudden she felt something cold on the
opening of her womanhood.

"Wha......t t...." Torrie broked the kiss.

"Shhhh...." Triple H moved back.

Triple H spread her legs apart and pulled up her skirt and slowly rubbed
the ice cream's head on her cunt lips. Torrie dropped her head back and let
Triple H do his best. The Game with one hand spread her pussy lips which were
already wet with melted cream and her juices. He then shoved the ice creams
chocolate head on her lips and thrust it inside. She moaned but The Game
pulled it out.

"What's the matter with you? Why you tease me so much?" a sad Torrie

Again The Game didnt't respond. He just bit the chocolate head and shoved
the colder part of the ice cream inside her. She gasped for air when her
pussy walls felt the coldness of the cream. The Game didnt't waste any time
and shoved some more inside her until there were no ice cream. Torrie moaned
and gasped and sobbed until the cream started to make her pussy shiver. The
Game pushed her down on the coach and put her legs on his shoulders and
pressed his tongue on her cunt caused her legs to press his neck. The Game
shoved his tongue in her cunt and through all cream he found her clit. Torrie
couldn't take it anymore and screamed and orgasmed real hard.

"Wow... How in the hell.... I mean I never saw anyone come like that."
Triple H excited.

"Its your speciality." Torrie gasped.

The Game's trademark smirk got onto his face. He looked at his watch. It
was indeed his time to play some game before getting into that ring and cut
his promo. He stood in front of the blonde babe and took off his shirt for
another time. He did this for several times first with Terri and then Stacy
and then Trish. None of them was like Torrie Wilson in his view. Although he
came three time in 2 hours, he felt wilder inside than before. Triple H
reached closer and helped Torrie to strip her black wet blouse. It was one
the most erotic scenes he had ever seen.

Triple H grabbed the sides of her skirt and pulled her skirt off as well.
Now he could see the hot sweats on her face and neck and cold ones on her
hips. Torrie grabbed his trouser and pulled him closer to herself.

"Let me see what you're hiding there." Torrie smirked.

Then She undid his belt, second by second she looked straight in his eyes
and then on her task. All the time she couldn't stop bitting her lower lip.
She finally pulled down his trousers and revealed his hard erection. Before
Triple H could say a word, Torrie gave a big rub to his cock and sucked on
his dick hard but slow. That made The Game moaning for his life. He was
defenseless after quite long time. Torrie dropped him on the couch and got
on her knees in front of him and sucked a side of his dick. She then squeezed
his dick and laughed.

"You better not teasing me." Triple H smirked.

"Ohh... I cant... I don't have that much will power." She smirked back.

Torrie wrapped her fingers around his thick cock and pushed it to her
mouth and sucked on it with vengeance. Triple H's body was shivering. He
dropped his head back and grunted loudly with each lip stroke of Torrie
Wilson around his manhood. For more effect Torrie was scratching his upper
thighs and legs. The Game could not hold back anymore. This was the best
blow job anyone ever gave him. Triple H stopped her and pushed her back,
Torrie sat back and gasped and The Game tried to catch his breath as well.

"You have a man's power in your lips." He excited.

Now it was Torrie who was in command. She didnt't answer the nearly
orgasmed Triple H. She Just pushed him down and slowly sat on his hips. She
then moved forward and layed on top of him. Triple H always hated to kiss
girls who sucked dick but he couldn't resist by sucking her tongue in his
mouth. Torrie pinned his hands on the couch.

"The best body I had ever seen." Torrie smiled.

With that Torrie kissed and licked his neck and chest and lower. She then
kissed his cock again and raised herself up and so slow sat on him. Slowly
her pussy walls opened and his cock-head slipt inside her damn wet pussy. She
moaned and slowly positioned herself on it until all of his 8 inches member
was inside her. She kept herself still until she used to his thickness then
slowly rocked him. The Game gabbed her thighs and hammered her on his cock.
It didn't take long before Torrie started to sweat real bad and it dripped
on his chest. Triple H moved up in sitting position and pressed her sweaty
breasts to himself. There was nothing more lustful than being on top of
Torrie Wilson. Triple H raised her up and put her on coach and pulled her
legs up and slowly thrust his cock into her hot vagina.

"Ohh God..." He groaned.

Torrie rested her legs on his shoulder when he entered her completely. He
then slowly increased his rhythm caused her breasts to bounce freely. It
was The Game's turn to dropping his sweat on her tanned and amazing body.
Torrie's pussy was welcoming his thick hard long cock real well into itself
and herself was more than happy to handle That Damn Good. He released her
legs and laid on top of her and shoved his whole god damned 8 inches inside
her with sinful thrust. Torrie moaned real hot and wrapped her legs around
his waist. It was a hot missionary style because her pussy lips was more
spread and her cunt was pocked out and he could deep fucking the WWF valet
even better than before.

"Ohh.. Hunter.. You are incredible." Torrie moaned.

Triple H pinned her hands on the coach and pressed his chest hard on her
big and round breasts. Torrie's nipples felt great on his chest caused him to
rub his body on her's while he was fucking her pussy. Triple H, was fighting
for his cum. He didnt't want to come real soon but he had no control until he
remembered something. Barely, Even harder than wrestling with injured knee 8
months ago, The Game pulled out his cock.

"You're done.." The crazy lusty Torrie asked.

"No... There is only one thing left to do." He whisped in her ear.

"And what's that all aboot?" She laughed.

"Turn around and find out." He laughed back.

Triple H got up from her and she slowly turned around and got on all
fours. Her ass cheeks were shining and were even nicer than Trish's. The Game
slowly positioned himself behind her and grabbed her thighs and shoved his
cock inside her snatch. She moaned and clutched the couch when she felt his
cock inside her pussy. The Game slowly fucked and teased her until she was
moaning real hard. The Game then increased his rhythm and fucked her harder.
He grabbed a handful of breast and squeezed it with passion. While fucking
her Triple H was rubbing his face on her back caused more pleasure in
Torrie's body. She felt her pussy got tighter and she responded with screams
of lust.

"Dear God... I cant hold my self anymore." Torrie grunted.

"Me neither baby. But wait..." He grunted back.

Triple H took his cock out of her pussy which followed by drops of her
juices. Triple H stared at his tool and examined its wetness. Then with one
hand pushed her back down and with other one guided his cock on the opening
of her anus.

"Oh god... I didnt't do that before. Can you just forget....." Torrie's
word's didnt't last long.

Before she could finish her sentence his cock head was inside her back
hole. She held her breath and waited for possible injuries. The Game took
advantage of her silence and shoved his cock viscously inside her. Although
his cock was lobbed by her juice but he had trouble to enter her completely.
He pulled his cock out and spit on her asshole and shoved the head back

"Damn! You are tight." Triple H grunted.

For reducing herself's pain, Torrie spread her legs further and buried her
face to the crotch. The Game's couldn't continue shoving his cock in her back
hole. He knew she will not say a word and let him bang her as hard as he
wanted, but he felt sorry to be wild with such a nice blonde. Torrie realized
his slow pace and she moved her but back. She wanted to satisfy the man with
all she worthed. She reached under her belly and messaged his balls.

"What's the matter? It wont hurt any of us." Torrie moaned.

Although Triple H didnt't want to fuck her butt anymore but the sensation
which made in his balls slowly started to move his hips. He shoved his cock
so slowly inside her until most off it was berried in Wilson's anus. She
gasped and squeezed his balls firmly. The Game was out of control then. He
pulled back and shoved inside Torrie who felt he breath cut. She spread her
legs further and let The Game to hammer her virgin butthole. Triple H wasn't
anymore the good heart hunter, He was in the ring Game. He turned to highways
and as fast as he could banged Torrie's anus. Torrie was moaning like water
on fire. Triple H's massive cock was going in and out of tight asshole of

"Ohh.....Fuck....It feels..Sooooo right." Torrie screamed.

Triple H leaned back and arched his body to hers and caused his whole nine
yard went deep inside her backside. She screamed in mix of pleasure and
presser. The Game then moved forward and grabbed her breasts from behind and
squeezed them like she was doing to his balls seconds before. She let out of
long moan and gave her body to him. He held her balance with his hands on her
well sized tits but he couldn't stop banging her asshole.

"Ohh.. I am comin....Ahhh.." Torrie moaned.

Seconds later Triple H felt wetness on his thighs. Torrie was one hell of
orgasm hall of famer. Her juices was dripping on her and even The Game's
thighs. She rested her head back on his shoulder and with hands forced him
digging his cock back there. Triple H pulled her more to herself, That
brought to finest bodies in the world got together. (That is the best porno
movie you can imagine.)

"Ohh Torrie... You are..... God!" Triple H grunted.

The room was filled with the sounds of wet and sweaty bodies connections
and Triple H's balls smacking on the entrance of Torrie's pussy and obviously
her gasps and his groans. Triple H couldn't hold back anymore and faintly
shouted and unloaded streams of cum in her anus. She could feel the prussure
of his cum splashing at the end of her rectum.

"Ohh Man..." He groaned.

Triple H leaned back and layed on the couch and Torrie on top of him. His
cock was still inside her and still coming inside her anus. Triple H rested
for few minutes until remembered his scheduled appearance in the ring. He
looked at his watch.

"Damn! No one knows I am here. Everybody must be looking for me." He

Triple H tried to ask Torrie to move up and let him go but he realized she
felt in a sweet dream. He slowly picked her and put her on coach. He put on
his clothes and put something on Torrie for making her warm. He then kissed
her on lips and turned the lights off and went out.

In backstage, No one asked him where he was, He was ready to go to that
ring but his mind was reviewing the night. It was all started in parking lot
and will finish in that ring. He was pleased with his return cause he could
count on Terri anytime he was horny and Steph wasn't around. He could satisfy
his lust with playful Stacy Kiebler and now he knew Trish and Specially
Torrie real well. His music hit and he went to that ring for the first time
in 8 months.

The End

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