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The Games We Play
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"What a kiss..." Chris Jericho laughs to himself and licks his lips as he
enters his private locker room. Dressed in black wrestling tights with a red,
blue, green and blue criss-crossing patter on the pant legs and shin high
wrestling boots with JERICHO imprinted on the sides.

Just minuets before, during his match with Kurt Angle at the 2000 King of The
Ring Pay-Per-View (June 25, 2000), Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley ran down to the
ring to distract Referee Teddy Long from seeing Jericho make Kurt Angle tap
out. Out of frustration, Jericho broke the hold he had on Angle and dragged
Stephanie into the ring, teases that he's going to hurt Stephanie, but
instead he plants a long lustful kiss on the Billion-Dollar Princess. Despite
losing the match, Jericho licks his lips in satisfaction as he sits on the
large leather couch of his locker room. He picks up the remote control for
the large screen television set to flip it on to watch the rest of the
pay-per-view as he starts to take off his wrestling boots.

Suddenly the door to Chris Jericho's locker room swings up and in walks the
angered Billion Dollar Princess, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, who's dressed in
a pair of tight fitting black pants and a black tank top. Stephanie narrows
her eyes into a glare as she looks at Jericho "Just who the hell do you think
you are!?" Stephanie yells as she places her hands on her hips.

Jericho looks up at Stephanie just as he takes his left boot off. He smirks
up at her and licks his lips, "Why Stephanie, what has you so upset?" He asks
with a cocky tone as he pulls off his right wrestling boot.

"You! You!.." Stephanie grits her teeth as she shakes her head "You...kissed
me!" Stephanie yells after wiping her mouth with left hand "Do you know who
the hell I am!? I'm Stephanie...McMahon...Helmsley!" Stephanie says as she
keeps a solid, cold glare on her arch-enemy Chris Jericho.

"Oh... really... you're Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley?" Jericho asks as he
laughs and stands up, "Because I thought you were someone else..." Jericho
smirks and flicks his right thumb against the right side of his chin.

Stephanie smirks a bit, trying to hide an outburst of laughter, before she
clears her throat "Who the hell else would I be!?" Stephanie snaps back at

"Oh you know who you are..." Jericho smirks as he takes a few steps towards
Stephanie and looks down at her. "You're a filthy... dirty... disgusting...
brutal...bottom feeding... trash bag ho!"

Stephanie's eyes widen a bit before she shakes her head " have
some nerve!" Stephanie yells before she raises her left hand up and smacks
Jericho hard across the face.

Jericho turns his head towards the right; acting like Stephanie struck him
harder than she did. Jericho turns his head back to face her, the left side
of his face a bit red from Stephanie's slap. "Awww... wasn't that just so
sweet..." Jericho laughs in Stephanie's face.

Stephanie grits her teeth as she gets right into Jericho's face "You know
what Chris? I fucking hate you!" Stephanie yells.

Jericho smirks down at Stephanie and licks his lips, "The feeling is
mutual..." Jericho pauses then he gets a wide smirk, "Since you are the Queen
of the Brutal, Nasty, Rancid, Reeking, Putrid, Foul Smelling, Festering..."
Jericho stops before he continues and laughs at the murderously angry look
forming on Stephanie's face with each and every word he says.

"You think I'm disgusting, huh?" Stephanie yells a bit "If you think that's
disgusting...what about this!?" Stephanie says before she pushes herself at
Jericho, pressing her lips against his lips as she puts Jericho to a steamy
lip-lock. Stephanie pushes Jericho up against the nearest wall, which isn't
far away, and slips her tongue into his mouth.

Jericho is a bit surprised at Stephanie's lustful kiss as she forces her
tongue into his mouth, but he quickly brings his hands up to Stephanie's head
and pulls on her long brown hair as he starts to kiss her back, wrapping his
tongue around hers. Jericho then brings his hands down from her hair and lays
them on Stephanie's shoulders to push her back to break the kiss, "Wow...
thanks Stephanie... that was the breast... I mean best..." Jericho laughs.

Stephanie grits her teeth "I...hate you..." Stephanie says in a sneer tone
as she pushes Jericho over the arm of the couch, causing him to fall back
onto the cushions of the couch. Stephanie flips her brown hair back as she
mounts herself on top of Jericho as he lays on the couch. Stephanie leans
down and begins to kiss him once again, working her tongue into his mouth
as she starts to lift her black tank top off of her body, while at the same
time feeling a hardness in the crotch area of Jericho's wrestling tights.
Jericho kisses back and pushes his tongue into Stephanie's mouth as he
brings his hands to the top of Stephanie's black tank top and pulls it off
her body completely, freeing her large round breasts and the black bra that
is containing them. Jericho moans into Stephanie's mouth as he feels her
hand press firmly against the crotch of his wrestling tights.

Stephanie lifts her head up, breaking the kiss, as she breathing heavily
"" Stephanie says as she reaches back, over her slender
shoulder and unclips her bra, peeling the bra off of her chest. Stephanie
freely her chest from the confines of her bra, she pushes herself down
Jericho's body and begins to remove his wrestling tights.

Jericho smirks as he scoots backward on the couch and lifts himself up a bit
to make it easier for Stephanie to pull down his tights, to free his hard
fourteen inch cock. "Yeah... I can see how much you hate me... and I loath
you wholly you bargain basement slut..."

Stephanie looks up at Jericho with a cold glare as she grits her teeth, once
gripping hold of his cock with her right hand "I hate...YOU!" Stephanie yells
with her teeth gritted as she starts to move her right hand up and down
Jericho's cock at a furiously quick rate. Stephanie grinds and rubs the palm
of her right hand, briskly against the shaft of Jericho's cock.

Jericho licks his lips as he locks gazes with Stephanie, his eyes reflecting
his obvious amusement as he feels Stephanie's right hand moving up and down
his shaft. "Oh... don't... hide your feelings Stephy..." Jericho laughs as he
slides his left hand through his long blond hair.

Stephanie breaths heavily as she strokes her hand rougher against Jericho's
cock "I hate hate me!...It's...that...simple.." Stephanie says,
before she lifts her head up and brings her head down, with her mouth opened
on Jericho's cock. Stephanie wraps her lips tightly around Jericho's cock,
once he's inside of her warm McMahon mouth. Stephanie starts to bob her head
quickly on his cock while she muffly says "I hate you" as she bobs her head
on his cock, sucking him off.

"Yeah... I really do find you to be... a fucking hateful little skank..."
Jericho says in between moans as he bucks his hips upward towards Stephanie's
mouth, thrusting his cock up at the same pace she's bobbing her head on it.
Jericho laughs a bit as he brings his left hand to the back of Stephanie's
head and pushes her head down further on his shaft than she's going, making
her take twelve of his fourteen inches of meat into her mouth.

As Stephanie practically deep throats Jericho's nicely sized cock, she laps
and bats her tongue around and against his meaty tool. Stephanie twists her
mouth against his cock as she presses her teeth against his cock, grazing her
teeth against his cock as she slowly lifts her head up from his cock, sending
a few drops of her warm saliva to trickle down his long, hardened shaft.
Stephanie lifts her head up completely with a swift pop of her mouth, before
glaring her eyes at Jericho " hate you...Chris!"

"Awww... you called me by my first name... how adorable..." Jericho laughs
at her as he sits up on the couch. He grabs hold of Stephanie's arms and
pulls her up onto the leather couch before he stands up. He grabs a hold of
Stephanie's black pants and starts to yank them down.

Stephanie locks her eyes on Jericho as he quickly removes her black
pants "You only wish, you were good enough to be with me...Stephanie

"Oh yeah... I really want to be like Triple H and be a member of the "My
wife is a slime ball pig club..." Jericho laughs as he rips Stephanie's black
pants off of her legs, and he smirks when he we sees she's not wearing any
panties underneath them and that her pussy is perfectly shaved.

Stephanie glares at Jericho after hearing his comment "You're an idiot,'re pathetic!" Stephanie yells as she oddly enough turns on the
couch and leans her arms down on the armrest of couch, sticking her round,
juicy ass in the air as she down on practically all fours.

Jericho smirks, "Oh yeah.... and you're not at all a pathetic spoiled
brat..." Jericho laughs as he kneels on the couch behind Stephanie and smacks
her backside with a hard slap of his right hand. Jericho licks his lips and
grips his cock with his left hand to push it against the entrance of her

Stephanie grits her teeth as she looks over her shoulder, watching Jericho
nsert himself into her warm pussy "Oh...fuck you no good
bastard!" Stephanie sneers as Jericho begins thrusting into her warm
McMahon-stunningly tight pussy.

"Don't you ever shut the hell up?" Jericho asks as he grits his teeth
together. He lays his hands on both sides of Stephanie's waist and pulls the
Billion-Dollar Princess back towards him as he drills repeatedly in and out
of her cunt. Jericho slams his cock balls-deep into her warm tight pussy, as
he begins fucking her with harder, sharper and fasters thrusts.

Stephanie digs her nails into the armrest of couch as Jericho powerfully
drills her sweet pussy. Sweat begins to form on the forehead of the Billion
Dollar Princess as she starts to slam herself aggressively back against
Jericho's cock, making his cock enter her pussy deeper and deeper upon each
thrust "!" Stephanie grunts and groans,
while she breaths heavily.

Jericho starts to use alot of his 231 pounds to make his thrusts more stiff,
which makes Stephanie's body jerk forwards to where her head is hanging down
over the armrest of the couch, "Fuck... you Stephanie... you... dirty...
fucking... disgusting.... tramp...." Jericho grunts as he moves his hands
from Stephanie's waist to her ass and digs his fingernails into Stephanie's
thick and juicy asscheeks.

Stephanie tilts her head back after feeling Jericho's fingers digging into
her juicy ass "Ohhhh fuck you Chris! Awww...fuck you!" Stephanie shouts as
she surprisingly thrusts back extremely hard on his cock, forcing Jericho's
cock to pop out of her tight, warm pussy.

Jericho can't help but laugh at how his 14-inch shaft was ejected from
Stephanie's pussy. "Now that... is something only a cheap little whore can
do..." Jericho laughs as he grips his cock and slaps it against both of
Stephanie's ass cheeks.

Stephanie turns her head back quickly, looking at Jericho with a glare "Maybe
you just have a small dick!" Stephanie snaps back as she turns around, now
facing Jericho still on her knees and hands. Stephanie looks up at Jericho "I
HATE YOU!" Stephanie yells.

Jericho smirks as he locks eyes with Stephanie, "Sure you do..." Jericho says
as he grabs hold of Stephanie's arms and pulls her towards him to kiss her
lustfully. He drives his tongue into her mouth as he starts to lean backward
to lay down of the couch, pulling Stephanie with him so that she's on top of

Stephanie breaks the kiss suddenly once she's on top and mounted on Jericho's
cock "Oh fuck you Chris..." Stephanie says as she places her hands on top of
Jericho's muscular chest as she starts to rock back and forth on his hard
cock, gradually bouncing on his meaty cock. Stephanie looks down at Jericho
and locks her eyes, gritting her teeth "Fuck you Chris! I hate you..." The
Billion Dollar Princess says as she rides his cock.

"Yeah... and I hate you... too... your filthy skank!" Jericho replies with a
grunt as he tries not to laugh at how Stephanie is behaving. To him, this is
all a game as he places his hands on Stephanie's fairly thick waist and
starts lifting her up higher on his cock so that she comes down with more

Stephanie digs her nails into Jericho's muscular chest as she slams down
harder then she thought she would on Jericho's cock "Mmmm...ohhh...fuck you
Chris..." Stephanie moans as she suddenly bucks her hips and rapidly bounces
on Jericho's cock, her chest flopping as she rides his cock with out a moment
to breath. With his hands on Stephanie's hips, Jericho pulls himself up into
a sitting position. Jericho then leans his head down and starts to suck on
Stephanie's right beasts as he starts rocking back and forth on the couch
making his cock harder for Stephanie to come straight down on. Stephanie
grits her teeth as she moves her hands from Jericho's chest to his shoulders,
balancing herself, the Billion Dollar Princess begins slamming herself down
hard on his cock, with sweat dripping and flying off of her smooth skinned
body ""

Jericho lifts his head up from Stephanie's right tit and smirks as sweat
rolls down his face, "Yeah... you may hate me... but you sure... love riding
me..." Jericho smirks as he then lowers his head back down to her left tit to
suck hungrily on it as he also circles his tongue around her stiff nipple.

Stephanie tilts her head back as she slams down once again, yanking and
jerking her body back on Jericho's cock "Awwww...shit...fuck you...Chris!"
Stephanie moans as she starts to cum on Jericho's cock.

Jericho gets a grin on his face when Stephanie arches her body backward,
pulling her left breast out of his mouth. "You fucking like that... shit...
don't you..." Jericho laughs as he feels Stephanie's warm cum flow over his
dick before he starts to lift the hot and sweaty egomaniacal woman off of

Stephanie grits her teeth as she glares at Jericho, sweaty and worn out "I...
hate you...Chris..."

Jericho smirks, "Yeah... yeah... is that all you can say?" He asks as he
starts to stand up from the couch. He pulls Stephanie up with him and turns
her around so she's facing the couch, but instead of pushing her back onto
the couch, Jericho just bends down behind her so he's able to shove all of
his fourteen inches up into Stephanie's asshole. Tightly wrapping his arms
around Stephanie's sweat covered body, Jericho starts lifting her up and
down off the ground as he thrusts into her backside.

Stephanie tilts her head back against Jericho's shoulder as she feels his
massive cock ramming in and out her tight, welcoming asshole "Ohhhhh fuck
you!" Stephanie groans as she closes her eyes.

Jericho grits his teeth as he bucks his hips back and forth, giving Stephanie
some of the sharpest thrusts she's ever experienced. "Ahhh... I think... I'm
fucking you..." Jericho laughs and grunts as he lifts Stephanie up off the
ground so that her feet are in the air.

Stephanie clenches her eyes shut as her asshole comes slamming down hard on
Jericho's cock, taking him deeply into her tight asshole "Awwww Chris...
ohhhhh uhhhh... ohhhh...!" Stephanie moans as she sweat
drips off of her body making her smooth skin slippery for Jericho to grip and
hold onto.

"Awwww... fuck yeah... Stephy...." Jericho starts to cum inside of
Stephanie's asshole." You... filthy.... dirty... disgusting... brutal...
skanky... bottom feeding... bargain basement... slut!" Jericho says each word
one at a time as he cock shoots burst of his hot load into her asshole.

Stephanie's bottom lip trembles and quivers as she feels Jericho's warm
cum seep into her tight asshole. Stephanie looks back at Jericho over her
shoulder as he sets her down on the couch. Stephanie's body is soaked her
own sweat and possibly Jericho's sweat as well. Stephanie is panting and
breathing heavily as her eyes slowly narrow into a glare "What the hell
was that!? That was pathetic!" Stephanie yells.

Jericho smirks down at her as he wipes some sweat off of his forehead, "What
was what?" Jericho asks as his cock starts to go soft after blowing his load,
but even as it goes soft, it's still larger than Triple H's.

Stephanie slowly stands up and gets right back into Jericho's face "You...are
an idiot!" Stephanie yells as she breathing heavily "I...hate you!" Stephanie
says as sweat drips off her face, standing face to face with her enemy, Chris

Jericho smirks as he looks down at Stephanie and licks his lips,
"Stephanie... Stephanie... Stephanie..." Jericho places his hands on her
shoulders and smirks, "If you want more of this sexy beast... all you have
to do is ask..." Jericho laughs.

The anger in Stephanie's face soon turn into a smirk as she keeps her eyes
locked with Jericho. "" Stephanie says as the
Billion Dollar Princess is breathing heavily.

Jericho laughs and licks his lips as he looks at Stephanie, "Oh Steph...
you're really are a filthy... dirty... disgusting... skanky... brutal...
nasty... rancid... reeking... putrid... festering... big mouthed... bottom
feeding... trash bag ho..."

Stephanie narrows her eyes "Chris...I!"

"Would you please... shut the hell up..." Jericho smirks before he shoves
Stephanie back down on to the leather couch.


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