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The Gangrape Of Trish Stratus
by Version 1

Trish Stratus had always had a kinky fantasy about being raped. She had
always wondered what it would be like to be overpowered and forced into
sexual intercourse when she didn't want to. She always dreamed and
fantasised about being brutally beaten and raped. She thought it would be
enjoyable, she thought it would be the ultimate fantasy. She thought she
would like it. She was wrong.

Trish's real life and the person she was was a million miles away from the
personality she purveyed on national TV. Wrestling was just a job. This was
her private life, and she was going to enjoy it anway she wanted to. But
she was a strange person, and that was why she was never able to keep a
relationship for long. Her last one with Matt Hardy had lasted only two
weeks. This was because Trish Stratus was in fact a very sick and mentally
scarred individual. TV was rehearsed, so she knew how to act, but off
camera, she had to think and feel for herself. This was somethning Trish
found difficult and her social and private life was all but extinct. She
realised that although the public loved her, she didn't love herself.

Her nighlty routine involved watching TV, masturbating, and self mutiliation.

These activities went unnoticed until one WWE colleague noticed scratches
on her arm, she said that she had 'caught herself', she could not let her
personality be revealed.

It was one night.

Trish had just arrived at her apartment in Florida after a hard night in
the ring, she had won the Women's title. But she felt no better for it. She
started right away, flicking on the TV, she lay on her bed, watching it, she
began to feel aroused, as she saw scenes of violence and murder in her head,
closing her eyes, she listened to the screams coming from th TV, and in her
head, matched them to images of murder, rape, and torture. Putting her hand
down her skirt, she rubbed her vagina, gently, biting her lip, and groaning,
she forced her index finger harder into her moist mound. Digging deeper and
deeper, she saw Victoria in her mind. She always had a crush on her. Covered
in blood and stabbing herself in the crotch with a knife, blood and vaginal
juices poured from her slit. Trish began to rub harder, in and out her finger
went, harder, harder. Trish began to groan louder and more sexually, her
experience was reaching its climax, this masturbation however, only served
to make her feel marginally better about herself for a short time. As she
panted, the juices dripped from her fingers and vagina, clear and sticky,
Trish put her finger in her mouth and sucked.

Trish then opened up her training bag, and pulled out a screwdriver. Gently,
she cut her arm with it, and the bood dripped down onto the bed, in a crimson
mass. She went to the toilet and cleared it up. Trish was sexually aroused by
this. But as she was soon to find out, she didn't like it as much as she

Lying back on the bed, Trish watched TV. Pornography never really turned her
on, though she watched it all the same, unless it was hardcore sadomasochism,
she had no interest in it. Trish's bisexual personality has always been
talked about, she seems to enjoy bra and panties and mud matches a little too
much, and then there was the shower with Gail Kim. Trish like anyone in the
WWE who would have her, and lets face it, who wouldn't?

Downstairs, a group of 5 people asked for the key to room 13, however the
manager told them it was taken, in asking whom by, the manager told them:
Trish Stratigas (for that was her real name).

That was the biggest mistake made by the manager. The group made their way
to the room.

Trish meanwhile, was lying on her bed, when all of a sudden a news report
came on, about 5 mentally and emotinally retarded criminals who had escaped
from a local prison, she heard a bang on the door, and there was a sentence;
"Room service," said a young sounding man.

"I didn't order anything," Trish said, but in a moment of reflection, decided
to open the door anyway, in walked 5 people, a young boy about 16, another
about 20, two older men, in their mid thirties, and a woman of about 20.

"What is this?" said Trish frightened.

One of the 30 year olds punched her in the face. Trish yelled and fell back
on the bed.

"I'm Jack," said the man. "This is Pete (16), Weasel, and Vicky."

Trish wondered what they wanted, "What do you want?"

"You," said Jack, "we want to do to you anything we want to, don't bother

Jack showed her a gun. "Scream and I'll fucking shoot you. If you do what
we want, you might get out of this alive," they all laughed, sickeningly.

Blood poured down Trish's face from the punch.

"Now, piss yourself," said Jack, even Trish found this disgusting. Relenting,
she spat in Jack's face, and Pete lunged at her with a knife. Jack told him
to hold back saying, "This little cunt is gonna satisfy me, alive or dead."

Trish began to release her urine, it dripped down her leg, they all laughed.

Jack now told Trish to strip. Doing so, she revealed her naked, gorgous body,
they all laughed, as she stood there humiliated. Weasel stepped forward, and
threw her on the bed, kissing her, he bit her lip, bleeding from the mouth,
Trish said, "If you think you are hurting me you're wrong, I like it, I like
IT!!!!" Weasel put his hand up her backside, and began to pull his finger in
and out, whilst ferociously kissing her, biting her lip still.

"Enough!" said Jack.

"Pete, go on," he said.

But Pete, only 16 relented, "We shouldn't be doing this dad, its wrong."

Jack turned to Pete and told him if he didn't he would kill him. Pete went
down on Trish, sucking and fucking her, until she came, lying there, silent
Trish began to realise that she didn't like rape at all. Pete kissed her,
and told her he was raping her, and that she was pathetic, and that he could
kill her if he wanted.

Next was Vicky, who began to eat out Trish's vagina furiously, she tongued
it in and out, till her face was covered in a thick sticky liquid. She then
turned Trish over, and began to tongue her backside. Weasel and Jack were
masturbating in th background. Jack stepped forward, and whipped Trish across
the back, Vicky got up, and kissed Jack.

Now it was Jacks turn.

Jack continued whipping as Trish screamed out in agony, this was not sexual
anyomre, it was sick and repulsive, Trish didn't want this, not now not ever.

Jack made Trish suck his dick. Trish wrapped her lips round it, as he told
her to suck harder.

"Do it bitch! Harder, you worthless cunt!!!!!"

"Come on!" He finally came in her mouth. Jack then turned her over, and
penetrated her backside with his penis, "I'm gonna fuck you like an animal,"
he said.

He then fucked her in her vagina, spilling his fluid all over the bed, and
in her. Trish was covered in blood, semen, urine, and her own juices.

As Jack pumped her, Trish lay there weeping, and afterwards would not be any

"All done!" Jack said. Trish was humiliated and embarrased with herself.

"You can either call an ambulance, or end the suffering now," Jack said.

Trish could not bare to go on living with this shame, and could not bare to
let the whole world know what had happened to her, she was that vain. The
criminals left the room. Leaving the gun on the table. Trish picked it up,
distraught. She though for a moment. Then held the gun against her stomach.
Rape had been Trish's dream, but it had become a nightmare. Trish realised
she could not continue, and closing her eyes. Pulled the trigger, a deafening
bang filled the hotel apartment. Trish's lifeless body lay still on the bed.

The once role model, and most beatiful and respected woman in the WWE had
been reduced to this: a dead, blood stained, semen covered, subject to
excrutiating violence and humiliation. This woman was gone, and so was
everything she stood for (on TV). But in reality nothing but a life had been
lost, and a miserable as she was a twisted, hysterical and sick individual.
The name Trish Stratus will never be heard again. The violence and misery of
her existence is over. Raped, beaten and humiliated as a child, she was used
to this treatment, but it was this time that pushed her over the edge. As
she lay, dying, she reconciled herself with God, and in the last moment
became aware of her life, and herself as a person. Blood dripping from the
bullet wound, she lay, dying, dying, dying....

The crime had gained nothing but a final awakening for Trish Stratigas.

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