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The Gang Rape Revenge Of Trish Stratus Part 1: Vicky
by Version 1

Trish Stratus was not dead.

The events in the hotel apartment had been horrific and repulsive, Trish had
barely survived them, but she had, just. The night it happened, Trish lay on
the hotel bed, clasping her stomach as she lay there, bleeding to death, and
with a life no longer worth living. She had shot herself through shame,
humiliation and disgust, but she had survived, the medics were called after
the gunshot was heard by someone in a room next door, the medics found Trish
covered in spit, blood, semen and vaginal juices, naked. She was rushed to
Florida state hospital, and the bleeding was stopped just in time, but Trish
had to have a transfusion. She had survived gang rape, torture, and now came
her greatest challenge of all.

Over the next 6 months, Trish spent time in a mental and emotional
rehabilitation clinic, not only for the effects of what she suffered in the
hotel room, but also her own personal problems (as mentioned in part 1). The
6 months was long and hard, but it helped rehabilitate her, and make her a
better person, she was prepared to work hard, to get her life back together
again. Her 'extended leave of absence' from the WWE was just what Trish
needed, but right now she couldn't give a damn about the WWE, it was the
last thing on her mind.

'So, Trish, please if you could, try and relate to me what happened that
night.' asked a care worker on the first night at the facility. As you can
imagine, what Trish told her was horrific, she tried not to forget anything
for the sake of the rehab, but she wanted to forget it all.

The 6 months was over. But Trish was not. Trish wanted revenge, revenge on
the people who did this to her, and she was about to start. Colouring her
hair, and changing her eye colour, Trish altered her appearance, not for the
sake of herself, but so her assailants would not recognise her.

Trish looked in the phonebook for the name 'Vicky Ryder', as this was the
name of one of her assailants. She found several. Not knowing which one was
the one she wanted, she visited them all. One bye one, She found that after
seeing four of the five Vicky Ryders, she had not found the right one.

The last Vicky Ryder lived in Maryland. Trish found this out from a newspaper
report about the crimes she had committed. They included:

Rape of another woman. Arson (x3). Burglary. 3 counts of murder with sexual motivation.

This Vicky Ryder was one truly ‘fucked up’ individual. Trish had found that out in the hotel

Trish knew she was dealing with a dangerous individual. She made her way to
Maryland, and had a huge surprise in store for Vicky.

Trish made her way up to Vicky's house. Feeling both excited and nervous.
Would she be recognised?

The knock on the door was answered, by Vicky.

"Hi, I'm Valerie Jameson," said Trish. "I have been sent here by Jack."

Vicky wondered. "Oh, Jack," she replied. She thought Jack had sent her
'Valerie' as a sexual present, as he frequently did this, and Trish was only
hoping this would work.

Vicky led Trish upstairs to her bedroom.

"So, Valerie, what would you like to do?" she asked.

"Lets take a bath, I'm sweating," Trish replied.

Vicky licked her lips and smiled. This was gonna be great.

Vicky led Trish into the bathroom, where she already had the bath full, with
bubbles. They both slipped off their clothes, and got in.

"mmmmm," Trish said as she felt warm and comforted. Realising what she was
expected to do, she slipped her hand under the water and began to search for
Vicky's womanhood. She found it, and made eye contact with Vicky, who was
enjoying this. Trish began to rub her vagina, and Vicky laid back her head,
and let Trish pleasure her. Vicky closed her eyes, and let the ecstasy take full control. These
two stunning young women were in the kind of situation that any porn movie director would
kill for. Vicky dreamed of what it would be like to kill ‘Valerie’, she imagined her raping her
with a dildo, then urinating upon her, and licking it off. Trish began to go deeper into the
crevices of Vicky’s vagina. Like an animal trying to find its way out of a hole. Trish
penetrated Vicky’s cunt in a way that made most men blush. Her hand was now fully into
Vicky’s cunt. Vicky’s cunt was slack, and almost elastic. Trish realised what a slut and
whore Vicky was. Vicky wanted to, but she could not hold back her orgasm any longer. In
a scream of ecstasy, Vicky reached a natural high and came all over Trish’s hand, she came
more than she had ever done before. She came with rapid fluidity, and as if turning on a tap,
her juices flowed into the water. Like a tap, like the bath tap, she came, and came, and

"You like this, huh?" said Trish.

"Oh baby, you're fantastic," said Vicky, still in uncontrollable ecstasy.

Trish stopped, and clasped Vicky's perky breasts in her hand, she massaged
them as she leaned forward and kissed her passionately, caressing Vicky's
mouth with her tongue. She had to admit to herself, she was enjoying this,
even if it was a woman who had once raped her. Vicky’s breasts were reasonably large,
and certainly aroused Trish, Trish leaned forward and perched her cute head into Vicky’s
breasts, who then grabbed hold of Trish’s sexy red hair. Trish let her tongue loose like a
viper, and erect, stabbed it between Vicky’s breasts. Vicky’s nipples were now hard. Trish
licked Vicky’s cleavage, and made sure her saliva stayed on her cleavage, moving to her
nipples, Trish sucked them as if they were a 9 inch penis, teasingly licking and biting them.

‘You’ve been a bad girl!’ said Trish, provocatively.

‘The punish me’, said Vicky.

Trish stopped licking and instead put her hand again, under the water, this
time violently grabbing Vicky's vagina.

"Oww!, honey, you’re rough aren’t you?, I guess now you’re punishing me huh?" Vicky said
teasingly, but she had no idea. Moaning in both agony and pleasure, she let Trish fist fuck

Vicky came; for the second time in five minutes, she came. Trish then went under water and
began giving Vicky head. She could only stay under for 5 or so seconds at a time. But
Vicky was enjoying it. Trish didn't mind either; since she was bisexual anyway, but there
was no way she would let Vicky have sex with her.

Now the real violence would start. Trish reached out of the bath and got
hold of her jacket, and pulled out of the pocket...some handcuffs. Vicky
laughed and thought this was some kinky sex game, it was not. Trish went
along with it as they both got out of the bath and headed to the bedroom, Trish tied Vicky to
the bedposts: face down. Trish proceeded to open her gym bag, and pulled out a black
leather whip. Vicky licked her lips as she anticipated what was to come. Trish cracked the
whip on her naked body. The she began harshly whipping Vicky.

‘mmm, that’s what I need mistress, I need real punishment.’ Trish continually pounded
Vicky’s back with the whip, bruising and scratching her, but for Vicky, this was now getting
too much.

‘OK, OK, honey, you can stop now’, but Trish did not, she continued the assault, and
blood started to drip from Vicky’s back. Trish apologized, as Vicky accepted, and they
tongued and made up.

Trish now began to eat out Vicky’s filthy ass. She thrust her tongue in, and moved it in and
out, stimulating her anus, and even her clit. Vicky came again, as she wiped it on her hand,
and Trish seductively licked it off. The blood had dried up, and Vicky was feeling horny as
ever. Trish continued with her wet tongue, as Vicky screamed


Taking Vicky’s advice, Trish then turned Vicky over on the bed (face up) stood above
Vicky, and did what can only be described as sickening.

Trish pissed all over Vicky, all over her face, her hair, her neck, her chest, her cunt. Vicky
was being turned on by this disgusting display of primitive sexuality, as she rubbed her body,
and licked off the urine with her tongue. But even this was hardly enough for Vicky. Trish
was now beginning to really get the hang of this.

She put her finger down her throat, making herself violently sick. Vicky was watching this,
still tied up, as Trish vomited all over herself. Trish smeared the vomit all over Vicky’s face,
who in absolute ecstasy and sexual degradation, came all over herself. Trish licked some of
the vomit off herself, as Vicky groaned with pleasure.

‘Oh, baby, you now how to turn me on’. Trish smiled cheekily, and knowingly.

‘look at your cunt. Its all wet,’ said Trish, and proceeded to lick off all the juices.

Trish’s expression changed.

"Do you know what you've put me through?" asked Trish, the smile disappeared
from Vicky's face.

"What?" she said

"My name isn’t Valerie Jameson," Vicky looked puzzled. "Its Trish Stratus."

Vicky suddenly realised, to her horror, that she was in for trouble...

Trish looked at Vicky, and said "Now, I am going to kill you." Trish had
Vicky tied up, and now, she started to torture her.

Trish proceeded to exit the room, the water dripping off her naked, beautiful
body. She went to a room, and came back with a knife. Going back into the
room, Vicky looked terrified.

"Please, please don't do this!! I don't want to die!"

"Its too late," Trish said. As she teasingly glided the knife over Vicky's
body. She then went down and violently stabbed it into Vicky's
crotch. In and out, in and out.


But there was no remorse, Trish had an icy look in her eyes as she did it.

The blood splattered over Vicky’s cunt, and Trish stopped.

"That's just the beginning," she said. Trish reached down, and grabbed a pistol.

Pointing it at Vicky. She said, "Now, do as I say or I'm gonna fucking shoot
you, you cunt!"

Vicky sobbed. "Now, get the knife," said Trish, "And hold it against your
breasts." Vicky did.

"Now, cut yourself, on your left breast," said Trish.

Vicky did, and blood poured down into the bed cover

Trish laughed. "You're so fucking pathetic you know," she said, taunting

"Now say, 'I want to die'," said Trish.

Vicky relented. But said it. "I want to die."

Trish looked at Vicky, and told her to cut her face open.

"Now, I want you to cut up the pretty little face of yours," said Trish.

"You know, you doing this doesn't make you any better than me," pleaded

"I will have my revenge," said Trish.

Vicky, began to slice open her face, blood poured, and the bed was now a
crimson mass.

"Now, it is over," said Trish. "I have avenged what you did to me, but it
won't stop, your suffering shall continue in hell. You will be the devil's
cunt, he will fuck and rape you like you did me, there will be no salvation.
Do you understand, you whore? I'm through with you. I may not be an angel of mercy and
forgiveness, but at least I am prepared to stand up to lowlife cunts like you, I have defiled
your body, and the Lord shall now judge you. You are the weak woman, and I am the
tyranny, but I am trying to be the shepherd, and I don’t believe that it is you who is truly evil,
I believe it is the world that has made you so, every time I stab my self in the cunt, I will
think of you. I will pray for you, I will pray for your redemption, and mine."

Trish leaned forward and kissed Vicky.

She put the gun against Vicky's chest, and pulled the trigger.


Vicky lay, bleeding from the mouth and stomach.

Trish fired again, into the arm, and the leg, and the other arm and other
leg. Finally, she shot Vicky in the head. Trish licked the blood off Vicky

Leaning back, she licked Vicky's blood, and kissed her dead body, before leaving.

this revenge was over, but the next was yet to come…

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