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* * *

The Girls of Punk Part 1: Daffney - A ROH erotic story
Written by DaxG2001 (

Featuring: Daffney "Lucy" Ugner (WCW/ROH), CM Punk (WWE/ROH)

* * *

"The fucking nerve of that guy..." CM Punk swears to himself as he tosses his
luggage case in through the door of his home in Chicago, Illinois after
returning home following the 2011 edition of the WWE Draft, held live on
Monday Night Raw. "Wanting me to fucking sign a new deal after being saddled
with those fucking Nexus jobbers! And putting over Orton's ass at Mania!"

Clearly not in a good mood, he slams the door shut behind him and walks
onward, ignoring his luggage for the moment as he walks in, his anger broken
off when he hears his phone going off. With a snarl he reaches for his phone.
"If it's Johnny fucking Ace again, I swear I'll..."

Checking the caller I.D. he pauses, now a smile coming across his face. "It's
even better..." He accepts the call, putting the phone to his ear. "Beth! How
are you?" He says with the charm turned on.

"Oh my God! Punk!" The excited voice of WWE Diva Beth Phoenix is heard on the
other end. "Did you see the draft yet?? Have you heard??"

"I just got in, but I was just on my way to check it!" He lies as the grin on
face indicates but through the phone he sounds completely sincere. "Why, what

"I'm coming back to Raw!" The Glamazon almost yells, the glee in her voice
clear to hear. "Can you believe it? I mean, Smackdown was great but now I'm
back on Monday Nights! Back together with you now!! Isn't that amazing??"

"Wow!" Punk says, genuinely surprised as he continues to grin. "Now that is a
pleasant surprise! That's fantastic Beth. I can't wait to get back on the
road with you and catch up properly. It's been too long Beth."

"It has Punk, oh it has..." She says in a noticeably seductive way. "I can't
wait to fuck the shit out of you in the hotel next week after Raw. Believe
me, I can't fucking wait."

"Sign me up for that one Beth! I'll see you next Raw then."

"That you will CM Punk. That you will. I love you Punk!"

"I love you too Beth. I gotta go check out the whole draft, but we'll talk
soon, OK?"

"Bye Punk!"

Punk hangs up the phone, and lets out a loud laugh as he shakes his head. "Oh
this is too good. Those fucking suits are trying to butter me up by bringing
my girlfriend onto the same show. Hell, I'll take getting some of the
Glamazon's ass any day of the week, but I'll be damned if I sign that
contract again because of it."

He pauses for a moment, before thinking of something that makes him smirk.
Punk walks into his bedroom, clearly having no intentions of checking the
Draft as he goes to his closet, pushing some clothes aside as he kneels down,
moving some sneaker boxes and pulling out a box from underneath them. "Damn,
hearing Beth be all excited and yelling like that reminds me of that Scream
Queen I used to bang back in the day in ROH..." Punk thinks aloud, putting
the box onto the bed and opening it up. Inside is not a regular secret stash,
instead it seems to be one of his "conquests" over the years, as there's
women's underwear, bras, and other mementos inside it. He smirks at it all,
before reaching in a taking out something that certainly stands out from the
rest - a purple costume wig. He grins as he looks it over. "Yeah, backstage
at the shows was a whole lot more with "Lucy" around to kill some time..."

* * *

In late Spring of 2003, at a live wrestling show put on by independent
promotion Ring of Honor, a member of the Second City Saints stable and
proudly openly Straightedge-lifestyle living CM Punk is getting ready for his
match tonight as he laces up his wrestling boots while sat on a metal folding
chair. He's clad in distinctive yellow ring shorts black Xs up the side
representing his Straightedge lifestyle, and his tattoo-covered upper body is
completely exposed. As he reaches towards his travel bag for his wrist tape,
his attention is drawn to a knock on the door to the "locker room" he's in.
"Yeah, come on!" Punk yells out, standing up from the chair.

Walking in and wearing a large over coat to cover herself up with is the
recent addition and valet to the Second City Saints known as "Lucy", more
recognizable to wrestling fans as Daffney Unger or just as Daffney, the
former WCW star and Scream Queen who once held the WCW Cruiserweight
Championship. Most of all to Punk, she's his real life girlfriend so the two
exchange flirtatious smiles with Punk clearly curious as to why the usually
dark haired beauty has this coat on and why she's also wearing a bright
purple wig which matches the purple lipstick she has on.

"Hey Daff', so ah, where's Colt at?" Punk askes, curiously looking over her.

"And what's up with the wig? This isn't WCW anymore you know."

"Hey, I know that, and anyway it's Lucy around here!" Daffney playfully tells
him off. "And where'd you think he is? Joking around with the boys of course!
But listen, Punk, since you're my boyfriend are we're going pretty, you know,
serious now? I got a question for you... Not that kind of question! But it's
still a serious one..."

The ROH star laughs a little, folding his arms across his muscular chest. "If
I can answer it, I'll try. Go on, shoot. What's the question?"

"It's about my outfit. Do you think this is OK to wear to manage you guys out
there tonight?" She says, grinning as she opens up the coat and tosses it

CM Punk's eyes go wide as he gazes over her "attire" - a tight, tiny black
bikini top that resembles leather and shows off a sexy amount of cleavage
from her nice sized and rounded breasts, a matching black, tight skirt that
hugs nicely to her thick, juicy ass, purple and black striped stockings, and
thick black knee-high boots to finish it off.

Daffney grins at his reaction, glancing down at his crotch as it seems she's
not exactly after his opinion here. "So, what do you think Punk? Is it a
little too much?" She playfully teases, stepping forward and running her
hands across his chest.

"You've got to be fucking with me here Daff'!" Punk says, unable to hold back
his grin as he looks over her stunning clothing, his dick already stirring in
his ring attire. "There's no way you can go out there like that! You'll
distract everyone!"

"Oh? Would I?" The woman known in ROH as Lucy grins, moving her hands down
slightly lower. "I'm sorry Punk, but maybe I can change out of it... In a
couple of minutes?"

"OK, Daff', seriously? Are you just doing this to get a quick fuck out of me
or something?" Punk asks, seeing what his girlfriend is playing at and
perhaps showing this isn't the first time this has happened between the two.

"Oh? Give you a quickie? Don't mind if I do!" Daffney grins broadly as her
mind clearly made up already as her hands roam down further still, and soon
followed by the rest of her as she smiles up at her handsome, Straightedge

Punk just smiles down at his girlfriend as she playfully runs her hands over
his stomach as she slowly sinks down to her knees, reaching up to pull down
his ring shorts down to the ground, grinning a little wider herself as she
spies his already starting to harden cock that she wastes no time in taking a
hold off as she wraps her fingers around it and starts to stroke it. Toying
with him, she uses the other hand to run up his thigh as she strokes him, her
hand working over from the base to the top as his dick gets erect and longer
in her smooth palm as she slowly strokes him, keeping eye contact up with him
as she warms him up, slightly twisting her wrist from side to side as she
pumps him with a nicely tight grip.

The proudly Straightedge wrestler puts his hands on his waist, watching as
the stunning former WCW star strokes his thick and long cock firmly and
steadily, having no problem in getting hard thanks to her hand skills and by
the way he's checking out her nicely curved body, especially her cleavage on
display in the tight, black bikini top. If that all didn't do the trick
before, when she leans her purple-wig covered head down to flick her tongue
across the tip of his meat it certainly does by the moan of enjoyment he lets
out, getting a giggle in reply from the Second City Saints valet who flicks
her tongue again against the crown, then swirling it slowly all the way
around the top, moaning herself as she tastes him with a slow, focused
movement clockwise all the way around him.

Her frisky, nicely wet tongue trails all the way around the head of his shaft
for a few more moments, her hand still stroking him off from the back to just
about an inch below the crown while her other hand just rests on his strong
thigh as she licks and jerks off the long, perfectly fat dick of the ROH
star. Lifting her head back for a moment she runs her hand across the tip,
cupping the bell end and twisting her palm all around it and again makes him
moan at the feeling, before she goes back to stroking him off, this time just
moving her soft hand up to half way before going back down to the bottom.
This allows her to lean her head back in, parting her purple lipstick-covered
lips and taking his cock inside her infamous for screaming mouth, making them
both moan as she sinks down to take a couple of inches inside.

Placing a hand on the top of her trademark wig-covered head, Punk watches
with a moan as she starts to double team his long cock with both her hand and
mouth, bobbing her head to work over the top portion of his meaty pole while
taking care of the rest of him with a smooth motion up and down, also working
to keep him held in place. She glances up at him, a grin at the look of
pleasure already on his face despite her just starting to go down on him, but
soon focuses as she closes her eyes, wrapping her lips tightly around her
boyfriend's dick as she lifts her head up so just an inch is inside before
slowly lowering herself downward to take in four inches or so inside her
soothing, nicely damp mouth. Her hand is moving faster on his dick than her
mouth is as she bobs her head along his thick shaft, but either motion alone
would be enough to have any man rock hard and moaning, so the two combined
have the receiver of these sexual acts moaning with a grin as he stares down
at the stunning, nicely curved woman who's sucking him and jerking him off at
the same time.

With a groan, the woman known as Lucy in ROH pushes her head down a little
further down onto the length she's handling in her mouth, a few more thick
inches now venturing past her nicely soft lips so she's blowing half of his
manhood now, her hand still running up and down the bottom portion of him as
her light moans bounce off his shaft as it slips in and out of her oral hole.
He smirks down at her, licking his own lips as he feels her saliva starting
to drip onto his dick thanks to her bobbing motions along the upper half of
him, with her frisky tongue even tapping against the underside of him as his
manhood passes back and forth out between her purple lipstick-covered lips,
continuing to firmly suck her boyfriend off and at the same time further
pleasure him with an added handjob. The way she's able to perfectly keep
herself blowing him smoothly and quickly jerk him off without missing a beat
clearly shows this isn't the first time she's done this to him, knowing
exactly how to get the Straightedge wrestler fired up and moaning just like
his is right now as she slurps away on his long, thick tool with firm up and
down motions of her head, her lips still tightly wrapped around his member as
she sucks and strokes him off.

"Awww fuck Daff'!" CM Punk moans, lifting his hand off from her wig-covered

"Shit, you said you were just gonna give me a quickie!" He smirks down at
her, watching as she lifts her mouth up and off from him, leaving his cock
with a nice coating of her saliva thanks to her sucking skills.

"I did!" Daffney said with a trademark, high pitched squeal. "I got you
really hard, really quick!" She teases, giving his cock a couple more pumps
as she looks up at him with a noticeably lusty smirk on her face.

"Oh, like that is it?" The ROH star says as he licks his pierced lips, a long
glance down at her nicely rounded tits encased in her black bikini top. "In
that case, I think I'm going to have to give you an equally "quick" fucking

The eyes of the woman known in ROH as Lucy go wide as a playful smile comes
across her face. "Really? Yay!" She squeaks out, quickly getting up to her
feet and turning around, placing her hands against the nearest wall as she
bends over forwards, sticking out her thick, juicy ass that's covered in a
tight, black leather skirt towards him. "You gonna fuck me hard Punk? Gonna
really stick it to me?" She asks, looking back over her shoulder at him with
a big grin.

"I wasn't planning on it..." Punk jokes with her, stepping forward and
placing his hands on her skirt to push it up over her butt, revealing that
there's a clearly pre-cut hole in her stripped tights that gives easy access
to her neatly shaved pussy which makes him raise an eyebrow at her with a
smirk. "Although now, I think I'm going to have to..."

Giving his dick a quick stroke as he lines it up, he firmly pushes it into
the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion's pussy, making them both moan out as
he feels her tight and already slightly wet snatch all around him and she
feels her hole getting filled up already by his long, massive cock that's
covered with her own saliva. He groans, pausing to just enjoy the feeling
before he pulls himself completely out to then make her groan, holding his
shaft again to rub the head across the outer lips before pushing right back
in, placing his hands on her skirt that's pushed over her waist as he starts
to pump himself in and out of her, his gaze locked onto his tool as he works
it in and out of her box.

The valet of the Second City Saints moans, her eyes half open already as she
looks back at one of the men she manages as he builds the pace, working his
big dick in and out of her snatch as she keeps herself bent over in front of
him, willingly giving him her tight, wet pussy to use and in return she's
feeling his cock thrusting into her at an already swift and firm pace that
has her nicely curved body jolting slightly from each movement into her that
he makes. She groans, biting down on her lipstick-covered lip for a moment as
she watches his desirable, tattoo-covered body move towards and then away
from her thick backside as he nails her, that sight alone enough to turn her
on but it's his cock as it pumps in and out of her dampening snatch that's
really getting her going, her nipples now hard and poking through her tight
top as her breasts hang down.

He's already got most of his long shaft ploughing in and out of her snug love
tunnel, impressively able to go so deep into her despite her initial
tightness and his vast size, but CM Punk is as impressive in this erotic
activity as he is in the ring it seems as he bangs his girlfriend with stiff,
quick thrusts into her pussy, feeling her juices coating his cock as he takes
her bent over against the locker room wall. He's been watching his dick
moving in and out of her snatch for so long, as anyone would to watch the
handsome wrestler taking the sexy valet, he only now sees that Daffney has
closed her eyes for a moment, tilting her head back to moan as he rams his
dick almost balls deep into her. With a smirk he moves a hand up into the
air, bringing it down to spank her thick ass hard, causing her to slightly
scream out as she looks back at him with a grin, her flesh jiggling as he
pumps away into her with thrust after thrust into her pussy.

She bites her lip again, feeling herself sweating as she moans out, feeling
his waist start to collide with her gorgeous, thick ass as he pumps every
inch of his shaft right into her wet and still tight hole, making them both
groan out at the feeling while she keeps her hands firmly against the wall in
front of her, ensuring that she remains right bent over in front of the man
slamming his dick in and out of her snatch. Her tits sway in time with the
jolting motion of her body when she rocks forward after taking a deep thrust
into her pussy, essentially causing her to push back against his pumps but
not intentionally, but neither ROH star will complain about that as still
fully clothed save for the pushed up skirt "Lucy" takes this standing doggy-
style pounding from behind courtesy of her boyfriend CM Punk and his thick,
long shaft.

The Straightedge stud continues to deeply pound her tight snatch, groaning as
he feels his heavy balls smacking into her smooth skin every time he sends
his cock into her but it's out of pleasure more than anything else, very much
enjoying banging the former WCW star like this and feeling her slick juices
covering his entire cock thanks to his deep, forceful thrusts into her. He
gives her booty another firm spank, smirking at how her cheeks shake from the
blow as he pumps her again and again, fucking the purple wig-wearing hottie
still clothed and clearly still ready to take more from him as they both moan
out and enjoy each moment of this lusty sex session taking place moments
before the wrestling show they're both going to be on begins.

"Mmmm Punk... You're really fucking good at this..." Daffney moans out,
gazing over her boyfriend's tattoo-covered and muscular body as he pumps into
her wet snatch a couple more times.

Punk smirks back at her, pulling his dick out of her with a groan. "How about
you show me how good you are then?" He challenges, moving over back to the
chair and sitting down on it. "Since we've gone past the "quickie" stage
already of this."

"Oh yeah!" The woman known as Lucy in ROH eagerly says, moving off the wall
and brushing strands of her purple wig away from her face as she mounts the
Straightedge wrestler's lap. "I'm gonna ride that big fucking cock of yours
and you're gonna love it!"

Punk just grins, watching her as she lowers her snatch onto his dick. "I have
a feeling that you're going to be right about that..." He says, trailing off
with a moan as he feels his cock entering her wet hole once again.

The former Scream Queen of WCW moans as she sinks down onto his long, meaty
shaft, filling herself up until over half of him is inside her before she
raises herself back up, resting her hands on his strong shoulders for support
before finally dropping right down completely to take him all in, pleasantly
surprising him as he has to groan at the feeling. She just grins, licking her
purple lipstick-covered lips as she grinds her wet snatch down against his
cock, moaning herself as her love tunnel is stuffed full of the Chicago
native's manhood but soon she starts to go to work on him, lifting her hips
up and down to bounce on his rock hard member with a squeal of joy escaping

The talented indy scene stud leans back, watching his girlfriend drop her
perfectly curved body down onto his cock, using her still nicely tight and
now soaking wet pussy to pleasure them both as she moves it up until just
under halfway up his length before sharply dropping back down, causing her
ass cheeks to smack into his thighs every time she uses the downward motion
on him. Letting her do the work and ride him, he uses his hands to lift up
her tight bikini-like top, fully exposing her perky and nicely rounded
breasts and the sight of them is too good to resist as he leans his head in,
flicking his tongue across the right tit and nipple before hesucks on the
erect nipple, letting her feel his tongue ring as he tastes her sexy

Feeling his mouth sucking on her titties as he moves over to work on the left
one has her groaning, moving a hand up to grab onto his long hair as she
bounces away on his big cock, the sound of skin hitting skin ringing out each
time she pushes down and back against his manhood, taking it balls deep
inside her with a lusty moan. Her eyes are closed shut, feeling her juices
trickle down all over his vast shaft as it slides in and out of her snatch,
stuffing her fuller than perhaps she's ever been in her life when she lowers
herself down sharply onto her, her thick butt cheeks smacking down against
his balls to make him grunt but it's clear they're both loving this as he
licks away at her breasts and she continues to move her body up and down on
his long, thick dick in a way that would put professional porn stars to

Lifting his head away from her tits, the now starting to sweat himself Punk
smirks as he sees her moaning, sweat covered face as she continues to ride
his cock, the ends of her purple wig swaying in time with her bouncing
motions on his thick tool as she continues to expertly handle him with her
soaking hole with impressive force and speed. It's not enough for the rising
ROH star as he moves his hands around to grab her ass cheeks, gripping them
as he begins to pump his dick straight up into her, making himself moan
louder as he drives his man meat deeply and with force into the former WCW
starlette, easily able to bang her hard and fast in her wet, tight pussy.

She almost screams at the new feeling, his long cock pumping up into her
tightness when she drops it down onto him, resulting in him going as deep as
physically possible and stuffing her full of his magnificent dick, driving
her wild with lust as she moans out and rocks against his pumps as best she
can, her thick ass slapping into his thighs as his nut sack smacks off her
sweat covered and smooth skin. She groans, gripping his shoulders tightly and
looking back over her shoulder to watch his pistoning cock drive balls deep
into her dripping snatch before down at his glistening with sweat chest,
feeling her breath start to quicken as she tries to handle this increased
level of pace and force, her breasts bouncing now from how swiftly she's
having to slam her body back against his hard thrusts.

Punk continues to grunt as he drives his cock balls deep into her dripping
snatch, his fingers digging slightly into her butt as tries to keep a grip
off the bouncing babe on his shaft, his pumps perfectly timed to drive up
into her when she drops down onto him, skin meeting sweat covered skin but
the sting barely registering with either as they continue to wildly fuck in
the locker room, both knowing that there's not much time left and not just
because the show will start soon. He can feel his cock throbbing inside her
tight, wet hole and from the way both of them are sweating and moaning out,
neither can continue this intense, hard pace for very much longer and neither
of them seem to indicate that they plan on taking a break either. So he
continues to send his thick shaft rapidly up into her soaking wet pussy,
groaning as she rides it at the same time to move her well fucked hole up
and down on his manhood, panting for breath as her nicely rounded tits bounce
away as she rocks back and forth on his big dick.

Try as she might, the woman known in ROH as Lucy can't handle it anymore so
has to just grip onto the man pounding her snatch hard and fast, tilting her
head back and nearly screaming with lust as Daffney starts to cum hard on CM
Punk's thrusting cock. The Straightedge wrestler smirks and moans, feeling
her pussy tighten around his thick dick as he pumps it up into her, slowing
the pace of his motions down and easing up on the force as he lets her ride
out the pleasure, in turn allowing him to savor the feeling of having made
the former WCW star orgasm as he feels her juices flood out all over his
shaft. She groans deeply, grinding her dripping snatch down against him as he
pumps into her a few more times, signing contently after such a powerful
sexual high, rubbing his shoulders as she flickers her eyes back open,
smiling down at him as her pussy juices have soaked his throbbing cock,
balls, and trickled down his thighs.

"Mmmm Punk... You really know how to fuck!" The Scream Queen grins, still
rubbing his shoulders as he lifts her up and off from his cock.

"You're not so bad yourself Daff'." CM Punk grins back, watching as she
slowly, clearly still not fully recovered from the hard fucking she took,
goes down onto her knees in front of him, in between his spread legs. "Gonna
try and make me scream now?"

"You fucking bet!" Daffney says, gazing over the dick that just gave her a
mind blowing orgasm. "I'll make you scream all right!"

Lowering her purple wig-covered head down to his manhood, she sticks her
tongue out and swirls it around the head, tasting her own juices off of his
dick and making him moan at the sensation as she licks the thick tip a couple
more times and slides her tongue across the top to really ensure he's cleaned
off. With a smirk cast up at him, she opens her mouth and goes down on him,
groaning around his meat as she wraps her purple lipstick-covered lips around
him, deeply sucking as she doesn't stop until she's gone well past half way
on him before she starts heading back up and smoothly repeating the motion as
she blows him once again.

The ROH star moans, putting a hand back onto the back of her head as she
sucks him off, feeling her hungry tongue flicking across his underside as
she's soon cleaned off and drank down her own pussy juices from his thick
cock, replacing them with her soothing saliva as she bobs her head forcefully
along his shaft. No hands are used this time, nothing but oral pleasure from
the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion as she looks to satisfy her handsome,
straightedge boyfriend with a hot blowjob and from the moans he's letting out
she's certainly doing that and then some as her head rocks up and down on his
meaty pole, her lusty groans bouncing off him for even more pleasure.

Whether she's just known as Lucy or any other name, the stunning valet to the
Second City Saints is showing she's not just got talent for the wrestling
business as she superbly and deeply blows the long, thick tool of the man
she'd just been fucking and getting fucked by, her rapid bobbing motions on
him ensuring that her saliva is dripping down his meat. She keeps eye
contract with him, fuelled on by his moans and the look of pleasure on his
face as her eyes burn with lust, craving to milk his dick dry and knowing
that her usually reserved for screaming mouth will do just that as she sucks
away quickly on an impressively large amount of his dick, her tongue
continuing to lash out at him as he passes in and out between her soft,
covered with purple lipstick lips that are wrapped firmly around his length.

Slamming his manhood into his sexy girlfriend had brought him close to the
edge before, but her top notch blowjob skills are what send him hurtling over
the edge, so with a deep moan and his head tilted back, CM Punk starts to cum
inside the mouth of Daffney, making the former WCW star grin around his
throbbing tool as a blast of thick, warm spunk is shot into her mouth. She
groans, continuing to suck away on him as load after load of his jizz is sent
up past her lips which keep tightly wrapped around him, ensuring that not a
drop escapes the former Scream Queen as she doesn't swallow anything yet,
instead opting to blow him some more to get every bit of cum he can from the
Straightedge wrestler who continue to moan as she gives him a couple more
long, slow sucks along his now softening cock.

Lifting her head away, she glances down at his now spent dick with a smirk,
waiting until he looks back down at her so she can open her mouth, showing
him the large amount of jizz he'd shot out into her before she pressed her
lips together, brushing some strands of her wig out of the way and with one
big, satisfied gulp she swallows all of his cum down. Opening her mouth wide,
she shows him that it's all gone down her throat before she sits up on her
knees, grinning at her boyfriend as he returns the look.

"Got to say Daff', that was the longest and the hottest "quickie" I've ever
had." CM Punk says, relaxing back slightly in the folding chair.

"Yeah, I figured!" Daffney playfully boasts as she stands up, pulling her
black skirt down over her juicy ass. "But aren't you glad we had some fun?"
She asks with a grin, pulling her bikini top back over her breasts and fixing
up her purple wig again. "Plus that can be your pre match workout!"

"You're a wild one "Lucy" that's for sure! But seriously, are you going to
wear that outfit out there?" He asks, a look over her skimpy and hot attire
before he reaches down and picks up his wrestling shorts.

"Of course not Punk! I just wore this because I knew you'd fuck me!" The
woman who calls herself Lucy Furr in ROH grins at him. "My real stuff is in
the rental car! Why'd you think I wore that damn coat?" She adds with an
somewhat squealing laugh, before winking at her boyfriend as she picks up
said coat from a chair.

CM Punk just shakes his head, watching her put on the coat and button it up.
"You're too wild sometimes Daff'. You're gonna fucking get it after the show,
I can guarantee that!"

Daffney just grins, stopping at the door and taking off her purple wig,
showing her naturally black hair tied up underneath. "That's what I'm hoping
for! I love ya Punk!" She says, tossing him the wig before she pushes the
door open to leave the locker room, leaving Punk to grin at the memento he'd
just been given of that sexual encounter as he shakes his head slightly.

"Shit... As long as she's around ROH, I hope for more warm ups like that!" He
says to himself, grabbing his travel bag to put the wig inside, going back to
getting ready for his match tonight as he puts his shorts back on.

* * *

As he finishes recalling that steamy encounter from years ago, Punk smirks as
he puts the wig back into the box and closes it up. "One of my first "Girls",
and she sure wasn't the last. Especially not from the Ring of Honor days..."
He says to himself with grin.

* * *

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