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* * *

The Girls Of Punk Part 2: Traci Brooks - A ROH erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Featuring: Traci Brooks (TNA/ROH), CM Punk (WWE/ROH)

* * *

On the day of the WWE's "Supplimental Draft" in 2011, current Raw Superstar
and leader of The New Nexus CM Punk is looking over the results of said draft
on his computer at home, minutes after being told by his girlfriend Beth
Phoenix that she's been drafted back to Raw. Taking a drink of a Pepsi, Punk
leans back in his chair and smirks as he reads over some of the drafts that
have been made.

"Well, Shamus will be dropping the U.S. belt now he's on Smackdown... Swagger
is stuck in this God-awful thing with that waste of air Cole... Speaking of
which, none of the Nexus got drafted. Damn it. Oh well, at least there's
Tyler Reks' shining personality to brighten up Monday Nights now. And that
man-servant Alex Riley is finally off the show, but no doubt he'll still
stick around Miz."

As Punk thinks aloud, he smirks as he reads the complete list. "Funny... They
bring Beth over to Raw for me but split up other couples, well at least one
real one. Maryse is freed from Tatsu by him being traded, Tamina is gone from
Santino, and I'm pretty sure Justin Gabriel is banging Kelly Kelly. Can't
blame him though, even if she isn't doing that awkward stripper show anymore.
She a hot blond no doubt, great body and she knows how to push up those tits
in her tops, that's for sure."

He pauses, turning the chair around and going over to the bed where the box
he'd taken out before, containing "mementos" of his previous girlfriends
still rests. "Speaking of big tits..." He says with a smirk as he opens it
up, reaches in and taking out a black skull cap that has a red sewn-in
fireball graphic with a toothy grin on the side. "Kelly might have some
decent ones, and Beth has a great pair on her, but their tits can't compare
to those fucking massive breasts that Traci Brooks has. Damn did I love
pumping those titties every night after shows back in the day..."

* * *

Following a Ring of Honor live event in late 2004, two of the members of the
Second City Saints stable are entering a motel room they're sharing, carrying
their luggage in with them as the straightedge wrestler CM Punk enters first,
clad in jeans and a black long sleeved top with a white strip across the
chest. Following in behind with a smirk on her face as she eyes her real life
boyfriend up is the beautiful and curvy Canadian Traci Brooks, dressed in a
tight fitting jean skirt that nicely hugs her hips and a straining no sleeved
black top that's been cut in the center to show off her vast, sexy cleavage
from her incredibly large breasts, and a black skull cap with a red
cartoonish fireball with grinning teeth on the side.

As Traci closes the door behind her, she moves her bag out of the way to the
side, watching as Punk checks his watch. "I swear, I told Colt where we were
staying." CM Punk says with a little annoyance. "If he's goofed around and
gotten lost again..."

"Relax Punk! He knows where we are..." Traci says, taking a seat on the edge
of one of the room's beds as she looks up at him. "I slipped him a couple
more bucks so he could have fun with the boys..." She adds with a sly smirk.

Looking down at her, his gaze drawn naturally to her cleavage for a moment,
he smirks back at her. "You did? Now, that wouldn't be to try and get me all
along to yourself, would it?" He asks, already knowing the answers as he
moves in front of her.

"Well, since we nearly got caught in the act last time during the show, I
figured we could have a little fun now, don't you?" Brooks says with a lick
of her lips, glancing down at his crotch before back up to her.

"How could I possibly say no?" Punk says as he starts to pull down the zip of
his top, already showing he hasn't got a T-shirt on underneath.

With a playful look in her eyes, the busty dark haired beauty places her
hands on her black top, pulling the along her chest across further to show
off more of her vast cleavage to her boyfriend who looks on with a very
approving and large grin. She moves her hands now to his pants, pulling them
down to the knees and grinning herself as she looks over his semi-hard but
already better than average looking cock, quickly taking a hold of it and
giving it a stroke before lifting it up to her mouth, poking her tongue out
to lick across the head as she pumps him. Still looking up at him, she swirls
her tongue all around and across his bell end, her hand both holding him
steady for her to work on and to jerk him off at the same time, brushing her
long hair back over her shoulders as she flicks her soft tongue against the
head of his hardening dick.

Holding his shaft by the base, the gorgeous NWA TNA wrestler opens her mouth
and lowers her head down onto him, wrapping her soft lips around his long
pole with a light moan as she pushes herself until she's taken six inches of
his thickness inside her, still looking up at him as she slowly lifts herself
up to the head. Finishing pulling the zip down of his jacket so he can take
it off, revealing his muscular and tattooed upper body, he soon moans with a
smirk as the woman handling his shaft starts to bob her head smoothly along
the top portion, one hand still holding him in place while the other rests on
his thigh, slightly squeezing both as she smoothly sucks him off.

Watching his girlfriend's pretty face looming closer towards his crotch and
then moving away from it as her nicely wet oral hole works over his thick
pole is hot enough, proof being that he's completely rock hard now as he
receives this blowjob from a fellow ROH star, he can't help but glance down
at her on display cleavage, noting the erect nipples that are poking through
her tight black shirt. Placing a hand on the top of her skull cap-covered
head, he moans again as she keeps her lips pressed firmly against his rod,
slurping loudly as she raises and lowers her head along his length, her
saliva starting to coat his member as she gradually takes more of his inches
inside her clearly not inexperienced mouth.

Removing her hand from the base of his dick, the sexy dark haired wrestler
groans as she pushes herself down deeply onto the talented indy star's shaft,
only a few inches not contained in her mouth now as she quickens her sucking
motion along him, moving up only to half way before going back down onto him,
still staring up to watch his expression as she orally pleases the man she
manages. Lifting her head up to the bell end, she pauses for a moment so she
can flick her tongue across the tip to make him before she twists her head
from side to side in order to grind her firm lips against the tool of the
Straightedge wrestler, smirking at the moans that she's making come out of
him which encourages her to resume her bobbing motion along his very long

The Second City Saints stable member licks his own lips as he enjoys hers,
watching as she impressively almost deep throats all of his thick manhood
inside her warm and ready mouth, his length soothingly covered with her
saliva thanks to the quick sucks she's giving all the way up and down his
size. Her seated position on the edge of the bed is the perfect position not
just for him to continue to check out his girlfriend's large tits in her
black top, but for her to deeply blow him with swift, firm motions up and
down, causing him to moan in pleasure and her to groan around his tool as she
expertly handles such a big dick that many a port starlet would struggle to
handle half off.

Giving him one last deep suck, Traci lifts her head up and off from him,
licking her lips clean of her saliva as she grins up at her boyfriend. "Enjoy
that Punk?" She asks, a playful eyebrow raised as he pulls off her skull cap
from her head.

"Yeah, it was alright..." CM Punk jokes back with a smirk, placing the
headgear down onto the side of the bed before stepping out of his pants as he
watches her lean back slightly and undo her belt. "But I can think of
something better for us to do..."

"I've got an idea of my own..." Brooks says, pushing her skirt down her
smooth legs and revealing her shaved snatch to him as she kicks the garment

"Seeing as how you went without underwear? I bet you fucking do..." Punk
grins as he steps forward, getting caught by surprise as his girlfriend pulls
him down onto the bed.

Another grin down at him, the stunning Canadian mounts and faces him, lifting
her hips up to reach down and guide his rock hard cock that's covered in her
own saliva into her pussy, rubbing the head across her lower lips for a
moment to make them both lightly moan. When she drops herself down onto him
now they groan audibly as she takes the first few inches inside her, taking a
moment to rock herself towards and away from him to adjust to the size,
feeling her tight hole already having to widen to accommodate such a large
size as he has. Biting down on her bottom lip as she looks down on him, she
begins to raise herself up his pole only to drop down again, leaning forward
to place her hands on either side of the motel bed beside him as she starts
to ride him, moaning again as she feels him sliding in and out of her snug

Once again the attention of the talented indy star is drawn to the large
amount of sexy cleavage on display just inches above him, even more seen now
as she leans her big chest over him, her breasts slightly swaying now as she
gets into the rhythm of riding his long, perfectly thick cock to keep him
moaning. He places his hands on her tanned waist, glancing between her tits
and down to between his legs, watching her pussy as she lowers it down onto
him and then raises it back up, taking more of his inches inside her so he
can feel more of her tightness all around his manhood and even with just half
of his size inside her it feels damn good already.

Closing her eyes for a moment the busty female grappler lets out a moan, her
long hair hanging down as she works her snatch over her boyfriend's big cock,
her forming juices already starting to replace her saliva in coating his rod
as she starts to pick up the pace, not resisting the urge of wanting to have
more of him deep inside her love tunnel. She groans, pushing her hips back
towards his crotch to apply more force as she lifts and drops herself onto
his shaft with speed, her pussy getting quite wet but remaining still very
tight despite the invading thickness of her boyfriend's dick as she rides him
with a moan and a big smile.

The man underneath her is smiling as well, loving the tight feeling all
around his manhood as she handles almost all of his cock now with only a few
inches not yet deep inside her but that's far from his mind at the moment as
he slides his hands up along the side of his girlfriend's voluptuously curved
body. He pushes her top all the way up and over her chest to reveal her huge
and perfectly rounded breasts to him, making him grin wider as he takes a
firm hold of them to squeeze her most infamous "assets" as they sway in time
with her riding motion. Causing her to moan out at the touch, Punk toys with
her tits as he lightly digs his fingers into the more than ample flesh,
brushing his fingers across her hard nipples to tease her as he moans,
feeling her snatch still lifting up and down around his tool.

Reacting to the attention being given to her big breasts, the St. Marys,
Ontario native looks to really go to town on the vast dick of her man,
dropping herself all the way down onto his member so her skin smacks against
his to make them both groan before she goes back up to about half way,
showing her sexual skill as she takes him balls deep into her wet, tight
snatch. She opens her eyes to grin down at him, continuing to swiftly ride
him and take all of his long dick inside herself each time she lowers herself
down onto him and watching his hands as they grope both of her large breasts
that alone would be enough to turn her on. As it goes, she's able to still
focus on riding her boyfriend's thick pole at a quick and firm place while
having her tits played with, only serving as fuel for her to continue on
giving it to him the best she can.

"Mmmm... Fuck Traci!" Punk says with a smirk as he takes his hands off of her
swaying breasts. "You weren't lying about wanting to fuck." He says with a
tone clearly indicating that he's not complaining at all.

"Yeah, I wanted to fuck you all day..." Brooks says with a sexy grin as she
brings herself to stop, grinding her pussy down against his crotch for a
moment. "Mmmm... I want to suck that big cock of yours again Punk..."

"Be my guest Traci, but I don't plan on moving anytime soon..." He says in a
slightly cocky way, looking over his busty girlfriend as she starts to lift
herself completely off of him.

"That's just perfect for me babe..." Traci answers with a wink as she moves
herself around, getting into the classic sixty-nine position with her head
over his crotch, and her pussy above his face as they both lick their lips at
what they're staring at.

As he spreads his legs and she rests her hands on his muscular thighs, the
gorgeous valet to the Second City Saints again wraps her lips tightly around
the impressively long cock of her man, her moan vibrating around his manhood
as she instantly tastes her own pussy off of him but she's clearly not
repulsed by it, instead just pushing her face down along him as she once more
sucks him off with skill. She flicks her tongue all across the shaft being
moved in and out of her in order to properly clean off her juices from his
rod, making herself groan at the sensation but focusing on deeply sucking him
off, lowering her head down far onto him so she's taking well over half of
his length inside her before she smoothly lifts herself back up to the top to
repeat the erotic motion again and again.

Not content with just taking this hot blowjob from his even hotter
girlfriend, the Chicago native puts his hands onto her nicely toned ass
cheeks as he lifts his head up from the pillows so he can slide his tongue
across her already nicely wet push, dragging his tongue all the way along the
entrance to her hole and able to collect a little of her juices in the
process. Hearing her muffled moan around his cock makes him smirk as he
firmly holds her, working his tongue across her lower lips but not yet going
inside her as he teases the snatch of the perfectly curved female wrestler
while she makes him moan out as she sucks away on his member.

Glancing back with a very lusty look in her eyes, Brooks groans around the
cock held inside her nicely wet and warm mouth, not missing a beat despite
now feeling the man she manages on ROH shows lap away at her snatch as she
blows him smoothly and with force, having now replaced her juices with her
own saliva. Turned on is an understatement as she looks to really turn things
up a notch, bobbing her head along his length with speed and determination,
her lips tightly pressing all around his dick to grind against his skin when
she moves up and down him, eagerly taking inch by thick inch into her oral
hole that's clearly hungry for as much as she can handle.

Back at her other end, the proudly Straightedge wrestler is pressing his
mouth against her entrance, pushing his tongue right inside her snatch and
munching on her still tight and now even wetter twat as he moves his
obviously experienced tongue all the way around inside her folds, moaning
into her as he tastes her juices and creates more of them by probing his way
around her pussy. Still holding onto her butt cheeks, he closes his eyes to
focus, flicking his tongue against her in order to eat her out and able to
tell that the better he eats her out, the more of him she'll suck off so he's
not planning on lifting his head away from her any time soon, groaning into
her love tunnel as he drinks down her sweet tasting juices.

The busty Canadian beauty seems to be whining around her boyfriend's cock as
she looks back again at him, finding it hard to keep her concentration as he
dines on her pussy so she has to push herself right the way down onto his
cock, making herself gag for a moment as she went too quickly onto him but
shows her determination to sexually please him the best she can by not
lifting her head away. She groans and moans around his tool, deepthroating
his thick dick for a very long moment and making her saliva drip down him and
trickle past his lips as she feels his tongue lashing around inside her
snatch to drive her wild with lust.

With a smirk, CM Punk takes his hands off of her ass, continuing to flick his
tongue all the way across and deep around inside her wet snatch for a couple
more moments before pulling his head away and smirking again at the groan of
disappointment she lets out. "You OK down there Traci?" He asks, slightly
tilting his head to look down at his girlfriend as she keeps deepthroating
him for a few more seconds.

Lifting her head off with a moan, she bites down on her bottom lip as she
gazes back at him. "You're so fucking good Punk..." She says as she lifts her
sweat-covered body off of him in order to lay down on the motel room bed.

"Yeah? Let me remind you how good I am..." Punk says as he now gets on top of
her, holding her legs apart as she rests on her back.

"Yeah! Give it to me babe!" She practically begs as looks over his muscular
and sweat covered chest. "Give it to me hard!" Brooks adds with a groan as he
lines his dick up with her snatch.

With a deep push, the handsome Second City Saints member pushes his cock
deeply into the snatch of the group's valet, making them both moan out as
he's able to push all of his thick, long shaft into her tight hole with just
the one thrust much to the delight of the woman receiving this as she wraps
her legs around his waist. Smirking, he leans over her and proceeds to rock
his hips towards and then back from her, drawing four or so inches of his
dick out of her before forcefully and quickly going back into her and
repeating the process to fuck the tight twat of his beautiful, busty
girlfriend who's moaning away underneath him.

Reaching back to grip the pillows just for something to hold onto, the
gorgeous female wrestler deeply groans as she feels his rock hard cock
slamming in and out of her dripping wet hole, filling her up to the maximum
and causing her body to jolt back on the bed with each inward thrust, in turn
causing her huge tits to bounce in response. Her eyes are closed as she
moans, her back arching slightly in response to the deep pumps she's taking
from the fellow Ring Of Honor star to make her shaking breasts look even
better and bigger as she's getting nailed, her pussy juices now already
covering his dick which shows how badly she wants to be pounded by her

He's going to give it to her as he hears her deep erotic moans but his gaze
is, unsurprisingly, glued on her massive breasts, watching them bounce as he
thrusts his cock completely into her so his balls slap into her sweat-soaked
skin when he pushes into her wet, tight pussy with his repeated swift and
hard thrusts. Moaning himself and similarly sweating, the open follower of
the Straightedge lifestyle shows he's got a clear addiction to fucking as he
perfectly times his thrusts to drive himself deeply into her when her body
slides back towards him after the previous thrust, ensuring that every inch
of his American meat is rammed deep into the Canadian's snatch.

Knowing full well how much that he, and every red blooded male wrestling fan
who knows of her, loves her large, one of a kind breasts she puts on a show
for her man, placing her hands onto her bouncing mounds and pushing them
together, causing herself to moan out at the feeling but smiling as she hears
him groaning as just as expected, the sight makes him lick his lips with
lust. She's instantly rewarded, a sudden hard thrust sent into her pussy to
make her squeal out in delight as her boyfriend pounds her still impressively
tight despite the repeated fucking but extremely wet twat as the sound of
skin slapping against rings out around the motel room, mixed in with the
combined moans coming from both independent scene stars.

Grunting as he rapidly slides his cock in and out of her love tunnel, he can
feel his cock starting to twitch inside her tight box as he repeatedly sends
his thick, American cock into the wonderfully curved Canadian's snatch,
making him groan as he balls smack off her tanned skin but the sting barely
registering as he focuses on hammering his shaft in and out of her dripping
hole. He breathes deeply, unable to tear his gaze away from those huge,
bouncing breasts that she's groping and toying with as he pumps her again and
again, his massive cock a perfect fit into her hot, wet pussy and the moans
she's letting out being music to his ears as he hammers his long rod back and
forth into the stunning woman underneath him.

Tightly gripping the now soaked with sweat bedsheets, the beautiful NWA TNA
star can take no more of this intense, fast pace from her own boyfriend, so
arching her back once more and letting out a long moan Traci Brooks starts to
cum hard on the long, thick cock of CM Punk. Feeling her pussy clamp around
his dick, the Straightedge hunk groans but keeps control to continue
thrusting in and out of, a flood of juices pouring out and all over his
manhood as he drives her through her orgasm, watching with a grin as the
Canadian beauty groans out, still gripping her tits and breathing hard from
the mind blowing pleasure she's just experienced, a big smile on her face
showing she loved every moment of it.

Slowing down his motions, he gives her snatch a couple more pumps before he
pulls out of her, not waiting to check if she's returned to reality as he
mounts her chest, about to do what many men the world over would give an arm
and a leg to do. Pushing his dick in between her large breasts, the Chicago
native starts to slide his shaft in and out of her cleavage, already moaning
as her own pussy juices provide more than enough lube to make the motion
smooth as he looks to fuck the tits of his valet, taking full advantage of
her holding her own boobs together as he pumps himself deeply in and out of

Lifting her head up slightly to see what he's doing, she smirks as she's not
surprised by his choice of finish so pushes her breasts together tightly
against his throbbing dick, sandwiching his meat between her big soft mounds
and licking her lips as she watches the head of his shaft pop up out between
her tits and then vanishing back between the more than ample flesh encased
around it. Still feeling the glow from her own sexual peak, she has no
problem helping her man get his, causing her titties to grind around his rod
as she slightly rubs them while holding them tight against him, smirking up
at the sweating wrestler who's ramming his cock in and out of her "assets".

He'd love nothing more than to enjoy her large, perfectly rounded breasts all
night long but feeling his thick dick throbbing away as she pumps her big
titties he knows he can't last for too long, however he doesn't plan on
holding back now as he continues to titfuck his off screen girlfriend and on
screen valet to the stable he's a part of. He moans loudly, watching his
manhood slide in between her mountains as she squeezes his thrusting cock
tightly in between him to enhance the pleasure to its fullest, her pussy
juices now rubbed off onto her boobs from his cock from how quickly and
forcefully he's been pumping her chest like his career depended on it.

Soon though he has to pull his dick out from her mounds, and knowing what he
wants she keeps her tits pressed together as a more than ample target for the
man now jerking himself off rapidly just inches above him. A moment later, he
lets out a deep groan and CM Punk starts to bust his load all across the
large breasts of Traci Brooks, with thick streams of cum landing over both
tits, her nipples, and down in between her cleavage as he continues to stroke
himself off so every drop is fired out of him. She groans with a smirk as he
watches his jizz splash onto her sweat-glazed breasts, licking her lips as he
pushes out the final drops onto her titties before letting go of his
softening shaft. This leaves the busty dark haired beauty to use her hands to
rub the spunk all across her large, desirable breasts, ensuring all of her
large tit flesh is coated with her thick cum, a sight that makes her
boyfriend stare and grin in approval.

"Mmmm... I'm beginning to think that you're never going to cum on anywhere
else on me..." Traci says with a playful smirk as she looks up at him,
letting go of her tits so he can see all of her cum-covered breasts.

"Can you blame me?" CM Punk replies with a grin. "Me and every other guy in
the roster wants those incredible tits!"

"Well, they are all yours babe. Anytime, anyplace you can have them Punk. But
that's only because I love you Punk! I don't just give my tits up for just
any guy."

Punk smirks down at her, glancing to the side as he picks up her skull cap.
"Don't tell that to Colt, you'll break his heart. Speaking of which, we'd
better clean up before he gets back. We're probably gonna need some new
sheets for our bed as well now..."

* * *

As he finishes recalling that steamy encounter from years ago, Punk smirks as
he puts the skull cap back into the box and closes it up. "Might not exactly
miss her, but I damn sure miss those fucking huge tits. She put the "T" into
TNA alright..." He says to himself with grin.

* * *

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