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Featuring: Maria Kanellis (WWE), CM Punk (WWE)

The Girls Of Punk Part 3: Maria Kanellis
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

After coming home after a daily workout during the week following the WWE's
"Supplimental Draft" in 2011, Raw Superstar CM Punk is laughing as he
watching the latest edition of the slowly becoming a YouTube sensation "Z!
True Long Island Story" from fellow Superstar Zach Ryder.

"And remember to take care... Spike your hair! Woo woo woo! You know it!"
Ryder signs off the show as Punk closes the web browser of his computer.

"Oh man, if only one of those Nexus guys I'm stuck with could be even has
half as entertaining as Ryder is..." CM Punk says as he turns his chair
around, shaking his head with a smile. "Then I'd be onto a winner instead of
carrying the Welsh Batista and Mr. Jennifer Hudson."

He stands up, moving over towards his bed where on top of it rests a box
containing the many "mementoes" of previous girlfriends of his that he's
collected over the years. "I should put this away in case Beth stops by to
surprise me and gets pissed at this all..." He thinks aloud, going to pick
the open box up when he notices something in it that catches his eye, and it
makes him frown as he reaches in to pull it out. "Speaking of getting

What he's holding is a signed copy of the April 2008 edition of Playboy
magazine that features now former WWE Diva and one of Punks' former flames in
Maria Kanellis. Written in marker on the cover is a far from friendly message
reading "PUNK - THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE MISSING. ASSHOLE!" with Maria's signature
written underneath.

Punk shakes his head as he looks over the cover. "What a waste of a couple of
years she was, but at least she knew how to fuck rather than wrestle. Made
OVW bearable at times... But what a fucking bitch! Geez we ended up fucking
hating each other..." He pauses to smirk. "And even when we hated each other,
we ended up still fucking each other..."

* * *

At a live WWE Supershow event in late 2009, the Straightedge Superstar CM
Punk is backstage using a chair to tie the laces of his boots up as he has
his foot placed right on it, preparing for a match later on tonight as he's
already decked out in his ring gear with white wrist tape with the black X
over the backs of both hands and nicely fitting yellow based trunks.

"Yeah, lace them up real tight..." A bitter sounding female voice says as the
owner passes by. "Wouldn't want you tripping over your own ego..."

Standing up, Punk turns and lets out a mock laugh as she spies the former
Playboy covergirl and current WWE Diva Maria Kanellis, her dyed red hair
making her clear to spot as she's clad in ring gear of tightly fitting gold
pants that hug to her juicy backside and a black ring jacket to go with a
gold bikini-like top that fits snugly to her large breasts to show off some
sexy cleavage.

"Oh don't worry, I'll be fine!" Punk yells out to her. "Just make sure you
don't botch another half dozen moves out there... Again... Like always!"

"Fuck you!" Maria yells as she whips around, storming back over towards him.
"I can't believe that it's been over a year since we broke up, and you're
still the same asshole that you were back then!"

"Well you're still the same bitch you've always been, and I personally can
believe that." Punk folds his arms over his chest as he and his ex exchange
very unfriendly glares. "But I suppose you've moved on, dropping down to blow
any desperate guy in the locker room in the hope to get some TV time again."

"Coming from the guy who fucks anything that has a vagina around here? I
guess I should be insulted?" Kanellis responds, far from impressed.

"What you should be is getting the fuck out of my life! We've done, now move
the fuck along and stop bothering me again! We were together, we fucked for a
while, and now it's over!"

Placing her hands on her hips, Maria smirks for a moment as she looks her ex
in the eyes. "It always turns to sex between us, doesn't it? Face it Punk, I
was the best lay you've ever had and you just can't get over the fact that
I'm having better sex with better guys while you're stuck with second rate
pussy, right?"

"Best lay? You were semi-decent on a good day. I got better head from the
SHIMMER girls during that taping we went to than I did from you during the
whole time we were together!" The Straightedge Superstar responds with a

"You fucker! I knew you sneaked off to fuck those bingo hall bitches!"
Kanellis nearly screams at him. "I'm better at fucking than ANY bitch you've
ever had and I... I can..."

"Oh, you'll what? You're going to prove it?"

"You know what? Fine! I fucking will prove it, asshole!"

* * *

A few minutes later in the stairway at a quiet part of the arena, the
stunning and feisty Maria Kanellis is sitting on the steps with her feet
firmly placed on steps below as she glares up at her ex-boyfriend CM Punk
with narrowed eyes, the ill feelings between the two clear as he's returning
the look himself. Despite this however the WWE Diva is pulling down Punk's
ring trunks to the knees, his rock hard cock being freed in the process, and
she can't help but take a long look over it as he leans forward, the tip just
an inch from her mouth but looking up again she turns her face away in
defiance despite the way she's slightly licking her lips.

Not willing to play games with his co-worker, the Straightedge Superstar
grabs a hold of the dyed red hair of his former flame, forcing her face back
towards him and feeling the discomfort from the grab she opens her mouth to
protest, giving him the opening that he needs as he leans forward again, his
other hand gripping the railing of the stairs for support. Letting out a
groan and glaring up at him, she's forced to take in the first few inches of
his long and nicely thick dick into her mouth, saying something no doubt
unfriendly to him but it's muffled by his meat as he pushes five inches into
her mouth before pulling back until just the head is inside and then pushing
forward again to establish the motion.

The Playboy covergirl groans again, still glaring up with anger as she tries
to complicate things for her former boyfriend by pulling her head back and
even twisting her head from side to side, unwilling to just let him
completely have his way with her. However he's got a tight grip and his
strength keeps her head where he wants it so he can slide his cock in and out
of her wet and warm oral hole, so her actions just increase his pleasure as
her lips grind around and across his shaft as he sends it back and forth into
her. Although he's moaning as he pumps her mouth, he's still exchanging far
from loving looks with her as he keeps his gaze with hers, watching her
beautiful face as he moves his hips towards and away from her to feed her his
long tool whether she wants it or not.

As more of his inches slide into her mouth, it seems that while she's acting
like she doesn't entirely want it, a couple of low moans can be heard coming
from the Diva along with the groans as she gives up on escaping the position,
placing her hands on his thighs, deliberately digging her fingers into his
skin as she takes this face fucking. As he picks up the pace to increase the
force behind his movements, with well over half of his dick moving in and out
of her, it's causing his cock to be nicely coated with her saliva so his
moans are increasing as well, having to look over her hot and perfectly
curved body as she sits in front of him. He notes that despite her defiance,
her nipples are rock hard at this point just from having her mouth used by
him as they poke through her tight gold top, and this makes him smirk as he
quickens the pumping motion, still gripping her hair tightly to make sure
she's going nowhere.

Seeing the look Maria narrows her eyes again, not wanting to give him any
satisfaction as she runs her hands down his legs, using her nails to scratch
down across the skin to make him hiss from the pain, and in turn making her
smirk around his dick. Clearly pissed off by this, Punk takes his hand off
the rail to grab another handful of her hair, forcing her face right forward
onto his rod to make her take his whole length into her mouth which causes
her to groan loudly around his dick as her eyes go wide, soon followed by a
loud gag from her as she's forced to deep throat her former boyfriend.

Balling her hands up into fists she pounds them into the thighs of the WWE
Superstar in a futile attempt to get out of this, closing her eyes as she
gags again around his shaft as it seems she's not quite able to handle all of
his inches despite the sexiness she showcases on a weekly basis on
television. While not smirking now, it's clear Punk is enjoying seeing her in
such discomfort as she's made to slobber across his dick as he keeps her
stunning face pressed into his crotch, her saliva dripping over his shaft as
she gags repeatedly and near painfully with each passing moment.

Eventually, he relents as he lets go of her hair and a second later she pulls
away, gasping for breath loudly with an open mouth as she grabs her throat to
rub it, a long trail of saliva hanging from her pouty lips to the tip of the
dick she's been forced to swallow. As she catches her breath back, her large
chest heaving in the process, her attention is caught when he wipes his dick
across her face, smearing some of her own saliva onto her cheek to make her
glare up once again at him, pressing her lips together but it's just another
chance for him as he rubs the crown of his tool across them.

"You know what? Fuck you!" Maria says as she stands up, defiant again as she
goes eye to eye with her former boyfriend. "I don't need to put up with
this..." She says as she goes to move past him, but he reaches out to grab

"Fuck that! You came to fuck, and we're going to fuck alright!" CM Punk says
as he pushes her up against the wall so she's back first against it. "Seeing
as how you nearly threw up over my dick just then, you won't be able to
handle this either..." He taunts with a glare as his hands go down to her
gold pants.

"You... You can't handle my pussy anyway!" Kanellis fires back, not putting
up a fight as he pushes her clothing down to the floor to reveal her smooth
and shaved pussy.

"I'm not like one of your cheap fucks from before the WWE!"

"From that garbage you're wearing, I'd say you're really damn cheap!" Punk
responds as he forces one foot out of the pants and stands back up, grabbing
her back the waist to lift her up.

The former Diva Search contestant raises a hand, ready to slap her ex but
she's cut off when he lowers her down onto his cock, pushing half of his size
into her with the initial motion alone, forcing her to moan out as she grabs
the railing of the stairway, clenching her teeth together as she's not
allowed to adjust to the entry so has to just take it. Indeed, he's making it
clear that he's not here for any romance as he rocks his hips back and forth
towards her, moving his dick in and out of her tight pussy to make himself
moan as despite the mutual hatred between the two, as a red blooded male he
can't help but enjoy nailing one of the hottest women on television even if
it is a former girlfriend.

Continuing to glare at him, it seems the female wrestler made to take this
fucking against the wall is looking to try and make the so far dominate male
blow before he means too as she wraps her legs around his toned waist, her
ring pants still hanging off of one foot as she places her hands on his chest
so she can lean back and press her back against the wall behind. Feeling his
dick smoothly ease in and out of her, and flashes of past sexual encounters
running through her head as it does so, she starts to grind her snatch up
against his dick as it moves back and forth into her, trying her best to
fight off letting out moans as she doesn't want to give him even more
satisfaction than he already has out of her.

Perhaps wise to these tricks, the former ROH World Champion keeps his
composure as he pumps his thick tool in and out of her dampening snatch,
moaning from the feeling all around his dick as he works more inches into her
with each forward thrust, the force he's using more than enough to make the
Diva's curvy body jolt in response to his motions. He might despise the woman
he's banging right now, but he doesn't have a problem keeping his gaze locked
onto her large top-covered tits below him, watching them sexily bounce in
time with his movements, perhaps gazing at them and imagining that it's
another woman or Diva that he's pounding instead.

For her though, there's no denying that it's the very impressive and rock
hard dick of a fellow WWE worker she's taking and it's making her quite wet
as it moves deeply back and forth into her tight snatch, the combination of
the quickness and the force behind the thrusts causing her to reluctantly
moan from the perfected motion. Tossing her flaming hair back she lets out a
groan of frustration as part of her wants to completely revel in this feeling
as his dick completely pounds her pussy with all of his inches stuffing her
full when he pushes forward, but hates that it has to be the one cock
belonging to her ex-boyfriend that's making her feel like this as she rocks
against his thrusts with perfect timing.

Giving her box a couple more balls deep pumps, he punctuates the last one
with added force and keeps his tool held inside her, glancing down to watch
her grind her hips up against his, causing him to smirk as he looks up to her
moaning face, locking eyes with her as she glares back. In a flash the
Playboy covergirl responds by spitting right in Punk's face, venom in her
eyes despite groaning from the feeling of a long, hard dick being deep in her
snatch. Wiping the saliva off from his face he glares back, stepping back to
pull his cock out from her, forcing her to unwrap her legs as she stands down
on the ground but she then gasps as he wipes her spit off from his hand using
her top to do so.

"What the fuck??!" Maria glares with rage as she looks down at her top. "You
fucking asshole!"

"Fucking asshole? Me??" Punk puts on a mock, hurt expression as she watches
her lift her top up and off from her, revealing her large and perfectly
rounded tits as she wipes the saliva off from them. He starts to smirk as a
thought hits him. "Actually, that's a pretty good idea..."

Caught off guard as she cleaned off her ring gear, she finds herself being
bent over the railing of the stairs as her ex stands close behind her."

"Oh please, you? Having an idea??" Maria mocks, trying to squirm away as she
looks back at him. "Like stealing your finisher from some Japanese

"Wow, that's pretty clever from a girl who's Playboy nobody bought!" Punk
responds with equal hatred in his voice as he spreads her ass cheeks apart.

Tilting her head back, the Illinois born grappler groans with shut eyes as he
feels his long cock forcing its way straight into her stunningly rounded ass,
five thick inches passing through her asshole before he starts to pull it out
from her, only to send it right back and deeply into her, once more giving
her very little time to get used to the sensation. Grabbing the railing with
her hands as her tits hang down underneath her, she can't escape this
position as he's got both hands on her booty, keeping her in place as he has
one foot on a lower step and one a few more above, allowing him to lean over
her slightly as he firmly pumps her with already stiff motions as he's
focused on his own pleasure and if it causes her pain then it's just an added
bonus considering how he feels about his former girlfriend.

If it weren't for the fact that her own pussy juices were coving the dick
pumping her juicy backside then the pain might be unbareable for any other
woman, but it seems that Maria used to taking a dick in her ass by the way
she's out of reflex pushing herself slightly back against his motions, she's
only lowly grunting as she feels more and more of his long tool entering her
back passage. While in her head cursing herself for letting herself be banged
like this by a man she despises now but once dated, she can't deny how good
it feels as she has to move a hand back and put it right between her legs to
rub across her wet pussy, making herself moan and lick her lips the second
her fingers start to ease over her snatch.

Similarly, while he's made it clear that he can't stand the former Outback
Jack reality show contestant, her gorgeous ass is giving him a world of
pleasure as he rams it deeply in and out of her, not particularly going easy
on her as he's already got over three quarters of it stuffed inside her and
is looking to fit every bit of it inside her and staring right down at his
rod as he moves his hips back and forth towards the bent over Diva. Letting
out a moan, his hands move across her perfectly tanned ass cheeks as he keeps
them spread apart, allowing him to smoothly and quickly plunge his manhood
into her asshole, the mix of enjoyment and anger he's feeling as he hate-
fucks his ex flame both conflicting and pleasurable as he starts to sweat
from the effort he's putting behind pounding her.

He's not alone in getting off from this steamy yet tainted with incredible
bitterness sexual encounter the former loved up sports entertainers, as
Kanellis is sweating as well as she pumps a finger back and forth into her
snatch as she takes it up the ass at the same time, using her other hand to
tightly grip the railing of the stairs she's being fucked over. As she covers
her digits with her sweet juices she groans, feeling his waist starting to
smack off her juicy ass which can only mean he's going balls deep once more
into her, filling up his back passage with his more than just impressive
manhood as he steadily works it in and out of her butt to keep them both
moaning and groaning even though both are still somewhat reluctant to admit
that part of them is enjoying this.

The ballsack of the proud follower of the Straightedge lifestyle is smacking
off the smooth skin of the woman he's swiftly pumping, looking over her
tanned body that's bent over in front of him as he gives it too her, torn
between wanting to ruin her ass so she can't walk straight for a week and
just wanting to fuck and get this over with so he can get away from her. Any
man through would struggle to want to simple end getting a piece of such a
juicy backside so quickly, so he's continuing to ram his dick completely in
and out past her asshole as she remains as tight as ever despite his vast
size and the force he's using against her as her slight pushes back make her
cheeks jiggle as they collide with his waist when he drives forward into

Giving her ass a few more deep thrusts, Punk pulls his shaft out of her butt
with a groan, holding his cock by the base as she keeps moving it back
towards him, allowing him to slide it between her cheeks to make him slightly
moan at the feeling, smirking down for a moment as he watches her fingering
her dripping snatch. After a few moments, and feeling him slapping the head
of his cock against her ass, she stands back up and turns to face him,
looking over his sweat covered body and letting out a sign of seemingly
defeat as she starts to lower herself back down in front of him, swatting his
hand away with a slight glare as she takes a hold of the dick that's just
been balls deep in her ass.

"What, no cute comeback this time?" CM Punk mocks as he looks down at her,
forced then to groan as she squeezes his dick firmly in her hand.

"You're a real fucking prick sometimes, you know that??" Maria bitterly fires
back as she looks up at him, giving his cock a slight stroke as she does so.

"Yeah, and you're a fucking bitch a lot of the time, so that makes us
even..." Is the Superstar's response as he looks right down at her, leaning
back with his hands on the railing behind. "I take it you still love going
ass-to-mouth once in a while?" The question would almost be too casual if it
weren't for the glares they were both sending each other at this point.

"You'd still know every night, if you weren't such a piece of shit..."
Kanellis responds with another squeeze around his shaft as she tosses her
dyed red hair back so she can lower her face towards him.

A bitter silence fills the air as she opens her mouth and takes the still
rock hard cock of her former boyfriend into her mouth, having no problem in
wrapping her luscious lips tightly around his length as she starts to nosily
slurp on it, moaning around him as she all too eagerly tastes her own ass as
she flicks her tongue all up and around his meat, causing him to call out
from the pleasure as well. Keeping one hand on the base as she starts to bob
her head along him with closed eyes, her other hand is back between her legs,
no time wasted in inserting the same finger as before so she can take care of
herself with some more finger fucking as she cleans off his shaft of the
taste of her own butt.

While hate her he most certainly does, he can't deny how expertly she's
handling his vast rod as her warm and wet mouth glides back and forth along
his meat, that feeling only enhanced by her lips grinding across his meat as
she moves her head along him and the way her hungry tongue is lashing out
against the underside of his starting to throb cock. Moving his hands up to
run through his long hair he lets out a groan, reluctantly giving into the
horny Diva's want for a dick deep in her mouth, especially after clearly
wanting and getting to taste her own ass off from it and even he's not dumb
enough to deny her of that even with the way they both feel about each other.

Both are trying their best to move their thoughts away from the fact this is
happening with their ex, both with their eyes closed and fantasizing that
this is happening with another hunky Superstar and sexy Diva respectively as
the former Diva Search contestant continues to deeply and quickly suck off
her former boyfriend, covering his throbbing dick with her soothing saliva in
the process. As she blows him with porn-star like ability, her fingers
continue to firmly and quickly work in and out of her wet snatch, making her
moan around the dick deep in her oral hole as she gets herself off on this
dirty sex act, her tits slightly bouncing from the force she's putting behind
the rocking motion her head is doing along his pole.

Shaking his head as he moans, he looks down at the beautiful face of the
female wrestler he was once in a relationship with, finding himself licking
his lips at the hot sight of her raising and lowering her head quickly onto
him as she handles a large amount of his cock inside her mouth that's covered
him with saliva so much that's it's dripping down onto his balls and even
down her own chin as it's trickled past her lips. He knows it's too far gone
to walk away, her oral skill too top notch to deny and since he's already
gone this far with her, despite them both still clearly hating each other, he
might as well push on towards getting his whether she's close or not and from
the way he can feel pressure building inside his shaft as it's placed deep
inside her mouth he knows that's fast approaching.

Glancing back up at the moaning face of the handsome grappler she once dated,
a part of her feels sick to her stomach that she's somehow allowed herself to
be in this position, especially now willingly blowing him as she is but
another part loving the thrill of fucking with such hatred towards each
other, especially doing this in an arena stairway. She's beginning to deeply
groan around his meat, keeping her lips firmly placed all around his tool as
she sucks him off as he fingers drive quickly in and out of her, the couple
of digits she's using to pleasure herself now very stick with her juices,
another sign of how turned on by this situation she really is. Another clear
sign, and the last one she feels will be soon approaching as she too knows
she won't be able to last much longer continuing to multi-task with sucking a
thick cock and fingering herself at the same time, and perhaps there will
be relief that this is all over with when that time comes but for now she's
going to keep moaning and groaning around his rod with a mix of lust and
bitterness directed towards her former boyfriend.

She partially hates just giving him a blowjob like this, and she's going to
hate what happens next even more as deliberately not warning her about what's
about to happen, CM Punk starts cum inside her mouth with a deep groan,
flooding Maria Kanellis' mouth with his thick, creamy load. This makes the
WWE Diva squeal around his shaft as she starts to pulls her head away from
him, letting out a groan that's muffled as he grabs her by the hair again,
keeping her in place as he now pumps his dick in and out of her mouth,
shooting all of his load into her as she clamps her eyes tightly shut,
disgusted by what's happening and seemingly still turned on by it as her hand
continues to work over her own box as this goes on.

In fact, the sensation of getting her mouth used like this as he fills her up
with his jizz actually sends her over the edge so that Maria cums on her own
pumping fingers, moaning out as her juices start to flow out all over her own
hand as she makes herself ride out the pleasure, getting the best out of a
bad situation as she's forced to collect her ex's spunk. She lightly bounces
her pussy onto her hand as she finger fucks herself through her orgasm,
moaning from the blissful pleasure but groaning from the shame of this coming
from a man she hates so much, especially when he's making her suck dry his
dick like he is, still moving his dick in and out of her oral hole with now
much slower and eased off motions.

Feeling his dick softening and sensing that he's got no more cum left to give
her, Punk lets go of her now messy and sweat drenched dyed red hair, standing
right back from her as his limp cock hangs free and watching her open her
eyes to glare up at him. Turning her head to the side she spits out all of
his cum right onto the staircase, the taste alone bitter enough for her so
she's certainly not going to give him the satisfaction of swallowing a drop
of it not that it seems to bother him as he's already reaching down to grab
his ring trunks, thus missing her getting a taste of what she thinks is far
better as she puts her fingers into her mouth and slowly sucks them clean,
savoring her own juices with a noticeable moan.

"Let's be clear on this Maria - you're a fucking bitch and I hate you!" Punk
says as he pulls his trunks up into place. "Even when you suck dick like a
cheap whore."

"I fucking hate you!" Maria fires back, grabbing her gold top and putting it
back on. "I don't want to ever see you again, even when you've got a decent
dick like that."

"Oh believe me, I don't want to see you again either. Hopefully your
worthless ass gets dropped during the next round of cuts..." Punk adds with
venom as he turns to leave, walking down the stairs back to the main part of
the arena.

"Ha! That's not going to happen!" Kanellis shouts down at him as she starts
putting back on her ring pants. "I'm a fucking Playboy covergirl and I'm hot
as hell! Not that'd you'd appreciate that! I'm going to be around here for
years, so get fucking used to it limp dick!!"

* * *

Tossing the copy of Playboy back into the box, Punk slams the lid shut with a
smirk. "Yeah, then they future endeavoured your ass for having an ego, just
like all the other chicks who posed for Playboy, and all you achieved was
lousy matches, getting fired by Donald Trump, and an iTunes album no one
listened too. Thank fuck I got away from your worthless ass and upgraded..."
He pauses as he smirks. "One hell of an upgrade in fact..."

* * *

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